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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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and at han, one out 0 ah, play important role in protecting human life. touch your face. ah ah. i'm darn jordan. to have a headlines here on al jazeera police in haiti's say, a notorious gang is behind the abduction of foreign christian missionaries and their family members. they were kidnapped in the area of gum thea, just east of the capital puerto prince. the group include 16 americans and one canadian eighty's and jude years of economic and political upheaval. but the situation worse and off the assassination of president javan had more use in july. my come as more from washington
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d. c. a u. s. security delegation has been in haiti and recent days, it's brief to consult with the haitian national police on ways in which the us can help restore law and order. here in d. c, the state department has issued a statement saying it is aware of the situation and is continuing to monitor fighting in yemen, 70 or civil war is escalating a key strategic region. who the rebels say they have seized new territory in the oil and gas producing provinces of maribel chub. what it comes as the saudi led coalition, which backs the government, said it killed a $160.00 will be fighters, and as strikes, floods em, landslides, have killed at least 19 people in india, southern corrales' state officials say thousands have been evacuated, and at least a 100 relief camps have been set up. is the worst flooding since 2018. afghanistan's interior ministry says girls will soon return to secondary schools.
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since the taliban takeover only primary age girls have been allowed in classes. male students and teachers were allowed to go back. in late september, a senior member of venezuela's opposition has urged the president to resume negotiations despite a government envoy being expedited to the us. the talks were suspended when alex saab was handed over to washington by cape verde. he was arrested there last year of money laundering charges. the talks are aimed at solving venezuela's, political and economic crisis. hundreds of salvadorans protested against the government's decision to adopt bitcoin as legal, tender. the crypto currency cannot be used along with the u. s. dollar as a form of payment. there's been a memorial service in the norwegian town of kong bird where 5 people were killed last week by a man using a bow and arrow 3 other people were injured in wednesdays. incident members of the royal family were among those who attended sunday service. a suspect has appeared in court. those were the headlines. the news continues here now jazeera after al
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serra world station. thanks a lot back. ah . a with with a
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wrangle dispatch fee or to a caucus, your nanny. i am gone for the got fox, me to nick, kill lin. what's the year leo for men about her life, auto confident general hint. oh will had thought i had a m a p and she said he could see that le bonnie mission are not on saudi step. his class charges there it's. i was that i love. i didn't hear leon ah, in america has seine willis or i mean him d r. i rodney, she can him until or door or wholly from any has to be any further clocked. those st spout st. me as im gonna miss you and i'm what i hope you haven't received them yet. okay. nasdaq going home. all cable hill, cinnamon him d r,
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who is jeremy, who when you say you need back all the city and the clue, sharman, the car, darn the. and if you heard him gave him a can a year and g when you feel higher. lashawna hazard me here. i'm also see a lot are be i'm pushing near me. neither missouri fishing. we're going to be able to but she, we're going to be out to be met that some glass top cub, but our latino, the owner had to martinez said if you need, oh i like it says a sri fleming girl didn't commit from she to let blanche intimates and she, i don't know, mackenzie says yeah, oh wow. how clear can ss her chicken if they shook. couldn't some cut them out so she did, they needed with
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a little money b o n. mm hm. and he had shared with the model, and they let us know we had had this one, hold on, and i just did miss lula. your mom for watching the limb clips flared in the lifeline met. and, and you know, what's, what's avon roughly certain? will me centennial li, nora had said he, let's see it's and it seems one minute limit. india well is that seems more it's familiarly loves and um, so what all clear to the view it also does say again nearly done. it was been very sad to home me. my got a couple try the about a thought to hokey a. may i be lucky?
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it's lincoln da da, blizzard yellow. can that are the mahogany williams say? oh, to math casual food in the nursing because of cinema. confound us, give them notice only a cubby cubby, immediate in me to muh m t. badger the out is was working the way it out. any of whom do i did it, dennis cinema, or tanya and we could hook up to the cinema and india kanaka. so get her too many, jo. discordance on this. got also to much i looked, but meeting chicago thing we did on to him of the could be a did cinnamon india her gotten to bed a lamp cutter? either you or when i had that craven, urban spin, learn for or saudi to more look at for you may have seen him. and him dio, all will hustle been did incubate are typically have tell maddox bodies of duck. the clean, the put it of done the a new. yeah. my. she don't good all muted the i. e m. jennifer, when a king,
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a nation in center at the hell it's belinda m m m m c. can they bought the can they have the se, melissa? belabor, a heineken, how not a consumer is in a new young and phil walker, shortly. i sorry to keep the can you can always, you can, you can guess or to keep track of that, which i now wish that was you can fellowship russia, but if you can in mcdaniels with dynamic jeremy,
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the manager might be john sinbad. it came up with . 6 pushy, budget comes in beacon kitchen jeanine's hum didn't disappoint fisma. daniel, and i'm looking from the curb you to one in the when you have to had to clean my company, you should not come to me. i want you to look her soul unesco nick jr. with somebody and they called observe talking about some she talk, museums is you will, can us hipaa room, she was, she has a mixture which i mean not so much have a zip
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a wife. i saw elvis co off down to reconnect the chemical bone b. i had to put a mission can hand me a long time on the n g close b o me. if i had already you from the hands, what are we going mom? fish of see the project that already fission pencil. higher search hasn't been new. i think there are so many story that we hear about morocco source that comes to my mind. definitely my friend him on who is from oracle and in bombay . she's. she's a representative for morocco for me, because she tells me about her culture and uncle about the food there, about the indians there also about the beautiful places that one should with the.
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and she insists that i should with morocco in the coming years from now. the nice when i heard him, jim, what are be hand but he healed hand. cain jack missouri. i remember when he became the spectrum by joe, how can we bucklin secondino. mr. total missouri bargaining live to gain lee? we know how to, to layer him, how your la matches. we hand the many had you can there she has her enough land when bed miss, i better she thought of me had consideration the vice who lives from home. oh no sir. no. what else had she? he or rocky saw rocky, some jazz r, o e, c o, b, o, o
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should the jim i commissioned me to hell you from who sorry to miss ne of corona california to come to us. ah, and it ain't doing it to be that it is disaffected. and i'm sure, but that i think of that for but that, that jimmy didn't disco dancer, she's had to think his math conscientiousness off with clinton. i'm a starting to look ah, with savannah for so many nuts. and what are some debit seen in your clue? and a know we do what a wonderful film will go off if you don't feel just like gc meeting. yes. as soon as some developers could answer, sim dear, you're cutting woodward. hallock, i'm going to say yeah, honda roughly, much harder. okay, so huddle in as good actually had extra was harder because they couldn't most of us 0 little bizarre. yeah. well it will, it will, it will that will some of the up i just come in can in the any she and not the
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little yellow. her only catch i, he does, he did yoshika or you can shop civility. coordination only was any thought. push it out for less money will have just air. well, if a human well, if it was a lot you can look in had a hold of her daughter or it is, you can michelle murray put off mr. to for a few minutes of su yetter. any l had a holder had near smith's dominion. it's commodity, 8th islam. the legend give, are they in one 0, i need those mahogany means when i'm in an integer cinema,
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univision of young women, beanie has cinnamon india. as of yet had another another lou had lose my the lower mainland. dina ha, in myra janessa in the for some of the csr. awesome. yeah. you do the madi, vio and akin and pelican. meanwhile, i'm in my regina's while she had medicine. rocca, she liddy. could remar, ma'am, in any learned missouri her sims, you've seen him in india, you had a minute for them. so let us when i let us see her, of course miss ellen. as when he nod, we're feeling that it can take a 0. 0, the deacon, i mean, let's a handy
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well you know, can it would have to india method. okay. the holy what, what got it a. busy little was, it was a for it to level below the level, the weight alone leave. there's definitely a when i had to wait lately with the way the holy, what
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a mess had been seen with, like i said, i'm really thankful to the people, morocco it'll, they've shown us great love, great affection, great respect. thank you. i do appreciate december rob, but any noise it is so shocking in her to such a big surprise that indian villains, you know so far away from you. traditionally and culturally so far and you know, yet you people have, you know, embraced as you. people have given us so much a love just to lagrangian phones. i mean, to prove it was last night. you know, when i went to the premier of student of the year, there were thousands of people just standing in the cord standing and seeing the film in total silence. i mean, this shows how it engine venzano and captured an enraptured a d audiences. so that's it. is the magic of cinema. you know, it's not only indians in my is the magic of all kinds of sort of
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with ah, is due to the met is english fish is doing a really good you rich? ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah news news,
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news news, news. hello there, thanks for stopping by. truth be told not a whole lot going on across north america. pretty quiet picture, but i want to take you to the west coast of canada because our next pacific low we'll move in as we had midway through the week. so for now we can enjoy and mix it stunning cloud in vancouver at 12 degrees. we look ahead to the next 3 days and as promise looks that wednesday picking up about $10.00 to $20.00 millimeters the brain, you're temperatures pretty well where they should be for the some the year. a south facing wind is really cranking up temperatures in winnipeg. however, with the high of 20 and the bulk of that activity we had along the east coast is pushed out toward the atlantic, but some heavy falls across newfound line to be expected southeast corner of the
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united states full on sunshine. here we've got a high of 24 degrees in jackson, 28 in miami. temperatures in california are coming down. we're seen some scattered showers in los angeles. so where we have the cloud, we have the rain and lower temperatures. with a higher 1900 degrees across the caribbean, some pulses of rain moving across his spaniel up once accounted at 28 degrees across the amazon base. and look at this mon now. so we've got some storms around there with the high $32.00, and it remains soggy as we looks toward the southeast of brazil for both. so paulo and rio de janeiro on monday. that's it says in the
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ah the latest news, as it breaks free democrats and the creams of talking to each other, trying to iron out their differences because together they form a large block in parliament with detailed coverage. we had as the world's largest producer of low to feed. but children are being used to meet the rising demand from around the world. the island has increased in land masses as if coon rivera. with this corruption is pulling the island of la paloma out of the ocean, blue haitian police say a notorious gang is behind the abduction of a group of christian missionaries and their family members. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from de, also coming up the battle for humans. energy rich married province intensifies with


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