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hungary, i experiences if those who live it every day that is a pressure on us. but we have to be very careful, of course, and we have to be brave enough to support that question. how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news. i live from dough are coming up in the next 60 minutes. ah, a she is more there dead. and the kandahar mosque lost the taliban promises to step up security for the minority community in afghanistan. the worst crisis of saddam's transition, a warning from the countries prime minister as more protests,
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the cold. there is a review that's underway has been underway in the last 24 hours. the u. k. plans, a security overhauls were m p 's after the fatal staffing of the conservative politician david amos. 321, a nasa launches a new mission to learn more about the origins of our solar system. and in sport for the 2nd straight. primarily game mohammed saw produces one of the goals and the season as liverpool thrash, watford, fly, he now ah, welcome to this news. i will start in afghanistan with the taliban is struggling to deal with a deteriorating security situation and attacks on minorities. the group has pledged to step up sir. he, at sheer mosques after
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a suicide bomb attacking kandahar killed at least $48.00 people on friday. i so claim responsibility, funerals for the victims are being held in the city. it is the 2nd attack targeting afghanistan, shia minority in a week after a bombing conduce, killed at least 60 people of the u. s. as offer compensation to the families of those it killed in a drone strike. in august, the car was targeted in the belief it was part of an i so bomb plot. 10 civilians including 7 children, were killed. let's go live now to cobble and our correspondent that stephanie deca . steph, is the taliban administration? i guess you could call it visibly stepping up security. are you aware of it on the streets there and cobble? yes. so certainly even today we saw that we went to a couple of the ministries and you could see there were different security procedures in place as they had been before. you can tell that they are now starting to take this seriously. over the last couple of weeks,
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we've been asking this question whether i so in afghanistan is a threat and it was always down played. i think, you know, having looked at the events of the last 2 weeks or so where you've seen an increase in pace, an increase in scope, particularly in geography of the attacks carried out by the group. you know, verging from the east of afghanistan to the north, to condos, here in cobble. so and, and now in the south in taliban heartland fiedler peters, this is really a message by i sold to the taliban. is trying to disrupt as the group is trying to govern these have been unpredictable attacks at the moment. certainly, you know, in places of worship that also attacking a mosque here in cobble where senior members of the taliban were gathered. and, but they're still relatively soft targets. if you look at it, you know, and couldn't dues and in kandahar not a soft target. what happened here that was a real breach of security and we can see it on the streets around where we are. there's been security threats as well, and taliban have stepped up and you know it's security in various forms. so i think
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we are getting indication that the taliban is realizing that this is now going to be an issue moving forward just briefly. we did hear from the interior ministry a couple of days ago, significantly in a press conference telling its fighters, setting that out of on to look inwards for any signs of infiltration among them of idle fighter. so it'll give you a sense that i think now certainly this is becoming an issue that they're aware of . they're going to have to deal with. and also you reporting for a staff on this, a compensation for the victims all that drones strike. they worked out the details about yet. no, i think that said that's the very good point. they've said that they will give compensation to the family members of the victims. you mentioned there are 10 people killed, including 7 children. are the said come calling it a tragic mistake? what form that monetary compensation is going to take? we don't know. i'm also the families been asking to leave afghanistan and we spoke to some of the family members earlier today. and this is what they had to say. clumsy cargo start the u. s. that they will provide aid and they will compensate us
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and all that so far. they haven't done any of those. and they said they will take us to the us, but they haven't. no, definitely. we are eager to go because we are under security threats every minute and every 2nd of our lives are in danger. i love, i miss my friends so much. nobody can understand our pain, they have harmless enormously and ended our friendship. i even dream of them. so you look at these attacks, peter, you know, attacks by i so coalition attacks against civilians. and you know, i was talking to someone yesterday who said this is just simply you of course, now you have the taliban in governance trying to prevent the kinds of attacks these to carry out themselves. and he said, well, you know, this is nothing new, this is afghanistan, it's that it's just the faces that change. but the death remain. so i think, you know, it's very difficult at this point in time. many people still wanting to leave the country, not just because they're afraid of the taliban, but also because of the dire economic situation here as a consequence of the international community withholding millions and millions of
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dollars of much needed cash. stephanie, thanks so much stephanie. like a johnny his life from comp protest is a gathering incidence capital to mon grace a representation in government. the rallies been organized by alliance of an groups and opposition. members. tension is growing between civilian and military leaders. the prime minister says the divisions of causing the worst crisis, yet in the countries transition to work civilian rule. about 2, i would not be exaggerating. if i said this political crisis is the worst and most dangerous crisis that threatens the transition and even threatens our entire country and warns of a terrible evil. this is due to the deep splits among civilians and among the military as well as between the civilians and the military. had been morgan joins us live now from caught tomb. hipaa there are protest planned in the capital. it looks and feels like a potentially dangerous situation. the
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yes indeed, especially because the people who have said this process today, they were break away from the main forces. are we doing change formation? that's the coalition and government process against presidents. i'm going to be here, which eventually led to the military, overthrowing him in april 2019. now they have the most of those who make up the coalition, that cope or protest today have suspended their membership in the main forces of freedom and change. because they say that they did not feel that they were included and they did not feel that they were represented during the talk for power sharing agreement. however, when the transitional government was formed in august 2019, that governments went on, can you go see a with those groups who are now included in the transitional government. so you have some of them in the. 6 ministry of finance, they have set out for them. indeed, yet to be formed transition legislative assembly. but they say that they want a presentation in all states of the country because they say that would have make them able to reach more people for the elections that are be held at the end of the
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transition period. so the, we've seen this group calling for why do presentation some of the people here in the process calling for the complete solution of the current transitional government and saying that they want a government to replace the current minister. they say that this government has failed to deliver the most of the revolution, and they feel like, unless it's dissolved, then this country will not go forward. hipaa, thank you very much. more than a chinese life from cartoon. colleagues, here is the managing partner at insights strategy partners. he joins us on skype from cartoon as well. hello, welcome to the news. why was last, he is a peace agreement, not successfully implemented hello. there weren't many challenges and they're all linked to the fact that, you know, this coverage we have right now is very bifurcated. it's split into civilian and military actions. and as the prime minister laid out speech yesterday,
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even within those 2 camps, you find different fractions set up, trying to get agreement on. even things occur alarmingly agreed upon joined the peace agreement is going to be difficult. and also you have whole that group that didn't sign the piece agreement and other groups, particularly from the east that were not properly and meaningfully consulted. and so have withdrawn or disavow the piece agreement as it currently is to the piece of image itself as a document faces a lot of contestation and beyond that the implementation matrix which sets out, you know, the different activities that are meant to happen in accordance with the agreement, the m has seen many, many delays, including chiefly the conference on federal governance which that sort of sets out how sedan has to be governed from budgetary to state level, to national level considerations. but the political hierarchy saying this is the most dangerous crisis that we've ever had, only takes the conversation so far. so how does the political hierarchy get beyond this kind of triangular blame game?
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because you got members of parliament, civilian politicians, blaming the cabinet. you've got the cabinet blaming the military and you've got the military blaming the politicians. i mean, the one thing to remember is that this isn't the fair sign. that sedan has been through this. and there's a lot of, you know, sort of data delux i think, for a lot of people who have seen both the 2 previous at transition. so doesn't by no means a surprise. i think what is different. this sounds that you have a lot more of each group. we have a lot more civilian actors and have a lot more armed access to it. and even within the official arm, who's there at least 2 very big camps. and so you're trying to reconcile all of these moving pieces of all of these interests are quite frankly, with, without a framework of how to do so. the constitutional document does not provide for a framework to see through their transition if the different elements of, of the position of document itself are not being met. and if that you've a feasible image assigned last year in many ways,
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undermines the original constitutional document of 2019 said, there are lots of things to figure out. i think the salient point from the prime minister speech yesterday was that there should be civilian liens for seeing who some of these issues rather than having this faction, which it stays. protests rely so heavily on military as palomo, man, military forces that peace agreement uses some quite complex language. i mean, at one point it talks about a civilian pathway dot, dot, dot. that must be a pathway towards a completely civilian administration. but that's something that the agreement doesn't clearly point to and then behind a lack of direction, you've got the military often the background, presumably turkeys, don't vote for christmas, the military. and i'm going to say yes to that. i mean, it's not just the military. we always sort of knew that the military was going to try and resist this in as many ways as possible. i think what's interesting to me at the moment is that the armed act as that did sign, did you reach vermont last year and so didn't find
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a political dispensation within this government. all the ones now calling for changes even having had that initial interest met. and beyond that, ironically you now have people on the streets of cartoons demanding civilian lead or civilian rules through alliance with the military. um, so there are lots of, obviously a lot of conversations that need to be thought and a lot of space that needs to be given to have some of these conversations needs. but more importantly, we need more concrete action around how to make that happen. hello sir. they're in cartoon, thank you very much. if the security of british m, p is, is being reviewed after the killing of a longstanding politician and what the police are described describing as a terrorist incident. so david amos was stabbed to death at a meeting with constituents on friday afternoon. the okay home secretary, pretty patel says steps will be taken to prevent such an attack happening again. there are measures underway right now. i can be meeting yesterday. i had been with
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this speaker of the house and with the police and our security services to make sure that all measures are being put in place for the security of mp so that they can carry on with their duties as elected democratic members. well, the u. k. prime minister boris johnson and the leader of the opposition, secure storm, went to the site to pay their tribute to day a 25 year old man is being held in custody on suspicion of murder. after being arrested at the scene, rory challenge says you k m p 's are united in that reaction to the murder of david amos, forrest johnson, an kiss tom a both came down together. 2 men who are in their day jobs are on opposite sides of the divide quest. of each other's motives, question each other's integrity. today they put that aside and i think that's the message that is coming loud and clear from westminster. this has transcended it's overcome those normal divisions that you see in british political life. forest
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johnson said that david, i misses one of the kindest, nicest, most gentle people in politics. and that's the kind of message you're hearing about him from all parties and friends from old people who knew him. the messages in the tribute sort of being left have a very similar tone to them, essentially saying that he was a kind man and a dedicated public 7 man who was killed essentially doing something that was integrity to his job. he was going out there and he was meeting the public face to face that, that the police, the saying, this is a terrorist investigation. now it's harry investigation. that's the metropolitan police that is looking after the investigation. the early investigation, they say, has revealed a potential my situation, links to islamic extremism, but that's as far as that goes with that at the moment. if politicians, if m p 's author carry on meeting the public face to face, it's an activity that is so crucial to their jobs is crucial to how they operate as
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public servants bots. it makes them vulnerable. the french president has condemned a crackdown on algerian protests that happened 60 years ago in paris. emmanuel micron was mark in the anniversary of the rent in 1961. algerians had been protesting against french colonial rule when the police reacted violently and dozens of demonstrators were killed. speaking on saturday, monsieur macklin said the crackdown was inexcusable. lots more still to come for you here on the news hour, including a snob for the leader of me and mars june said the block of southeast asian countries bars min on lie from his its summit later this month. and we'll go live civic in a fast. so we're africa's biggest film festival is now underway. defying and insurgency and global pandemic in sport. the houston astros take some hits in game one of their playoff series with the boston red sox. pharisee of with that story.
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ah, se asia's regional block is excluding me a margin to achieve from its summit later this month. the move by assay, anne is a rare rebuke to the military rulers who toppled me in mass civilian government. in february, the armies failure to comply with a road map to peace agreed to earlier this year has frustrated members of asean, more than 1100 people had been killed more than 7000 arrested since the military seized power. debbie start is the founder of out see, and burma. that's a network of organizations working to support human rights and democracy and me and mom, she says violence has increased despite the so called road map to peace. that military rulers did agree to in the 5 months following the adoption of this roadmap, the 5 point consensus in april was seen any 3500. $34.00
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military attacks either targeting or humming civilian, less than 840 percent increase from the same period last year. so we really need to start thinking about working with the un security council and other international partners to push the military into a cessation of violence in order for any kind of peace agreement or peace process to be started. this goes back also reminds us of the process back in 2006 where there was pressure to deny me on the channel. because it was ruled by a military who at the time. and in that situation, the rebuked at the time such a read that the who had to say face and withdraw from the chair. so i think this is also a similar move by making this statement, saying that they will not have a political representative from the at the upcoming summit. as he and his gambling
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on the fact that many senior gentlemen, my included, was quietly withdraw from the sea. at this time, lebanese prime minister has indicated that he will not intervene to remove or defend the judge who is investigating the explosion at the bay route port area. last year, 7 people were killed in sectarian violence on thursday. after has bullen cold, a process to demand the replacement of the judge. after meeting the minister of justice, the prime minister, nat geo mcafee's set his government, would not interfere with the work of the judiciary. the police of detained 19 people in relation to the violence of smith is in beirut. those arrested were identified on c t. v recorded in the area of tell you night at the time the violence broke out on thursday night now has viola is repeated not kick accusation
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that that protest is what ambushed by people from the lebanese christian forces. party, as those has been support is protested in that area. it's on a dividing line between a christian communities. now the lebanese christian forces lead us. i mean, georgia has gone on radio denying they were anything to do at anything to do with the fighting on thursday. night is that they were having a meeting in the area and the meeting was to decide what steps they would take. it judge tara baton was removed as the leading, investigating judge into the port explosion. and they said that decided they, coal for a general strike. and he said the a they knew that was going to be processed in the area and enough for i have a military presence that to make sure it passed off peacefully. as we know it didn't. and john said what happened was a mini civil war. now he says the army is arrested what he called snipers and they need to tell us who they are, where they have come from. now,
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some of the political leader of the writing back party has bola, the most powerful party here in lebanon. he's going to speak on monday night and he will address what happened on thursday denied in that speech. the president of central african republic has declared a unilateral cease fire with armed groups. forced in our shines to darrow says he hopes it'll protect civilians from further violence. there's been ongoing fighting since the former president francois was easy, was deposed in 2013 as left more than a 1000000 people displaced the coalition of patriots for changes and alliance of armed groups. it says it will respect the sci fi, the c, p. c, control some 2 thirds of the country. last december, it launched a major offensive and tried to capture the capital bungie. the attack was designed to unseat president to a data and prevent his re election that month. after his re election, he called for national reconciliation while seeking support for his flagging army,
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from russia and rwanda to the countries other main rebel groups, rebirth of the central african republic and the union for peace have refused to respect the truce offer mano, like wednesday, is a lecturer at the university of aberdeen. he is also the author of inherent and contemporary challenges to african security. he says the agreement of a ceasefire by a major rebel group is a significant development this particular group, this e, p c, is actually one of the largest. so they are, compliance is a significant i'm whether it's an office, another question, but the fact that you have the government site and the c p. c group agreeing to some sort of a, a ceasefire is significant for a significant portion of the country. so the, the, what the president said is that the ones to allow in some, a humanitarian aid and
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a space for dialogue so that they can resolve some of the issues. so yes, these 2 groups agree to assist for fire hoss us significant potential. it's clear that a former president francois was easy once power, but a lot of these groups are already controlling areas that have some minerals that it can make money from. so date to have the ambition to did defend the territories idea control and the minerals that day control that they are people within these boots or want to take power. i think his biggest film festival is opening right now in between of us as capital was due to the much anticipated pan african festival of cinema and television known as fest parker was postponed because of the global pandemic. this year. 17, out of a 1000 movie entries have been short listed for the best film award. event stipulates that all films must be made by africans and mostly produced on the
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continent. nicholas, hark genesis live here on the news are out. why go to hi there. nick, so this is really good news. i mean at a time when we're still seeing optics reflecting a different vision of africa to have african films made by africans in africa, we will see a completely different kind of prism a different interpretation of the issues. that's exactly, it just sounded up. i mean, for it in the words of one of the jury member, this is a resurrection of african center made. it gives the opportunity for young family filmmakers to give a different narrative and narrative that you don't often see. in mainstream cinema, we just saw early on abdur rahman sees the co, the president of the jury, who made a movie about tim book to a few years ago, a critique of the situation there when armed groups had taken over. northern molly, you also had been entirely a brick in abbey filmmaker who had made a movie about 4 young women who attempted to take
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a bus from to car to lagos by land. and as you know, on a plane, it takes just a few hours to travel, but by land. the young women went through hurdles. hurdles that many africans go through when they cross borders, the opening film in the film by metal job at franco senegalese filmmaker, that m me this movie called atlantic, about a young senegalese migrant leaving senegal to go to europe. but it's more about those that have left behind that never hear back of those migrant that take that difficult journey by see peter, where do they get the backing from makes these movies? i mean, presumably, some of them nick, a quite blue bunches, affairs, but you've still got to be able to pay your director of photography, your camera, man, your son, man. and of course your axes, your directors, and producers. up here. remember, this content has normally what, which is the biggest, biggest kind of industry after bollywood here,
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aside from hollywood. and there's many filmmakers that make movies that are not destined for the big and silver screen, but maybe that are watched on mobile phones. and there is a growing market for that, according to a recent research done by the united nation and unesco, there's a potential of a 20000000000 dollar industry year to make movies. and that's why we're seeing young filmmakers take up this industry is also the, the cost of technology has changed. they no longer leg need big cameras and big investors to do so. but remember, given the situation, given that there's a boom in the digital market, there's also new distributor is new platforms for young filmmakers to express themselves. and you know that the movie atlantic that we just discussed is distributed by netflix and here at fest bucko, what's interesting is you don't have the usual producers or distributors associated
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to big cinema. you also have netflix. you also have can help loser various places where these filmmakers will able, will be able to distribute their film there filament in their industry. i mean, some of the films that have come out recently in this fest bucko that will be played out in this film festival. have been already noted at the cannes film festival at sundance. there's this movie from a young director from las las soto, a country that doesn't even have a cinema in it, and has produced an excellent movie called this is a funeral. but a resurrection, a story of an old lady trying to ensure that a dam is now being built on its land. these social narratives appealed to an african audience. and there's an audience that is big enough here to attract and to make money for young filmmakers. and that's what this film festival is all about.
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the realization that they don't need to go abroad to, to make a profit by making a film, there are distributors, there are ways to make money and to make quality african cinema for an african audience. peter, nick, thank you very much. nicholas out there joining us live from one to do still come here. the news i saw you some of hong kong is most local activists on jail, sending shock waves through the pro democracy movement and displaced afghans was still living in camps out a decades of war. se instability and insecurity is making their lives worse. and this was, he is amman is getting ready to seize its place in the sporting spotlight pharmacy with that story in 20 minutes. ah,
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now iraq has had a hot year, as you probably know, in temperatures even recently and back that have been about 40. but the full cost for sunday and beyond is to see temperatures slowly come down. the still a bit of a breeze can be then fat, that orange just dust or sand in the air grants, recuperate eastern and saturday, and then towards cut our bahrain. otherwise, it's a quiet looking picture, but round the fringe is not quite as quiet. for example, unusually, there's rain in the finals of india, some will come across and don't pakistan was snob and the hindu kush strike beyond that. but the caspian in the black seat is now an increase in the likelihood of shout rain snow. of course, for some of the heights in the southern caucasus, and the turkey. what's happening recently in greece, the story weather's moving east was now dispersed. we'll see a lot of rain, i think on the north coast of turkey and a few shares, and through syria and lebanon, south of that, the onshore breeze will make you feel cooler as well. now off the monsoon is still light, it's very dry looking now through somalia and kenya. but there are big chows further
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west, particularly india, congo, where masses of them are moving around slowly. the same is true of cameroon and gabble. the retina coast is coming south slowly with the sun. ah, the question the narrative. you don't have ways to shake whether dc information is real or not. you don't have any way to verify, identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating the smith. i'm going to tell you that i think that many people die because of the lifting pace, deconstruct the media analysis era in the country with an abundance of results for the parade and walk indonesia, his firms. for me,
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we move pool to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou ah you're watching l 0. you.


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