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respect right, where we are, he basically discovered a treasure, try it, is one of the most special lead lance, on the plan? i for ice ecosystems the light. oh, now g 0. ah . the afghan telecom promises to open secondary schools for girls within the next few days. ah hello, i'm a very for him. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up that neil mccall condemns a police cracked out on algerians, protesting against french rule 60 years ago. but stopped short of a formal apology, anger and sure lanka, against what people say is poaching by indian fishermen. will be live in colombo
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plus. i'm scott hiler in southern thailand we're a fishing community is standing up against a government development project and they say will decimate the environment and cross their way of life. ah, the african interior ministry says that girls will return to secondary schools soon . they've only been permitted to attend primary school since the taliban takeover. male students and teachers were allowed to return in late september lisco live. now to cobble al jazeera, stephanie decker can tell us more stuff. so we think that girls will be allowed to attend school within a matter of days while, oh yes, i mean we heard from a unicef deputy director who is here last week talking to reporters yesterday that he believed that it was imminent. we've just come back to speaking to the interior ministry spokesperson and it is really up to the ministry of education. he told us,
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but from was it from what his understanding was that it was imminent, potentially the next couple of days. but i think we need to be cautious when we put a numbers on it because, you know, they have been saying this for a while. i did push him on that, you know, in the sense that they keep saying it's going to happen. we're looking into it, we are making sure that this can be done under the right ways of shandey a law in terms of separating student's age. and this is why it's taking so long. but i do think from talking to people hearing from having just spoken to me, it looks like it's going to happen soon. this of course, is one of the major demands of the international community when it comes to their leverage of withholding a $1000000.00 of money that is much needed here is protecting the rights of girls and women and minorities. and one of the main issues is not allowing girls of secondary age set secondary school age and university to return. i think interesting to see if we're going to see this actually happen in the next couple of days. cuz that'll also tell you that potentially, that is some form of compromise if you will. and dad from the taliban,
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and obviously because the money is much, much needed here. stuff. when you were talking to the spokesman, did you manage to raise the issue of, of security after the recent attacks? yes, i, you know, the official line remains pretty much the same, even though we've seen security beefed off, particularly across the capitol. we've heard also from kind of ours police chief following that deadly attack in kandahar on the ship, moscow on friday that they're going to up security and give them a more specific police unit, said to protect them that the official line remains, that the threat isn't that big that the media is over playing the threat of iceland afghanistan, and the threat that it poses to the town about. but reading between the lines from what we've seen over the last couple of weeks. it is a broadening of scope in terms of geographical attack at the moment still mainly soft targets other than the mos karen cobble that they attacked 2 sundays ago, which was you know, protected by the elite, the special forces of the taliban,
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the badger brigade, you still had a suicide bomber managing to detonate himself. i'm at the entrance where senior members of the taliban were gathered. so there is a security risk here when it comes to that iceland, afghan hassan seems to be bent on d railing at the tattoo bonds. now challenge to govern this country. so the security situation in that sense does remain a challenge for them. we can see it on the ground, they are taking it seriously. even if the message officially is that it isn't much of a threat. and of course you have the issue of cash in terms of salaries. adrian, people have not received their salaries here. we're just talking to them. people haven't been paid in 6 months, civil servants, and also the military. the security forces haven't been paid because this money is being withheld and people will tell you that with time, that can also become a security challenge because people will be, we're crucible in the sense if you're paying them cash from other of these groups. so everything is really linked her very, very difficult times. indeed, sir, stephanie decker reporting live from trouble stuff when a fact ceremonies taking place in paris to mock 60 years since the massacre of
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algerian protested in a police crackdown. as for you, some live pictures now from the french capital, where mer and hidalgo is attending a memorial event. on saturday, maddie, all mc chrome became the 1st french president to attend such a ceremony. but he stopped short of issuing a formal apology. the precise number of victims is on loan, but some historians say that several 100 people were killed jury demonstrations against french rule. one out from al jazeera is sonia again. i 60 years on from the paris massacre and the wounds run deep. one day before the anniversary president macklin attended the official commemoration alongside relatives of the victims. he paid tribute to them, yet no word of an apology from the man who was running to keep his job in next year's election. not even a public speech in a written statement put out by the president's office, mccall observed
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a minute of silence and memory of the victims of the bloody repression of october 17 1961. he admitted the facts. the crimes committed that night under the authority of malise papa, or inexcusable for the republic. was that conveyed regret but too subtle for many who point to the decades of silence surrounding the killings. egon don't force the source on him and it's high time on this 60th anniversary that a strong statement be made at the highest level of the state to recognise the responsibility of the french state and this massacre. this, the massacre occurred against the backdrop of the algerian war of independence. as a conflict, drugged on the public began to turn against the savagery of the methods used by french forces. throughout this turbulent time, one man came to embody those traits, movies pop up. a senior police official in france is nazi collaboration, is to be she government, and possibly deported more than one of the half 1000 french jews to die in
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concentration camps. after the war, he rose to become the officer in charge of power, says police forces in his role proper ordered the violence. oppression of the october 17th march in paris like $25000.00 men, women and children gathered across the city to protest against the curfew. that prevented algerians leaving their homes at night. police charged at the crowds, killing dozens and held many into the river send to drown their bodies never to be found. and the precise number of those killed still unknown. it took 51 years for a french president to recognise the killings in 2012 and then president francois on acknowledged the massacre and renounced frances colonial passed. but he stopped short of an apollo g. m. was roundly criticized by right wing opponents with the sensitivity in which some regard. the killings comes down to holding frances colonial past to account. the rise of the far right in the country has further
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inflamed and already toxic debate. back home was eventually imprisoned for the crimes he committed during world war 2. but for the victims of 1961 massacre and their families, it is an event which exposed the unrestrained powers of the authorities of a time, the grief and damage that it left behind. sunny diagonal al jazeera. and just before we move on, let sir go back to the pictures in paris where the ceremonies are taking place to mock 60 years since the massacre of those algerian protest. as let's listen, i was over. 6 there, you mean bill? hey, i just got your guy was so funny. mm hm . yeah. me, law, grandma, when you that you know,
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hulu. oh, boy, lima hunter, fisherman, and she'll anchor are protesting against what they say is poaching from neighboring india. they say their livelihoods being threatened, the fisherman demonstrated by selling dozens of boats flying black flags to the northernmost point of the island nation. they want their government to enforce a 2017 law that prevents indian fishermen from encroaching into shoreline can waters from all. let's go lived out a color bar al jazeera michelle fernandez sir. is that what exactly? but how are they protesting about here? what they demanding as the the shalanda, the authorities enforced the law and the law on the shall, arkansas, that's basically has a different areas that bands essentially bottom trolling, which is an illegal practice of fishing as well as it requires any foreign fishing
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boats. the company, what did i to up in the license to take spoke a majority of the if book get live, think can what i wanted to put the picture it. sorry man l a we are, your signal is breaking up. we'll try and get back to you a little later in this policy. for the moment, sir. we'll move on many thanks. mano that as well as government is suspended talks with the opposition after a member of its negotiating team was extradited to the u. s. alex saab was arrested in cub bird last year. he's now been sent to the united states to face money laundering charges. talks between venezuela's government and the u. s. backed opposition was set to resume on sunday and mexico venezuela. i live at al mando. when his rule is alerting to walter to life of alex harbs endanger, it's in the hands of for judicial sister that has directed her harming venezuela
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and to demand his immediate release by the american government. staying in venezuela, the recalls for an inquiry into the death of a former defense minister, turned critic of the government authority say that raoul butter bradwell died in prison from a cove at 19 related heart attack. but his family say that he was murdered. daniel schwabl reports name is russell inquiry of the death of raoul bud. well, he is growing from venezuelan opposition parties from the u. s. state department from the organization of american states and the you in high commission of the human rights, but most loudly from his family get. oh nathan, i'm being i want to reiterate that we will not rest until there is justice because god and the world know that my father was murdered. i want to point out the integrity that we have for my brother who is still in the hands of his torture is and murderers of my father. he's still imprisoned and in pain, because unfortunately he saw my father die. he repeatedly begged for medical
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attention for my father and they ignored him. boy, o, i ha, i hold the state responsible for not having provided the necessary cast. my father, who was a person who was literally buried alive in a torture center called the team. eva green by dwell, was imprisoned on various charges, including the misuse of state funds and abusive authority. his family said he was a political prisoner and died in the jail rumba the state intelligence please. a re informed of his death on twitter. the venezuelan authorities say the 66 year old died from a heart attack related to coven 19. they say he was seats full medical attention, including his 1st vaccination, the attorney general carrick williams sob. then tweeted, expressing his condolences to bud wells, family and friends. well, bud, well was a close ally of the former president of venezuela or job is. he served as defense
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minister between 20062007 that he turned against job is his successor. the current president nicholas middle became a leading opposition figure. he was arrested in 2009 conditionally released after 6 years, then imprisoned again indefinitely in 2017. i want to emphasize that article 43 of the constitution clearly states that the responsibility for the life of detainees is exclusive of the state. even if the state is you searching it, it must guarantee inside the lives of all prisoners. today we see that this is not happening and the relatives of political prisoners a, the venezuelan government is due to resume talks of your position in mexico city on sunday. all by the wells death will be added to the long list of issues of which they disagree. shina how to 0. at least 15 kristian missionaries
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from the u. s. and that families have been kidnapped in haiti. they were on their way to the airport to the capitol porter prince, when they were taken by armed men and the commune of guarantee haiti's endured years of economic and political upheaval. that's worse than since the assassination of the president in july a weather update back. see on al jazeera, then i'm going to send it, i'm getting columbia, a country notorious for being the biggest producer of cooking in the world. and that is now trying to become the biggest exporter of legal marijuana and anger and johannesburg. after a couple of posts videos from selves looking at tigers. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle
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airways voted world's best her line of 2021. hello there. the unsettled weather is going to continue to cling to the edges of europe over the next few days. we got weather systems pulling into the west, wet and wintery conditions up in the north, and no storms across the southeast. but there is still a lot of fine and dry and settled weather across those sensual areas. but if we look to the southeast, those torrential downpours. we've seen across the balconies in parts of greece of shifted further east. the heavier forms are going to be found in northern areas of turkey, and that thanks to low pressure pushing across the black sea is going to monday for much of the balkans. we are going to see some warmth come back. temperatures pick up, but further north it is looking rather wet and wintery. for parts of scandinavia, we've got some amber alerts out the heavy rain for northern parts of sweden. and some of those strong winds blowing showers into the baltic states and on to western parts of russia. for britain, an island at times wetter in the south. as we go in some mundane northern areas of
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france liking to see some of those heavier rains. but in the south, it does remain finer and dryer lots of sunshine coming through for bordeaux. if we look at the 3 day, we are well above average with lots of sunshine coming through on tuesday. and it's a similar story from the north africa with a few coastal showers. 14 is the that's or update the weather sponsored by cut. all airways voted will deadline of 2021 in the country with an abundance of results for the trade already won indonesia. he's firms for me, we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let's be part when denise his growth and progress in indonesia now. ah
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ah, again this is l 0. the main news, the saw, the afghan interior ministry says that girls will soon return to secondary schools . they've only been permitted to attend primary schools since the taliban takeover . access to education has been a key demand of the international community. the mayor of paris is attending a ceremony to mock 60 years since the massacre of algerian protested by police on saturday. emmanuel mccomb became the 1st french president to attend such a memorial event, but stopped short of issue the formal apology and hundreds of fishermen in sri lanka, a protesting against what they say is poaching from neighboring india. they want their government to enforce a 2017 law that prevents indian fishermen from encroaching in to shoreline composes
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. port us have been holding a vigil in the constituency of the british, m. p, who was stabbed to death on friday. david amos was meeting members of the public in leon, see when he was attacked, police have extended the detention of a man arrested at the scene. the killing has prompted a review of security arrangements for british politicians. the lebanese army says that a soldier fired towards protest as in beirut on thursday at his under investigation, closed circuit television footage appears to show a lebanese soldier in the bottom right corner of the screen. shooting had demonstrated a close range as the army was pushing back protests, us or 7 people were killed in violence on thursday after his ballard called a protest to demand the replacement of the judge who was presiding over the bay route blast case. a police detained 19 people in relation to the violence of british iranian aid workers lost an appeal against a 2nd jail sentence. in iran,
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nazarenes a gaudy ratcliffe has been held by the rainy authorities since 2016. the charges of plotting to overthrow the government in april, she was sentenced to a further year in prison for separate the separate offence of spreading propaganda . zagata ratcliffe, who maintains her edison says that the case is politically motivated. columbia is notorious for being the world's largest supplier of cocaine, but it's now positioning itself as a producer exporter of another drug. marijuana is being made legal around the world and the government in columbia says the country is well placed to become a leading producer of medical cannabis al jazeera us. alexander m p. a. t reports from pesca, a sea of medical grade mighty wanting grows at this farm in central columbia, 800 actors of plans equivalent to 25 football pitches. that clever leaves, a colombian company with u. s. investors grows with the highest quality standards
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that look accurate here. every step of the process, years, district i gene protocols, each plane to strace with the q r code. but i think it would be a great example says the company's president of how columbus changing its attitudes towards drugs after decades of fighting against the legal drug trade, columbia, you know, had a brand within the very want to call it illegal. murray, wanna industry and one of the things we as a company, we're committed to was to change that image from colombia to something positive into something that brought science that brought benefits to patients, benefits to people, work around the candidates, benefits that could also bring huge profits growing marianna here is 4 times cheaper than in canada, or the u. s. columbia could capture one 5th of the global markets, $8000000000.00 a year, more than the countries exports of flowers and coffee combined. of course, we know we have tropical glo growing conditions. that means we have everything that
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greenhouse us elsewhere are trying to emulate. we have them here for free 12 hours of light, 2 hours of darkness every day, year round lucel configured me. you see now it's, it's no surprise the president even duke came here to announce the country will begin exporting dr. cannabis flowers. just a few years ago, would have been impossible to imagine being in a legal mariana field in columbia. and now everybody's trying to get a piece of the action. governments have been promoting this business as a great opportunity for post conflict columbia. that many fear big players will squeeze out the local growers that are not backed by big cash. farmers in remote areas that have long made the living growing money un illegally say the high cost of getting into the legal market and the security issues have let them out of the current bonanza. there's a lot of less you and their money. one amazing, i said since the beginning, the regulation of medical marijuana was a big company model. it was big format and export based on their strong barriers
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exclusions for small growers, despite them being the ones to pave the way for the business years ago. and now companies with great lobbying power or taking advantage of that other smaller company, safe staying afloat and stuff as the focus on the few beauty and health products so far and loud. nationally, sources approach on the cost of producing and maintaining medical cannabis is extremely high for small companies. they can't depend on a national market. if columbia would also bad on developing a dynamic, internal industry and families that have invested their savings, and this might have a chance, goes up. there is irony in the fact that a country so often associated with drug trafficking could become a power house of exporting drugs. legally, the risk though, is that this new boom will remain in few powerful hands. allison that i'm get the and just the fisco. the saudi led coalition in yemen says that it's killed at least $160.00 who the rebels in the south of the strategic city of merab. it comes with
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iran back to who the rebels are making advances. that last, once they renewed an offensive against the saudi led coalition to regain control of the city. nerve is the internationally recognized government last stronghold in northern yemen. it has rich oil reserves. in southern thailand, the teenager is campaigning against the large government development project in her c side community. the government says that it will bring jobs and better living conditions. those against it though, fear that the it will end their way of life and cause environmental damage. i'll just hear a scott high that reports from china and thailand on this stretch of coast where the pine trees meet the beach. on a southern bend of the gulf of thailand, the government wants to build a large industrial zone and deep sea port. this rural region of thailand is home to abundant marine life and undisturbed nature. if 19 year old car,
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rockman ya has anything to do with it, it will stay that way. here in china, she's one of the leaders in the prominent and growing protest movement calling for the project to be cancelled on that. you know, i used to think that my fight to safety and i was just about protecting my homeland . but they came to realize that it's much bigger. so we still have to live on this planet. no matter who we are. we still have to breathe. we still have to depend on natural resources. i think it's only right to speak up. she says everything she has comes from the seat and for most of the people in china, it's been that way for generations. the fishing community here in china looks at past government development projects as to what their future could look like. if this massive project moves forward. they don't like what they see, and they don't think that their concerns are getting the deserved attention. in run by curry has been a member of this community, his entire life and a fisherman for 34 years. he feels helpless and thinks all the controls rest with
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project investors and the government. the government is, i'm good. good. and if the china project gets to green light, small boats like a house won't be able to head out and fish because they will be big freight ships, which will effect a way of life and are on the sprawling and ambitious $3000000000.00 project will have several phases and cover 26 square kilometers. it receive preliminary approval from the national cabinet. 2 years ago. we have to take everything into account because there are some people who are against the idea, some people with a party id. and if that's the case, you know, we have to find a common ground that everybody accepts the idea of what it's going to move forward . but to carry a common ground will be difficult to find. if the project goes ahead, she believes traditions like this, salting fish and bearing them in the sand will be lost. i keep going because i have my eyes on the pry. i know what i am fighting for and who i am fighting for. and
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that fight, she says, is to make certain that even more generations of china, families are able to live a life where everything they have and need comes from the see. it's got hardly al jazeera china thailand. scientists have warned that there's no end in science for the volcanic eruption on the spanish. out of the panama lava continues to pull from the company via the volcano. it began interrupting a month ago. sulfur dioxide samples indicate that the erosion could last for weeks or even months. according to vulcan ologist, the most rock has destroyed 1400 buildings, including 764 homes more than 6000 people have been evacuated. to russian filmmakers have returned to us from their mission to make the 1st movie scenes in space. they landed in kazakhstan early on sunday. the crew stayed at the international space station for 12 days. the film segments of a movie, hollywood is also planning to send the crew to space to shoot
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a feature film. a couple keeping 2 tigers next door to a day care center in johannesburg as font fear and anger within their neighbourhood . it's renewed debates in south africa about the ethical treatment of wildlife. now the government's drafting a new law to bear the domestication and exploitation of some wildlife. some say it doesn't go far enough, don't 0. natasha can aim reports now from johannesburg. standing close enough to touch their coats, you can feel the power of these tigers, even though they are confined within these enclosures at lions rock, big cat sanctuary. visitors must sign a form saying the owners are not responsible for injury or death. yet in johannesburg, a couple has posted social media videos, walking their 2 white tigers in the neighborhood like dogs playing in their back yard, and even licking the head of the owner. last month, the children at
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a daycare center next door were playing outside. when they saw one of the tigers, peering down at them while perched atop a jungle gym. it is a big concern because anita still guarantee my parents that the kids are safe yet parents pulled a dozen children out of the daycare center. tanya is the owner had asked, we not mentioned her surname or the name of her day care due to concern, she'll lose more income. she says provincial officials visited the property where the tigers live and the owners had installed a higher electric fence and covered the wall. o egan to be locked in on a government. only going to do something. as soon as somebody gets hurt or die is that when a government is going to stay in. and how does a lawyer for the couple did not respond to repeated requests for comment? there is no law banning people in south africa from breeding selling and buying big
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cats. there are also no restrictions on where these wild animals can be housed. the government is drafting a policy that could end the domestication and commercial exploitation of lions and closed the facilities where they're held captive. the proposed law only applies to lions, which are indigenous to south africa. animal rights groups say people should be banned from keeping all exotic animals as pets to animals that are currently being housed in a back yard in janice, big a and bessengers for so many others that are actually being held in captivity as a, as parents or in tens of breeding facilities across south africa, and they highlight the fact that the needs to protect all because the government decline our request for an interview. some experts say in time, the animal's wild instincts may kick in and these pads could soon become impossible
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for their owners to handle. the best option would be for them to live out their days in an animal sanctuary like this one. natasha name l 0. johannesburg. a major shut down in hollywood has put, avoided off for an agreement, was reached between a union and produces the national alliance of theatrical stage employees were present, 60000 film and t. v. crew. members, it says the pandemic has caused a backlog and has left staff working 14 hour days on streaming services and threatened to strike if producers didn't meet its demand for shorter shifts of higher pay. ah.


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