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or dimensional sensations. call dish inhibition, which is the ability to lose control or to be and so that personality traits correlated with the buttons on the horror as a form of escape. horror as a way of helping us connect with others. the verdict is watching someone else go through hell. might just help us feel a bit better. neetha. okay, al jazeera london film festival. ah, hello, are you watching out 0 and these are the top stories this alum is sadie led coalition in yemen, says it's killed at least 160, who's the fighters in the marine province. dozens of air strikes were launched in support of government forces to push back the rebels. last month, the herpes renewed and offensive in the province. at least 16 christian missionaries from the u. s. and one from canada had been kidnapped in hygiene. they
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were on their way to the airport in the capital port a prince when they were taken by armed men in the area of gan pm. mike hannah has moved from washington d. c. this is part of a pattern that has been erupt. thing within haiti since the assassination of president hoover now said back in july in those 3 months since then, more than 280 people have been kidnapped. this is an increase of some 300 percent. just the reflection not power, tenuous. the law and order system is within haiti now just on friday the you and extended its mission to a t for another 9 months. and in recent days, a us delegation has been in that country, exploring ways in which it can help bolster the haitian national police. at least 19 people have been killed by lamps, lives in floods, in india's careless rescue pains to trying to reach people stranded by the waters.
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these are the worst funds since 2018 when more than 500 people were killed. the afghan interior ministry says girls will soon return to secondary schools if only been permitted to attend to primary education. since the televisions take over, access to education has been a major demand of each national community. thousands have attended a rally in paris to remember the massacre of algerian protested by french police. in 1961. earlier menu on the chrome became the 1st french president to attend to commemoration. but he stopped short of issuing an apology. and japan's new prime minister has made a ritual offerings to the controversial yasser cooney shrine, which is seen as a symbol of the country's militarism. that's all from us here at al jazeera states . you're now for $1.00 0, $1.00 east and i'll be back at the top of the hour with more nice. ah,
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lanissa is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit al jazeera so cases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate, emergency witness greens, films documenting the human experience on the front line planet. as the west report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population, people empower us why politicians have been so ineffective in fighting climate change. full lines investigates horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the us. algae, they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources
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. the stream takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and upfront it's hard demanding by a mental accountability the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera. in chile, no, it's estimated. there's an incident of domestic violence every 8 seconds from big cities or chillers among dollar to. so what else do they offer to rule really do tell for, well, i know when you get bands or fortune with the way you oscillated women, enough starting to speak out against their attack. but will the voices be heard when or when he investigates the battle being fought in homes at cross china? why? oh gosh gender. the mom. okay. and that is my,
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my sure boss that she would draw though the ball on her dog i do. this doesn't work either. you some day down here. i mention will be in. he'll be in ha, ha, ha rational that you don't push it back a you before these photo was taken young, she was engaged to be married. but she wanted to delay the widow. her fiance wanted to marry immediately, no one in her rural community of hands on the started tongues wagging and soon the relationship soured. and hydra, when la will aiden in shouting, hello natasha, hannah. tim, then you may not wait out locking be in the nato and a hodge, a child walk. so he had a shanty young she's mother agrees, mclaren hadn't in k pay attention hard to mention in the us who, oh, do you and all that i send eyes grew a bit high tongue soon have high by you who you found quite
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a sanction. 2 they cut me off a platinum ago, but they young, she and her fiance had a heated argument. enraged he pushed young she to the ground, gouging out her eyes with his bay hands. young she is. mother found her lying in a pool of blood. a young fellow with him, which he by pembroke silva. now. yes, you are the wishing, alarmed pick hoard? shoot the canterbury onto the la hartman then leant informed them of the pumpkin financial was was wrought. yang in no law in new york mean shorter le calendar that we appreciate the last anyhow. i shanna ha, again, tommy shannon, russia al parkway position. our had him down and had a you have articles, it'll definitely either show me young. she remarried twice,
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but the abuse didn't stop. she says her 2nd husband beat her child and her mother as well. peter will though job, he'll dora wheat up for nap. what did? what did it on her way initially? the bow said natalie, is the shoes about telling you that or higher should have her megan hannah? yeah. the brown will it carlos well well i will when you get bands or a fortune with when he wants to limit by the time young she was 26. she been trapped in the abuse of marriage for 6 years and had 2 children. oh, there was how much a no show. ha, ha, ha. trentadue j b u. howdy? walburga. okay, total galen har. ashlock. i have a sony, the daughter, dingy, an easier way. inquiring a challenge. shes yang, she's ex husband's abuse escalated and the final straw was when he threatened to kill her family ally rations that lay about and had
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a foothold her. anybody little one you've seen her was a sham in the order that got around to sharon young. daniel high balcony. the highs up a chavel shower. demoniac hoshal while the ha long of who you know? those are for those, those are susanna. so i was roger national denisha alisha. when i'm bringing to her new one. yeah. or should i the drill much or the which i a bulk what that pup our map our has all were the shadow to get all fowler that night young. she picked up the axe and killed her husband in his sleep. although we'll limp at up and young st in and thoughtless deonna shake her. oh no, no happen type. how kind of who's gentlemen don't we? um. oh yeah, i acted only me on an hour amir and our mom into our back. i'm in our hazard. i do natal, gotten to the coaches on young, she was sentenced to 12. he is for the murder,
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but was released after 8 years. she now works as a massuce, a skills she picked up while serving time in prison. young. she discovered many of the female inmates incarcerated for violent crimes, had also experienced domestic violence. and i shot up a lot furniture around me that they had oil and i own jacking body the r ah, the min like gui abuse, runs deep in the family. his father and grandfather both beat their wives, move for you. yesenia yarger. tornado. wow. ah, what the local social bulk ward of which nobody it'll do or does anyone travel channel or gone to her top? i moved on here. you know, which is a walk. i'm going to so would you cause you to learn asia or the full chair or the
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ada nega nutrition where to where each entre so you were one is rosamille. so they're going into the mccockriel whitman because when you got a new shot, you panko social you, what would that got to order you order funding along with i'm watching the law gibbons on me as a full 20 you will if which china remains a deeply traditional society, which some say promotes female submissiveness. according to social media expert night, lay these traces back to the ancient philosophy of confucianism, and can be seen in the chinese language itself. those i yelled, the google lea done and all tanya sega is upon answer. siemens. how's the tongue tongue? it's it for the turns out it's this is yes sir.
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dan, bernie, as a guanine, is, is, it holds the last for the increasing the granny on just a waste bn dean are you seeing says, says that congress has to do and you're seeing the you go face on butrend, on boucher that it was asked the sound where your children, you sync your filter, just to fans, home, filter balboa, some sauces, home for a hotel. when you alcohol full lol, on the household. how so? i thought, or how you got my model. how are you? good lawyer, martha nan sees these confusion attitudes in many cases. so those are do you, what are you said? the font color journal twins i ga,
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ballot or sheet or natural nashandra, fortran, nashandra john traditional role. so you should nice and go towards young paula. sure. what about what the has a, tell me your nature. she you go. fetal or she can change a lot, but she should be uh, for a long time away held that view. he says he used his wife is an outlet for his stress at work miss or told me gotcha one year and also the whole not just a counselor you share to we're going to wrong why by somebody you shifting to hold us or do poetry will blanche mart, or you can put on true doctor got cancer or jobs all night where he wouldn't talk to tom because now we're pushing the doctor. would you didn't you want to not she go with us. you don't. ha, ha ha, uses him. i'm talking about domestic violence is so deeply rooted international
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values that even family members may not see the need to hope those effect ah, to route go ways. marriage. his parents as well as his in laws, were aware that he was abusing his wife. but they didn't reprimand him even when he started using potentially deadly force photoshopped where tom, which nodded soccer as an as a whole. what you got ga, ga food into how, what's on them. and you do that. they've been, some will you can hardly, honestly, you go quieter daughter will just want to go to where to go from minta miserable wood. you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll do them soon. she miss otarre to the dental title. me, which with us or would you want to donna, god, tom to her it is i'm into she found one. it's on shell will utah. whom yeah. why don't you? you don't to go to watch it, but i wonder if what is oh me up, but a little did honda but our and on that do you need to the heart usa usa who wish and honestly saddam for the future room to do show you step on shall do not use it
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. i don't want it either. mamma. puzzle everywhere. dollar you. pollard g r o to gov im will i le ledger will know you will not use us or passes me. katrina put us in words. wish i would. it's our job. little poor you said the saw, told us and thought all of our la neuropathy way. i hope only, it's has to use a dagger citizen, kadusus, or yosh. i didn't want any salons. i went and i would of jim which in yes, a game with i, rental astorga, schanzer, art. your city are most and watch other woollen bottom where use youtube will dislike the abuse. go away and his wife remained together and had a son lawyer must i? none says is huge, cris sharon, chinese women to stay in relationships with what i shut the label. well, what i sent an apology no matter what. caught my eye. doctor, tiled cynthia ban phone from that pay answering you. joe is sending it out when i go from there. so i had the tim, shall cindy shall order shirts on paddle orders on wash on the tail. chombo had
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that a daddy hire meal punctual shot while machinery and alba. so what hutchins on the whole lot, no much certainly jolessa your clinical handle, your children. it's an issue was attention saturday, me pamela shinji. but don't honda tonisha soon? you said to you couldn't be any. it wasn't or may off with your what her name, which the georgia council under your feet, honda lanka, fleet, thomas ginger, richard soon young lights eeoc, one corner, you know, the corner are shut up, body away with nothing to hold him back. the beatings go away unleashed on his wife became increasingly violent and hold. i only using it. that's all one of our we had said b georgina gentle ms. near to that just one word of our was with another young to to dr. appleton is also used to work with you,
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so we're the engine future to young kid until you will. you children can use organize young portion as us. i read us at that janice or william the or so talk to him about me would you wouldn't kind of you. honda are good showing that on your own it's off. i don't your to let to start. jobs were made to the heart. so 3 enrolled in where to go. bushings are for which in there were junior, you are usa, so go to got to go to a boy. she is it all sitting in? the whiten? nun muttered, i didn't want you to yell. no nuclear yet behind not kashana nessa boss about the new house pulled up in 2016. the chinese government tried to address the problem by introducing an anti domestic violence law which allowed victims to obtain restraining orders against their abuses. state media reported the complaints of domestic violence to the women's federation went down by 8.4 percent in 2019
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compared to the previous year. m g o. say this doesn't tell the full story. we went all without all count him back to the or should i don't quite dat, joseph, and tap alpha that for what she sentra. she did that to seal the hypo call in 2020 thing you and, and her team and equality and angio based in beijing, conducted an online survey on women's living conditions in china. kings is daresha . the attorney now here was isn't entirely his in tampa dish washer down washer and nigger pay it should baja showed you as well as the issues with implementation lawyer, mass i. nan says the laws simply doesn't go far enough. gotten to validate up here now. sure. for emission the mail al chapman bonnie, the chena julia, her shanghai madonica yank. olivia ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha your call it on your sure? sure. sure. the chatham elder. hi l. disheveled. well, i think he bought land and legal why didn't go on and he knew that at your house
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a be on either in ashley hock yukon, which was sant arching atrial chapel hill. thanks. yeah. one. yeah, sure. measure. catching him in a mold on your 100 o'connor that, that, that our book on, on politician at least a quarter of women in china report having experienced domestic violence at some point in their lives. many feel there's no way out. according to police figures out of the 157000 women in china who took their own lives in 201760 percent, had experienced domestic violence way law, not her real name is a successful entrepreneur in shanghai. in 2019, she made a man, she thought could be her soulmate. i wish english al doesher. are you sure me down there so she should just selfish it. i heard it be obvious. but soon red
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flags emerged talking to you and child. i'll cower the shots. you are counsel uni. so that means you toss will be goosey. i'll tell ya, cut his controlling behavior escalated to me. but one night while i was a few minutes late arriving at his place, he became suspicious about where she had been and reacted brutally plano shin. i'll always schanzer leon, shout or tailors among dollars on her, a home in color, your book here. you're sure that i would see the ocean could ting? oh, hold. bowler. sure. had you dealing with her? you want to try to hold on? she should. i should do your chaos. girl pamela, shirley, is it with our driver load? i'll tell you about toward allah. or sh altura was she jo,
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yan j 12 on i made johan joe drew from julia clerk with ours to be awarded. digby andrew, vanessa. she reaches that, that whole. what else does that household manager talk that? hello, tony talking, charge. the old dive out. drop on, i love her legal boards, her whole all through will put in on it. you will fancied the comment, you sure when will each? so if i talking to you, did you, you one hand, you the whole couldn't city out awful as we had shirley's, how had shirley has low trump emulator, marcia? now whole were you can handle any mail in my hunch. and i to judge whom to norman, call you to your camera, your position where a law jumped into a taxi, but her boyfriend chased her down and pulled her out. she only escaped when a couple passing by stepping to help lisa to hold. her nudity knew her. them how you love him?
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yes. when you come down for her to which isn't it of tools was the did hope i took, however, that comment angel or joe bower sold on a long pony bench. now bring with her to our genie and she should what told hold our paddle wheel turn would the she and she should sorta and cash logic. job job title. did a woman lat pole. vocal. oh, shoot a brown. will she john the door? oh, danny coleman. fennel, good on that you said alicia polly huddled, co brioche, a body panel no way. she had her era who should had you know what i shall go with 8 sheila johnson, jewish jewish agenda. camille national phil, would you the jamal or do you to do him up to pina gardinio our whole video. ha ha ha ha. uses the shadow ratio over there,
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hawk went out to hot, hollow, thorough touch up the orchard about our of your where i shannon out or you said with ideas, advantages should chainway total even touch it all which will then i resume one hour and down up you will go to sort city a suite on the overhead vandella power. we see a lot with album speeds m as and we answered your power, which we sat down to the she doesn't without the a we should all with her dad. you them, you will want, danny. surely the main men aren't as well. ah, john. ah, well, what was it in? uh huh. you know, johnny cigarette on johnny centered to wish you would champion or point yourself and you wish somebody had her. oh, male, male: parking. crease sure you from little but he had her. she does or your coach and how young you said, yell at huntsell will you should you should ashes on such
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stories of domestic abuse have had an impact all over china. they've even resonated with perpetrators themselves. after 4 years of abuse grew ways why filed for divorce. it came as a shock to him and he feared he might lose his son too. on his or her canada. or was that i was i'm entry too much at him. bonnie: she turned off. we are trying to show though on his own judgment. villages' inner guts. larger jamika. this also how you got entire town nigger. jessica, that's all fine. got you up here. john gore fine job. what you so this whole search on the, on the go from border is year to god, me mute a genuine touching far longer. so you bought a box off of the young. she story was featured in this documentary and seeing her plight changed to ways, mind country and on the she had to garnish the johnson as or what your,
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what you can i so that did she did us audio john dollar, we were one year. so do i did on support under edition. we're just so when is the her jaw file for sharon, you eager cushion your why would you put our lucian, your ha, ha ha, the net. when i see here you were to go. she knew to his body. i jotted on you a share to a tray, a patient with that. michelle. she knew nozzler foreseeable were full logo, where you want to go bullied psychologist t and been works with a china white ribbon volunteer network. the organization which helped grew way turn over a new leaf president. allah. here at central nursing. there he around lay a chair. soutware agenda. fornia. barley, the down the go handle. we are a fortune, bobby maker. totally. totally at all. so you know, got you. i was in the bung rubashaw one lung gall
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duncan gordon machine dierdre with hammer short on the dillard shirley did. we're to the lead out nature tweeting team gave kingdom sure pick which i was seal under g r b a c h was oh sure. the way that we're seeing newly that on was you there? yes, yes. off allergic. i've been saint john, now you're only the door. why griffin has tried different approaches to educate men on how to respect women, including a men's virtue class at all. as i punches on and up on the shoulder. thank so much i of attend. i said picking the shania. okay. the machine in silicon, the issue there, but i doubt it fund ticker monday. the 29th, or should i just go massena? hi. sure. chic uh, facing city, full wayne vanishing, the sink. it kinda issue to say, how many days admins as you use a, how can i say lamar, chinese rapport lee?
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i now stage name lee grew up in a family plagued by domestic violence as a child. he frequently witnessed his father, brutally beating up. his mother in his soul, released in 2019, he recounted is painful childhood memories. how her say a sions, ard and awards. i was on planting jahan dot com jingle. ha, we just was shy. you sort of a junior, she to long hon downs there, asian obama. james. hans, i hear this a hotel i thought on the she says about the answer its allen say whenever it is on via bass. josh ward today or is her, does he noland off to the dual martinson? i'm trans also meetings on selecting tyler rollins giovanni's you'd all on time. alma jossla sounds was her name on the new day will
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while i saw how humans aunts will dean and sanitize an a to i'm for how the free, why you some so so her nice whole ego such ah, like many others who grow up with domestic violence liang now is insecure when making friends or starting a relationship or canal senior is also whole. has all she has on from what i age, all your, your teams hung was her where they need own body along. so it was a way of hang on. sure. huh. what hm, boys will for sure where you seed on guanasha malware and since it was a single mankind. now liang our hopes to use his skills as an entertainer to shine right on the repercussions of domestic violence through his
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song go away, is now divorced, but he keeps in touch with his ex wife. they live in the same area and take turns carrying for the 9 year old son. parents little not what you can call her at your time. hello. i was law posada, mama ramos to her grandma will about who did you know, put her on to the economy link. i told her a whole new ball. sure to go to the shanty of montague on or you can purchase a warden that you were were schanzer cost us a junior, which what got you as a god usa usa from once again that sins hard bulk auto body tongue jammed to hide. so we'll w, show what the body does to guys sing with i. c dot, somewhat doff, watching with a footing to sit on the door. what he is on time yet to see you is yet to go. polly, the trenton number, watch him that would you send us the audio audio seguin? i see even not her. m a talk with beware. so i tell her to log on to
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a dental copy. quibble who you should awkward. alicia bewanda to go validation, which is a, was a gina washington and that just was washout alone. so she apologized that he tried to knock. so what had been that just such a big is sugar growing region. a 3rd of tino workers have had the winds in 11 east investigates why so many women are having invasive surgery on al jazeera mm hm. mm hm. and
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the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war passed greenland. the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, ah, sizing intensive eyes in yemen. the satellite coalition claims its killed around $16030.00 rebels. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is al jazeera live from dough ha, also coming up a mass kidnapping of mission raise in haiti was this.


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