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who saw the average person of color in positions. they'd never seen a person of color before in that role. and so that's what made him a really revered by not just blacks, but also white that they saw this person doing a job with humility and to lead by example. and as a result, you heard there from the secretary of state entity blinking, that people would move mountains for him as a result of his conduct and his actions. and to the very end, he was providing counsel for not just republicans, but also democrats who looked to him because he was a man of principle, a duty to country before party r. kimberly. thank you very much. kimberly hawkins lived there at the white house. ah, it is 16 hours g m t m fully brought table in doha. collin powell, one of the leading figures of american military and foreign policy for nearly 2
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decades, has died. at the age of 84, his family confirmed the new saying power died from coven 19 complications. he was a 1st black american to serve as both secretary of state and as a country's top general, i white house correspondent, kimberly hawk. it looks back on his life and career colin powell spent his career breaking barriers. he was the son of jamaican immigrants and spent 35 years in the u. s. army. he led combat forces in vietnam and eventually became a 4 star general. powell was ronald reagan's national security adviser in the 1980s in 1989. george h. w. bush made him the pentagon, top military officer, chair of the joint chiefs of staff. i will do it at the present united states directly to do and what the bush administration wanted. the invasion of iraq in january 1991 in response to his invasion of kuwait several months earlier. and with
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unrelenting, overwhelming use of military force. the powell doctrine was born. you have to kind of a clear understanding of why they're being committed for what purpose and can't just be we're seeing all this terrible stuff because the gulf war turned power into a hero. many wanted him to run for president, but he refused. instead, powell broke the color barrier once more. he was the 1st african american to serve as secretary of state during george w bush's presidency. during that tenure, powell did one thing that ultimately changed his reputation. he argued for the invasion of iraq in 2003 before the un security council acts and iraq's behavior show that saddam hussein and his regime are concealing their efforts to produce more weapons of mass destruction. the evidence for powells case turned out to be
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false. he accepted responsibility for helping to lead the country into what power later called an unjustified war. since i deeply regret that the information, some of the information at all that some of the information i presented with from multi source was wrong. and it is a lot on my record. but yeah, i, there's nothing i can do to change that block over time pals. regret turned into disillusion with the republican party. he endorsed democratic presidential candidate brock obama in 2008. the visibility will expire because of the inclusive nature of his campaign because he is reaching out all across america. he gave similar reasons for backing hillary clinton over donald trump in 2016, and did the same for joe biden in 2020 with joe biden in the white house. you will never doubt that he will stand with our friends and stand up to our adversaries. never the other way around. after the storming of the u. s. capital on january 6th,
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2021. by then president donald trump supporters. powell announced he was quitting the republican party and he called on trump to resign. not surprising from a man who had always believed in duty to country before politics and had devoted his career to just that. while a few minutes ago, the current u. s. secretary of state antony blank and paid tribute to pow surgery. paul was simply and completely a leader, and he knew how to build a strong and united t. he treated people the way he expected them to treat each other. and he made sure that they knew he would always have their back. the result was that his people would walk through walls for him. he, a secretary of defense, also praised a power saying his last a friend and mentor the world lost one of the greatest leaders we have ever
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witnessed. all my last a great husband and the family lost a tremendous father and i lost a tremendous personal friend and mentor. he has been my mentor for a number of years and always made time for me. and i could always go to, i'm with what tough issues he always had. great, great counsel. we will certainly miss him. i feel as if i have a hole in my heart. just this morning of this, just recently p. j. crowley is a former assistant secretary of state, he says column power may have made mistakes, but he was willing to take responsibility. there are 2 bookends when it comes to colin powell in iraq. i served as a military officer during the 1st gulf war, where the united states under his leadership acted decisively acted, you know,
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in concert with other regional powers, international powers to drive the iraqi army out of kuwait. and i think you then suffered from group think, you know, together was so was other colleagues on the national security team they had to they, they felt earnestly based on their previous history. that saddam hussein was hiding something. and, and in spite of the slim evidence that he was but, but then again, you know, to his credit, he was accountable. you know, he, he admitted, you know, his mistakes later about is not something that we've heard across the bush national security team. turning out to some other days, other news and flooding and landslides have kill. let me 35 people in 7 india in the state of caroline. the past week rescue operations by the army and navy are continuing to look for the many missing. thousands have been stranded in part of
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the coastal state authorities here. the number of dead could dry significantly or one of the worst affected areas is katia, elizabeth. barnum has been monitoring the situation there and has this update. what's happening here with them. and many other talks with, with people from the best response trying to clear the luggage all debris into the trees which were up along the river bank. this is really important because the rain is startling again and this heavy rains expected for wednesday. it is really important to try to clear as much of the block away as possible to prevent further flooding. entire hose have been reduced to nothing but trouble. we've spoken to people who have devastated good luck every think they had nowhere else to go. now we've got the concrete and metal read all over the over that has been
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washed away homes that have not been reduced to every single position that people own is covered in mud. so there is a lot of recovery work here to do. and the rescue teams are still searching for some people who are missing. there was a move in a lot of these people who lost their homes and to more than a 100 relief camps that have been set up. and that's complicated because we go to court of the situation in canada, and it's been recording some of the highest numbers of cases and take the highest number of cases and death in india for months. so authorities are trying to keep the numbers low at shelters. so that they can maintain social systems, things are trying to contain that by doing the situation as well as managing the flooding. sudanese forces have fire t gas 1st. protesters in the capital cartoon, they're demanding from mr. abdullah handle this all the inter and government
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calling on him to step down. protesters say he's economic policies or negatively affected living conditions, sedans, transitional government, to flash, fuel subsidies and adopted an exchange system that hurt the value of its currency. him, a morgan is outside the presidential palace and cartoon, whittemore, for the 3rd day, thousands continued together in front of the presidential palace here, invested in the capital boom. now protested, have been staging and demanding prime minister, the lamb, doug, dissolve, executive cabinets and form a new one that they say should be more preventative. of the people who participated in december 2018 revolution, but eventually led to the, i'll think of former presidents machine. now while there are a few 1000 here. 100, went up from this presidential palace just a few kilometers down to the office of the prime minister. actually held an emergency cabinet meeting to pressure him to dissolve that cabinet that he was meeting with. the police stopped them from advancing to the office and they tried
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to sound the office. they were met with here guys. but this shows how far these for us are willing to go to voice the demand for the government to be dissolved. and it's not the only process that is currently happening in the country in the east, in red c, c, protests. those have been demonstrating for a month and now and have shut down the main floors as they demand the government council attract, known as the contract in a jewel agreement that was signing up to buy last year. and they say that they don't want that because they don't want that piece agreement because of it's not being represented they've. now the whole issue here is the issue of our presentation. people here who we spoke to that they're not represented in the government, and that is why they're taken to the street. he's, he'll be as military as denying, carrying out as trist in the northern to dry region. local hospital officials say 3 people were killed in the attack from mckelly, the regional capital. a television station which is controlled by to graham rebels
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also reported the strikes fighting which in government forces and fighters, some to guy has intensified in the past few weeks. the conflicts in ethiopia is northern province, as spires fight swelled into neighboring am, hara and af our regions. and as brianca go to reports, a shortage of food in em hara is putting many at risk. saba ali moon was 3 years old when she died. a month later, her mother with a surviving infant is trying to understand what happened. but i name is ellen lewis in on the doctor still me. they have no treatment for men, not as children. but i pleaded to them saying, please save my child's life. they tried putting the treatment in her leg, her hand nose and head. they didn't succeed. they told me she was severely affected by manya tricia and could not help load it. they gave me some syrup and tablets. she passed away exactly a week away on sunday, helped them a curly. it's mark thousands of families in a few years. i'm high region,
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was sheltering in the city of to say, from fighting for the not tens of thousands of people have fled their homes and of horror and are far regions scrambling for food and shelter in this busting city. fighting between rebels degree and the fuel p military that started last november has spilled into neighboring regions at this hospital award to say young men and boys too frail to breathe. baddest cause of the conflict in with all from yellow will. those who died are already dead. even those of us who survived are also dead, even if our bodies are alive. because we don't know who is live of who's dead. first of all, there is misery for hunger. there's nothing to eat, eat, of the escape, the war of the people will die of hunger. there is nothing. every thing is closed, no markets, nothing's a pseudo. while european kaufman is accused to blocking supplies, 2 areas under rebel control into gray. t p. other fighters have been accused of committing atrocities. saw other says she was attacked and reaped in august by an
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armed man speaking the t grain language. and i even had dental in northern, in the good them, and the attackers said to me, we left our houses both to kill and to die. i'm from the jungle. so i have all the right to do whatever i want. i can even kill the year. and he raised his gun to me and threatened to kill me. i said, okay to his demands. he also asked me for money and i said, okay. then he told me he was interested in me there thought i said, please do anything you want and we got it. and then he raped me on that as a spokesman for the rebels and to grey has denied accusations of using grape as a weapon of war. but as a consequence on, for nearly a year, if he opens who already had so little feel as though they're not losing everything, priyanka got their alta 0 still ahead on al jazeera will take you to asia's biggest arms fair getting underway this week at a time of rising tensions around the region. and we're at the pan
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african film festival and television fests film, and television festival, where tom director said industries economic possibilities are huge. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, voted world's best air line of 2021. hello there, let's dot and south asian is more wet weather to come for india, we've seen intense raines effects. carola and course landslides, thanks to flash flooding. now the rain ease is here over the next few days, but it will pick up by them mid week. much of a heavy rain can be found in the north, east and corner heavy force for bangladesh as well as me. and my thanks to the low pressure sitting in the bay of been go, but it is going to push further east, causing quite a bit of snow to fall in the pool and bu time. but for the northwest corner,
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it does start to dry up new delhi, seen the temperature sits in the early thirty's central areas as well. we'll start to see the fine and dry weather come back in. but as i said, wednesday, we are going to see those thunder dom pause continue in the south. some of the shop storms pulling into sri lanka now was we moved to east asia. it's been robert wyatt cross central parts of china. well, that is going to change on when they've got a bit of a wintry mix blowing and we're all going to the temperature, dip, downing we had as what is in shanghai as that wet weather arrives. but farther south for hong kong, it is looking dry. the temperature sitting in the high twenty's and it's a similar story invasion. it is feeling a little bit cooler, and the air quality is rather unhealthy. the weather sponsored by cutaways, voted world's best airline of 2021 in the country with an abundance of resource trade and walk indonesia whose firms former we moved full to grow and fraud
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with balance for greener economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest park when the reaches growth and progress invest in the new year now. ah ah, you're watching al jazeera live from doha reminder of our top stories, column power, one of the leading figures of american military and foreign policy for nearly 2 decades has died at the age of 84. his family confirmed the new saint power died from covered 1000 complications. it was the 1st black american to serve as both
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secretary of state and as the country's top general. at least 35 people have died because of floods and landslides triggered by heavy rain in the southern indian state of carola, the army and navia carrying out rescue operations and thousands of been relocated. and sort of nice forces of fire tear gas at his 1st protesters in the capital cartoon. they're demanding prime minister abdullah hum dock stepped down. protesters say his economic policies have negatively affected living conditions. more now on our top story and the death of a former us secretary of state colin powell lauren score base, a former assistant secretary of defense who has worked with powell. he explains why he made the case for the invasion of iraq. vice president cheney said you're the only one who has the credibility to make the case given you know, some of the other statements that the and backgrounds of the other people in the administration. and i spoke to him after he was
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a dog. when i was not no longer in government, nor was he the said it was a big mistake. but what he was really trying to do was be a good soldier. you know, if you're a soldier and you get an order as long as it's not illegal and you don't agree with it, you still have to carry it out. and i think what he was trying to do, he knew they were going to go. he knew that you could make a definitive case, but there was a reasonable chance that some of this intelligence might be right. and don't forget the statement that they wanted him to give. he didn't give up and he cut it down. he and his colleague rich armitage, ju, i also worked, worked basically, you know, it took out a lot of the stuff that was in there were originally so i think he was trying to compromise and do the best he could. and unfortunately, it has permanently tarnished his reputation as a statesman, but not as a soldier. as special session of the u. k. parliament has been held to pay tribute
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to sir david amos falling the conservative m p staff on friday and based upon him and began with a minute silence for that connick said david was tapped to death while meeting members at the public in a church hole in his constituency, east of london, russia clothing nato's permanent mission in moscow. the move is in response to the expulsion of half of russia's mission to the western military alliance nearly 2 weeks ago. it's also closing all of a nature related missions. nato accused the members of being undeclared russian spies, russia foreign minister announced a retaliatory move in the media briefing earlier. while blaming may to for the worsening relations. practitioners we don't have proper conditions for basic diplomatic activities as a result of nato steps in response to native actions. we suspend the work of our permanent mission to nato, including the work of the chief military representative and starting from november . first, we will that team barbara has moved from london. in the next couple of weeks,
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russia will be bringing back home the remaining members of its mission to nato, based in brussels, the belgian capital, but actually not at nato, not near nato headquarters in a completely different suburb of the city. after half of them, we're. busy we're actually expelled last week by nato. that obviously has good moscow and lever off the russian foreign minister says, all of nato's military and military, asian, and information offices in moscow are also to close down. so really not going in the right direction, but perhaps not a huge surprise. nato says it has taken note of love robes, comments, but hasn't actually been visually communicated or, or notified of these imminent steps. the background. of course,
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all this is worth sitting in relationship in the ration ship between nato and russia over many years. russia's foreign ministry says that the latest actions by nato confirmed they are not interested in an equal dialogue, a joint work to de escalate military political tensions. well, those tensions increase, of course in 2014, when russia annexed crimea from ukraine, when nato cut off practical cooperation. although they still have been some channels for high level representatives to talk. but things are clearly very tense . and if there is another response to this move by moscow, then of course that relationship will be further damaged. china's economy grew at a slower rate than expected in the 3rd quarter. according to official figures, the world's 2nd largest economy expanded by 4.9 percent down 3 percent from the previous quarter. nationwide power outages and supply supply bottlenecks hurt
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factories. while sporadic over 19 outbreaks have hampered consumer demand, katrina, you reports from beijing, china's economy grew at a disappointing rate. in the 3rd quarter of 2021. according to official figures, it expanded by only 4.9 percent. its weakest rate for the year. down 3 percentage points from the previous quarter. the world's 2nd largest economy faces several challenges domestically and abroad, reasonably that as being significant price, increasing commodities, oil gas, and also imported coal. and her there is concern about energy security disruption. love and use apply to china in a short while, as well as the low, medium and longer term. this is a concern entity restrictions aimed at meeting climate change. targets have led to power shortages, which have hampered manufacturing. the property market, which accounts for about a quarter of china's g d. p by some estimates has been weighed down by new measures
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designed to curve debt. the country's largest real estate developer ever grant is struggling to pay back $300000000000.00 worth of debt feeling fears among housing investors. i think this new macro data has reflected in this reality. chinese government is willing to make the trade off between economic growth and the financial stability. and that's particularly clear when it comes to the restriction on the property market. i will say slow retail consumption is particularly worrying . staging. 0 told me to approach the curve and 19th, a handful of cases could result in strictly speaking was locked out. they had a devastating impact. domestic travel and spending depend demik has also disrupted the supply chains and effected the export of chinese products. officials have downplayed concerns saying the lower than expected g d p is in line with the
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countries goal of achieving higher quality growth in the national economy, sustained is recovery and the development lunch with all the major macro economic indicators falling in the reasonable range from experts more that global stock and bond markets could be dragged down by risks in china, but it's economy is still expected to end the year as one of the fastest growing in the world. katrina, u. l t 0 aging. neither was solely begins to open up after a long downs related to the coven, 1900. pandemic. the asia pacific region is witnessing and intensifying arms race. some nations are acquiring weapons in response to china's military growth intentions around north korea is weapons programs. skyler has more or one of ages biggest markets for arms dealers and their clients military shopping for the latest technology and weapons kicks off this week in south korea at the so
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a dex trade show leaders in defense ministries and officials for 28 countries will look to strike deals as the world starts to move on. after the pandemic. sha pretty heavy interest from countries in se, asia, africa, and central and south america. this was confirmed with follow up with inquiries for products and parts as well. this rising interest and weaponry comes at a crucial time for the asia pacific region. north korea, just last week, put on a show of its latest weapons systems, vowing to build what it called an invincible military neighbor and a dex host. south korea is the focus on new technology to counter its rival to the north and its continuing development of nuclear weapons. we are preparing additional funding for various cutting edge technologies, emerging into the umbrella of the 4th industrial revolution from unmanned vehicles and laser weaponry. for example, i can say these systems will grow in our arsenal. we will continue to acquire surveillance assets at
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a rapid pace. building tension is not limited to regional players and disputes, superpowers. united states and china have been testing each other in the territory around taiwan. china says the island is part of its territory. the u. s. says it's working to keep international territory open on the sea and in the air. earlier this month, china showed off its latest weaponry and missile systems. and just over the weekend reports that china recently tested a nuclear capable hypersonic missile, rising the stakes and what appears to be a budding arms race in eastern asia. the u. s. in russia are also developing similar weapons. so while some defense budgets might have been trimmed in the last 18 months because of covered 19 related cars, many militaries now appear to be making up for lost time. got hyler al jazeera, have been demonstrations in venezuela's capital cut across calling for the release of an envoy of president nicholas madura who was extradited to the u. s. i colombian, businessman alex saab is you in court,
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enjoy it on monday on corruption charges. the us justice department charged fabbing 2019 in connection with a bribery scheme to take advantage of. venezuela's fate controlled exchange rate after the extradition. but as well as government suspended talks with the opposition to resolve long standing divisions. the african television and film industry is on the edge of a boom. according to you and research is predicting that with further investment, $20000000.00 jobs and $20000000000.00 in revenue could be created. al jazeera nicholas hoc re force from the pan african film and television festival in working far from dead african cinema is going through a revival. we're all set in burkina. faso is capital. why do wear a big name of african cinema suck? i said, why do go coaching young actors? he has a stake in the movie in wanted to do wealth or money to be made in africa,
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out of money, a lot of money. you just need to get a good idea, get the good producer and make a good feel and you can sell it as lot of money. but before you do that, you need the government to, to, to create a system where you can get the money to power. house of african cinema is the booming nigerian film industry, also known as natalie. would many nigerian films are featuring at brookings fences, pan african film, and television festival, known as fest packer. this is my desire is a slow pace drama funded entirely in nigeria. in short and 16 millimeter film across 48 locations in league off. i can press high with low production values, but quality camera work. nigerian films are being sold directly online to consumers . nigerian producers have disrupted the way movies are made and finance. they're
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proving to the rest of the world and africa that local filmmakers can not just make money, but get rich to create of cinema. this is the fish tank in what will become an hour and a half long african drama. once that you have the director, the g p, dozens of actors, the director has even hired an extra camera to film the making of, of the movie. he says he's trying to produce quality african cinema because the market has become increasingly competitive. during the break keno sponsor festival filmmakers meet producers and distributors earlier funding used to come mostly from western institution. but this has changed request for the actual netflix mall and it was effect invented by the nigerians, good news align and created pay as you go services using you do channels. this has revolutionized the film industry, allow, are filmmakers to fund their films and get them on the international markets in the what is the role theories like, while
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a book from senegal or easy to access online and are gaining in popularity among young african audiences. but so is art house cinema, like fire die in ethiopian film, exploring cut, a plant containing stimulants. the mouse production of movies has created renewed enthusiasm with once abandon cinemas, re opening their doors. so spectators can see their stories being brought to life on the big screen. nicholas hawk al jazeera. why do go? ah, claire again, i'm fully betty bought in doha, with the headlines on al jazeera, collin powell, one of the leading figures of american military and foreign policy for nearly 2 decades has died at the age of 84. his family confirmed the new saying power dived from cove in 19 complications. he was a 1st blank american de service, both secretary of state and as a country stamp general. or
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a few minutes ago the current u. s. secretary of state antony blank in pay tribute to pow sir.


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