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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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tougher stand against me unlocked it hastily convened virtual meeting last friday. foreign ministers in the region agree to invite a non political figure from myanmar. instead to the meeting, brunei which host this year's audio meetings cited a lack of progress on a piece plan that myanmar had agreed to during an emergency summit in jakarta in april. but one analyst says, our sins decision to sideline man must military ruler, may not have much impact as an gotten hard thinking to do about or what next steps to, to take. but i do think that a lot of other countries around the world, the united nations and other leaders have to figure out a way to actively help as he and through this and to find other points. so i'm putting pressure on the site administration council. unfortunately, there's not many points of pressure that you can do. i think the military is really . ready hunkering down and becoming more defined, not more cooperative february's qu, plunged myanmar into turmoil. more than
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a 1100 people have been killed. an activist say, security forces are still conducting raids and arresting people across the country . more than 7000 people are still being detained. men on clang and his speech on monday also agreed to release more than 5600 people arrested for the roles in antique who protests but rights group assistance association for political prisoners has criticized the amnesty as a form of distraction for foreign governments. it says if the military, jupiter was sincere about the peace process, it would release all deposed civilian leaders, including on santucci and other political prisoners without conditions. immediately, florence li al jazeera chinese economy grew at i slower rate than expected. in the 3rd quarter. this is, according to official figures. the world's 2nd largest economy expanded 4.9 percent, which was down 3 percent from the previous quarter. nationwide power outages supply
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bottlenecks hurt factories. while sporadic covert outbreaks of hampered consumer demand 20 year reports now from paging, china's economy grew at a disappointing rate. in the 3rd quarter of 2021. according to official figures, it expanded by only 4.9 percent. its weakest rate for the year. down 3 percentage points from the previous quarter. the world's 2nd largest economy faces several challenges domestically and abroad, reasonably as being significant price, increasing commodities, oil gas, and also imported cold. and are, there is concern about energy security disruption. love and use apply to china in her shot while as well as the la medium and longer talk. this is a concern entity restrictions aimed at meeting climate change. targets have led to power shortages, which had hampered manufacturing. the property market, which accounts for about a quarter of china's g d. p by some estimates has been weighed down by new measures
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designed to could debt the country's largest real estate developer ever grant is struggling to pay back 300000000000 dollars worth of debt fueling fears among housing investors. i think this new macro data has reflected is reality, that chinese government is willing to make a trade off between economic growth and financial stability. and that's particularly clear when it comes to the restriction on the property market. analysts say slow retail consumption is particularly worrying. staging 0 torments opposed to corbin 19 means handful of cases could result in strict city wide lockdown. this has had a devastating impact in domestic travel and spending. the pandemic has also disrupted global supply chains and affected the export of chinese products. officials have downplayed concerns saying the lower than expected g d p is in line
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with the countries gone, of achieving higher quality growth felt only change in the national economy, sustained is recovery and the device lunch with all the major macro economic indicators falling in the reasonable range for experts more that global stock and bond markets could be dragged down by risks in china. but it's economy still expected to end the year as one of the fastest growing in the world. katrina, u. l. 0 aging into the u. k. now tributes being paid to the david amos during a special session. the u. k. parliament is of course, following the death of the conservative m. p. on friday, i thought without having the moment of fun stay, but actually a picture is frozen. so we'll talk to jona, how jonah important day remember, and here in the british parliament, lawrence johnson, the prime minister will lead tribute this afternoon in the next few moments after
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that minute silence to david, i missed the mc who was killed on friday in his constituency. in southeast england was beating constituents in a church, pars johnson will be followed by the piece will have the opportunity in turn to pay tribute. fundamentally, business is effectively being suspended for the afternoon. of course, the motive force davis, david amos's killing remains unclear, but it is clear that it took place turner. i'm sorry, i'm going to interrupt you. we can take any advice at the moment of silence life.
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thank you. since we last met, we have lost 2 or something. friends and colleagues said days is amos and jim spoken shar, i know honorable writer madness mo parts. this house will show my deep softness, the loss of a waltz, who joy me and said niga, heartfelt condolences to the farmers the circumstances
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are so david's death was despicable on the rose is the most fundamental issues about home members of this house. a rebel took a home of vital democratic responsibilities safely and securely in light of the ongoing police investigation. i will not say more about the event, but i give the host my and the tasting that i will do everything within my power to ensure that these issues are treated with urgency on, with the sense of priority that they deserve. i speaker of the house of commons, sir lindsey hoyle, leading tributes ah, to sir david amos and james barkin char another m p, who died from health reasons. recently a rare moments of silence and unity in the house of commons in westminster. jonah, how outside of that building there. sorry to interrupt you earlier, jonah, but we did just want to taken some of that moment because it is rare, isn't it?
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t usually way used to they're, they're the shouting and the year sometimes name calling in the life that goes on in that hole and such a different feeling today. what well certainly is rare, but in terms of the astonishing circumstances of david is getting on friday. perhaps not as rare as one might hope 5 years ago. another mc joe cox was killed in very similar circumstances that gave rise then to concerns and questions about security . some of the recommendations made then were not entirely adopted and again, the same debate raging. now, as i said, the motifs are not entirely clear the police are still investigating. but what is clear is that this is taking place in a particularly devices, political climate, in which discourse is characterized by really the most to be brought at times. rhetoric and the questions now are about how to keep n p 's who face very regular risks safe. one m p a veteran labor party
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and p. margaret hodge revealed earlier that she receives $90000.00 social media, abusive mentions on social media interest, a 2 month period last year. so the and inevitable course of the social media companies to do more to clamp down on what is allowed to appear online, but it is the more present issue of their physical safety. that is the subject of lead to debate. now, particularly these constituencies settings where and please meet with their constituents every 2 weeks face to face in a very open, very trustworthy manner. constituents can bring whatever problems they have to the mt with a sense of trust that those problems will be taken on up the chain. and these things happen without notably security. well, i'm pretty patel. the secretary is reviewing all of that. she has said that she may consider offering police protection to those mtc wanted facts. also the use of airport style scanners many m. p 's. some may embrace if others have spoken out against it and say, look, this is an absolutely fundamental pillar of british democracy that trust must be
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allowed to remain. a lot of these people are at their lowest ebb, suffering desperate problems, and they may simply not turn up a tool if there is the presence there in front of them, of a police officer. so i think this debate has some way to go. yes, very quickly, john, the latest on the suspect, a 25 year old british national of somali descent he was arrested at the scene on friday. witnesses described that he was sitting there quite calmly beside the body of david amos. and i was also arrested in seed. he's been questioned by police counter terrorism, police leading the investigation, but no clear motive has yet come out. and i would speculate further, he will be held until friday, now under the relevant legislation before being charged or released. and that really at this moment, time is all that there is for the police to go on, but they do clearly have the men that they believe was responsible for the killing of david. i miss jona,
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how outside the british parliament in london. thank you. if you use military is denying carrying out as strikes in the northern to dr. region, local television, which is linked to rebel forces had reported several people injured in mckellar excuse me. government forces were pushed out of the region in july, but the fighting has continued. in fact, that fighting in take guy has been going on for nearly a year, all up the tick, ryan people's liberation front. the t p l. f. actually dominated ethiopian politics nearly 30 years until prime minister abbey med took power back in 2018. abbey ordered a military operation against the group integral last november after he said it attacked army bases. the t p l f o says it was unfairly targeted. this conflict has killed thousands of people. the humans have more than 2000000 have been displaced as well and more than 400000 are close to famine. in june, the african union launched an independent inquiry into alleged human rights abuses
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in the region after widespread accounts of massacres and sexual violence against civilians with us from their robi william davison, who's a senior ethiopia analyst with the international crisis group. and we thank you for your time, what we're hearing about today possible as strikes, integrity and indeed everything else i just mentioned there about displacement, about famine. so much of it is we just don't know for sure to be communication. got cut off from the region and things that going on, which we just can't know the full extent of it. and i think yet if the, the flow of information and the ability to verify information has been a problem during this war. you do to sort of interruptions, transport, telecommunications restrictions on media coverage and that type of thing. i think you'll see this development in terms of the strike is just the cut and i'm sure it will be some verification of that. it doesn't look like the world as strikes on on medical today. we should also know that this comes off the very serious fighting
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which is not actually being in take re region over the last week. instead, it's a result of the offensive by the great force you don't going sporadically in june. they've been pushing into a horror region, and they are made significant gains in the last few days. even beginning to maybe put some pressure on top of it as well as the main trade route since you're pretty . so where does this go from here? i mean, as i pointed out, this is actually a, a years worth of fighting government forces. suppose they push out in july, but it goes on yeah, 11 months, a brutal warfare, retirement situation side to gray is terrible. there is a defective federal blockade on the region. major constraints on humanitarian access. also, the federal government has capital major services to great banking, telecommunications and electricity, and then the fighting is ongoing and i'm har, region particular leadership has various reasons for that. but i think, you know, the cost is incredible. the trajectory is,
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is awful and what needs to happen is that both sides need comes to negotiate the table. they need to prioritize, humanitarian relief to, to gray, and other areas that are suffering. and then they need to start some form of political process amid the thought to try and, and very complex sustainably. is there any other nation or, or, or leadership who could intervene? i mean, i mentioned that there is this african union independent inquiry that is looking into specific human rights abuses. but from everything you'll say there's a farmer acute problem going on right now. yes, exactly. that's part of the app to divide the work of investigation and an accountability head. but what we have is that you can take, let's go problem that's driving this complex. i think really coming into the limelight of the african unions. new and boy of the son joe, the form and jerry and president, he's going to receive a lot of the rest of the international community for mediation attempts. we also have the us threatening to impose sanctions here, but i think everyone is looking for the african union and it's,
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and boys really impressed upon the get in part is that unless they changed and change tracking and the country is just going to be on a positive increase deterioration or right that is william davidson from international crisis group taking a st. latest developments in take out any of your thank you. there are more details emerging about the kidnap. if a group of missionaries in haiti, police say a well known gang is behind the adoption of the group, that is 16 us citizens and one canadian who were kidnapped as they left an orphanage near the capital. puerto prince on saturday. the un syria invoices, the government and the opposition have agreed to begin drafting constitutional reforms from monday, talks about the country's political future have been stalled since january the serious 10 year civil was killed, more than 3 150000 people and displaced millions in 2018 the government and the opposition agreed to form a committee to draft a new constitution. the progress on that has been slow cutter and the european
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union of signed an agreement to allow airlines to expand their services. it will allow us national carrier to enter your p and markets without restrictions and means no limits to payloads or the number of flights european companies will enjoy the same freedom when coming to cover themselves. now to them environmental news, we're going to greenland, which has been at the forefront of our climbing, our changing climate with several 1st time events reported this year alone. for example, the ice cap melted at a record right. the water it created in 24 hours was enough to cover entirely an area of the size of florida in 5 centimeters of water. great chunks of the ice sheet collapsed and drifted off into the open ocean. and it's been so warm. there's been rain not snow on the summit for the 1st time on record. nick clock has traveled to glasgow to see 1st hand the effect of climate change and to speak to scientists studying the changes. the alt take is warming twice as fast as the rest
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of the planet, which means the sea doesn't freeze as much as it used to. and less sea ice means more sunlight is absorbed into the ocean. the warmer ocean melt the glasses faster from below, while warm air temperatures mel the glassy as an ice sheet faster from above. meaning more icebergs carved into the ocean, the ice sheet diminishes. and as ongoing, sea level rise around the world. this is how it sounds and how it looks when the ice cap meets the sea and see the azure blue. if the ice there that's caused by the great pressure of the glassy or above it of the ice cap is weighing down on the ice. and these continual cracks, izzy ice falls and collapses off into the water. and he see birds is wheeling around, feeding off these rich nutrients that a churned up by this continual flow of melt water that's coming off. the glasser
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and vast quantities because just the greenland ice sheet and the effects of it melting. so important to us all, there's a huge amount of scientific research going on. deep within a few or oceanographer lawrence mer, uses a pro to gather data from the water. in terms of climate change to with this we met measure how much fresh water is actually coming from the eye sheet. so we see in recent years, the amount of fresh water has increased as strongly because the melt has increased strongly dental. so we measure temperature of the ocean because the ocean in many parts of creedence in direct contact with the eye sheet. so if the ocean warms up, than that the places will melt faster and faster and that's something we actually see. it's also important to take core samples from the fuel bed. everything that happens in the water column at some point and some at the sea floor. and in spite
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of your ecosystem of the footwear industry. so again, to your interested in how our climate change will impact the footwork of this real shorts. at the end of every summer satellite track as establish how much arctic sea ice has been lost. this year it dropped to an area of just 4720000 square kilometers. it's 12 lowest extent on record. so sea ice is currently declining at a rate of around 13 percent each decade. and to put that into perspective, an area of sea ice equivalent to a country, the size of austria is being lost each year. the arctic is complex and hard to predict, but we do know for sure things are going in the wrong direction. and it's having global consequences. nicholas al jazeera cassie also green. that's the news report. you can see the full special with nick clark on planet s o. s. his
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report from greenland and full next screening over 330 g and take on tuesday. we'll grab a break on the news out when we come back, you'll sports ease and there was a new name on this particular tennis trophy santa has the details and the rest of the sports animals ah
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ah ah oh news. ah it is here with a good deal. thank you very much to come. all was spanish tennis player paulette. the daughter has won the biggest title of her career. but those have bt and get
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victoria as the rank and the indian wells. the final was also an unexpected, the winner and the men's event. as andy richardson reports, it's referred to as the 5th major by the players and this indian wells final between palate, oser and victoria. as a rancor produced a match worthy of the occasion for the most of this was the biggest match of her career. and she claimed the 1st set, the world number one as a rank who was aiming to win this title for the time, the most of any player and the beller russian hit back to level the match. it is sorry to push too much time over 3. i was the years longest, singles final but also edged it in its high break cap a career best week. i believe. would this happen? i think tomorrow are in today's i will believe it a little bit more, but yeah,
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i'm super happy and i'm even happier after this match because i think it was a really good one and winning a champion like because it's even amazed. it's an amazing feeling. cameron north a few could have predicted the line up for the men's final britain's camera nori taking on nicholas lash really of georgia. no worries run to this tunnel decider in california. it wasn't entirely unexpected. only world number one of a joke of which has been in as many finals this year but from doom to become the 1st british player when this title and i don't really know what i'm experiencing is an amazing couple of weeks. and i'm so happy with how i treated all the occasions or the big moments or the matches and i'm so happy so pleased to win my biggest title nori is now in the running to qualify for the season ending atp finals. cameron or
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let terra farm and richardson algebra. yes, and the braves are just too ins away from a place and baseballs a wall series or the 2nd straight night at the game against los angeles dodgers that was decided the in the 9th inning ado, rosario was the game winner as atlanta secured a 5 full victory series resumes in los angeles. that were game 3 is set for tuesday . you guys never quit. they never have. they haven't for years here. i'm. and if they got it out, laugh you're a strike. last it strike left. as we've seen. they might, my might make something happen, a handful of protesters that disrupted the official torch lightning ceremony for next he has a begging a winter olympics. several people with banners that managed to get into the event at being held at the ancient olympic site in greece. it is the latest demonstration around the games. some human rights group are demanding
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a boycott of the event. while the ceremony did still take place, the flame, it will be handed over to beijing's organizing team in athens, on that tuesday, olympic president at thomas belk says that he's confident the games will go ahead as plant sporting action starts on february. the 4th in our french, our world, where deviation, conflict, and mistrust are on the rise. the olympic games all was built bridges. they never erect walls. the house of next year's football woke up have announced a new partnership with the world health organization, cut our se, they hope the collaboration that will ensure the term and to produce as a legacy for both sport and health events. that to promote a health, a healthy living and a mental well being will take place throughout the event. in english, friday, a day of celebration for new costs are not as new own as finished in disappointment,
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representatives of the south, the lead concert, the consortium were at st. james parker for the 1st game since taken over the club . they saw the team beaten a 32 by putnam, you call so a still without a league when the season and sit 2nd awesome in the table. the owners have been very, very respectful of the last week 10 days, wherever it is, it's obviously the start which gives everybody a little bit of hope. it's going to take time and patience of course. but to have the support on site, i have to say it was was terrific. that's a news for barcelona in the spanish league, their teenage sika. and so it was among the scores and we won when over valencia. this much also might be boston on a debbie of argent on the for the magic. this is striker has been recovering from a cough injury and by munich. go back on top of the gym and bond is niga polish.
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psycho of living dog or twice and a 51 win over by liver cruising. o'brien are aiming to win the new title for the 10th grade season. or mac roy has won the 20 p j. title of his career. if you do put on the 14th whole set, top micro for one. so when i see a cup in las vegas, northern irishman said he considered the ending his season early after last month. why the cup feet on the saturday night or the ryder cup? i was, i was done with all, i didn't want to see golf again until 2022. and then i talked about that sunday singles much and then that sort of sparked a little bit of a liam again. i was like, you know, i think i may be figured something nice here. let me, let me play a few more times before the season's done and that is for him on hand. you back to come on santa thank you so much. this is me very busy. news started here on out 0
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course. the breaking news this afternoon is that the former us secretary of state colin powell has died at the age of 18 for more coverage of that and the rest of the day's news just ah plan it is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit al jazeera showcases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate, emergency witness screens, films documenting the human experience on the frontline planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population, people empower us why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigate horizon temperatures, fueling a water war in the u. s. l just they were world shows how
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a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources, the stream. take the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency, a season of special coverage on al jazeera. it's the world's most populous democracy, diverse dynamic, and undergoing moment to seen context india dixon in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me, fade. those are for context, india. on alex's eda is sugar growing, reaching a 3rd of female work as have had the winds. remove 11 east investigates. why so
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many women are having invasive surgery on out is there not a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of our networks? journalists on al jazeera, colin powell, the 1st african american secretary of state, has died coming up. we look at his life from forestall general to top u. s. dixon. ah . other going on? come all santa maria, here in doha with that story and the rest of the world news a struts and landslides killed thousands of people in the southern indian state of
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carola and more rain. it's full cost in the coming days. plus china's.


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