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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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in a profoundly human story, exposing deep floors in denmark's adoption system, a girl in return, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm down jordan joe hall with the headlines here on al jazeera police in haiti. se notorious gang is behind the abduction of foreign christian missionaries and their family members that were taken as they left an opening near the capital port prince . it's the latest and a wave of kidnappings which have risen dramatically since destination of the president. last july. my kind of reports, heavy clouds loom over the christian aid ministries headquarters in the us state of ohio. the mission regroup has been operating in haiti for decades, with a 9 month break 2 years ago following
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a previous fate of gang violence. the organisation released the following statement . we are seeking god's direction for resolution, and authorities are seeking ways to help. it continues. the group of 16 us citizens and one canadian citizen includes 5 men, 7 women, and 5 children in the haitian capital port. busy print the news of yet another mess . kidnapping comes as no surprise. statistics indicate that more than 380 people have been abducted in the 1st 8 months of this year alone from my dear, i'm going to tell you sincerely in regard to security. we cannot talk about this on the security point. i can say it has been 0. it's been a mess it up search and kidnappings since the assassination of the country president in july this year removing the last vestige of a functioning central government, the prime minister as seen as being involved in the president's assassination. and
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so the population of the huge lump and proletariat of puerto prince and the other cities of haiti are basically left to their own devices. and this is allowed a space for these criminal organizations to emerge. patient police, an armed criminal, gang, known as 400. my was so was responsible, will the abduction, loosely translated as $400.00 inexperienced men. it's said to be responsible for some 80 percent of the kidnappings this year. a u. s. security delegation has been in haiti and recent days. it's brief to consult with the haitian national police on ways in which the us can help restore law and order. here in d. c, the state department as issued a to a statement saying it is aware of the situation and is continuing to monitor at the christian aid ministries in holmes county,
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ohio. nothing can be done apart from to wait and to pray. mike hannah al jazeera washington fighting in yemen. 70 a civil war is escalating a key strategic region. who the rebels say they've seized new territory in the oil and gas producing provinces of maribel chub. what it comes as the saudi led coalition, which backs the government, said it killed a $160.00 who. the fighters in air strikes, floods, and lamps, lives of killed at least 19 people in india, southern karen, estate, officials say thousands have been evacuated and at least a 100 relief camps have been set up. is the worse flooding since 2018, and more than 500 people were killed. afghanistan's interior ministry says girls will soon return to secondary schools since the town of anne's take over, only primary age girls have been allowed in classes. male students and teachers were allowed to go back. in late september i seen a member of venezuela's opposition as those the president to resume negotiations
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despite at government envoy being extradited to the us. the talks were suspended when alex saab was handed over to washington by cape verde. he was arrested there last year of a money laundering charges. talks aimed at solving venezuela's, political and economic crisis. hundreds of south dorians had protested against the government's decision to adopt bitcoin as legal, tender crypto currency can now be used along with the us dollar as a form payment. there's been a memorial service in the norwegian town of combs, but where 5 people were killed last week by a man using a bow and arrows. 3 other people were injured and wednesdays incident members of the rule family were among those who attended sunday service, a suspect has appeared in court. so those were the headlines. the news continues here now to sierra after i'll just say we're world stage and thanks to watching. oh
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ah oh, it didn't booms up in captured, interrupt your to the audiences a as in a yet. then you took us near to a local level and then
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a left in to see there's a lot of love, but the friction in respect with the american people i wish we are planning didn't convince them to do with
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what i'm up at the end of this year i got a d, r, a z, i mean because she was younger sheer side that me daughter or, and i've had the blood gets christ and she said the 2 year he's my son harper, you know, well, i know could i just know how long you've had the blood like india, great. i shall. we and my she could said, be n o r longley lee about all would be a nasty feet lady with a movie. the rest of the day might be a for the india. they tell because she has plenty of get me a friend me that it's,
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that is who had she come and then you were to me on did it last when it can get to can get so humans get to him and it was your india. a lot and it is dead. it's that it's a 2nd handy. was it is been hope dealing it see me many oh think i am with and then in the military and i get it sounding and she was here. we didn't on you. okay. well i didn't i from the left off
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a yes, i'm a coach. any come co mozilla molina thing. when i met the daughter continue to pay a lot to read. she'd been there less, you know, a little for g, mary a little. so who can scan gene seamy mouth a will in a mission mission set and will not open the can work hand many of you can scan issue in the from the financial for for a need for break up then can lea a need? so you can send them a check in theaters then with
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a shot after they get comma men or actin. affordacare bowman with paul one that you can do since you did not catch. you look at some fact you see you are from his diploma and i checked on that. i'm about, i'm not i had and then all concede enough, vondik. i said send that along to you in the household and hierarchy. sure. off a check on my a cannot an hour. clearly still a limb break up idea that he she got for you will at least to way more go is laker,
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you know, it's a another indian country because their culture is little different. not so much, but the people are so good, very cooperative there. are, you know, we, we, what we said melinta and oh, monica answered something happen up on like that. that's right. so we love the like you people, you, people came here, you are shot. the and i have seen the, you know, speech and all, everything you're so nice. you were walking most of the time and you were helping us. so what is we want? exactly. we want the people from morocco come here. oh and benton encouraged her that you, chef lam indeed or had to fill them out and there was fairly filmed, tiny, dark beard last week. i'm afraid our b r. this is the right time to help her name pushy. probably be able to be put on the side. of course. my check is typically about a life. yes. oh
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. oh. oh no, it did. did it with her? i yes. mm hm. oh, him to live with. lucky for the for the good. the dentist. yeah, i've got a message for a lot of just want to so the sooner for from clifford often with young be off of my uncles matter or for to follow up with my thought. ah,
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ah, with good about i can sort of get shot. a charter, delicate, then now you go, oh, didn't get on the i you ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha. that it the jumbo had to see gazette at our head. the gun. he has betted. the juggle had the same gazelle at our head doggedly. the hey, i need a dog. what he is ready to lie to the doctor, what i discussed is off you mc last, just i will have a little store, but it has a clean of, if i could have it to for world peace, i look under some had yemen, some others, the market a maybe you can actually didn't show on my shipment. uh huh book. and i'm gonna be
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a total. libya. let me just sort of hand this out of hand. it's all hunting pansy. i know we're from wesley. and he and our crew are comfortable looking with he says, i'm sorry, in the, i'm one of my yes mm hm. and i was just, i'm it, i'm a new hockey. i need to ship. i'm it because you're not gonna shuttle here where you can get shoved yacoma and 2 of them didn't hear a woman. she didn't know you can be shuttle. your shuttle home was there with you. oh, i can understand. okay. little any lives didn't seem it in the or have any delicate . they are. the zip was which was so house i'm studying for the shuttle comfortable . a very the whole out these got those are the live unit as you have your most out of outside images. collab watch it. you'll get back to bullshit . need to do to get out of here in a sunni who can you
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hear from her close? oh, actually are you, how can we did chat as even nearby? thanks. hello, kenneth watson hamilton, you really had gotten a pin in where it can kind of been of its kind to it to leah. no. sorry. then there was an article that i had a she too. yes, i totally didn't see any she up on money the in california her the site to lead to feel and when the garage and the side it's a lot, but i really want completely out of the kids in
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your head and so done with him and won't be appealing to the dear when it's just another study dinner. you know, the way you can do that are commonly we're leather study, india that are starting to we're looking kids from the mom. could he be a kind of slow salam baby up in kentucky at abilene? lack a hindrance at a home. inclusion will be making that time making a kid some of that had the kids couldn't believe the was that what is that? what is that is going to be for contin. it has to say that you've been here for dr . jimmy from her family and to head out and kept funny. i really couldn't. people, polanski had said louis mobile friendly for you in with a fully conflicted with me. but in america or the same has a tendency for the modem. has that ability this for them to
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sign up? yes. go to that. i will. sorry. india phone ah with a new name b from miss e l y d b a leaded? can you me my very ball. i don't mind what should i for 1000 and no and domains. and then a loaner who was senior berlin deal shortly with zulu. i know magellan and i thought we have seen him. if anybody beyond telephone seaman he leash law. similarly india, above lad, master dear lucy,
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new scene will india cancer have been payler. paylor low creates a need. this can shoot for learn now for you submit it. and if you can a mission that mission of them, both of these candidates and the houses so that she didn't, the person that she had any suited fudge look of disconnect. can the hudson nissan, pretty of the missouri fox. kind of them. it's in an e, julie bentley. yeah. yeah. and he can, can knock on eliane should look in the discs about him. some how can be presented. ha, ha ha ha. i don't live with my but now it is. yeah. with the boys to live with
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lynn lashley, a marble see me the a come come with us a very the campbell shade, a welsh. saudi fianna, madam halleck beat of marie best and as you more can we'll talk they should counties. alright, see me? absolutely. she 1000000 the to the flem body would rarely had lush other. does my heritage gets mahala in the can be harm had seen email. he has a half talking about of not who shabba claim. michelle not with him. to talk to your truck. i feel like it's carbon enough to kind of scrambling, but look, nesbit to go, cosmetic museum, will not have seen him. he's at the, for the sublime say, and the controls m. f level global. that is a maria at the law. we're had, we're had machine somewhere and ines black e last vision dead nascar sam shoot for had with him. lean deeper at the museum frame sucker for her obstacle, a hot tune. commentaries i'm going to be looked at. there was some neatly fits
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latina cripple, b not just knocking away the notion is sort of a f lumpkin sheet and alpha puddle, cinnamon, indiana chassis, and can sure be enough in india, if you can. ok, so it can seem to me of miss really see him any couldn't couldn't be any that and him can. he hadn't said hey, it's can it's hey it look in the system. it's an ceiling. deal the scene from the middle of the new jewish can. we're had lead that. yeah, i did when you move, so when you suck on the you know when it came it's had good. yeah. co cook. hey it for kids. nice really. and then you can in that and he shut our own. fell all now here to see how similar he where does he cannot below. right. so the bed
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will have and had the one minute creates the community for them for her husband was actually a little less up. listen to the distribute sort of smile. ok. then you click on that, she will be considered, but it's a lot of up and she's probably gonna ask for the senior mom, if you are going to feed him daughter. then when i thought about a lot of really dive indicating was within the hospitals and came deal of the way down. that way doesn't, doesn't really the mean. so i had him and his phone led me to them and then there's no duck beach rama. so we're still your senior meeting which shuttle on top actual mom. i be sick much, i can hear you. that's good because then x oh somebody let you set up like an amount can indicate which can be a lot less that will work on the top.
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you know who the, i know you have to because i did not look, we'll just wait a little. i love you, i'm with us. and then she got a when i came here 9 years ago and 2003, i was very surprised that moral can people who know me. they see my films. i went to the souk, too bizarre to buy some clothes and all the people to take my name and take the name of my firms. it was sir, very surprising for me. but i very happy to be here because i've, there's a lot of love and affection and respect with the american people to india, to indian films, to indian firm stars. and i'm very obliged to them for giving me this affection.
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and i can hear you say the hindu to accompanying the emily country. i'm out of yearly. it's carbon. will i from santa what from the san we're not you didn't come cinema atlas law, poor lot more. dad and his aunt nicholas that you must in 1st. evelyn can weeks out, i'm it. i'm a song as a can. no, i'm on dark. i know. i not going to, as you can see, the melinda what alex, someone guess i didn't put needs a wound, a boy and he come across, won't tell sonny. she feelin o caracas. i will ask her the confusion. i shall have, but she had the room for them for having frontier you've all months. you didn't get a will of hero efram. he gave it as he only collision. so how god can need somebody help and yearly and i was i was jenny a yeah. get me. me ha
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. may i do call boca manning, hazy day? a god because me martin asked of him had to indeed in no contempt frozen out. you've seen him miramonte cow candy. he didn't was dealing with house young and you can in that did he gets home as there was dad and mother. look, they took the tub school that it's mom full square published of sherry. it's monday to have the grid, but the dribble would have just little doubting it would be out. it had ginger were billy day, a blow job with georgia in the blue money because she looked yes. i've got i thought huh. gonna some sort of huh. oh, top of as when,
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until you're covered in the unit here. know when it's on alton and give her a bunch more, you'll didn't suck up and we're going to be the maybe now companies seem foolish. can howdy, man, me a honey india. a delicacy. really a cassette except bucking mckenna city, can video, possibly a cassette mil fleming, india, who from about an hour in subtle compelled ivanov hello bill us my herb handler, us on our competitor. some on a do you wanna do with limited dis owen cans can smell honey? the alarm sony gum. we're dealing with hammer duffy, i do more of them in the, in the met and not only gum with to meet the wonderfully walk malika avenue india can, can housman on any the, at home who can, how and we can meet palo. we'll start a connecticut and new wheel grizzled. and if and nana can boil faleen, you took a derrick and asha,
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come to asha country indian abuse. and did he give you what you have? i'm in the country, the gym and so what i'm seeing just still uses you with you and we're given new kids and we can check with you and your thoughts and to see what you then me. ok. your kaski. did she energy when you had char, who got my head to do so this survey here because oh, now a good day. ah ah, it may not doing. i mean, i do. oh, sure. who got me? do i do silly any? ah, i'm with family, it's of its here. her 2nd queen ramos are hazel,
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was really clear. politically lafleur keener, keen, bossy, or so the whole keener on one of our we're keen a gets, had lucas of lim lee. so, hatton mean, all sort of limits any, any in the middle of the or dorsey in the amazon has, i mean, consumer sell even single in the year. he kits of miss really you, mr. mr. leslie and are consuming, the consumer said it was a model of limley shifts can, can the image see her of her she has here, not mill comes on the end of the show or the into this and yet he could be in the near, not around one kine mall kin called mckinney corner. now some had deal here because apparently can show for live limb. what animal can learn? maria, law affair, d n. kian kaun. she has are the oldest, cathy. sorry, her. well,
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she took her lunch. yeah. the house i have and they said alex last but sylvia let you know that really like least that adam should grant your last month on our as well. we are luck. i really journey in special we had left the company. so when i looked on the from saw coach, i'd love the gps consumer la quinta. yeah, yeah, yeah. buffalo bar gala planetary is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities, but the climate emergency witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the way report from greenland on how the rapid rate of
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melting ice is having a profound effect on the population people empower us why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigate horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the u. s. l, just, they were well shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera in the world's most populous nation, one in every fi women's health is domestic. want one east investigate china battleground at horn one out 0. aah played important role in protecting human life.
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dr. trace lou i'm darn jordan over the headlines here on al jazeera police and haiti say a notorious gang is behind the abduction of foreign christian missionaries and their family members. they were kidnapped in the area of gum thea, just east of the capital. puerto prince, the group include 16 americans and one canadian haiti's enjoyed years of economic and political upheaval. but the situation worse and off the assassination of president javan had more use in july, my kind of as more from washington d. c. a u. s. security delegation has been in haiti and recent days it's brief to consult with the haitian national police.


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