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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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ah, a diverse range of stories from across the globe, from the perspective of our networks, journalists on al jazeera. ah colin powell, the 1st african american secretary of state has died coming up. we look at his life from full start general to taught us different. ah. other gonna come all santa maria here in doha with that story and the rest of the world news as floods and landslides killed thousands of people in the southern indian state of carola and more rain is full cost in the coming days. plus china's economic growth slows energy shortages. energy shortage is a property slowdown,
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and the pandemic of all played their cos ah. over one, colin powell, one of the leading figures of american military and foreign policy for nearly 2 decades has died at the age of $84.00. his family confirmed the news in the past hour saying paul died from cove at 19 complications. he was the 1st african american to serve as boat secretary state and the country's top general lab reaction shortly. but 1st, the support from the hottie colin powell spent his career breaking barriers, the son of jamaican emigrants. powell spent 35 years in the u. s. army leading combat forces in vietnam and eventually becoming a 4 star general. powell was ronald reagan's national security adviser in the 1980
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song in 1989 george h. w. bush made him the pentagon's top military officer, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. i will do whatever present united states directly to do and what the bush administration wanted. the invasion of iraq in january 1991 in response to its invasion of kuwait several months before and with unrelenting, overwhelming use of military force. the powell doctrine was born. you have to kind of a clear understanding of why they're being committed for what purpose and a can't just be was seem all is terrible stuff with the gulf war turned powell into a hero. many wanted him to run for president, but powell refused. instead, he broke the color barrier once more, the 1st african american to serve as secretary of state. during george w bush's presidency. it was a tenure during which powell did the one thing that ultimately damaged his
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reputation. arguing for the invasion of iraq in 2003 before the un security council acts and iraq's behavior show that saddam hussein and his regime are concealing their efforts to produce more weapons of mass destruction. the evidence of powells case turned out to be false. powell accepted responsibility for helping to lead the country into what he later called an unjustified war. deeply regret that the information, some of the information that all of it, some of the information i presented with from multi source was wrong. and it is a lot on my record. but yeah i, there's nothing i can do to change that blot overtime powells regret turned into disillusion would the republican party. he endorse democratic presidential candidate brock. obama in 2008. the visibility of inspire because of the inclusive nature of his campaign, because he is reaching out all across america. he gave similar reasons for backing hillary clinton over donald trump in 2016,
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and did the same for joe biden in 2020 with joe biden. the white house, you will never doubt that he will stand with our friends and stand up to our adversaries. never the other way around. after the storming of the u. s. capital on january 6th, 2021 by then president, trump supporters. powell announced he was quitting the republican party and he called on trump to resign. not surprising for a man who had always believed in duty to country before politics and had devoted his career to just that well the current u. s. secretary of defense, lloyd austin, has paid tribute to columbia. the world lost one of the greatest leaders and we have ever witnessed almost lost a great husband in the family was a tremendous form. and i lost her a tremendous personal friend and mentor. he has been my mentor for
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a number of years. i always made time for me and i can always go to m would with tough issues. he always had great break counsel we. we will certainly miss them. i feel as if i have a hole in my heart, just this morning of this just recently. straight to the white house. now. kimberly hallett. of course. our white house correspondent. hi. kimberly. what we haven't talked much about yet. sofa is ah, how will that help reasons behind colon pals, death and how the news was berg by it? well, the news was broken by his family on social media. in fact, here is i just a bit of the statement that they said he was fully vaccinated. we want to thank the medical staff at walter reed national medical center for their caring treatment. we have lost, remarkable, and loving husband, father, grandfather and great american. and in fact, we should know that that is one of the aspects of this story. not just remembering
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this man's incredible legacy, but a lot of americans reacting with some shock to the fact that he was fully vaccinated and yet still succumbed to the complications of covet 19. now of course, he was 84 years old. we do know that people of color in the united states have been disproportionately affected by coven 19, which is another factor still. powell fully vaccinated is trending right now on twitter, at least here in the united states, as i looked just a few moments ago. so there is some sort of frustration over this aspect of the story, but overall, there certainly is a remembrance of a remarkable man that many believe has left a too early. a man who bridged a divide. wilson, he, kimberly someone who, while a republican but who democrats could certainly work with. absolutely, and in fact he did come out as we reported the start of the show and support
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democratic presidential candidates because he had a philosophy that it was really a duty to country over politics. and that meant that he would support issues before he would support a party. and while he was a republican, he served under multiple republican presidents. going back to ronald reagan, he did endorse barack obama, hillary clinton for her presidential run, and joe biden. oh, what we see is a man who we could take away was respected by both political parties because of the way he conducted himself. and it's important to note too, as well, in a divided america. he didn't just work with people of both political stripes. he also had an enormous amount of humility for the color barriers that he repeatedly broke, as he held a number of very prominent posts in public service. and this is something that is also known for the fact that he certainly did not wear that on his sleeve,
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but let his work speak for itself and conducted himself with grace and humility. at perhaps why he was appointed as america's top diplomat under george w bush. kimberly hawkins is our white house correspondent. thank you. kimberly. let's get some reaction. we spoke to lawrence cold last hour, who is a former assistant secretary of defense. he's worked previously with colin powell and said he could have even one presidential elections. actually he was thinking of running in 1996 and his wife alma talked him out of that she was afraid for his life that you as the 1st african american you know, to, to get the nomination. he, you know, some people might come after him and i remember reading about that in his book and talking to him about, i think he was a bit a great president. i think it was one that he had run in 96 or 2000. but that's my
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understanding and that says a lot about this country that you know, of man, our person of such great stature is the lack of bravery is a, you know, it doesn't want to run because of what happens to be his skin color. just been looking a little bit of social media reaction as yet nothing on the accounts of president biden or former president obama, or indeed the current secretary state entity blink. and i am keeping an eye on those. but i have found this from the colon power school for civic and global leadership, which has put out its own statement here, which rates in part no words seem adequate. at this moment, the school belonged to general power. he was our leader and our friend, his pride in this place gave us all strength and we are heart broken. and then also just you saw the clip earlier of the current secretary of defense, lloyd austin. this was his tweet where he said it would be impossible to replace general pow, he was a tremendous personal friend and a mentor to me. there was a hole in my heart right now,
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as i think about his boss. joining us p. j. crowley. now for me, united states assistant secretary state on skype from alexandria virginia. condolences, i would say, 1st of all, i'm sure you knew mister power. and the fact that as a saying with kimberly how could correspond to before column. how it was a man who seemed to transcend political, divides, didn't matter which party you were from. he certainly elevated, was elevated to the role of statesmen. late in his life where he provided quiet counsel to a president of both parties and that spirit of bipartisanship and statesmanship is something that, you know, we're, we're certainly struggling to hold onto, you know, given here in the united states, we're in an error of hyper partisanship and political expediency, we can't talk about colon power without talking about his legacy as
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a secretary of state and the iraq war of 2003 it's, it's been talked about so much. lawrence called was saying to us earlier about how the speech that he gave to the united nations was actually turned down from what his bosses wanted. but even so it leaves that market is what people will certainly, as is diplomatic, korea goes, they will go back to well, certainly, you know, there are 2 bookends when it comes to colin powell in iraq. i served as a military officer during the 1st gulf war, where the united states under his leadership acted decisively acted, you know, in concert with other regional powers, international powers to drive the iraqi army out of crew rate. i think he then suffered from group think, you know, together with some of his other colleagues on the national security team,
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they had to they, they felt earnestly based on their previous history that the saddam hussein was hiding something. and, and in spite of the slim evidence that he was but, but then again, you know, to his credit, he, he was accountable. you know, he, he admitted his mistakes later. that is not something that we've heard across the bush national security team. no, that's true. he did, he did effectively retract it years later. but, you know, critics will say, well, if he was as up standing a man as we know him to be, then he wouldn't have gone there in the 1st 1st place. i mean, one argument is that he was being a good soldier and doing what he was told, but maybe he could have stood up more at the time when it matters. sure. and, you know, in the accounts of that time, obviously the pros, united states makes the final decision of the old colon power decided to give
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george w bush, you know, quite advice. you know, over your quiet meetings in the white house where his, you know, national security competitors, if you will, you know, vice president cheney. and then secretary defense rumsfeld, you know, we're, we're doing so much more publicly. and i think this is, you know, this is, you know, the kind of, the, the mist asked licks to aspect of colon polls experience. he was a strong believer in institutions both in terms of military institutions and later, you know, you know, i could see in serving up the state department, how he had literally begun to bring, you know, the institution, the state department in the 21st century. you know, those are to his credit, but he was, as we have talked about, you know, very uncomfortable or certainly relative to some of his, his colleagues of,
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of being, you know, fully engaged publicly in, in difficult political matters. and, and, you know, that's, that's part of his record. one final quick thought and it goes back to actually the, the tweet which i read out from secretary defense, lloyd austin a moment ago where he said he was a tremendous personal friend and a mentor to me. and that's important, isn't it? the mentorship side of things, i guess colon powell showed for young black americans that there is a path he didn't go through the, the traditional parts of west point. for example, he came from humble beginnings and he rose to the sorts of levels which, which other men, if they had not well, certainly as a military leader, he was of the generation that took the united states military from the aftermath of the vietnam conflict to where we had unparalleled strength on display, you know, during the gulf war he was
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a strong believer in the overwhelming use of force. and, and obviously as secretary state where the united states had great latitude and how it would exercise its military power. in some cases, we apply that constructively, and in some cases, we apply that destructively paycheck holly. thank you for your time today and your thoughts on the life of form, sectors that call them out coming up the wrist of today's news, including a visit to h, is because mom's fail, which is getting underway this week at a time of rising tensions around the region data may have lots of oh
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hello there, let's start in south asia and there's more where whether it's a comfort, india, we've seen intense rains affect corolla, and course landslides, thanks to flash flooding. now the rain ease is here over the next few days, but it will pick up by the mid week. much of a heavy rain can be found in that north, east and corner heavy falls for bangladesh as well. and me and mark, thanks to the low pressure sitting in the bay of been go. but it is going to push further east, causing quite a bit of snow to fall in nepal and boom time. but for the northwest corner it does start to dry up new delhi, seen the temperatures fit in early thirty's, central areas as well. we'll start to see the fine and dry weather come back in, but our fed wednesday we are going to see those thunder dom pause continue in the south. some of the shop storms pulling into sri lanka. now as we move to east asia, it's been robert dry across central parts of china. well, that is going to change on wednesday. we've got a bit of a winter we mix blowing in. we are going to see the temperature. dip downing will,
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is what is in shanghai as that wet weather arrives. but further south for hong kong, it is looking dry, the temperature sitting in the high twenty's. and it's a similar story in beijing. it is feeling a little bit cooler and the air quality is rather unhealthy. ah, the talk to al jazeera, we all get what gives you hope that it is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seemed to be pointing. otherwise we listen. we were never on the whatever road to off migration we meet with global news makers until about the stories that matter on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures, the cost, the amount of what we can use and kind of follows that mattel, to you lou
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ah, the breaking news this monday here on al jazeera is the death of former u. s. secretary of state colin powell passed away from cove at 19 complications. at the age of 84 pall served in 2 in top diplomatic and military posts for nearly 30 years. in addition to his time at the state department, he also served as chairman of the u. s. joint chiefs of staff and as national security advisor. now there's a special session of the u. k. parliament underway right now. paying tribute to so david amos following the conservative m p 's death on friday for family members upon that began with a minute fun of for their colleague. so david was stabbed to death while meeting members of the public and a church role in his constituency. east of lumps center for women flooding
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a landslide to kill at least 35 people in southern and in the southern indian state of carola, over the last week rescue operations by the army and navy are continuing to look for the many people missing. thousands of been stranded in parts of the coastal state authorities, fee of the number of debt could rise significantly. one of the worst affected areas is called the young and elizabeth per annum is monitoring the situation there for us. what's happening here in put them as in many other times with going on with trying to clear this luggage all debris into the trees which were up along the river bank. this is really important because the rain is softening again and it's heavy rains expected for wednesday. it is really important to try to clear as much of the plot which ways as possible to
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prevent further flooding, entire hose have been reduced to nothing but trouble. we've spoken to people who had devastated good luck every think they had nowhere else to go. now we've got the concrete and metal read all over this will that, that has been washed away homes that have not been reduced to every single position that people own is covered in mud. so there is a lot of recovery work here to do. and the rescue teams are still searching for some people who are missing. there was a move and a lot of these people who lost their homes and to more than a 100 relief camps that have been set up. and that's complicated because we go to court of the situation in canada, and it's been reporting some of the highest numbers of cases, in fact, the highest number of cases and death in india for the month. so authorities are trying to keep the numbers low at shelters so that they can maintain resistance.
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things are trying to contain that bind to the situation as well as managing the flooding. if your peers military is denying carrying out as strikes in the northern region of tig right, michael television linked to rebel forces had reported. several people injured in, michaela government forces were pushed out of the region. back in july, china's economy grew at a slower rate than expected in the 3rd quarter. according to official figures, the world's 2nd largest economy expanded 4.9 percent of that was down 3 percent from the previous quarter. nationwide power outages and supply bottlenecks of hert factories, while sporadic covert uprights of hampered consumer demand katrina, you had that he has now from begging. china's economy grew at a disappointing rate. in the 3rd quarter 2021. according to official figures, it expanded by only 4.9 percent. it's weakest rate for the year, down 3 percentage points from the previous quarter. the world's 2nd largest economy face is several challenges domestically and abroad. reasonably,
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there's being significant price increasing commodities, oil gas and also imported coal. and her, there is concern about energy security, disruption of and use apply to china in her shot while, as well as the la, medium and longer term. this is a concern entity restrictions aimed at meeting climate change targets have led to power shortages, which have hampered manufacturing the property market, which accounts for about a quarter of china's d. d, p by some estimates has been weighed down by new measures designed to curve debt. the country's largest real estate developer, f. a grant is struggling to pay back $300000000000.00 worth of debt fueling fears among housing investors. i think this new macro data has reflected, it is reality that chinese government is willing to make the trade off between economic rose and financial stability. and that's particularly clear when it comes
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to the restriction on the property market. analysts say slow retail consumption is particularly worrying. staging 0 torments opposed to corbin 19 means handful of cases could result in strict city one let down. this has had a devastating impact in domestic travel and spending. the pandemic has also disrupted global supply chains and affected the export of chinese products. officials have downplayed concerns saying the lower than expected g d p is in line with the countries gone, of achieving higher quality growth felt o medulla. the national economy sustained is recovery and the development work with all the major macro economic indicators, it's falling in the reasonable range from experts more that global stock ad bond markets could be dragged down by risks in china, but it's economy is still expected to end the year as one of the fastest growing in the world. katrina you out 0 paging. well, as the world slowly begins to open up,
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after the pandemic, the asia pacific regions witnessing and intensifying arms race, some nations are requiring weapons in response to china's military growth and tensions around north korea's weapons programs. scott hyde, le, has more or one of asia biggest markets for arms dealers and their clients, military shopping for the latest technology and weapons kicks off this week in south korea at the so a dex. trade show leaders in defense ministries and officials for 28 countries. will look to strike deals as the world starts to move on. after the pandemic show interest from countries in se, asia, africa, and central and south america, this was confirmed with follow up with inquiries for products and parts as well. and this rising interest in weaponry comes at a crucial time for the asia pacific region with young north korea just last week, put on a show of its latest weapon systems bowing to build what it called an invincible
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military neighbour and a dex hosts. south korea is the focus on new technology to counter its rival to the north and its continuing development of nuclear weapons. we are preparing additional funding for various cutting edge technologies, emerging under the umbrella of the 4th industrial revolution from unmanned vehicles and laser weaponry. for example, i can say these systems will grow in our arsenal. we will continue to acquire surveillance assets at a rapid pace. building tension is not limited to regional players and disputes superpowers. the united states and china have been testing each other in the territory around taiwan. china says the island is part of its territory. the u. s. says it's working to keep international territory open on the sea and in the air. earlier this month, china showed off its latest weaponry and missile systems. and just over the weekend reports that china recently tested a nuclear capable hypersonic missile. rising the stakes and what appears to be
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a budding arms race in eastern asia. the u. s. in russia are also developing similar weapons. so while some defense budgets might have been trimmed in the last 18 months because of covered 19 related cars, many militaries now appear to be making up for lost time. got hyler al jazeera, me and mosque who lead coming on line has rejected. demands made by the south east asian regional blog to comply with its plan for political transition is coming to the earth since meanwhile, was excluded from an upcoming ass young meeting. and also laid the blame the violence in the country on force as opposed to military rule or in this report in florence louis 2 days after the association of southeast asian nations or ozzy and agreed to downgrade me on my presence at a lead a summit later this month qu, leda min on lang, struck a defiant tone. no, it will be after the statement was announced. nay, probably more violence happened due to the provocations of terrorist groups, c,
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p h and the national unity government and involvement of ethnic organizations. we're still solving that. no one cares to stop the violence in killings and are only demanding that we solve the issue. as yon should work on that asean has faced increasing pressure to take a tougher stand against myanmar. in a hastily convened virtual meeting last friday. foreign ministers in the region agree to invite a non political figure from myanmar. instead to the meeting. brunei which host this year's audio meetings cited a lack of progress on a piece plan that myanmar had agreed to during an emergency summit in jakarta in april. but one analyst says, our sins decision to sideline man must military ruler, may not have much impact as and got some hard thinking to do about what next steps to, to take. but i do think that a lot of other countries around the world, united nations and other leaders have to figure out a way to actively help as he and through this and to find other points. so i'm
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putting pressure on the state administration council, unfortunately does not many points of pressure that you can do. i think the military is really hunkering down and becoming more defined, not more cooperative february's qu, plunged myanmar into turmoil. more than a 1100 people have been killed. an activist say, security forces are still conducting raids and arresting people across the country . more than 7000 people are still being detained. men on clang in his speech on monday also agreed to release more than 5600 people arrested for their roles in antique who protests but rights group assistance association for political prisoners has criticized the amnesty as a form of distraction for foreign governments. it says if the military, jupiter was sincere about the peace process, it would release all deposed civilian leaders, including on santucci and other political prisoners without conditions. immediately
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florence li, al jazeera sudanese forces, have fired tear gas to disperse protest, as in the capital cartoon, demanding prime minister a bell humbug stepped on her just as a his economic policies of negatively affected living conditions. death surrounds transitional government slash fuel subsidies and adopted an exchange system that's hurt the value of the currency the demonstrations to and venezuela in the capital caracas, calling for the release of an envoy of president nicholas maduro was expedited to the united states. oh, be a businessman. alex, arb is doing court in florida on monday on corruption charges. the us justice department charged isab in 2019 in connection with a bribery scheme to take advantage of venezuela. state controlled exchange rate. after the extradition, venezuela's government suspended talks with the opposition to resolve long standing divisions. lima caught in the u. s. government knew that kidnapping
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a member of the dialogue, commission, and lexical alex sob was a moral stab in the back of the dialogues and negotiations and mexico. the u. s. government knew it and active. they knew it or if they do not want dialogue, they do not want piece foreign as well. are also they do not want democracy in progress for venezuela? no kidding. ah. on al jazeera, these are the top stories for me. you a secretary of state, colin powell has died from cove at 19 complications. he was 84 years old. powell served in top diplomatic and military posts for nearly 30 years. in addition to his time at the state department, he also served as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and as national security advisor. the u. s. secretary of defense lloyd austin, has paid his tributes to colon power. the world lost one of the greatest leaders of we over with mission.


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