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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm AST

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reports from hong kong. there were a total of 7 defendants in court, found guilty of the charge of inciting others to take part in on a legal assembly. now, this dates back to a protest on july 1st of last year, which is traditionally a day of protest here in hong kong at the anniversary of hong kong handover back to chinese rule. but it came at the height of the covert. 19 pandemic restrictions were in force to stop people gathering in numbers. so this was in contravention of that 5 of the defendants arrived here in court in prison bands. they were already behind boss. some of them denied bail others already serving length the prison sentences for. busy that party and other demonstrations last year, and they gave before sentences that will now be extended in some cases with the hunting down of these sentences of between 6 and 12 month, 2 of the defendants were out on bail. they arrived at this court in the district of
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hong kong to be greeted by supporters. there was some chanting as some speeches as they went in, one of the defendants tank and seeing is a very well known activist. his nickname is the bolt. he was not optimistic about his chances. he was not optimistic about hong kong. chances give him what is perceived here as the restrictions in free speech and the last couple years or come today and been sent to jail because of the freedom of speech or home congress or finding themselves in this prison without them or chrissy or freedom built by the judges and the government pro democracy group say the situation is deteriorated very quickly, especially since the introduction of the national security law in july of last year . given that it now covers it so many possible offences such as succession subversion, colluding with foreign entities. all things which they say can be so broadly interpreted. now the chief executive carry lamp the prob, aging pro,
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administration groups and parties here say it's thanks to this law that a sense of normalcy has returned sanity now prevails once more in hong kong, they say, and it is true that there are no longer riots on the streets via bombs, sub boy stations being trashed, but according to many people here, it is come with a terrible cost for hong kong in terms of the rolling back of many of the freedoms that they used to enjoy and basically ending up with an emasculated city of columbia is notorious, is the world's largest supply of cocaine, but it's now positioning itself as a producer and exports of another drug. marijuana is becoming increasingly legal around the world. the government believes columbia as well place to become a leading exporter of medical cannabis on the san to run pierre 2 reports now from pesca. a c, a medical grade mighty one, and grows at this farm in central columbia. 18 actors of plans equivalent to 25
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football pitches. that clever leaves, a colombian company with u. s. investors grows with the highest quality standards. we calculate here. every step of the pros has years district i gene protocols each player to strace with the q r code. but i think it's patricia, it's a great example, says the company's president of how columbus changing its attitude towards drugs. after decades of fighting against the legal drug trade, columbia, you know, had a brand within the very want to quality legal marijuana industry. and one of the things we, as a company, we're committed to, was to change that image from colombia to something positive into something that brought science, that brought benefits to patients that benefits the people work around the candidates benefits that could also bring huge profits. growing marianna here is 4 times cheaper than in canada. there were the u. s. columbia could capture one 5th of the global markets, $8000000000.00 a year, more than the countries exports of flowers in coffee combined. of course,
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we know we have tropical glo growing conditions. that means we have everything that greenhouse us else we're trying to emulate. we have them here for free 12 hours of light, 2 hours of darkness every day, year round lucel configured me. now it's, it's no surprise the president even duke came here to announce the country will begin exporting dr. cannabis flowers. just a few years ago, would have been impossible to imagine being in a legal mariana field in columbia. and now everybody's trying to get a piece of the action. governments have been promoting this business as a great opportunity for post conflict columbia. that many fear big players will squeeze out the local growers that are not backed by big cash. farmers in remote areas that have long made the living growing money un illegally say the high cost of getting into the legal market and the security issues have let them out of the current bonanza. there's the collateral, su,
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anybody want to me since the beginning, the regulation of medical marijuana was a big company model. it was big format and export based on the strong barriers exclusions for small growers. despite them being the ones to paved the way for the business years ago. and now companies with great lobbying power are taking advantage of that. and other smaller companies say staying afloat at stuff as they focus on the few beauty and health products. so foreign, loud nationally, a low cost of producing and maintaining medical cannabis is extremely high for small companies that can't depend on a national market. if columbia would also bad on developing a dynamic, internal industry and families that have invested their savings. and this might have a chance goes up. there is irony in the fact that a country so often associated with drug trafficking could become a powerhouse of exporting drugs. legally, the risk though, is that this new boom will remain in few powerful hands. allison and get the under
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the fisco relatives of venezuela's, former defense minister who died in jail on tuesday morning information on the cause of his death. the authorities say raoul bon jewel suffered heart failure, triggered by covered, but his family denied, had contracted the virus might well was arrested in 2009 on charges of corruption. after falling out with the then president or go traverse one about will. sons is also in jew of allegations of conspiracy. good. oh nathan, our son being i want to reiterate that we will not rest until there is justice because god and the world know that my father was murdered. i want to point out the integrity that we have for my brother who is still in the hands of his tortures and murderers of my father. he's still imprisoned and in pain, because unfortunately he saw my father die. he repeatedly begged for medical attention for my father and they ignored him. people in the capital of the canadian arctic territory have been told not to use any tap or so because it's been contaminated with fuel include resident started complaining about the smell of
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petrol in their water at the beginning of october. but the city authorities insisted it was safe. for nearly a week, alexandra buyers report the people of the callo it are relying on the river. since the beginning of october. they been afraid of what's coming out of their taps, choking petrol fumes when they wanted a glass of water. oily residue on dishes for this family. absolute fear when they had to bathe there 8 month old baby. we're hearing from friends and neighbors and people are getting headaches. are all or there's been other complaints like 5 arms . we just don't know. ah, it's, it's really scary to think that your baby ah, baby's house could be compromised. and her fears were just confirmed. high concentration of odor was discovered in one of the in ground water
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tanks at the water treatment plan. the results of water quality testing show exceedingly high concentration of various fuel components in the sample. in sample collected from but tank diesel or kerosene has leaked into a callo its water system. the government's declared a state of emergency. it's happening in one of canada's most remote cities, calloway. as in universe, the countries northern most territory home to a majority in the wheat population. the city gets its water from geraldine lake. the water treatment plant is a short distance away, but it's also right next to the power plant, which runs on diesel fuel. both are decades old and badly in need of repair. the city is going to examine the ground, the treatment plant is built on in hopes of finding the source of the contamination
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. water testing in colorado will continue for several months as will the search for who exactly is to blame ah, to cope the government, flying in tens of thousands of leaders of drinking water. bottled water is 5 times the price of the rest of canada. yesterday we gave out about 18000 meters of bottles of water to our citizens. and you know, when we were done, mothers with, with babies were, you know, saying, you know, what do i know? my baby and i know others were just what do i do? and it was heartbreaking, it really was probably the worst day at ad as mayor in the last 2 years. but for sema and her family, it's a clear example of one of canada's fundamental inequalities that despite being one of the most water rich countries in the world, $45.00 indigenous communities can't drink what comes out of their taps. and for the
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foreseeable future, a callo it is one of them. alexandra buyers, al jazeera. now what's expected to be nasa's longest and most extensive mission has blasted off from florida. 321. lift or lucy will be the 1st spacecraft to study jupiter's ancient trojan asteroids . it'll take 12 years and cover more than 6000000000 kilometers and aims to help explain the formation of the solar system and one of asteroids threats to earth. let's talk now to cali. how it, she's a planetary scientist, an associate professor at the university of ox, which is also an instrument scientist on the nasa. lucy mission and joins us from cape canaveral in florida. carly many, thanks for joining us here on the new. so what will we learn when they get to be here? what will we learn when they get close to jupiter?
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so we're actually not going to get close to jupiter at saw jupiter is quite a dangerous environment. it's got lots of radiation radiation belts. they want to avoid jupiter. we're going to the asteroids that a near jupiter at near being kind of a relative term space is bake. we're actually the closest to jupiter launch that we're going to be a tire mission. so it tells you just how far away from jupiter we're going to be. but these asteroids are located ahead of jupiter and behind jupiter, it's orbit. so the same distance from the sun just leading and trailing it. and then we're going to go and look at something we've never been cd terribly exciting . so these objects a hard to see from here that doc, this small, their long way from there. and so we really need to go there to see just what's in store for us. it's a mission of true exploration. we don't really know. it sounds like archaeology book instead of going back thousands of years is going back billions of years. you're absolutely right. i've been driving it space archaeology because that's how
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it bills. so these bodies we think, are remnants from solar system formation. they formed the same time as everything else in our solar system, but they're not changed. they're unlike the earth. we have the erosion of processors and it rain, a wind. these bodies have just remained as they formed. and so by understanding what they're made from, how they learn what their centers are made from. we're gonna understand it. an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle in china. fit together how our own solar system hold. lucky ology. definitely here. isa carly, an almost like a, a time capsule element to this. i mean, these asteroids in effect frozen in time. so they will look exactly as they looked when, what i guess the big bang happened. so a little bit after the big bang. so when our stella system formed about 4000000000 years ago, but yeah, an amazing time for me. we think of time captures, huge even sort of a decade log or a longer maybe. but yeah, this is billions of years old. so really excited to see and why they're interesting
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is we don't really know whether they formed at jupiter or maybe deep into our solar system may be near a pluto in the capable. and by finding out what they're made. but we can test our models. and we can use this sort of jigsaw piece of information to fit back together, whether whether everything in our solar system might have moved around, or actually whether things are quite static where they formed where they currently are and they're hung out there. so a really important piece here on earth that does seem to be something of a, a semi space race picking up just now we're talking today tonight here on al jazeera, about one or 2 countries in the middle east, india, israel, china, as well. we've been reporting just the past hour or so about the 3 chinese restaurants going up to their space station. why is it massa is going in this literally going in this particular direction where everyone else is thinking about, oh, space stations. the moon may be mars in a few years. then one of the great things about nasa is it has is very diverse
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portfolio. so we are going to the asteroids. there's actually another nasa mission that's going to be there. a metal asteroid called psyche. one would asli restricts returning asteroid information and particles literally from the surface, the asteroid. but there's also this amazing crude human component to nasir, as well as the ultimate program, a ryan dsl left is being developed. so just because we're going to the asteroid doesn't mean that human spaceflight is getting ignored. it's just it points to the how broad nasa portfolio is that are able to do this and humans based life. okay, great to talk shikari. thank you so much, connie, her joining us from cape canaveral in florida. well, as we were just mentioning there 3 chinese astronauts successfully docking on china's 1st permanent space station, the crew will spend 6 months working on the new platform the longest. any of the countries astronauts are spent up in orbit. the 1st section called chan he launched in april. this mission will focus on testing the living quarters. it's the 2nd of 4
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flights to complete the space station which china hopes to complete by the end of next year. new zealand governments has held a one off nationwide vaccination dates trying to get as many people immunized as possible against corona virus. the country had been loaded for its handling of the pandemic, but the vaccine rollout has been slow and is now struggling to contain an outbreak of the delta variant. is wayne, hey ah, it was called super saturday and was designed to entice new zealanders to get vaccinated against cove at 19. the goal was to administer 100000 doses in one day, which was easily surpassed. danishes gone hard to form its on, and i had just made really lazy. marietta, steve, nellie house. why madison? yeah. as coven cases rise mainly in the largest city, oakland giveaways and gimmicks were used to persuade people to receive the pfizer
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jab, including a vaccination center sit up on an annual and plane. there was particular focus on pacific island and indigenous multi communities with vaccination rates, a lower than others. overall, new zealand wants to have 90 percent of the eligible population immunized. it was 62 percent before super saturday. at the beginning of the pandemic museum adopted an elimination strategy. and for the most part it's been successful. but at the same time it's fallen behind much of the rest of the world when it comes to vaccinations. and with delta probably here to stay. the government is now racing to catch up. in the meantime, there are concerns the outbreak of the delta variant could get out of control. oakland is still largely locked down, but the government has abandoned its elimination strategy. the numbers continue to rise in the australian state of victoria to with almost 2000 new cases confirmed on saturday and 7 debts, including a 15 year old. but next week the state government says stay at home,
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orders will be lifted. if the vaccination rate reaches 70 percent over $5000000.60 victorians are now at least the 1st those for and i said that means that i dated half percent of the over 16 population. i'm has now had the 1st dose and 64.3 percent of had their 2nd us restrictions are also being eased in many asian countries including vietnam, where people can dine in restaurants for the 1st time in months. but the new freedoms are having a negative effect on the manufacturing industry. cove, at 19 locked downs in hoge, human city meant many factories that supply some of the world's biggest brands couldn't operate. now that they can, they don't have enough workers because many have left the city to return to their home provinces. the government estimates more than 2000000 may leave dealing another sit back to vietnam's economy and the global supply chain. wayne, hey, al jazeera towed on hughes ellen's. the daily death toll from cupboard in russia
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has surpassed 1000 for the 1st time since the outbreak began, the figure had been rising all week with the kremlin, blaming people for not taking up vaccinations. only about one 3rd of the countries, nearly 146000000 people are fully inoculated. russia's government has rolled out, imposing a nationwide lockdown. and you show, looking at the legacy of colonialism and the pre industrial role it played and starting climate change has opened in london. jessica baldwin went along to have a look. mountains of sugar piled high in a french warehouse, harvested in sugar cane plantations across the globe. the sweet cargo travels thousands of kilometers to feed europe. it's a pattern of tre, dating back hundreds of years. and is this exhibition argues that history holds the roots of current climate change. we are history challenges visitors to take
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a different perspective. to go back in time to when european nations colonized much of the world, extracting natural resources, forcing millions into slavery, and setting up the plantation system. from the colonial period onwards, we had these patterns of movements of shapes, movements of people, movements of product, movements of commerce, movements of communication. if we want to understand what climate change look fucking, how brought that about as a human species. we can look at our practices across hundreds of youth, works by artists with a personal connection to the developing world. trace the link between empire building and pillaging of the land and the native people. drawings by dutch sailors celebrating the plentiful as they arrived in africa, where their large scale plunder left
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a number of animals extinct the archive. photograph of young men and a boy piloting their canoe and madagascar seeks to re dignify the subjects, not a docile group. the black braid surrounding the hanging speaks to the enslaved people working together to resist as best they could be resilient, and to survive. we stand as a testament to that survival. and i think, you know, we, we live within a globalized systems that still use these extracted practices. and so actually, for the majority of people out there, they don't that, you know, that the economics of the plantation haven't really gone away. michelle is in a colonial era building. somerset house was the headquarters for the british navy. the power britain relied on to rule a large part of the world. the global trade patterns of that empire persist poorly paid factory workers in the developing world providing cheap goods to consumers in
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the north. jessica baldwin al jazeera london sports news is next to you on the news or including another sensational strike from little pools egyptian maestro. all the highlights coming up when we come back. ah, a $150000000.00 traits disappeared every year into the clothing that we all wear from up cycling to say the forest. the famous yellow dress made from blue jeans law to conserving the world. dwindling wetlands. 3 of the apes, world global bird migration white intersect right? where we are, he basically discovered a treasure trove. it is one of the most special wetlands on the plan and i for ice ecosystems. the light on al jazeera, j carpet ganga media censorship and the rise of their italian rule. you wake up one day. this system has been turned from an electoral democracy into
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a competitive authoritarian machine. a look at the love of power in hungarian with the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure on us. but we have to be very careful, of course, and we have to be brave enough to support that question how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera lou ah ah. came to sport his bar. peter, thank you so much for start with football and mohammed fella has been held to the best player in the world right now by his liverpool manager juergen club. i'm. there's good reason for such high praise for the 2nd straight primarily game the
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gyptian produced one of the goals of the season. this time mesmerizing watford. that was liverpool, sports goal of the match earlier. so i provide is super assist for sadie a monet to score his 100 goal in the league. liverpool hammered. watford 5 now with roberta for mino grabbing a hot trig. but that wasn't enough to claim man of the match. honors for most sala . it's obviously not about me else or whatever to say who is that? who is the best for me? he's the best. i see him every day. that makes it maybe more easy for me, but i'll miss 11 dorski all dairy stuff like this said melbourne. all those things scoring like crazy, messy m, still putting all performances on world class level. so, but they all these kind of things and others will come. but yes, in this moment. who's for sure. on top of that list, liverpool had gone top of the league before chelsea regain top spot. they edge past
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fellow london side brentford defender been cho well scoring the only go one the game just before half time. chelsea are just one point i have a liverpool, manchester, united record unbeaten run of 30 away games and lee was ended by lester united forward markets. rochefort marked his 1st game of the season with an equalizing goal late in the match. but less than a minute later, lester found a winner thanks to jamie barty, a goal and stoppage time from zambian pats and dac. i gave lester a for to victory. i know her team and a hard to be played against was repression, will win and be not aggressive. i and then that leads is to you. yeah. so in particular 2nd now if we were very good, it's certainly the situation that we have to turn around because i'm in isolation. one gay might be a e can often, but then we've lost too many points in the last few lee games. of course,
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away from home. we've been very solid. not really conceited, too many chances in too many. yeah, too many goals, but today the goals that we conceded were disappointing. a happier afternoon for the blue half of manchester said he scored a 2 nell victory over burnley goals coming for from bernardo silva and kevin de bern. yeah. man city are 3rd in the table, 2 points from chelsea. i please always play good. sorry. because the, the dig you've everything in the gave you a difficult game of to international break. a team is over organized like you asked to adjust and adapt to way to play. so i'm so satisfied for the the game we played and a victory we had. oh, mine is getting ready to seize its place in the sporting spotlight. the country is set to stage the t 20 cricket world cup. a man is co hosting the turn of it
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alongside the united arab emirates. the event was originally set to be held in india, but the location was switched due to the co with $900.00 ban demik. the host played pop on new guinea in the opening match on funding. bangladesh will then take on scotland. we spoke to the men in charge of money, cricket about the work that's being done to prepare we had no public stands. we had no facilities for spectators. and we've had to create something and we have no media box. we had no press for some of these. so we've created a media, sand press boxes, 24 corporate units, and about 4000 spectators to see things. so quite amount of quite a large amount of infrastructure has, as has been moved. i think it's so well timed in the sense that we were just about
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to embark on our raw students development program. and this will do a world of good and considering the fact that even local sports channel is going to live covered and all the 6 games that are being being hosted over here. that itself will do us a lot of good alabaster redsox had the chance to leveled their baseball playoff series with houston rockets later this saturday. game to their best of 7 series takes takes place and just a few hours. things didn't go quite to plan for the red sox on friday there pitcher rocha kazis. samara was making his po, season debut, had a top outing. martin maldonado on the receiving end of one of his wilder pitches. 54 to the astros. the alley dodgers will face the greys and game one of the nationally championship series, also on saturday. okay, and that is all your spot for now. peter, back to you far. i thank you so much. that's it for me, pete, adobe, and the late team here in doha london is next. we will see you very soon to the
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moment. thanks for watching. bye for now. oh. the world is warming and green linds ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland. the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, indonesia, the country with an abundance of results. right? aren't won indonesia, his firms. for me,
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we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for real economy, blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create all jobs invest. let's be part of linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now, a question the narrative. you don't have ways to check whether dc information is real or not. you don't have any way to verify, identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm here to tell you that i think that many people die because of the listening pace deconstruct the media analysis era. on counting the cost, the battle for influenza latin america, after seating round to china,
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the u. s. takes to win over its neighbors with billions of dollars. the new investment and online learning took off during the pandemic, but can be had to take thought. i'd turn a profit counting the cost on algebra here. ah. the taliban pledges to step up security at sheer mosques as a mass funeral is held for the $48.00 victims of the latest i. so bombing in afghanistan. ah, i, marianna mozy in london watching al jazeera also coming up.


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