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is super going, reaching the 3rd a female workers have had their wounds in the one in one east investigates. why so many women are having invasive surgery on out is yeah. ah flags are lowered across the united states off the death of former secretary of state. colin powell from cope at 19 complications. quite frankly, it is not possible to equation cole with mr. ah. hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from doubles are coming up a rising death toll and more rain is forecast in southern india. were flooding and landslides of sweat through villages as the hunger crisis claims more young lives in norman ethiopia, reports of government test rights on mechanize, the capital of
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t grind. reach with colin powell is being remembered as a trailblazing soldier and diplomat dropped to his death at 84 from cove at 19 complications. he was the 1st african american to become chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and later u. s. secretary of state. but pals, reputation was stained by his 40 claims to justify the 2003 invasion of iraq is our white house correspondent. kimberly help the news. the colin powell had died of covered complications came as a shock to many. powell had been battling cancer but was fully vaccinated. a sad reminder that the vaccine doesn't always offer full immunity against the disease. immediately the tributes to the retired 4 star general poured in his family. a dear friend of the patron, one of our great military leaders and
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a man of overwhelming dishes. and i believe factory palsy, yours is a soldier or what made him such an exceptional diplomat. he knew that war and military action should always be a last resort. and iraq's behavior show that as secretary of state, under president george w bush, powell will be remembered as the person who made the case to the world in 2003. that iraqi leader, saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. a key justification for the american invasion of iraq. it was a claim he later regretted your to his credit or he was accountable. yeah. he, he admitted, you know, his mistakes early or later, ah, about is not something that you, we've heard across the bush national security team. on monday, bush issued a statement pointing out the powell was so respected. he earned the presidential medal of freedom twice. powell, a vietnam veteran serv,
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most of his life in the u. s. military before he entered politics. as the 1st african american secretary of state, he set an example for those who came after him. the senate april, the 1st black president, brock obama said powell never denied the role that res played in his own life and to in our society more broadly. but he also refused to accept that race would limit his dreams. he has been my mentor for a number of years. i always made time for me, and i can always go to him what, what tough issues. colin powell served multiple republican presidents. but later in life endorsed democratic candidates for president, he put duty to country above allegiance to any political party. yet another reason that in a divided united states, americans from the right and left are honoring the example set by colin powell.
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kimberly, how can al jazeera washington? well, let's bring in general mac committees, a former assistant secretary of state for political military affairs under president george w bush and joins us via skype from washington. dc. up mach good to have you back on the program isn't said cut in pow was a shoes the respected public figure. a highly decorated so just season diplomat, you works for coat in power. what ideals do you think he embodied and what was he like? well, 1st of all, i knew him both when i was in the military as he was and also at stake. apartment of the fact amazes, he was everything that the eulogies and the admiration that is being spoken about minutes. he was larger than life, but he had a humility and a care for the individual that i think he rarely see either in senior government officials or senior military. so that's what i always remembered about him. the way he had that individual touch with people of much lower ranks than he and mock
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controversy though, he defended the u. s. decision to invade iraq. he, he, he pretty much staked his reputation on the presence of iraqi weapons of mass destruction. and that turned out to be a big mistake. in hindsight, how do you think that affected him? well, i think it affected in less than people suspect. ah, yes, it was a bit of an asterisk on a long in honorable career. but again, this was a guy whose ego was very low. he probably said to himself, i regret doing this. i made a mistake. but, but for people like him that don't have a great concern about his place in history. i think he got over quite quickly. and what about his politics? i mean, he was a republican who drifted away from the g o. p, endorsing barack obama back in 2008. he was on the critical of donald trump. but
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why do you think he never ran for president? when many people thought he would and should have well i, i think the record of military officers, particularly general officers running through president has been pretty core. you take a look at wesley clark, you take a look at why westmoreland, i think if you take a look at those ex generals that aspire to be the president, most of them have not succeeded in getting beyond the primary. and i think again, it goes back to his humility, that he didn't have that overweening need to be somebody important for the sake of an off his sake of a task as it's a mom made a great press. yeah, i mean, as he say, come in, powell was accepting loyal, he was a, a model soldier, you know, and a mentor for many black americans to what do you think his legacy will be to the american people will. unfortunately, i think his legacy will be that un speech that he made in 2003. but
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i think those are sort of served in the military and admire what he has done and what he meant for generation of soldiers, particularly black and african american soldiers that realized there were no limits inside the military for them and others of their race. that's what he'll be remembered for. malcolm is always good to get your thoughts. thank you very much and eva talking to i deserve a thank you. now the you are state department watchdog will review the end of the biden administration's diplomatic operations in afghanistan. it'll take in the evacuation of the emerson cobble and how these special immigrant visa program was handled includes the processing of afghans as refugees and their re settlement in the united states with my kind of joins us live now from washington dc. mikes the by the administration has been under heavy criticism over the celtic withdrawal from afghanistan. so was the state department review all about them?
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what it is exactly that it is a review, a spokesman for the inspector general's office is saying that this is a review. it is not an investigation that may be purely semantical, but as you correctly say, there's been massive criticism, not necessarily about the fact of the withdrawal, but the way in which it was conducted. and this is what the inspector general, the acting inspector general is going to be looking at. essentially 4 different areas. the issuing of special immigrant visas are the resettlement of afghan families. how they are resettle, go of going to be re settled back in the united states and a very important point as well. the emergency procedures at the embassy in kabul and whether those procedures had been sufficiently thought through and were exercised at the time of that rapid withdrawal following the advance of the taliban . so it is a wide range of investigation. we only know about it because
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a letter has been sent to the senior members of congress, heads of various committees. being notified that this investigation or review is about to get underway, but very much a recognition of how much concern there was in congress about the manner of the withdrawal from afghanistan. yet mike and we've been hearing that the us special representative for afghanistan zelner fields that is also stepping down. what more can you tell us? well, it is perhaps the coincidence that these 2 pieces of news emerge on the same day that was appointed by president trump. then president trump back in september 2018 . he's one of the few appointees by trump to survive and the by that administration, he was the person who put together that piece deal as it was described with the taliban, which ultimately led to the shambolic in to the u. s. presence within
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a gun. he's done, he has been praised by the secretary of state that doesn't appear to be much anger at his leaving. and he is going to be replaced by his deputy to the west, which allows for a continuity of movement. but remembering as well that this was a very different role that the assistant to the new representative for upcoming on affairs is going to be carrying out. there is no us present, didn't stand any more. any discussions negotiations would happen in an outside place like kata, as it has over recent years, and which is where kelly is conducted. all those negotiations which lead, as i said to that p, still signed by them. president trump, and ultimately as the shambles. that was the us withdrawal from a gun. he's done. alright, i might kind of life us there in washington, d. c. mike, thank you. at least 43 people have been killed by attackers in nigeria as
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a cotto state. gunman, storm the market in gurani's on sundays, and there are so carried on into monday morning. attacks by om gangs have been increasing in northern nigeria, automated rates as more from a boucher i got one official told al jazeera that the casualty figure may likely go up because of the severity of injury sustained by the victims of the attack on the market. didn't go on your in fact go national the only place targeted by the attackers to other villages have been attacked by the benefits of the government called them who they say why dislodge from the military operations, ongoing enzyme for a state locus. on the other hand, saying that the number far exceeded the number of the 5 suited the total figure. the government is giving now banding with the markets in north west. nigeria has been announced by government of several states impacted by the ongoing attacks by groups in the northwest when we visited, when you get a visited community. recently, we saw a market at wiki market operating despite the government ban and one of some of the
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traders folders that they can sit at home. they have to come to the market. some of them have to walk on a daily basis to generate income in order to put food on the table. now this is very dicey situation in the northwest of the country, and these operations by benefits of the military have been ongoing for weeks now. in fact, for 2 months says the announcement of strict measures by governments in the north west of niger. these may just include cutting telephone services, insights and such an areas. banning weekly markets binding transports of goods and services such an area of course, binding the sale of petrol in jenkins and other containers apart from motorcycles and of course, motor cars. the idea by, according to the government is to stop logistics getting to the bad news. but in fact, when we seeing now the ballots have not, were lent it last, not so to come here. now desire including efforts to save us missionaries kidnapped in haiti after visiting an orphanage, m u. n. sent
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a special envoy to zimbabwe to see if sanctions against leaders that only ended up hurting the people. marla status. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. hey there, here's her weather snapshot across asia. and even though the most intense rains across careless have stopped, for now it will take time for water levels to drop coche. she has a high of 31 degrees on tuesday. we do have some concern now for you sir. parts of india also toward the northeast. check this out almost a conveyor belt of rain. they have been gall rate through bangladesh, into the foothills of the himalayas in fort westbank all over the past 3 days. you scooped up about 300 millimeters of brain. other place, the rain is piling up is as we head toward northern areas of vietnam, more than half a meter of rain here, or the past 3 days. and it's still coming natur as we head toward tuesday. but
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throughout the day it will peter out and we will get back into the sunshine and things will dry out. it's dry for hong kong, but central parts of china. we've got wet weather moving across and that will eventually make its way into shanghai and kicked down your temperature by a few degrees. whether maker will move into central and northern parts of honshu into whole kado. so we do have weather alerts in place for this heavy rainfall ho, cato and honju in the days to come. se stage, our heaviest concentration of rain continues to be over borneo and some jolts and bolts for jakarta with a high of 30 degrees on tuesday. that's it. see soon, the weather sponsored by cut, our airways voted world's best airline of 2021. stripped of their citizenship, thousands of haitian dominicans, a penalized for the heritage estate sanctioned racism, posted them into legal limber, a young attorney, matthew grassroots political campaign advocating for social justice. but can she
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shine a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that plague the dominican republic stateless, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah ah welcome back, a good amount of our top stories here at this hour colin powell is being remembered as a trail basing soldier, an diplomat. after his death from cupboard 19 complications. he was the 1st african american to become chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and us secretary of state . the state department watchdog review the end of the bottom administrations diplomatic operations in afghanistan. u. s. has been criticized with chaos that
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followed the collapse, the previous afghan government, which fell to the town above. at least 43 people have been killed by attackers in nigeria supposed to have stake gunman, the storm to market and coronel on sunday. and they were sold, cardon until monday morning talks by on guns of an increasing northern nigeria. now flooding alliance lives have killed at least 35 people in the southern indian state of carola, many others are missing and stranded, particularly in coastal areas and more rains expected this week. and as with parent reports from katia, zenith asylum goes through the debris of what was until 2 days ago. her home in her hand are the only possessions she's left with an umbrella, a small purse and a pair of sandals. she lost everything in the flood, which swept through, quote, dam district to the southern state of cadillac on sunday. i don't mean to break out in the morning. i heard on t v that there is a red alert in
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a few regions. but the water level started to rise, so suddenly, 1st it was as high as my head in soon it rose to my neck. somehow i managed to move to higher ground, but everything has gone. nothing is left here right across the void from the river, which swept away zenith. how's? the joe's family looked through their belongings to see what they can salvage they . helen is still standing, but anything left in the house is covered in mud. in and out. it is on the law. this is the 1st time in our life that we're experiencing this kind of situation. but our grandfather told us there was a similar flood in 1957. the last time there was a flood, we had water up to our doorstep, but not this bad saturdays to wrench the rain, let landslides which killed dozens of people and flooding which is displaced thousands. this church, on the border between the 2 worst affected districts, caught a m and into key is housing around 200 people who have nowhere else to go. it's one
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of more than a 100 shelters in the state house and thousands of people who are in the same situation. and that's a concern, because cadillac continues to record the highest number of clothing, 19 cases and deaths in the country. healthcare workers told al jazeera it's difficult to impulse cove at 19 protocols doing such disasters. and we've been telling people to take care and follow the covey protocols as much as possible. we're also providing them with masks and medication, but they're not able to follow the rules because they're in a panic mode after losing everything. flooding from monsoon rains as an annual occurrence and kettler. but environmentalists say it's leading to more disasters such as landslides, because these are for jaylen areas, increasingly becoming more fragile with the human interventions which are actually creating problems. big plants getting full hill so being leveled and be see
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a lot of deforestation and mining happening in the healy with more heavy, well predicted. later in the week, emergency response teams try to clear as much debris as possible from rivers to prevent any further destruction. elizabeth moran and al jazeera curtain, cadillac, if you're up in air force as laurence attacks against rebels immaculate, the regional capital of tigress in the north, a t v station control by the to brian was liberation front said 3 people were killed in the strikes ethiopians state meter reported that communications infrastructure was targeted. the raid follows intensified fighting and 2 other ethiopian regions where the military is trying to push back against teepee left territorial gaze. now we see that mikaela, the capital of the region, is a suffering from air attacks. so very concerned, so we will continue to watch that as the article by and we have constantly called for the security council to resume its responsibility and speak out. so we
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continued to say that just insisting on humanitarian access, insisting on the need for a ceasefire above all, and all parties cease hostilities and get down to dialogue. the only solution is in dialogue will only mention the conflict. integrity has spilled into the neighboring regions of the horror under fall under sprang of good to reports, a shortage of food and i'm horror is putting many at risk. saba ali moon was 3 years old when she died. a month later, her mother with a surviving infant is trying to understand what happened. but i know only within the doctors told me they have no treatment for men, not as children, but i pleaded to them seeing please save my child's life. they tried putting the treatment in her leg, her hand nose in head, but they didn't succeed. they told me she was severely affected by malnutrition and could not help it. they gave me some syrup and tablets. she passed away exactly
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a week away on sunday. hopped them a curly. it's mock thousands of families in a few p. s. m. high region, whose sheltering in the city of the sea. from fighting farther north, tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in a para and are far regions scrambling for food and shelter in this boston city. fighting between rebels to degree and if you'll be military that started last november, has spilled into neighboring regions. at this hospital award to say young men and boys too frail to breed better cause of the conflict with one yellow will. those who died are already dead. even those of us who survived are also dead, even if our bodies are alive. because we don't know who is live, who's dead? first of all, there is misery from hunger. there's nothing to eat either. if they escaped the war, the people will die of hunger. there is nothing, everything is closed, no market, nothing at all. while european kaufman is accused of blocking supplies,
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2 areas under rebel control and to grey t p, the fighters have been accused of committing atrocities. solder says she was attacked and reaped in august by an armed man speaking that he great language. and he said, no, i didn't want him to get them in. the attackers said to me, we left our houses both to kill and to die. i'm from the jungle. so i have all the right to do whatever i want. i can even kill. you have a good, he raised his gun to me and threatened to kill me. i said, okay to his demands. he also asked me for money and i said ok. then he told me he was interested in me. i said, please do anything you want. and then he raped me, i'm a spokesman for the rebels and degree has denied accusations of using grape as a weapon of war. but as a conflict grind, saw for nearly a year, if your parents who already had so little feel us so you're not losing everything. priyanka gupta. alta 0, the streets of porter prints of unquiet are to unions and other organizations
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called a strike to protest against haiti's, dia, security situation. just a few tax, the drivers were seen in the capital, looking for customers. people also angry about the shattered economy. things had become worse since the assassination of president mo, use in july and an earthquake appealed more than 2000 people. the following month will the strike full as the kidnapping of 17 christian missionaries from a u. s. based group. they were taken by a gang on saturday after visiting an orphanage. the u. s. has sent a team to haiti to help find and release the 12 adults and 5 children, rosin jordan reports from the state department. it's been 3 days since a haitian gang kidnapped 17 mostly american missionary workers, including 5 children outside poto. hans at the white house president joe biden is getting updates on what is both a crisis for the missionaries, families and a criminal case on the f. b. i is part of a coordinated u. s. government effort to get the us citizens involved to safety. i did
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operational considerations or not going to go into too much detail on that, but can confirm their engagement. armed gangs have stepped up their campaign of kidnapping, extortion, and sexual violence across large parts of haiti. u. s. official say they've been trying to help the government cope with the problem. we have provided funding to the tune of $312000000.00 in assistance over the last decade alone to strengthen law enforcement and capacity of the haitian national police and to maintain peace and stability throughout the country. in response to the increasingly perilous security situation on the ground. in recent weeks alone, we've allocated an additional $15000000.00. even so you are citizens have been repeatedly warned against visiting haiti because of the violence and instability president jovan al moiz was assassinated in july and an earthquake struck in august
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. you, us based christian 8 ministries is just one of dozens of religious groups doing work and 80. some are asking whether the united states should sit in troops to rescue the missionaries, or whether the you win needs. she expand its peacekeeping operations at the you, when the answer is no, but we know that kidnappings have been oh, have been rampant. it's incumbent on the government of haiti to focus on the security challenges. ah, including redoubling the efforts to reform and strengthen the national police capacity to address oh, public safety and all these crimes must be investigated. the u. s. government has a policy. no ransoms were hostages, but it says it will use all other available tools to bring americans home. rosalyn jordan al jazeera, the state department, john henry has more now from the missionaries headquarters in millis, but the highest christian aid ministries is located here in the heart of ohio's on
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asian men. and i community conservative religious people who believe in helping others abroad is part of their christian mission. that's why they raised $130000000.00 a year. and that's why they sent missionaries to 130 countries. the organization on monday issued a statement saying, we greatly appreciate the prayers of believers around the world, including our many, our mission mennonite supporters. and the group went on to say, it's praying not just for those who were kidnapped, but also for the kidnappers saying, pray that those being held hostage could find strengths to demonstrate guns. love the kidnappers. like all people are created in the image of god and can be changed if they turn to him. one missionary worker who has talked to the families of those who have been kidnapped, says they pray for everybody involved in this. it is comforting to us that we can bring these heavy burdens to the god that we worship truly trusting in our hearts
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that he cares he sees, he hears them and that he can be moved with compassion to act on their behalf. and so we can believe and ask him that he would do something miraculous and powerful to deliver them from the men who have taken them captive. and yet knowing keeping it open that if he chooses to allow them to all die. but that's okay. we all mission men and i to live here, subsist largely on agriculture, things they grow themselves, and they often sell good tours as well. it places like this homage market across the street. some of them drive cars and use cell phones and believe in modern conveniences, but many dresses. they might have 200 years ago when riding horses and buggies. but for all of them. missions like the one in haiti, however dangerous or critically important to their religious work. now are you an official has arrive in zimbabwe to see how sanctions designed to target leaders
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have ended up hitting regular people. the government says the sanction should be lifted, but its opponents say mismanagement and corruption are still rampant. natasha reports from iraq. you in spatial rappa to alina doohan, is in zimbabwe to says the impact of sanctions, sanctions that were imposed in 2002 off to accusations of electoral fraud and human rights abuses. bakley roberts mont, gabby wasn't charge. emerson. mcguire is now president, his administration says go, sanctions are stalling, economic development and hurting the bobbins who went to sanctions remote because they affected every facet for life. so in, in that show our document that we are going to give them will clearly indicate the effects of functions or not so fair to the united states. the european union and britain insisted restrictions only to other companies and specific individuals, both live as
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a barbie and government and those associated with it. that's the united states, embassies and bobbins who want the sanctions removed. having protesting here for more than 2 years, they believe the government is being punished by the us whitson. and the european union was even wife i would farms more than 2 decades ago. most the bobbins are struggling to cope with high unemployment inflation and rising fleet prices. those capping outside the u. s. embassy, blame the country's economic crisis on what they call politically motivated sections. they talk or follow floor. i think these law for look in if i'd be to fight the precise teams in the way in the world. so some of this issues they took off human rights are quite sure if they knew issy, a lot is happening in all those countries. but function desperate, they are not under functions. so what for special up, what's in bumper, elena, do have plans to spend 10 days in zimbabwe on
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a fact finding mission. she would then present her report to the un human rights council, next september, opposition leaders and civil society groups here. so they hope to meet her to their blames. the bob was economic problems on government corruption and mismanagement harder. matessa algebra her daddy ah tough a quick check of the top stories here. this hour colin powell is being remembered as a trailblazing soldier and diplomat after his death from cupboard 19 complications . he was the 1st african american to become chairman of the joint chiefs and u. s. secretary of state. secretary powell was simply incompletely a leader and he knew how to build a strong and united team. he treated people the way he expected them to treat each other and he made sure that they knew he would always have their back.


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