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china, the u. s. seeks to win over its neighbors with billions of dollars. the new investment and online learning took off during the pandemic back in the head to take thought i'd turn a profit counting the cost on allergies here. ah . ready the taliban pledges to step up security at sheer mosques as a mass funeral is held for the $48.00 victims of the latest i. so bombing in afghanistan. ah, hello i, marianna massey and london watching algae. there are also coming up hospitals overwhelmed with malnourished children in ethiopia? is tag wry region where food, fuel and power running out under the government blockade review is ordered into the
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security of british politicians after the murder of a 2nd, m. p in 5 years. also a massive spacecraft, lucy bloss off on a 12 year mission to explore asteroids and find out how planets ah hello, welcome to a program. well, a taliban is promising to step up security at shale mosques after the 2nd major attack against worshippers in a week. a mass funeral has been held in kandahar following a bomb attack on friday that killed at least 48 people. i still in afghanistan is claimed responsibility. whose is the groups 1st, a large scale attacked in the south of the country and follows a similar blast at a mosque in the northern city of condos. last week. they are the worst bombings in
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afghanistan since the taliban seized control of the capitol and foreign forces withdrew the line of this monday. our coward enemies merciless to all. we ask d, islamic emerald to seriously think about our security because our enemies will harm our society by any means they can. hi, stephanie deck asthma, fresh now from the afghan capital couple kandahar is police chief vowing to increase security with special police units. at chia mosques across kandahar this attack claim by i so significant in the sense of the 1st of its kind in kandahar kandahar is the birthplace, the stronghold of the taliban. and i'm really what we're seeing over the last couple of weeks is an increase in pace and increase in geographical scope in these attacks. initially, there were more centered around july about in the east of the country. they moved to cobble moving to conducing the north and now in the south, in kandahar we've also noticed it here in the sense of the taliban beefing up
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security. we went round a couple of the ministries to day and the security procedures were tighter and different than before. also a message from the interior ministry a couple of days ago, asking the taliban to look inward at at potential any ice will fighters that could be infiltrated among them. so what was beforehand this? the answer you'd usually get from the taliban when you asked them how much of a threat iceland, afghanistan was, they would play it down. now, it seems that they are starting to take it seriously. certainly these 2 groups have been fighting each other for quite a long time. but now the taliban is having to govern the country and having to prevent the kinds of attacks that they used to carry out themselves. and we are just getting a revised deaf toll. now from the kandahar mosque bombing on friday, security and medical sources of told al jazeera that the number of dead has now reason to 65. the united states has a offered compensation to the family of people killed in
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a drawing strike. now this is an attack that took place in august 10 civilians including 7 children were killed when a call was targeted in the belief that it was part of an i so bomb plot. the intelligence failure raise questions about future risks and whether the u. s. contract threats from afghanistan without being inside the country. family members say u. s. authorities have taken no action to secure that relocation clumsy coast as the u. s said they will provide aid and they will compensate us so far. they haven't done any of those, and they said they will take us to the us, but they haven't definitely, we are eager to go because we are under security threats every minute and every 2nd of our lives are in danger. i love, i miss my friends. so much nobody can understand our pain, they have harmless enormously and ended our friendship. i even dream of them ah,
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will fighting as escalating across ethiopia as more than regions. the conflict which began integra as now spread to neighboring am hara and a fought districts. millions of people have been displaced and children as suffering from severe melanie. now nourishment. hospitals are struggling to treat those in desperate need. as andrews chappelle reports. wise, 4 years old and being treated, persevere, malnourishment her family has managed to get her to hospital in a region where many can't while there's some baby formula available to day. there's no meat, eggs or milk ah mother. since the evening of june 28th 7, people have died of hunger here at the either hospital. swelling in people's limbs is an indicator of malnutrition and it's searching and t cry. according to unicef, msm brought her child here. oh, when she got sick,
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she didn't get the proper to eat me now. village. that was because of the situation there. she didn't get proper medical help. it's been like this since june. when fighters from the t cry, people's liberation front or t p a left captured the capital mcclay and ethiopian federal government, but its population of half a 1000000 under blockade. 14 per cent of much needed aid has entered the region since then, according to the un, no medicine. and that's the whole. the number of children being admitted to hospital has doubled this year, as their families run out of food, water fuel and the cash they need to survive, and who chappelle al jazeera. now, thousands of demonstrators have rallied near the presidential palace in har to miss sue don grappled with its biggest political crisis since the ousting of president bashir and 2016. that calling for an end to the transitional government that supposed to leave the country to its 1st elections after 3 decades of dictatorship may say the power sharing agreement has failed to pull them out of an economic
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slump. a crisis has been further complicated by divisions within the main opposition group. prime minister says it's causing the countries worst crisis in its transition to civilian rule. dr. barton, i would not be exaggerating. if i said this political crisis is the worst and most dangerous crisis that threatens the transition and even threatens our entire country and warns of a terrible evil. this is due to the deep splits among civilians and among the military as well as between the civilians and the military. ahead of me and mars military gender has been barred from his summit, have regionally does. later this month, may non heine exclusion started was by the association of southeast asia nations or asana. and it's really a rare rebuke of a man who led the overthrow of the civilian government. neighboring nations are frustrated over the military's failure to comply with a road map to peace while than a 1000 people have been killed in protest and violence as the military seas power.
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man, mars leaders of brained, foreign intervention. tabby start hard is the founder of the oh, i see, and burma, a network of organizations working to support human rights and democracy. and then mom, she says violence is increased despite the agreement earlier this year. in the 5 months following the adoption of this road map, the 5 point consensus in april was seen any 3534 military attacks. i was targeting or humming civilian less than 840 percent increase from the same period last year. so we really need to start thinking about working with the un security council and other international partners to push the military into a cessation of violence in order for any kind of peace agreement or peace process to be started. this goes back also reminds us of the process back in 2006.
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that was pressure to deny me on the chair because it was ruled by a military who at the time. and in that situation, the rebuked at the time such a re that so i had to say face and withdraw from the chair. so i think this is also a similar move by making this statement, saying that they will not have a political representative from the at the upcoming summit. as he and his gambling on the fact that the senior gentleman online was quietly withdraw from the sea. at this time, the security of british politicians is being reviewed after an m p was murdered in what police called a terrorist incident. david amos was stabbed to death as he met his constituents on friday afternoon. a man is being held off. he was arrested on the scene in leon, see, east of london, or chaplain's reports for
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a day at least british politicians put aside the divisions and united to more than one of their own, the prime minister and the leader of the opposition. they'd wreaths where conservative m p. david amos was murdered on friday. police arrested a 25 year old british man and are investigating the killing as an act of terrorism . reverent clifford human as the minister of belfast. the church where david amos had been meeting constituents when he was fatally stabbed. he was personally genuinely liked people and tried to help him as best as they. so room for this to happen to somebody was trying to do some good in the community is really where it's coming. person you just don't understand it. a good man and a fine public 7 says that message a true gentleman. he supported his communities as one down here and there's another over there. thank you for your dedicated service to our community for so many years
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. so many of these tributes have a similar message, david amos die doing something that was integrity of his job. he was out there meeting the public face to face, but it raises the question, ah, and piece safe enough. although westminster can seem like a fortress with arms. police never far away. most m. p 's have little to no protection when they're in their constituencies. and this is the 2nd m, p to be murdered in 5 years. joe cox from the opposition labor party was killed by a white supremacist in 2016 on the streets of the area. she represented the home secretary as lawrence to safety review measures underway right now. i've convened meetings yesterday, i've been with the speaker of the house and with the police and security services to make sure that all measures are being put in place for the security of m p so that they can carry on with that juicy as elected democratic members. one
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conservative m p tobias elwood says, face to face meetings with constituents should be stopped until they can be moved on line in 2017. he tried to save the life of a police officer fatally wounded in the westminster bridge attack that left 6 people dead. but many more m p say meeting the public is a vital part of their jobs and the functioning of british democracy. and even a tragedy such as this shouldn't be allowed to disrupted for each hollins. out as era, leon, c and essex needs a gory radcliffe, the british iranian a worker has been held in iran for 5 years as a loft. another appeal. a court upheld a one year prison sentence for security offences. she's already served a 5 year sentence for charges of plotting to overthrow the government, but was then charged with a separate offense of spreading propaganda. she and her family maintain her innocence and say the case against her is politically motivated. you're watching
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out, is there a life from london to let them around noon? usina deployed musicians. gimmicks of giveaways as it holds a 24 hour vaxatone to speed up its inoculation. dr. and africa's biggest film festival kicks off in bikini faso canal. resurrect and industry hit hard, i'm abandoning. ah hello there. the wet and windy weather persists around the edges of europe over the next few days. we go to weather system pulling into the west. a bit of a winter mix across parts of scandinavia and some severe storms rolling across the southeast. and that thanks to a deep area of low pressure. it's pushing off further east, but it's bought torrential downpours to the balkans and to grease we seen flooding
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in athens and some of the greek islands. and this was seen in cor food. we had more than a 140 millimeters of rainfall. and some of those streets and buildings were flooded . now the wet weather continues, but the heavy rains gonna push off to northern areas of turkey and coastal areas of the black sea. by the time we get into monday, it's going to dry up across the balcony. we are going to see some of those temperatures recover. now, further north, we got strong wind blowing across scandinavia, bringing some showers into the baltic states and western parts of russia, but it's going to turn very wet in the southern areas of india. we've got a weather system pulling in, bringing in some of the heaviest showers northern areas of france as well. but it is looking at milder in the south for bordeaux. we've seen the temperature touch up into the high twenty's with sunshine by tuesday for the bearing peninsular. it is looking rather wet on sunday, but by monday the sunshine will be back. that's your update. ah.
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the glamour of bollywood in an unlikely place. mortal cool. you know, with my mother very, she was brilliant. brenda was there again is there's a lot of love and affection and respect with the american people. a world away from mom, by a nation, has taken indian cinema too. it's hot out is the real world reveals the color and passion of morocco's hollywood dream. oh, i welcome back. a look at the main stories now. the death toll from
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a bomb attack and canada on friday has now risen to 65. taliban is pledging to step up security she on mosque after the 2nd major attack against worship is in a week, most of them kind by myself. hospitals in northern ethiopia are overwhelmed with mountain. our children is fighting in and around. peg ry causes hunger to spread. the un says barely any aid has made it into to cry in the past few months. and thousands of demonstrators of riley in the presidential palace in hard tune. as to don raffles, but its biggest political crisis since the outing of president bashir in 2016 oh, now to lebanon, where the prime minister is indicated that he will not intervene to remove or to defend the judge who was investigating the explosion at the bay report last year, 7 people were killed in sectarian violence on 1st day of death. bhalla called a protest to the mom,
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the replacement of the judge. often meeting the justice minister prime minister and achievement cause he said his government would not interfere with the work of the judiciary. the police of detained 19 people in relation to the lions. now to hong kong, where 7 pro democracy activists have been sentenced to prison for that roles. and last year's protests, a sentence is range from 6 to 12 months. they've been accused of inciting others to take part in unauthorized assemblies against a controversial national security law imposed by china. now, russia has reported the death of more people from crone of virus. the last day, the 1st time the daily death toll has passed a 1000 no more than 33000 new infections in the same 24 hours. the number has been rising for weeks with the government, blaming people for not getting vaccinated. despite notaries bonuses and other
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incentives only 29 percent of the countries, nearly 146000000 people are fully vaccinated. more than one in 15, new zealanders were not collated against curve at 19 on saturday, during a 24 hour vaxatone country had been loaded for it's handling of the pandemic. but the maxine rollout has been slow and it's now struggling to contain an outbreak of the delta variant wine. hey reports. ah, it was called super saturday and was designed to entice new zealanders to get vaccinated against coven. 19, the goal was to administer 100000 doses in one day, which was easily surpassed maynor ship, gun hard to form its on. and i have just been really lazy. beatrice didn't really helps out why my this isn't. yeah. as coven cases rise mainly in the largest city, oakland giveaways and gimmicks will use to persuade people to receive defies a jab,
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including a vaccination center sit up on an an useless plane. there was particular focus on pacific island and indigenous multi communities where vaccination rates are lower than others. overall, jezzlyn wants to have 90 percent of the eligible population immunized. it was 62 percent before super saturday. at the beginning of the pandemic museum and adopted an elimination strategy, and for the most part it's been successful. but at the same time it's fallen behind much of the rest of the world when it comes to vaccinations. and with delta probably here to stay. the government is now racing to catch up. in the meantime, there are concerns the outbreak of the delta variant could get out of control. oakland is still largely locked down, but the government has abandoned its elimination strategy. the numbers continue to rise in the australian state of victoria to with almost 2000 new cases, confirmed on saturday and 7 deaths, including a 15 year old. but next week the state government says stay at home,
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orders will be lifted. if the vaccination rate reaches 70 percent over $5000000.60 victorians are now released 1st, those vaccinated are that means that ha ha, for sense of the over 16 population. i'm has now had the 1st dose and 64.3 percent of had the 2nd does restrictions are also being eased in many asian countries including vietnam, where people can dine and restaurants for the 1st time in months. but the new freedoms are having a negative effect on the manufacturing industry. cove at 19 locked downs and human city meant many factories that supply some of the world's biggest brands couldn't operates. now that they can, they don't have enough workers because many have left the city to return to their home provinces. the government estimates more than 2000000 may leave dealing another setback to vietnam's economy and the global supply chain. wayne, hey, al jazeera toner museums, relatives of venezuela's,
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former defense minister at demanding more information after he died in prison, the authority, se raoul but well suffered heart failure, triggered by covert, but his family doubt, he contracted the wires because he'd received his 1st dose of a maxine, originally an ally of president hugo chavez, he later fell out with the leader and was arrested in 2009 on corruption. one of my dwell sons is also in jail over alleged conspiracy. yet only then on being i want to reiterate that we will not rest until there is justice because god and the world know that my father was murdered. i want to point out for the integrity that we have for my brother who is still in the hands of his tortures and murderers of my father. he is still imprisoned and in pain. because unfortunately he saw my father die. he repeatedly begged for medical attention for my father and they ignored him. missouri sent a spacecraft called lucy on a 1st of its kind 6300000000 kilometer johnny to find out more about the solar
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systems most distant planets. it will be the 1st craft to study jupiter's ancient trojan asteroids and could explain more about how planets evolved in his anti gallagher reports. teach us about future threats to our planet. 3 to one, nasa says this is a trailblazing mission to seek out answers about the dawn of our solar system. over the next 12 years, the lucy spacecraft will travel more than 6000000000 kilometers to the giant gas planet. jupiter. once there, the tiny craft will study the so called trojan asteroids, cotton upon its gravitational pole. these things really are the fossils of war climates form from right. we understand forms formed as these things hit each other and grew and competed. and these are the leftovers of that. so if you want to understand where the solar system came from, you have to go to these small bodies. this is nasa's longest exploratory mission to
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date with t members preparing for more than a decade. if all goes well, lucy will reach the 1st swarm of asteroids by august 2027. before unfurling it's unique array of solar panels. they will be the largest solar rays flying, the largest distance from the sign up. and so lucy will be the 1st spacecraft that's flying to furthers on solar power. it'll be years before we get any answers about these ancient roxanne space, but scientists say understanding them will help protect our planet against rogue asteroids that may head towards the earth. it's happened before most famously in 2013 when an asteroid crash through the earth's atmosphere over russia, producing a shock wave that caused mass injuries and structural damage is a scenario scientists of long talked about this mission may be vital in protecting our planet, that is
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a crucial component of understanding what fit that goes to our old plan of the earth. we can't defend our self from objects which we don't know anything about next month. nasa plans to launch its dark spacecraft with the intention of deliberately colliding with an asteroid. it's all part of a planetary defense strategy, even as lucy begins. it's years long. search for answers and gallagher al jazeera miami, florida. meanwhile, a new crew is arrived at china's 1st permanent space station during the 6 months stay, the 3 chinese assaults will install equipment and prepare the station for further expansion. this is the 2nd of all missions needed to complete the space station by the end of next year. the u. s. bond china from working on the international space station. so it spent the last decade developing its own all as you were, you had yes, you brought in the coming days,
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we will work together carefully to carry out the mission and explore the universe. you go, i go. thank you for your support and care for chanson sorting come. we will live up to the expectations of the party and the people please. rest assured columbia is notorious as the world's largest supplier of cocaine, but it's now positioning itself as a producer, an exporter of another. drug marijuana is being legalized in many countries around the world. and as alessandra amputee reports columbia's government is hoping to take a big share of the market. a sea of medical grade maddie wine and grows at this farm in central columbia, 18 actors of bland equivalent to 25 football pitches. that clever leaves a columbian company with us investors grows with the highest quality standards. we look at this here. we the less every step of the process at years to strict i gene protocols. each plant is traced with the cure code. ah, but i think it's
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a good opportunity to upgrade. an example says the company's president of how columbus changing its attitudes towards drugs after decades of fighting against the legal drug, trade, columbia, and, or had a brand within the very wanna call it a legal marijuana industry. and one of the things we as a company, we're committed to was to change that image from columbia to something positive to something that brought science, that brought benefits to patients that brought benefits to people, work around the cannabis benefits. that could also bring huge profits. growing marijuana here is 4 times cheaper than in canada. the us, columbia could capture one 5th of the global market, $8000000000.00 a year, more than the countries exports of flowers and coffee combined. of course, we know we have tropical glo growing conditions. that means we have everything that greenhouse us elsewhere are trying to emulate. we have them here for free 12 hours of light, 2 hours of darkness every day,
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year round lucel conveners may see now it's, it's no surprise the president even duke came here to announce the country will begin exporting dr. cannabis flowers, just a few years ago, would have been impossible to imagine being in a legal mariana field in columbia. and now everybody's trying to get a piece of the action. governments have been promoting this business as a great opportunity for post conflict columbia, that many fear big players will squeeze out the local growers that are not backed by big cash. farmers in remote areas that have long may the living growing mario and illegally say the high cost of getting into the legal market. and the security issues have let them out of the current bonanza. there's a lot of will assume their money one amazing. since the beginning, the regulation of medical marijuana was a big company model. it was big format and export based on their strong barriers. exclusions for small growers, despite them being the ones to pay the way for the business years ago. and now
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companies with great lobbying power or taking advantage of that other smaller company se staying afloat stuff as the focus on the few beauty and health products so far and loud nationally. a low promotional cost of producing and maintaining medical cannabis is extremely high for small companies. they can't depend on a national market. if columbia would also bad on developing a dynamic, internal industry and families that have invested their savings, and this might have a chance to go. there is irony in the fact that a country so often associated with drug trafficking could become a power house of exporting drugs. legally, the risk though is that this new boom will remain in few powerful hands. allison that i get the i just the fisco now 24 hippos, who run free on the estate of a former colombian drug lord have been sterilized. as the authorities try to stop the group. getting larger, pablo escobar imported one male and 3 females from
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u. s. zoom in the 1980s since then heard, has grown unchecked to total 80 animals. environmental is say they disrupted the ecosystem. they once that once flamingos, giraffe zebras and kangaroos in the estates collection, but most were given away after the carter leader was shot dead. just want to bring you one on the story this our biggest festival of african cinema is courtney and wayne became a facet capital. what do good films showcase a pan african festival of cinema and television? also known as the 1st bako, are made by africans, mostly produced on the continent itself. a total of 17 productions have been shortlisted for the best form award. a festival has been running for more than 50 years and represents a rare opportunity for african storytellers to showcase their creations on
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a global stage. whereas more and everything right here, al jazeera dot com ah, just to wait, look at the top stories now and a taliban is pledging to step up security. she r mosques after the 2nd major attack against worshippers in a week. a mass funeral has been held in kandahar following a bomb attack on friday, which is now known to have killed 65 people and wounded more than a 100. i sell in afghanistan is claim responsibility. it's a group's 1st large scale attack in the.


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