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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2021 4:30am-5:00am AST

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oh wow, oh jesse or where ever you oh oh, hello, i'm down in jordan dough. with the headlines head on al jazeera, the number of people killed in friday, suicide attack enough canister on has risen to 65. a sheer mosque in kandahar was targeted in the 2nd such attack and days. meanwhile, mass funerals had been held as the taliban promised to step up security. iceland, afghanistan was trained responsibility. it's the group's 1st lord skeleton in the south of the country. i'm follows a similar block in the northern city condos last week. i'm not gonna do she wanted to put our coward enemies, merciless, too old. we asked
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d islamic emerald to seriously think about our security, because our enemies will harm our society by any means. they can well, stephanie becca is in the capital cobble. she says the taliban is starting to realize the scale of the threat from myself. it is a strong message that there is an issue to deal with the or the taliban taking it very seriously. just 2 days ago, the interior ministry giving a press conference warning about infiltration within taliban ranks and you know, telling its fighters to be vigilant. and also just moving around the capital. today we saw it across the ministries that security has been tightened and there is an increased awareness, certainly of what could be potential, you know, attacks in the future. so, it is a message from iceland now that the town about is no longer an insurgency group. they have been fighting each other for quite some time, trying to stabilize it now. as it tries to govern. police in the u. k. have extended the detention of a man arrested for the murder of a. m p from the ruling conservative party. david amos was stamped to death as he
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met his constituents on friday, prime minister boris johnson, along with the opposition lead a care dharma laid reads at the sight of the murder, which is police are describing the stabbing as a terrorist incident. the french president has condemned a crackdown on out jerry and protested that happened 60 years ago in paris. the anniversary manual macro observed a moment of silence at the spot, but dozens of demonstrators were killed in 1961. germs had been protesting against french colonial rule when police reacted violently. across the crack, down was inexcusable. thousands of demonstrators of rallied in saddam's capital cartoon to them on greater representation in government. prime minister de la hun doc says the divisions are causing the worst crisis yet in the countries transition to civilian rule. those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera after this is europe spectrum. thanks for watching bye for now. ah.
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to it's all bomb side. pfizer. mr. london mentioned that sponsors that with this and familiar with which are biting a political plan border, hadn't we didn't have any idea from being in that a dance was on monday. unless you a number. could you could somebody to come to feel like being decision? talk about the sagging. i'm gonna spend a gum salish middle of either ish hub to have a little bit so so token caliber a fine, conte biggest action. another issue is peter completes us and those i'll stay under about dealer i live in with the commonality here was other
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by all my kids will by view i'm of the vocal done with us. we often find that can be deficient house that acquitted. we haven't for neimark not lost on transports yet. well, maybe i'll buy it in. the said doughty, in touch with the south america short was the cult gave a good shot on yesterday she had all he then we'll mentee at smith and i'll spell father. i didn't amongst barbershop ophelia to hook it up. all the comfort assist my tong locations. i'm sure if it does play station id that have howdy amman, phone got except that so p cost no, that's good. love use of them. cleared fishes was,
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she had some could be sheets. alice are on that. some lucian, mr. than it's, it's in touch. let's machine. tough. last martin. both less hostile gemacht tangled out of school tomorrow, but he has next issue it on zillow right on so far. no. ah, so got mine kinda down them both busy on the man's on are them there was often was fallen segment last come fresh and the does this app? yeah. it signing smith and this about awful humid hello bowen. i don't mind with oh, mr. loudon. super done. a threat again or to be a liberal coleman. and unfortunately ambition, wilson duncanville must be a good mom, bye for
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to you to give her a voice for fall if and to speak with miss synch mom and this message. i've got friends with grandma miss. i think that on part with often and too often feel somebody 71 of one medicine. so anyway, they adopt luca, ms. mclaughlin. the violin, this, canada, and you the one of us who is official. i'm a couple of sliced off on one us con. this month's issue earlier and i had the massage on the the clench, kate kid,
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did you not know her anger to student? the chefs may not, should they offer me harm, some minor price or sponsors, komatt dunbar, playstation like comp letter to clean t a nuclear t. dunsmore. i'm not on some look, it's finished by phone, from sponsor show and done. how much my senior vice at a business in the spring. just
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a lot of shots. i don't, i mean i don't, we don't sign on to not sponsor to somebody will become something as much as it was to flesh once in a short term was we'll give you a but i'm of at the on gave them initial, the initial, what happens. i was muslims over so, so possibly, well done. i was like, we're from from fiance are one on the related. i'm down the dos this 1st on the 1st time mission, mission nichol tune or the news good for the know it's thought. and then bob ash upstairs in jackson called in for she couldn't rely on on a bunch of names of stuff about an escalation of much melissa and i spoke to frontier. com with a mean volumes toya maxwell students little dish syndrome
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versus tradition of this law. the slow belinda sue, this has been, you know, this is all by me because i think from life is not on the ground on to believe on lunch. we wish i 5. uh huh. it came off with no issue with my engagement among others. but you know, when they come and go, oh no, i would. i would be good to go ahead and move this also now, you know, but then the woodson is come out citizen and when you start off a 1000 british higher,
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mcmann mcmann conditions his irish now where mission you're the service to see by didn't work. don't then i'll have others lucille, we wanna just move on. a bunch of, of the system off isn't one. the last of the look. nice been, i hope i've been enough. you know, on this is also remember in a still, by the foolish distribution with them. does this really on the back of my line more for kids here with
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this political discussion local to actually the dishwater i like this book. you still want more? all right, let me, i a with
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a it was i was with a customer with the problem with this one . all right? oh yeah, i wish i was more functional. well there yes, i'm up
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with you. yeah. in
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a little bit of a shop slot. so finally it is part of this thing. does ellis ah, is that name? momentum mark ish all but i didn't break. let's fight. our niece begins on clenched at this informational clench, catalyst up. most people cost about there's an amount of claim osman called as a my tom is close. i see the problem of a campus to my boss because, you know, i just sent you a credit card from a school know months in with
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lives been gone so fast, who bought all my clothes to see the soon, the stable newcomb all the other guys are from the house within the 2 chests. if you can see, gotten to, to see those companies about the position leucon zone, react to my
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. com respond to them just when you switch to do these work to point out or it's not on the smog of them. this means you have locations of a b, this is montana, frontier abuse, a is a popular filming location. and when it comes to stories about drugs, crime and radicalization, tired of negative stereotype youth working on it,
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is reclaiming its image by putting its young residence behind the camera. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them, the newly would. this is 0 and i'll just 0. mm hm. hello there. let's start in north america and it's coastal areas that are continuing to be batted by the wet and windy weather, both in the west and in the east. and we take a look at the north east, we seen severe storms rolling across the great lakes working their way to those
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north eastern states in the us, an eastern parts of canada. and that thanks to a cold front, you can see it pushing through joining up with tropical moisture ahead of that. we've seen some unusual warmth in this area, but that is gonna be kicked out some of the wet weather, affecting parts of new england on sunday. but by the time we get into monday, it's going to be quebec ando's, atlantic provinces of canada that see the heavier falls and we're going to see the temperature come down. for example, in ottawa and in boston, but it will pick up in washington dc as the sunshine comes back in. now as we move to the west coast, we've seen a so moving a weather system, push in to parts of british columbia, bringing a wintery mix into play. it's gonna bring west or whether to parts of washington and california. welcome in some places, but further south it does remain a lot driest and strong winds coming into play and that's not going to help the wild fire situation. you can see some of the winter remixed blowing across the rockies. it is going to turn rather wet here with salt lake city coming in at 16
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degrees celsius. ah, ah, to the death toll from friday has come to ha bombing rises to $65.00. the taliban is pledging to step up security she a most ah hello, i am dire in jordan, this is al, jazeera ly, from dell halls are coming up. a review was ordered into the security of british politicians after the murder of a 2nd and b and 5 years.


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