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as a correspondence with any breaking the story we want to hear from those people we would normally not get the voices heard on the international news channel. one moment i'll be very proud all was when we covered the depaula of quake of 2015, a terrible natural disaster on the story that needs to be told from the hall of the affected area to be then to tell the people story was very important. all the time, ah, funerals in afghanistan as the death toll from friday's bomb attack ron's is to 65 . the taliban pledges to step up. security at sheer mosques. ah, allow molly inside this is out there a lie from day or so coming up. all special struggle to
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treat children with malnutrition, as ethiopia t gray region and jewels, the worst hunger crisis in a decade. i division and see dawn demonstrations gather as tension between civilian and military leaders increase. and i'm scott holler in southern thailand. we're a fishing community standing up against that government development project. they say will decimate the environment and cross their way of life. ah, we begin in afghanistan where the number of people killed in friday. suicide attack has risen to 65. a sheer mosque in kandahar was targeted in the 2nd thought attack in days. mass funerals have been held as the taliban promises to step up security. i so enough kennestone has claimed responsibility as the groups fust large scale
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attack and south of the country and follow a similar block in the northern city of conduce last week. they're not gonna do smuggle people our coward enemies, merciless, too old. we ask, dia lumnick, emerett to seriously think about our security because our enemies will hama society by any means. they can. stephanie deka is in cobble. she says a tell about starting to realize the scale of the threat for my. so kandahar is police chief vowing to increase security with special police units at chia mosques across kandahar. this attack claim by i so significant in the sense of the 1st of its kind in kandahar kandahar is the birthplace, the stronghold of the taliban. and i'm really what we're seeing over the last couple of weeks is an increase in pace and increase in geographical scope in these attacks. initially, there were more centered around dallas, about in the east of the country. they moved to cobble moving to conducing the north and now in the south,
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in kandahar we've also noticed it here in the sense of the taliban beefing up security. we went round a couple of the ministries to day and the security procedures were tighter and different than before. also a message from the interior ministry a couple of days ago, asking the taliban to look inward at at potential any ice will fight as that could be infiltrated among them. so what was beforehand this? the answer you'd usually get from the taliban when you asked them how much of a threat iceland, afghanistan was, they would play it down. now, it seems that they are starting to take it seriously. certainly these 2 groups have been fighting each other for quite a long time. but now the taliban is having to govern the country and having to prevent the kinds of attacks that they used to carry out themselves. are some odd as the former afghan ambassador to france and canada, he says some group so hoping to exploit ethnic divisions, enough kind of stone, a purpose behind these attacks to create a sectarian tensions that are honest on it hasn't worked over the past 20 years,
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has already been, she has had been targeted. other communities have been targeted, this cheeks and hindus as well. men and women, children civilian soft or good. hopefully and they are when people are not going to go back to the civil war situation. and it's all about going to do what they have to do because they're in charge at the same time. you know, this is a victim of its geography, history, geo politics. you cannot mix. and there are tensions within our honda start, their fault lines within our phone is done. anyone can take advantage of those rights and therefore trends in the region and beyond. in anyone, any country or any state or non state actor can take advantage of these weaknesses that exist and honest i. so i think it's very important that we put everything in context and that they figure out exactly who is behind this, how they can do this and that they can be brought to justice or they can be
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eliminated. so i think we're moving toward a situation where the tolerable have not been recognized. you're upset about that obviously. and there are other forces they're taking advantage of this situation. what needs to happen is that was the tolerable need to recognize what it means to govern and to be effective, and to make sure that they satisfy the demand and the expectations at the national community. and then return the international community has to step in and do what's possible in an honest and to prevent a collapse occurring number of children are suffering from severe malnourishment in ethiopia is to grind province hospitals that grappling with the wells worst, hunger crisis in a decade andrea chappelle reports wise, 4 years old and being treated, persevere, malnourishment her family has managed to get her to hospital in a region where many can't while there's some baby formula available today. there's
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no meat, eggs or milk ah mother. since the evening of june 28th 7, people have died of hunger here at the either hospital. swelling in people's limbs is an indicator of malnutrition, and it's searching and te gray, according to unicef. mison brought her child here. oh, when she got sick, she didn't get the proper to eat me now. village. that was because of the situation there. she didn't get proper medical help. it's been like this since june. when fighters from the te grab people's liberation front or t p, a left captured the capital mcclay. an ethiopian federal government put its population of half a 1000000 under blockade. 14 per cent of much needed aid has entered the region since then. according to the un and no medicine. the number of children being admitted to hospital has doubled this year, as their families run out of food,
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water fuel and the cash they need to survive. andrew shapell al jazeera and sit on thousands of demonstrators have rallied near the presidential, palace and cartoon during growing tensions between civilian and military leaders that demanding greater representation in government as heb. morgan reports the prime minister says the divisions are causing the worst crisis yet in the countries transition to civilian bull. ah, thousands of protesters again gather in front of the dance presidential palace. but for the 1st time since the country's revolution in december 2019, the coalition that organized that these protests is different. while it carries the name of foresters of freedom and change that lead protests against them. president omar bashir, this group broke away from bats coalition, mostly made up of armed groups. they're calling for an expansion of the government military or not will luna? there is injustice within the forces of freedom and change. we all participated in
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overthrowing the former regime. there are 33 bodies in the coalition, but not all are participating. so we don't see ourselves in this government and we want to know why others who've joined a protest game with different demands. we know, i have only got the, the has been a distribution of power and that was not the goal of the lucian. people didn't protest for these in 2019 to 5. today, milk and bread are expensive. here to demand the government of taking the protest reveal widening risk between the factions of the civilian military transitional government, a rift that has been growing and attempted to last month. members of the newco alicia have also spoken against the bullying component of the government using it up and getting the slogan of their pollution that profit the power on friday to dance prime minister on the left hand address the mason calling for dialogue between all sides of the government i would not be exaggerating if i said this
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political crisis is the worst and most dangerous crisis that threatens the transition and even threatens our entire country and warns of a terrible evil. this is due to the deep splits among civilians and among the military as well as between the civilians and the military. most of those who call for the fact that of processes are in the government at the national level and have her presentation in some state as part of a peace agreement signed last year. but they want to be included in governance all over the country to have a wider reach when elections are held at the end of the transitional period. some analysts say the root of the crisis live in the peace agreement that was signed last year and which called for groups to be integrated into the national army. what is different the times that you have a lot more of each group. we have a lot more civilian act and have a lot more on back to and even within the official there are 2 very big camp. the protesters, he said they want to move from the presidential palace until the government is
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dissolved. once again, for them finds itself at the political sense as divisions continue to hold it back from its transition to democracy. people morgan, algebra to police in the u. k, have extended the detention of a man arrested of the murder and m p. david amos was stabbed to death as he met his constituents on friday as already challenge reports. the security of british politicians is being reviewed after what police have called a terrorist incident. for a day, at least, british politicians put aside the divisions and united to mourn. one of their own, the prime minister and the leader of the opposition laid wreaths where conservative m p. david amos was murdered on friday. police arrested a 25 year old british man and are investigating the killing as an act of terrorism, reverent clifford newman as the minister of belfast. the church where david amos had been meeting constituents when he was fatally stabbed. he was personally
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genuinely light people and tried to help them as best as they can. so room for this to happen to somebody was trying to do some good in the community. that is really the worst comic person who just don't understand it. a good man and a fine public 7 says that message, a true gentleman who supported his community, says one down here, and there's another over there. thank you for your dedicated service to our community for so many years. so many of these tributes have a similar message, david amos die doing something that was integrity of his job. he was out there meeting the public face to face, but it raises the question ah, and piece safe enough. although westminster can seem like a fortress with arms, police never far away. most m. p 's have little to no protection when they're in their constituencies. and this is the 2nd m, p to be murdered in 5 years. joe cox from the opposition labor party was killed by
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a white supremacist in 2016 on the streets of the area she represented. the home secretary has launched a safety review measures underway. right now. i can be in meetings yesterday. i've been with the speaker of the house and with the police and security services to make sure that all measures are being put in place for the security of m p so that they can carry on with the duties as elected democratic members. one conservative m p tobias elwood says, face to face meetings with constituents should be stopped until they can be moved on line in 2017. he tried to save the life of a police officer fatally wounded in the westminster bridge attack that left 6 people dead. but many more m p say meeting the public is a vital part of their jobs and the functioning of british democracy. and even a tragedy such as this shouldn't be allowed to disrupted for each allen's out as era, leon c and essex. least 6 people have been killed and more than
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a 100 wounded in violence in bangladesh. the unrest pro council wednesday to allegations that the muslim holy book the koran was disrespected in a temple of chevy reports from docker protest. like this begun after controversial images appeared in social media, they promoted, he showed a copy of the koran, resting on the need of an idol during him. so got just celebrations, incoming logistic, that triggered acts of vandalism and hindu temple in several parts of the country. politicians, the people are been deliberately provoked. there are some groups who are quite negative who are not make it right. absolutely. they're not vacant. so this category of people have drawn darmesh. you match up our
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nation, which has been a classic example around the world about marching our johnson, marty. we didn't years violence broke out between thousands of protest her in bunger, the shes capitol, taco on friday. several people were injured including some policeman. some protesters chanted slogans, criticising india and the called and bangladesh. as prime minister 2 casino to act, what did i say? it was all koran at the foot of a deity. that's why we have protesting koran belongs to all of us. we can't tolerate the defamation of the koran number. i'm on the front of the buddy know on saturday, come in the capitol. there are heavy presence of security forces across the country, government and security agencies. i've described the recent incident as plan with the aim of this stabilizing the country. many hindu community members took part in
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a post project festival under heavy security. i see but things are fine in our quality. we feel totally safe and there are no bad incidents happening here. however, we do feel really bad that some incidents did take place. it's just not right. whoever did all these things. prime minister, how sina has promised to bring the culprits behind the violence to justice. this is really unfortunate as to what happened a few days ago. there's an investigation going on and we're getting lots of information. and of course whoever is involved with instigating the sort of incident we definitely will find them. security has been tightened across the country, but a hindu worship was found dead in a pond on friday next to the temple in camila him. those make up 10 percent of bangladesh, his 169000000 population, and have faced sporadic violence in recent years. it's often sparked by rumors spread on social media. many analysts say it's been used to create religious tension for political ends and recovery. oh,
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does it on dr. and he's 15 christian missionaries from the us along with their family members have been kidnapped in haiti. they were on their way to the airport in the capitol porto cleanse when they were taken by armed men in the area of guns . sir haiti's, injured years of economic and political upheaval and the situation worsened in july after the assassination of the president. still ahead on al jazeera, frances president condemns a deadly police crackdown on algerian protests as 60 years ago. many say it doesn't go far. and how africa's biggest film festival is bringing diversity or global audience? ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best line of 2021. hello there. let's look to the middle east
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and levant and things are going to turn slightly unsettled across coastal areas of lebanon and syria. and that thanks to a weather system that's working its way east, across more than areas of turkey and coastal areas of the black sea. some of that rain is expected to push down, coming into playful bay roots come tuesday. we are also going to see the temperature down to below the average. it is going to start to feel a bit cooler and it's going to cool down across iraq. the temperature in baghdad, likely to dip down to the early thirty's by the time we get into monday. but across this area is looking largely fine and drive it of wind coming into play. and it could turn a little bit gusta for the gulf on monday. it was the head to central africa. it's looking dryer across the horn, somalia, seeing a few showers, but for the wet weather we have to head west. we've seen those. thunderstorms roll across the central african republic and the congo is getting particularly heavy on monday, but low that wet weather is pushing down further south. and as we head to southern
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africa, looking lot dryer in the west, we've got some sunshine coming through here. but it's looking rather wet and windy for eastern parts of south africa for mozambique, zimbabwe. and some areas of botswana. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, boated worlds best airline of 2021 on air or online the pont at the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity as the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table. it's a children's side atmosphere. people are demoralized to bear, exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms. jump into this dream, enjoying our global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation with wealth. this street oh now to sierra. ah
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ah. you're watching out as a reminder of our top stories, the cell number of people kills in friday, suicide attack in the afghan city of kandahar has risen to 65 mos funerals have been held as the taliban promised to step up security at sheer most it was the 2nd attack against worship, as in a week, thousands of demonstrators have rallied in saddam's capital cartoon to demand greater representation in government. prime minister, abdullah ham dock says the divisions are causing the worst crisis yet in the countries transition to civilian police in the u. k. have extended the detention if a man arrested for the murder of an m. p. from the wording. conservative party david m. s. was stabbed to death on friday, police are describing it as
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a terrorist incident. the french president emanuel macklin has condemned a crackdown on algerian protested. that happened 60 years ago in paris, algerians have been protesting against french colonial rule when police reacted violently. dozens of demonstrators were killed. he says lindale is a professor political science and catherine vessel says the french government has taken a long time to acknowledge its pastoral inquiry. obviously the french have always applied to sweep and la can't bear to the events of what happened in algeria. ah, for the lusts were anti diluted. the late ninety's, the official death thorn was about 3, but the sign to is a historian, so i put it at about 48 to 68. but did that thought is about $200.00 plus, obviously, the relationship between al julia and france especially what happened during the
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war, has been a secret of all the lustre until macklin came to power. bill has been a little bit of opening. our discussions about does share a good memory and mr. mccloud, a has made some steps towards some kind of reconciliation. obviously. then obviously the sentiments are very high on both sides of the mediterranean. i in france and in on julia and mr. mcgraw has tried to walk availability tight at all, not to upset the local audience in france and all talk in responding to other julian desires for a full apology. human rights groups a calling for an inquiry into the death of a former defense minister. 10 critic, the venezuelan government authority. se raoul by dwell died in prison from
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a coven 19 related heart attack. but his family says he was murdered on your swan. oh, of course, now there is ruffling quarry at the death of raoul bud. well, he's growing from venezuela opposition parties from the us state department from the organization of american states and the you and high commission of human rights, but most loudly from his family. good. oh nathan, i'm being i want to reiterate that we will not rest until there is justice because god and the world know that my father was murdered. i want to point out for the integrity that we have for my brother who is still in the hands of his tortures and murderers of my father. he's still imprisoned and in pain, because unfortunately he saw my father die. he repeatedly begged for medical attention for my father and they ignored him. boy, o, i ha, i hold the state responsible for not having provided the necessary cas. my father,
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who was a person who was literally buried alive in a torture center called the team. he growled by dwell was imprisoned on various charges, including the misuse of state funds and abuse of authority. his family said he was a political prisoner and died in the jail rumble estate intelligence police. they were informed of his death on twitter. the venezuelan authorities say the 66 year old died from a heart attack related to code 19. they say he was seats full medical attention including his 1st vaccination. you tony general tarik williams sob then tweeted expressing his condolences to bud wells, family and friends. well, bradwell was a close ally of the former president of venezuela, or chavez. he served as defense minister between 20062007. when he turned against job is his successor. the current president nicholas doodle became a leading opposition figure. he was arrested in 2009 conditionally released after 6
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years, then imprisoned again indefinitely in 2017. i want to emphasize that article 43 of the constitution clearly states that the responsibility for the life of detainees is exclusive of the state. even if the state is you surfing, it must guarantee insights on the lives of all prisoners. today we see that this is not happening and the relatives of our medical prisoners pay for them. i have not got a venezuelan government is due to resume talks with your position in mexico city on sunday all by the wells. death will be added to the long list of issues of which they disagree. schriner out is iraq. and southern tal on a teenager is pushing back against a huge government development project in her c side community. the government says a will bring jobs and better living conditions, those against and say they will end their way of life and cause environmental
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damage. sco honda reports from china entirely on this stretch of coast where the pine trees meet the beach. on a southern bend of the gulf of thailand, the government wants to build a large industrial zone and deep sea port. this rural region of thailand is home to abundant marine life and undisturbed nature. if 19 year old car, rockman ya has anything to do with it, it'll stay that way. here in china. she's one of the leaders in the prominent and growing protest movement calling for the project to be cancelled on that. you know, i used to thing that my fight to save to not was just about protecting my homeland, but they came to realize that it's much bigger. so we still have to live on this planet. no matter who we are. we still have to breathe. you still have to depend on natural resources. i think it's only right to speak up. she says everything she has
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comes from the seat and for most of the people in china, it's been that way for generations. the fishing community here in china looks at past government development projects as to what their future could look like. if this massive project moves forward. they don't like what they see, and they don't think that their concerns are getting the deserved attention. in run by curry has been a member of this community, his entire life and the fisherman for 34 years. he feels helpless and thinks all the control rest with project investors and the government equipment is, i'm good. good. and if the china project gets to green light, small boats like a house won't be able to head out and fish because they will be big freight ships, which will effect a way of life. and our cars on the sprawling and ambitious $3000000000.00 project will have several phases and cover 26 square kilometers. it receive preliminary approval from the national cabinet. 2 years ago. we have to take everything into
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account because there are some people who are against the idea some people were supporting earlier. and if that's the case, you know, we have to find a common ground that everybody accepts the idea of what it's going to move forward . but the korea common ground will be difficult to find. if the project goes ahead she believes traditions like this, salting fish and bearing them in the sand will be lost. i keep going because i have my eyes on the pry. i know what i am fighting for and who i am fighting for. and that fight, she says, is to make certain that even more generations of china, families are able to live a life where everything they have and need comes from the see. it's got how they're al jazeera china thailand, africa. the biggest film festival has opened and became far as capital of the 8 months delay due to the cave at $900.00 pandemic. the pan african film and television festival has been running for than 50 years and represents a rare opportunity for story. tell us to showcase back question. nicholas hack
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reports from walk into an act of defiance in bertino saw. so a country where arm groups linked to iceland. now, kate are gaining ground despite threats. hundreds of african top actors, directors and producers have gathered for the spectacular opening to the pan african film. and television festival of walker do, which is also known as fest package, had 2 candidates in italy directories and the running for the golden stallion for her tv series on the cynically hip hop movement. the place all of us want to be, we don't want to go to come. we don't want to go to look our no, we want to go to for cycle. when you have a, something different than a classical, typical fill. you want an area where you can show it and not be judged before it is shown to a general public. and this is the place for a vanguard cinema. normally held every 2 years, fist by co sorted in 1969. the theme for this 27th edition is african cinema and
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the diaspora. a new perspective and new challenges. hundreds were lining up to watch the opening movie atlantic. it's the tale of a migrant going to europe, but seen from the perspective of those left behind, french and english director mattie job has already won a prize at the cannes film festival. but she says it's still important to show the movie here in walker. do you think that the deal for me to share this movie weaver with the audience tonight with the booking abbey? again to my beyond the festival, the and the price and the competition. we tend to forget that the most important thing is very deep relationship between a film and the spectator. be only glitz and glamour on display. on the red carpet fest pack o is about this, watching movies in cinemas, from young african talents that are yet to be discovered by the film industry.
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there's more than $200.00 films this year, including white lines. a favorite among the jury is a story of forbidden love, a set in namibia, a country often used by hollywood to portray africa, but never to tell stories of nubians. then there's a production from la soto, a nation that has no cinemas, to watch films in, but has produced an outstanding dark drama that has already won a prize at the sundance film festival for visionary filmmaking. for people in burkina faso, this event is an opportunity to experience the diversity of african narratives and for african storytellers, a chance to get their work seen on a global stage. nicholas hawk al jazeera, we're good to go. oh, hi marleen side. with the headlines on al jazeera, the number of people killed in friday, suicide attack in the afghan city of kandahar has risen to 65 miles,
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funerals have been held as the taliban promised to step up. security, a cheer mosques i saw in afghanistan has claimed responsive.


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