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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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deportation is not good for us. lou. ah, ah, welcome back. a reminder of our some of our top stories on this sanchez urine use our russia is closing nato's permanent mission in moscow. the move is in response to the expulsion of half of russia's mission to the western military alliance. nearly 2 weeks ago is also closing all other natal related missions. sudanese forces have fire t gas to disperse protestors in the capital cartoon, or demanding prime minister, abdullah, hum, dog dissolving true government. others are counting on him to stop dr. step down. and colin powell,
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one of the leading figures of american military and foreign policy for nearly 2 decades, has died at the age of $84.00. his family confirmed the new saying power died from coven 19 complications. he was the 1st black american to serve as well as secretary of state and as the country stopped general. well, let's discuss paul's legacy further now with the marin becerra, who's our senior political analyst joining us via skype from london. while i'm very good to see you again, of course, is lots of phrase and tributes are for compiled to day in the us from republicans, democrats. but how will he be remembered in this region? the middle east? in fact, he said to one journalist that he was sure that his, the, for the 1st paragraph of his obituary would say something about his blunder with the gulf war in iraq. and so it was today the 1st paragraph in the new york times, and you could say in every possible obligation in the middle east,
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especially iraq started with the gulf war because we all know this was the biggest, the buckle of, of the century. and collin powell had a role to play both in terms of our marketing the war at the united nations on the basis of false information, false intelligence, which apparently at the time he did not know, but he wasn't exactly sure it was 100 percent. and on the other hand, the fact that this turned out to be a major debacle for what the united states and iraq who tend that to be a bloody war. the united states basically plunged in that after when after mission was accomplished. and turning it into a civil war and later on and just basically tens of thousands of iraqi casualties and hundreds of 1000 display them and, and so, so forth with of course, also thousands of american casualties. so his name would be attached to both the
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1st year of war and the 2nd year upward 19912000 that he was also remembered as a general the u. s. i had the air of the u. s. military during the goal for the a before 2003. how is he viewed by leaders in this region and the people in this region? you know, the thing is about to about quoted power is that he was apparently an extraordinary soldier. that's why the son of russia might conformity a black man could become the chief of staff of the u. s. army in 1009 to one and really need that war, that liberated kalazan and so on, so forth and plunged again. the united states militarily in the region. the fact that he was such a high ranking, black american, superceded, of course, as under obama, at made him a quite respected not only among african americans, but also among a magazine general president bush himself told in one of those days that you are
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the most respected man in america, however, he did not use or outsource or to leverage this respect the success of a military man over forced our general during those crucial days when decision was made to invade iraq. and he admits himself that when the time came for him to say that the president, no not, not going to iraq, he did not say it. and that's a problem because he thought of himself always as a soldier 1st, he never really understood what does it mean to be a national security advisor, or to be the secretary of state of great power like the united states, where he has a c in the decision making process when the time came, he behaved like a soldier or being orders, not like a statesman where he would even have to walk away. when the decision, the war took place. how and thank you very much for that,
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my one wish i's. i senior political analyst in india, flooding and land slides have killed me certified people in the southern state of caroline. in the past week the army and navy are still looking for missing people. thousands of been stranded in part of the coastal state al jazeera elizabeth ron m reports from cot. i am one of the worst effected area. zenith us love go through the debris of what was until 2 days ago. her home in her hand are the only possessions she's left with an umbrella, a small purse and a pair of sandals. she lost everything in the flood which swept through goddamn district and the southern state of kettler on sunday regard lynbrook out in the morning i heard on t v that there is a red alert in a few regions with a water level started to rise. so suddenly, 1st it was as high as my head, and soon it rose to my neck. somehow i managed to move to higher ground, but everything is gone. nothing is left here right. across the road from the river,
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which swept away zenith. how's the jos family looked through their belongings to see what they can salvage. the home is still standing, but anything left in the house is covered in mud in it are the december. this is the 1st time in our life that we're experiencing this kind of situation, but our grandfather told us there was a similar flood in 1957. the last time there was a flood, we had water up to our doorstep, but not this bad saturdays to wrench of rain led to land slides which killed dozens of people and flooding which has displaced thousands. this church on the border between the 2 worst affected districts court a, m and indicate is housing around 200 people who have nowhere else to go. it's one of more than a 100 shelters in the state housing, thousands of people who are in the same situation. and that's a concern, because cadillac continues to record the highest number of clothing,
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19 cases and deaths in the country. healthcare workers told al jazeera it's difficult to impulse clothes at 19 protocols, doing such disasters. a we've been telling people to take care and follow the cove . it protocols as much as possible. we're also providing them with masks and medication, but they're not able to follow the rules because they're in a panic mode after losing everything. flooding from monsoon rains as an annual occurrence and kettler. but environmentalists say it's leading to more disasters such as landslides, because these are for areas increasingly becoming more fragile with the human interventions which are actually creating problems. getting full hillis are being leveled and you see a lot of deforestation and mining happening in the area with more heavy, well predicted. later in the week, emergency response teams try to clear as much debris as possible from rivers to
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prevent any further destruction. elizabeth moran and al jazeera cook dame, cadillac police in haiti say a well known gang is behind saturdays. abduction of foreign christian missionaries and their family members. and mostly american and canadian group were kidnapped as they left an orphan. h near the capital porto prince. it's the latest in a wave of kidnappings which have risen dramatically since the president assassination in july life to rosalind jordan, who's at the state department for us in washington. so, rasa the state department expected to make a briefing this hour, but the white house anderson has already made comments to the press. secretary, that's right to the white house press secretary jen. saki said that you as president joe biden, has been kept up to date on the investigation into the kidnapping of the 17 person . 16 americans, one canadian til 5 of them are children. this happened on saturday after they left
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a on an orphanage outside porter prints. and they were abducted on their way back. there hasn't been any a word from the group that it allegedly has kidnapped them. but according to gen saki, the president is very much aware that the f b i is investigating this because this is a criminal matter. it's working i in, in tandem with this state department, which has a hosted job release unit as it were working with officials in the portal for us to try to secure the safe and quick release of the 17 people. but so far we have not heard anything from the group that allegedly has taken this group into custody. ok, ross, thank you very much for that. let's cross over to john hendrick now. who's at the christian aide ministry's headquarters in male is menace berg, ohio. that's why this christian missionaries hail from. what does this aids ministries do in haiti? exactly, john, what do we know by the people running this organization?
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this is a conservative christian organization, which is largely comprised of amish. mennonites and other anna baptist, very conservative people in the united states, often living in their own communities, as indeed they do here in this part of ohio. and this is a ministry that has a budget of a $130000000.00. it operates in nearly a $130.00 countries, and that is really an extension of what they see as their christian mission. now hades, specifically, what they've been doing is obviously building an orphanage because that's what happened when those people were being kidnapped. also distributing educational materials, running schools, delivering medical equipment and providing bibles to people there. so it's a religious mission, but it's also a very, very much a practical mission to help people with those things they need to get along with
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life in haiti. and this is an organization that was fully aware of the danger in haiti. they pulled out in 2019 for about 9 months because of the dangerous environment there, but apparently felt like it was safe enough to continue operating there in what is obviously a bit of a chaotic atmosphere. largely these people are people who view this as an intrinsic part of their christian faith. anabaptists are people who believe in adult baptism. that's because they believe children are capable of making those decisions. it's something they want people to commit to later in life . and many of them here, you've got a range of people, they some of them operate tractors and use cell phones, other ones, dr. horse driven carriages and don't use electricity. so a broad range, but all of them very religiously conservative. and we have
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a statement from the group today that says join us in prayer, that god's grace would sustain the men, women, and children who are being held hostage. it goes on, not a lot of new information, but they do pray for the kidnappers saying that they too are children of god and can be transformed. john, thank you very much for that. john henderson, they 14, they live from ohio to argentina. now we've thousands of people are rallying the capital bonus cyrus in support of the government. the demonstration has been organized by the countries labor unions ahead of next months, congressional elections live to danielle sham knows, at the rally in his eyes. tell us more about what this demonstration is about. daniel well, this is the 2nd day of demonstrations or pro protests, invoice, iris, tens of thousands of people, supporters of the parent. this movement of comfortable all over argentina, together in the streets, are pretty much more of a central point as iris to
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a standstill. this is a movement that was founded more than 70 years ago. but the man who went on to become president of argentina 3 times one coming up at on this car is matching flamboyant. why the world over as a beat on these were people who stand there was already on the country. there's a movement that continues to debate. i try to remain relevant to watch and time politics by the current president. the current government is a parent is government suffered badly in primary elections last month facing crucial congressional. actually, i really have a difficult time with your property on employment, about inflation and an enormous foreign debt that the country is facing to really difficult problems. the paradigm movement here really to try to support that government to criticize it, where it feels it necessary for argentina to, to face those problems in the future with a controversial movement. often bringing argentina or dividing argentina between
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those who support the parent is movement. mostly trade union is workers. social organization, people from the shanty towns and the wealthier roger and tines, who tend to be against this particular movement kind of found other political ways forward. so huge protest, her tens of thousands likely to continue here for some hours to come. daniel, thank you. we'll keep a close eye on that protest with you, daniel shanda correspondent in gwinnett, sorry. sam, canada's prime minister just intruder is visiting the site of a former residential school where the remains of hundreds of indigenous children were discovered in may. their schools were run by the catholic church and aimed at forcibly assimilating. yes, children. canadian bishops have apologize for the churches rolling abuses to those visit comes as he faced his criticism for failing to participate in canada's 1st national day of truth and reconciliation lived to jodi vance was in kamloops in british columbia for his jody. tell us more about the prime minister, his visit to come loops. how is he being received and what message as he bring
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in parties? well, the to sweat dick and take it to come. lapse nations are gathered here in the arbor, the pow arbor here, the prime minister has arrived. the chief of the nation is as thinking right now about to introduce the prime minister to address the media and take questions from the media. there will be a presentations in gatherings as well as stories from survivors prior to coming here and meeting with the community all and hearing from survivors in the pow arbor . the prime minister did a tour of the kamloops presidential school, as well as the secret site, which is what apple orchard is now called the place where 215 unmarked graves of children's talk were discovered a just shy of 5 months ago. prime minister justin trudeau as it is expected to lay said to take questions here to day, and certainly the hope of the nation and the community here is some real meaningful
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action on a number of fronts. and certainly on identify these unmarked graves. the prime minister has just begun speaking now. hi, judy will check in with you later to find out more about what he said, jody vance, my forest fair in canada. having a special session of the u. k. parliament has been held to pay tribute to sir david amos following the conservative and peace. death on friday, members of parliament began with a minute's silence for their colleague, sir david was stabbed to death while meeting members of the public in a church hole in his constituency. east of london. i was got scores coming up after the break, including the well championships for a new sport at the parish 2024 and then peaks. all the details very shortly. ah
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ah ah ah welcome back. i've danny sans compet industry. he's facing a crisis. exports and domestic sales have plummeted since the taliban took over in august. it's brought uncertainty to millions of people who depended on the sector. al jazeera hash m. i have bar reports from mazda is sharif. it's quiet in this carpet market in missouri city. the place was once buzzing with tourists and people eager to buy traditional afghan carpets. but now, shop owners are struggling to find buyers or catch. i'm yes, i am worthy on. if these news is slowed down a big deal,
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there's no more activity here, nor much selling and buying compared to the past martha found arm either of dorothy or misha. carpets would have gone his dance biggest exports in the past few years near it. but since the taliban stake over afghanistan has been isolated, its assets in u. s. banks frozen and his borders closed. the banking system has now shut down. and along with decades of war, that sled to the carpet and rog, industry facing its biggest crisis afghan carper's have always had a timeless appeal around the world. then took her designs reflect an ethnic and cultural diversity. and the proudly displayed here by merchants to make good profits. but many men and women who spend glowed hours and weaving rugs and carpets face uncertain times. and never had burnt, has been a refugee in pakistan for decades. with settled on the outskirts of missouri to
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shed eve, he finally thought he would be able to look after his family, hila, my mazda or cotton. either. this is very important for us. this is our only source of income. there are no job opportunities here for his daughter has other making carpets pays for her schooling and she hopes to save some money for when she goes to the university 9 that my husband, i want to become a doctor, but things are changing and i hope to be able one day to find real work when i graduate, the for the time being, i enjoy hand. we thank you. need on for a from said nessie, his family have been in the industry for generations until recently. business was thriving with foreign clients willing to pay high prices for wool and silk rugs and carpets which gelati in any you, i mean problems are the borders which are coast and also the banks. so we can't exploit and we have no cash to pay providers. for now though no one is showing up
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at his shop. he hopes at the borders will soon open, so he can begin exporting again. but until then, said, has no option, but to continue admiring his artworks and the many stories detail about the old and young men and women who toiled for months and years to make them ash amount. but i'm 0. mazata city's time was forced. now here is far fully thank you so much. here was football governing body wave has ordered england to play one man's national game behind closed doors. the move is punishment for crown trouble in and around when li stadium during the year and 2020 final. in july, thousands of english fans tried to break through barriers to get into the game which england lost to italy. a 2nd empty stadium match has been deferred. for 2 years, the english f a has also been fined around $100.00, a $1000.00. the mayor of london doesn't leave these scenes will impact the u. k. bid to host a 2030 world cup. you still think it's nonsense to suggest that we've not got
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a good case having the i woke up in the u. k. in england. 1230, we're working with the gulf. which the fools yet is, would you want some of the events outside? $11.00, the table actually look at the whole month. i would argue that all the host cities are the games in on the, with the best boast of next year's football world. cap has announced a new partnership with the world health organization. cats are says it helps the collaboration will ensure the tournament produces a legacy for both sports and health vents. to prompt healthy living and mental well being will take place throughout the world cup. the project will kick off at the inaugural fi for world if he for our cup later this year on the 30th of november, which provides a unique opportunity in itself to communicate health focused messaging on a regional level. and as a collective, which in the w h o copper and fifo we will be taking those lessons learned and
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applying them in our planning and implementation of the 2022 for world cup. now at that same announcement, former chelsea in ivory coast striker did he draw by made his debut as a goodwill ambassador for the w h o. unfortunately, he forgot the name of the united nations general secretary, when thanking those who helped pick him for his latest role. i want to use the occasion to send my regards to do you in general, secretary done her. oh mister hoford's. approval. with tears. sorry, sorry i'm, i'm nervous. yes, thank you very much. it's easier to be honest with both you and phone of 60000 people on with this kind of assembly or hat trick in international cricket is quite rare. so imagine how tough
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a double had trick is to achieve. well, that's exactly what happened on day 2 of the t 20 world cup. irelands curtis camphor dismissed for dutch batters with 4 consecutive deliveries. only the 3rd double hat trick and t 20 internationals. and 1st in a world cup, netherlands only scored a $106.00 runs with ireland reaching the target with 7 wickets in hand. spanish tennis player paula: but osa has won the biggest title of her career but also beating victoria as the rancor in the indian wells final. there was also an unexpected winner in the mense event. as the andy richardson reports its referred to as the 5th major by the players and this indian wells final between palate, oser and victoria. as a rancor produced a match worthy of the occasion. for the most of this was the biggest match of her career. and she claimed the 1st sent the
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whole world number one as a rank who was aiming to win this title for the time the most of any player and the beller russian hit back. the level the match it is sorry to push too much time over 3. i was the years longest, single final but also edged it in its high break the cap a career best week. i believe would this happen? i think tomorrow or, and today's i will believe it a little bit more, but yeah, i'm super happy and i'm even happier after this minds because i think it was a really good one and winning a champion like because it's even amazed. it's an amazing feeling. cameron north a few could have predicted the line up for the men's final britons camera nori taken on nicholas by slash really of georgia. no worries run to this tunnel decider in california. it wasn't entirely unexpected. only, well, number one, never joker, which has been in as many finals this year but from
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a set down to become the 1st british player to win this title. i don't really know what i'm experiencing is an amazing couple of weeks and i'm so happy with how i treated all the occasions, all the big moments or the matches. and i'm so happy so pleased to win my biggest title nori is now in the running to qualify for the season ending atp finals. cameron north lead terra farm and richardson out here. the atlanta braves are just to winds away from a place in baseball. the world series for the 2nd straight night, the game against the l. a daughters with decided in the 9th inning at rosario was the game winner as atlanta secure and a 5 for victory. the series resumes in l. a. workings 3 is set for tuesday. you guys never quit, they never have,
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they haven't for years here. and if they got an out laugh or a strike last strike left, as we've seen, they may, may, might make something happen. earlier this year, the international olympic committee confirmed quite boarding would be a new event at the paris olympics in 2024. and over the past few days, the world's best from across 34 countries competed in sir danielle italy for the formula kite world championships. which marks the 1st ever event under olympic roles. and then the vent was one by frenchman t. o. duran cor. well, in the women's 20 year old american, daniela, morose, one, her 5th consecutive rural title. everything is, is getting so much more competitive. there's so many new faces and new teams and the sport is getting much more professional, which is really cool. and i think it yeah, for me to still be able to kind of hold onto the talk. that means law. and i think that gives me a lot of confidence going forward. okay,
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and that is all your sport for now more later, back to you fall. i thank you very much for that. that's it for this. use our on al jazeera from me fully battle in the whole team here. and i thank you very much for watching. we're life, my london, you sent an x with barbara. ah ah. the world is warming and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland,
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the melting of the frozen north on al, jazeera, indonesia, the country with an abundance of results for the red, r and walk indonesia, his firms forming. we move full to grow and fraud. we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let's be part window. this is growth and progress. invest in the media. now, after world war 2, france's great empire began to unravel and vietnam to last a heavy duty, restrain themselves in the streams bursting with joy, kissing each other. and algeria, he listened, or she knew, asked if the indo chinese that managed to beat the french army. why not then the decline continues an episode to of blood and tears french. the colonization on al
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jazeera stories that need to be told find a way, ah, these are my babies. my students witness. showcase is inspiring documentary that changed the world. on al jazeera ah top u. s. military officer turned to top diplomat, colin powell dyes of cuba 19 complications at the age of $84.00. ah. hello, barbara, sarah, you're watching al jazeera ally from london also coming up at least 35 days in india's catalyst state has heavy rain washes away houses and forces officials to
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open near overflowing as the hunger crisis claims more young.


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