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they were on their way to the airport in the capital port of prince and i were taken by men in the area of gas. at least 19 people have been killed by lance, lives in floods. in india's careless state rescue, teams are trying to reach people stranded by flood borders. it's the worst flags in 20 a pain. when more than 500 people were killed. and the satellite coalition in yemen is killed at least $160.00 fighters in marine province. dozens of strikes were launched in support of government forces to push back the rebels. easy internationally recognized governments laugh stronghold in northern yemen. and who's saying aloe bouquets? he is a political commentator and journalist who's aligned with the who's the movement. he denies claims those killings took place. do we see on the ground that there are many out of me here. i'm in federal, the whole the advancing toward the mighty be city. i mean,
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they have not actually do all do so d is that all disclaim of the, this huge amount of killing who device i did not stop the show you that i do think that the so the a strike now have any effect. the reason of that is because the many defense has actually take out also the drones of which those don't actually the saudi depend on them to collect information for ada to attack. that's why they have elaborated in the last 48 hours. i love the abroad wins. i know they are advancing towards south of mighty, but most of the fighters who are now advancing towards might if they are for my boyfriend, this is one of the strategy that he can afford to have been use in the mainly try to use fighter for that area that they are going to liberate this actually sends kind of a good message to the people that if all the people that would against your money,
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i mean, i didn't think that they could advance for one meter out, but they may lead to know that there is a huge support that an area under the control of so the back for disability actually is toward a son i voted is because you've seen the security, the bad secretary situation in those area. hundreds of people have been protesting in the gambia. they're angry over delay in the publication of a report into crimes allegedly committed by the former president. if the country 4 years ago, 400 people have been interviewed about the allegation since 2019. but the findings are still on 9. i say the bag has moved these people in the gambia didn't expect to be protesting again, several years ago they demanded yeah, hedge army stepped down from power. now there were new vehicles for justice and no . impunity for those who committed crimes during the form of presidents 22 year
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rule. a panel called the truth reconciliation and recreation commission was set up in 2017 to investigate allegations of murder, torture, and rape. but its findings that was set to be published in july have been delayed as victims ourselves. so how does that his function and all continuous an effort to show it at what we need is justice and no substitution for it before reconciliation . we want to have justice 1st before any other thing. in september jammies alliance for patriotic reorientation and construction party announced an alliance with the governing national people's party ahead of presidential elections in december. it shocked and angered many to see the president adam barrow team up with the party that rules for 22. yes. and is seen as having supported and committed human rights abuses. during that period. we have a duty to our courtesy and to our people, to ensure that never again on this. so i will shoot this are dehumanizing things up
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on the violation of rights. and also to remind our government that they are the role to play under. must stick to lead the most liberal sir leadership in moving the t r. c process for barrow beach army in the presidential election. 2016. but despite saying he would call for new elections after 3. yes, in 2019, he changed his mind and said he would see his 5 year term. there's also concerns that the former president could make a return. he fled to equitorial guinea after 6 weeks tend to fall into 2016 elections and a military intervention by neighboring countries. yeah, this new alliance has led to believe that barrow is trying to hold on to power. and if they're right, those seeking justice here, they could be sidelined, i said big jazeera and as well as government is suspended, talks of the opposition after
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a member of its negotiating team was extradited to the u. s. alex saab was arrested in cape bird. a last year is now being sent to the united states to face money laundering charges. the government and us back to opposition have been holding talks to resolve when it's been a while as political and economic crisis. they were set to resume on sunday in mexico, venezuela. the moon though, when is really alerting the world that the life of alex savage endanger. it's in the hands of a traditional system that is directed at harming venezuela and to demand his immediate release by the american government. second, take his stave in central mexico is turning into the latest battle ground between mexico's ever multiplying number of criminal gangs. one small community has felt the brunt of the fight in the past 2 months. john, home and reports from last emitted, bells haven't wrung unless the meters for a month. the villages animals have the run of the streets
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for de shootout and september led to people fleeing on mess, leaving another empty town in mexico. the violence in this country continues to spread and the state is i could pick has to become the latest epicenter. there's a multi way fight for it, but the heavy weights are a division of the sinner, lower cartel, and lisco, new generation. it's because i could take is, is a hub, a vital network point to get drugs, ingredients, money and guns from mexico, ports up to the north. for the cartels, it's about profit for the towns people. it's about fear and powerlessness in their own hugs. they should talk to us, didn't want to be named seen as the bullet came in through the door. this is where my wife cooks, thanks to god. she wasn't cooking then the little williams, i guess, here's the bullet hole and there's the gas cylinder. the bull holes here,
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and that's where my daughter sleeping. yeah. i'm going, he fled off to the firefight. now he's back trying to play story with some of the home in his shop. but there's always more the trauma and fear won't go away. even though villages trickling but an able to afford staying away longer. selling was korean the me for me because i swear little i've been running with my sister and my father in law. he fled without a change of clothes torres to seek asylum in the u. s. because of the wind speed, my sister was shot in the hands of the army and the police say that everything's okay now that the here you worried about the future? i see teeth broken up. ok. yes. because the here just for the year, what will happen after that and look, if you're not going to take us with them, that what will happen to was an a families also this is a home, this is a community. where are we going to go? where can we go without children?
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won't be a future for them. inches going from house to house and city. today's the army checkpoint and the state police stationed in the shut up village school. a trying to provide reassurance. they gave us a ride around town. a lot of people have now returned the last to meet to the village to has quite subdued add to it. there's no law of causal people in the street, apart from the soldiers and the police who with now one man who hasn't showed the states, new governor, or any one from his cabinet. even though last to meet this is just an hour from the capital. the shopkeeper had a message for them. if i want to look at the another thing, if the, your model, i asked the authorities to please answer this call and we are people to be that we want to live here in our community, our homes, in our land. please be aware of that. and as the song says, you know, sort of this out between you and them, do whatever deals between yourselves, let us work. let us live in peace is not
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a call for justice or the application of the law just for an agreement to be reached. so that when the soldiers and police go, these people can still survive. john home al jazeera zacatecas. japan's new prime minister some yoke is shita has made a ritual offerings in a controversial shrine. victims of japanese aggression in the 1st half of the 20th century. see the yes, so cooney shrine in tokyo as a symbol of the countries militarism because she did not visit its origin festival in person. it was attended by the former prime minister though she had a cigar. he said the offerings respect, those who love their lives. thousands of sher lankin man fishermen rather have staged a demonstration at sea to demand the government stop what they say is illegal fishing by indian boats. they calling on the government to implement existing regulations and create new ones to protect fish stocks. as men, al,
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at fernandez reports from colombo, they say they're taking a stand to protect their way of life. fishermen from the town of military in eastern felucca sale to the northern tip of the island. they're demanding the government stops. what they see is illegal fishing by indians and the use of band fishing methods, inter lanchen territorial waters joined by boats along the way. the flotilla had a key message, save our fish. caught up on the well, the indian trawlers can be easily seen and they come very close to the coast. they're not being punished at all. as even this booted shot, my al jazeera, a few years ago, the trawlers have big wooden planks which are used to script the ocean flu, while a large net scoops up everything in their wake. the fishermen not angry and frustrated, they say the indian boats are not only fishing illegally, but also damaging the marine environment and future fish stocks,
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as well as their livelihood. their main demand that the government implement the law. to stop this, there are 2 laws that the fishermen are demanding must be implemented. one that bands bottom trolling, and another that regulates for in vessels was crews must obtain a license to fish in sri lankan waters. so says, told al jazeera, that the pandemic has led to an increase in the league of fishing. as the navy and coast guard avoided contact with indian fishermen in case they were infected, they say up to 500 boats sometimes into she lanchen waters in a div. india maintain said the fisherman issue must be resolved under existing bi lateral mechanisms in a humanitarian manner. a time, a member of parliament who helped introduce the legislation, joined the protest. perfectly. all fishermen, art bell rips and ram amber below below see that were costly on it.
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when their cost down in the morning, it's only destroyed. it's took away by this, brought us back what, what, i'm glad you got one down but see, but i need to dis progressed mr. grant and shuttle to work with this. but the law is not being and failed. researchers see with indian seemingly getting away with bottom trolling the number of local boards. taking up the method has increased. community leaders said the only way to resolve the problem is for sheila duncan authorities to enforce the laws. and if they don't, the livelihood of thousands of local families are at stake. minute fernandez, i'll jazeera colombo to tigers, living next door to a day case into injuries johannesburg. i respect fear and anger within the neighborhood and it's for you to banish about the ethical treatment of wildlife. natasha can name reports from johannesburg. standing close enough to touch their
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coats. you could feel the power of these tigers, even though they are confined within these enclosures. at lions rock big cat sanctuary, visitors must sign a form saying the owners are not responsible for injury or death. yet in johannesburg, a couple has posted social media videos, walking their 2 white tigers in the neighborhood like dogs playing in their back yard, and even licking the head of the owner. last month, the children at a daycare center next door were playing outside. when they saw one of the tigers, peering down at them while perched atop a jungle gym. it is a big concern because anita still guarantee my parents that i kids are safe yet parents pulled a dozen children out of the daycare center. tanya is the owner had asked, we not mentioned her surname or the name of her day care due to concern,
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she'll lose more income. she says provincial officials visited the property where the tigers live and the owners had installed a higher electric fence and covered the wall. o egan to be locked in on a government. only going to do something. as soon as somebody gets hurt or die is that when the government is going to step in and help us a lawyer for the couple did not respond to repeated requests for comment. there is no law banning people in south africa from breeding selling and buying big cats. there are also no restrictions on where these wild animals can be housed. the government is drafting a policy that could end the domestication and commercial exploitation of lions and closed the facilities where they're held captive. the proposed law only applies to lions, which are indigenous to south africa. animal rights groups say people should be banned from keeping all exotic animals as pets to animals that are currently being
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housed in a back yard. in janice, big a ambassadors for so many others that are actually being held in captivity as a, as parents or in terms of breeding facilities across south africa. and they highlight the fact that the needs to protect all the checks, the government decline. our request for an interview, some experts say in time, the animal's wild instincts may kick in and these pads could soon become impossible for their owners to handle. the best option would be for them to live out their days in an animal sanctuary like this one. natasha name l. jazeera johannesburg. for me, you as president, bill clinton has left hospitalized to being treated for urinary tract infection. staff lined up to say goodbye as he and his wife, hillary clinton walked out of the hospital in southern california. the 75 year old
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formulator was admitted last tuesday. he said he would return to new york and continue to take antibiotics. to ration filmmakers have returned to earth from their mission to shoot the 1st movie seams in space. they landed in cuz it's early on sunday, the curtis day to the international space station for 12 things to film segments of the movie. hollywood is also planning to send the crew to space to shoot a feature film. mid tab. gosh, is a former chair of the science operations working group for nasa. he says, shooting films in space, could both interest in future missions. i think the more you see the space doris going up. common people without much training without farmer the being an astronaut. so this, this perhaps is part of the larger access to space that common people are getting. it is not the aspect of shooting something which is significant,
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whether the box office really reverberates, catches that imagination is going to be the creature. and i think the reason you have drunk grooves on the other people getting interested is because public attention is focused on speech rates. so if you, if you think last, maybe 2 months or 3 months, how many times space tourism in to be in the news, jeff richard branson and everybody going to space. and so i think it's a market opportunity for the 7 dust. so i guess it depends on how the public would take it, but all indications are big. if you remember though, the firm called the martian starting bad demon nobody taught will be about mars would attract maybe both stuff is structured, but it was a very big it. halloween is still a couple of weeks away, but this is the london film festival is showcasing a host of new horror movies. aimed at drawing people back into the cinema's name back and takes a look at what's giving festival goers. goosebumps,
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so oh, now we have your attention, let's talk. all right. this is london film festivals, a wash with a list who's plugging oscar fodder. lurking in the back grounds, a glut of horror movies that delve into our deepest anxieties. among them, british movie shepherd. he's one i can see the story of a man seeking solitude of the mysterious death of his wife, only to find himself trapped and spiraling into madness on a frightening weather beaten island. if that sounds uncannily like your experience of coven locked arms, you're not alone. and there are a lot of parallels to what we've been through the last couple of years, working remotely on seen with editors and san designers and music, which is a very bizarre way, but also quite pleasant. we're working on making a film about
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a guy who's isolate physical strength, cautious and he won horror movies ever won an oscar, the song of the lambs in 1991 with this guy. how can cartoon carry, believe me, you don't wanna have order inside your head with a wants marginal genre is being taken more seriously now, especially as a form of social commentary for audiences they are cathartic experience. it's really fun. feels great to sit in the dark can be scared, and we, we do seek that out as audiences. but i think also for filmmakers horror is a space where you can use and the sort of story telling metaphors to explore. urgent, social and political issues. the haunted house, the spooky cemetery. you know, the drill, but given the nightmarish 18 months that we've all had, why? anybody would want to sit in the dog for 2 hours with a bunch of strangers. getting scared, witless is something of a mystery. but apparently,
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horror movies might actually be good for us. introducing professor neil martin, renowned expert and all things scary. types of personality. people tend to school low on empathy, tend to enjoy horror films more. and also people who score highly own what's called sensation seeking or dimension of sensations. cold dis, inhibition, which is neither the ability to lose control all to be impulsive, so that personnel to trace correlates with the person's enjoyment, horror as a form of escape, horror as a way of helping us connect with others. the verdict is watching someone else go through hell. might just help us feel a bit better. naep aka al jazeera, the london film festival. what a great story. or i'm still ahead on al jazeera in sport from broad a comp disappointment, to matthew fitzpatrick, to victory in spain. we have all the details coming up after the break.
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ah, multiple people told ashley including my father that he was going to killer us laws, prohibit some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. boat lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced. and the deadly consequences that ensued we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show on, relinquished on al jazeera. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah, how juicy are with blue. ah, ah, that's good old sports jr. he's faro, emily, thank you so much. we start with the premier league and a dave celebration for newcastle. united new owners finished with major disappointment. the satellite in saudi em were at saint james's park for their 1st game since taking over the club. and it was all smiles early on the home side and the scoring again, tottenham inside 2 minutes for the sea of calum wilson. that's for the joy and to newcastle. tottenham grabbed 3 goals and the 1st tap with hurricane breaking his
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oring drought recording his 1st of the season in the week. and there was a scary moment for fan late in the 1st half required medical attention. the game was halted for almost 25 minutes. and the credit to the other day reacted to what's happening. what's happening in the stands and credit or so for, for under the rectory you made the right decision. there was no condition to present to follow the game. stop the game, you speak with. explain what's going to happen. and in st. god, the defend is stable and good. and this is really good news and sundays. other game at west ham defeated ever tennis, italian angelo of bono for the only goal of the game in the 74 minutes west ham join everton on 14.5 behind league leaders. meanwhile in the dutch, a 1st division,
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i'll try goalkeeper martin highs have an afternoon to forget gifted the opposition, their 2nd goal in dirt. a 51 last to outsmart bow hang. steelers are through to the semi finals of the asian champions league, south korean team, beach pans, nagoya. grandpa's 3 nel theresa last 4 for the 1st time since they won the title back in 2009. well take on another south korean team in that semi olsen highlander beating young buck motors to reach you after extra time. the other last for game is between the saudi side, sal nasser and oh, hello and cricket. the mens t 20 world cup is underway with co host. oman scoring a comfortable victory. they face tournament debbie's hand to pop. why new guinea and the new comers were simply outclassed amanita at a $130.00 for victory. and they reached the target without losing a wicked and more than 6 over to spare a tournament. as the 1st cricket world caught being played in the middle east after
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it was moved away from india because of their covert 19 situation. 2 2 auster riley was the key man for the atlanta braves as they claimed game one in their playoff series with the la dodgers. riley had a game tying home run and followed it with a game winning r b. i single in the bottom of the 9th inning. it scared a 3 to win for the braves over the raining robes as series champions. the teams will remain in atlanta for getting to later this sunday once we kind of got over the hill, you know, i, for loss or break was able to kind of get that momentum going. we can have that the vibe of we're not, we're not out of it until the very last out. you know, just are bullpen campus in the game campus campus in the game. like say we're able to pull one out of boston red sox head back and game 2 of their series with the houston astros boston became the 1st team to hit 2 grand slams and a po, season game. red salts went on to wind $95.00 and level
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a series at one game. each. game 3 is in boston on monday. is a very good approach by now, we're not getting greedy. like i said, a few days ago is not about him and 30 home wrong. so driving our 10100 runs is about you know, when in for games i can see asked row. so now we got warn them. now we got a phone and we have some surprise finalized that indian wells britton's cameron norie will face nicholas special. she really of georgia 26 year old norie produced a dominant performance against his opponent, greg, or demetrius. he broke the bulgarian avenue, beginning of the 1st 2 sats and cruise to his $1664.00. when this is his 46 match. when of year late this sunday, he'll be playing for the biggest title of his career. but shares really is also one went away from the biggest title of his career georgian beat american taylor fritz in straight, sat for the 1st time in more than
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a decade. indian wells will be won by play, ranked outside the world. talk 25 to golf and a very patient final round from matthew fitzpatrick has helped the englishman when the and only see a master's in spain. it's fractured, opened with 15, straight pars at the famed valderrama course, made to late late birdies to finish the tournament. at 6 under 3 shots clear. it's the 7th victory on the european 24th. it's patrick and puts them inside the top 5 in the race to buy stanley's amazing. absolutely. amazing. and out to win round valderrama is sir. so many want to take off on, on the book unless you know, and i'm to do it in the way that i did with no bogey's in the final round was, was extra special. and at the same venue, a team of 4 golfers, broken unusual world record players, teamed out to relay the ball to a green on a par 4 hall. they managed to complete the task in less than 25 seconds. knocking 3
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seconds off. the previous record stood since 2018. okay, and that is all your sport for now back to you and thanks for the update for that. so from me, emily anglin, from his new sal. i stay tuned for more news board in just a few moments time with our colleagues in the london headquarters by finance. ah. mm hm. the world is warming, and green linds ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now
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even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks, free democrats and the creams of talking to each other, trying to iron out their differences. because together, they form a large block in parliament with detail coverage because the world's largest producer of low to sleep. but children are being used to meet the rising demand from around the world. the island has increased in land masses as if boom rivera with this corruption is pulling the island of paloma out of the ocean on counting the cost, the battle for influenza in latin america. after seating round to china, the u. s. speaks to when over its neighbors with really of darzy you investment and online learning took off during the pandemic back. can be had to take stops, turn a profit, counting the cost on colleges here in the country with an abundance of results
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with great power and walk indonesia, his firms forming. we move full to grow and frank, we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let's be pot window. this is growth and progress. invent even easier. now, ah, u. s. emission res including children are abducted near ports of france. the late is victims of an explosion of kidnappings by gangs in haiti. ah. hello there, i'm judy mcdonald, this is al jazeera alive from london,


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