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back as quiet returns to this space after a very busy day of back and forth, some tough truths told and some meaningful change demanded. certainly, that is the demand on behalf of the $215.00 unmarked graves looking to be identified. and to give some relief to those families who did not see their children come home. jodi vance, al jazeera, kamloops, british columbia, canada. ah, it's good to have you with us. hello, adrian finnegan. here to help with the headlines on al jazeera, colin powell is being remembered as a trail, blazing soldier and diplomat, or to his death from coven 19 complications. paul was the 1st african american to become chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and u. s secretary of state, colin harris, the 1st person of color become the u. s. vice president paid distribute to pow oh
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so many barriers in those areas were not easy to break by any chance, but he did it with did he did it with great and because of what he was able to it really did elevate our nation in so many ways so now he with the state department watchdog will review the end of the bite and ministrations diplomatic operations in afghanistan. the u. s. has been criticized for the chaos that followed the collapse of the previous afghan government which fell to the taliban. the u. s. envoys who afghanistan was al, may cal hillside has stepped down. he led trumpet ministration, talks with the taliban and cutoff, which resulted in the agreement for u. s. troops to leave his deputy thomas west will take over. south korea says that north korea has fired a ballistic missile from a submarine. japan's prime minister said the pyongyang at $52.00 missiles from yoko shita, who's in the middle of an election campaign, cancel all his events,
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and his returning to tokyo to assess the situation. though it is very regrettable that the country has continued launching missiles since last month. over the year, you'll see i'd rather not predict north korea's intentions of firing missiles from my point of view. but i think we must continue making efforts on grasping the situation and collecting information. at least 43 people have been killed by attackers in my area. sir koto state government stormed a market and grow near on sunday. and there are sold carried on until monday morning. the air forces lost a tax against rebels in mckelly, the regional capital of to grey. a tv station controlled by the rebels, said that 3 people were killed. others, the headlines that he's continues here on out to 0 out of this week, counting the cost. next the camera of hollywood in an unlikely place. mortal cool. you always look arnoldo in bender flip i think i normally would
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roughly monrovia. she was brilliant for it was there again, this is a little love for the friction in respect over to morocco. people, a won't away from mom by a nation, has taken indian cinema too. it's hot out as we were world reveals the color and passion of morocco's folly would dream. i hello, i'm fully back to bo, this is counting the cost on al jazeera, your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week. the battle for in for wednesday in latin america. after seating ground to china on the diplomatic and economic front, the united states seeks to wind back its neighbors with billions of dollars in new
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investments. we explain how. also this week, the pandemic can find many students to their homes. are those lucky enough we're able to go online to continue studying? we look at one of the biggest winners from the pandemic online learning, or as silicon valley likes to call, it adds tech. and the afghans was saying, put as economy crumbles around them for this soft drinks maker. it's business as usual. but at what cost? ah, china has use it's $1.00 trillion dollar belt and road initiative to expand its economy and diplomatic ties worldwide. and now leads to world in trade with africa, parts of asia and latin america, a region which united states has long regarded as its backyards. over the years, china's ties with latin america and the caribbean has paid dividends. total trade increased from almost 8 in $1000000000.00 in 2002 to almost $300.00. 16000000000 in 20. 19, in 2020 beijing's imports amounted to a 100. $65000000000.00,
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mostly of copper, minerals and meet from 2005 to 2020 china invested a $136000000000.00 in latin america with energy projects attracting 57 percent of the investment mining received 27 percent. and chinese banks have become huge lenders to the region between 252020. they loaned more than a 137000000000, nevertheless. so low. the u. s. remains latin america's top investor concerns. i've been raised in washington about b. james influence, well let's get some analysis now with him in our blanco who's research director and head of america's risk insights at various maple craft. and she's joining us from under lucia in spain. haman a very good to have you with us on the show. so how exactly will washington county china? well, i mean, it's interesting the proposition that washington can counter china name for
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structure, but also including principles, right? because washington's investment is not just for building roads and bridges or dredging ports, it has to do with, you know, advancing gender equality and digitalization and, and lowering in quality in the region. but washington has a lot of baggage than china dawson. and so for me, the key question is to see how the bite and administration is able to implement these policies and whether it will be able to compete with china on infrastructure or whether this will remain an ideological battle round. and certain governments in the region will choose china because of the ease of access to finance and delivering large infrastructure projects. and others will choose washington because of their commitment to western principles that are coming from the white house. what about the, their interests?
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i mean, washington's interest could be boiled down to security issues. the war on drugs, of course, and backing right wing governments. am i being too harsh by saying that those, those are really the issues that they want to focus on? well, i'm not sure if it's only the issues they want to focus on, but that will certainly be the criticism coming from you know, latin american, a left wing parties and governments which have been in the ascendancy in recent years. so actually if, if we look at where the deputy national security adviser for internationally con, mixing went during his recent visit to the region, he chose 3 destinations very close to washington. it was columbia ecuador, and panama. and so clearly, you know, these ideological link and, and common perspective on the world has a lot to play in this competition right now. the trump administration viewed china's engagement in the region with more suspicion in 2017,
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that national security strategies stated that china is seeking to port the region into its orbit through a set laid fate lead investments and loans and express concern about china's support for what they call the dictatorship in venezuela. is that a fair assessment? i mean, of course china has had relationships with venezuela, which are, you know, of a very, you know, violet to criticize because of, you know, the human rights violations in venezuela. and so, but i think that's just looking at a very narrow focus, right? china has been expanding across the entire region. it's now the top trading pardoner of all main economies in south america. and it's gone well beyond those initial loans that it was given to venezuela for oil, or even to ecuador. and it's delivering significant investment in agriculture, in telecommunications, and an infrastructure which are all areas that the region needs to develop
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significantly. so, and particularly in the post pandemic recovery. so what do you think are ultimately is, is china's objective in the region. the u. s. southern command has warned, china is seeking to establish global logistics and basing ins for us infrastructure in our hemisphere in order to project and sustain military power at greater distances. did you agree with that? i think china's strategy in the region goes beyond, or it's not just about military strength. of course, it's about, you know, this geopolitical chess game where it's challenging the united states in its own back yard, a backyard that the united states left vacant for the last 20 years as it focused in the middle east. but it's also about securing strategic resources for china. ah, not just because of food, right. agriculture. and for example, pork meat are a sizable exports from south america to china, but also securing access to raw materials like minerals needed in the energy
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transition. we're talking about here about lithium and copper, but also hydrocarbons. so it's not just about staging a military presence, but it's about securing china, strategic future and, and do you think china as chinese economic ties have wanted any, any diplomatic influence in the region? of course, and also, i mean china, you know, has a very professional diplomatic service with a strong presence. and in fact, if we turn that on its head and we look at, you know, the bite and administration has yet to confirm ambassadors to the region. and so even on this a diplomatic front, china is presenting a much a stable and united front as it were, than after the change of administration at washington were no waiting to see had you been have some countries, for example, on the issue of recognizing taiwan has some countries clearly indicated that
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they're taking st. china's side well, i mean, they have done right. there was china's initial, a strategy or goal when it, it started developing relations with the region more strongly in the late 19 ninety's, early 2, thousands. what was to secure that switch, and it has managed it across a number of economies. that was more of the, you know, the, the political move, and then it became an economic move with loan, some financing. and then it grew into direct investment and the growing presence of chinese companies in the region. so the, the record of the last 2 decades has been one of growing chinese goals as it accomplished its previous you know, it previous strategy came in a, talked there about loans in financing. and, and we all know that when it comes to china and loans in financing also involved is the issue of debt. of course, as we've seen in countries like sure, lanka, and so on. and a recent congressional reports suggested that some countries in the region have
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a mass and sustainable levels of debt owed to china and have become dependent upon commodities export. so china, so do you see, you know, the, a scenario like the, know that the one that happened into lanka, for example, the country owing huge amounts of money to china, also being replicated in the region. i mean, we already have the, you know, an example in the case of venezuela. i mean that is the, the most clear example. and there is another challenge here, right in the united states is trying to compete with china, m financing, the west a has a lot of strings attached to its financing and has shallower pockets than beijing. so if we're thinking about, you know, a principles of sustainable financing than the west applies and china does not than that is another challenge to, to be china in, at its game. but of course, for some administrations in latin america being able to bypass those western
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standards and access cash readily available ball from beijing is a very good short term when, particularly as they head into elections in the aftermath of the pandemic. and they need cache to splash, unsecure boats. i wanna thank you so much for your insight. it was really very good to hear your thoughts are on this issue. payment. blanco is from various maple crafts joining us from spain. thank you for being on counting the cost. thank you ah, of danny sans industries are being squeezed because of banking restrictions and chosen assets. some multinational companies are trying to keep their employees on and continue with production. but as osama bin jarvis reports from cobble staying afloat during an economic crunch is not easy. it's 6 30 am and hobble in the morning shift is ready to begin the day. a multi layered securities needed at the largest burbridge production plant in afghanistan. career success
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story began its carpet and t trade more than a century ago, and now has presence in 46 countries. we've carbonated green, folk, ported to them, at least infant measure. the one's family on firm is a multi $1000000000.00 and $2.00 price. it's a household brandon of la nathan, and the workers take pride in maintaining the quality of their product. but since the balaban took over, the revenues and production have been effected, it's mostly drawn by young, are found professionals the how to 1000 employees and afghanistan. many have chosen not to leave their country after foreign forces pulled out. i have studied enough on his thumb and i have to serve the nation and serve her, my soil and my country. that's the biggest reason i harvested. being in of harnessed on is more just about profit being in of honest on as a,
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to provide services for white products and to contribute to the economy of the country. for this company has been able to survive the tumult economy largely because its headquarters is not into gun fun even during the economic price. this factory continues to produce 72000 tons of energy drink for our, but this is an exception because the wider economy of apply the sun is suffering and people cannot buy is what is that? what do you think? the construction industry, for example, is at a standstill since contractors, agencies, and people in general have no real access to cash. most equipment hasn't moved from yards. how do you select dean says use to send labor and equipment all over the country. now he's laid off 12 employees. they all mash kiln nestor, the se in this month. there isn't any work for us. the banks are closed and i had to pay salaries. and how can i manage with only $200.00
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a week from the bank florida letter? my request of these la mic emerett is to stress on the banks to resume services that are about 200 to 300 construction companies here. they've all shut down and the staff had been sent home. but if the sunsets on the stationary construction equipment, evening shift has started work in another part of cobble workers here, sir taliban fighters have not come to the company or made any demands. although many are very of the economic crisis is here to improve security means they do not have to worry about being robbed or killed on their way home. they are hopeful their factory will continue its operation and in return attract investors to help revive the economy. now the pandemic is re shaping the way we work with many employees, choosing to open up their laptops and a kitchen counter all home office if they're lucky enough. but it's also redefining the education industry. and surprisingly, there's been a book many so called at tech industry globally. last year,
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investors put $2200000000.00 into at tech companies. according to ed, sage, and data from pitchbook shows the 1st half of this year has already surpassed that reaching 3600000000. but monetizing at tech apps has proven to be extremely difficult even for the best at tech apps like door lingo. you can make a fun, great learning app, but not everyone will want to pay for it. and in china, authorities have cranked down on after school tuition, wiping out a $100000000000.00 industry, because it was becoming too expensive for parents. while the growing costs of materials is driving an increasing number of students to piracy, in march of 2021 alone, a 195000000 people visited educational piracy sites. with over $1000000000.00 publications downloaded illegally each year. some publishers say their revenues are being hit by as much as 23 percent. so it is clearly a problem and something needs to change. and the person making that change is go to
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yvonne molder and ceo at at take her legal was joining us live from london. thank you so much. go to you for being on counting the cost. it's good to have you. so educational piracy is obviously a huge issue, but the bank of mom and dad doesn't have an endless stream of money. so how exactly does your venture work? yes, so a plague was built out of a puzzle payments. mine which was very expensive, price of taxes. you know, i mean, even if you don't think that was 200 dollars, i re, to just book never used again. and it was really interesting. i've seen that my friends, my kids, all students say, oh, so what we've done is we build a company which is on a mission to make education. most escal ensure we help piper publish for cooper revenue lawson 2nd. hm. bookmark piracy through convenience. and for students, they get a sample space where they can find, hold a cooling 2 for the promise of a single book. so his hybrid learning the new reality then now i think it's very
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much so you know, using analogy to maybe remote work in the early days in transit 19 stops. it was a bit awkward for us to you know, what promotion. and i think very much the same will happen him a using on a look at lego. and like 19 we saw huge acceleration tools digital. but in terms of the publishers, so many more publishers gave us the full collections. and it was really interesting . and the other side faculty, students, institutions became a whole proctor of using a digital for us in that learning mix. but, but go to, do you think that students who pay thousands of dollars in for in person tuition would, would we would be willing to accept blended learning? i mean, many fail short changed by the whole experience. yes, it's a great question and i think ultimately, yes, some students might feel of it will change, but overrule by providing convenience, by providing flexibility and also by being more affordable,
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the total student population a great to chance to learning. right. you know, if i was to think about it, stay, maybe textbooks are allowed to be access by the privilege fee. well, by providing a plan which is affordable able, no matter where you all can access their learning content. but do you think online learning can really ensure global equity? i mean, if you take a look at the example of china, for example, at the authorities, they have decided at that additional after school learning is putting too much financial pressure on, on parents. so how do you deal with that aspect? yeah, just just to show, you know, was right, the global education industry is a lot of a one trillion dollar industry. what's really interesting is today only 4 percent of that stitched. so yes you, you might have seen the recent use of china coming down. ultimately it's on a subset, right, is from 2 to platforms, homes, and exam for platforms. but it's a huge, huge industry globally, which is still very much right for disruption in
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a multiple grid from the digital things. but it's the case that, you know, wealthy parents are, of course able to get exit tutoring support for their children. but, but for low income families, the outcomes very often and not so good. i completely agree. and, and you know, that's why ha, ha, we're in a mission to make sure it gets the same chance. no matter where you on the world, no matter what your background. right. and what about bridging the technology gap? i mean technology can be isolating, of course how, how do you overcome that? yeah, so i get it to share some numbers. right. education is at tech industries in its infancy. last year, total of $6000000000.00 was invest into education companies. this year. it's already a 13000000000 and expect to close at 16. been in. and you're completely right people, michael, have access to lots of internet. oh, i truly believe that by being digital you can drive home, says that it, you process industry. i'm so freaked out with pleasure. we'll play good lines. oh,
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we also last chance to download the boat offline. so i think the country digital here is to help bridge tucker miles. sounds exciting indeed. best of luck on your venture. go t van mulder and ceo of at take palais, go joining us there from london. thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. and you follow italy 75 year old national airline will close for good. it'll be replaced by a small estate owned carrier called ita. the italian government has invested more than a $1000000000.00 in hopes to avoid the financial turbulence that drank down at italia . but the old carriers staff are wandering where they'll fit in as adam rainy explains from rope riding to protests. that's how i'll tell your flight attendant angela madina now spends her days after 11 years in the skies. when eta, the new airline said to replace flag carrier al italian launches on october 15th it's unclear family. you know, we'll have
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a job. the baby for speaking to us. she had just returned from working a long haul flight. when i left in york and we're, we're taken off, i felt that was the last name would be the last time my last flight. and then what we do is suffering is yeah, really hurt. some 11000 al italian employees are set to lose their jobs. trade unions are trying to pressure ito to hire the majority of them back with plans to fly fewer routes. ita has said it will hire $2800.00 workers when they launch in another 3000 next year. alessandra mulatto is worried if i go in an office and say the bonnie, i'm a good friday and then they say, ok, i mean i like what we can do. we do nothing. the workers also want to keep wages at the same level unlikely since the european commission ruled this month. that ita is distinct from alex. how ya?
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hence not bound by its contracts. that also means ita isn't on the hook for 900000000 euros and a legal state support a lataya received. for decades, our taya has defined travel to italy. even pope's relied on the carrier to reach their far flung flock. the brand has also come to symbolize huge losses from 1000 doesn't 20. they never close a balance sheet that is positive. so they all account every year they lose money. so that's not a good predictor that he tell doing better. yeah, exactly. despite its subtle, has ita sees real value in the brand name. al italian is willing to spend big money on it because they realize the name is synonymous with italy itself. and they put in a bid, perhaps topping more than 200000000 euros for the rights to that name. some aviation experts question, the whole idea of a flag carrier. if i was in a tenure,
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as i said, if i wasn't a tenant tech, or i would think that in i might be, we can spend money on, but i think still we do. we need an italian ail on, in, in modern europe. what once upon a time, perhaps when aiden, a tang and a lot because otherwise known with flood, or i'm really, you're telling me that not a philosophy shared by the government. indeed, italy is bedding on the new airline, backing it with more than 1300000000 euros and state funds. the hope is that eater, perhaps just a reborn i'll. italia, will find its wings and take off financially. people in western argentina have noticed the ground shaking beneath them much more over the last year. more than 200 earthquakes have been reported in that time. geologists blamed them on fracking. theresa boring for some sawzall bonito in new ken province in southwestern argentina. it's one of the largest shale oil and gas reserves in the world, like i'm one of those located in argentina. but the owner region,
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it covers an area of over 30000 square kilometers, and extraction companies have invested heavily in exploiting it is in this and the while has been living in the regional town of south sal warning all his life. he says, while he's glad of the new economy opportunities brought by the companies, there is also a downside earthquakes. the q comes from william in cornersville. these are not natural movements. i never felt before. i felt for very strong shakes that broke my house. the house started to shake and for a few seconds we all looked at each other and then it stopped. increasingly, low guns are blaming the practice of fracking for this is miguel 70 fracking uses thousands of liters of water and sand that are injected in the soil at high pressure to push out the oil and gas. scientists continue to debate whether the practice can provoke earthquakes. although i recent studying argentina says there
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is a direct link between fracking and sysmic activity right across this river. there is at least 90 sites where oil and gas are being extracted using fracking. people living in the area say that the fis nick activity here be and when all companies started operating in this area, those reports off at least $36.00 small earthquake of happening in just one weekend will be send. this house has several cracks because of the tremors. he says he's hoping or thought he will help him and his neighbors 45 their homes for what is likely to become a regular thing. not any emily's, if we're not denying, there is an increase in activity. the importance is how strong the earthquakes are and how to prepare the population. we need to know who is doing it and how and where the population is. we need to sit down at the same table and plan how it's going to be done. but almost everyone agrees argentine as economy struggling and
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promoting oil and gas extraction is crucial to helping the country recover yet. but people like grammatical are concerned. he's a member of the, my poor chain dentist community and is worried about his children's future. i think a puzzle go through over susie wells that have been marked and out here a tree. they now working on the other side, but imagine what it's going to be like when they come over here. i didn't 100 government is pushing to increase oil and gas production and hoping to increase investment in back. i'm what about communities in the area? i hoping their interests will be considered to and that is our show for this week. get in touch with us. my tweeting meet fully by a j e n doing the hash tag h t t c. when you do or drop us an email, counting the cost of colleges the are a dot net is address. there's more for you on line that al jazeera dot com slash
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t t c. that will take you straight to our page, which has in tie episode for you to catch up on fully back people from me and whole counting the cost team. thank you for watching. the news on al jazeera is makes the stories that need to be toll find a way ah, these are my babies. my student witness. showcase is inspiring documentary that change the world on al jazeera, multiple people, and told ashley including my father that he was gonna killer us laws prohibit some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. phone lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced. and
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the deadly consequences that he see. we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show unwilling quist on al jazeera, ah sch, hello, i'm adrian. should i get it though? how the top stories on al jazeera, south korea says that north korea has fired a ballistic missile from submarine japan's prime minister said the pyongyang had fired 2 missiles. for leo casita, who's in the middle of an election campaign, cancelled all his events and has returned to tokyo to assess the situation. north korea's conducted a series of weapons tests in recent weeks figured okay, that is very regrettable that the country has continued launching missiles since last month to go over the you couldn't sleep villa. i'd rather not predict north korea's intentions.


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