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is of england, we've got a weather system pulling in, bringing in some of the heaviest showers to northern areas of france as well. but it is looking at miles in the south for bordeaux. we've seen the temperature touch up into the high twenties with sunshine by tuesday for the iberian peninsular. it is looking rather wet on sunday, but by monday the sunshine will be back. that's your update. ah! when an ethiopian mother put her daughter up for adoption, she knew little of what was to come in with family bones, severed the traumatized child, torn between 2 world struggles to return home in a profoundly human story, exposing deep floors in denmark's adoption system. a girl in return, a witness documentary on al jazeera, a 115000000 trees disappear every year into the clothing that we all wear from,
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ox cycling to say the forest ferry mis yellow dress, played from blue jeans law to conserving the world. dwindling wetlands. 3 of the 8th worlds, global bird migration white intersect, right? where we are basically discovered a treasure trove. it is one of the most special workloads on the plan i for ice ecosystems alerts on al jazeera. ah ah, ah, welcome back. a look at the main stories now. the death toll from an i so bomb attack in kandahar on fridays risen to $65.00 taliban is pledging to step up
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security it she r mosque soft. the 2nd major a tie against worshippers in a week. hospitals in northern ethiopia, overwhelmed with malnourished children as a fighting in and around take ry causes hunger. his bride, the wine says barely any aid is made into to grind the past few months and thousands of demonstrators of riley, near the presidential partisan. how to mr. don grapples with his biggest political prices. crisis is the ousting of president bashir. now the lebanese army says a soldier fired towards protest as in beirut on thursday, and is under investigation. cctv footage appears to show a lebanese shoulder soldier in the bottom right corner of the screen, shooting a demonstrator at close range. as the army was pushing back, protested, some people were killed in this act, carrying clashes near a protest and wanting the replacement of the judge investigating last year's
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explosion. the protest was called by as bala which shows the investigation is biased. prominence. energy mccarty said his government would not interfere with the work of the judiciary. the police of detained 19 people in relation to the migrants . now the head of man, mars, military, gender, has been barred from his psalmist have regional leaders later this month. mang loggins' exclusion by the association of southeast asian nations or assy on is a rare rebuke of the man who led the overthrow of the civilian government. neighboring nations frustrated, the military's failure to comply with a road map to peace. more than a 1000 people have been killed in protest and violence since the military seized power. mia mars leaders of blind foreign intervention for the decision? well let speak about this now with among zante, who's a human rights activist and co founder of the group forces of renewal, for se asia was. will you surprised by me and mars exclusion from this assay on
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summit? yes i, i was a pleasantly surprised by the audience position not to include or invite. i am the head of the military genta but marianna, the thing is and at this, this is says something that ozzy and should have dawned or 4 years ago when the very the same mamma, the same member stayed, was committing a genocide full blow against the ro hinge minority and so it has taken for years, you know, for it to actually break the, you know, founding principle of non interference. in other words, the absolute sovereignty notion that is no longer relevant in this day and age of that highly interconnected to region. and the world as well as the problem as an international community, including united nations, hasn't done much batting,
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really said much beyond calling on the military louis test. abide my i legal obligations. yes, absolutely. i think this, this is the am, you know, the pro, the perennial issue of the united nations system, essentially system. so the political stage driven by self interest a while giving lip service to human rights and no obligations to interstate treaties, including the genocide convention. so i would say however, the, you know, burma of burmese people have become a victim. so the geopolitical rivalry between china and the united states in particular. and also the, you know, the dogged pursuit of a commercial interest as of burma is abundant in natural resources. and so we're, we're looking at the regime that is, you know,
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credibly accused of having committed genocide and committing crimes against humanity against even buddhist majority today. and so the audience move is welcome . but it also issued a statement saying that again, will invite non political person in, quote, you know, the bonus membership to us yet is a political membership as a stayed. i'm baffled by what r c m means by non political present. all representations are inherently political. who is gonna decide which person or from them, or is to be consider non political. meanwhile, what we know about how the opposition inside the country is taking shape. since the crackdown on protest hasn't brought a civilian population. what do we know in terms of the formation of militias in
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various different parts of the country to count the military regime yet over the last, you know, 8 months or so, since the coo, the military has, you know, killed over 1000, largely on, on peaceful protest her many young people in their teens and in the twenties and now the, you know, what in the f sense of meaningful and practical. busy action from the international organization, particularly audience and the united nations. the burmese people have resorted to the laws resort, which is armed of rising. so we are looking at the civil war, not just in the underlying boarder, regence of ethnic minorities, but in major cities and other places, people are, you know, making the homemade to weapons like, you know, understand but less,
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less effective and less lethal. so we're, we're looking at the emergence of about a quarter 1000000 and internally displaced persons across different regions of burma in addition to almost 1000000 ranger bob in bangladesh. and so i think that we are looking at a very, very serious of the breakdown of a state. we don't have state actors from burma as such. vague, democratically mandated government is not in control of the state of the the, the military is losing its grip over state and society. that's a situation. this is very, very worry. and so it's about time that i was young and the united nations get their acts together. i very much as always interesting to get your perspective,
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we appreciate it. thank you. now at least 6 people have been killed and more than 100 wounded in violence in bangladesh. the unrest 1st broke out on wednesday after allegations of the death. the creation of the koran lead to dozens of hindu temples being attacked. tanveer chandry reports from deco protest like this begun after controversial images appeared in social media. they promoted showed a copy of the koran, resting on the ne, often the idle during him, the so got full just celebrations, incoming logistic, that triggered acts of vandalism. and hindu temple in several parts of the country . politicians, the people are been deliberately. there are some groups who are quite negative who are not make it. absolutely, they're not vacant. so this category of people have dr. will
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darmesh. we match up our nation, which has been a classic example around the world about launching our journalism, marty. we didn't just violence broke out between thousands of protest her in bunger . this is capital tucker on friday, several people were injured including some policeman. some protesters chanted slogans, criticising india and the cauldron, bangladesh and prime minister to casino to act as it was on koran at the foot of a deity. that's why we are protesting. karen belongs to all of us. we can't tolerate the defamation of the koran. i'm on the phone with the body, not on saturday. come in the capitol. there are heavy presence of security forces across the country, government and security agencies. i've described the recent incident as plan with the aim of this stabilizing the country. many hindu community members took part in
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a post project festival under heavy security. i on the same things a fine in our quality, we feel totally safe, and there are no bad incidents happening here. however, we do feel really bad that some incidents did take place. it's just not right, whoever did all these things. prime minister, how sina has promised to bring the culprits behind the violence to justice. this is really unfortunate as to what happened a few days ago. there's an investigation going on and we're getting lots of information and of course whoever is involved with instigating the sort of incident . we definitely will find them. security has been tightened across the country, but a hindu worship was found dead in a pond on friday next to the temple in camila. him. those make up 10 percent of bangladesh has 169000000 population and have faced sporadic violence in recent years. it's often sparked by rumors spread on social media. many analysts say it's
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been used to create religious tension for political and sunday chaudhry out as it are. doctor columbia is notorious as the wild largest supplier of cocaine, that it is now positioning itself as a producer and exports. and now the drug marijuana is being legalized in many countries around the world. and as allison ramp, yet, you reports from pesca columbia. government is hoping to take a big share of the market, a sea of medical grave, matthew on a, grows at this farm in central columbia, 18 actors of bland equivalent to 25 football pitches. that clever leaves a columbian company with us. investors grows with the highest quality standards. we don't look at this here. we tell us every step of the process at years to strict i gene protocols. each plant is trace with the cure code. ah, but i think it's a good opportunity. a great, an example says the company's president of how columbus changing its attitudes towards drugs after decades of fighting against the legal drug, trade, columbia,
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and, or had a brand within the very wanna call it a legal marijuana industry. and one of the things we as a company, we're committed to was to change that image from columbia to something positive into something that brought science, that brought benefits to patients that brought benefits to people, work around the cannabis benefits. that could also bring huge profits. growing marijuana here is 4 times cheaper than in canada. the u. s. columbia could capture one 5th of the global market, $8000000000.00 a year, more than the countries exports of flowers and coffee combined. of course, we know we have our tropical gold growing conditions. that means we have everything that greenhouses elsewhere are trying to emulate. we have them here for free 12 hours of light to her fowls of that darkness every day, year, round, elusive, confronted me. she knows it's no surprise that president even duke came here to announce the country will begin exporting drive can of his flowers just
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a few years ago. it would have been impossible to imagine being illegal mariana field in colombia. and now everybody is trying to get a piece of the action. governments have been promoting this business as a great opportunity for post conflict columbia, that many fear big players will squeeze out the local growers that are not backed by big cash timers in remote areas that have long made the living growing mario and illegally say the high cost of getting into the legal market and the security issues have let them out of the current bonanza there the last year. and nobody wanted me since the beginning, the regulation of medical marijuana was a big company model. it was big pharma and export based on the strong barriers exclusions for small growers, despite them being the ones that paved the way for the business years ago. and now companies with great lobbying power are taking advantage of that. and other smaller companies say staying afloat at stuff as the focus on the few beauty and health
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products. so foreign, loud nationally, a low cost of producing and maintaining medical cannabis is extremely high for small companies that can't depend on a national market. if columbia would also bad on developing a dynamic, internal industry and families that have invested their savings, and this might have a chance on our all goes up. there is irony in the fact that a country so often associated with drug trafficking could become a powerhouse of exporting drugs. legally, the risk though, is that this new boom will remain in few powerful hands. allison that get the under the fisco nasser sent a spacecraft on 1st of its kind mission to find out more about the solar systems most distant planets. lucy will be the 1st croft is starting to produce ancient trojan asteroids. and it could explain more about how planets were formed, and the gallagher reports teach us more about the future threats to planet us. 3 to one, nasa says this is
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a trail blazing mission to seek out answers about the dawn of our solar system. over the next 12 years, the lucy space crack will travel more than 6000000000 kilometers to the giant gas planet. jupiter. once there, the tiny craft will study the so called trojan asteroids caught in the planets gravitational poll. these things really are the fossils of what climates formed from right we understand, formed, formed as these things hid each other and grew and competed. and these are the leftovers of that. so if you want to understand where the solar system came from, you have to go to these small bodies. this is nasa's longest exploratory mission to date with t members preparing for more than a decade. if all goes well, lucy will reach the 1st swarm of asteroids by august 2027. before unfurling it's unique array of solar panels. they will be the largest solar rays flying
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the largest distance from the sign. and so lucy will be the 1st spacecraft that's flying the further on solar power. it'll be years before we get any answers about these ancient roxanne space, but scientists say understanding them will help protect our planet against rogue asteroids that may head towards the earth. it's happened before most famously in 2013 when an asteroid crashed through this atmosphere over russia, producing a shock wave that caused mass injuries and structural damage is a scenario scientists of long talks about this mission may be vital in protecting our planet. that is a crucial component of understanding what 3rd, that goes to our old plan of the earth. we can't defend our self from objects which we don't know anything about next month. nasa plans to launch its dark spacecraft with the intention of deliberately colliding with an asteroid. it's all part of
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a planetary defense strategy even as lucy begins. it's years long. search for answers and gallagher al jazeera miami, florida. well, a new crew is arrived at china's 1st permanent space station during this 6 months stay, the 3 chinese astronauts will install equipment and prepare the station for further expansion. it's the 2nd a full missions needed to complete a space station by the end of next year. the u. s. bod china from working on the international space station. so it spent the last decade developing its own all as you were, you had yes. you go up. in the coming days, we will work together carefully to carry out the mission and explore the universe. i go i go. thank you for your support and care for chanson sorting come. we will live up to the expectations of the party and the people please rest, assured scientists of war and that there is no end in sight. the volcanic eruptions
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on the spanish island of la palmer lava continues to pull from the home, ravia volcano, which began erupting 3 and a half weeks ago. sulfur dioxide samples indicate the eruption could last for weeks or even months. so far a molten rock is destroyed at $1400.00 buildings, $764.00 of them homes. it's time now shall the sport with farrah marry him. thank you so much. the international level committee says that has concerns about thief has pushed to hold world cubs every 2 years. among its concern is that the tournament would clash with other major international sporting events. this includes tennis, cycling, golf, gymnastics, swimming athletics, formula, one and many others. this would undermine the diversity and development of sport, other sports, other than football point to gender equality. the increase in men's events in the
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calendar will create challenges for the further promotion of women's football. and the 3rd point players welfare, the plans in particular the doubling in the frequency of the woke up would create a further massive strain on the physical and mental health of the players. mohammed sala has been held as the best player in the world right now by his liverpool manager, european club. and there's good reason for such high praise for the 2nd straight, primarily game. egypt shall produced one of the goals of the season. this time mesmerizing watford. that was one of course for the whole notch earlier selim provided a superb assist for sandy, a money to score his 100 fall in the lead. liverpool hammered watch and 5. now with revert of amino grabbing a hat trick, but it wasn't enough to claim man of the match honors from osalla. it's obviously not about me as or whatever to say who is that who is the best for me? he's the best. i see him every day and that makes it maybe more easy for me,
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but there are miss 11 dorski all their stuff like this there. melbourne aldosterone scoring like crazy. messy am still putting our performances on world class level so . but be all these kinds of things and others will come. but yes, in this moment, who's for sure. on top of that list, liverpool had gone top and lead before chelsea regain top spot. they edge past fellow london side, branford defender bench l, while scoring the only goal was the gang just before half time. chelsea or just one point ahead of liverpool. they took a lot of risk and, and put a lot of bodies into all boxes. we could not keep them away and from, from shooting and having the big chances are awesome, absolutely decisive to, to, to escape with a clean sheet, manchester, united record unbeaten run of 30 away games, and the league was ended by lustre united forward marcus rochefort marked his 1st
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game of the season with an equalizing goal laid in the match. but less than a minute later, lester found a winner thanks jamie bardy, a goal in stoppage time from zambian paths and dark i gave lustre a for to victory. it's certainly a situation that we have to turn around because sir, in isolation, one game might be a, it can happen, but then we've lost too many points in the last a few lee games of course, away from home. we've been very solid not really conceded too many chances in too many are too many goals. but to day the goals that we conceded were disappointing. a happier afternoon for the blue half of manchester city score in 18. victory over burn lane go was coming from bernardo silva and cabin to bring you ban city or 3rd in the table. 2 points from chelsea. my bliss always play good. sorry. because the dig you've everything in the give it
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a difficult game of to international break. a team is overnight, like you have to adjust and adapt a way to play. so i'm so satisfied for the game we played, and the big 3 we had in the in champions league, saudi arabian teams, all hello and al nasser will battle for a spot in the final on saturday on nasa. we're 1st to reach of semi finals trouncing all. why back from the way, the 51? i will our book, their spot with a 3. no victory away to the rain inside. oman is getting ready to seize its place in the sporting spotlights. the country is set to stage the t 20 cricket roll cap. amman is co hosting their tournament alongside the united arab emirates. the event was originally set to be held in india, but the location was switched due to the cobra. 1900 pandemic. but house play papa new guinea in the opening match on sunday,
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bangladesh will then take on scotland spoke to the man in charge of a monte cricket about the work that's been done to prepare we had no public stands. we had no facilities for spectators. and we've had to create something and we have no media box, we have no press for some of these. so we've created a media, sand press boxes, 24 corporate units, and about 4000 spectra to see thing. so quite amount of quite a large amount of infrastructure has as has been moved. i think it's so well, time in the sense that we were just about to embark on our raw students development program. and this will do a world of good and considering the fact that even local sports shovel is going to love covered it and all the 6 games that are being, being hosted over here, that itself will do us a lot of good. and the british writers survived
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a hor crash and international competition and match esther ty, with indent, crashed into the barrier after clipping the back of another. by during the opening day of racing at the speedway of nations final race was paused for several minutes . wasn't in remarkably, walked away with only minor injuries. okay, and that is all your sport for now. now back to marry him in london. he did get lucky. thank you, fora. oh, now the biggest festival of african simmers underway, became a facet capital walk, a do group film showcase at a pan african festival. a cinema and television, also known as vest, pack o, a made by africans, and mostly produced on the continents. a total of 17 productions have been short listed for the best film award. festival has been running for more than 50 years, and is a rare opportunity for african storytellers to showcase their creations on a global stage. nicholas hock is at the festival forests. beyond the glitz and
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glamour on display, on the red carpet, the fest bucko is about this. want you movies there? chew you up to watch the latest movie from the franco senegalese director, much job a film that was recognized in the count fist film festival. but for her, it's important to show it right here in burkina faso. this is what she had to say. i think the big deal for me to share this movie with the audience tonight with the booking abbey. again, tonight, beyond the festival, the and the price, the and the competition. we tend to forget that the most important thing is very deep relationship between a film and the spectators. the public over $200.00 movies have been selected to science fiction, movies, comedies, animations, documentaries, and also experimental experimental movies from more than 50 african countries
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including synagogue. that's honored in this year's 1st puzzle because uh, this is the best neighbor ever. this is a country of resistance, of resilience, of heart and soul and cinema. this is the place to be. this is a place all of us, one to be. we don't want to go to come. we don't want to go to look, i know we want to go to for psycho this is more than showcasing african cinema to an african audience. it allows people to explore new and alternative narrative. they're often ignored by the film industry and for young african directors to meet distributors so that they can showcase their talents and reach a bigger audience. that's the news out, but i'll be back with much more news and just a couple of minutes time, including around, up to day stories, feeling a bit awe
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. ah and a in the world's most populous nation, one in every 4 women suffers domestic. i went east investigate china battleground at on one out 0. for did ramirez and i molina families, the pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week during a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government,
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security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat and neighbors and family members insist they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's defense minister by the made by the reno, said the armed forces were applied to the friends that country from irregular groups that added that human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border with the investigative after world war 2, frances great empire began to unravel and vietnam to most everybody was trained themselves into the street busting with joy kissing each other. and algeria, he lives and, or she knew if the endo chinese that managed to beat the french army. why not, by the decline, continues an episode to of blood and tears, french di colonization on al jazeera ah,
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investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe for now to sierra. ah . as victims from friday's bombing in kandahar lay to rest, the death toll rises to 65. a taliban is pledging to step up security at she on mosques. ah, hello, i'm. i am ozzy in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program .


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