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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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by the people who lived in lindsey woods. this is you have an out of you out with me. flags a load across the united states after the death of form of secretary of state, colin powell from cove at 19 complications. ah, hello, i'm adrian. and again, this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up at least 35 people have died in flooding in southern india with more rain. and the full cost plus canada has begun to face the reality of the truth of this country. after
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a long delay, canada's prime minister visits a former residential school where the remains of indigenous children were found. and the un spends a special envoy to zimbabwe to safe sanctions against leaders of only ended up posing the people. ah, he was a decorated military leader of the 1st african american to become the u. s. secretary of state now flags across the united states being thrown at half staff to mourn the death of colet, colin powell. he died on monday at the age of 84 from cove at 19 complications. pol is being remembered as a trailblazer, but his reputation was tarnished over his faulty claims to justify the 2003 invasion of iraq. his our white house correspondent, kimberly alcott the news, the colin powell had died of covered complications came as
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a shock to many. powell had been battling cancer but was fully vaccinated. a sad reminder that the vaccine doesn't always offer full immunity against the disease. immediately the tributes to the retired 4 star general poured in his family. a dear friend of the patron, one of our great military leaders and a man of overwhelming dishes. and i believe sugary palsy, yours is a soldier or what made him such an exceptional diplomat. he knew that war and military action should always be a last resort in iraq's behavior. show that as secretary of state under president george w bush, powell will be remembered as the person who made the case to the world in 2003, that iraqi leader, saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. a key justification for the american invasion of iraq. it was a claim he later regretted your to his credit or he was accountable. yeah. he,
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he admitted you know, his mistakes early or later. ah, that is not something that you we've heard across the bush national security team on monday. bush issued a statement, pointing out the powell was so respected, he earned the presidential medal of freedom twice. powell, a vietnam veteran serv, most of his life in the u. s. military before he entered politics. as the 1st african american secretary of state, he set an example for those who came after him. the senate, a po, the 1st black president, brock obama said powell never denied the role that res played in his own life and to in our society more broadly. but he also refused to accept that race would limit his dreams. he has been my mentor for a number of years. i always made time for me and i can always go to him with what tough issues. colin powell served multiple republican presidents. but later in life
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endorsed democratic candidates for president, he put duty to country above allegiance to any political party. yet another reason that in a divided united states, americans from the right and left are honoring the example set by colin powell. kimberly, how can al jazeera washington general mark kimmitt is a former assistant secretary of state for political military affairs. on the president george w bush. he worked on the colon pile and says the relationships with tears will forever be part of his legacy. she was everything that the eulogies and the admiration that is being spoken about a minute. he was larger than life, but he had a humility and a care for the individual that i think you rarely see either in senior government officials or senior military. so that's what i'll always remember about him. the way he had that individual touch with people of much lower ranks than he. but again,
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this is a guy whose ego was very low. he probably said to himself, i regret doing this. i made a mistake. but for people like him that don't have a great concern about his place in history, i think he got over quite quickly. his legacy will be that un speech that he made in 2003. but i think those are sort of served in the military and admire what she has done and what he meant for a generation of soldiers, particularly black and african american soldiers that realized there were no limits inside the military for them and others of their race. that's what he'll be remembered for. the us to pop and watchdog will review the end of the by the administration is diplomatic operations in afghanistan. it'll take in the evacuation of the embassy and cobble and how the special immigrant visa program was
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handled. this includes the processing of afghans as refugees and their resettlement in the united states. my camera has more from washington is exactly that. it is a review, a spokesman for the inspector general's office is saying that this is a review. it is not an investigation that may be purely semantical, but it has been massive criticism, not necessarily about the fact of the withdrawal, but the way in which it was conducted. and this is what the inspector general, the acting inspector general is going to be looking at. essentially 4 different areas. the issuing of special immigrant visas are the resettlement of afghan families. how they are resettled, or are going to be re settled back in the united states and a very important point as well. the emergency procedures at the embassy in kabul and whether those procedures had been sufficiently thought through and were exercised at the time of that rapid withdrawal following the advance of the taliban
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. so it is a wide range of investigation. we only know about it because a letter has been sent to the senior members of congress, heads of various committees. being notified that this investigation or review is about to get underway, but very much a recognition of how much concern there was in congress about the manner of the withdrawal from afghanistan. the us and voice were afghan, histones only coil south has stepped down. calozaro led the trumpet, ministration talks and contra with the taliban. that resulted in the agreement for u. s. troops to leave. his deputy thomas west has been named takeover. japan's prime minister says that north korea has fire to ballistic missiles. earlier south korea's military claim. the pyongyang had fired one missile from its east coast. so i said that a projectile had landed in the sea of japan. north korea has conducted
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a series of weapons tests in recent weeks. moscow were lived out of bay. jing al jazeera, katrina, you is sent monitoring developments from their katrina. what more do we know? well, the japanese government says that you, what you said, 2 missiles fired into the sea of japan. they said so far they have been no damage or casualties notate, but they are assessing the situation. now we 1st heard about this, michelle launch from the south korean government who said that the launch took place at 10, 17 am local time from the area in north korea known as shin pool. now that's significant because that is where a naval shipyard is located. we know this is the base of north korea's submarine missile ballistic program. now, south korea is currently scrambling, putting together security meeting in response to this latest launch. this is not the 1st miss our loan that north korea has conducted in recent weeks. at the end of
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september, they conducted a launch of the hypersonic missile. and now this is all taking place as south korea is the middle of a very strong diplomatic push with the use of the u. s. and japan. at the end of september, the south crane president moon j in restarted talks and dialogue to try to reengage north cree after months of stagnation. as a result of fail talks between the trump administration and pyongyang, and recent days we've had a press conference in the us with us and boy talking about the need to engage with young young. this week there was due to be a number of meetings taking place between south korean officials and us officials as well as discussing the situation in north korea. so it could be possible that this particular launch is in response to those meetings. but we get to hear any confirmation 0. katrina reporting live from beijing. katrina, many thanks. that of labrons,
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his ball says that his movement has 100000 trained and armed fighters at his disposal. i found a swallow, spoke of the violence in his mole, a stronghold of bay root last week, 7, his bullet members and others from an allied cheer group were killed. one blames of christian party, called lebanese forces. that's his will law. while mosquito that's just has the law and i am just talking about the man, i am talking about the live by need. and i'm touching up the lebanese from 100 years, not from 10 years trained, organized, structured, with experienced and embodied spirit. and even just got a glance not even ordered. if they were given a chance, the kid went on to the mountain, write it down 100005, g bad morning from out to 0. tomato chow, in the lebanese capital has the leader secretary general has had enough for law, had some very strong words to say in his 1st statement since those that the caches
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in the capital bay route on thursday, which led to 7 people being killed. several of the members of his party in his almost hour and a half long address, the leader put the blame directly on the lebanese forces party. the kristy and my party and its leader, samuel judge are saying that they were responsible for trying to stir up secretarial division. and in fact, he went as far as saying that the judge i was trying to ignite a civil war within lebanon with regards to the reason for those protests on thursday which led to the clutches and the current political stand off and lebanon . that is the investigation into the deadly blog that they would support over a year ago, he said that the judge responsible had been politicized. he said that he called upon the higher judiciary to meet and to find a way out of this on tuesday, there will be
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a meeting of that up and he's parliament. there will also be a meeting for judges in the lebanese high court. well, they will be discussing the current crisis. currently, the situation is extremely tense and people will be waiting to see after half a strong words. what will come out of those meetings that are expected later on tuesday, flooding and landslides have led to the deaths of at least 35 people in the southern indian state of carola, many others are missing or stranded, particularly in coastal areas and more rain is expected this week, i'll just say was elizabeth run reports for me, cause i am zenith asylum goes through the debris of what was until 2 days ago. her home in her hand are the only possessions she's left with an umbrella, a small purse, and a pair of sandals. she lost everything in the flood which swept through, quote, dam district and the southern state of cadillac on sunday. again,
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linda broke out in the morning, i heard on t v that there is a red alert in a few regions, but the water level started to rise. so suddenly, 1st it was as high as my head, and soon it rose to my neck. somehow i managed to move to higher ground, but everything is gone. nothing is left here right across the road from the river, which swept away zenith. how's? the jos family looked through their belongings to see what they can salvage. they helm is still standing, but anything left in the house is covered in mud in and out. this umbrella, this is the 1st time in our life that we're experiencing this kind of situation. but our grandfather told us there was a similar flood in 1957. the last time there was a flood, we had water up to our doorstep, but not this bad. saturdays to wrench of rain lead to land slides which killed dozens of people and flooding which is displaced thousands this church on the border between the 2 worst affected districts, court
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a. m and indicate as housing around 200 people who have nowhere else to go. it's one of more than a 100 shelters in the state house, in thousands of people who are in the same situation. and that's a concern, because cadillac continues to record the highest number of carbon 19 cases and deaths in the country. healthcare workers told al jazeera it's difficult to impulse cove 19 protocols doing such disasters. i, we've been telling people to take care and follow the coven protocols as much as possible. we're also providing them with masks and medication, but they're not able to follow the rules because they're in a panic mode after losing everything about a month. flooding from monsoon range as an annual occurrence in carola. but environmentalists say it's leading to more disasters such as landslides because the, some areas increasingly becoming more for the human interventions which are actually creating problems are getting full hills are being leveled. and, you know,
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we see a lot of deforestation and minding happening in the healey area with more heavy predicted laser and the weak emergency response teams try to clear as much debris as possible from rivers to prevent any further destruction. elizabeth fraud and al jazeera curtain carola will get a weather update back to you and sarah them will tell you about the latest efforts to free us mission res, kidnapped in haiti and still demanding change demonstrates isn't sheila mac the 2nd anniversary of violent protests during which 30 people were killed. ah hey there, here's her world weather update for the americas. not a whole lot going on, but we still have some snow falling across the central rockies on tuesday. and
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a quite potent disturbance will swoop into western canada and the pacific northwest . and the dates becomes will pick up, the weather is stored there, it's dry for now. vancouver 14 degrees and we've had the wind shift around in winnipeg. so that's kicked down your temperature there further toward the east, pretty pleasant conditions, toronto getting up to a height 20 degrees scattering of showers, quebec, the maritimes. right into newfoundland, and labrador. se not a whole lot going on plan. he saw new orleans at 27 degrees and as we head toward the west coast, here's the system. we can see it once again. it's going to come in a few days. we look at the extended forecast for as f screws out a few more nice days, but late wednesday into thursday. there we see that rain temperature is here a bit below average. central america. heaviest rounds of rain will be guatemala. as we head toward hundreds sticker wall glove, chris rica and panama south end of south america, birth of rain through the columbia andes, and also the peruvian andy's. and it remains soggy for the southeast corner of
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brazil, and fact rio de janeiro looking to see when goes on tuesday at the 40 kilometers per hour season. ah, the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, my la moda, one documentary that anthony lies. i'm want to die ah, on out here. no, oh
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oh, hello again, this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the main news. the saw colin powell is being remembered as a trail blazing soldier and diplomat. after his death from coven 19 complications. he was the 1st african american to become chairman of the joint chiefs of staff at u. s. secretary of state, the state department watchdog will review the end of the bite, the ministrations diplomatic operations in afghanistan. the u. s. has been criticized for the chaos that followed the collapse of the previous afghan government, which fell to the taliban in japan's prime minister says that north korea has 5 to ballistic missiles. earlier south korea's military claim, the pyongyang had filed one missiles from its east coast. north korea has conducted a series of weapons tests. in recent weeks, unions in haiti's capital bought
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a prince called a strike on monday to protest against what they say is a bad security situation and the weak economy. the country has been in the grip of political and economic turmoil for many years. things worsened after the assassination of president juvenile moyes, in july and an earthquake that killed more than 2000 people in august on the face of foreign christian missionaries and their families who were kidnapped in haiti on saturday, still not known. they were taken by a gang after visiting an orphanage. 17 people are being held, including 16 u. s. citizens and the canadian. the u. s. a sent a team to hazy to help find and release the group. osland jordan reports from the state department. it's been 3 days since a haitian gang kidnapped 17 mostly american missionary workers, including 5 children outside poto hans at the white house president joe biden is getting updates on what is both a crisis for the missionaries, families and
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a criminal case on the f. b. i is part of a coordinated us government effort to get the us citizens involved to safety. i did operational considerations or not going to go into too much detail on that, but can confirm their engagement. armed gangs have stepped up their campaign of kidnapping, extortion, and sexual violence across large parts of haiti. u. s. official say they've been trying to help the government cope with the problem. we have provided funding to the tune of $312000000.00 in assistance over the last decade alone to strengthen lawn forestman and capacity of the haitian national police and to maintain peace and stability throughout the country. in response to the increasingly perilous security situation on the ground. in recent weeks alone, we've allocated in an additional $15000000.00. even so, us citizens have been repeatedly warned against visiting haiti because of the violence and instability. president juvenile noise was assassinated in july and an
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earthquake struck in august. u. s. based christian 8. ministries is just one of dozens of religious groups doing work and 80. some are asking whether the united states should sit in troops to rescue the missionaries, or whether the you win needs to expand its peacekeeping operations at the you. when the answer is no, but we know that kidnappings have been oh, have been rampant. it's incumbent on the government of haiti to focus on the security challenges ah, including redoubling the efforts to reform and strengthen the national police capacity to address oh, public safety and all these crimes must be investigated. the u. s. government has a policy. no ransoms for hostages, but it says it will use all other available tools to bring americans home. rosalyn jordan al jazeera, the state department, canada's prime minister justin trudeau has visited the size of
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a former residential school where the remains of indigenous children were found. and maybe the school was among hundreds of similar institutions. one by the catholic church. the aim was to assimilate indigenous children. many of them were abused. today's visit comes after he faced criticism for failing to participate in canada's 1st national day of truth and reconciliation. i have many regrets about september 30th and my decision to travel. the 1st of course, was not being able to attend the commemorations here that were so important for the entire country and awakening people to the reality of residential schools. but also to be able to grieve with the community that since may has been hurting. and reliving past trauma in a way that i should have been here on our from jodi vance,
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in kamloops in canada. almost 5 months ago, 215, unmarked graves of children were found here on the site of new hamlets, indian residential school. this is the pow wow arbor where the event is taking place today. certainly the prime minister has been held to a challenge by the chief of this 1st nation. the regional chief, as well as the national priest, very concerned were, and the conversation where details of what is needed to move forward with regard to true to reconciliation as country and pacifically where the 215 unmarked grades. these identified remain here on the land of the cameras in the residential school and how the prime minister will play a role in helping to identify those children. there are records that are needed by the 1st people in order to do that, signify these pages,
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they call them their babies, their children, that they want to identify, dignify and try and give some sense of relief and, and recovery for the generational trauma that has been prevalent in the 1st nations community. russia is closing nato's permanent mission in moscow. it follows the expulsion of russian diplomats from its mission at nato headquarters in brussels. 2 weeks ago, the western alliance accused them of being undeclared spies. moscow's dismissed the accusations as baseless or journalists, foreign minister says that russia's move will pose further serious strain on relations was worth alice knoxville ago. did thing is in toronto that makes everything even tougher and things are already difficult. and recent years, germany has repeatedly pushed for dialogue with russia, where the nato, over the past years, we have often convened the nato russia council to show that we are ready for dialogue. this decision taken and moscow will further prolong the difficult
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situation. we are in this frosty period that's been going on for some time. and i think that especially with the nato where they are military questions and where they are security questions. that is anything but helpful vessel put a further serious strain on the relations a u. n. official has arrived in zimbabwe to see how sanctions designed to target leaders have ended up hitting regular people. instead, the government says the sanction should be lifted, but its opponent say that mismanagement and corruption are still rampant. however, matessa reports from laurie. you in spatial rapper to alina doohan, is in them by way. this is the impact of sanctions, sanctions that were imposed in 2002 after accusations that electoral fraud and human rights abuses. bakley roberts mac, gabby was in charge a. mr. mcguire is now president his administration. these go sanctions are stalling, economic development, and hurting the bobby and who went to thanks him, removed because the affected if the 1st little for life thought in,
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in that show our document that we are going to give them will clearly indicate the effect of fences or not so fair to the united states, the european union and britain insisted restrictions only tell the companies and specific individual's both within the bobbin government and those associated with it. that's the united states, embassies and bobbins who want the sanction removed. having protesting here for more than 2 years, they believe the government is being punished by the us, britain and the european union for thieving wife owed farms more than 2 decades ago . most the bobbins are struggling to cope with high unemployment inflation and rising fleet prices. those capping outside the u. s. embassy blamed the country's economic crisis on what they call politically motivated sections. they talk off or who know? i think these law for love look in if i'd be defiant in precise terms anyway in the
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road. so some of this issues they took off to midway up to point to a different vein, issy and not his opinion in all those countries, but function desperate we are not under sanctions. so what for special upwards and barbara elena do have plans to stay in 10 days in zimbabwe, on a fact finding mission. she would then present her report to the un human rights council next september, opposition leaders and civil society groups here. so they hope to meet her to their blames, the bob was economic problems on government corruption and mismanagement harder. matessa al jazeera herani protest have been going on in chile mocking 2 years since riots that left more than 30 people dead. those turning out so that they're still waiting for the government to fix social inequality. and believe that a complete political over whole may be the only solution amera chandry reports. a sea of faces. those who have lost their lives demanding change in the last 2 years
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. the pain unbearable for their families who want on says going with justice isn't made for the poor in this country. just is this for the rich for whoever can buy it even and the rest are crying at home morning. they're dead. the level of differently life more than 30 people lost their life and thousands were injured. when protests against social inequality tend violence in 2019 what began as a peaceful march against the rising cost of train tickets grew into a mass movement. anger grew after and at times flew to response by police and security forces. hundreds of protested were blinded by robert bullets. this, this is
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a symbolic act because today we're commemorating 2 years since the social revolution where we had people die. all of these photographs of the dead, we had people mutilated, tortured kid, not. and now we have political prisoners. the riots to years ago triggered a powerful social shift, leading to the formation of a representative assembly to reach off the constitution. but demonstrate to say it's not enough, they want more change at the very top. if they come with, i am coming rates in to years of history and then our country changed forever until the returns democracy. all the people who are in prison are the people who are not until his opposition has moved to impeach president sebastian panera over the controversial sale of the mining company details emerged in the panama papers lake he denies any wrong doing. ah, this latest round a protest come
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a head of next month, presidential and legislative elections, and are expected to continue to up to you all in the crowd a hoping this time. they're going to be married shortly. ah, it's good to have you with us. hello, adrian. finnegan here in so how the headlines on al jazeera, colin powell is being remembered as a trail blazing soldier diplomat. after his death from coven 19 complications. he was 84. paul was the 1st african american to become chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and u. s secretary of state, cala harris, the 1st person of color to become us vice president paid this tribute to pow oh. so many barriers in those areas were not easy to break by any but he did. it would be.


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