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or some greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. fault lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the us algae, they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera lou. ah,
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a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera colon power, one of the top u. s. military and political figures for almost 2 decades has died at the age of $84.00. paolo at a form of blood, cancer died from cove at 19 complications. the streets of water prance are quiet after unions and organizations called a strike to protest that he's his die your security situation. the mass action follows the kidnapping of 17 christian missionaries from ohio based group. and the hunger crisis and northern ethiopia is spreading with lives now at risk in a mara and afar regions as well as m t gray. a de deliveries are being restricted by a few abuse government which launched fresh air stripes on t g rise capitol earlier at least 43 people have been killed in an attack in northern nigeria is so call to state. it happened that a weekly marketing got on your on sunday with the assault continuing into monday
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morning. according to the office of this recall to state governor alchemy. the address is more now from a boucher i got one official told al jazeera that the casualty figure may likely go up because of the severity of injury sustained by the victims of the attack on the market didn't go on your in fact go use of the only place targeted by the attackers to other villages have been attacked by the benefits of the government called them who they say why dislodge from the military operations, ongoing enzyme for a state locus. on the other hand, saying that the number far exceeded the number of the 5 suited the total figure, the government is giving now banding with the markets in northwest nigeria has been announced by governments of several states impacted by the ongoing attacks by groups in the northwest when we visited, when algebra visited communities, recently we saw a market at which a market operating despite the government ban. and one of some of the traders told us that they can sit at home. they have to come to the market. some of them have to
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walk on a daily basis to generate income in order to put food on the table. now this is very dicey situation in the north west of the country. and these operations by bandits of the military have been ongoing for weeks now. in fact, for 2 months since the announcement of strict measures by governments in the north west of and these may just include cutting telephone services and such and such areas. banning weekly markets binding transports of goods and services such an area of course, binding the sale of petrol in jenkins and other containers apart from motorcycles and of course, motor cars. the idea by, according to the government is to stop logistics getting to the bad news. but in fact, what we're seeing now the band is not, we're landed thousands of sudanese are holding a sit in protests in front of the presidential palace and cartoon. they're demanding prime minister of the lam docs that thou protest to say. his economic policies have negatively affected their living conditions. sedans,
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transitional government slashed fuel subsidies and adopted a floating exchange system that dropped to the value of its courtesy. the head of lebanon's a has been the group says last week's violence in be rude to marks, a dangerous new phase in the countries internal politics. 7 people were shot dead in the worst sectarian violence there in over a decade. snipers attacked protest her as were rallying against the handling of last year's port explosion. jamal in shall, has more now from the root. has the leader a secretary general has had enough for law, had some very strong words to say in his 1st statement since those that the caches in the capital bay route on thursday, which led to 7 people being killed. several of the members of his party in his almost hour and a half long address. the leader put the blame directly on the lebanese forces party. the christie and my party and its leader samuel judge are saying that they
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were responsible for trying to stir up secretarial division. and in fact, he went as far as saying that the judge was trying to ignite a civil war within lebanon. with regards to the reason for those protests on thursday which lead to the classes and the current political stand off and lebanon, that is the investigation into the deadly blog that was port over a year ago. he said that the judge responsible had been politicized. he said that he called upon the higher judiciary to meet and to find a way out of this on tuesday, there will be a meeting of that up and he is parliament. there will also be a meeting for judges in the lebanese high court. well, they will be discussing the current crisis. currently, the situation is extremely tense and people will be waiting to see after half or less strong words. what will come out of those meetings that are expected later on tuesday. more than 1300 prisoners in me and mar,
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have been freed following the announcement of an amnesty by their country's military rulers. former inmates were reunited with family members as they left a prison in young gone. the military government says charges against 4000 other prisoners have been suspended. the amnesty covers people who were arrested for taking part in a protest myanmar as a joint. a leader also said that other southeast asian nations should share responsibility for failing to quell violence in the country may now young as spoke after being excluded from the blocks upcoming meeting will be lobby after the statement was announced in april. more violence happened due to the provocations of terrorist groups. the c r p h, and the n u g, and the involvement of ethnic armed organizations. we are still solving that. no one cares to stop the violence and killing, and they are only demanding that we solve the issue assay and should work on that.
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jury selection is beginning in the trial of 3 white men in the us who shot that a black jogger in february. last year. the judge over seeing the trial says, potential jurors could be questioned about their views on race. a 65 year old man, his son and their neighbor, are accused of confronting and murdering 25 year old are mod aubrey in glenn county, georgia. they've pleaded not guilty saying that they believed our bri was looting properties and they shot him in self defense. the men face life in prison if convicted thousands of people had been rallying in the argentine capital in support of the government. the demonstration was organized by the countries labor unions. i had of next month's congressional elections. daniels traveler has more now when his ice homes are thousands of gone for all over audrey, they need to hear the capital one authority to express their support. the parent is
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a, it was a movement founded more than 70 years ago that employment secretary want domingo. but all the way filled with it, he suffered badly related monthly regions with russia is closing nato's permanent mission in moscow. it's also closing all other
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nato related missions. the move is in response to the expulsion of 8 members of russia's mission in brussels by the western military alliance. nearly 2 weeks ago, nato accused the members of being undeclared russian spies. the u. k. parliament has held a special session to pay tribute to sir david r. amos for the conservative m. p who was murdered on friday. members of parliament began with a minute's silence for their colleague, sir david was stabbed while meeting members of the public in a church hall and his constituency in essex. john hall has worn out from london. in a space more accustomed to rowdy debate a minute's silence for one of their own david amos was a member of this house for almost 40 years. tributes were led by the prime minister . this house has lost a steadfast 7th. we've lost a dear friend and colleague,
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and julia and her children have lost a loving husband and devoted father. nothing i or anyone else can say, will lessen the pain, the grief, the anger. they must feel at this darkest of times, the killing of david a miss on friday at a meeting with constituents in the town of lee on c has left politicians in westminster to consider once again the risks they face in a polarized political climate. just 5 years ago, the labor m p jo cox died in similar circumstances. stabbed and shot by a far right supporter. home secretary pretty patel says she's considering offering m p 's police protection at their fortnightly meetings with the public in their constituencies. while many m p 's agree more needs to be done to keep them safe, some worry about undermining what is a key feature and tradition of british democracy in an atmosphere of often populous
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rhetoric, stoking division m p. say they face threats all the time. one veteran m p. margaret hodge revealed that she'd received $90000.00 abusive social media mentions in just a 2 month period last year. and so there are calls both to tighten the rules on social media companies and also to better protect m p 's. physically as they go about their business, even among the very communities that elected them at the church where amos was killed, his family laid flowers and remembered the men they described as courageous and inspiring counterterrorism. police are continuing to question a 25 year old british national of somali descent, arrested up the scene on friday. it remains unclear where the amos was targeted, specifically, or simply because he was a british member of parliament. jonah, how al jazeera london this year, events in greenland never seen before, made headlines around the world. the ice cap melted at
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a record rate and the water recreated in 24 hours enough to cover an area. the size of florida in 5 centimeters of water, gray chunks of the ice sheet collapsed and drifted off into the open ocean. and it's been so warm and there has been rain and not snow on the summit. for the 1st time on record, nick clark traveled to iglesia to see 1st hand the effects of climate change and speak to scientists. studying the changes the arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, which means the sea doesn't freeze as much as it used to. unless the ice means more sunlight is absorbed into the ocean. warmer ocean melt, the glass is faster from below. while warm air temperatures mel the glassy as an ice sheet faster from above. meeting more icebergs carved into the ocean. the ice sheet diminishes and there's ongoing sea level rise around the world.
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this is how it sounds and how it looks when the ice cap meets the sea. see the as jo, blue is the i say that's caused by the great pressure of the glassy or above it of the ice cap is weighing down on the ice. and these continual cracks, izzy ice falls and collapses off into the water. and he see birds is wheeling around, feeding off these rich nutrients that a churned up by this continual flow of melt water that's coming off the glasser and vast quantities. because with miss the greenland ice sheet and the effects of it melting a so important to us all, there's a huge amount of scientific research going on. deep within a few or oceanographer lawrence mer, uses a pro to gather data from the water,
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in terms of climate change to with this we measure how much fresh water is actually coming from the eye sheet. so we see in recent years, the amount of fresh water has increased as strongly because the melt has increased strongly dental. so we measure temperature of the ocean was ocean in many parts of creedence in direct contact with the eye sheet. so if the ocean warms up, than that the places will melt faster and faster and that's something we actually see. it's also important to take core samples from the fjord bed. everything that happens in the water column at some point and some at the sea floor. and in spite of your ecosystem of the footwork in the ceiling. so again, we're interested in how climate change will impact the food trip of this real shorts. at the end of every summer, satellite track has established how much arctic sea ice has been lost this year. it dropped to an area of just 4720000 square kilometers. it's 12 lowest extent on
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record. so sea ice is currently declining at a rate of around 13 percent each decade. and to put that in prospective, an area of sea ice equivalent to a country, the size of austria is being lost each year. the optic is complex and hard to predict, but we do know for sure things are going in the wrong direction. and it's having global consequences. mcclark al jazeera cassie also green, and you can watch nic clark's planet as. so s a special report from green greenland in for coming up. 0330 gmc on tuesday right here on al jazeera. it's just a couple of hours from now and still had on this news our, the world championships for a new sport at the paris 2024 olympics. all the details after the break and the african cinema boom. how filmmakers are proving there is big money to be made on the continent.
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ah, with ah!
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ah lou ah ah. and now here is far window was all the sport. barbara, thank you so much. here was football, governing body. you eva has order to england to play one man's national game behind closed doors. the move is punishment for crowd trouble in and around wembley stadium during the euro. 2020 final and july, thousands of english fans tried to break through barriers to get into the game which england lost italy. a 2nd empty stadium match has been deferred for 2 years. the english f a has also been fined around a $100000.00. but the mayor of london doesn't believe these scenes will impact the
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u. k. bid to host the 2030 world cup. i don't think it's nonsense to suggest that would be a good case having the well cup in the u. k. in england and 20 or 30, we're working with the government relation to the pitfall 2030, which, which showed your the euro's yet disappointed by somebody events outside of the funnel on that day. but actually look at the whole month. i would argue that all the host cities of the games and on the way the best and monday nights, premier league, our stall found to draw with virtually the last cake of the game against crystal palace. much of the talk pre game was about arsenal legend, patrick vieira, going back to his former club as the palace manager, our slow took an early lead. thanks to the quick reflexes appear. emerick obama yak crystal palace drew level shortly after the break, and then hit the leave in the 73rd minute. thanks to ubs and edward, and on the verge of full time whistle arsenal salvage. to draw
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a courtesy of alexander lockers. that after 8 games, the gunners are 12 on the table, 8 points behind leaders. chelsea the host of next years football world cab has announced a new partnership with the world health organization. counter says it hopes the collaboration will ensure the turn of it produces a legacy for both sports and health events to promote healthy living and mental well being will take place throughout the world cup. the project will kick off at the inaugural fee for world if he for arab cup later this year on the 30th of november, which provides a unique opportunity in itself to communicate health focused messaging on a regional level. and as a collective, which in the w h o copper and fifo we will be taking those lessons learned and applying them in our planning and implementation of the 2022 for world cup at that bad. same announcement, former chelsea and ivory coast striker diddy, a drug by maidens debut, was goodwill ambassador for the w h o. unfortunately,
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he forgot the name of the united nations secretary general when thanking those who helped to pick him for his latest role. i want to use the occasion to send my regards to do un general secretary done her off. mr. hoford's. a gutierrez. sorry soriano. i'm nervous. yes, thank you very much. it's easier to be honest with both you and phone over 60000 people on with this kind of assembly i had trick and international cricket is quite rare. so imagine how tough a double hat trick is to achieve. well, that's exactly what happened on day 2. the t 20 world cup irelands curtis camphor dismissed for dutch batters with 4 consecutive deliveries. it's only the 3rd double hattrick and t 20 internationals and 1st and a world cup. netherlands only scored
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a $106.00 runs with ireland reaching the target with 7 wickets and hands to be honest, anytime you get an opportunity to take it, we get an international figured. it's a real privilege to just suck your way. my way today. i'm nothing else that anyone can i can do for for the team is is a real boost spanish trans player paula badeo sir has won the biggest title of her career, but also beating victoria as a rank in the indian wells final. it was also an unexpected winner in the men's event. sandy richardson reports it's referred to as the 5th major by the players and this indian wells final between palate, oser and victoria. as a rancor produced a match worthy of the occasion. for the most of this was the biggest match of her career. and she claimed the 1st set, the whole world number one as a rank who was aiming to win this title for the time the most of any player and the
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beller russian hit back level. the match it is sorry to push too much time over 3. i was the years longest, single final but also edged it in its high break. the cap, a korea best week? i believe. would this happen? i think tomorrow are in today's i will believe it a little bit more, but yeah, i'm super happy and i'm even happier after this match because i think it was a really good one and winning a champion like because it's even amazed. it's an amazing feeling. cameron a few could have predicted the line up for the men's final britton's camera nori taking on nicholas by slash really of georgia. no worries run to this tunnel decider in california. it wasn't entirely unexpected. only world number one of a joke that has been in as many finals this year
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but from a sit down to become the 1st british player to win this title. i don't really know what i'm experiencing is an amazing couple of weeks and i am so happy with how i treated all the occasions, all the big moments or the matches. and i'm so happy so pleased to win. my biggest title nori is now in the running to qualify for the season ending atp finals. cameron north lead tara forum and the richardson algae here. the atlanta braves are just, she wins away from a place in baseballs world series for the 2nd street night. the game against the alley dodgers was decided in the 9th inning, and he rosaria was a game winner as atlanta secured, a 5 for victory. the series resumes in l. a. were getting 3. it's for tuesday. you guys never quit. they never have, they haven't for years here. and if they got it out, laughter,
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a strike last strike left as we've seen they, they may make, might make something happen that earlier this fear of the international and the committee confirmed quite boarding would be a new event at the paris olympics in 2024 and over the past few days, the world's best from cross $34.00 countries, competed in sardinia, italy for the formula world championships, which marks the 1st event founder olympic roles. and then savannah with one by frenchman theo around core. while the women 20 year old american daniela, morose, one, her fish consecutive world title, everything is just getting so much more competitive. there's so many new faces and new teams. and on there the sport is getting much more professional, which is really cool. and i think it yeah for me to still be able to kind of hold on to the top. it means law and i think that it gives me a lot of confidence going forward. okay. and that is all your support for now. it's now back to barbara and london far as thank you. the african
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t. v and film industry is on the edge of a boom that's according to research by the un. it's predict thing that with further investment, $20000000.00 jobs and $20000000000.00 in revenue could be created. nicholas' hoc reports now from the pan african film and tv festival. in booking of fossil far from dead african cinema is going through a revival. were on set in between us as to his capital. why do wear a big name of african cinema? he suck us. i want to go coaching young actors. he has a stake in the movie in wanted to do well, money to be made in africa, out of money, a lot of money. you just need to get a good idea, get the good producer and make a good feeder. and you can sell it. there's lot of money, but before you do that, you need the government to do to create
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a system where you can get money. the power house of african cinema is booming. nigerian film industry, also known as not only would many nigerian films are featuring at brookings, us as pan african film and television festival known as fest packer. this is my desire is a slow pace drama funded entirely in nigeria and shot on 16 millimeter film across 48 locations in league. off. i come home with low production values, but quality camera work. nigerian films are being sold directly online to consumers . nigerian producers have disrupted the way movies are made and finance. they're proving to the rest of the world and africa that local filmmakers cannot just make money, but get rich to create of cinema. this is the fish tank in what will become an hour and a half long african drama. once that you have the director, the g p, dozens of actors, the director has even hired an extra camera to film the making of of the movie. he
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says he's trying to produce quality african cinema because the market has become increasingly competitive. during the brick innocence of festival filmmakers meet producers and distributors earlier funding used to come mostly from western institution. but this has changed video, actual netflix mall and it was effect invented by the nigerians could use a line and created pay as you go services using youtube channels. this has revolutionized the film industry, allow our filmmakers to fund their films and get them on the international markets that they want to devolve. theories like while a book from senegal are easy to access online and are gaining in popularity among young african audiences. but so is art house cinema? like if i had die? an ethiopian film, exploring cut, a plant containing stimulants. the mouse production of movies has treated renewed enthusiasm with once abandon cinemas, reopening their doors. so spectators can see their stories being brought to life on
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the big screen. nicholas hawk al jazeera walker duke. and that's it from barbara sarah for this news. our stay with us. i'm going to be back in just a few minutes. was more of the basement. ah and a half ago media censorship and the rise of all their italian rule. you wake up one day the system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive authoritarian shape. i looked at the left of power in hungarian me
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for the experiences of those who live it every day. that is a pressure on us. but we have to be very careful, of course, and we have to be brave enough to support question how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera, for de ramirez and i molina families. the pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed. last, doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government, security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat. when neighbors and family members insist they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's defense minister, bloody made by the reno, said the armed forces were applied to the friends that country from irregular groups, but added that human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated. madam is a popular filming location in france, when it comes to stories about drugs,
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crime and radicalization. tired of negative stereotype youth worker is reclaiming its image by putting its young resident behind the camera. this to be don't often hear told by the people who live in that movie would this is europe on out of the around ah, top us general turned the top diplomat. colin powell dyes of coven 19 complications at the age of 84. ah. hello barbara. you're watching al jazeera alive from london, also coming up the streets of fort prince for quiet as workers strike over haiti's,
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lack of security. 2 days after a group of missionaries is at least $35.00 dead in india's perilous.


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