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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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little of what was to come with family bon severed, a traumatized child, torn between 2 worlds, struggles to return home in a profoundly human story, exposing deep floors in denmark's adoption system. a girl in return, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah 10100 hours gmc 1 pm here in doha. hello, i'm come all santa maria, open to the news hour on al jazeera. i so says it is behind a suicide bomb attack on a mosque in kandahar on friday. it killed $48.00 afghans and displaced afghans to
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living in camps after decades of war. se instability and insecurity are only making their lives worse. also in the news, 7 pro democracy, activists in hong kong, sentenced to prison for their role in protests in july last year. and 19 people arrested in lebanon, just days after the was fonts and decades. we will have a live uptake from barrett and his fault, sir, killing him by fe, is the match, went affirm perry sanjay man and by firing his st. civic g o. j, extending beast was laid off the french late. mm. so assigning his out with that kind of stuff we're tell about leaders are sending a delegation to is becca stump. this is part of a push for more support and recognition, but really there are big security issues at home right now to deal with after another major attack i saw in afghanistan, who said it was behind the killing of 48 people in
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a she or mosque and the taliban stronghold of kandahar nearly 100 others injured with several suicide bombers reported to have been involved. it follows a similar attack in the northern city of condos last week. let's start with stephanie deca in kabul. and stephanie, just in the way that over the last decade, oh so we would immediately assume it was the taliban behind her attack. now it's starting to look like iso. absolutely, and i think it was summed up perfectly by a gentleman. i was told you yesterday and he just shrugged and he said, listen, you know, this is nothing new. they just changed their faces. but that constant death remains the same. what you have now is an insurgency group, the taliban having to govern a country, and they've only had 2 months at it. and now having to deal with the kinds of attacks preventing those kinds of attacks. they used to carry out themselves. and i think, you know, before, in the last couple of weeks since we've been here, we've all these questions about i sold in afghanistan because there's been, you know, you had the airport attack,
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you had the mosque attack here in cobble just about 2 sundays ago. all asking them about how concerned and how big an issue this was and usually that the, you know, the message from the leadership was the say we have it under control. it's not a problem. now particularly when we've had this strike in kandahar in the seat of power of the taliban, it's birthplace. the 1st of its kind assign a message, a very brazen message from iceland, afghanistan. and certainly we're, we're seeing the difference on the ground even just here in cobble come all we've been round the ministry this morning trying to talk to some senior leaders. security has been tight and i think they're realizing now that there really is a serious issue here. to deal with, let's build on that. then step 3, the idea of life on the ground. lie behind you. i can hear all sorts of sirens and, and horns honking as well. but just how is life foreign? every day afghan progressing at the moment for going to work for, you know, is there a possibility to go to school him and the light while it's progressing with incredible difficulty, particularly because it's facing a severe economic crisis. collapse,
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there is no cash here. people cannot get access to cash. those who work, you know, on a day wage bases don't. there are no jobs. a lot of this links back to the fact that you've got millions of dollars of international, you know, funds being withheld while you have this political stand off between the tide about into international community. the fact is that this country is hugely dependent on that kind of cash to survive. it's become dependent over the last 2 decades on that . so what you see is a real sort of false degrading here of society of the economy. people can't feed themselves compounded by the fact that if god has don, has had his worst drought and over 30 years, people will tell you that it's never been so difficult. and interestingly enough, you know, a lot of people want to leave right now because of the taliban. at the same time, a lot of people will tell you it's not the taliban. i want to get away from me. it's the economic situation. so they're really the impact of the political standoff
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between the 2 sides, if you will be in charge of managing the town about is being most severely felt on the ground. and just briefly, you asked me about schools. we are hearing one of the un unicef. i, the officials who was here last week just told journalists that he expects potentially the tyler on to allow girls to go back to school secondary school. this is from 6th grade to 12 soon. so we're gonna have to wait and see that will be soon as significant concession that the injunction community is fighting for. but the same time i think security wise with these kinds of attacks by i. so that's also going to be a real issue for them to secure on whatever day that that is announced that that'll happen here. baby steps as an alright stephanie deca with her a sort of slice of life from cobbled a. thank you for that. stephanie. meanwhile, millions of people displaced by the decades of war that we've seen in afghanistan are increasingly concerned by all this instability, those living in, make shift camps fear. they may have to stay longer. hash marlboro, as i report now from musser sheriff mama. thus, mohammed asked,
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lamb doesn't have much time before winter arrives. he wants to complete his new mud, brick house, a vis scan on the outskirts of the afghan city of missouri. the father of 9 children says they could no longer live in the small towns he erected when they 1st arrived here from a neighboring village. when i'm is all my them, as this is full mouth, at least i feel safe by house was destroyed in the war. so the camp has become my home and my children's future maintenance. close as winter approaches, families become anxious. food supplies have shrunk, and aid has nearly stopped. the few international agencies that have looked after the displaced are struggling to bring aid into afghanistan, but most of the border crossings with neighboring countries are closed, and ad deliveries are restricted bacardi pocket. he's all these people are job losses and they cannot afford to buy food and most have been living in tents for
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months. it's getting cold and people are starting to worry about the future. this school was recently built by an n g o for teachers and students. it offers an escape from life, beset by conflict and destruction. armies are harrison unlike the cam because i don't want to go back to my village this know where to live there. a house was destroyed. i feel safe here. sarah and her family have sought refuge here. she says her house in condos was destroyed and her relatives were killed. she doesn't want to go back, but this isn't the place where she wants to spend her life either. as the glam yeah, they're going on that isn't it? i'm not that my children get cold at night and some of them is sick. i don't have money to buy food. if only i had a place where we can live in dignity, thousands of people, half leather villages in northern afghanistan, many of them, and it up living here. traumatized by a war that has shattered lives and separated millions from their families. for
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decades, refugees, and those displaced by war were told it was just a matter of time before they could get back home. now, many are still living in camps, and some are now married with children, the promise of resettlement and a permanent shelter will always delayed by war and instability. to day millions of afghan refugees and internally displaced may still have to wait and hope that one day that we have a place to call home. hash marbella al jazeera, on the outskirts of missouri sharif. one final note on afghanistan, the pentagon says it will pay compensation to the families of the victims of a drawing strike in kabul. you remember this 10 afghan civilians including 7 children killed in that strike on august 29th. during the final days of the u. s. troop withdrawal, washington originally said that struck targets linked to iceland. afghanistan. the
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pentagon has offered condolences and says it will work towards relocating surviving family members to the united states. on to other news and lebanon, 11900 people have been detained in relation to those. these gun fights in bed route 7 people were killed in the worst day of the tarion violence, years fighting which began after approach that's called by have the law. and we're demonstrating against the judge. she was investigating last year's port last, excuse me, lebanon observed a dave morning on friday, while the funerals held for those killed in the fun. let's go to a root now, here is bernard smith and 48 hours on bernard. take us to the latest development. come all those who were arrested were identified on closed circuit television that was recorded as the as the violence exploded around tell you night on thursday night it's an area where there's a divided christian and she, it's communities now as bullet maintains that protest is walked into an ambush by
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the lebanese christian forces that protest is demanding the removal of talent baton as the leading investigative judge into the bay report explosion, lebanese christian forces deny and involvement that lead to some a ga, gave an interview on friday nights on radio and lebanon. he said they were nothing to do with it. he said they've been having a meeting, in fact, in that area to decide what action they would take. if the judge was removed from the investigation, they decided they called for a general strike. he said they'd heard that was going to be a protest, and they'd ask for a heavy military presence that to make sure the march, the protest passed off peacefully. we know he didn't and just said what from 5, what transpired was a mini civil war. he says, the army has now arrested these snipers. the snipers appeared all on various roof tops. he says, let's find out who they are and identify them. and then we'll know where they are
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from. now. as bowl is political lead, a have some corolla, he's gonna speak on monday night, as vala iranian box. and by far the biggest political also in lebanon, he's going to speak and he will speak to the events that happened on thursday. that's pony smith, with the updates from beirut. thank you. burnett. and now sammy itala is with us, the founding director of the policy and they should have a think tank there in lebanon. i was reading some of your tweets earlier today, sammy, and you started one of them by simply saying, lebanon is at his. is at an impasse. i feel that could have been written at any time in the last 102030 years. really take us through the, the, the peculiarities of the impasse right now. sure, thank you for having me here. and 1st of all, we are very critical juncture. and as you very was, that would be
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a critical talk to the last few years. but this one, the investigation of the exposure is very critical because there are political forces has an other political party. that's the one, the instigation to continue. and in fact, what's the context? we see that the political establishment christian parties, as well as the need to have content injected being held accountable for managing the conflict. so now what we see actually more particularly on the explosion in the lead and helping the investigation and raise the bar so much the investigation will not continue on the judge. the tar. this is what the impact is because the government refused to concede to that 2 days ago. hence the, the, the counselor need and has this left the process to show the political board by has . and in addition to that, we've seen that the lebanese forces had loyce the situation to their own and,
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and trying to actually create the chaos that happen when, what, what is, in my opinion, are actually responsible for the station on the ground. so you talk about what's below taking the lead here, particularly when it comes to the port explosion. i do, people respond positively to that. i know not everyone will support has beloved, but they would support the idea of someone some group trying to get some justice for what happened. and i think here is the, the major bottom number that i know it's the bottle of nervous because there is a group of people who say that have it's an effective date. we need to have to be taught with an independent judge. do his work with elliptical and did edition and did aquatic home. he's been facing, as well as the attempt to legitimize the whole process. and then as a group, that is actually because it has my luck,
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but i love it. and i can hold the tablet here to say that no, it should be taught, it's not an independence judge, and he must be removed. and this is placing a major to a narrative and a major conflict and lebanon. and i think that's really terrible because this is actually being they also telling us that if the investigation continue, this is what the chaos and violence on the ground. so they're trying to sway even public opinion against the judge to actually hold the investigation investigation in lab. and then we've never had any public investigation in any crime. they don't want to be held accountable for anything for the court exposure or the financial explosion that besides the one of the country. so we know, and we've seen several attempts as successfully unfortunately my, the political establishment to help you investigation and protect themselves as
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a political, you know, because of the issue here right now is that the president of the republic is at a very critical situation. is the ally of a loss, as well as he needs 2 cases of christian constituency that actually is in favor of the investigation. and this is what the impasse to just go back to your 1st question is, is, and is it not all compounded just briefly by the fact that's lebanese politics and correct me if i get any of this wrong, the, the president has to be american christian, the prime minister has to be sunni, and the how speak has to be she forgive me if i got any of those around the wrong way. but you know, when it's when it's actually set in stone like that, it creates those divisions even more. yeah, but i think the disconnect too that they could lose the in the by minister and to think of the hub, they often could lose government the country and lifting the cause of the country. often people focus on when they are in the demon,
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but they don't focus on when they actually make me an inclusion. and this case, there is the agreement between, as i said the question then not because your person because he has sort of competition or election coming up. and he doesn't want to lose the ground level courses, which is another christian part that they compete in the same district versus the law. and the president was also the president has to be is or is because if he wants to make his son or the president of the country, when you go to an impact, as we're talking about political patients, put like the reason and using confession and cortez to actually, when it's key to the politics or do extraordinary complicated, isn't it? but we thank you for your time and explaining it to me atalla,
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joining us from day rate today. thank you. we are 16 minutes past the hour. here's what's coming up. this is the worst crisis threatening our transition. the message from saddam's prime minister as more protests are called u. k. police reveal more details about the killing of m p. david amos. politicians from all parties express 1st shock and an insult he's the nash strode, takes them his game, one of their play, a series of bob to read books. and you will have that a little like ah, going to, hong kong with 7 activists have been sentenced to prison for their roles and the pro democracy protests last year. their sentences range from 6 to 12 months. i have been accused of inciting others to take part in unauthorized assembly. he's robert bryan with more from home. there were a total of 7 defendants in court,
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found guilty of the charge of inciting others to take part in on a legal assembly. now, this dates back to a protest on july 1st of last year, which is traditionally a day of protest here in hong kong at the anniversary of hong kong handover back to chinese rule. but it came at the height of the covert. 19 pandemic restrictions were in force to stop people gathering in numbers. so this was in contravention of that 5 of the defendants arrived hearing court in prison bands. they were already behind bob. some of them denied bail others already serving length the prison sentences for that party and other demonstrations last year. and the year before, a sentences that will now be extended in some cases with the hunting down of these sentences of between 6 and 12 month, 2 of the defendants were out on bail. they arrived at this court in the district of hong kong to be greeted by supporters. there was some chanting as some speeches as
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they went. and one of the defendants jenkins saying is a very well known activist. his nickname is the ball. he was not optimistic about his chances. he was not optimistic about hong kong. chances give him what is perceived here as the restrictions in free speech in the last couple years or come young today been sent to jail because of the freedom of speech or home congress or finding themselves in this prison without democracy or freedom built by the judges and the government pro democracy group say the situation is deteriorated very quickly, especially since the introduction of the national security law in july of last year . given that it now covers so many possible offences such as succession subversion, colluding with foreign entities. all things which they say can be so broadly interpreted. now the chief executive carrie lamp, the probe aging pro, administration groups and parties here. so it's thanks to the law that
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a sense of normalcy has returned sanity now prevails once more in hong kong, they say, and it is true that there are no longer riots on the streets via bombs, sub boy stations being trashed. but according to many people here, it is come with a terrible cost for hong kong in terms of the rolling back of many of the freedoms that they used to enjoy and basically ending up with an emasculated city. oh scott, now from hong kong, keith richberg, who is the director of the university of hong kong. journalism and media studies tend to keep nice to say you, this is just the way it's going to be, isn't it? with the security law and type as rob was pointing out, it is so wide ranging and covers so much of society that as soon as someone is arrested for it, they're going to see jail time. that's pretty much it. i mean that these, these sentences today were not very surprising. we expected now that everybody who's been arrested on something we'll be facing jail time. they've pretty much
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come down. the courts have come down with a pretty heavy hat. and the interesting thing about these protests that, that they're accused of, which happened last july. first, they're really kind of the last protest, their protest just on the david national security ball came back and they were relatively peaceful protest as well. so it doesn't matter if the protest was peaceful or not, if it was so, so called unauthorized protests, meaning you didn't have an official police. okay. they're really going to lock into the organizers. so from beijing perspective, everything will look, this is working, isn't it? everything's a lot more settled and calm now when people are getting used to it is, are they getting used to it? you know, if i was, i wouldn't say people are getting used to it. i think you could say that resigned to natal. they know there's nothing they're going to do that in that report just now. i mean when the defendant showed up they were pretty pessimistic. they knew they're probably going to be sent to jail time and they work on congress or voting
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with their feet. many of them have left hong kong, this last one and a half percent of its population. people have left many of them to the u. k. it's people who don't want to put up with this or just kind of walking away with their feet or deciding to leave or thinking about planning, leaving or planning to leave moving companies or are full now with people trying to get out. because people don't want to live in a place where they can express themselves where the protest or people protested we were used to or novel, basically outlawed it'll, it'll completely change the face of the city won't had really. i was thought of hong kong is the place where all you know, so many nationalities come west, meets east, all the international banks, which are there. this is a graduate fundamental change in what the territory is that the absolute true. and i would just only correct you is not gradual. it's been a rapid change, and it's already changed the face of the city. i mean,
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it's remarkable how and just the last 18 months, the city is become something completely unrecognizable. i mean, we're talking about library books being pulled off shelves, museums shut down. you know, it's, it's, it's no more protest of any sort of really what, so whatsoever. and in some cases, or even just continuing the use coded as a reason, do you stop protests, right? now it's illegal for more than 4 people together outside of which you know as no scientific basis in terms of coded, but it's another tool of control the police have been using. so it's just remarkable how much it has changed in a city that used to be quite, you know, white rambunctious by lightly long, peaceful protests in addition to the and violent protest that we saw in 2019. this was a city where you had regular kind of demonstrations, people protesting about all kinds of things, but that's completely disappeared now. and it's kind of miss paul. i've got a uncertainty and fear in his house over hong kong extraordinary times. and they keep richberg and hong kong,
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thank you for that. appreciate your time. thank you. now se, asia's regional block is excluding me in margin to leaders from its summit. late of this month, the move by i found is a rare rebuke to the military rollers who tumbled me and mas civilian government back in february. block members are frustrated over the military's failure to comply with a roadmap to pace agreed earlier this year. more than 1100 people been killed in more than 7000 arrested. since the military seized power. sedans, prime minister says his country is facing the worst crisis yet in its transition to civilian rule for more than 2 years. it's been controlled by a civilian military government, a sort of hybrid that tensions between the 2 parties are rising particularly after a failed qu attempt only last month. i would not be exaggerating. if i said this, political crisis is the worst and most dangerous crisis that threatens the transition and even threatens or entire country and warns of
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a terrible evil. this is due to the deep splits among civilians and among the military as well as between the civilians and the military. more with hip morgan now and hippa, how does this as a prime minister, there's worst political crisis. how does that manifest itself any sort of amongst the people? well, for one thing, come out there is a major process that is expected in the next few hours in front of the prime minister's office. there were the fact that has been formed earlier this month forming itself before could freedom and chase the return to the stablish ment, optical of the, of the party. that's a split from the main coalition. the coalition that brought prime minister up the land up to power, and that negotiated power shared with agreement with the military, with the, with the military that our president wanted to hear. that division has led to a massive risk between the civilian and military. but they also led to the
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civilian components, the f. c, itself making it's very hard to govern, meeting very hard to pass decision. now this is because the force of freedom and change of this split group say that they want more expansion. they want to be more prevent the more presentations, and they want to be included in besides the state that they are currently in as part of a peace agreement signed last year. so the, all by the prime minister in which he made yesterday evening through the nation is to address those issues. we've seen protests in the east, some of them rejecting that piece agreement that was signed last year. we've seen people from the piece agreement saying that the forces of freedom in change coalition, which made large, made up political parties, is not very inclusive and in many parts of the country. and we've seen the impact of that on difficulties to try to improve the economy and to try to make political changes, the prime minister of that is going to make it very hard to read the conflict with a 1000000000 government or civilian or elections. and i'm
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a part of the transition hippa morgan with the latest, from cartoon there. thank you. have the live pictures showing you the number of people starting to gather in the caps there. we will be keeping an eye on those numbers gathering and go back to him a little bit later on. if things progress are right still head on this new zone, on the red carpet famous producers, actors and directors will gather to promote their cinema. africa's biggest film festival opens in between fossa, despite an insurgency and the pandemic. the economics of the plantation haven't really gone away. and also in your exhibition seeking the roots of climate change in colonial exploitation of your sports, these action from and d, well that the spanish tennis player has just reached the biggest final of her career. ah,
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there austin, most of europe as well as been quite benign. recently it's been destructive down in greece and it's turning rather wintry up in scandinavia. but greece 1st, i think in co food is probably the focus is circulation of cloud has been slow moving start to go now. but it sat over the west of a coal through 4 by 36 hours. and in 6 hours alone, there were floods fresh floods and they was strong ones. water is a powerful forces damage now still to get out of the way. now the rain itself has gone east, was this the forecast for saturday? notice cough who's now going to normally bracelets, generally fine weather, which is true and has been all the time for the west, at least until portugal browser. we get to sunday. it's better still, but there are still warnings. i have at least 24 hours for the winds in croatia and for the right in northern greece, it's a slow improve, but it is improvement. all the same. and he's the coming next season. sniff in
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norway and northern sweden. not a big surprise, but there's been a bit of a chill in the breeze as that weather has come in. however, ahead of the next bounce of rain, it's still fatty moll. london's at 16 am to up to 15, but the rain itself i think, will gather through denmark and the southern baltic. ah, the latest news, as it breaks free democrats and the creams are talking to each other, trying to i act that differences because together they form a large block in parliament with detail coverage because the world's largest producer of low to seats. but children are being used to meet the rising demand from around the world. the island has increased in land masses, as if rivera with this corruption is pulling the island of la paloma out of the ocean. in the country with an abundance of results with
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r and walk indonesia whose firms for me, we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou ah, from the news out here at al jazeera and these are the top stories i saw in afghanistan says it was behind the killing of 48 people at
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a sheer mosque and the taliban stronghold of kandahar a 100 others for injected several suicide bomb is reported to have been in full 19 people have been detained in lebanon in connection with thursdays, gun fights in beirut. 7 people were killed in the fighting began during a protest or by his fellow demanding the dismissal of the judge. recent.


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