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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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talk to al jazeera, we what gives you hope that there is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing, otherwise we listen. we were never on whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories on sierra ah, the news. ready china's economic growth slows energy shortages, a property slow down, and the pandemic all playing a pot. ah, i may vary that again. this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up flood, some bland slides killed dozens of people in the southern indian state of carola,
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many others are missing. myanmar military chief claims the opposition for obstructing efforts to restore democracy. no word yet on the face of 17 foreign mission res kidnapped in haiti as us and haitian officials ramp up efforts to secure the release. ah, china's economic growth is slowing as its post pandemic recovery loses momentum. the world's 2nd largest economy grew by 4.9 percent in the 3rd quarter. that's the weakest finger, a figure in a year. it's economy has been under pressure from a slow down in construction power shortages at the impact of tight regulation. spot exports and services remain strong. let's get more of this from out as he was katrina you who just now live from beijing. katrina, the figures aren't far off or what economists had been expecting. so how
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significant is this? what impact is it likely to have on the rest of us? it's just a blip, isn't it? well, the center is slightly lower than many economists or expecting, and it could drug down global and stock markets. but they say, overall, china's economy is still expected to grow at a faster rate than most major economies by the end of the year. now looking at this figure, it's attributed to a variety of reasons. really, it's a perfect storm. a major reason is that china is tightening regulations on the number of industries that have been traditionally a major driver of economic growth here. now we've seen these power shortages that have in recent weeks affected provinces nationwide. and that's hampered manufacturing productivity. and these power shortages are largely due to trying to, trying to meet climate change targets. and this is resulted on codes on electricity and other energy production. we've also seen
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a big tightening of regulations around the housing and construction market and buy some estimates that makes up about a quarter of china's g d p. normally. and we've also had china's biggest real estate develop, but ever grant dominate headlines over the past month, due to having $300000000000.00 worth of debt that it's really struggling to pay back. and that also impacted invest a sentiment. and of course, we have the pandemic, which is continuing to have an impact on china. beijing is maintaining its 0 tolerance approach to coven 1900 outbreaks. so would see a handful of cases, small outbreaks, but the government here will still continue to react to these small outbreaks by imposing really severe city wide lock downs that had a devastating impact on domestic consumption and travel. as you say, markets a quite a dim view of this. i mean that's to be expected of the government trying to lay
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consent, particularly over foreign property values. what's it been saying hello katrina, can you hear me? so i seemed to last clear we appear to have lost or katrina you. i think we can, we can play you a little extracts of the government responds to word to this. kimberly, thank you, donating, you don't fool sheets for the ease you. although the economy growth rate in 3rd quarter has been affected by various factors such as the pandemic situation, flat conditions and rising bays, numbers, china's economic development has shown strong resilience and vitality on the whole . economy continues to recover and trend towards high quality development is constantly changing and it has the ability and conditions to complete the expect. goals and tasks for economy and social development throughout the year. of victor
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gao is the vice president for the center of china and globalization. he says, while the latest figures are disappointing, the government is still on track to meet its annual target. the 3rd quarter numbers which just came in are really on the lower side. however, i think china's confident that it's a year number for 2021 in terms of the g d, p growth, or china as a whole, could still reach about 8 percent. and that will me, china, one of the best, if not the best performing economies are all the larger economies in the world. and i think if you look very closely on the negative side, yes, recently there's being significant price increasing commodities, oil gas and also imported coal. and are there is concern about india, security, disruption of and use apply to china in the ha shop while, as well as the low, medium and longer term. this is
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a concern. and also in terms of the financial regulation, china has being tightening up financial regulation significantly. especially financing for privately owned property companies. and i think this is as the previous, the panelists of the said, some of the self inflicted wounds in china in the recent months. and i think her, in terms of global logistics, you'll hear a lot of bad stories in the united states in europe, for example, about their inability to get their house in order. and her logistics have been slowing down quite significantly inc, porting california, for example. and this also has a negative impact on the chinese exports while they do want to fulfill all these export orders on the receiving side, they have been bottlenecks experienced in quite a number of countries in the world which also negatively contributed to the lack
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luster. you cannot make performance in china, so it's a tough period in china by in the longer term i think everything will straighten out and a present g d p growth for this year is achievable, flooding and landslides have killed at least 24 people in southern india rescue operations by the army and navy are continuing in corolla. thousands of been stranded in parts of the coastal state authorities feel the number of debt could rise significantly. 13th, listen, let me think. i thought at least and dead 3 bodies of discovered a collect. it's a day and 9 more bodies. do they still go to? they've been bullied and no one family completely knows it's members of the family . horrible landlady happened yesterday. the hill behind me. are we to house? oh god, hold up. water and other items to the downward man laws
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military leader has rejected, demands made by the association of southeast asian nations to comply with its plan for a political transition made on blinds. comments were the 1st since myanmar was excluded from an upcoming ass young meeting. at least 1100 protest as have been killed of more than 7000 arrested since the military seized power in separate moral. this, let's go live to kuala lumpur. al jazeera florence louis is watching events from that. what else to do? men on klein, say florence, right? so these for minute length. first, public remarks, since aussie and foreign ministers agreed to sideline min on laying the senior general from an upcoming ozzie and leaders summit later this month. now, minnows lying and his speech on monday make no mention of the off in snap. but he suggested that the shadow government, known as the national unity government and this group has since been outlawed by
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the june to the end, the national unity government together with armed ethnic groups, all the ones who are provoking violence in not, no, not plunged into turmoil since february, since the crew in february, more than a 1100 people have been killed by security forces, thousands more, have been arrested and detained. and there's still raids happening in all across myanmar. now, often delivered the unprecedented, not because it felt that myanmar wasn't committed to a 5 point pin piece process that had been agreed to by ozzy, indeed is doing a summit in indonesia, back in april. now the decision to sideline men on lang also came often ozzy and envoy abruptly cancelled a plan visit to me on my after being told he wouldn't be able to meet with austin leader on fancy g. l phone says she hasn't been seen in public since the coo, she was detained, and she's now being held in an undisclosed location in naples or the capital of
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myanmar. and she faces several criminal charges. now, min lang and his remarks said myanmar is committed to the peace process. but he also said that there was some demands made by the author and boy, that's just simply not negotiable. he didn't elaborate further what these demands are, but many civil rights group say that the decision to snap the snap not at the office at the upcoming auction meeting is the right decision. because so far now my hasn't shown that it's committed to the peace process. and it's action so far by the june only seems to be stalling and also, and it seems to show that the, the june time tends to hold on to power. by all means you mentioned the thousands arrested since the military seized power back in february. what's happening to political detainees? well, may not playing in his speech on monday, on national television, he also said that he promised to release thousands of prisoners later this month in
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conjunction with a buddhist festival known as the festival of lights. now, according to a civil rights group, more than 7300 people have been arrested since the since the crew began since the coo in february. now reports a thing that min lang agrees to read believes about 5600 people. now they're also reports to say that these people release reports that they have to sign a statement to say they will not commit acts of violence against the state. that we know line says that this prisoner amnesty is being made on humanitarian grounds. this is not the 1st prisoner release, so we have to note that. and we also have to note what other civil rights groups have said about previous prisoner released by the june to the last one. took place in june. and the civil rights group pointed out that while the president released was a well kind of thing, they also made mention of the fact that many of those held should not have been detained in the 1st place. and they also said that while thousands were being
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released, arbitrary detention and rates are still taking place across me and not i was 0, florence louis reporting live that from quarter about florence. many thanks. and they've been demonstrations in venezuela's capital. kodak us calling for the release of an envoy of president nicholas madura who was expedited to the united states i columbia business. but alex saab is doing course in florida on monday of corruption charges. the us justice department charged, sorry, in 2019, in connection with the bribery scheme take advantage of that as well as state controlled exchange rates. after the expedition venezuela's government suspended talks with the opposition to resolve long standing divisions. little the for the m the u. s. government knew that kidnapping a member of the dialogue, commission, and lexical alex saab was a moral stab in the back of the dialogues and negotiations and mexico. the u. s. government knew it and act it was if you,
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they knew it. they do not want dialogue. they do not want piece foreign as well. are also they do not want democracy in progress for venezuela. no kidding. thousands of people block the streets, appoint asada on sunday, and a demonstration and support of the argentinian government. the loyalty day celebration was organized by the governing panelist party. the governments of president alberto fernandez, is struggling to contain inflation. consumer prices arising 50 percent annually. senior officials are in new york for talks with the instructional mandatory fund. the i m. f has already lent argentina $45000000.00 a weather update next year on al jazeera and why the carpet industry in afghanistan is struggling to find buyers and canadas prime minister justin trudeau was making his 1st visit to a site where the unmarked graves of $215.00 indigenous children were found in may. ah
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hi there, thanks for stopping by. so here's the thing. our torrential outbreaks of rain across greece had petered out, some scattering of showers on monday. the bulk of that energy has actually moved across turkeys, black sea region. and so we can see some heavy falls for places like tribes on getting into that rain on monday with a high of 18 degrees. meantime, 18 also for its stumble with a mix of sign in cloud. this stellar stretch of weather continues for the other side of the mediterranean. look at this madrid. $24.00 will keep it going, or get you up to $25.00 degrees for the next few days, which is while above the average of 19 northwestern size of europe. it now we do have some scattered showers, move in across the republic of ireland into the united kingdom, but everywhere in the zone were seen, temperature is a few degrees above average. that includes for brussels. at 17, you should be about 15 for this happy year. okay, off to africa, right now,
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we're seeing the wind swirl up some sand in dust, as we head towards south sudan chad rate in tunisia for and then rain is filling in across areas of nigeria beneath toko and southern sections of gone out into the ivory coast abidjan has a hive $27.00 degrees and if we look toward banjo, a mix of sunny cloud with a hive. 31 degrees that you update, see a soon ah, the in the country with an abundance of results. right. and walk in denisia, who's firms for me. we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me pause linda. this is growth and progress. invest in the media
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now. ah ah, hello again. this is l 0. let's remind you of the main news this our, china's economic growth is slowing, as its post pandemic recovery loses momentum. the world's 2nd largest economy grew by 4.9 percent in the 3rd quarter. that's the weakest figure. in a year, at least 24 people have died due to flooding at land slides triggered by heavy rain in southern india. the army at navia carrying out rescue operations. thousands have been relocated of men or military john to lita has rejected demands made by the association of southeast asian nations to comply with its plan for
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a political transition. he's insisting he'll restore democracy and release. thousands of protesters opened it detained since the military coup in february. police in haiti say that a well known gang is by the abduction of foreign christian missionaries and their family members. they were taken as they left on all footage near the capital port a prince. it's the latest in a wave of kidnappings which have risen dramatically since the assassination of the president. in july, my counter reports, heavy clouds loom over the christian age ministries headquarters in the u. s. state of ohio. the mission regroup has been operating in haiti for decades with a 9 month break 2 years ago following a previous bait of gang violence, the organization released the following statement. we are seeking god's direction for resolution, and authorities are seeking ways to help. it continues the group of 16 us citizens and one canadian citizen includes 5 men, 7 women,
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and 5 children in the haitian capital puerto. busy prince, the news of yet another mess. kidnapping comes. there's no surprise. statistics indicate that more than 380 people have been abducted in the 1st 8 months of this year alone. from the my dear, i'm going to tell you sincerely in regard to security. we cannot talk about this on the security point. i can say it has been 0. that's been a mess it up search and kit. nothing's cynthia destination of the country president and july this year. removing the last vestige of a functioning central government. the prime minister is seen as being involved in the president's assassination. and so the population of the huge lump and proletariat of puerto prince and the other cities of haiti are basically left to their own devices. and this is allowed a space for these criminal organizations to emerge. patient police and
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criminal gang, known as 400. my wife was responsible for the abduction. loosely translated as 400 inexperienced men. it said to be responsible for some 80 percent of the kidnappings this year. a u. s. security delegation has been in haiti and recent days. it's free to consult with the haitian national police on ways in which the u . s. can help restore law and order. here in d c, the state department has issued a statement saying it is aware of the situation and is continuing to monitor at the cristian aid ministries in holmes county, ohio. nothing can be done apart from to wait and pray. my kind of odyssey for washington in mexico, the state of, as i can take us, has become the latest battle ground for a number of criminal gangs. as i'm just here is john holeman reports. it's the
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small community of last and i'm a trustee into a ghost town over the past 2 months. bells haven't brung in less than meters for a month. the villages animals have the run of the streets for de shootout and september led to people fleeing on mess, leaving another empty town in mexico. and the violence in this country continues to spread. and the state is i can pick has become the latest epicenter. there's a multi way fight for it, but the heavy weights are a division of the sin, a lower cartel. and halley's sco new generation. it's because i could take is a hub, a vital network point to get drugs, ingredients, money, and guns from mexico's ports up to the north. for the cartels, it's about profit for the townspeople. it's about fear and powerlessness in their own hugs. those talk to us didn't want to be named seattle. i go seen as the bullet
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came in through the door. this is where my wife cooks. thanks to god, she wasn't cooking then. williams, i guess, here's the bullet hole and there's the gas cylinder. the bullet hole is here, and that's where my daughter sleeping. yeah. i'm going, he fled off to the firefight. now he's back trying to play story with some of the homes in his show. but there's always more the trauma and fear won't go away. even though villages trickling but an able to afford staying away longer. selling was korean, the me for medium sweats. i've been running with my sister and my father in law fled without a change of clothes torres to seek asylum in the us because of the wind speed. my sister was shot in the hands of you in the army and the police say that everything's okay now that the here you worried about the future for to see teeth broken up. ok. yes. because the here just for
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a year. what will happen after that and look if you're not going to take us with them, that what will happen to us and our families. also, this is a home, this is our community. where are we going to go? where can we go without children? won't be a future for them. we're just going from house to house and city. today's the army checkpoint and the state police station did the shut up village school a trying to provide reassurance. they gave us a ride around town. a lot of people have now returned to last and meet to the village to has quite subdued add to it. there's no law of causal people in the street, apart from the soldiers and the police who with now one man who hasn't showed the state new governor, or any one from his cabinet. even though last to meet this is just an hour from the capital. the shopkeeper had a message for them. if i want to look at the another thing is the model. i asked the authorities to please answer this call where people to be that you want to live
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here in our community, our homes, in our lands, please be aware of that. and as the song says, you know, sort this out between you and them. do whatever deals between yourselves, let us work, let us live in peace is not a call for justice or the application of the law just for an agreement to be reached. so that when the soldiers and police go, these people can still survive. john home and i'll just hit a 2nd texas the u. n. envoy to syria says the government of the opposition of agreed to begin drafting constitutional reforms from monday, talks over the countries political future have been stored since january serious 10 year civil war has killed more than 3 150000 people and displaced millions in 2018 the government of the opposition agreed to form a committee to draft a new constitution. a progress has been slow. afghanistan's carpet industry is facing its biggest crisis since the taliban stake over exports and domestic sales
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have plummeted because of the freezing of financial assets. and border closures that's brought uncertainty to millions of people who depend on the sector out 0 hash omaha barrel reports from missouri, sheesh. it's quiet in this carpet market in missouri city. the place was once buzzing with tourists and people eager to buy 2 additional afghan carpets. but now, shop owners are struggling to find buyers. arc hatamio sagamore, though on if these news is slowed down a big deal. there's no more activity here nor much selling and buying compared to the past. martha found almost little of gaurtier measure carpets. what i've got is dan's biggest exports in the past few years near it. but since the taliban stake over afghanistan has been isolated, its assets in u. s. banks frozen and his borders closed. the banking system has now shut down.
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and along with decades of war, that's led to the carpet and rugged industry facing its biggest crisis. afghan carpet have always had a timeless appeal around the world. then took a designs reflect an ethnic and cultural diversity. and the proudly displayed here by merchants to make good profits. but many men and women who spent long hours and weaving rock and carpets face uncertain times and never had burned to has been a refugee in pakistan for decades, was settled on the outskirts of missouri, said eve, he finally thought he would be able to look after his family, hello my mazda cut, another. this is very important for us. this is our only source of income. there are no job opportunities here for his daughter has other making carpets pays for her schooling, and she hopes to save some money for when she goes to the university. now i know my
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husband, i want to become a doctor, but things are changing and i hope to be able one day to find real work when i graduate. but for the time being, i enjoy hand weaving, need on part of inside the sea and his family have been in the industry for generations. until recently, business was thriving with foreign clients willing to pay high prices for wool and silk rugs and carpets which collodion in you. i mean problems at the borders which are closed and also the banks. so we can't export and we have no cash to pay providers. for now though no one is showing up at his shop. he hopes at the borders will soon open, so he can begin exporting again. but until then said has no option but to continue admiring his art works and the many stories detail about the old and young men and women who toiled for months and years to make them ash amount. but i'll just either mazata sharif, canada's prime minister just intruder as making his 1st visit to
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a site where the unmarked graves of $215.00 indigenous children were found and made . he's been criticized for skipping the country's 1st at the national day for truth and reconciliation that holiday honors indigenous students who were forced into the state backed residential school system. jody vance report start from kamloops and british columbia. here in the interior of british columbia, canada stands the kamloops indian residential school. this notorious structure is caught at the center of a political and human rights storm in this country. prime minister justin trudeau will be here to meet with elders and tour this structure built with the sole purpose of taking control of indigenous children to remove their culture. connection with family and language rampant. sexual and physical abuses have been documented here. children dad, often with no contact to inform families, they just never came home resulting in generational trauma. the orchard is where
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215 unmarked graves of children were discovered using ground penetrating radar in may, sparking new awareness to what 1st nations had been saying for decades. the discovery called just the tip of the iceberg. add to this questions about how administrators of the school handled those bodies. were they treated with dignity and respect? likely this will be at the center of meetings with elders and the prime minister, as he tours the school and the sacred site. what the to come up say show up nick nation now, calls the apple orchard following his tour with elders and survivors. the prime minister will come to this meeting place at the top of the agenda will be a call to action for the release of documents held by the government, as well as the catholic church documents that could give some insights to the identity of those children in the unmarked graves and bring some comfort at long last to families. the volcano on the spanish, on that of la paula,
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which his erupting should serve no sign of rupturing of ending the scientists say there's no indication of where you could live yourself. might fool silence with lobel stream, just now buried mobile 7 square kilometers destroying farmland, with maybe 2000 buildings. more than 6000 people of been rotated or ex lurch reports from a palma. they are optional. le, hama has now entered its 4th week, and there appears to be no sign of its slowing down. that's the word authorities are trying to convey to the residents of the canary islands. they've recorded more than 600 seismic events in the past week, and at least 42 on sunday alone, the largest, the which was magnitude 4.3. now one thing they are trying to refresh to residents is that the seismic activity does not provide any evidence that the volcano is going to grow any larger. but a new vent has apparently opened up just below the main cone. now,
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sciences of lava are blasting tens of meters into the air and with it it's sending thousands of tons of smoke and ash while the ash is continuing to cause problems for the transportation industry. its apparently causing a boom for the tourism industry. hoteliers and restaurants staff are saying that they're having an increase in customers who are coming from neighboring exclusively to see this volcanic spectacle. ah, it is good to have with us. hello adrian, for again here in bo, how the headlines, and i'll just hear a, china's economic growth is slowing. as it's post, pandemic recovery loses momentum. the world's 2nd largest economy grew by 4.9 percent in the 3rd quarter. that's the weakest figure in a year. the government says it is still on track to meet its annual target single sunday. it will not in your phone for sure. so the legal issue,
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although the economy, the growth rate into a quarter has been effected by various factors such as pandemic situation plot condition.


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