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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2021 12:30pm-1:00pm AST

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but a new vent has apparently opened up just below the main cone. now, fountains of lava are blasting tens of meters into the air and with it it sending thousands of tons of smoke and ash while the ash is continuing to cause problems for the transportation industry. it's apparently causing a boom for the tourism industry. hoteliers and restaurants staff are saying that they're having an increase in customers who are coming from neighboring islands exclusively to see this volcanic spectacle. ah, it is good to have you with a sallow adrian sort of get here and go harp headlines and al jazeera flooding and landslides of killed a piece 27 people in some of india rescue operations by the army and may the are continuing in corolla, thousands have been stranded in parts of the coastal states, more from al jazeera, as elizabeth corona is in one of the worst hit areas. what's happening behind as it
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is messed up. disaster response. a trying to do with very large trees, which were up with this is so important to do because the rain had eased on monday . and that means that teams on the disaster response that will for the army maybe are able to do as much as possible. the for more heavy rains, which are expected to chop predicted for wednesday. china's economic growth is slowing, as it's post. pandemic recovery loses momentum. the world's 2nd largest economy grew by 4.9 percent in the 3rd quarter. that's the weakest figure in a year. the economy has been on the pressure from a slow down in construction power shortages and the impact of title regulations. mammals, military john to leader, has rejected demands made by the association of southeast asian nations to comply with its plan for a political transition. he's promising to release thousands of protesters at least
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1100 have been killed. bolden, 7000 arrested since the military seized power in february. police in haiti say that a well known gang is behind the abduction of foreign christian missionaries and their families. they were kidnapped as they left an orphanage near the capital porter prince on saturday, thousands of rallied and venezuela's capital carcass, they been calling for the release of a government envoy who was expedited to the u. s. from cap fed. alex saw this during court in florida on monday, and facebook says it will be hiring $10000.00 due employees of the european union over the next 5 years. the social media platform wants to build what it calls have you met of us that you futuristic platform will connect people one line using all granted and virtual reality. those bad lines won't use the handout 0 after risky at all mexico. thanks. the latest news, as it breaks free democrats and the creams are talking to each other,
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trying to ins that differences. because together they form a large block in parliament with detail coverage because the world's largest producer of low to seats. but show drill a being used to meet the rising demand from the around the world. the island has increased in land masses. as if rivera with this corruption is pulling the island of la paloma out of the ocean. ah ah, it's 7 in the morning on the river that forms the border between guatemala and mexico . these men and women come from salvador honduras, nicaragua, they are crossing the river into mexico illegally but have another destination in mind. the united states, every year, more than
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a 1000000 people flee the poverty of their own countries and try their luck on this road to what some coal, the impossible dream. on the mexican side, the military turns a blind eye for a few dollars. the greenback is the illegals, own me passport. to reach the border with texas, they have to cross the whole of mexico a journey of 2 and a half 1000 miles and a journey which but most heading north, begins at the out of yoga railroad station. the only means of transport for the illegals off freight trains every day. thousands take the moving trains by storm. ah, of us of the danger each one tries to find himself a little spot on the roofs on the axles between the cows. that can be as
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many as 1000 hitching a ride with a ride that can turn into a trap. because in order to round up the maximum number of illegal immigrants, the police stop the train in the middle of the countryside out here, there's no way to run back. i. i don't want to look at them because i got a week today. it's a big hole. 300 are arrested 300 illegals who have crossed just
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a few 100 miles of mexican territory. it's the end of that journey. there'll be deported to that countries of origin. only 40 percent of those who attempt x out reach the united states border with these 4 young people from el salvador that be walking along the tracks for 2 days. don't get jaime is 30. he's persuaded lupita, who's 19 to try for the american dream. me ok the will is to me you got us to browse the status. yeah, the brothers dead us is the you that our hardy, a cadillac i, nancy took that other lanton will be done. i may acts as the groups leader. nesta and velma also agreed to make the trip but then novice emily doodle for catherine
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then. oh, can i tell her? but at the a had those skills. there's a k l, a b william like you say with more than 2000 miles from that final destination. as soon as he reaches the station, i may have to find the right train. you know, there are no indicator bullets we'll settle. no, i'm nothing to say where the trains are heading for. if we kept water from flo, i'm if fear is going the wrong way towards the guatemalan border. many illegals have already made that mistake. sh. when they try to climb aboard, the moving trains. ah, the migrants are taking a big risk. other
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illegals, one so lucky. another thing that i already been on with the time in his group will only move on at night time before they leave. they rest in this little hotel across from the tracks. i've been put up with in the next room. there are other salvadorans who like them, have done 200 miles on foot to get this far. it's dark. and like ghosts, the illegals invade the tracks. lupita and jaime have decided to make the journey with salvadorans from the next room. there are now 7 of the more the better for facing the rigors of the crossing of
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mexico and the train is already full to bursting. they have to find a place before it leaves and then a stroke of luck at the back of the train. a freight car has been left open with wall of with the way i can. all of you know, photos, you know, you, michaela with just want to rip up the hill a put it like, you know, somebody said i know i'm, you know, but i look good at ngugi edible, not only i didn't get them of guttural luck yellows yesterday. but i must put it at a light a little would. i'm with now that they have a car. i'm it has to protect. it. is any weapon, machete,
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all along the journey, gangs might take advantage of the migrants and rob. many women are raped. i'm is worried in his group. there are 4 women. ah, the beast does the migrants cool? the train gets on the way with him and his group have walked hundreds of miles to get aboard. this train at the hottest part is still to come. they haven't the 2000 miles to cover to the american border. and there are many hasn't on the way changing train several times feeding himself finding lodgings and above all, avoiding the police patrols. this
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1st ride in icy cold will last 8 hours. awe. early morning and the train stops in a shunting yard exhausted by the journey high man. his group was now wait for the next train. ah
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ah half an hour later they are on board another train. there's no room in the frank cars just to tie the passageway 20 feet square for top to sleep. the noise is deafening. with
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i may 1st cross the u. s. border illegally. when he was young, that was with his parents. they settled in los angeles where they lived for 15 years. i may even got a green card, but things turned out badly. he was a member of a gang felt foul of the law and was finally deported. mm. back and salvador meeting lupita transformed him. it's a form of redemption. he's taking her to texas to offer a better life. with
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the group moves from train to train with little or no sleep. i miss spot to the train that's leaving. the pita is exhausted. she was hoping to rest for a few hours. but jaime is anxious station doesn't look safe that too many illegals crowding around the freight cars. oh, oh. oh yeah, i'm assuming that okay, no. was each alone. okay. i'm the local. that is i'm a good one. uh huh. and then last year,
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at that point. okay. okay. i put an offer on the net this opportunity switch on a sample and i was data more than a mirror, joy to almost all the items. okay. mm hm. she ramos and has to come in westport and they see that button on the corner. okay. with on the question. ah ah
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the next morning find time in the shunting yards that are resolved. he's on his own hidden under a freight car, away from the other migrants. and morales is not high. machine. don't focus to the saddle. equal book with a feel. that'll kill killer. they must feel my sorry 90. almost a telekinetic port. gay? yes. almost from puzzle. i don't they just in talking to them us now they lentil up, it'll lower it almost all in escrow deal as systems apparently that allow me to stay almost that on as towel this year. mark last gallop. be cycle bain with us on the ceiling up. the woof cannot put them with the hot and damp looking if we
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believe it also that goes, i mean gosh, own elected. yeah. excellent. will that am we, colonel seattle gets his them, which i mean us your which are police? yeah. the, i'm with jackie. i get this. you're elected joyce. darcy, i yeah. lydia. let them show mr. see, there we are. is of a station seems quiet, but what jaime doesn't or is that a large number of police are patrolling close by suddenly at the distance he sees the police heading straight towards them to continue their journey. jaime had only one solution. i a bride $15.00 for the whole group. ah
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i'm in his group. i'll still 1200 miles from the american border. but now that will be continuing that journey by road. it's safer and they're less checks. with the bus heading towards the united states board up, i may have lupita traveling as a couple that brett mesta sits, 3 rows in front, so as not to draw attention. ah, but now being taking bus off the bus before days. the finally getting close of the united states, the border is about 400 miles away. mm. but in this region there are more and more
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police patrol just with one or they reach sola, marina. less than $200.00. my. it's from the bordering, almost reached their goal. but jaime decides to stop. before days and 4 nights they've been watching police patrol ah plaza. are they going to spend the night in this little hotel? they say a green r i n a foregone to not handle the focus but them not element to cancel e. you look a little matthias as young but i'm a lot of muma on the wire and come in. okay, i don't pretend isabella, home shell, but they don't really is on the what us he with his to fight on those threshold or
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the camino and not the walls stay and much, much o'clock and we'll fight up at all to the okay. it's still a lot of this is john paul, if you bought it, that will get it. okay, you'll comerica but his head can not bring this in. put a cathy normally community. ah and yet the next day i'm it makes his 1st mistake. since he left salvador, he gets off the boss of the wrong stop. he doesn't know that the border is still 100 miles away. they are lost and very exposed. no assume for 40 years go look at to us as a game known as your book. yes, yeah, no, no, no, there's john there. another i already double. ha, that was years lasers will go to complete gallano. is that all right? the galena, you the, i'll, you know,
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once i got my mom's a gazillion model with me, so i will see this de la ca the same with the room. it's time at night. after walking 16 miles, they finally come to a bus door loading me storm. oh, says ha. one hour later and finally there's a bus that will take them as far as matamoros, the border town with the united states. they've arrived. it's been $24.00 days since they left salvatore. and they've
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traveled nearly 2 and a half 1000 miles machine to book all the in continental or get those symbols. yogato. com. either. no, he falls just almost like ocoee. full come, you know, more to know when we as threshold on a me i may, has decided not to cross the rio grande to night. the river that forms the border there to tired. the big day is for to morrow. ah, they're exhausted, but happy to be at the border in a few hours they will try to cross the river, get on. but once again, it's every man for himself and then we'll see a dollars. but again, it's almost an element of conroy because i'm which of the jump don't get from said i in the morning was i thought it will be done in a kick or saddle. when i look at floating or k, i. e went on, i thought a sunken,
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other medical thing will not come on and family in i music another for jojo gisy and we made america sadly. just music. i think anyway, i'm all i don't glossy again. no. hell, i don't, i don't allow ah, it's 3 o'clock in the morning on the banks of the rio grande. with the lights opposite our brownsville, texas,
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america is right in front of them. they still have to swim across the river and lupita next door, a petrified instead of a game plan. you got it all about this young man. i kinda wanted i kinda wanna
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when he'd been bent there at g at he went in with i'm afraid i'm at home will be dot com. yeah. was it last time? yeah. it's kind of thing. well, yeah. yeah. we have to do with the hillock, mr. lunk, up on a lot of stuff on the can someone come up when i when i say young oh, the realm of human flu immunization. my yeah. already been with
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a lawyer on lee with the world is warming. i'm green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war. paul's greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera planetary is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26th climate summit. al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet. s
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o s reports from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so ineffective in fighting climate change. folk lines investigates how rising temperatures are fueling a water war in the us. algae, they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency. a season of special coverage on al jazeera, stripped of their citizenship, thousands of haitian dominicans of penalize for the heritage. a state sanctioned racism, forces them into legal limbo. a young attorney mats, a grassroots political campaign, advocating for social justice. but can she shine
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a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that flakes the dominican republic, stateless. a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah 10100 gmc here on al jazeera 1 pm in doha and come all santa maria. welcome to the new south. floods and landslides killed dozens of people in the southern indian state of carola and many others are still missing. also in the news china's.


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