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ah, ah al jazeera, with fighting intensifies in yemen, the saudi led coalition claims that it's killed around $160.00 who the rebels. ah, hello, i'm adrian. and again, this is al 0 life. doha also coming up anger in shoreline cup. i guess what people
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say is poaching by indian fishermen also. about elma cron condemns are cracked out algerians protesting against french rule 60 years ago, but stopped short of a formal apology. i, we look at how africa's biggest film festival is bringing diversity to a global yes. ah, we begin in yemen where the saudi led coalition says that it's killed at least $160.00 hootie fighters in married province. dozens of asterix were launched in support of government forces to push back the rebels last month. the hoot. these renewed and offensive in the province maribel the internationally recognized governments last stronghold in northern yemen. who say the alba casey is a political commentator journalist whose aligned with the hoot the movement he
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denies the claims that those killings took place. we see on the ground that there are many out of me here. i'm federal the whole, the advancing toward the mighty big city. i mean, they have a lot to actually do all do. so the strikes and all disclaim of the, this huge amount of killing device i did not stop the show you that i do think that the so the that i now have any effect the reason of that is because the defense has actually take out also the drones of which those don't actually depend on them to collect information for ada to attack . that's why they have elaborated in the last 48 hours. i love the abroad wins. i know they are advancing towards south of mighty, but most of the fighters who are now advancing towards might, if they are for my married boyfriends. this is one of the strategy that here can i
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have been using the mainly try to use fighter for them that area that they are going to liberate. this actually sends kind of a good message to the people that if all the people that would against your money, i mean, i didn't think that they could advance for one meet that out. but there may lead to know that there is a huge support that an area under the control of so deductible is, is this about it actually is toward a son i voted is because you've seen the security, the bad secretary situation in those area. the african interior ministry says that girls will soon return to secondary schools. they've only been permitted to attend primary schools since it's all about takeover. male students and teachers were allowed to go back in late september. let's go live out to the african capital campbell. this is stephanie deka, is that step. you've been talking to the interior ministry spokes person. what does he have to say?
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so he indicated that it was imminent re, to girls in secondary school and universities, and their teachers. female teachers would be returning very soon. this is something that we've been hearing from the title bar, and since they took power, that yes, they would return, but it's going to take time. and of course i've taking a toll on a lot of the girls. they want to go back to school. they want to continue their studies and it's also, you know, one of the demands of the international community for the taliban to protect and safeguard the rights of girls and women to go to school and to work. but we also discussed other issues with him security. i started off by asking him what the impact was of the taliban needs to govern this country. it is no longer an insurgency. what the impact was of the international community was holding those millions of dollars of much needed aid here. and this is what he had to say for them to bless. what were one of the, there are 2 aspects affected. first is running the system and the 2nd one is the ordinary life of the people run. it can have
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a bad impact on the ordinary citizens because i've gone to need help in the economic sector and other areas due to withholding this money the oven community and the business men are suffering with the enjoyment. sara, i asked him about recent reports that secondary schools for girls will be opening imminently. booking us. time will be given by the ministry of education, from my understanding and information in a very short time, our lean us, these and schools will be reopened. and all the girls and women will return to school and their teaching jobs are both of the movie. many people remain terrified of the taliban. there is no trust. i tell him what is being done to address that. he tells us amnesty has been granted to everyone or monitoring their fighters and have opened a complain, telephone line. other connect to the who are those people who are seeing that we have already left or have a plan to leave. we are giving them assurances that you are the people of this country, sons of this country, that come and work for this country unless built this country and they slamming
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emeralds together. but trust takes time to be rebuilt and only time will prove whether the taliban will deliver on their promises. these are unpredictable times everyone we've spoken to say that they don't really know how things are going to develop. i think it's still unclear what kind of taliban, this is going to be, whether it's the same as it was over 20 years ago when they were in power here. and of course, that is something that concerns and terrifies many people here are you do seem to have a split in the group of those that are, i suppose you could call it more moderate. and then those that are more hard lines . i think it'll be interesting moving forward as the taliban need to govern. and as they have to, you know, make these kinds of policy decisions, particularly under the pressure of the international community. because they need the money. they desperately need the money here. i mean 11 gentleman i was talking to who works as a civil servant under the taliban government. now, because a lot of the old guard having to be for the ministries, because the taliban, their fighters, they simply don't have that kind of experience saying that he hadn't been paid his salary in 6 months. and he said that things have never been so desperate. so yes,
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on the one how many people remain, you know, very questionable and skeptical and scared of the type of bond. but the other side of it is that people will tell you that it's the economy. that is something that is making them one to leave this country. i was 0, stephanie decor reporting live from cobble. stephanie, thanks in sri lanka, hundreds of fishermen protesting against what they say is poaching from neighboring india. they say the livelihoods of being threatened. the fishermen demonstrated by sailing dozens of boats flying black flags to the north, most points of the islands nation. they want the government to enforce a 2017 law that would prevent indian fishermen from encroaching interest rankin waters. i'll just serious michelle fernandez reports from colombo at the root of it . it's about livelihoods, about che lankin fishermen struggling to make ends meet. and what they see is mos scale poaching by indian fishing boats that come into sri lankan waters and take
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valuable fish dogs away with them. now this has not been a new phenomenon. it's been going on for years and the fishing of community right across the coastal boat from the east of sri lanka, right through the north and going even into the north west of the country has been complaining over the years. some of the most valuable stocks are the stalks of shrimp that these trawlers carry when one of the problems is the fishing methods that the use, it's called bottom trolling. where these massive trawlers have huge planks that the a let right down to the bottom of the sea bed. and essentially the scrip, the sea bed as they go along. and following our massive net that scoop up everything that's been kind of whipped up into those nets. the problem being that it also causes a huge amount of environment, destruction. so this brought us to day that started out in the east of the country
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in mila 2. and the fishermen 150 to 200 boats, essentially making that journey right along the coast to the north of the country. to show that protest what they say, all forms of bottom trawling have been banned by an amendment to the existing laws that were brought in 2017. a survey has taken place in paris to mock 60 years since the massacre of algeria and protested, and a police cracked on the mayor of paris on hidalgo was among those attending the event. on saturday manual mccomb became the 1st french president to attend such a commemoration, but he stopped short of issuing a formal apology. the precise number of victims is well known, but some historians say that several 100 people were killed. joe, the demonstrations against french rule one out from i'll just here as sony again go 60 years on from the paris massacre and the wounds run deep. one day before the anniversary president,
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my call attended the official commemoration alongside relatives of the victims. he paid tribute to them, yet no word of an apology from the man who was running to keep his job in next year's election. not even a public speech. in a written statement put out by the president's office, mccomb observed a minute of silence and memory of the victims of the bloody repression of october 17 1961. he admitted the facts. the crimes committed that night under the authority of malise papa, or inexcusable for the republic. was that conveyed regret but too subtle for many who point to the decades of silence surrounding the killings. egon don't force the source on him and it's high time on this 60th anniversary that a strong statement be made at the highest level of the state to recognise the responsibility of the french state and this massacre. this, the massacre occurred against the backdrop of the algerian war of independence. as a conflict dragged on,
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the public began to turn against the savagery of the methods used by french forces . throughout this turbulent time, one man came to embody those traits, movies pop up. a senior police official in france is nazi collaboration is the she government pap, and forcibly deported more than one of the half 1000 french jews to die in concentration camps. after the war, he rose to become the officer in charge of power, says police forces in his role proper ordered the violence. oppression of the october 17th march in paris with $25000.00 men, women, and children gathered across the city to protest against the curfew. that prevented algerians leaving their homes at night. police charged at the crowds, killing dozens and held many into the river send to drown their body is never to be found. and the precise number of those killed still unknown. it took 51 years for a french president to recognise the killings in 2012 and then president francois loans acknowledged the massacre and renounce frances colonial passed. but he
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stopped short of an apology and was roundly criticized by right wing opponent. what's the sensitivity in which some regard the killings come down to holding. frances colonial power to account the rise of the far right in the country has further inflamed an already toxic debate. that home was eventually imprisoned for the crimes he committed during world war 2. but for the victims of the 1961 massacre on best families, it is an event which exposed the unrestrained powers of the authorities at the time, the grief and damage that it left behind. when i go al jazeera still to come here on al jazeera tributes continue to pour into david amos, the british empire, who was killed, whole meeting constituents over look at my syria. refugees and turkey are facing a rising tide of sort of phobia. ah,
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it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cutter airways voted world's best airline of 2021. hello there, let's look to east asia and a strong cold northerly wind is really cool things down. a rough northern parts of china, the korean peninsula, and japan, we've seen temperatures fall over the past few days. and those winds are blowing a wet and wintery mix across the korean peninsula. and by the time we get to choose day, it's going to be japan that sees some of the wes, her weather tokyo seeing some rain, but a lot of the heavier falls to be found to the eastern areas of han shoe. now most centrally. it is looking a little bit what we've got showers across those central areas. it's dryer along the coast, shanghai things and sunshine coming in at 20 degrees. and it's a similar story for hong kong. we are seeing attempt to sit in the high twenty's, but it's very wet for parts of indo china. vietnam in particular, seen some of those heavy, exceptionally heavy rains. in fact, nearly half a meter expected over the next 24 hours. and with that,
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a risk of flooding now to india in south asia, we've seen some flash flooding in parts of corolla as more than 100 millimeters of rain fell over 24 hours. it dries up here on monday, we have got some red warnings out across more those northern states for heavy rain . over the next few days, we are likely to see some of those falls heaviest in bangladesh. and me and mark as well. that sure update the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, boated worlds best airline of 2021 in the country with an abundance of resource trade. already won indonesia whose turns forming. we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. investment. let be part when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia now,
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ah ah, hello again. this is al jazeera that's from, as you might use this out of the saudi led coalition in yemen, says that it's killed at least 160 hootie fighters in marin province. dozens of air strikes were voiced in support of government forces to push back the rebels. the african interior ministry says that girls will soon return to secondary schools. they've only been permitted to attend primary school since the town about a se cobra access to education has been a key demand of the international community. of hundreds of fishermen, a true lanka, are protesting against what they say is poaching from neighboring india. they want
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that government to enforce a 2017 law, the propensity of fishermen from encroaching into shoreline in lebanon. there are calls for riley of the capital to mark 2 years since the start of major protests against the government. demonstrators also planning to gather at beirut pores, the size of last year's massive explosion. let's go live now to lebanon's capital out jamal as well. oh, shall, is in beirut, jamal feelings continue to run high there in lebanon for a number of reasons. yes, sir. adrian, it has been a very tense week to say the least still, obviously things boiled over on thursday when there was a protest by supporters of the amount of movement in the eyes, from the law, against the judge's decision through a call upon some of their ministers in the investigation that's looking into that massive exposure, not the ports of last year. they felt it was
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a politicized decision by the judge because he failed to call upon ministers from the other sex and a half rows of 7 people were killed initially, the fingers were being pointed out. the havanese forces and nice militia here about in the past 24 hours video has a merge that actually a soldier within the avenues army fired 1st on one of those protesters killing them . the army says it's investigating it, but it really is showing just how volatile things are here in lebanon because the states has all but failed. basically, the economy is in tatters. politically. we've had a stalemate for over 2 years. now, socially things are extremely pan from the only institution which is somewhat holding on is the military. if it's embroiled in these, they just killing this really going to add even more fuel for the fire and buy or any your adrian is that as we mock 2 years since those protests will run,
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just directed out the government to be honest. the entire political system, the demand was for those were participants in the process to move away from the system that was based on the agreement back in the day, which was secretary in one to a non sectarian political system. well, 2 years on governor probably find yourself more tech savvy and that has been for several years now. so we're not quite sure how many people will pay for the fees there have been calls for com from wide number of leaders, both religious and political. the mon, i patriarch himself, gave a speech late on saturday, calling for comment to move away from sectarian divisions as many other leaders as well. but whether those protest take place, there is still that frustration to the lack of justice that the lack of kind of movement and reform within the country. but they haven't seen any change. a lot of people have lost hope in the system. a lot of people left lebanon,
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and whether there will be the same impotence, we'll wait and see, but one thing is for sure, that's currently the country. give out a knife edge. al jazeera jamal al, shall reporting lives there from beirut, jamal. many things, growing social tensions and turkey are leading to conflict between local people and refugees. groups of attract the homes and workplaces of syrians after fights broke out. turkey agree to deal with the e. u to host syrian refugees in 2016 to prevent the moving on to europe. now, more migrants couldn't from afghanistan. that's fueling cause for refugees to be deported. southern coffee only reports from a stumble. ali, how to return to 11 northwest from syria 5 months ago. after having lived in turkey for 6 years, he had crossed the border to escape the fighting. but he says, the long working hours and being away from relatives made him feel like
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a stranger in turkey. now he has the shop to make a living. with our cache and his life elsewhere, his daddy in recent years, racism has become more common turkish. people have started to look down on us and dislike us. you then we began to hear them saying, why don't you go home? our government pays your salaries and rent your houses in joshua ali and his wife say having an autistic son who needs more attention. made integration in turkey even more difficult, but live back in syria hasn't been, is either caught in a been gotten no, not settled. we had to choose between c foot and more modern ones, but for our child, seagly came big facility with short of electricity walker here, but we have, our family is that we rely on the dinner. in 2016 turkey signed a deal with the ear to keeps hearings from moving to europe in return for financial assistance. that agreement came about after more than 1000000 refugees in microns from syria and elsewhere, entered the 27 nation block in 2015. this
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is the little syrian neighborhood and the stumbles as say, your district 55 year old mohammed is from damascus. he moved to stumble 5 years ago with his family. he says he hopes to become a turkey citizen one day. john, gosh miller, in damascus. i lived like a king. i cars carrying goods between syria and lebanon, but i didn't want my sons to fight in the war. it's fine here. we love turks. my life is here. now, are you going back to syria is a start from 0. turkey host, more than 4000000 refugees, and with more coming from afghanistan, they're growing fears of rising social tensions. the sooty a year to danish, according to the un returning to syria, is not possible at the moment. in turkey, 2400000 syrian refugees are under 25700000 but born here. these figures show why turkey has a heavy burden. when warren's 1st arrived in turkey,
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the government thought they would soon return once the conflict was over. more than 10 years later, more serious, i was how this new lives here and their children speak turkish fluently. but what is the election do in 2 years time? yeah, position is likely to put pressure on the government to send them back. and with a weak economy in currency and unemployment horizon, men of fear. this will feel seen a phobia across the country. soon i'm castillo al 0, a stumble. china has tested a new hypersonic missile, which could carry nuclear weapons, would be difficult for us defenses to detect according to an investigation by the financial times. it says the test took place in august. the us russia, or at least 5 other countries so that they're working on the same technology. hypersonic missiles, travel 5 times faster than sound. a lot slower than ballistic missiles, but they can be maneuvered. so they're more difficult to track and they fly on
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a low to direction trajectory. instead of in an arc providing more speed and accuracy. vigils been held in that all region town of kong berg for 5 people who were killed by an attacker using a bow and arrows. 3 other people were injured in the incident on wednesday. a suspect has appeared in court. the government has announced an independent investigation into the police response. waters have been holding a vigil in the constituency of the british, m. p who has stabbed to death on friday. david amos was meeting members of the public in leon, see when he was attacked. police have extended the detention of a man who was arrested at the scene. and as our 0 warri challenge reports now, is prompted a review of security arrangements for british politicians. for a day, at least, british politicians put aside their divisions and united to mourn. one of their own, the prime minister and the leader of the opposition laid wreaths where conservative
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m p. david amos was murdered on friday. police arrested a 25 year old british man and are investigating the killing as an act of terrorism, reverent clifford newman as the minister of belfast church, where david amos had been meeting constituents when he was fatally stabbed. he was personally genuinely light people and tried to help him as best as i can. so room for this to happen to somebody was trying to do some good in the community. it is really the worst comics person. you just don't understand it. a good man and a fine public 7 says that message, a true gentleman, he supported his communities as one down here and there's another over there. thank you for your dedicated service to our community for so many years. so many of these tributes have a similar message, david amos die doing something that was integrity through his job. he was out there meeting the public face to face, but it raises the question ah,
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and piece safe enough. although westminster can seem like a fortress with arms, police never far away. most m. p 's have little to no protection when they're in their constituencies. and this is the 2nd m, p to be murdered in 5 years. joe cox from the opposition labor party was killed by a white supremacist in 2016 on the streets of the area. she represented the home secretary as lawrence to safety review measures underway. right now. i've convened meetings yesterday. i've been with the speaker of the house and with the police and security services to make sure that all measures are being put in place for the security of m. p so that they can carry on with that juicy as elect to democratic members. one conservative m p tobias elwood says, face to face meetings with constituents should be stopped until they can be moved on line in 2017. he tried to save the life of
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a police officer fatally wounded in the westminster bridge attack that left 6 people dead. but many more m p say meeting the public is a vital part of their jobs and the functioning of british democracy. and even a tragedy such as this shouldn't be allowed to disrupted for each allen's out to 0, leon c and essex. japan, this new prime minister fully o casita has sent ritual offerings to a controversial shrine. victims of japanese aggression in the 1st half of the 20th century. see the s a cooney shy and shrine in tokyo as a symbol of the countries minutes risen. because she didn't visit fits or some festival in person, it was instead attended by the former prime minister, shahita suga, who said the offerings respect, those who lost their lives. at least 19 people have been killed in lam slides and flooding in india's careless days. over a dozen people, including 5 children, have been reported missing, don't rescue teams or trying to evacuate people stranded in flood flooded areas. a
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major shut down of hollywood studios has been avoided us for a union and producers reached an agreement. international alliance of theatrical stage employees represents some 60000 film and t. v. crew members. it says the pandemic caused a backlog. that left staff working 14 hours a day on streaming services. its members threatened to strike if producers didn't meet demands for shorter shifts. and higher pay africa's biggest film festival is opened in mckinney faces capital. after an 8 month delayed, you took the coven 19 pandemic. the pan african film and television festival has been running for more than 50 years. it represents a rare opportunity for storytellers to showcase their creations on a global stage. al jazeera nicholas hark reports from white to go. and the act of defiant in brooklyn, of foster country were armed groups linked to iceland. now kite are gaining ground
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despite threats. hundreds of africa's top actors, directors and producers have gathered for the spectacular opening to the pan african film and television festival of walker diego, which is also known as fest back or had to condense in italy's directories in the running for the golden stallion. for her tv series on the senegalese hip hop movement, this is the place all of us want of it. we don't want to go to can we don't want to go to look. i know we want to go to this michael. i, when you have a something different than a classical, typical feel. you want an area where you can show it and not to be judged before it is shown to a general public. and this is the place for a vanguard cinema. normally held every 2 years, fist by co sorted in 1969. the theme for this 27th edition is african cinema and the diaspora. a new perspective and new challenges. hundreds were lining up to watch the opening movie atlantic. it's the tale of a migrant going to europe,
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but seen from the perspective of those left behind, french and english director mattie job has already won a prize at the cannes film festival. but she says it's still important to show the movie here in walker. do you think the big deal for me to share this movie weaver with the audience tonight with milton abbey again to my beyond the festival, the and the price. again, the competition. we tend to forget that the most important thing is very deep relationship between a film and the cater. beyond the glitz and glamour on display on the red carpet fest, pack o is about this, watching movies in cinemas, from young, african talents that are yet to be discovered by the film industry. there's more than $200.00 films this year, including white lines. a favorite among the jury is a story of forbidden love, a set in namibia. a country often used by hollywood to portray africa,
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but never to tell stories of nubians. then there is a production from las soto, a nation that has no cinemas, to watch films in, but has produced an outstanding dark drama that has already won a prize at the sundance film festival for visionary filmmaking. for people in brick in a faso, this event is an opportunity to experience the diversity of african narratives and for african storytellers, a chance to get their work seen on a global stage. nicholas hawk al jazeera while good to go. ah, it is good, heavy with its hello, adrian said again hearing though how the headlines are al jazeera, the saudi led coalition in yemen says that it's killed at least $160.00 hootie fighters in married province. dozens of airstrikes were launched in support of government forces to push back the rebels last month with these renewed and
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offensive in the province maribel the internationally recognized governments last stronghold.


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