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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let it be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest even easier now. ah, 1200 hours gmc here on al jazeera and come all santa maria. these are the headline states, saudi that coalition in yemen says it's killed at least a $160.00 who the fight is in marty province. dozens of air strikes were launched in support of government forces to push back the rebels last month. the hotels that renewed their offensive in that province. they say from hussein alba, katy, a political commentator and journalist who actually denies the saudi claims to see on the ground that there are many out of me here. i'm sorry for the hold. the advancing toward the mighty be city. i mean they have not actually do all do so
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d is that i and all disclaim of the, this huge amount of killing hold. the fighter did not stop the show you that i do think that the so the strike now have any effect. the reason of that is because the, the defense has actually take out also the drones of which those drones actually. so the depend on them to collect information for ada to attack. that's why they have liberated in the last 48 hours. i love the blueprint. i know they are advancing toward south of mighty, but most of the fighters who are now advancing toward might, if they are married boyfriends. this is one of the strategy that here it's an awful have been use in the mainly try to use fighter for them. that area that they are going to liberate. this actually sends kind of a good message to the people that if all the people that would against your money,
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i mean, i didn't think that they could advance for one meet that out. but that may lead to know that there is a huge support that an area under the control of so deductible is, is this about it actually is toward a son i voted is because we, if you've seen the security, the bad secretary situation in those areas where the headlines and the afghan interior ministry says girls will soon return to secondary schools that only been committed to attend primary school since the town of and take over. access to education has been a major demands of the international community. his stephanie decker with more and what the afghan interior ministries, spokes person told her. he indicated that it was imminent, re that girls in secondary school and universities and their teachers, female teachers would be returning very soon. this is something that we've been hearing from the taliban since they took power. that yes, they would return, but it's going to take time. and of course, as taking a toll on
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a lot of the girls that they want to go back to school, they want to continue their studies. and it's also, you know, one of the demands of the international community for the taliban to protect and safeguard the rights of girls and women to go to school and to work. the ceremony taken place in paris to mark's 60 years since the massacre of algerian protest, as in a police cracked on the mayor of paris and it algo, attended the event on saturday. emanuel macaroni became the 1st french president to attend such a commemoration. civil activists in lebanon are calling for protests against the political elite. days after 7 people were killed and sectarian violence. we want to mock the 2nd anniversary of the start of major protests against the governments. hundreds of fishermen and sri lanka, a protesting against what they say is poaching from neighboring india and want the government to enforce a 2017 law that prevents indian fishermen from encroaching into sri lankan waters. his men out fernandez in colombo, the root of it. it's about livelihoods, about che lankin fishermen struggling to make ends meet. and what they see is mass
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scale poaching by indian fishing boards that come in to show lanchen waters and take valuable fish dogs away with them. now this has not been a new phenomenon. it's been going on for years and the fishing of community right across the coastal boat from the east of sri lanka, right through the north and going even into the north west of the country has been complaining over the years. at least 19 people been killed in land slides and floods in india's carolyn state. within a dozen people including 5 children have been reported missing. individuals been held in their wages town of con, spoke for 5 people killed by an attacker last week using about an arrow here today with the headlines on al jazeera, how to see we're world is next. ah,
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you ah oh, it didn't booms up in captured, interrupt your, to the audiences a as in the yet, then you took us near to a local level and then they left in to see the
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there's a lot of love for the friction in respect with the american people i wish we are, fleming didn't convince them to do with
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what i'm up at the end of this year. i got a d, r, a z. i mean, because she was younger sheer side that me daughter or, and i've had, you bled, gives yates christ and she said the 2 year he's my son harper, you know, well, i know could i just know how long you've had the blood like india. great. i shall, we and my she could said, be n o r longley lee about all would be a nasty feet lady with a movie. the rest of the dirty might be a for the india. they tell because she has plenty of get me a friend me that it's,
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that is who had she come and then you were to me on did it last when it can get to can get a hand. it was your india a lot and it was video that it's a 2nd handy. was it is been hope dealing it to me many oh with and then in the mail i get it sound and she was here. we didn't on you. okay. well, kind of her thought, well, did you, did i from the letter
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a clip. yes. i'm a coach. any come co, mozilla tomorrow sleuth? limley and i met the daughter continue to pay a lot to read. she'd been there less, you know, a little for g, mary a little. so who can scan gene seamy mouth a will in a mission mission set and will not open the can walk in the many viewpoints kaneesha in the, from the financial for for a need for break up then can lea a need so you can send them a check in theaters then with
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a shot after they get common men or actin affordacare moments i took all one that you can do since you did not catch jesus. look at some fact. you see you are from his diploma and i checked on that. i'm about, i'm not i had and then all concede enough, vondik. i said sundown along to you in the household. and now jackie, shut off a check on mine. i cannot an hour. clearly still a limb break up idea that he she got for you will at least to way more go is laker,
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you know, it's a another indian country because their culture is little different. not so much, but the people are so good, very cooperative there. were you know, we, we, what we said melinta and oh, monica answered something happen up on like that. that's right. so we love the like you people, you, people came here, you are shot. the and i have seen the, you know, speech and all, everything you're so nice. you were walking most of the time and you were helping us. so what is we want? exactly. we want the people from morocco come here. oh and benton encouraged her that you chef lamb indeed or had filled them out and there was fairly film tiny dark beard last week. i'm afraid our b r. this is the right time to help her name pushy. probably be able to be put on the side. of course. my check is typically about a life guest. oh
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oh. oh no, it did. did it with her? i yes. mm hm. oh, him to live with. lucky for the for the good. the dentist. yeah, i've got a message for a lot of just want to so the sooner for flipped off with your be off of the matter or for to follow up with me, i can look at my thought. ah
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ah, with good i can sort of get shot. a charter, delicate, then now you go, oh, didn't get on there. i ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, that it digital, hard to see. good then at our head, the gun it has betted. the juggle had the same gazelle. thought hey, the guy laid the hey, how got laid day mean and are what he or his ready to lie? to the doctor where i discussed is off in the class just i will have a little store, but it has a clean of if i could have it to for world peace, i look under some had liam and some others, the market a maybe you can actually didn't show on a machine,
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so humble book and i'm going to be a total. libya. let me and i saw her now this out of her. it's all hunting pansy. i know we're wesley. and he and our crew are comfortable looking with. he says, i'm sorry in the i'm one of them with the last year i met up with my, i'm a new hockey. i need to ship. i'm it because you're not gonna shuttle here. well, you can get shoved. you're not gonna a woman. she didn't know you can be shuttle your shuttle home and 0. there was a lot of weight and i'm here. oh, i can itself. and it's a little any news didn't seem it in the you have any delicate, they are. the zip was which was so possibly understanding the for the shuttle comfortable. a very, the whole out. these got those other than that if you know last year, if it goes out again, just collab watch it, you'll get back to bullshit and need to do to get out of here in a soon can you
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hear from her hello. hello. hello. actually are you how can in, within chad as even nearby that can the question hamilton, you really had gotten a pin in work and carving of its kind to it to leah. no, sorry. then there was an article that i had a she told me the us harry totally didn't wanna initiate on monday. the in california for the site to lead to feel and when the garage and the side it's a lot. but i want to get some
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kids in your head and so done with him and won't be in a meeting that dear when it's just another study dinner. you know, the way you can do that are commonly we're leather study, india that are starting to we're looking kids from the mom. could he be a kind of slow salam baby up in kentucky at abilene lack a hindrance at home. inclusion will be making that time making a kid some of the had the kids couldn't believe the was that what is that? what is that is going to be for continue as to and i say that you've been here for dr. jimmy from her family and to her down and kept funny, i really couldn't. people. polanski had said louis mobile friendly for you in a fully conflicted with me. but in america or the same has a terrible problem. i had them hasn't been in this, provide them to black therapy at last. get to that i was out of india on
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with his daughter the in the from miss yale marie v. a leaded, can you me my variable? i don't mind what should i for 1000 and normal and domains and them upper or lower will senior berlin deal shortly with zulu. i know magellan and i thought to be a cinema, if you have any badly b, o, intelligent cinema leash law,
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see melinda above to lead. good master, good literacy, new and seen will india cancer have been payler. paylor low, creates a need discontinue for learning. now for you submit it and if you can a mission, the mission of them both of these cabinets and the houses so that she didn't, the person that she had any suited fudge look of disconnect. can the hudson this wasn't tracy of the muslim hawk. kind of them. it's in an e, julie bentley. yeah. yeah. and he can, can knock eliane should look in the disks about him. so how can i get it working? i don't live with my mom,
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but now i went to the board to live with lynn lashley, a marble see me. the a. come come with us a very the campbell shade, a welsh, saudi fianna, madam halleck beat of marie best and am what can we talk facial counties or patsy may absolutely. she 1000000 the to the flem body would rarely had lush other. does my heritage gets mahala in the can be harm had seen you mill. he has a half talk about of not who shabba claim. michelle not with a him to authority or chuck. i feel like it's credible enough to kind of scrambling . but look, nesbit to go, cosmetic museum, will not have seen him. he's at the, for the sublime say, and the controls m. f level global. that is a maria at law. we're had, we're had machine somewhere and ines black e last vision dead nascar sam shoot for had with him. lean deep, that museum frame sucker for her obstacle,
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a hot tune. commentaries i'm going to be looked at. there was some neatly fits latina cripple, be not shocking. away the notion is sort of a f lumpkin sheet and alpha limit but we'll see them in indiana chassis and can sure be enough in in india if you can. ok, so it can seem to me of miss really see him any couldn't, couldn't be any that and him can. he hadn't said, hey, it's, can you say it fluctuates english smithson in the ceiling. deal the scene from the new jewish can. we're had lead that. yeah. i did when you move, so when you suck in the, you know, when it came it's yeah. co cook. hey it for kids. nice really. and you
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can in that and he shut our own. fell all know almost similar. he where does he cannot below. right. so the bed will have and had the one minute creates the community here for them for her husband was actually a little less up. listen to the distribute sort of smile. ok. then you click on that. she will be considered, but it's a lot of up and she's probably gonna ask for the senior mom if you are going to feed him daughter about a lot of millions of indicates which would be in the hospitals. stuff and came deal of the way down that way doesn't, doesn't really the mean. so i had him and his phone led me to them and then there's no duck beach rama. so we're still your senior meeting which shuttle on the top. actual mom. i be sick about you, i can a why? because you that's good because then x oh somebody just put up like an amount can indicate which could be
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a lot less that will work on the top. you know who the, i know you have to because i did not look with my manager just was a little i love you, i'm with us. and then she got a when i came here 9 years ago and 2003, i was very surprised that moral can people who know me. they see my films. i went to the souk, too bizarre to buy some clothes and all the people to take my name and take the name of my firms. it was sir, very surprising for me. but i very happy to be here because i've, there's a lot of love and affection and respect with the american people to india, to indian films,
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to indian firm stars. and i'm very obliged to them for giving me this affection. and i can hear you say the hindu to accompanying the emily country. i'm one of yearly, it's carbon. will i from santa web, from the san we're not you didn't come cinema atlas law, poor lot more dad and his aunt nicholas that you must in 1st every them can weeks out. i'm it, i'm a song as a can. no, i'm on dark. i know i like with ours, you can see the 1000000 deal. what alex, someone guess that employee needs a wound, a boy and he come across, won't tell sonny. she feelin o caracas. i wanted to ask her the confusion one h m m, but she had the room for the for having frontier your home and see did you know will of where every time he gets as he only in collision. so how god can lead somebody help and yearly and i was i was jenny
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a yeah. get me. me ha. may i do call boca manning, hazy day? a god because me martin asked of him had to indeed in no contempt frozen out. you've seen him miramonte cow candy he deems was dealing with calcium and can he in that? did he gets home as that was dna and mother. and he took the tub school that it's my full square published of sherry. it's monday to have the grid, but the dribble would have just little doubting it will dug out. you're had ginger, we're billy day, a blow job with georgia in the blue monday, but they don't. she looked up yet. i've got, i thought,
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huh. gonna thermo sort of huh. oh, top of as when, until you're covered in the unit here. know when it's on alton and give her a bunch more you'll did a little took up and maybe the maybe now companies seem foolish. can howdy, linley, a honey india. a delicacy really a cassette except bucking mckenna city can video, basically a cassette mil flemming india, who from them our in subtle competitive on arb hello, deal us now herb handler us on our competitor. some on a do you wanna do my numbers? it's owen can can smell honey. the alarm sony gum. we're dealing with hammer, duffy a do more of them in the, in the met and not only come with to meet the wonderfully walk malika avenue india can, can housman on any the, at home who can, how and we can meet palo. we'll start a connecticut and new wheel grizzled. and if and nana can boil faleen, you took
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a derrick and asha, come to asha confused indian abuse. and did he give you what you have? i'm in the countries the gym and so what i'm seeing just still uses you with you and we're given new kids and we can check with you and your thought and to see what you then me. ok. your kaski. did she energy when you had char, who got my head to do so this survey here because oh, now a good day. ah, it may no, no, i mean i do. oh, sure. who got me? do i do silly any? ah,
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i'm with family. it's of its here. her 2nd queen ramos or hassle, was really clear of politically lafleur keener, keen, bossy, or so the whole kin no more will kina gets had lucas of lim lee. so, hudson mean all sort of limits any, any in from when a lot of the or bossy in the muscle has, i mean control. so even signaling the year he kits of miss really you mr. mr. leslie and are concerned you can show them that said it was a model of limley shifts can a, can the image see her of her? she has here not mill, comes on the end of the show or the into this, and yet he could be in the near not around one keen, morkin cold moon keen corner. now some hell did her little apparently can show for live limb. what animal can learn?
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maria law affair. d. n. kian kaun. she has are the oldest kathy saw her while she's in the lunch. hello. hello. hi evelyn. listen. alex laughed at sylvia. the latter. that really like least that adam should grant your last month on our as on we're luck. i really journey in special you had left the company. so rig i little and the consequence. i'd love the educated consumer could latanaya. now we are yet enough of labarte gallow in stripped of their citizenship, thousands of haitian dominicans, a penalized for the heritage estate sanctioned racism, forces them into legal limbo. a young attorney mats, a grassroots political campaign, advocating for social justice. but can she shine
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a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that plagues the dominican republic? state less a witness documentary on al jazeera, compelling. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the explosion in spite, i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was like, unequal to broadcasting. so those have been on august night, he was born. happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running in the country with an abundance of results for the trade foreign walk indonesia, whose firms for me we moved before to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let's be part when the lease is pros and progress, invest indonesia. now, blue thought to about the world is coming up at 1st to check on the headlines and the saudi led coalition in yemen says it's killed at least a $160.00 hotel fighters in murray province. dozens of our strikes were launched in support of government forces to push back the rebels. as not the hotties renewed their offensive in the province married the internationally recognized governments last stronghold in northern yemen. but headlines, the afghan interior ministry says girls will soon return to secondary schools. only been permitted to attend primary schools since the televisions take over,


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