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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2021 12:00am-12:30am AST

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trees and death music subscribed to youtube dot com, forward slash al jazeera english ah 2. ready this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes, top us general turned the top diplomat, colin powell dyes of cove at 19 complications. at the age of 84, the streets of puerto prance for quiet as workers strike over haiti's lack of security. 2 days after a group of missionaries is kidnapped at least $35.00 dead in india's catalyst state
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. as heavy rain washes away houses and forces officials to open near overflowing dams. and as the hunger crisis claims more young lives in northern ethiopia, reports of government air strikes on t grice, capital, and in sport, england to play one game behind closed doors, following crowd trouble during the euro. 2020 final and the premier league arsenal share the points in the london darby against crystal palace. ah colin powell, one of the u. s. is leading military and political figures for almost 2 decades has died at the age of $84.00. his family confirmed that powell, who was suffering from a form of blood cancer, died from coven 19 complications. he was the 1st black american to servers,
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both secretary of state and the country's top general, our white house correspondent, kimberly how can looks back now on colin powell, life and career. the news, the colin powell had died of covered complications came as a shock to many. powell had been battling cancer but was fully vaccinated. a sad reminder that the vaccine doesn't always offer full immunity against the disease. immediately the attributes to the retired 4 star general poured in. and i blew surgery palsy years as a soldier, or what made him such an exceptional diplomat. he knew that war and military action should always be a last resort. in a statement you as president joe biden, who powell and doris in the 2020 election called him a good man and a confidant. adding, i will miss being able to call on his wisdom in the future. and racks behavior show
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that as secretary of state under president george w bush, powell will be remembered as the person who made the case to the world in 2003 that iraqi leader, saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. a key justification for the american invasion of iraq. it was a claim he later regretted your to his credit. ah, he was accountable. yeah. he, he admitted you know, his mistakes early or later. ah, that is not something that you we've heard across the bush national security team. on monday. bush issued a statement, pointing out the power was so respected, he earned the presidential medal of freedom twice. powell, a vietnam veteran serv. most of his life in the u. s. military before he entered politics, as the 1st african american secretary of state, he set an example for those who came after him. the senate april,
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the 1st black president, brock obama said powell never denied the role that res played in his own life. and to in our society more broadly, but he also refused to accept that race would limit his dreams. he has been my mentor for a number of years. i always make time for me and i can always go to them with what tough issues. colin powell served multiple republican presidents, but later in life endorsed democratic candidates for president. he put duty to country above allegiance to any political party. yet another reason, but in a divided united states, americans from the right and left are honoring the example set by colin powell, orange core bays, a former assistant secretary of defense who worked with colin powell. he told us about the man that you and how he was a role model to many americans. first of all,
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he had a wonderful sense of humor. he was always smiling and laughing, and he would see the humor aside. even though some, you know, very serious type of saying he was very smart and he could take complex issues and put them in language that normal people, you know, could, i could, i could understand. he was also a role model because basically he was an african american odd that was serving in the military in the southern part of the united states before in o dbhdd segregation had ended and it was very, very difficult for him to be there. you know, and he handled that. ah, you know, so well. and then of course, vietnam, which was unwinnable, you know, a war he was able to do that and, you know, go get his soldiers through it. so i think you're right. i mean, a lot of people don't know that they only the he came on board a secretary of state, and since the whole iraq war were such a mass,
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he got tarnished by it. well of course, his roland invasion of iraq will be one of the main things that colin powell will be with them. but for many iraqis still haven't forgotten his role in that devastating war he, on the man died. but we would not forget what he did to iraq and his wrong policy, which led to, to day he was difficult to handle and did not want the stability of a rock off his failed policy, led to the destruction and to all what befell iraq and he unfortunately took his backwards long as there is a senior political analyst, not one. the shadow says, powell is acknowledged to the mistake in sending us troops into iraq. he said to one journalist that he was sure that his, the, for the 1st paragraph of his obituary would say something about his blunder
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with the gulf war in iraq. and so it was today the 1st paragraph in the new york times. and you could say in every possible application in the middle east, especially iraq started with the gulf war because we all know this was the biggest, the buckle of, of the century. and and paula, paula had the role to play both in terms of our marketing the war at the united nations on the basis of false information, false intelligence, which apparently at that time he did not know, but he wasn't exactly sure it was 100 percent. and on the other hand, the fact that this turned out to be a major debacle for what the united states and iraq will tend to be a bloody war. the united states basically plunged in that after when, after mission was accomplished, turning it into a civil war and later on and just basically, tens of thousands of iraqi casualties. hundreds of 1000 and display them and so,
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so forth. and he admits himself that when the time came for him to say that the president's no next, not going to iraq, he did not say it. and that's a problem because he thought of himself or was as a soldier 1st, he never really understood what does it mean to be a national security advisor or to be at that the secretary of state of i bet our like the united states where he has a c in the decision making process. when the time came, he behaved like a soldier or being orders, not like a statesman where he would even have to walk away. when the decision, the war took place. the streets of puerto france are uncharacteristically quiet. after unions and organizations called a strike to protest haiti's dire security situation. just a few taxi drivers drove through the capital, looking for customers. many also say that they're angry at the spiraling economic
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crisis in the country. the situation for many haitians has become much harder since the assassination of president the issue of an invoice in july, followed by an earthquake that killed more than 2000 people in august. look in in all countries around the world, security is the 1st public. good. it means that when you are in a country which has no social security again, group forces you to move around the kidnap you, the right to your children when we can't eat, it's kind of an insecurity to i support the strike 100 percent for the right for life to change your re barbara going up, we stopped in relation to the economic situation of the country in this country. nothing works for him. it's going badly. the population lives in a situation which they can no longer live. again, we'll have the problem that the children cannot go to school gas problem will grab these problems. take place far too often. ali, now all of us have stopped. lea buggered or the mass action follows the kidnapping
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of 17 christian missionaries from an ohio based group. they were taken by a gang on saturday after visiting an orphanage. the u. s. the center team to haiti to help locate and release the 12, the 12 adults and 5 children. now haiti has been struggling with a huge rising kidnappings in recent months with gangs using ransom payments as a source of income. while harold isaac is a journalist that radio kiss sky in hays, he joins me live now from porto prance, sir, thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. so in this particular case of the 17 christian missionaries, we're hearing that the u. s. has sent a team to haiti, i guess, trying to get them out. but all the haitians that are also being kidnapped who's coming to help them? well, it's been a reality for these patients for the past 23 years, where gangs have increasingly grown powerful and metropolitan area of
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puerto france. ah. so if indeed, the government has been for the most part, unable to answer, it just brought me it slightly. i mean, obviously, that the kid, nothing's all or a symptom of as a general situation in haiti, which is becoming more and more desperate. just talk us through the lack of security that the generally is in the country right now. as it is right now, large swamps of the capital are effectively taken over by armed gangs. the gangs have reach a point where they've federated into the g 9, which is a federation of mine, gangs in the metropolitan area. ah, this is challenging the rule of law and challenging the police along with the government. and then beyond the, i mean what you're paying as a sort of been very difficult security situation. tell us about some of the
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shortages when it comes to power, especially that we're hearing is a, a is becoming harder and harder to get in haiti. herald. hi sick. can you hear me? i hear you. yeah. okay. tell us a little bit about some of the other difficulties that people in haiti are facing. so for example, example, shortages of power. yes. and as you can see, it's affecting everything including our communications, our power. ah, but daily life of haitians has increasingly grown difficult over the past 23 years. and as such, the kidnapping is the last straw. leading to this general strike are called by the public transport today that was widely followed. dan, awe is
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a desperate plea from the civil population to ask for solutions for all these challenges and all of that worse and obviously with the assassination of the president. and then of course, the earthquake a just a month later, what is it that you think should happen to try to stabilize the situation in the country right now? an easy answer that question a crisis that the country's going through has been years in the making. ah, it is symptomatic of institutional collapse. ah, that there is no legitimate government running this country right now. there is no parliament. there is no justice. a system effectively working. ah, it is not clear what's gonna happen. there are many stakeholders. and, ah, the civil society is trying to bring an acord that would allow for the country to revive the whole system. and try and address saw the systemic problems.
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what are people doing their ordinary people doing to keep themselves safe? and in many ways to keep themselves alive. well, just like i did today, a hunkering down, i'm going only for the necessities are going only out for groceries. i am hand there work for the most part, haitian social life. i was taking a big hit with the last few years. ah, where people i've stopped having night lives, or going to the beach. and i such it has transformed patient society. ah, there are just asking for a little bit of hope. in all honesty, harold, i saw a journalist that radio kissed sky inpatient been increasingly difficult to get testimonies out of haiti, so we really appreciate yours. thank you. or coming up on this news i were
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from london, canada's prime minister visits the site of a former reservation school where the remains of hundreds of indigenous children were discovered earlier this year, me and mars military leaders announced a prisoner amnesty. but rights groups also want the release of the civilian leaders, they deposed and on the map embarrassing moment for a football legend as he forgets the name of the un. terry general ah, flooding and landslides have now killed at least 35 people in the southern indian state of carola ah, awful pictures. their entire buildings have been swept away by strong river currents. thousands of people are staying in shelters as clean operations continue, but more heavy rainfall is expected this week, or india correspondent,
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elizabeth per annum reports now from cook. i am one of the worst affected districts . zenith asylum goes through the debris of what was until 2 days ago. her home in her hand are the only possessions she's left with an umbrella, a small purse and a pair of sandals. she lost everything in the flood, which swept through goddamn district and the southern state of kettler on sunday. regret, odeman broke out in the morning. i heard on t v that there is a red alert in a few regions, but the water level started to rise. so suddenly that 1st it was as high as my head, and soon it rose to my neck. somehow i managed to move to higher ground, but everything has gone. nothing is left here right across the road from the river, which swept away zenith. how's the joe's family looked through their belongings to see what they can salvage. they hellam is still standing,
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but anything left in the house is covered in mud in an hour the december. this is the 1st time in our life that we're experiencing this kind of situation, but our grandfather told us there was a similar flood in 1957. the last time there was a flood, we had water up to our doorstep, but not this bad saturdays to wrench of rain let land slides which killed dozens of people and flooding which is displaced thousands. this church, on the border between the 2 worst affected districts, caught a m and indicate as housing around 200 people who have nowhere else to go. it's one of more than a 100 shelters in the state house and thousands of people who are in the same situation. and that's a concern, because cadillac continues to record the highest number of clothing, 19 cases and deaths in the country. healthcare workers told al jazeera it's difficult to impulse cove at 19 protocols doing such disasters. and we've been telling people to take care and follow the coven protocols as much as possible.
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we're also providing them with masks and medication, but they're not able to follow the rules because they're in a panic mode. you're losing everything. a lot of flooding from monsoon rains as an annual occurrence and kettler. but environmentalists say it's leading to more disasters such as landslides, because these are for areas increasingly becoming more fragile with the human interventions which are actually creating problems. exempts getting full hill so being leveled and you see a lot of deforestation and mining happening in the healy with more heavy well protected. later in the week, emergency response teams try to clear as much debris as possible from rivers to prevent any further destruction. elizabeth, parent of al jazeera cook dame, cadillac hospital officials, a c u, p. and forces of launched air strikes on the capital of the northern t gray region,
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killing 3 people. if he appears military has denied carrying out any assault on mcclay, but a t v station controlled by the to grey and rebels and the name worker also reported the air strikes. fighting between government and degree and forces has intensified spreading into the neighboring regions of laura and afar. now we see that mikaela, the capital of the region, is suffering from air attack. so very concerned. so we will continue to watch that as the article by. and we have constantly called for the security council to resume its responsibility and speak out. so we continue to say that just insisting on humanitarian access, insisting on the need for a ceasefire above all, and all parties cease hostilities and get down to dialogue. the only solution is in dialogue or the violence as forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes in the regions of a mara and afar. a shortage of food and medical supplies as putting many at risk
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there as well as in t grey. as ethiopia government restricts aid, the deliveries priyanka gupta has more. saba ali move was 3 years old when she died. a month later, her mother with a surviving infant is trying to understand what happened with the doctors told me they have no treatment from ma'am, not as children, but i pleaded to them seeing please save my child's life. they tried putting the treatment in her leg, her hand nose in head. they didn't succeed. they told me she was severely affected by malnutrition and could not help. they gave me some syrup and tablets. she passed away exactly a week away on sunday, helped them a cali. it's mark thousands of families in ethiopia as m. hi region. whose sheltering in the city of the se, from fighting further north. tens of thousands of people have fled their homes and horror and are far regions scrambling for food and shelter in this busting city.
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fighting between rebels and degree and the fuel p military that started last november has spilled into neighboring regions at this hospital award and to say young men and boys to free to breathe badass cause of the conflict. in with the old one. yellow will, those who died are already dead. even those of us who survived are also dead. even of our bodies are alive because we don't know who is live or who's dead. first of all, there is misery for hunger does nothing to eat. even the escape, the war of the people will die of hunger. there is nothing. everything is closed, no market nothings. while a few p, as kaufman is accused to blocking supplies to areas under rebel control into grey t peeler fighters have been accused of committing atrocities. saw other says she was attacked and reaped in august by an armed man speaking the t green language. and i either said, dental in northern, in regard to one of the attackers said to me,
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we left our houses both to kill and to die. i'm from the jungle, so i have all the right to do whatever i want. i can even kill you. he raised his gun to me and threatened to kill me. i said okay to his demands. he also asked me for money and i said, okay. then he told me he was interested in me that i said, please do anything you want. and then he raped me on, a spokesman for the rebels and degree has denied accusations of using rape as a weapon of war. but as a consequence on for nearly a year, if he opens who already had so little feel as though they're not losing everything, priyanka got their alta 0. canada's prime minister and justin trudeau has visited the site of a former residential school with a remains of hundreds of indigenous children were discovered in may. the school was run by the catholic church and aimed to forcibly assimilate indigenous children. canadian bishops have apologized for the church's role in the abuses from the 19th
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century on the way to the 1980s. trudeau has faced criticism for failing to participate in canada's 1st national day of truth and reconciliation, which took place last month. i. many regrets about september 30th, so my decision to travel, the 1st, of course, was not being able to attend the commemorations here that were so important for the entire country and awakening people to the reality of residential schools. but also to be able to grieve with the community that since may has been hurting and reliving past trauma in a way that i should have been here. well, jody vance joins us lies now from a loops, the prime minister has been invited to visit the can loops community
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a number of times. and i mean, we heard what many people thought of him not going earlier. why is it on there now? much is angela, sir? well, there are numerous reasons and certainly that is an over arcane question here for the prime minister of canada. why not until now? as mentioned, it was maze almost 5 months ago that 215 unmarked graves of children were found here on the site of the hamlet's indian residential school. this is the pow wow arbor where the event is taking place today. certainly the prime minister has been held to account by the chief of work this 1st nation, the regional chief, as well as the national tree, very stern words and a conversation that has been ongoing for a number of hours here. where details of what is needed to move forward with regard to the truth and reconciliation as country and specifically where the 250 and
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unmarked graves. these unidentified remains here on the lens of the camps, indian residential schools, and how the prime minister will play a role in helping to identify those children. there are records that are needed to buy that 1st nations peoples in order to do that, to dignify these babies. they call them their babies, their children, that they want to identify dignified. and we try and give some sense of relief and, and recovery for the generational trauma that has been a prevalent in the 1st nations community because of children who did not make it home from the residential school. the prime minister has certainly been held to account today on the subject of where do we go from here? well, exactly, and i mean, you mentioned one thing to the community, specifically one street dublin to do any other specific requests. so is it more that was just wanting to pay attention to what's been happening?
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recognizing there is a little bit of both actually there are numerous issues with regards to 1st nations and industry to speaker here in canada, portable drinking water, there are boil water, boil water orders, in some areas of this country. still, there are issues with children taken from families at birth or very, very young and put into a highly welfare system. there are issues surrounding compensation for children who were in that system and been neglected with in it that has been acknowledged by the canadian government. yet compensation is yet to come and there even some court issues and challenges by the federal government, the prime minister is being held to account on and did at the same time, there are very much words of encouragement. and moving forward that to day is a change in the day for 1st nations and the government in order to find a path forward. it takes us. i took a long time as the prime minister has said to break what's broken in this country.
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and it won't be so wretched overnight. certainly it is the hope of everyone here that today is the 1st stage reward that recovery. judy vance with the latest storm that live for us from become loops. jody. thank heat. what's more is still to come in this news our including the u. k. parliament pays tribute to an m p. murdered on friday as the country ways up how to keep lawmakers safe while meeting the public. ah, we are in greenland where the ice sheet is melting. at a record rate, raising sea levels around the world. and in sports, the atlanta braves are a step closer to the world series after another dramatic win over the champions. ah
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hey, there you're world weather update begins in europe and we've got a weather maker is striking us with some heavy rain whales right into central england. but there is some warm air to be found will call the dividing line pretty much copenhagen. so north of that, a cool pool of air, we do have frost advisories across lithuania. and then south of that, look at this. we've got some temperatures in the 20s, but my, all my things are gonna change. check this out. a comes crashing down in london by the end of the week. just a hive, 12 degrees, it's below average, but hey, we said going to be dr. continues to be dry across iberia. some of the best weather on the continent were hanging on to some thirties of seville at 32 degrees. but look at this, an incoming weather maker. it's going to give us some rain, northwestern spain, northern in central areas of portugal on wednesday. much quieter weather pitcher across the southeast of europe, where we had that to renshaw, rain in greece, the remnants of it now over turkey's northeastern black sea region. so tramps on,
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still getting into that driving rain on tuesday or in this weather broadcast right now in africa. where the storms are bubbling up, cameroon nigeria. but also as we look toward benito, gone a rate through into the ivory. oh so abi john has a heart $27.00 degrees on tuesday that sharp day ah, the plan it is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop $26.00 climate summit. al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green's films documenting the human experience on the frontline planet at the west report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people and power off why politicians have been so in affected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigates how rising
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temperatures of fueling a water war in the us algae, they were well shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera. ah ah ah.


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