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right, lauren swan, indonesia firms forming, we move full to growth and fraud. we balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let people bring to this is growth and progress. invest in been here now. ah ah ah. are you watching out a 0? i'm emily, anguish, reminder of our top stories this am at least to sustain christian missionaries from the u. s. and one from canada. have been kidnapped in high she,
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they were on their way to the airport in the capital, put a prince when they were taken by armed men in the area of game fear. at least 19 people have been killed by lands, lives, and floods in india's careless state, rescued, tame to trying to reach people stranded by flood waters is the worst flood since 2018 and more than 500 people were killed. and the saudi led coalition in yemen says it's killed at least $160.00 rekey fighters in my re province. dozens of air strikes were launched in support of government forces to push back the rebels. the more on this story, hussein al a bouquet. haiti is a political commentator and journalist who's aligned with the who, the movement. he denies the claims those killings took place. do we see on the ground that there are many on me here on the whole, the advancing toward the mighty be city. i mean, they have a lot actually do all do. so the strikes on all disclaim of the,
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this huge amount of killing who the fight did not stop the show you that i do think that the so the strike now have any effect. the reason of that is because the, the defense has actually take out also the drones of which those don't actually the depend on them to collect information for ada to attack. that's why they have liberated in the last 48 hours. i love the blow bins. i know they are advancing towards south of mighty, most of the fighters who know advancing toward might if they are, for all my boyfriends. this is one of the strategy that here can afford to have been use in the mainly try to use fighter for them that they are going to liberate i. this actually sends kind of a good message to the people that if all people would against the ottoman,
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i didn't think that they could advance for one meter. but the may lead to know that there is a huge support that an area under the control of the back to the support it actually is toward a son are voted. it is because you've seen the security, the bad security situation in those area. growing social tensions in turkey, leading to conflicts between local people and refugees. groups have attacked the homes and workplaces of syrians after fight broke out. turkey agreed to deal with the you to host syrian refugees in 2016 to prevent them moving to europe. now more migrants could enter from afghanistan, that's a fueling cause for refugees to be deported. busy sim console reports from a sample ali how to return to the northwest from syria 5 months ago. after having lived in turkey for 6 years, he had crossed the border to escape the fighting. but it says the long working
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hours and being away from relatives made him feel like a stranger in turkey. now he has the shop to make a living share. in recent years, racism has become more common. turkish people have started to look down on us and dislike us. we began to hear them saying, why don't you go home? our government pays her salary and rent your house. ali and his wife say, having get off the sick son who needs more attention, made integration intro key even more difficult, but lives back in syria. hasn't been easy. their cotton cotton. we had to choose between safety and more modern ones, but for our child's sake became big syria with short of electricity water here. but we have our families that we rely on in 2016 turk assigned to deal with the e. u to keeps hearings from moving to europe in return for financial assistance. that agreement came about after more than 1000000 refugees and migrants from syria and elsewhere entered the 27 nation block in 2015.
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this is a little syrian neighborhood and it's stumbled as saying your district 55 year old mohammed is from damascus. he mostly stumble 5 years ago with his family. he says he hopes to become a turkey citizen one day. can i smelly in damascus? i lived like a king. i cars carrying goods between syria and lebanon, but i didn't want my sons to fight in the war. it's fine here. we love turkey. my life is here now. going back to syria is a start from 0 turkey house, more than 4000000 refugees. and with more coming from afghanistan, they're growing fears of fries in social tensions. the suited to dish. according to the un returning to syria is not possible at the moment. in turkey. 2.4000000 syrian refugees or under 25700000 are born here. these figures show why turkey has
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had the burden. when syrian 1st arrives in turkey, the government said they were to return once the conflict was over. more than 10 years later, the most serious tell us how this new last year and their children speak turkish fluently. but what does the election do in 2 years time? the opposition is lack of pressure on the government to send them back and with a weak economy in currency and on time and who rising men of fear will feel phobia across the country. solo al jazeera symbol china has tested a new hypersonic missile that can carry nuclear weapons and be difficult for us to fences to detect that's according to an investigation by the financial times. it says the test took place back in august, the us russia and at least 5 other countries say they're working on similar technology. china is reported to have tested miss l 9 times. they can travel 5
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times faster than sound, although that flow with a ballistic missiles, they can be more difficult to track. and as they fly on a low trajectory instead of in an arc, they are more accurate and reach targets fast down. and the mark is a fellow at the center for china and globalization. he says, beijing's hypersonic miss out test could have positive implications, the region, the public release of information on the hypersonic wide. this is very important from a number of perspectives. first of all, it apparently caught us intelligence by surprise. so i think that's an interesting point to note here. but i think 2nd, perhaps most importantly is the geopolitical implications in this. because as we all know, ratcheting up of tensions in the asia pacific region. that this is become very dangerous and stabilizing, and i think in a testing
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a missile like this can improve the stability of the region by reducing the possibility of lift calculation. because i think there is a very old danger that the u. s. miscalculate. and again, if the intelligence agencies indeed missed that this could lead to a very dangerous situation, where the u. s. could stumble into a conflict that would be disastrous. and i think now that this has become widely known, that it enhances stability in the region by reducing the likelihood of miscalculation conflict, inter lanka, hundreds of fishermen, and protesting against what they say is poaching from neighboring india. they say their livelihoods are being threatened. the fishermen demonstrated by signing dozens of boats flying black flags to the know the most points of the island nation . they want a government to enforce a 2017 law that would prevent indian fishermen from encroaching interest. lincoln
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waters mcnelson and it has more from colombo, at the root of it. it's about livelihoods, about lankin fishermen struggling to make ends meet. and what they see is mass scale, poaching by indian fishing boats that come into she lanchen waters and take valuable fish docs away with them. now this has not been a new phenomenon. it's been going on for years and the fishing of community right across the coastal boat from the east of sri lanka, right through the north and going even into the north west of the country has been complaining over the years. some of the most valuable stocks are the stalks of shrimp that these trawlers carry when one of the problems is the fishing methods of use, it's called bottom trolling where these massive trawlers have huge planks that the a let right down to the bottom of the sea bed and essentially the scrip,
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the sea bed as they go along, and following our massive net that scoop up everything that's been kind of whipped up into those nets. the problem being that it also causes a huge amount of environment destruction. so this brought us to day that started out in the east of the country in mila 2. and the fishermen 150 to 200 boats, essentially making that journey right along the coast to the north of the country to show their protest what they say. all forms of bottom trolling have been banned by an amendment to the existing laws that were brought in 2017. in southern thailand, a teenager is pushing back against a large government development project in her se san community. the government says it'll bring jobs in better living conditions, those against it, fear it will, and they, why, of life and cause environmental damage. it's got hardly reports from china in
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southern thailand. on this stretch of coast where the pine trees meet the beach. on the southern bend of the gulf of thailand, the government wants to build a large industrial zone and deep sea port. this rural region of thailand is home to abundant marine life, an undisturbed nature. if 19 year old cover, rockman ja has anything to do with it. it'll stay that way here in china. she's one of the leaders in the prominent and growing protest movement, calling for the project to be cancelled. fun. let me know. i used to think that my fight to save to not was just about protecting my homeland, but they came to realize that is much bigger. so we still have to live on this planet. no matter who we are. we still have to breathe. you still have to depend on natural resources. i think it's only right to speak up. she says everything she has comes from the seat and for most of the people in china, it's been that way for generations. the fishing community here in china looks at
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past government development projects as to what their future could look like. if this massive project moves forward. they don't like what they see, and they don't think that their concerns are getting the deserved attention. in run by curry has been a member of this community, his entire life and a fisherman for 34 years. he feels helpless and thinks all the control rest with project investors and the government equipment is, i'm good. good. and if the china project gets the green light, small boats like a house won't be able to head out and fish because they will be pick freight ships, which will effect a way of life and dark. on the sprawling and ambitious $3000000000.00 project will have several phases and cover 26 square kilometers. it receive preliminary approval from the national cabinet. 2 years ago. we have to take everything into a cow because there are some people who are against the idea. some people with a party id, and if that's the case, you know, we have to find
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a common ground that everybody accepts the idea, but it's going to move forward. but to korea, common ground will be difficult to find. if the project goes ahead, she believes traditions like this, salting fish and bearing them in the sand will be lost. i keep going because i have my eyes under prey. i know what i am fighting for and who i am fighting for and that fight. she says is to make certain that even more generations of china, families are able to live a life where everything they have and need comes from the see, it's got harder. al jazeera, china thailand, 2 tigers, livingstone, to day kids into injure harrisburg have sparked fear and anger within the neighborhood. it's when you to bang about the ethical treatment of wildlife. it's actually going name reports from johannesburg. standing close enough to touch their coats, you could feel the power of these tigers, even though they are confined within these enclosures at lions rock,
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big cat sanctuary. visitors must sign a form saying the owners are not responsible for injury or death. yet in johannesburg, a couple has posted social media videos, walking their 2 white tigers in the neighborhood like dogs playing in their back yard, and even licking the head of the owner. last month, the children at a daycare center next door were playing outside. when they saw one of the tigers, peering down at them while perched atop a jungle gym. it is a big concern because anita still coming to my parents that the kids are safe yet. parents pulled a dozen children out of the daycare center. tanya is the owner at asked, we not mentioned her surname or the name of her day care due to concern, she'll lose more income. she says provincial officials visited the property where the tigers live and the owners had installed a higher electric fence and covered the wall. oh, we're going to be lucky on
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a government only going to do something. as soon as somebody gets hurt or die is that when a government he's going to stay in. and how does a lawyer for the couple did not respond to repeated requests for comment? there is no law banning people in south africa from breeding selling and buying big cats. there are also no restrictions on where these wild animals can be housed. the government is drafting a policy that could end the domestication and commercial exploitation of lions and closed the facilities where they're held captive. the proposed law only applies to lions, which are indigenous to south africa. animal rights group say people should be banned from keeping all exotic animals as pets to animals that are currently being housed in a back yard in janice, big a ambassadors for so many others that are actually being held in captivity as
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a s o in terms of breeding facilities across africa and they highlight the fact that the needs to protect all the checks the government declined our request for an interview. some experts say in time the animal's wild instincts may kick in and these pads could soon become impossible for their owners to handle. the best option would be for them to live out their days in an animal sanctuary like this one. natasha name al jazeera johannesburg. to russian filmmakers have returned to earth from their mission to shape the 1st movie scenes in space. alana think has it's done early on sunday. the cruise state of the international space station for 12 days to film and segments of a movie. hollywood is also planning to send a crew to space to shoot a feature film picture a mid tab. gosh, is a format chair of the science operations working group for nasa. he says,
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shooting films in space, could boast interesting feature missions. i think the more you see, the space tourist going up, common people without much training without form of being an astronaut. ok. so this, this perhaps is part of the larger access dispute, but i'm common people are getting. it is not active shooting something, which is significant, whether the box office really re reverberates, captures that imagination is going to be the teacher. and i think the reason you have drawn cruise on the other people getting interested is because public attention is focused on speech, right? so if you, if you think last, maybe 2 months or 3 months, how many times doesn't space tourism it being that the news with jeff bezos and richard branson and everybody going to reason. so i think it's a market opportunity for the best. so i guess it depends on how the public would
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take it, but all indications are because if you remember though, the firm called the martian starting bad treatment, nobody thought will be about mars, would attract in the box office structure. but it was a very big hit. holloway me is still a couple of weeks away, but the sea is london film festival is showcasing a host of new horror movies. i made a drawing it aimed rather at, during people back into cinema's. me back. i'd take a look at what's giving festival goers. goosebumps, so oh, now we have your attention. let's talk. all right. this is london film festivals, a washer with a list who's plugging oscar fodder. looking in the back grounds, a glut of horror movies that delve into our deepest anxieties. among them, british movie shepherd please when i can see the
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story of a man seeking solitude of the mysterious death of his wife. only to find himself trapped and spiraling into madness. on a frightening weather beaten island. if that sounds uncannily like your experience of coven locked arms, you're not alone. and there are a lot of parallels to what we've been through the last couple of years, working remotely and same with editors and sank designers and music, which is a very bizarre way. we're also quite pleasant. we're working on making a film about a guy who's isolate cisco, strike cautious, funny one horror movies ever won an oscar the songs to the lambs in 1991 with this guy. how can catch him carry? believe me, you don't have order inside your head with a wants marginal genres being taken more seriously. now, especially as a form of social commentary for audiences they are cathartic experience. it's really fun. feels great. sit in the dark and be scared and we,
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we do seek that out as audiences. but i think also for filmmakers horror is as face where you can use and the sort of storytelling metaphors to explore. urgent, social and political issues. the haunted house, the spooky cemetery. you know, the drill, but given the nightmarish 18 months that we've all had, why? anybody would want to sit in the dog for 2 hours with a bunch of strangers. getting scared, witless is something of a mystery. but apparently, horror movies might actually be good for us. introducing professor niel martin, renowned expert and all things scary tops. of course, melissa big returned to school lo, empathy turned to enjoy horror films more. and also people who score highly own what's called from frequency or dimension of sensations, very cold dis, inhibition. richards need of the ability to lose control all to be impulsive. so
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that personality traits correlates with the person's enjoyment of horror as a form of escape. horror as a way of helping us connect with others. the verdict is watching someone else go through hell. well, i just help us feel a bit better. naep aka al jazeera, the london film festival, does a good story by name. all right, spot is next here on al jazeera, including a 1st out wind for our mom, and the t to any woke up gets underway. more details after the break with farrah. ah, straight to that citizen, chit, thousands of haitian dominicans of penalized for the heritage. a state sanctioned racism, forces them into legal limber. a young attorney mats, a grassroots political campaign, advocating for social justice. but can she shine a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that lakes the
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dominican republic? stateless. a witness documentary on al jazeera, compelling journalism. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what a living under fascism was. light. how much money did you make for your role and deliverance? i made that al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. lou ah,
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never fought his sorrow. thanks so much, emily. we start with football and newcastle united have made a dream start to live under. there are new saudi back to owners. when he got home in their 1st game, since the consortium took over, it took less than 2 minutes for newcastle to score the opening goal against tottenham. callum wilson pounced and sent the home fans and new bosses into a frenzy. new counselors still looking for their 1st when this season is currently one all after 22 minutes and sundays. other game west ham defeated everton, italian angelo, a bonus score the only goal of the game in the saddle. the 4th minutes west ham join everton on 14.5 behind league leaders. chelsea oh and sailors are through the semi finals of the asian champions league. the south korean team. beach of hands, nagoya, grandpa's 3. nell teresa last 4 for the 1st time since they won the title in 2009.
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now take on another south korean team in that sammy all st. her yonder beating young book motors 3 to after extra time. the other last 4 games between the saudi sides, our nasser and, oh, hello. international, a big committee is head out to at plans to stage more regular football world cups. the i o. c says the ideas, putting money i had of sport olympic bosses have called for talks with footballs, governing body fever. want to hold the world cup every 2 years. instead of every 4 proposal is set to be voted on in december by footballs, member associations, the plans in particular, the doubling in the frequency of the woke up would create a further massive strain on the physical and mental health of the players. the i see concludes the eyes he shares these concerns and supports the calls or stakeholders of all international schools. federations and major event organizes for a wider consultation and cricket. the man's
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t 20 world cup is under way with co host. oman scoring a comfortable victory. a face tournament debutante papa new guinea and they do comers were simply outclassed. oman needed a 130 for victory and they reach a target without losing a wickets. and more than 6 overs to spare tournament is 1st, cricket world cup being played in the middle east after it was moved away from india because of their coven 19 situation. 2 austin riley was the key man for the atlanta braves as they claimed game one in their playoff series with the la dodgers riley head again, tying home ron and followed it with a gang winning r v. i single in the bottom of the 9th inning, scared a 3 to win for the braves of the reigning world series champions. the team is, will remain in atlanta for going to later this sunday. once we kind of got over the hill, you know, i for the all star break and was able to kind of get that momentum going. we can have that the vibe of, we're not, we're not out of it until the very last out. and,
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you know, just or bullpen campus in the game campus campus in the game. i said we're able to pull one out. the boston red sox head back in game 2 of their series with the houston astros. boston became the 1st teen take 2 grand slams and a post season game. redsox went on to win $95.00 and level the series ads one game age. game 3 is in boston on monday. is a very good approach. my now we're not getting greedy. like i said, a few days ago is not about him and 30 home wrong. so driving our 100 a 100 runs is about you know, when in for games i can see as row, so now we got warn them. now we got a phone and we have some surprise vinyl aside. indian wells, britain's camera nori will face nicholas specialized feely of georgia. the 26 year old norie produced a dominant performance against his opponent. regard. demetrius broke the bulgarian at the beginning of the 1st 2 sets increased to his 6264. when it says $46.00 match
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when of a year leave there. sunday will be playing for the biggest title of his career. the other names to greg, tim and andy or british tennis icons and legend. so it's to be added to that list is extremely special for me, but i'm going to go out and been of had the last 2 days have been the biggest match my career. so i'm going to go out there and it's going to be my biggest match in my career again tomorrow. so go out there and hopefully do more the same. but slash really is also one, went away from the biggest title of his career, the george and beat american taylor fritz and straight back are the 1st time in more than a decade. indian wells will be won by a player rand, outside the world's top $25.00. and a team of 4 golfers have broken and unusual world record players teamed up to relay the ball to the green on a par for whole lot the both the rama golf club in spain. they managed to complete
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the task in less than 25 seconds, knocking 3 seconds off. the previous record had said since 2015. okay. and that is all your sport for now, emily back to you. thank you very much. the update for all right, that's all from me here for this news am, i'm emily angland. stick around there. i'll have more of the day's news. short. ah mm. good with the weights most populous nation, one in every fi, women's stuff is domestic. i went east investigates china's battleground at on one
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out 0 it's the was. 2 most populous democracy, diverse dynamic and undergoing momentum is seen context, india dixon, in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context. india coming soon on always is either on counting the cost, the battle for influenza in latin america. after seating round to china, the us takes to win over its neighbors with billions of dollars. the new investment and online learning took off during the pandemic, but can be had to take thought ups during a profit. counting the cost on colleges here in the country with an abundance of resource trade and walk indonesia whose firms for me,
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we moved people to grow and fraud. we balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let me pause when denise is pros and progress, invest in the new year now. ah, fighting intensive eyes. amy amen and the satellite coalition claims its killed around $160.00 ruthie rebels. ah, hello, i'm emily and gwen. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up
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a mass kidnapping of mission. raising haiti puts a spotlight on gang violence in the country. at least 19 people killed in lance lives in floods in the indian stage of carola and demand.


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