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away from up sacking to save the forests. the famous yellow dress play from blue jeans law to conserving the wealth. dwindling wetlands. 3 of the paper worlds, global bird migration white intersect right, where we are basically discovered a treasure. it is one of the most special wetlands on the plat. i fries. ecosystems, a light on al jazeera, ah flags, a load across the united states, off the death of former sector of state colin powell from covet 19 complications. quite frankly, it is not possible to replace the coal. we will, mister ah, hello, i'm darned, jordan, this is al jazeera live from dell also coming up as the hung,
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the crisis claims more young lives in northern ethiopia, reports of government test drugs on nikolai, the capital of tig right region. on the rising death toll and more rain is forecast in southern india with flooding and lance lights of switch through the villages. ah, colin powell was being remembered as a trailblazing soldier and diplomat to after his death at $84.00 from covered 19 complications. he was the 1st african american to become chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and later u. s. secretary of state. but pounds reputation was stained by his 40 claims to justify the 2003 invasion of iraq is our white house correspondent kimberly hooked the news. the colin powell had died of covered complications came as a shock to many. powell had been battling cancer but was fully vaccinated. a sad
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reminder that the vaccine doesn't always offer full immunity against the disease. immediately the attributes to the retired 4 star general poured in. and i blew surgery palsy years as a soldier, or what made him such an exceptional diplomat. he knew that war and military action should always be a last resort. in a statement you as president joe biden, who powell and doris in the 2020 election called him a good man and a confidant. adding, i will miss being able to call on his wisdom in the future. and iraq's behavior show that as secretary of state under president george w bush, powell will be remembered as the person who made the case to the world in 2003 that iraqi leader, saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. a key justification for the american invasion of iraq. it was a claim he later regretted your to his credit. ah, he was accountable. yo, he,
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he admitted you know, his mistakes early or later. ah, that is not something that you we've heard across the bush national security team. on monday. bush issued a statement, pointing out the power was so respected, he earned the presidential medal of freedom twice. powell, a vietnam veteran serv. most of his life in the u. s. military before he entered politics, as the 1st african american secretary of state, he set an example for those who came after him. the senate april, the 1st black president, brock obama said powell never denied the role that res played in his own life. and to in our society more broadly, but he also refused to accept that race would limit his dreams. he has been my mentor for a number of years. i always made time for me and i can always go to him with what tough issues. colin powell served multiple republican presidents,
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but later in life endorsed democratic candidates for president, he put duty to country above allegiance to any political party. yet another reason that in a divided united states, americans from the right and left are honoring the example set by colin powell. well, lawrence cove is a former assistant secretary of defense who worked with colin powell. he told us about the man he knew and how he was a role model. first of all, he had a wonderful sense of humor. he was always smiling and laughing, and he would see the humor aside. even though some, you know, very serious type of thing. he was very smart and he could take complex issues and put them in language that normal people, you know, could, i could, i could understand. he was also a role model because basically he was an african american. ah,
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that was serving in the military in the southern part of the united states before, you know, did say geisha had ended it, it was very, very difficult for him to be there, you know, and he handled that. you know, so well. and then of course, vietnam, which was unwinnable, you know, a war he was able to do that and you know, good get his soldiers through it. so i think you're right. i mean, a lot of people don't know that they only, you know, he came on board a secretary of state, and since the whole iraq war was such a mass, he got tarnished by the us envoy tough gaston zone. the child's ad has stepped down, his resignation comes less than 2 months after america's at times chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan and heels at lead. trump administration talks with a taliban that resulted in the agreement for u. s. troops to leave. his deputy thomas west has been named to take over the therapy and air force as lawrence attacks against rebels and michaela. the regional
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capital of tegra in the north, a t v station control by the to grind people's liberation front. said 3 people were killed in the strikes ethiopians take me to reported that communications infrastructure was targeted. the raid follows intensified fighting and 2 other ethiopian regions where the military is trying to push back against t p left territorial games. now we see that mikaela, the capital of the region, is a suffering from air attacks. so very concerned, so we will continue to watch that as the article by and we have constantly called for the security council to resume its responsibility and speak god. so we'll continue to say that just insisting on humanitarian acts as insisting on the need for a ceasefire. above all, and all parties cease hostilities and get down to dialogue, the only solution is in dialogue. was he mentioned, the conflict integral has spilled into the neighboring regions of all horror under 4. and as priyanka group to reports,
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a shortage of food in am hora is putting money at risk. saba ali moon was 3 years old when she died. a month later, her mother with a surviving infant is trying to understand what happened the day is ellen lewis had been on the doctor still me. they have no treatment for men, not as children. but i pleaded to them saying, please save my child saliva. they tried putting the treatment in her leg, her hand nose in head, but they didn't succeed. they told me she was severely affected by malnutrition and could not help load it. they gave me some syrup and tablets. she passed away exactly a weekly on sunday. hopped them a curly. it's mocked thousands of families in a few p as m. hi region. who is sheltering in the city of the se, from fighting for the north. tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in a para and how far regions? scrambling for food and shelter in this busting city. fighting between rebels and
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degree and the few p military that started last november has spilled into neighboring regions at this hospital award to say young men and boys too frail to breed. bad us cause of the conflict with one yellow will. those who died are already dead. even those of us who survived are also dead, even if our bodies are alive. because we don't know who is live, who's dead? first of all, there was misery from hunger. there's nothing to eat, even if they escaped the war. the people will die of hunger, there is nothing. everything is closed. new market nothings. while european kaufman is accused of blocking supplies, 2 areas under rebel control into grey t p. the fighters have been accused of committing atrocities. sada says she was attacked and reaped in august by armed man speaking the t green language. and you just had the new, the new modem, then the good them in the attackers said to me, we left our houses both to kill and to die. i'm from the jungle, so i have all the right to do whatever i want. i can even kill you. you raised his
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gun to me and threatened to kill me. i said okay to his demands. he also asked me for money and i said ok. then he told me he was interested in me. i said, please do anything you want. and then he raped me. i'm a spokesman for the rebels and degree has denied accusations of using grape as a weapon of war. but as a conflict grinds on for nearly a year, if your pins who already had so little feel us, so you're not losing everything. priyanka gupta, alta 0 flooding, and lance lives of now killed at least 35 people in the southern indian state of carola, many others are missing and stranded, particularly in coastal areas and more reigns expected this week. elizabeth paran, reports from catan zenith asylum goes through the debris of what was until 2 days ago. her home in her hand are the only possessions she's
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left with an umbrella, a small purse and a pair of sandals. she lost everything in the flood which swept through quite damn district and the southern state of kettler on sunday. again, mint broke out in the morning, i heard on t v that there is a red alert in a few regions. but the water level started to rise, so suddenly, 1st it was as high as my head in soon it rose to my neck. somehow i managed to move to higher ground, but everything is gone. nothing is left here right across the road from the river, which swept away zenith. how's the jos family looked through their belongings to see what they can salvage. they helm is still standing, but anything left in the house is covered in mud in it are the best umbrella. this is the 1st time in our life that we're experiencing this kind of situation. but our grandfather told us there was a similar flood in 1957. the last time there was a flood, we had water up to our doorstep, but not this bad. saturdays to wrench of rain lead to land slides which killed
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dozens of people and flooding which is displaced thousands. this church on the border between the 2 worst affected districts caught a m and into ki, is housing around 200 people who have nowhere else to go. it's one of more than a 100 shelters in the state housing, thousands of people who are in the same situation. and that's a concern, because cadillac continues to record the highest number of carbon 19 cases and deaths in the country. healthcare workers told al jazeera it's difficult to impose covered 19 protocols doing such disasters. and we've been telling people to take care and follow the coven protocols as much as possible. we're also providing them with masks and medication, but they're not able to follow the rules because they're in a panic mode after losing everything out of my flooding. tom monsoon range is an annual occurrence and catalogue, but environmentalists say it's leading to more disasters such as landslides,
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because the stuff for dial alias increasingly becoming more fragile with the human interventions which are actually creating problems make sense, getting full hill so being leveled and b c, a. laura deforestation and mining happening in the early 80 with mo, heavy, well protected later in the week. emergency response teams try to clear as much, deeply as possible from rivers to prevent any further destruction. elizabeth brought them al jazeera cooked ame cadillac last not so to come here and i was there including hezbollah leader speaks of his group, strengthened speech responding to deadly gun battles in beirut. okay. politicians pay tribute to one of their own who was murdered while wang up better protection, more or less states. ah
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hey there, here's your world whether update for the america's not a whole lot going on, but we still have some snow falling across the central rockies on tuesday. and a quite potent disturbance will swoop into western canada and the pacific northwest and the dates to come to will pick up the weather is stored there. it's dry for now . vancouver 14 degrees. and we've had the wind shift around in winnipeg. so that's kicked down your temperature there further toward the east, pretty pleasant conditions, toronto getting up to a height 20 degrees scattering of showers could back the maritimes, read in to newfoundland, and labrador. se not a whole lot going on when he half saw new orleans at 27 degrees. and as we head toward the west coast, here's the system. we can see it once again, it's going to come in a few days. we look at the extended forecasts for at saft. i'll squeeze out a few more nice days but late wednesday into thursday. there we see that rain temperature is here a bit below average central america,
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heaviest rounds of rainbow b, guatemala. as we head toward honduras, thick rog, la costa rica and panama south end of south america, bursts of rain through the columbia andes and also the peruvian andy's. and it remained soggy for the southeast corner of brazil, and fact rio de janeiro looking to see wind gusts on tuesday, up to 40 kilometers per hour. susan, ah, compelling journalism, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued by the explosion inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your role in delay? rent and late that al jazeera english, proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year reward for the 5th year running.
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ah ah ah, welcome back. a quicker might about top stories here at this. our code in pile was being remembered as a trailblazing soldier, undiplomatic after his death from code, but 19 complications. he was the 1st african american to become chairman of the joint chiefs and u. s. subjects. he took an air force of north attacks against rebels and mecca la, the regional capital of t brought a t. v station controlled by the rebels. said 3 people were killed. ethiopians state made a report to that communications infrastructure was targeted on the death. oh love to flood them, lance lies in the southern indian state of paradise. risen talk. he's 35 more res expected this week at least 43 people have been killed by attackers in nigeria. so
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co state gunman, storm the market, didn't gardunyo on sunday and there are so carried on into monday morning. attacks by armed gangs have been increasing in northern nigeria, acquitted drugs as more from a boucher i got one official told i defeated that the casualty figure may likely go up because of the severity of injury sustained by the victims of the attack on the market didn't go on your in fact go into some of the only place targeted by the attackers to other villages have been attacked by the benefits of the government called them who they say, why dislodge from the military operations, ongoing enzyme for a state locus. on the other hand, saying that the number far exceeded the number of debt 5 suited the total figure, the government is giving now banding with the markets in northwest nigeria has been announced by governments of several states impacted by the ongoing attacks by groups in the northwest when we visited, when algeria visited communities,
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recently, we saw a market at wiki market, operating despite the government ban and one of some of the greatest folders that they can sit at home, they have to come to the market. some of them have to walk on a daily basis to generate income in order to put food on the table. now this is very dicey situation in the north west of the country. and these operations by bandits of the military have been ongoing for weeks now. in fact, for 2 months says the announcement of strict measures by governments in the north west of these measures include cutting telephone services and such and such an areas. banning weekly markets binding transports of goods and services such an area of course, binding the sale of petrol in jenkins and other containers apart from motorcycles and of course, motor cars. the idea by, according to the government is to stop logistics getting to the bandits. but in fact, when we seeing now the bandits have not, were lent it, the streets of puerto plains had been quiet after unions and other organizations
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called a strike to protest against haiti's dire security situation. just a few taxi drivers drove through the capital, looking for customers. many people also say they are hungry about the spiraling economic crisis in the country. situation, for many haitians has become more difficult after the assassination of the president shivered. elmore use in july, followed by an earthquake of killed more than 2000 people in august. while the strike followed the kidnapping of 17 christian missionaries from a u. s. based group, they were taken by a gang on saturday. after visiting an orphanage, the u. s. a. center team to haiti to help find and release the 12 adults and 5 children. rosen jordan reports from the state department. it's been 3 days since a haitian gang kidnapped 17 mostly american missionary workers, including 5 children outside poto hans at the white house president joe biden. is getting updates on what is both a crisis for the missionaries, families and a criminal case on the f. b i is part of
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a coordinated us government effort to get the us citizens involved to safety. i did operational considerations or not going to go into too much detail on that, but can confirm their engagement. armed gangs have stepped up, their campaign of kidnapping, extortion, and sexual violence across large parts of haiti. u. s. official say they've been trying to help the government cope with the problem. we have provided funding to the tune of $312000000.00 in assistance over the last decade alone to strengthen law enforcement and capacity of the haitian national police and to maintain peace and stability throughout the country. in response to the increasingly perilous security situation on the ground. in recent weeks alone, we've allocated an additional $15000000.00. even so you are citizens have been repeatedly warned against visiting haiti because of the violence and instability president jovan al moiz was assassinated in july and an earthquake struck in august
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. you, us based christian 8 ministries is just one of dozens of religious groups doing work and 80. some are asking whether the united states should sit in troops to rescue the missionaries, or whether the you win needs to expand its peacekeeping operations at the you. when the answer is no, but we know that kidnappings have been oh, have been rampant. it's incumbent on the government of haiti to focus on the security challenges ah, including redoubling the efforts to reform and strengthen the national police capacity to address oh, public safety and all these crimes must be investigated. the u. s. government has a policy. no ransoms for hostages, but it says it will use all other available tools to bring americans home. rosalyn, jordan al jazeera, the state department for testers in chile, a mocking the 2nd anniversary of the start of violent demonstrations that left more
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than 30 people dead. demonstrate to say they are still waiting for the government to fix social inequality and are demanding a complete overhaul of the political system. the politics come ahead of presidential and legislative elections next month. russia is closing nato's permanent mission in moscow. the move is in response to the expulsion of 8 members of russia's mission in brussels by the western military alliance. nearly 2 weeks ago. when a zation accused him of being undeclared russian spies, moscow's foreign minister announced the retaliate, remove in a media briefing while blaming nato for the worst and relations will nurse practitioners. we don't have proper conditions for basic diplomatic activities as a result of natal steps in response to natives actions. we suspend the work of our permanent mission to nato, including the work of the chief military representative starting from november 1st little so we will on germany's for minister high comma says rushes move will pose further serious strain on relations with martha alice knox really go,
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did thing is insurance for you that makes everything even tougher and things that are already difficult. and recent years, germany has repeatedly pushed for dialogue with russia where the nato over the past he has. we have often convened the nato russia council to show that we are ready for dialogue. this decision taken and moscow will further prolong the difficult situation. we are in this frosty period that's been going on for some time. and i think that especially with the nato where they are military questions and where they're security questions, that is anything but helpful vis or put a for the serious strain on the relations. the head of lebanon's has been says last week, violence and buried marks, a dangerous new phase, and the country's internal politics, as well as accusing lebanese forces being behind it. 7 people were shot dead in the worst street violence. and over a decade, snipers attack, or testers who were running against the handling of last year's port explosion. tamala south has more now from the liberties capital, has been the leader secretary general hazard enough for law, had some very strong words to say in his 1st statement since those that the crashes
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in the capital bay route on thursday, which led to 7 people being killed several of the members of his party in his almost hour and a half long address. the leader put the blame directly on the lebanese forces party. christie and my party and its leader, samuel judge are saying that they were responsible for trying to stir up secretary and division. and in fact, he went as far as saying that the judge i was trying to ignite a civil war within lebanon with regards to the reason for those protests on thursday which led to the clutches and the current political stand off and lebanon . that is the investigation into the deadly blog that was port over a year ago. he said that the judge responsible had been politicized. he said that he called upon the hire judiciary, to meet and to find a way out of this. on tuesday, there will be
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a meeting of that up and he is parliament. there will also be a meeting before the judge is in the lebanese high court. well, they will be discussing the current crisis. currently, the situation is extremely tense and people will be waiting to see after half or less strong words. what will come out of those meetings that are expected later on tuesday, the palestinian israeli community seeing a rise in gun violence, the sea of death, already surpassed those in 2020, which was the highest in recent memory, a warning view as may find the images and how he forced its report. distressing for years gun crime in palestinian israeli communities has been at crisis levels. last year. 96 people were killed in shootings. the highest figure in recent memory with 2 months still remaining of this year. that toll has already been exceeded. but se illusion i monica lil says her son was lewis to a meeting and shot dead by
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a member of a family involved in a dispute with one of their relatives. caliah grew up a passionate horse rider. his mother says he was never involved in gangs her grief now compounded by a police investigation that resulted in just one charge. the possession of weapons knew about the over the year i've been seen. i knew the man who murdered my son. he was one of the 3 men who said a trap and killed him this month, israel's prime minister sit out further plans to tackle a crisis that had reached what he called a monstrous magnitude. he wants the army and the domestic spy agency, the shin bet, to play a greater role, at least in stopping the supply of illegal weapons. and you should but chief called it a national mission, that in palestinian israeli towns, people point to inequalities and education opportunity. and housing providing a breeding ground for criminality. the situation worsened by hands off policing. but communities like this have heard big government promises before very skepticism
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. whether the words will be followed by actions and even more so whether these are the right kind of actions to tackle a problem or a bright campaign. mohammed g done says the police already have the capability to break up well known criminal gangs. it's a question of deciding whether to do it. it's political well, i think is that it has the knowledge. they have the resources, they have what they have the technology, they have the manpower and the what the lack is a political when police often complain that palestinian israelis are reluctant to cooperate with investigators of the sod jubilee was shot and killed in his family shop in 2018. this video evidence and witness accounts did result in conviction and jail for his killer. but his mother, what for says earlier, attacks on the family weren't investigated. now she campaigns for greater police intervention. and then this now that we have promises from the government, but how can we parents believe it if we don't see being implemented on the ground
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and for justice to be achieved? she wants a granddaughter sods, daughter to grew up in a community were criminals, a jailed cycles of retribution that ended an entire towns and no longer dominated by the sound of gunfire. harris was at algebra era, taipei, israel, me and mars miniature rulers, released about $1300.00 prisoners and say, a total of $5000.00 will be freed, the amnesty of people who had jail for protesting against the crew. in february, it was announced to coincide with the national festival, but also come shortly after the regime was snubbed by regional block us young. it decided to exclude miniature leda minot, clung from an upcoming summit about leon laws future. now as somebody british parliament has honored the life they murdered politician, the conservative party impede david amos was stabbed while meeting constituents on friday. it's prompted a security review as john hall reports from london in a space more accustomed to rowdy debate a minute's silence for one of their own. david amos was
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a member of this house for almost 40 years. tributes were led by the prime minister . this house has lost a steadfast servant. we've lost dear friend and connie and julia and her children have lost a loving husband and devoted father. nothing i or anyone else can say, will lessen the pain, the grief, the anger. they must feel at this darkest of times, the killing of david a miss on friday at a meeting with constituents in the town of lee on c has left politicians in westminster to consider once again the risks they face in a polarized political climate. just 5 years ago, the labor m p jo cox died in similar circumstances. stabbed and shot by a far right supporter. home secretary pretty patel says she's considering offering
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m p 's police protection at their fortnightly meetings with the public in their constituencies. while many m p 's agree more needs to be done to keep them safe, some worry about undermining what is a key feature and tradition of british democracy in an atmosphere of often populous rhetoric, stoking division m p. 's say they face threats all the time. one veteran m p. margaret hodge revealed that she'd received $90000.00 abusive social media mentions in just a 2 month period last year. and so the recalls both to tighten the rules on social media companies and also to better protect m p 's physically as they go about their business, even among the very communities that elected them at the church where amos was killed, his family laid flowers and remembered the men they described as courageous and inspiring counter terrorism. police are continuing to question a 25 year old british national of somali descent, arrested at the scene on friday. it remains unclear where the amos was targeted
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specifically, or simply because he was a british member of parliament. jonah how al jazeera london now, more than 5 tons of cocaine, has been seized. my yacht in the atlantic ocean during an international police operation. portugal police say it's one of the largest alls in europe for several years. they suspect the drug belonged to traffickers who wanted to smuggle them into the barren peninsula. the 3 men have since been arrested. ah, i could check the headlines here on the al jazeera, colin powell is being remembered as a trail bathing soldier and diplomat. so after his death from coven 19 complications, he was the 1st african american to become chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and u. s. secretary of state secretary powell was simply and completely
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a leader and he knew how to build a strong in united team. he treat.


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