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is of smoke and ash while the ash is continuing to cause problems for the transportation industry. it's apparently closing a boom for the tourism industry. hoteliers and restaurants staff are saying that they're having an increase in customers who are coming from neighboring islands exclusively to see this volcanic spectacle. ah, it is good heavy weather. hello, adrian said again here in. so how the headlines and al jazeera, china's economic growth is slowing, as its post pandemic recovery loses momentum. the world's 2nd largest economy grew by 4.9 percent in the 3rd quarter. that's the weakest figure in a year for the government says it is still on track to meet its annual target. kiwa thundered on arching its own floor sheets for the league easier, although the economy growth rate in 3rd quarter has been effected by various factors such as the pandemic situation, flat conditions and rising bays. numbers,
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china's economic development has shown strong resilience and vitality and hold. the economy continues to recover and to trend towards high quality level. oakland is constantly changing and it has the ability and conditions to complete the expect. goals, good, and tasks for economic and social development throughout the year. flooding landslides have killed at least 24 people in solid india rescue operations by the army and navy are continuing in corolla. thousands have been stranded in concert coastal state authorities fear that the number of dead could lies significantly. myanmar military john to leader has rejected demands made by the axiom regional block to comply with its plan for a political transition. he's insisting he will restore democracy and release thousands of protest us who've been detained since the military crew in february, police and hazy say that a well known gang as by the abduction of foreign christian missionaries and their families, they were kidnapped as they left an orphanage day the capital porter prince on
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saturday and had been demonstrations in venezuela's capital crackers, calling for the release of an envoy of president nicholas meadow, who was extradited to the united states. columbian businessman alex saab, is to you in court in florida on monday, on corruption charges after the expedition venezuela's government suspended its talks with the opposition aimed at resolving longstanding divisions at a month on the volcano. that has been a rough thing on the spanish art of la. paloma shows that no sign of stopping scientists say that there's no indication of when the columbia may fall silent, its lava stream has now buried more than 7 square kilometers, destroying farmland, and nearly 2000 buildings. more than 6000 people have been relocated and those the headlines that he's continues here on to 0 right after inside story. next. on counting the cost, the battle for influenza in latin america. after seating round to china,
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the usb still went over its neighbors with billions of dollars in investment and online learning took off during the pandemic back, and we had to take turn a profit counting the cost on colleges here. how could we see the beautiful game every 2 years, instead of 4, the world governing body d for wants to change the frequency of the world cup? not everyone's thrilled by the proposal. what will it mean for players and fans? this is inside story. ah. hello, welcome to the show i'm sam is a than the world governing football body fee for is intensifying. it's pushed for a world cup every other year. but the proposal has been widely criticized by some
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sports federations football coaches and players those against the plan. se, switching from before year calendar could seriously affect players mental and physical health overshadow the women's edition of the tournament and the fact the schedules of other sports. both european and south american football bodies have threatened to boycott the world cup. if b for decides to go ahead, fever intends to reduce the number of qualifying and friendly matches to keep players from being overworked. a feasibility study is being carried out to look at the practicalities of reducing the world cup cycle. 166, so fif as 210 national associations back the idea of further research into the proposed changes. see for president johnny and santino says the proposal will allow more countries to take part in the tournament. when i pay this young girl congress of the law he had brought up, or else a request from the fee for congress up rules by 88 percent of the members has asked
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us to analyze the possibility of reforming the international calendar. fletcher's, when the national teams have to play and if it's possible to play award gulps every 2 years. we have an eliza from the point of view of soccer, or, of course it's possible. and of course, there are many advantages because we give local charities to anymore counselors to participate at the water level. my opponents of the plan of accused fee for putting money ahead of sports. but the bodies head of global football development says that's not the case. i believe after the players want to play be games. what they don't want is to place more game to know and to be competitions. there is something that everybody wants to play. know. if i tell you now, you would be worth champion even, even it's 14 minutes to read, say yes. and getting more opportunities in today for county doesn't go to work up.
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they have to wait for ages. hello. if a player is injured, doesn't play for a t as the worker and the so i just believe it's a, a, a re shaping of your mind that because it's unusual. but there's where the perception of time is changed and the younger generation wants to be entertained much more of their one big events. the international olympic committee is also waited on the proposed changes. the i o. c is called for wider discussions over the plan fighting 3 major concerns. the executive board of the international olympic committee takes note of fif is plans to change the football competition schedule. as a whole de woke up every 2 years. a number of international federations of other sports, national football, federations clubs, play is, plays, associations, and coaches have expressed strong reservations and concerns regarding the plans to generate more. a revenue for fever, mainly for the following reasons. and there are 3 bullet points. firstly,
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the impact on other sports. the increased frequency and timing for the world cup would create a class with other major international sports is includes tennis, cycling, gulf, gymnastics, swimming athletics, formula one and many others. this would undermine the diversity and development of sport, other sports, other than football point to gender equality. the increase in men's events in the calendar will create challenges for the further promotion of women's football. and the 3rd point players welfare plans. in particular, the doubling in the frequency of the walk up would create a further massive strain on the physical and mental health of the play. as the see concludes, the shares these concerns and supports the calls of stakeholders of football, international sports, federations and major event organizes for a wider consultation including with athletes representatives which has obviously not taken place. ah,
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let's bring in our guests into the show. now in beirut, we have joining us ilia, totally out of it. she's a strategic advisor. dolly sports, he's also a former consultant for the cartridge world cup 2022 supreme committee and from london football writer, marcella moore, i, i'll ho not welcome you both to the show. let me start with leo. why does fee for in the 1st place want to make the world comp every 2 years? is it just about the money? i mean, that's the immediate counterclaim. with more games, you have more tickets sold, you have more branding respond to serves more tv, right? so clearly there is more money with more games, but ours and designer excise and coach and current title football global development is actually saying, but it's going to reduce the, the fatigue of the players. because essentially it's going to eradicate the
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international brakes which we see every year and september, october, november, and march. so what this plan intends to do is to only have a $4.00 to $5.00 week break in october when qualifiers would be played. and then at the end of every june, they would be in a major time to be at a world cup or in between world cups. you'd have euros or cup. i'm at the guys, but i'm sure we're going to talk about the calendar in a bit. so i won't, i won't jump the gun on this, but yeah, we definitely will get it on the calendar. but let me take some of those points to myself. so more games, more money, less stress. what could possibly be wrong with a plan like that a marcella i think intuitively, i don't, i don't like it. but when i tried to argue rationally about the reasons why or why i don't like it, it's sort of need composition. i think that they are kind of ungrounded to
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a certain extent. clearly the money is a big factor and the world cup is see says, biggest business and its biggest brand. so it would be almost neglectful of them not to try and capitalize as much as possible, especially as other competitions are increasing in popularity in figures and almost catching up with a well cut, one could say. but at the same time, i'm not convinced that this idea that it would be that i think the, the physical pressure on, on a leach professional athletes to compete permanently is, is clearly taking its toll. busy and it has a detrimental side, and i'm not persuaded by this anger argument that it would produce less fatigue. i think perhaps one of the biggest reasons why it's, i wouldn't say a bad idea. but, but an idea was scrutinizing very carefully is this notion that the qualify as an
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international dates will be scrapped because i, i, i think we forget that the world cup is in fact the finals of the, of the kind of ongoing competition. and the qualifiers are part of the thing itself so to suddenly do away with international dates and have qualifiers all squashed into a single week, i think will diminish the spectacle and all so produce quite a lot of stress and fatigue on those players that are summoned for that week, which will inevitably to the best, the best for each country. so i'm not, i'm not persuaded about the logic of this, you know, doing away a live international qualifies. and i think that's my main sir, is that will the welcome will morph into something so different from what you do at the moment, but it will almost be unrecognizable. although i can write why this is going to
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happen. let's take a bacteria and say, look, when you think about it in money terms, the fee for have a point. i mean, it makes a loss, typically 3 years after 4 and it makes money on the 4th year when there's a world comp, l, you know, is this just the way the market is driving it? it has to find a way to stay profitable, more regularly. so from 2017 to 2020. and those 4 years see for generated $6400000000.00 where the revenue, 70 percent of that came in 2018 during the russia world cup. so what you said is, you know, absolutely true. and and what my, my panelist also said is true. i was just, i was just rehashing what are some bangers ration i was for hosting it for hosting a buy a new world cup. it's also worth noting that the only people who are promoting this are retired players and the next coach in arson vendor. most coaches would say.
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ready exactly what you know, what was said, that it's actually going to make players more tired and is going to take away from their, their own downtime. but in the end, you have champ, is leagues every year. got on, erica is biannual. john in santino even tried to draw a comparison to the super bowl, which i don't. i don't think so too with real football fans. but clearly it's, it's a way to generate more money. marcella, since 2 fif is most powerful governing bodies. you're a for and condra ball bear opposed to this proposal. so regardless of what we might come up with in terms of, is it a good idea or a bad idea? we'll fee for ultimately be able to switch the frequency if $2.00 powerful government bodies say we don't want this. so i think what's really interesting is that we're seeing a shift in power a month, the governing bodies. it is a football,
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a but possibly in all industries in a we are we, i'm in a, in a kind of revolutionary moment in our history. culturally, i do think football is part of the entertainment industry and part of the cultural life of as a society and i do sense comparables, it literally clinging on to its power based their lives. at the moment, i think the inequities in, in, in funding and infrastructure in general, kind of commercial mouse and so on. a very tipped in favor of europe at the moment . and, and whereas maybe 20 years ago we were thinking of africa, allison teacher, football, we are now just literally seeing a weakening of comparable in the south american position. and i think we saw that very clearly reflected on, on the page and in 2018 in the sense that it became quite quickly instead of
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a world cup of kind of glorified iraq with, with really mostly european countries and competition from of early, early point earlier than, than other world cups. what will everyone negotiate? will this will come maybe just become, instead of a, by a meal world carpet kind of into continental super legal, something will the champions of africa get to play the champions. and you know, there's many permutations possible and there are a undoubtedly going to, to come reflected i think what we're really saying. and the comparison with suitable, although it's crass is possibly very apt, is a huge move by faith to finally kind of cling is a met north american market and, and be the sport the north american consumers love and it, and this has been going on for decades it's not new, but you know, from moving,
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had called trying to the states to play kate in the states and so on. and so, inevitably comparable at the way. so we'll try and, and, and say no, well, we're not partaking of this until they get a seizure that negotiate enable and it becomes interesting for them, which i think it should be. and it could be if it's done properly. so the might be a way to lew them in i think is what marcello saying? what about the african and asian football associations? ilia, they seem to be more positive on this idea than the european and south american counterparts. right? that's true. and this is because it gives us a higher chance of actually qualifying for the world cup. let's not forget that. starting in 2026, the world cup is going to be $4800.00. it's no longer going to be $32.00. now just on that subject of changes, you know, big ideas. this is become something of a renaissance, at least in people's eyes. they expanded the world cup. they wanted to extend the
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club world cup. there were these considerations for shortening matches last summer . and so football isn't this transitory period. but for asian and an african countries, the pro would be yes, but they can qualify every 2 years. and with more teams in the world cup higher representation at the 2000. and now on the flip side, one of the pros being being floated around is that more countries, especially smaller countries, could host the world if it's over 2 years. but i disagree with this because if, if there's 48 teams who are going to to, to make it in the enter the world cup finals, then the whole country is going to have not only the stadium the the stadium to deliver it. but the accommodation hotel, the roads, etc, training grounds. so i feel like this would actually limit because there's no preparation time into it. so, you know, cut out how 10 years to prepare. and then even when, when,
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when fifo was pressuring cut to expand the world up to 48 teams, because i knew that this wasn't feasible. so i feel like it's a double edged sword for them. that they might get to play more, but you don't do might not have a japan, south korea or south africa for a lot. all right, ma, so i want to come back to a point that which is, i think you a hint together. the game does need to develop in it and to change. is there any alternative to this way if we're concerned in this show about the stress is going to put on players, the stress is going to put on host countries? can they develop quick enough for that? what is the change? what is the alternatives of this way of change then developing more professional club leagues or some have suggested? well, i think you know, that the, the options are infinite, like the game itself or the permutations possible i think what, what the,
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what would be a very nice thing to see happen is, is a lot of this money that the higher echelons of the elite came generate going back to grassroots so that we continue to see football not just as the as the high end spectacle, but also the, the game that engages people in everyday life. and that, you know, it sometimes works better than other times, but on the whole regulatory mechanisms that, that, that demand that certain amounts of the profits go back to grassroots are very important. and i think we have seen it done quite successful in south america historically. and perhaps less so and in other parts of the world. but at the same time, i do think a biannual world cup is the only option. i also think it's symptomatic of a type of thinking among the hire market end of the industry
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as the super league that brew has failed. but i'm sure it's not the end of the, you know, we haven't heard the end of that approach. so it's ways of thinking how to engage the absolute avid desire of people to consume football, which we've seen this european summer. for example, we had the euro cup and the couple america co existing. and in fact, people watched people watch games during the day. and during the night, admittedly, in many parts of the world, aided by law and so on, which prevented other activities. but it, but that the desire to consume is apparently infinite. so it would be very bizarre to not think of a way in which this can be maximized, but i think we need to, to my own and sounds organizations can work together with, you know, sports organizations and, and health experts and so on is on the one hand to not over exploit the athletes
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which i think we again have historically same day. you know, then m decker is very young man and a very frail says the mission and on the other. not to saturate the marketing side . enter, kind of keep our respect law of the game itself. ok at the forefront. or we're delighted now to be able to bring in to the discussion. danny jordan from johannesburg, dan is the president of the south african football association. and former c e. o of south africa's world compton. 2010. all right, so danny, thanks for joining us now. we were talking a little bit about some of the concerns. the stress this might put on players. the stress it might put on host. why do associations in africa and asia have a different perspective than those in south america? and europe? are our african associations, for example? not worried about these issues?
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no, on the contrary, i say are, those are real issues. but we must look at cause of those overloads on the players. and where does it come from? does it come from african competitions? no. does it come from after bob competitions? no. well, sometimes it comes from the very people complain of the all the look. i'm your now if you look at are all the competition in the different configuration, the highest number of competitions you'll find in europe. you a highest where it is 3 competitions. now, when in 2018, there was a proposal for a low up every 2 years. there was no objection from your on the same point
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that the overload on the players. now, we don't expect in 28 in the same way for launch the nation's late league is a concept for gloves. and you know, for the 1st time in 2018, we have a li that's called the nation fee. and you generated on the $46.00 additional match right now where it comes from. and that's yes. we have the, you know, finance. and the nation fund was in the same yes. where that's ok . that's. that'll take that point. if i can let me jump in and bring ilia into comment on that, doesn't have a point that while it's easy to say, oh, you know, making the world cop to frequent would represent the over. the overloads already there, depending on what region and part of the world you look at. you have a,
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let's not forget that it's not only you why is constable also against this is because the cult on erica and the european championship and the nation's league, which i'll concede to to, to mr. jordan. i'm not a great proponent of it, but that aside the cult medical and the p and championship are way more prestigious, 20 minutes than, than the african cup of nations. even the call to leverage our daughters and student id cards as well as champions league. of course, and your buddy are much bigger than the continental competitions in africa. so then, given what he said, is it mean who makes the money then whether it goes to regional cups. if i'm a goldman or international ones, if i may, if i may, i think we need to go to the root of this because i'd see those congress and ne, where 166166, federations ordered in favor of only 22 against or against the proposal, it was,
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it was a proposal put forward by saudi arabia, right. so a month later, saudi arabia contracted boston consulting group to basically help them learn the world cup or table a burden. 2030 with one sourcing to think outside the box. all right, we've got a couple of minutes left and since danny just joined us, i want to go back to danny and, and asked this question, danny, at the end of the day, what's the bottom line here? if you're a pen and south american football association, say they'll boycott any additional world camps. does that really tied the hands of everyone, including african, are associations? look, this concept. we are football is a global sport. the majority of high value players in europe come from africa on yesterday. you saw what you're gonna drop, shed out an african player, a santa santa maryan. and sarah and the are men. he's here been to african
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association has have the clout and, and impact the influence of european and south american associations. not well, let me finish. let me finish. there cannot be, the high value will grow, but an can't are clubs in europe was out. the high value play is in and many of them come from africa, right? so, so then form for europe to pick and choose what they like and what they don't like is undemocratic. they must come to the congress and conference, the congress. now, as soon as a proposal is not from europe, it must not even be placed on the table. though it is a 100 years old. what is the legacy of africa? we are now in the body of legation. we are battling to be talk about group and then
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the 10 group were play 5 to play to, to go to the world. got 5 out of 54 from africa. well, you go back for 32 years. every good did not at this point. another 48 years africa only had one represent in the world to be africa as high as 30 now is us the global squad did to one day, right? when i don't even look at what is the model as well? what is the model? what, what is it the same like last? just because that is a b, but it's not surprising. anyone who benefits from a system over a 100 years world, his us even to a concert or obeyed change. right. that new proposals that can be expected. ok. i'm afraid we are out of time. i know this is a really griffin topic. i'd like to continue, but we're gonna have to stop here for now. she'll be back again at some point to
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talk about this for now. let's thank our guess ilia toriana, which danny jordan and marcella moran, ohio. and thank you too for watching. you can see the show again, any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion head over to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com. forward slash ha, inside story. can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle there is at ha, inside story. from me, sam is a than and the whole team here for now. goodbye. oh multiple people and told ashley including my father that he was gonna killer u. s. laws prohibit some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms . fold lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go
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unenforced. and the deadly consequences that ensued we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show on, relinquished on al jazeera plan, it is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop $26.00 climate summit, al jazeera showcases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green's films documenting the human experience on the frontline planet. at the wet reports from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigate horizon temperatures, appealing a water war in the us. al, just they were well shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up
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front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera. ah, china's economic growth, slow loose energy shortages of properties. slow down of the pandemic all playing a well. oh hello, i'm adrian. this is al jazeera alive from dough ha, also coming up. floods and bland slides kill dozens of people in the southern indian.


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