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and that he was going to killer u. s. laws prohibit some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms . bold lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced. and the deadly consequences that he see. we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show. unwilling, quist on al jazeera ah haitian police say a notorious gang is beyond the abduction of 17 christian missionaries kidnapped as i left and all finished. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is al jazeera life and dough are also coming up. the battle for humans, energy rich murray, province intensifies with who the rebels trading bay made gains. at least 19 people
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are killed as floods. mudslides hit the indian state of kara rescue as a searching for dozens was still missing and protested, see shrunken fishermen urged their government to give the more protection and poaching. ah police! the haiti have confirmed the kidnapping of 17 pico bon arm gang. the group of missionaries, including 5 children from a u. s. based organization, had been visiting an orphanage east of the capitol. it's the latest in a wave of kidnappings which have risen dramatically since the assassination of the president. in july, my counter reports, heavy clouds loom over the christian aid ministries headquarters in the u. s. state of ohio. the mission regroup has been operating in a t for decades with a 9 month break 2 years ago, following a previous space of gang violence,
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the organisation released the following statement. we are seeking god's direction for resolution, and authorities are seeking ways to help. it continues, the group of 16 us citizens and one canadian citizen includes 5 men, 7 women, and 5 children in the haitian capital port. busy print the news of yet another mess . kidnapping comes as no surprise to fix. indicate that more than 380 people have been abducted in the 1st 8 months of this year alone from my dear, i'm going to tell you sincerely in regard to security. we cannot talk about this on the security point. i can say it has been 0. it's been a mess of up search and kidnappings since the assassination of the country presidents in july this year, removing the last vestige of a functioning central government. the prime minister is seen as being involved in the presidents assassination. and so the population of the huge lumping
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proletariat port a prince and the other cities of haiti, are basically left to their own devices. and this is allowed a space for these criminal organizations to emerge. patient police, an armed criminal, gang, known as 400. my wife was responsible for the abduction. loosely translated as 400 inexperienced men. it said to be responsible for some 80 percent of the kidnappings. this year, a u. s. security delegation has been in haiti in recent days. it's free to consult to the haitian national police on ways in which the u. s. can help restore law and order. here in d. c, the state department has issued a statement saying it is aware of the situation and is continuing to monitor at the christian age ministries in holmes county,
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ohio. nothing can be done apart from to wait and pray. my kind of odyssey for washington. well, emmanuel or do you on is a director of police. i think tank based in haiti focusing on economic development . she says, kidnappings are becoming more frequent because of the lack of law enforcement. yeah, many reasons why we are witnessing this. one of them is impunity. therefore, the kidnapper is the end of an incentive to keep doing what they are doing because do risk of being arrested. all go to jerry, are relatively low. i haven't heard of in the kidnappers of anthony members of in, against being arrested in the bus years. and also because they could not people and de risk of dying in the, the families they know that the police is likely to injure via. therefore, they do everything they can to fade ransom, the people in volume kidnappings, they know that their families are going to do whatever they can be of willing to
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sell whatever they have to, to pay their wisdom the end every day unclaimed and you'll, dea kidnapping. people in all, in this kind of climate, give opportunities for any anyone, for any small gains to do whatever the award. because then it's easy. now go because those not that many control, therefore anyone who has something against you can do something there. wisco higher now than they used to be. and i can only imagine one is, is like 4 or people was still on the ground. less than 2 weeks when they kidnap a friend of mine. and every day one you, what watching the news or when we're checking our for, you know, what's up is really, is used by a lot of people in haiti. and whenever something happens in the seed and was up in when they kidnapped someone before we know they could not, we'll have to cheer. we followed one with our friends to see if they are safe. 7
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years after yemen, civil war began fighting his escalating in the battle for a key autumn gas producing region of the country. they ran back to the rebel, say they've seen 2 districts and married province, and 3 more in neighboring somewhat. it comes to the saudi led coalition, which banks the government said it killed a $160.00 who the fighters and asked rise. brianca groups are reports in yemen, 7 years civil war. the guns have rarely fallen silent. now, a fierce battle for control is being waged in the northeast, who the rebels are fighting to capture. married. the oil rich province is the jamini government's last strong hold in the north. after weeks of siege and fighting duties, se, then circling and capturing more areas, including a strategic gateway to my up city, and parts of ne, bring shop our province. developmental matter hall is merely a areas of 3200 square kilometers. hundreds of the mercenaries had been killed and
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wounded, including elements from al qaeda, an iso and many weapons had been seized. the armed forces salute the role of the tribes of merab and chub, war and people of both provinces, against the aggressors. the armed forces will continue the liberation of more territories. he saw the bottom, the government forces, and their ally, tribal fighters are pushing back with dozens of air strikes and a ground offensive and married. and i don't know, we'll know, like the cellular to who like there are infiltration and penetrations made by the who, the fighters and i'll of dia and in lot corvalle. but the ongoing resistance is still there as the war continues. these healthy infiltration and penetrations will soon come to an end that for both sides, the control of mario is critical. and where yemen swore is likely to be decided is basically the last northern stronghold that the many government has. and so as far as they're concerned, we cannot afford to use that. and because that would mean that they're using meth,
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reaching in north yemen, and should the hope she, you have a significant piece deal and actually allow for some, some level of the power share with the hershey movement. they cannot afford to do that region of yemen because i would need essentially losing control of natural resources that would allow for the her see to basically claim to have a completely independent north in yemen. mario already hosts hundreds of thousands of displaced people from across yemen. the un says thousands more have been displaced by the fighting in the province in the last month. a siege by who these is stopping humanitarian aid and critical medical supplies from reaching those who need them. the un is urging both sides to allow safe passage for civilians and 8 workers. but so far, those calls have been ignored. brianca got them all to via at least 19 people have been killed off a heavy rains caused landslides and flooding in india's careless state. officials
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say thousands have been evacuated, and at least a 100 relief camps have been set up. it's the worse flooding since 2018 when more than 500 people were killed. as lee harding reports, disaster response teams have been working to say vote still in danger. streets turned into rivers. entire hill sides appearing to melt under heavy rain. moran. okay, there in baltimore, the rain from the top is accumulated here. the water has entered our veranda in our house. it has been raining continuously since morning. such heavy rainfall in the indian state of carola was unexpected and is claimed. several lives soldiers have been flown in to help with rescue efforts. this team is trying to reach others trapped beneath shifting mud. while this fruits and vegetables vendor does what little he can't to save his business. no,
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mona will not allow them over dinner at around $330.00 or 4 pm. water started rising, and most of our stuff was damaged. we managed to save some vegetables like onions, but most of our vegetables have been destroyed. the monsoon season ended in september and after months of heavy storms, locals were not expecting another one. bringing such wet condition, farmers here rely on rains to produce crops, but too much creates problems like waterborne diseases. while the clean up and rescue work goes on, the waters are slowly starting to recede your harding al jazeera afghanistan's interior ministry says girls will soon return to secondary schools. since the taliban take over. only primary age girls have been allowed to go to school. male students and teachers were allowed to go back in late september, but the future female teachers is uncertain. with no plans announced about their
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return. al jazeera stephanie decker interviewed the afghan interior ministry spokesperson in the capital cobble indicated that it was imminent. re that girls in secondary school and universities and their teachers, female teachers would be returning very soon. this is something that we've been hearing from the tattered bon since they took power that yes, they would return, but it's going to take time. and of course, i've taking a toll on a lot of the girls. they want to go back to school. they want to continue their studies. and it's also, you know, one of the demands of the international community for the taliban to protect and safeguard the rights of girls and women to go to school. and to work the case. what time will be given by the ministry of education, from my understanding and information in a very short time. oddly newest is and schools will be reopened and all the girls and women will return to school and their teaching jobs. he or both of the move, many people remain terrified of the taliban. there is no trust. i tell him what is being done to address that. he tells us amnesty has been granted to everyone are
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monitoring their fighters and have opened a complain telephone line of a 100 to the who are those people who are seeing the country who have already left or have a plan to leave. we are giving them assurances that you are the people of this country, sons of this country, that come and work for this country unless built this country and slamming emeralds together with the protocol. but trust takes time to be rebuilt and only time will prove whether the taliban will deliver on their promises. one gentlemen, i was talking to work as a civil servant under the taliban government now because a lot of the old guard having to be fought the ministries because the taliban fighters, they simply don't have that kind of experience saying that he hadn't been paid his salary in 6 months and he said that things have never been so desperate. so yes, on the one hand, many people remain, you know, very questionable and skeptical and scared of the taliban. but the other side of it is that people will tell you that it's the economy. that is something that is making them want to leave this country last night. so to come here and al jazeera,
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including will take you to central mexico, where residents of one town of fleeing as guns fight to power the return of horror. we look at why scary movies are making a comeback of the lifting of lockdown is more than that. ah hello there, thanks for stopping by. truth be told not a whole lot going on across north america. pretty quiet pitcher, but i want to take it to the west coast of canada because our next pacific low will move in as we had midway through the week. so for now we can enjoy a mix of sun and cloud in vancouver at 12 degrees. we look ahead to the next 3 days and as promised, upset wednesday, picking up about 10 to 20 millimeters the brain you're temperatures pretty well where they should be for the sake of the year. a south facing wind is really
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cranking up temperatures in winnipeg. however, with a high of 20 and the bulk of that activity we had along the east coast is pushed out toward the atlantic, but some heavy falls across newfound lines to be expected. southeast corner of the united states full on sunshine. here we've got a high of 24 degrees in jackson, 28 in miami. temperatures in california are coming down. we're seen some scattered showers in los angeles. so where we have the cloud, we have the rain and lower temperatures, with a higher 19 degrees across the caribbean. some pulses of rain moving across hispaniola once, a can at 28 degrees across the amazon base. and look at this mouse. we've got some storms around there with a high $32.00 and it remains soggy as we looked toward the southeast of brazil for both so paulo and rio de janeiro on monday. that's it, susan. ah . the camera body lit like he's a moral cool, you know,
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with flame wasn't very, she was brilliant for it. it was it again is there's a lot of love and affection and respect with to morocco. people a well to way from mom, by a nation, has taken indian cinema too. it's hot out as you are well revealed. the color and passion of morocco bollywood dream. ah ah, welcome back to pick them out of the top stories here on the al jazeera police. my hating say, notorious gang is behind the abduction of 17 foreign christian missionaries. on sunday. they were kidnapped to the left, an orphanage near the capital,
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or to place fighting and demons, 7 years civil war is escalating. a key strategic region who the rebels say they've sees new territory in the oil and gas producing provinces of america and shop clubs and landslides. of kill at these 19 people in india, sufflin and everett estate officials say thousands of been evacuated on the beach. the 100 relief camps have been set up. so was flooding since 2018 hundreds of shoreline can fishermen have been protesting against what they say is poaching. from neighboring india, they want the government when force a 2017 law, which would prevent indian fishermen from encroaching into sherlock on waters. michelle fernandez as more from columbus. they say they're taking a stand to protect their way of life. fishermen from the town of military when east into lanka sale to the northern tip of the island. they're demanding the government stops. what they see is illegal fishing by indians and the use of band fishing
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methods, inter lanchen territorial waters joined by boats along the way. the flotilla had a key message, save our fish. i can look at them yet. oh, the indian trawlers can be easily seen and they come very close to the coast. they are not being punished at all. as even this fitted shot by al jazeera few years ago, the trawlers have big wooden planks which are used to scrape the ocean flow. while a large net scoops up everything in their wake. the fishermen not angry and frustrated, they say the indians both are not only fishing illegally, but also damaging the marine environment and future fish stocks, as well as their livelihood. their main demand that the government implement the law to stop this. there are 2 laws that the fishermen are demanding must be implemented. one that benz bottom trolling, and another that regulates for in vessels was, crews must obtain a license to fish in sri lankan waters. so,
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so still dodge 0 that the pandemic has led to an increase in illegal fishing. as the navy and coast guard avoided contact with indian fishermen in case they were infected, they say up to 500 boats sometimes into she lanchen waters in a div. india maintain said the fisherman issue must be resolved on the existing bi lateral mechanisms in a humanitarian manner. a tom and member of parliament who helped introduce the legislation, joined the protest, perfectly, all fishermen, odd, whips and ram ever go below. see that it will cost me on it when they got them in the morning and so i destroyed it proper way. my this taught us that booked up, but i'm glad you got one down there. see, but i need to this for just mr. grab and shuttle to work to this, but the law is not being unfair. researchers see with indian seemingly getting away
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with bottom trolling the number of local boats. taking up the method has increased . community leaders said the only way to resolve the problem is for sure long authorities to enforce the laws. and if they don't, the livelihood of thousands of local families are at stake. bonaire fernandez, i'll g 0 colombo to mexico. now where the state of georgia tech has has become the latest battle ground between the countries rising number of criminal gangs. as john holeman reports its turn, the small community of last at a meet us into a ghost town in the past 2 months. the bells haven't rung in less than meters for a month. the villages animals have the run of the streets for de shootout, and september led to people fleeing on mass leaving another empty town in mexico. the violence in this country continues to spread and the state is i can pick as
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does become the latest epicenter. there is a multi way fight for it, but the heavy weights are a division of the sin, a lower cartel, and lisco, new generation. it's because i could take is a hub, a vital network point to get drugs, ingredients, money, and guns from mexico's ports up to the north. for the cartels, it's about profit for the towns people. it's about fear and powerlessness in their own homes. though she talked to us didn't want to be named seattle siena. the bullet came in through the door. this is where my wife cooks, thanks to god, she wasn't cooking then. williams, i guess, here's the bullet hole and there's the gas cylinder. the bullet hole is here, and that's where my daughter sleeping. yeah. i'm going, he fled off to the firefight. now he's back trying to play story with some of the home in his shop. but there's always more the trauma than fear won't go away. even
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though villages trickling but an able to afford staying away longer. selling was korean the me for media because the way that i went running with my sister and my father in law fled without a change of clothes torres to seek asylum. and the us because of the wind speed, my sister was shocking. the handle of the army and the police say that everything's okay now that the here you worried about the future for c t typical by the k. yes. because the here just for a year. what will happen after that and look if you're not going to take us with them, what will happen to us and our families also, this is a home, this is a community. where are we going to go? where can we go without children? won't be a future for them. we're just going from house to house and city. today's the army checkpoint and the state police station did the shut up village school a trying to provide reassurance. they gave us a ride around town. a lot of people have now returned to last to meet the village
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to has quite subdued add to it. there's no law of causal people in the street apart from the soldiers and the police who with now one man who hasn't showed the state new governor, or any one from his cabinet. even though last a meet, this is just an hour from the capital. the shopkeeper had a message for them. if i want to let you guys at the number thing, if the model i ask the authorities to please answer this call and we're people to be that we want to live here in our community, our homes in our lands, please be aware of that. and as the song says, you know, sort this out between you and them, do whatever deals between yourselves, let us work. let us live in peace is not a call for justice or the application of the law just for an agreement to be reached. so that when the soldiers and police go, these people can still survive. john home and i'll just hit a 2nd. texas hundreds of salvadorans took to the streets of the capital on sunday
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and a new protest against the government. they were protesting against a range of issues including president night pen is decision to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. the crypto currency can now be used along with the u. s. della as form payment. a senior member, venezuela's opposition deserves the president to resume negotiations despite a government envoy being expedited to the us, the talks was suspended when alex saab was handed over to washington by cape verde . he was arrested there last year of money laundering charges. the talks are aimed at solving venezuela's, political and economic crisis, which has driven the majority of its population into poverty. a demonstration has taken place in the lebanese capital bay root market 2 years since mass protest calling for the end of sectarian politics. it comes to the time of high tensions after 7 people were killed during fighting in the city. bernard smith as more from barish, powerless in the face of the entrenched sectarian political elite. this was the modest turn out for lebanese civil society groups mocking 2 years since nationwide
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. protests demanding a new state. it's extremely frustrating because with all the protest movements, everything that the people have done. those murderers who remain in power refused to give in to the need to change. they have not resolved any of the problems. despite all the demands by the people in the streets over 2 years. back then, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in an unprecedented display of solidarity across religious and political, divine. ah, but months of protests got them, nothing except a new government. with the same old faces, the economy has imploded, the currency, losing 90 percent of its value. even the horror of last year's bay report explosion hasn't dislodged those in power. they've been trying to get the investigating judge tag be tar removed, as he probes rampant corruption at the polt blitzer all the hon. little
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fish. obviously, the lebanese regime is responsible for the explosion due to its corruption. and has bala is at the head of this regime. they'll try to stop anyone who tries to target the system. they played a role in choosing the children, but they didn't think he'd be a fighter who take home this issue. he had the 2nd allah, and this is abraham, or tate spokesman for the families of the victims of the pope blast, saying, judge baton should step down. oh, except that is never been the collective view of the families. many suspect tate was speaking under duress in another effort to frustrate the investigation or take denies los alamedos of the day. it was, it's obvious the political parties don't want this investigation. lighting clues has blown every one who supports them let out. if this investigation is stopped, then it won't just have a psychological effect on the families, but on the whole nation. lebanon's constitution divides power between christian and muslim sects, and neither popular protested nor economic collapse,
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nor the port explosion have succeeded in changing how it is governed. elections here shed yield to the end of march unless hope amongst independent candidates and groups that they can harness popular frustration to challenge the status quo. but that depends on them building united front, to draw people away from sectarian voting and it relies on the parliament not finding a reason to postpone the votes. bernard smith al jazeera, they root. there's been a memorial service in the norwegian town of cones berg where 5 people were killed last week by a man using a bow and arrows. 3 other people were injured in wednesdays, incident members of the royal family were among those who attended sunday service, a suspect as appeared in court. and major hollywood shocked down has been avoided thanks to an agreement reached between a union and produces the international alliance of theatrical stage employees represent 60000 film and t. v. crew. members. it says the pandemic caused
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a backlog. that left staff working 14 hour days on streaming services to russian filmmakers are back on earth after returning from mission to make the 1st movie and space. the actress you live, paris, hilde and director clim sure. panko landed in kazakhstan after 12 days on the international space station. a been filming location scenes for their thriller. the challenge about a doctor sent to the space station to save the life of a russian cosmonaut their months ahead of a competing hollywood project featuring tom cruise, which was announced last year by the u. s. space agency, massa. a movie making back on earth now. and this year's london film festival is showcasing a host of new horror movies ng but drawing people back into the cinema's. me bark takes a look at what's getting festival. go as goosebumps oh, now we have your attention. let's talk. all right. this is london film festivals,
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a wash with a list who's plugging oscar fodder. lurking in the back grounds, a glut of horror movies that delve into our deepest anxieties. among them, british movie shepherd. he's one i can see the story of a man seeking solitude of the mysterious death of his wife, only to find himself trapped and spiraling it to madness on a frightening weather beaten island. if that sounds uncannily like your experience of coven locked arms, you're not alone. and there are a lot of parallels to what we've been through the last couple of years, working remotely on same with editors and san designers, and music, which is a very bizarre way. but also quite pleasant. we're working on making a film about a guy, his ice light, physical strength, cautious and he won horror movies ever won an oscar the song of the lambs in 1991 with this guy. how can catch him carry?
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believe me, you don't have order inside your head with a wants marginal genre is being taken more seriously now, especially as a form of social commentary for audiences they are cathartic experience. it's really fun. feels great, sit in the dark, can be scared, and we, we do seek that out as audiences. but i think also for filmmakers horror is a space where you can use on the sort of story telling metaphors to explore urgent, social and political issues. the haunted house, the spooky cemetery. you know, the drill, but given the nightmarish 18 months that we've all had. why any body, but want to sit in the dog for 2 hours with a bunch of strangers. getting scared, witless is something of a mystery. but apparently, horror movies might actually be good for us. introducing professor neal martin, renowned expert and all things scary. types of personality. people tend to scold low and perceive tend to enjoy horror films more. and also people who score highly
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own what's called sensation seeking or dimension of sensations, very cold dis, inhibition, which is either the ability to lose control or to be impulsive. so that personnel to trace correlate with the person's enjoyment. horror is a form of escape, horror as a way of helping us connect with others. the verdict is watching. someone else go through hell. might just help us feel a bit better. naep, aka al jazeera london film festival. ah. type. okay. check out the headlines here on al jazeera police in haiti say a notorious gang is behind the abduction of foreign christian missionaries and their family members. they were kidnapped in the area of gun pierre, just east of the capital puerto prince. the group includes 16 americans and one
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canadian haiti's endured years of economic and political upheaval. but the situation worse and after the assassination of president governor more use in july . and a deb.


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