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yet lance that's bringing heavy rain, snow and strong winds to iceland. and by the time we get into when say it's going to shimmy a cross into scandinavia where we are going to see some significant snowfall. but there's plenty of fun in dry weather across those southern areas of france and into the iberian peninsula, with madrid at $25.00 degrees celsius. that's the weather. ah, stay propaganda, media censorship and the rise of all 3rd area rule. you wake up one day system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive for a turing machine. i looked at the loss of power in hungarian to the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure on us, but we haven't to be very careful, of course, and we have to be brave enough to support how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera, indonesia, the country with an abundance of results with lauren wan,
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indonesia whose terms forming we move to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let me park when the lease is pros and progress in indonesia. now, o a. this is a new formality era and these are the top stories, at least 27 people. not dead after the floods in landslide. because by heavy rain in southern india, the army and navy carrying out rescue operations and thousands of been relocated,
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china's economic growth is flowing as a post panoramic recovery loses momentum to well. second largest economy grew to write a 4.9 defense. and the 3rd quarter, the week figured in here, me and mark miller, treason, and leader has rejected, demands made by se asia regional blog to comply with its plan for political transition. he is promising also to release thousands of protesters who have been detained since the military. in february, let's checking on sudan now, thousands of people. they are holding a sit in protest in front of the presidential palace in cartoon, and demanding prime minister, bella hummed up step don't protest to say. his economic policies have negatively affected their living condition. sedans, transitional government flashed fuel subsidies and then adopted a floating exchange system, but dropped the value of a current. hip morgan is outside the presidential palace and i think for today, how's it going today? yes,
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people are now gathering for the 3rd day and they're demanding that prime minister out the door dissolve. the executive cabinets of the friends government. now they're not saying it because of the economic conditions. although some people who are here to say that the conditions in their states and in their localities are very dire. so they want the new government. but a majority of them are saying that the government is all inclusive and does not present many of the people who participated in the december 2018 revolution. so they want to see the government dissolved. let's not forget that in early october, a new faction within the forces of freedom and change. that's the coalition that lead to government protests against president dominant. a new faction was formed thing that, or rather best passions that, that's the mainstream forces of freedom and change is not very inclusive and not representative and has excluded some of the people who participated and their illusion. and this is creating the prime minister. i belong the consult with
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creating a crisis which he described as the most dangerous posted on transition. he's urged the sides of the transitional government, both before the freedom and change mainstream, and the new fraction, as well as the military component of the transitional government. his urge them to come together and dialogue to find a way out of this question. but so, but so far it's yet to be seen. the 3 sides coming together to try to find ways out of this current situation. hip, hipaa, governments and prime ministers, they're not in a habit of resigning unless they really have to. but is this government and prime minister, at least acknowledging the problems that the protesters are putting forward and saying that yes, we do understand this is real well if they are acknowledging it's, we don't have to wait for the statement shortly. right now, we are in an emergency cabinet meeting, discussing this in as well as the situation around the country and wanted to asian are on the country talking specifically about the east, the state of rec,
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the protests have been raising for more than a month now. and the main ports of them has been shot for more than a month by processes who said that they reject a piece agreement that was signed lots of october because it's also not representative. so the real issue here come on, the issue of representation for them is very diverse. so many tribes so many estimates that these and so many coalitions, all of them wants to see themselves during this transition period being represented . and it's very hard for the prime minister and institutions that are supposed to be set up during this transition period, including besides the executive executive government that currently holding a meeting. and beside the suburbs, the council, there's also the legislative assembly that fit to be formed. so people are hoping that they see themselves busy, they're trying to listen. and that's why that is yet to be found that many of them say that the current government is not very included. they don't have any hope of being presented, which is why they demanding the government be dissolved and a new executive cabinet before me. they sit in part of that in cartoon today and hit morgan's across it for us. thank you. have a to israel,
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where the palestinian israeli community, a thing arise in gun crime. last year, 96 deaths were reported, which is the highest toll in recent years, but fatalities if you have already to pass those figures while the government wants to bring in the army activists the calling for better policing. instead, the warning view as may find some of the images in harry force that report distressing. for years gun crime in palestinian israeli communities has been at crisis levels last year, 96 people were killed in shootings. the highest figure in recent memory with 2 months still remaining of this year that toll has already been exceeded. play a loser. i li. monica lil says her son was looted to a meeting and shot dead by a member of a family involved in a dispute with one of their relatives. caliah grew up a passionate horse rider. his mother says he was never involved in gangs her grief
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now compounded by a police investigation that resulted in just one charge. the possession of weapons knew about the over the year. i've been saying, i know the man who murdered my son. he was one of the 3 men who said a trap and killed him this month, israel's prime minister sit out further plans to tackle a crisis that had reached what he called a monstrous magnitude. he wants the army and the domestic spy agency, the shin bet, to play a greater role, at least in stopping the supply of illegal weapons. and you should but chief called it a national mission, that in palestinian israeli towns, people point to inequalities and education opportunity. and housing providing a breeding ground for criminality. a situation worsened by hands of policing. but communities like this have heard big government promises before very skepticism. whether the words will be followed by actions and even more so whether these are the right kind of actions to tackle a problem or a bright campaign. uh huh. g done says the police already have the capability to
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break up well known criminal gangs. it's a question of deciding whether to do it. it's political well i think is right and has the knowledge they have that they have what they have the technology, they have the manpower and the what the lack is the political when police often complain that palestinian israelis are reluctant to cooperate with investigators of the sod jubilee was shot and killed in his family shop in 2018. this video evidence and witness accounts did result in conviction and jail for his killer. but his mother, what for says earlier, attacks on the family weren't investigated. now she campaigns for greater police intervention. and then this now that we have promises from the government, but how can we parents believe it if we don't see being implemented on the ground and for justice to be achieved? she wants her granddaughter sides, daughter to grow up in a community where criminals, a jailed cycles of retribution are ended. an entire towns are no longer dominated
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by the sound of gunfire. harry faucet, al jazeera, taipei israel, one of europe largest. he has a housing crisis. people in his family struggling to find affordable housing frustrated university students have protested by spending the night in the park. russell soda has more sancho tech works at a real estate agency in turkeys. largest city is stumble. he has house, hundreds of people find homes. but now he is on the house, hunt himself a task that is becoming increasingly difficult. fulton, i've been working in real state in this area for years. and even though i've been making a good salary in a big company, i can't find any suitable housing for my budget. i wanted to move into a new house some time ago, but i had to postpone it because of the pandemic. but meanwhile, prices have increased $2.00 to $3.00 times. a stumble is low on affordable housing, export se gentrification projects demand for foreign nationals and the economy
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situation worsened by the pandemic, or causing the price hikes. rank prizes. turkey, how collect at the record pace in 2021. with a 29.2 percent hike. that is triple the global average. a real estate agent or create an engine and give a popular location for many foreigners says there are plenty of homes around but said prizes are only going in one direction. took on the demand from foreigners is increasingly high. you can't even imagine it. people, especially from the iranian peninsula, are showing high demand for houses. yeah. and in return, they get turkish citizenship around 6070 percent of this rent increase is due to foreign demand. the li, rather dramatic loss of revenue and the inflation rate as high as 20 persons are making life extremely difficult for many in turkey and skyrocket, the rental prices are now threatening to leave students without
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a roof. some of them spent the night at this part to demand more affordable housing . one of them is a 23 year old student jet. i'm back. she says it has become impossible to find the police of her own company or land or knocked her door every day. she says she wants to give our house to someone else at a higher rent 23 years old trying to live as an individual. what will i do if i cannot live in this country as a woman or as a student? where can i go like? the turkish government says it's planning to provide new dormitories for students forced out of their houses. but for many others, secured in an affordable place to live is becoming increasingly impossible. restful, sad that just era the stumble news from across latin american out 1st demonstrations in venezuela's capital, caracas, calling for the release of an envoy of present because my daughter,
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who was extradited to the united states from cape bird. oh, columbia. businessman acts sub is due in court in florida on monday on money laundering charges. the u. s. justice department charged sar, been 2019 in connection with the bribery scheme. and as well as government is now suspended, talks with the opposition to protest. washington's decision will be he will put them the u. s. government knew that kidnapping a member of the dialogue commission and mexico alex saab was immortal. stab in the back of this dialogues and negotiations and mexico. the u. s. government knew it, and they knew it. they do not want dialogue, they do not want peace for as well. they do not want democracy in progress for venezuela. locating a container in thousands of people brought the streets of when a fire is on sunday and a demonstration in support of the government. the loyalty day celebration was organized by the governing pair on his party. the government of president,
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alberto fernandez, needs to bring down inflation and human prices on rising 50 percent annually. in your officials are in new york talk to the international monetary fund to present a new roadmap, to get out and seen out of these economic problems. but it is that it's not just for the rudeness with her own. just don't just govern for the her own as well. it's the government for all the people per own is government. looks like it's doing something wrong. here we are celebrating loyalty day and asking the president for more peer owners him and in el salvador, thousands of people protested against president ny bouquet lay on sunday. they're angry because seeking a 2nd term and that he's fired supreme court judges in an effort to concentrate his power. the president recently changed his wouldn't handle to the emperor of el salvador, which has prompted the public to call them a dictator. protest are also angry about mechanics decision to adopt bitcoin as the official currency. he's even prime minister just in toronto and says oakland will
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remain under lockdown for another 2 weeks. the nation's largest city has been in lockdown for about 2 months now. as officials tried to contain the delta very into cove at 19 doing and said strict lock downs can end if 90 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. dean and have been virus free from the 6 months before an outbreak of delta in mid august. now the head of the government of the canary islands is warning the volcanic eruption and the parliament could last for months. now the streams from company be spread out to the 7 square kilometers destroying farmland, nearly 2000 buildings. life pictures now, plenty of ash and smoke coming up as well. more than 7000 people having to be relocated as well. alex on de lush reports now from pops upon the option and left, hama has now entered it for a week, and there appears to be no sign of. it's slowing down. that's the word authorities are trying to convey to the residents of the canary islands. they've recorded more
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than 600 seismic events in the past week, and at least 42 on sunday alone, the largest, the which was magnitude 4.3. now one thing they are trying to refresh to residents is that the seismic activity does not provide any evidence that the volcano is going to grow any larger. but a new vent has apparently opened up just below the main cone. now, fountains of lava are blasting tens of meters into the air and with it it's sending thousands of tons of smoke and ash while the ash is continuing to cause problems for the transportation industry. it's apparently causing a boom for the tourism industry, hotel ears, and restaurants staff are saying that they're having an increase in customers who are coming from neighboring island exclusively to see this volcanic spectacle of greenland has been at the forefront about changing climate with several 1st time events reported this year alone. the ice cap melted at
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a record rates. the water it created in 24 hours was actually enough to cover entirely an area of the size of florida in 5 centimeters of water. great chunks of the ice sheet collapsed and drifted off into the open ocean and it's been so warm. there has been rain, not snow on the summit for the 1st time on record and cock travel to eye glass. here to see 1st hand the effects of climate change and speak to scientists. we're studying the changes. the arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, which means the sea doesn't freeze as much as it used to. unless the ice means more sunlight is absorbed into the ocean. warmer ocean melt, the glass is faster from below. while warm air temperatures mel the glassy as an ice sheet faster from above. meaning more icebergs carved into the ocean. the ice sheet diminishes and there's ongoing sea level rise around the world.
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this is how it sounds and how it looks when the ice cap meets the c. c. the as jo, blue of the ice there that's caused by the great pressure of the glassy or above it of the ice cap just weighing down on the ice. and these continual cracks, izzy ice falls and collapses off into the water. and he see birds is wheeling around, feeding off these rich nutrients that a churned up by this continual flow of melt water that's coming off. the glasser and vast quantities because just the greenland ice sheet and the effects of it melting. so important to us all, there's a huge amount of scientific research going on. deep within a few, ord oceanographer lawrence mer, uses a pro to gather data from the water. in terms of climate change to with this,
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we measure how much fresh water is actually coming from the eye sheet. so we see in recent years, the amount of fresh water has increased strongly because the melt has increased strongly. de know, so we measure temperature of the ocean was the ocean in many parts of green. it's in direct contact with the i should. so of the ocean warms up than that, the glaciers will melt faster and faster. and that's something we actually see. it's also important to take core samples from the fuel bed, everything that happens in water column at some point and some at the sea floor, and it's part of your ecosystem of the footwear industry. so at the end, you're interested in how a climate change will impact the foot, wip of these real shorts. at the end of every summer satellite track as establish how much arctic sea ice has been lost. this year it dropped to an area of just 4720000 square kilometers. it's 12 lowest extent on record. so sea ice
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is currently declining at a rate of around 13 percent each decade. and to put that into perspective, an area of sea ice equivalent to a country, the size of austria is being lost each year. the arctic is complex and hard to predict, but we do know for sure things are going in the wrong direction. and it's having global consequences. nicholas al jazeera cassie also green, and nick has a special report on the next edition of a planet s o s on al jazeera. you can see that at 1130 g m t, which is after our next news bulletin. still on this needs belinda sports news and there was a new name on this tennis tracy santa will reveal one moment. oh
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mm mm pool. ah
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ah, number, look at your sport, what's on it? thank you very much. come our spanish tennis plan, paula. but tulsa has won the biggest title of her career, but also beating victoria as that inca and indian wells a final. it was also an unexpected, a winner in the men's event. as andy, which it's and reports, it's referred to as the 5th major. the players and this indian wells final between palate, oser and victoria, as a rancor produced a match worthy of the occasion for belinda. this was the biggest match of her career and she climbed the 1st set ah, well number one as a rank who was aiming to win this title for
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a 3rd time. the most of any player and the bell russian hit back to level to match the decider pushed the march time over 3 hours the years longest. singles final. but osa edged it in its high break cap a career best week. i think in a bully with this happen. i think her tomorrow are in today's i will and believe it a little bit more and by the i'm super happy in i'm even happier after the this match because i think it was a really good one. and now winning a champion like because it's even amazed, it's an amazing feeling camera. no few could have predicted the line up for the men's final britons cameron north, taking on nicholas backslash really of georgia. laurie's run to this title decider in california, it wasn't entirely unexpected only well number one of a joke of it has been in as many finals this year. he thought
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back from a sat down to become the 1st british player to win this title. i still don't really know what i'm experiencing as an amazing a couple weeks. i'm so happy with how i treated all the occasions, all the big moments or the matchers and and see i'm so happy. so please turn to when my biggest hurdle nori is now in the running to qualify for the season ending atp finals camber nori letter form and the richardson al jazeera, the atlanta braves are just 2 inches away from the place and baseballs a world series. the 2nd straight night at the game against the los angeles dodgers, it was decided in the 9th inning idea, rosario, it was the game when, as atlanta secured, a 5 for victory, a series resumes in los angeles, where game 3 is set for tuesday. you guys never quit. they never have. they haven't
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for years here. and if they got it out, laugh you're a strike. last it strike left as we've seen. they might, mike might make something happen. the house of next year's football woke up have announced a new partnership with the world health organization cutter say they hope the collaboration will ensure the tournament produces a legacy for both sport and health events to promote healthy living and mental well being will take place throughout the of an english paralegal, a day of celebration for newcastle, united new owners at finished in disappointment. representatives of the saudi lead consortium were at saint james park for the 1st game since taken over the club, while they saw their team beaten 3 to by talking them new car. so are still without a league when this season and sit 2nd bottom in the table. the owners have been very, very respectful over the last week, 10 days, whatever it is,
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it selfishly the star, which gives everybody a little bit of hope. it's going to take time and patience of course, but to have the support and back on site, i have to say was was terrific. in cook at the t 20. well cup is on the way with the co host a month going comfortable, victory. they faced arm and a debutante set up one you gave me and the new comments or simply out class. i needed a 130 for victory and they reached the target without losing a wicket. and more than 6 over back home and is the 1st cook. it woke up being played in the middle east after it was moved away from india. and due to the coven, 19 pandemic. on day one, bangladesh, all round, the cuban has and it became the highest we could take it and then at 220 international, his 2nd dismissal against scotland. so passed the previous month of $107.00 wickets, and the dash and about suffering a shock loss by 6 runs. india will be able to win the title for the 1st time
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since 2007, the team are in the united arab emirates, the paying for the opening game against fierce rivals focused on i've always approached this game as just another game of cricket. i know there's a lot of hype created out on this game more so it ticket sales and, and the demands of it gets and right now the value of those tickets, ridiculously high. so that's all i know, you know, my friends asking for tickets left, right. and center and you say no, it's probably the only chance that i experience from any other game. but apart from that, i don't think that we make anything extra out of this game. so for us, it was just a game of cricket that has to be played in the right way in the way that we know we can know. yes, the environment you can say is different. on the outside from the science point of view, it's definitely allowed to definitely more excitement in the air. but apart from that, from the place point of view,
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we stay as professional as we can. and all his approach. ready to this game is the motional i. mcelroy has one of the 20th at p j, a title of his career. this huge pot on the 14th that whole setup at mcroy for one stroke, when at the cda cup in las vegas, is the northern irishman. the 2nd term when of the year and the official count on has begun the head of next. he has winter olympics in bay. jink e traditional torch lighting ceremony took place at the ancient olympic fight in greece. the flame will be handed over to beijing's organizing team in athens on tuesday. the game start on february, the 4th, unless i was bought for we'll have more for you later on, but for now i hand you back to comma santa thank you so much, 1300 hours, jim t. as our next news, our son will be back for that as will i from him and nick clocks, planet a. so
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a special $1130.00 g m t. and in 2 minutes, that manager in finnegan on a television for the latest news. ah, ah. and the world is warming and greenland ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. we understand the differences
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and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter where you call hand al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that mattie al jazeera stripped of their citizenship, thousands of haitian dominicans a, penalize for the heritage. a state sanctioned races enforces them into legal limber . a young attorney mats, a grassroots political campaign, advocating for social justice. but can she shine a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that plagues the dominican republic? stateless. a witness documentary on al jazeera, multiple people, and told ashley, including my father, that he was gonna killer us laws prohibit some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. boat lines investigates the gaps in the
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system that allow the law to go unenforced. and the deadly consequences that he see, we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show on, relinquished on al jazeera, ah, floods and blind slides killed dozens of people in the saw that indian state of caroline, many of us are missing. ah, oh, i made written for again, this is al jazeera alive from doha. also coming up. china's economic growth slows energy shortages of property slow down on the pandemic.


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