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in and these pads could soon become impossible for their owners to handle. the best option would be for them to live out their days in an animal sanctuary like this one. natasha name al jazeera johannesburg. a major shut down in hollywood has been avoided off to an agreement was reached between a union and produces the international alliance of theatrical stage employees were present, 60000 film and t. v. crew members, it says the pandemic has caused a backlog and has left staff working 14 hour days on streaming services, and threatened to strike if producers didn't meet its demand for shorter shifts at higher pay. ah, it is good savvy with us. hello, adrian. sort of going here in though how the headlines on al jazeera, the african interior of industry says that girls will soon return to secondary schools. they've only been permitted to attend primary schools. since the
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televisions takeover access to education has been a key demand of the international community out 0, stephanie decker is in kabul. we heard from a unicef deputy director who is here last week talking to reporters yesterday that he believed that it was imminent. we've just come back from speaking to the interior ministry spokesperson and it is really up to the ministry of education. he told us, bit from was it from what his understanding was that it was eminent, potentially the next couple of days. but i think we need to be courses when we put numbers on it because, you know, they have been saying this for a while. i did push him on that, you know, in the sense that they keep saying it's going to happen. we're looking into it, we are, you know, making sure that this can be done under, you know, the right ways of shandey a law in terms of separating the students. the mayor of paris is attend to the ceremonies a mock 60 years since the massacre of algerian protested by police. on saturday, emmanuel mccall became the 1st french president to attend such memorial event,
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but stopped short of issuing a formal apology. the saudi led coalition in yemen says that it's killed at least $160.00 hootie rebels in the southern region of mary. it comes as the rebels make advances in the city. last month, they renewed the offensive against the coalition in order to regain control. hundreds of fishermen in sri lanka are protesting against what they say is poaching from neighboring india. they want the government to enforce a 2017 law that prevents indian fishermen from encroaching into showing can waters . mourners have been holding a vigilant constituency of the british, m. p. who was stamped to death on friday, david amos was meeting members of the public can leon see when he was attacked, police have extended the detention of a man arrested at the seen others. the headlines one use for here now to sierra after talk to al jazeera coming up next. planning is approaching a tipping point. in the lead up to the car, 26 climate summit al jazeera showcases programs dedicated to one veiling the
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reality of the climate. imagine whitney green films documenting the human experience on the frontline planet at the west report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been filling affected in fighting climate change fog light, investigate horizon temperatures, appealing a water war in the us out, as they were well shows how a community in synagogue is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources. the stream takes the fight, the climate just if you are digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera, with hungary
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join the european union in 2004. it was one of 8 nations in central and eastern europe, which agreed to be gotten done the e laws. but in recent years, brussels and buddha pasco have not seen i to why the hungarian prime minister, victor obama, says his policies are based on conservative christian and patriotic values. while many in the e u and elsewhere say, his government promotes hope of whoa big xenophobic. and anti democratic even authoritarian values. the european commission president ursula on the line is called hunger is new law on l g b t q writes shameful. the dutch prime minister mark router says hungary has no place in the e. u. any more, while luxemburg foreign minister has called for a referendum on where the hungary should even remain part of the you. what's been the response from the hungarian government? it's foreign minister says these remarks of fuel by what he calls hunger f o b or.
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so after the you case exit from the european union could then now be a hook, said the hungarian foreign minister peter c. otto talks throughout his era. ah, pdc auto 40 minutes of hungry. thank you for talking to al jazeera and talking to us again. this is the 3rd time i've had to you on this program, and it seems that every time that i sit down with you, your country is involved in a major route with the rest of the european union. right now it's about teaching of l g, b t q issues in school. we'll discuss that in a moment. but 1st, why does hungry always seem to find itself in dispute with what are supposed to be our closest allies? look at the european union has been phase 3, the tremendous challenges in the, in the recent years because of many reasons, because of the migrant. 3 pressure because of economy issues because of the answers to the damage because of the different approaches about how the future europe in
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union should look like whether it should be a federalist. take one or more based on strong member states. so it's kind of natural currently in the european union, there are debates going on and sometimes debates are more emotional than a should be. it has personal reasons. it has structural reason bought. you know, you say that we are in iraq, brussels, we'd be the european, the institutions of the thing is that there's, there's a procedure in the european union which is called the in infringement. which means that if you are not the lightning with some common regulation, then a procedure is being launch their gay issue. and we are some very, in the middle in the european union regarding the number of these procedures, if i'm not mistaken, even germany have more procedures going on with somebody's speech that you're involved in seen by some of your other member states as more
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serious. so i, that can be one reason. the other reason can be that these issues very are in such a debate, are, are more, more symbolic, more ideological, let's put it this way and you know, you know me very well. we have met a couple of times. you already mentioned that you know, our government, we have been in office for 11 years, 911 and a half. so everybody knows us. everybody knows that we are a very conservative christian democratic, patriotic type of government, which definitely goes against the international liberal mainstream. and i think the fact that we go against the or opposite to the international, liberal mainstream puts us in a, in a focus of the tension and, and then may be, this is the reason why why the, the bays between brussels and bars are being highlighted. so much by some actors. okay. latest dispute concerns legislation binding the depiction of homosexuality
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and gender transition to those on the 18. why do you need this law? it was not the full spectrum. what you have quoted. so we made the regulation. we says that the education of the children under the age of 18 regarding sexual orientation on sexual issues is the exclusion, exclusive right of the parents. this means that the direct, sexual and pornographic content, homosexual promotional formal sexuality promotion. paula was a common so by pornographic direct, sexual contact, promotion of homosexuality, promotion of changing gender. these are forbidden when it comes to children because you know, we think it was unacceptable that certain n g o was g
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b t. the activity just simply went to school and kindergartens, and started to explain things to our children, which the parents wanting to do themselves, you know, in a way which is suitable for their children at an age when it's suitable for their children. so no one knows better our children than the parents right. there is no compromise from our side. so we will never give up this exclusive right of the parent despite the comments that have come from senior figures in brussels, european commission, president of underline, shameful, the netherlands prime minister, mark router said, following this, your country has no place in the european union. what's your reaction to that from one of the founding members of the you, one of the biggest economists in the micro suffers from very serious hunger for being this is very clear, put the into consideration, his former statements. it is not marked for that to say who is member of european union, who is not a member of the european you on the 1st, he should deal with his own issues. back in the netherlands,
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he proved to be unsuccessful in trading government for a long months. so 1st, do his own job back at home and then comment issues of other countries when it comes to mrs. funder lion. you know, i think it is shameful that she speaks about hungary legislation. this way. european court is about to look into this law because european commission lines procedure against us. they are and, you know, announcing the result of a, of a procedure which has not started yet. goes, brings us back to the old dictatorship of communism. so i think this is shameful. how she behaved. regarding this issue. it seems now that you are going to have a referendum on this next year, and that seems to be a patent, doesn't it? that your prime minister picked up or bon pushes things, he pushes things right to the edge, then perhaps he gives a little at the end, but takes the games that he's got in the meantime. that's his way of operating, isn't it? you know,
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when you mentioned our debates with the european union and the criticism of other members, things towards us. one of the major criticism is of course, has no blesses bases, but that the hungarian democracy is not functioning. now, what is the meaning of democracy? it is that the people, the people do have the right to make their own decision about the future of themselves, future of nation future of the country. and one of the most direct way of expressing their opinion is referendum. so, you know, challenging the right of the hungary and people to go on the referendum on such an issue is very anti democratic. so please respect, please respect the decision and the right of the hungarian people to decide. and when you're going to say that the referendum will have leading questions and let me just put this point to you about. i don't agree with that. let me put this point to you about democracy, the night or the 2020 annual report of freedom house, the influential n g o concluded that being so many steady incursions against hunger and freedoms.
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the country no longer met its definition of a democracy. to be honest, i don't care because it's not the freedom house to judge the hungary on the democracy. none of the freedom house activities have fought for our independence for our serenity. it was us, it was us to fight against to occupy. there is it was us to fight for freedom. it was us to fight for the subordinate the of the country. the prime minister was leading the country was the 1st political person to be brave enough to to urge the saga troops to leave our homeland. you know, so judging hungary and democracy is not the job of freedom house activities. and by the way, this organization you mentioned is politically biased, organize nation. so their statements made no sense because they are not based on a fact. those are based on the political ideology. they are super liberal and they
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hate what we are doing in our country. but since they are not registered in the hungarian for voters catalog, doesn't really matter what they say in terms of coded 19 the european commission is giving funds to you countries from the pen, debbie recovery fund, about 9 $150000000000.00. 16 member states have had the plans approved. 7 is still being evaluated, including hungary and poland. do you think you'll being punished? probably so this is a political issue. we were really at the edge of the agreement, mister sore throat, on the lion has asked for a appointment in budapest. she wanted to come. so she was looking at the dates where she could have come to announce the approval of our recovery plan. we were at the edge of the agreement, but then the hungarian parliament has passed these low on the protection of the rights of the parents in order to teach their children or education children regarding sexual orientation. and immediately after that, you know,
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they were the handbrake and they said ok, then the recovery plan is not going to be approved. so it's a clear, clearly a political move, 7200000000 euros, which is our money is being being withheld by the, are high, backed by the european commission. poland is in the same kind of shoes. what we went on the bond market, and 4200000000 euros. you know, we should bonds 4 to 4200000000 euros. so it doesn't make sense to blackmail us because we have our own funds, our own financial lessons. but there's a u r. i, this is purely a political issue, and there are so many issues that hungry in the us clashed on in the past. whether it be media, freedom, rule of law, judiciary, you've got article 7 procedure even against you. now let's just expire an article 7 proceedings. potentially, the sections could include having your voting right often fall on the withdrawn. but, you know, the e u, this is a very,
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very slow convoluted process. is that the advantage you have, you know, that the processes take. so long, they're never going to go and you know, we had the different initiative. we have asked the presidency to go and vote finally. because all questions were raised. all answers are given. we know the motivation of the questions. we know the answers that we've been. no new things popping up. so we have as the former presidency, portugal you know, to go on a vote and close this whole issue. but they didn't do it. and i know why i know why you need unanimity industry got. and they know that there will be at least one or even more member states who would not vote in favor of the article 7 procedure to to pass against hungary, and in case of poland. there will be a couple of countries voting in favor of poland as for example, us by the way. so. so the reason why these procedure is not being close is not only
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that the european union is generally slow, but because they don't want to close it because they know that it will pass as turn to the media. and most of the media in hungry is friendly to the open government. oh, i wish it was the case. i wish that would be really great. that would be really good . unfortunately, there's not a situation. well, let me bring up a new allegation about media, which is that hungry has been using spy software from the israeli company, and s o and it's been targeting, for example, that one investigative journalist had 2 of his phones that were hacked. he was someone who was investigating hungary richest man, just happens to be a childhood friend of victor or bon, why did the authorities spy on this germ list and who else is spying on? look, i think it's obvious that all security services a war countries use different technological applications. let's put it this way to conduct their duties, namely protecting the security of the country and security of the citizens. so
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watson are defined in this design. i'll finish it. i so of course i will never comment on what kind of technologies we are using because there's no country who would review of what kind of technology is there. security services are losing because then the, you know, it would be a national security kinds of problem. the question is always whether these kinds of equipment, whether these kind of technologies are used in line with the regulations and the laws or not. and what i can tell you is that since we have been in office, so for the last 11 years, we have used all these kind of applications and technologies in line with the regulations. everybody can be sure about that. and i can also tell you that we never, never wire tape or bag any bug anybody because of professional. so being a journalist is not the reason to be to be violated. i don't know whether these guys have been violated or not because i'm, i don't have information about that of but i can assure you once again that just
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because of being a journalist, you will be in a bug. you women, not wife. let's move to an issue for which your government is certainly known, which is the issue of migration. we've talked in the past about 2015 and people leaving syria refugees leading syria and hungry, very keen for them not to come to hungry. people have now, in recent weeks been leaving afghanistan after the fall of the government there. and the takeover by the taliban hungary accepted 540 africans. then you closed the door. why? why? first of all, regarding the evacuation, you know, it was our moral obligation to evacuate those who have worked with our troops, who have helped our troops. you know, we had hundreds of troops in the framework of the resolute support mission. the never going to stand you were in cobble and you will simply committee yeah, yeah. and different the mindset and, and after the americans made
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a decision to pull out, we of course, acted accordingly. so we have pulled out our troops but, but there were a couple hundreds of, of our guns who have helped us during our stay there. so it was a moral obligation to regulate them. we did it, we did it, so they are hungry. but we don't want to take any, any more guns in hungary, we will not take anymore guns. and i, you know, i really regret that the similar kinds of mistakes have been repeated, which had been committed back in 2015 when there was a kind of open invitation on behalf of europe. and we have seen the outcome. and the border guards who are protecting the southern border of hungary reporting that basically everybody who appears at our border and would like to why a late it down dozens of attempts on a daily basis to while later border they are, they all consider themselves all comes of course, they don't have any trouble document, but everybody considers him or herself as up against the similar situation back in 2015. everybody considered him or heard of the syrian border. of course no
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documents, no papers, nothing. so i think that the, the mistakes of 2015 should not be repeated and i, and i hope that they will not be repeated on behalf of the european union. another controversial issue from the past was your education law targeting foreign owned universities. the central european university had to relocate most of its operations to vienna past most of it's no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, very, very small slice of reparation. you know, we have, we have passed the regular parliament has the regulation. the regulation says, i think it's fair that 40 and universities can only can, can issue a graduation on behalf of another country, only in case they have a school there. also. so regarding the hungarian accreditation of the central european university, there was never a problem. they could always operate according to the hunger and accreditation. they could always issue hunger area graduation. what they can do under the new
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regulation is that they, that they can't issue american graduation. but you know, you know what people say, they say they say that you've targeted the central university because it's backed by george soros, the philanthropist, whose hungarian born, who is someone who seems to be a particular enemy of your prime minister. he's very heavily against us. that's right, yes, very have like a regulation become said double standards now that you're inviting in a chinese university food on university to be honest, it's, i don't know why these 2 issues are confused. i don't know what, what was the common in these 2 universities operate? you seem to be very, very unhappy, one welcoming in the chinese is, you know, this is the biggest sort of higher education operation anywhere in the you that's coming, talked to, to, to hungry regarding food on university for the university is among the bus from new
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york city of the road j have very strong cooperation with the american universities, many of them. so my question is that the, if the american universities cooperate with will done is fine. if we would like to establish a school in budapest as a problem. it's part though, of an outreach to china that seems to exist from hunger. you seem to be pretty friendly to china, where you bought the vaccines from china. not made a necessity, but since the fall vaccine. also let me take it back to april. when the european union was trying to put forward a strong statement on the new security law in hong kong, a place where media freedom has been curtailed, demonstrations are being contained. democracies under threat was hungry that blocked it. why are you supporting china so strongly, particularly on hong kong? first yes, we would like to have a good cooperation with china. we work a lot on that. it is very beneficial for us to have good cooperation with china. we
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could increase our trade, our export by 50 percent during the 1st half of the year last year, china brought the most investments to hungary representing high technological standards on the high rate of added value. so we are happy with the co operation. on the other hand, while i see that the western european countries make much bigger deals with china than we do. so whenever western european leaders meet the chinese leadership, there are always contracts to an extent of pencils, billions of euros are dollars being signed. so please do not portray us as if we were the only ones who wants to be of the good cooperation, be china, oil rock, and most of the ro can countries do it, especially the big western european ones. now on, on the statement, you know, i think europe in union should not make itself ridiculous, but you make yourself ridiculous when you pass resolutions on the same issue in a very unsuccessful manner. so we have baz 8th 8 resolutions on china in the recent
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one or 2 years, always with the same result which was 0. so my question was that isn't really the foreign policy of european union, that novel issued the 9 statement on the same issue without any kind of, without any kind of outcome. so i said let's, let's be more, some typically about our relationship to china. and let's postpone a little bit, you know, issuing resolutions because it's obvious that it doesn't work as things stand right now. it is hungry. have better relations with china than it does with some of its partners. that you know, it's an comparable because we are in the european union to be a very tight relationship with all you member states. we meet once a month always but we have a very what you kicked out sort of some of them. what you're about, mr. but it's not, it depends on what they want, but we have a very, very, very good cooperation with china also and, and, and then i, personally,
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we work on the, on the enhancement of this relationship, obviously because we take a lot of profit. but we one of the newspapers in hungary recently in the last month or so. put out an editorial. it's time to talk about hucks it. this is a newspaper that's normally seen to be on the government side. is there any discussion about 100 of leaving the, you know, because you have so many problems with the, you know, obviously there's not such a discussion. hungary is interest is european union to be strong. you know, we are having the 11 most open economy of the road or export over g d p ratio exceeds 83 percent and, and 797079 percent of our exports are heading the european union. so it's obvious that we want you to appeal in union to be stronger again. yeah, yeah, i get the economics you love the, the single markets that you don't seem to stick to the rules or share its values. yeah, we, we do share the value of the question is what are the values because we are sharing
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the original values of the founding fathers of the european union. we definitely don't share some values which are not being pulled forward by the liberal mainstream. for example, we will never support the so called the concept of the so called united states of europe, because this is something that we want like we want a strong european union to be based on strong members. some people who do seem to show your values right now are here and we speaking in new york, the republican party in the us seems to have a love in with hungry right now. the letter to prime minister or ban from donald trump in august. i'm grateful for your continued friendship and ensuring commitment to fighting for the ideals you and i cherish freedom, patrick, pride, and liberty. why do you think there seems to be this right now in the last few months, this outpouring of admiration, feel country look prime minister or been and presidents from really made friendship when it comes to major issues like migration christianity,
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protecting the christian communities, the values and family and those kind of stuff. president trump and prime minister or by had the similar kind of approach and that made, made them friends and friends. i mean, a very good relationship in jarrett cushion and i will meet him in new york during the week and, and we are very happy about this this, this is make your relations difficult right now then, because they don't get into the white house president joe by now of course, you know, we respect the decision of the american people. i mean, we work together with the administration which is empower we. we hope that this administration, we respect the cooperation, we'll be hungary, and then we'll have the willingness to upgrade this relationship. we are definitely ready for it. our troops are fighting shoulder to shoulder in many parts of the of the world when us establish the empire, isis quality. sure, rejoined, immediately we are there on the western volcano, we are reliable. nato partner us has the 2nd largest investing community in hungary
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. us is the number 2 trading partners outside of the rook and union. so it's a robot's relationship. only one part of it is in relationship in direct politics. you have an election coming up next year, as you say, mister o van, this time has been president for a prime minister for 11 years. the opposition party, 4 years before our bus for, for the opposition parties are all getting together yesterday. there you are facing or more for bit of for bootable challenge. we're not clear entirely who is going to be the opposition candidate for prime minister, although the marapoo for the past. good golly kashana is one of the possibilities when a scene seems quite a full formidable candidate. given what happened in the u. s. and your friend don donald trump, didn't seem to accept defeat. is this going to be a fair election in hungary? and if you end up being beaten, will you accept it? it's the world's most populous democracy, diverse dynamic,
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even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen nor on al jazeera ah, fighting intensifies in yemen. the saudi led coalition claims that it's killed around $160.00, who's the rebels? ah, hello, i'm adrian said again. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up. emmanuel mccaul condemns a police crackdown on algerian protested. said.


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