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this dream takes to fight the climate justice to our digital community and upfront, he thought, demanding environmental accountability. that led me to imagine c, a season of special cooperate on al jazeera. ah, china's economic growth slows energy shortages of properties slow down the pandemic, all playing a role. oh, hello, i'm adrian again. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up floods and bland slides killed dozens of people in the southern indian state of carola, many of us are missing. we are most military chief blames the opposition for obstructing efforts to restore democracy. tough times for afghanistan's traditional
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carpet makers as to mom fools since the tunnel on take over china's economic growth is slowing as its post. pandemic recovery loses momentum. the world's 2nd largest economy grew by 4.9 percent in the 3rd quarter, but that's the weakest figure in a year. it's economy has been on the pressure from a slow down in construction power, shortages of the impact of ties of regulations, but exports and services remain strong. he was sunday or not in his own for sure. so the little issue, although the economy growth rate into a quarter has been effected by various factors such as pandemic situation, flight conditions, and rising bays, numbers, china as economists, development has shown strong resilience and white timothy and hold. the economy
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continues to recover, and trend towards high quality live wolfman is constantly changing, and it has the ability and conditions to complete the expect goals and tasks for economy and social development throughout the year. when i from 0, katrina, year, and paging. well, this figure is slightly lower than many economists were expecting, and it could drag down global and stock markets, but they say, overall, china's economy is still expected to grow at a faster rate than most major economies by the end of the year. now looking at this figure, it's attributed to a variety of reasons, really, it's a perfect storm. a major reason is that china is tightening regulations on the number of industries that has been traditionally a major driver of economic growth here. now we've seen these power shortages that have in recent weeks affected provinces nationwide, and that's hampered manufacturing productivity. and these power shortages are largely empowered due to trying to,
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trying to meet climate change targets. and this is resulted on codes on electricity and other energy production. we've also seen a big tightening of regulations around the housing and construction market and buy some estimates that makes up about a quarter of china's g d p. normally. and we've also had china's biggest real estate develop, but ever grant dominate headlines over the past month, due to having $300000000000.00 worth of debt that it's really struggling to pay back. and that's also impacted investors sentiment. and of course, we have the pandemic, which is continuing to have an impact on china. beijing is maintaining its 0 tolerance approach to coven 1900 outbreaks. so we see a handful of cases, small outbreaks, but the government here will still continue to react to these small outbreaks by imposing really severe city wide lock downs that had a devastating impact on domestic consumption and travel. a brief look at how
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china's economic slowdown could affect global growth in september. the u. s. economy showed signs of cooling. a supply disruptions from china affected the world's largest economy in the euro's own. growth rates have been helped by high vaccination rates, but the soaring price of natural gas continues to pose a challenge at a surgeon cove at $19.00 cases has affected developing nations. brazil's economy contracted by point one percent in the last quarter. andrew collier is managing director of orient capital research, a research house which conducts independent studies on china. he's also the author of shadow banking and the rise of capitalism in china. he joins us now via skype from hong kong. andrew, good to have you with us. okay. 4.9 percent a little lower than economists had predicted, but it's still not bad. there are many economies who will look on enviously at a growth rate of 4.9 percent. is the contraction in china, a blip or indicative of longer,
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more systemic problems. while it is definitely a systemic in a mill and symbolic of longer term problems. but one of the key issues is that, in fact, the pandemic has not been the deal killer for china. that people would have expected their exports were quite strong, even though the global economy is struggling and retail sales domestically. we're up for point 4 percent. so things are slower than they used to be. but in fact, the pandemic related stuff is doing ok apart from the supply disruptions because of the sharp locked downs and china. most of the problems in china with the economy are, but a lot of them are actually engineered by the government itself. they've done a number of restrictions and crackdowns that have been slowed economic growth in order to improve the long term ability of the economy to survive. i'm actually going to ask you to what extent is china's government impacting upon its own
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economy by playing whack a mole? it seems you know, its efforts to st problems in one sector of the economy have ramifications elsewhere. well, they have a debt bubble and you can't stop a debt bubble without playing whack a mole. i mean, that's just the way the game is works. you know, the united states, we had a financial crisis with a mortgage situation and it was a giant whack a mole if you want to call it north wake. really in china, they've got this huge debt bubble, mainly property field, which is about a 3rd of the economy. and they've made a strong effort in the past year to try to knock that down to sides. and, and not surprisingly, that means there's less housing being built and sold. and then you had this huge developer ever graham the number $21.00 in the country with $300000000000.00 of debt. and because of all these tighter regulations on borrowing, they're in deep trouble. so that's been a significant drag on the economy a or at that the big question, what, what's the significance for the rest of us? that's what we want to know here, given the china is the 2nd largest economy. how is china's economic slowdown?
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even if it is temporary, go to affects the likes of you and me. well, the supply chain disruption is a long term issue. and china has got a very harsh anti co good policy, which makes it hard to get the ships moving and, and, and lot of the containers going out. so that's a long term disruption. that's not severe, but it's, it's significant. the other question is, you know, will china collapse what have a financial crisis, and that's what they're trying to avoid that, but they're playing a tough game with that one. because if they type too much, they could create the collapse or trying to avoid. and if they, if they does collapse, and that means that a lot of demand around the globe for commodities and for a lot of other products will disappear. so there could be a significant impact. but that, that's mostly likely that the love us gradual, slow down that will impact the consumption of iron or, and the other us and good good is soybeans and other goods. really good talk to
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andrew many thanks. indeed, andrew calia that and hong kong flooding and landslides have killed her pace. 24 people in southern india rescue operations by the army and navy are continuing and carola thousands have been stranded in parts of the coastal state authorities fear the number of dead could rise significantly in person. the only thing i ask that at least and everybody's love is a color yesterday. and then more bodies did, it will go to that b like boy and no one family completely knows it's members of the family. horrible landlord happened there. if not the hill behind me with the house. oh god, hold up. what got under other items to go numbered? mammals, military leader has rejected, demands made by the association of southeast asian nations to comply with its plan
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for political transition. men on klein's comments were the 1st since may on mar, was excluded from an upcoming assay on meeting at least 1100 protests as have been killed. and more than $7000.00 arrested since the military seized power in february . if the lady, after the statement was announced in april, more violence happened due to the provocations of terrorist groups. the c r p h n, and the n u g, and the involvement of ethnic armed organizations. we are still solving that. no one cares to stop the violence and killing, and they are only demanding that we solve the issue assay an should work on that. as al 0, flora's larry johnson, i live with more art from corner lump. what else did online say so these amino lang 1st is public remarks and made them on national television off
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emerged over the weekend. that ozzy and foreign ministers had agreed in a hastily convened meeting on friday to exclude the lead from an upcoming. are the leaders summit to be hosted by brunei later this month? now he didn't make any mention of the art in decision, but he seemed to solely lay the blame for violence in miano, on opposition. groups that are opposed to the gin does rule. he blame the national unity government that since been outlawed. and he also blamed armed ethnic groups that oppose the janitors rule. now it's true that there is a lot of violence and a lot of fighting in areas, especially areas controlled by ethnic groups. but i think i'm groups in many civil groups will say that a lot of the violence is started by security forces. now me and my husband in turmoil since is a qu, took place in february. more than a 1100 people have been killed. thousands more have been detained, known aussie,
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and delivered the unprecedented snub. because it said, it felt that myanmar was not committed to the 5 point piece plan that had been agreed to doing a summit in indonesia, back in april. and the decision to sideline men on land also came just days after, at a peace and voy, appointed by all, abruptly cancelled his meeting on his visit to me on the after being told, he would not be able to meet with alfred leader on santucci. the authentic g, as we know, is being held in an undisclosed location in the capital naperville. she's been charged with several crime she's on trial. and she hasn't been seen in public because of the trials are held behind closed doors, and journalists and other members of the public are not allowed. now minnows, lang, however, said that young man is committed to the peaceful says, but he talked about how there was some demands made by the author and envoy that simply not negotiable. without elaborating what these demands are. now many civil excludes point out that are the and made the right decision because allowing him to
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allowing min online to be at the meeting would make us seem to be less credible and ineffective. and many also say that on the june time through its actions have shown that it is not only not committed to the peace process, but also shows that has no has shown that it has no intention to share or even give a power outage there. as far as lily's reporting live from canada, and as far as may, thanks. dear anne's invoice, syria says that the government and the opposition have agreed to begin drafting constitutional reforms from monday, talks about the country's political future have been stalled since january the serious tenea civil war has killed more than 3 150000 people and displaced millions in 2018, the government of the opposition agreed to form a committee to draw for the constitution. the progress has been slow. a weather update, thanks to on al serra then the word yes. on the face of 17 mission risk killed in haiti, america, and haitian officials from efforts to securities. scientists issue
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a warning, but the volcanic eruption of non polar could last for months will have the basis for b r. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best a line of 2021. hello there. it's looking increasingly west and windier for northern and north western areas of europe over the next few days. but there is still a lot of mild weather around central areas and not the one coming through in the south where temperatures are sitting above average. but let's have a look at the southeast now. this area has been plagued by severe storms that have pushed off further east that low pressure sitting across the black sea. so heavy a rain from northern parts of turkey. it winds up for much of the balkans, but we are still seeing some showers across southern parts of italy and greece,
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but temperatures here are going to rise again over the next few days. now as i said, it's milder in those northern areas, but we are going to see a bit of a brisk wind come into play. over the next few days, we've got some heavy rain coming into northern areas of france, southern areas of england. but for much of britain, an island, it remains breezy with some spells of heavy rain coming in to play later in the week. but we're watching an area of low pressure across the atlantic that's bringing heavy rain, snow and strong winds to iceland. and by the time we get into when say it's going to shimmy across into scandinavia, where we are going to see some significant snowfall. but there's plenty of fine and dry weather across those southern areas of france and into the iberian peninsula, with madrid at $25.00 degrees celsius. that's the weather. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best airline of 2021. in with an abundance of results with great foreign want indonesia whose firms forming we move pool to
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grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. investment. let be part when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia now, ah ah, hello again. this is al 0. let's remind you of the main news. the south. china's economic growth is slowing as its post pandemic recovery loses momentum. the world's 2nd largest economy grew by 4.9 percent in the 3rd quarter as the weakest figure in a year. at least 24 people have died to the flooding. atlanta slides triggered by
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heavy rain and solid india. the army of navia carry out rescue operations. thousands of people have been relocated and beyond loss military john to leader has rejected demands made by se, asia's regional block to comply with its plan for a political transition. he's promising to release thousands of protests us who've been detained since the military coup. in february. guy sounds. carpet industry is facing or crisis exports and domestic sales of plummeted since the taliban took over in august. it's brought uncertainty to millions of people who depend upon the sector. i'll just hear us hush, my whole body reports from missouri sharif. it's quiet in this carpet market in missouri city. the place was once buzzing with tourists and people eager to buy traditional afghan carpets. but now shop owners are struggling to find buyers. arc hatch, i'm yes, i am while you're on. if these news is slow down
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a big deal, there's no more activity here, nor much selling and buying compared to the past martha found arm either of north america. carpets would have gone his dance biggest exports in the past few years near it. but since the taliban stake over afghanistan has been isolated, its assets in u. s. banks frozen and his borders closed. the banking system has now shut down. and along with decades of war, that sled to the carpet and rog, industry facing its biggest crisis afghan carper's have always had a timeless appeal around the world. then took her designs reflect an ethnic and cultural diversity. and they proudly displayed here by merchants to make good profits. but many men and women who spend global hours and weaving rugs and carpets face uncertain times and never had burned to has been
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a refugee in pakistan for decades. with settled on the outskirts of missouri said eve, he finally thought he would be able to look after his family. hello, my mother, they acquired another. this is very important for us. this is our only source of income. there are no job opportunities here for his daughter has other making carpets pays for her schooling and she hopes to save some money for when she goes to the university 9. that may awesome. i want to become a doctor, but things are changing and i hope to be able one day to find real work when i graduate. but for the time being i enjoy hand. we think you should need 4 from said the c and his family have been in the industry for generations. until recently, business was thriving with foreign clients willing to pay high prices for wool and silk rugs and carpets which gelati in if you, i mean problems at the borders which are closed and also the banks. so we can't
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export and we have no cash to pay providers. for now though no one is showing up at his shop. he hopes at the borders will soon open, so he can begin exporting again, but, and then said has no option, but to continue admiring his artworks and the many stories detail about the old and young men and women who toiled for months and years to make them ash amount about al jazeera mazata cities. is ellen's prime minister, jacinta r durn says that oakland will remain on the lockdown for a further 2 weeks. the nation's largest city has been in lockdown for round 2 months. vows officials try to contain the del delta variant of coven 19 on turn has said that strict locked downs can end. if 90 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. the zealand had been virus free from nearly 6 months before an outbreak of the variant. in mid august. in australia, a parliamentary inquiry into the destruction of ancient rock shelters has
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recommended new laws to protect aboriginal heritage. it follows to demolition of sites by mining giant rio tinto. last year the excavation led to widespread anger and the resignation of senior executives. the report said that aboriginal leaders should be involved in decisions on development projects, police, and have him say that a well known gang is behind the abduction of foreign christian missionaries and their family members. they were taken as they left an orphanage to the capital porter, prince. it's the latest and a wave of kidnappings which have risen dramatically since the assassination of the president and july i was 0. mike, hannah reports heavy clouds loom over the christian age ministry's headquarters in the u. s. state of ohio. the mission regroup has been operating in haiti for decades with a 9 month break 2 years ago following a previous bait of gang violence, the organisation released the following statement. we are seeking god's direction
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for resolution, and authorities are seeking ways to help. it continues, the group of 16 us citizens and one canadian citizen includes 5 men, 7 women, and 5 children in the haitian capital port. busy print the news of yet another mess . kidnapping comes as no surprise. statistics indicate that more than 380 people have been abducted in the 1st 8 months of this year alone from the my dear, i'm going to tell you sincerely in regard to security. we cannot talk about this on the security point. i can say it has been 0. it's been a mess of up search and kidnappings since the assassination of the country president in july this year, removing the last vestige of a functioning central government. the prime minister is seen as being involved in the president's assassination. and so up the population of the huge lump and
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proletariat of puerto prince and the other cities of haiti are basically left to their own devices. and mrs. allowed a space for obese criminal organizations to emerge haitian police, an armed criminal gang, known as $400.00. my was so was responsible for the abduction. loosely translated as 400 inexperienced men. it's said to be responsible for some 80 percent of the kidnappings this year. a u. s. security delegation has been in haiti and recent days, it's brief to consult with the haitian national police on ways in which the us can help restore law and order. here in d. c, the state department as issued a turn statement saying it is aware of the situation and is continuing to monitor at the christian aid ministries in holmes county, ohio. nothing can be done apart from to wait and pray. might hannah,
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out to sera washington, the pin demonstrations in venezuela's capital carcass, calling for the release of an envoy of president nicholas maduro who was expedited to the u. s. from comfort. oh, come on, being businessman alex saab is during court in florida on monday on money laundering charges. the u. s. justice department charge sa been 2019 in connection with a bribery scheme. venezuela's government has now suspended talks with the opposition that were meant to resolve longstanding divisions. slowly he mccook dmp. the u. s. government knew that kidnapping a member of the dialogue commission and mexico alex saab was a moral stab in the back of the dialogues and negotiations and mexico. the u. s. government knew it and act it was if they knew it or if they do not want dialogue, yet they do not want piece foreign as well. are also they do not want democracy in progress for venezuela, not thousands of people in el salvador protested against president at night bull
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kelly on sunday. they're angry that he's seeking a 2nd term that he's fired supreme court judges, in an effort to concentrate power. the president recently changed his twitter handle to emperor of el salvador, which has prompted the public to call him a dictator. protest as well. so angry about kelly's decision to adopt bitcoin was the official currency canada as prime minister, just intruder as making his 1st visit to a site where the remains of $215.00 indigenous children were found and made has been criticized for leaving on vacation on the same day as the nation marked its 1st national day, the truth and reconciliation. the day honors indigenous students who are forced into the state backed residential schools, jody vance reports now from kamloops in british columbia. here in the interior of british columbia, canada stands the kamloops indian residential school. this notorious structure is caught at the center of
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a political and human rights storm in this country. prime minister justin trudeau will be here to meet with the elders and tour this structure built with the sole purpose of taking control of indigenous children to remove their culture. connection with family and language rampant. sexual and physical abuses have been documented here. children dead often with no contact to inform families, they just never came home. resulting in generational trauma, the orchard is where 215 unmarked graves of children were discovered using ground penetrating radar in may, sparking new awareness to what 1st nations had been saying for decades. the discovery called just the tip of the iceberg. add to this questions about how administrators of the school handled those bodies. were they treated with dignity and respect? likely this will be at the center of meetings with elders and the prime minister, as he tours the school and the sacred site. what the to come up a show up,
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nick nation now, calls the apple orchard following his tour with elders and survivors. the prime minister will come to this meeting place at the top of the agenda will be a call to action for the release of documents held by the government, as well as the catholic church documents that could give some insights to the identity of those children in the unmarked graves and bring some comfort at long last to families. hundreds of people have been protesting in the gambia. they're angry about a delay and the release of a report and the crimes that the former president is accused of committing jojo jammy fled the country 4 years ago as had beg reports. ah, nice people in the gambia didn't expect to be protesting again. several years ago they demanded yet jamie stepped down from power. now there were noon vehicles for justice and no impunity for those who committed crimes. during the former president's 22 year rule, a panel called the truth. reconciliation and recreation commission was set up in
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2017 to investigate allegations of murder, torture, and rape. but its findings that was set to be published in july have been delayed as victims ourselves. so how does that expansion and all continuous number never wanted to show that what we need is justice and no substitution for it before reconciliation. we want to have justice 1st before any other thing. in september jammies alliance for patriotic reorientation and construction party announced an alliance with the governing national people's party ahead of presidential elections in december. it shocked and angered many to see the president adam barrow team up with the party that ruled for 22. yes. and is seen as having supported and committed human rights abuses. during that period. we have a duty to our country and to our people, to ensure that never again on this. so i will shoot this over to humanize him things up on the violation of rights. and also to remind our government that they
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are all to play under more stick to lead new mazda concert leadership in moving the t r. c. process for barrow beach army in the presidential election in 2016. but despite saying he would call for new elections after 3 years in 2019, he changed his mind and said he would see out his 5 year term. there's all so concerns that the former president could make a return. he fled to equitorial guinea after 6 weeks tender, fallen the 2016 elections and a military intervention by neighboring countries. this new alliance has led them to believe that barrow is trying to hold on to power. and if they are right, those seeking justice fear there could be sidelined a said big i deserve. facebook says that it will be hiring 10000 new employees in the european union over the next 5 years. the popular social media platform wants
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to build what it calls a new matter verse. the new futuristic platform will connect people online using or mentored reality and virtual reality. facebook says the met of us is the next big thing. the volcano erupting on the spanish island of la palmer shows no signs of easing. scientists say that there's no indication of when kimberly, via her may fall silent. it's been a month since it began erupting it's law. the stream has spread out over 7 square kilometers, destroying farmland and billy 2000 buildings. more than 6000 people of had to be relocated. backslash reports now from la palmer. they are optional. le, hama has now entered it for a week, and there appears to be no sign of slowing down. that's the word authorities are trying to convey to the residents of the canary islands. they've recorded more than 600 seismic events in the past week, and at least 42 on sunday alone, the largest, the which was magnitude 4.3. now one thing they are trying to refresh to residents
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is that the seismic activity does not provide any evidence that the volcano is going to grow any larger. but a new vent has apparently opened up just below the main cone. now, sciences of love are blasting tens of meters into the air and with it it's sending thousands of tons of smoke and ash while the ash is continuing to cause problems for the transportation industry. it's apparently causing a boom for the tourism industry. hoteliers and restaurants staff are saying that they're having an increase in customers who are coming from neighboring islands exclusively to see this volcanic spectacle. ah, it is good to have with us hello adrian, sitting here and how the headlines and i'll just 0. china's economic growth is slowing, as it's post pandemic. we're.


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