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this is free. why does the law deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court still keep people behind boss in the state of louisiana being incarcerated. there's just another form of slavery. the gym co convictions on al jazeera. ah, i so says it's behind friday's suicide attack on a mosque in kandahar that's killed. 48 afghans. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera live from dough ha, also coming up as snap for the later of the m, as in john todd. the block of south east asian countries boycotts min on the line for its summit light of this mum. you k police reveal more details about the killing of m p. david amos,
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as politicians from all parties express shock and sorrow, and 7 pro democracy activists in hong kong, as sentenced to prison for their role in protests in july last year. ah, taliban delegation is headed to his beck, his don as part of a diplomatic push for support and recognition. regional security is high on the gender after another major attack i saw in afghanistan says it was behind the killing of 48 people. at a sheer mosque in the tele bonds stronghold of kanda, nearly 100 others were injured. several suicide bombers are reported to have been involved. it follows a similar attack in the northern city of condos last week. let's go live to our correspondence, stephanie decker, who's in campbell. hello there, steph. what more do we know about friday's attack?
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and i saw involvement. well this is the largest shia mosque in kandahar you mentioned there a significant because this is you know taliban hartline it is their birth place. it is where their leader is at the moment sir. really at the feet of the taliban leadership, i saw k iceland afghan, his don showing that a can carry out a brazen attacker. it claimed it over. it's saying that it used to suicide bombers, one of which good stuff up at the entrance of the mosque. the other one inside the mosque as people were, you know, carrying out their friday prayers. and it's the 2nd time now inasmuch as last friday we had one in conducing the northeast of the country. so you are seeing a pattern of ver, expansion when it comes to their attacks when it comes to areas. so initially they were focus east of the country. more so jalal abide. we had an attack here in cobble that it moved north and it came back to cobble and now it's gone south to kandahar. so a very serious message, i think hear from iceland, afghanistan,
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saying that we can to stabilize what, what the taliban is always said in the sense that it is the only group to be able to insure a security of this country. and now that of course is something that's being questioned or so i, so in this country doesn't really hold a lot of territory. it's more operating the sense of sleeper cells. and there's also a concern about potential infiltration among the ranks of the taliban. and i can tell you we've just been outta going to couple of the ministries here and security has been tightened. and i think it does give an indication that the taliban realizes that certainly when it comes to the i, sol, attacks are on it and on civilians. it's got an issue, a real serious issue to deal with. and steph, as well as security concerns, there's also concerns about that humanitarian crisis that's unfolding almost 2 months on from the telephones takeover of afghanistan. what's the situation on the ground? oh, there is, there is no money, you know their, their salaries havent been paid in months. everyone will tell you that this
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situation is desperate. people don't have jobs. they can't feed themselves world food program, saying numbers around only 5 percent of households in the entire country. and we're talking about almost 40000000 people have enough to eat. and, you know, we can't stress enough that the lack of funds coming into this country, which is become so dependent on foreign injections of cash over the last 2 decades is having a crippling effect on the people at winter is coming. it's already falling pretty much close to 0 celsius at night it will be snowing soon and everyone is incredibly concerned because you have a country that is virtually disintegrating even when it comes to. for example, a small example. you know, you ra chrissy, civil servants, you had the taliban are fighters so they need help running this country. the civil servants haven't been paid in months. so you've got to really precarious situation here. and i think, you know, if you're seeing this diplomatic push and the taliban is being spoken to by many different international players, but they're holding the money hostage as
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a leverage to try and get them to be more inclusive in government to try and get them to protect the rights of women, moral, you know, pretty much, but the impact that's having is a detrimental and devastating effect on the people help me appreciate that. update stephanie decker live for us in campbell, thank you. the pentagon says he will pay compensation to the families of victims of a drone strike in campbell. 10 afghan civilians including 7 children, were killed in the august 29th strike during the final days of the u. s. troop withdrawal. washington originally said they had struck targets linked the i sell affiliate in afghanistan. the pentagon's offered sincere condolences and says it will work towards relocating surviving family members to the us. se asia regional blog is excluding me and my jointed chief from summit later this month. the moved by as young is a rare rebuke to the military rulers who toppled me in my civilian government. in
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february, the armies failure to comply with a roadmap to pace a grade to earlier this year has frustrated members of the block will then 1100 people have been killed and more than 7000 arrested. since the military seized power. for more analysis on the slips, bringing in debbie started the founder and coordinator of old c in burma, a network of organizations working to support human rights and democracy in me and my debbie. thank you for joining us. do you think the decision to exclude the june to late is a strong enough message from me and my neighbors? hi, emily. it is a message, but it's not strong enough because we're still thin. a non political representative to the meeting. they the, as the on really need to start recognizing the elected legal government of the country instead of this illegal military. what more can be done from the
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international community to put pressure on the latest to comply with this so called roadmap to place? well firstly, in the 5 months following the adoption of this roadmap, the 5 point consensus in april, we've seen any 3534 military attacks. i was targeting, humming civilian less than 840 percent increase from the same period last year. so i really need to start thinking about working with the un security council and other international partners to push the military into a cessation of violence in order for any kind of peace agreement or peace process to be started debbie, how much of a shift is this for avi on, given it traditionally favors a policy of, of non interfering well, i think recognizing any legal above and elected government is the worst form of interference. but this goes back also reminds me of the process back in 2006.
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that was pressure to deny me on my chair because it was rude by a military who at the time. and in that situation the avia rebuked the whole time in such a way that the who had to save face and withdraw from the chair. so i think this is also a similar move by making this statement saying that they will not have a political representative from the at the upcoming summit. and his gambling on the fact that many senior gentlemen on my included was quietly withdraw from the sea at this time. and just lastly, as is often the case of these situations, the civilians get forgotten. what more do we know about the current situation on the ground and me and my debbie?
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well, we've seen millions of people being still displaced by military attacks. in fact, in more than 50 percent of the population in that states have been displaced because of the text by the so you're seeing a huge humanitarian crisis happening all around the country because of the civil war. but also because the hunter has refused to allow oxygen supplies. cobit vaccinations and humanitarian need to flow freely throughout the country. they've been blocking aid and it's hurting people on the ground. well, we appreciate your insights, fair debbie's da side, alt cn berman network. we appreciate that. ok, we're going to go to some breaking news now. and boris johnson has arrived at the scene where the u. k. politician david and i miss was finally stabbed on friday in what british police are describing as a terrorist incident. you can see the u. k. prime minister there. the 69 year old
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was making members of the public at a church in the ethics town of lee, on say, in his constituency, when he was attacked at 25 year old has been arrested on suspicion of murder. there are flowers at the st, and people have been paying tribute from all walks of life and across all poetry political persuasions. all right, let's go to worry challenge who is at the same rory, what more do we know about the accused in the terrorism investigation at this stage? well that is very limited amount of information about exactly who it is, the police having custody, as the say 25 year old man, he is believed to be a british citizen. but beyond that, it basically gets into the realms of speculation. what has happened though? here shocked a great many people across the political device in the united kingdom. as you just
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said, there are a johnson has been down here to pay his tributes. he came with kissed alma, the leader of the opposition, and lindsey hoyle, the speaker of the house of commons, and pretty patel, the home secretary, giving you an idea of how united the political establishment i think in the country want to be at this moment. lots and lots of sad was and kind memories being shared at the moments about david amos saying that he was a very kind man, a principal man, a funny man. and that this is something that strikes right at the hearts of britain's democratic system that you have to have the ability of m p 's in their constituencies to meet their constituents. that's how purchase democracy works. and this is a real strike at that system. and it's operation, rory, it certainly is. what impact do you think this crime will have on the security of
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in pays going forward? yeah, well i mean most m p 's when they go about their daily business, they don't have the kind of close security that top ministers have there is going to be some sort of review into the security that m p 's. do you have most of them don't want to be tailed by secret service, policemen or anything like that? they need to be able to go out and do their job. there is a real tension at the heart of a pallet, you know, a parliamentary democracy like the united kingdom's, where you have people like david amos have go out into their constituencies that surgeries around the country, very fixture of the, of the political life where people need to be able to come to the surgeries and give their grievances, share their opinions with their local m p and their m p. takes those opinions,
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grievances to parliament with them. if you have an peas, essentially hiding behind a wall, not be able to do that. but the system doesn't really work properly. lots of people have been talking about the political discourse in the united kingdom, whether that might have contributed to this particular event. it's not the 1st m p who has been killed. we have jo cox, the labor m, p who has stopped to death and in 2016 i think that the, the terrorism aspect of this, the fact the police calling this terrorist instant it doesn't quite fit into the analysis of this being a symptom of britain's political discourse malays, but certainly there's a lot of soul searching going on right now about whether the way that we talk about politicians and politics is just become too betrayal. like in the u. k, it's going to be interesting see how it unfolds and impacts security. thank you for that update where a challenge they live for us and lay on the say. and we'll just bring you those
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pictures of the u. k prime minister barak johnson paying tribute to u. k. politician at david amos. it was frankly stabbed on friday in what reddish police are describing as a terrorist incident. as we heard from our correspondent word challenge, u. k. prime minister was joined by the leader of the opposition and other members of the government in a show of support. the 69 year old david amos was making members of the public at a church in the essex town of lee, on see in his constituency when he was attacked. at 25 year old has been arrested on suspicion of murder. and there is now a terrorism investigation, so we will renew more updates as they come to hand. but it does say, joe saying pictures of the u. k. prime minister, paying tribute to david amos ok still ahead on al jazeera. it's really scary to think that your baby
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baby health could be compromised. families are left relying on a river after fuel contaminates the water supply of a remote canadian arctic community. on the red carpet, famous producers, actors and directors will gather to promote their cinema and africans. biggest film festival opens in volcano foster, despite and insurgency and depend jimmy ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021. lost in most of europe, the weather been quite benign. recently it's been destructive down in greece and it's turning rather wintry up and scandinavian, but greece 1st, i think, and coffee is probably the focus is circulation of cloud has been slow moving stuff
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to go now. but it sat over the west of a coffee for about 36 hours. and in 6 hours alone, there were floods fresh and they was strong ones. water is a powerful forces damage now still to get out of the way. now the rain itself has gone eastward, the forecasts for saturday. you'll notice coffee's nagra normally breeze, but it's generally fine weather which is true and has been all the time further west at least until portugal. so we get to sunday is better still, but there are still warnings out for these 24 hours for the winds in croatia and for the rain in northern greece, it's a slow improve but easy improvement dollars. same and he's the coming next season. sniff in norway and northern suite. not a big surprise, but there's been a bit of a chilling the breeze as that weather has come in. however, ahead of the next bounce of rain, it's still fatty moll. london's at 16 am to up to 15, but the rain itself i think, will gather through denmark and the southern baltic. the weather,
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sponsored by cattle airways, boated world best airline of 2021 in the country with an abundance of resource rate law room, walk indonesia who's firms. for me. we moved bull to grow and froth. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let me pause when you lose his growth and progress in indonesia now. ah yeah. ah,
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hello, are you watching out 0? i'm emily anguish. a reminder of our top stories this our i so in afghanistan says eat was behind the killing of 48 people at a shame mosque in the tele bonds stronghold of kandahar. nearly 100 others were injured. several suicide bombers are reported to have been involved. se asia regional block is excluding near miles military later from its summit, the light of this month and says the jonah has failed to comply with the road map to peace. a great enact home and tribute to being paid to the u. k. politician david amos, who was facially stabbed on friday prime minister barak johnston visited lay on his se, alongside the leader of the opposition. british police said describing the stubby as a terrorist incident. 7 activists in hong kong have been sentenced to prison for their roles in pro democracy protests last year. they sentences range
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between 6 and 12 months. they've been accused of inciting others to take part in unauthorized assemblies and from mcbride has moved from hong kong. there were a total of 7 defendants in court, found guilty of the charge of inciting others to take part in on a legal assembly. now, this dates back to a protest on july 1st of last year, which is traditionally a day of protest here in hong kong. is the anniversary of hong kong over back to chinese rule. but it came at the height of the cobra 19 pandemic restrictions were in force to stop people gathering in numbers. so this was in contravention of that 5 of the defendants arrived here in court in prison bands. they were already behind bob. some of them denied bail others already serving length the prison sentences for their party and other demonstrations last year. and they gave me full sentences that will now be extended in some cases with the hands down of these sentences of
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between 6 and 12 month. 2 of the defendants were out on bail. they arrived at this court in the district of hong kong and to be greeted by supporters. there was some chanting at some speeches as they went in, one of the defendants tank and seeing is a very well known activist. his nickname is the bolt. he was not optimistic about his chances. he was not optimistic about hong kong chances given what is perceived here as the restrictions in free speech. and the last couple years will come today and been sent to jail because of the freedom of speech or home congress or finding themselves in this prison without them or chrissy or freedom built by the judges and the government pro democracy group say the situation is deteriorated, very quickly, especially since the introduction of the national security law in july of last year given that it now covers so many possible offences such as succession subversion,
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colluding with coronets, faith, all things which they say can be so broadly interpreted. now the chief executive carry lamp the prob, aging pro administration a group, some parties here. so it's thanks to the law that a sense of normalcy has returned sanity now prevails once more in hong kong, they say, and it is true that there are no longer riots on the streets via bomb sub boys stations being trashed. but according to many people here, it is come at a terrible cost for hong kong in terms of the rolling back of many of the freedoms that they used to enjoy. and basically ending up with an emasculated city. lebanon has detained at 900, painful in relation to a gun, fighting by rows on thursday, 7 paperwork killed in the worst day of sick, tearing violence in years. fighting began after protest, cold by hezbollah. they were demonstrating against the john g. investigating last year's poured glass lebanon observed a dev, warning on friday,
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and funerals were held for those who were killed. then it's smith has the latest from the capital. those arrested were identified on c t t. v recorded in the area of tell you night at the time the violence broke out on thursday night now has vala is repeated, not kick accusation. that, that protest is what ambushed by people from the lebanese christian forces party as those has ball support is protested in that area. it's on a dividing line between a christian communities. now the lebanese christian forces that lead us, i mean georgia has gone on radio denying they were anything to do at anything to do with the fighting on thursday night. he said they were having a meeting in the area. and the meeting was to decide what steps they would take. it judge terry baton was removed as the leading, investigating judge into the port explosion. and they said that decided that coal for a general strike, they knew that was going to be a protest in the area and enough for i have
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a military presence that to make sure it passed off peacefully. as we know it didn't. and josh said, what happened was a mini civil war. now it says the army arrested what he called snipers and they need to tell us who they are, where they have come from. now, some of the political leader of the writing back party has bhalla the most powerful party here in lebanon. he's going to speak on monday night and he will address what happened on thursday on thursday night in that speech. she beats have been paid to victims of the corona virus in brazil, $600.00 white flag, so placed in front of the national congress in the capital brazilian association, and victims and families of covered 19 are honoring 600000 people who died. it comes days before parliamentary report is published into the government handling of the pandemic. people in the capital alva,
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a canadian antique territory, have been told not to use any tap water because it's been contaminated with fuel. it kalu it, residents started complaining about the smell of petrol in the water at the beginning of october. but city authorities insisted it was safe and nearly awake. alexander buyers reports the people of the callo it are relying on the river since the beginning of october. they been afraid of what's coming out of their taps, choking petrol fumes when they wanted a glass of water. oily residue on dishes for this family. absolute fear when they had to bathe there 8 month old baby were hearing for a friends of neighbors that people are getting headaches or or, or there's been other complaints like 5 times. we just don't know it's, it's really scary to think that your baby. ah,
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baby's health could be compromised and her fears were just confirmed. high concentration of odor was discovered in one of the in ground water tanks at the water treatment plan. the results of water quality testing show exceedingly high concentrations of various fuel components in the sample. in the sample collected from that tank, diesel or kerosene has leaked into a kalu, its water system. the government's declared a state of emergency. it's happening in one of canada's most remote cities. the callo, it is in noon of it. the countries northern most territory home to a majority in the wheat population. the city gets its water from geraldine lake. the water treatment plant is a short distance away, but it's also right next to the power plant, which runs on diesel fuel. both are decades old and badly in need of repair.
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the city is going to examine the ground, the treatment plant is built on in hopes of finding the source of the contamination water testing in colorado. it will continue for several months as will the search for who exactly is to blame ah, to cope the government, flying in tens of thousands of leaders of drinking water. bottled water is 5 times the price of the rest of canada. yesterday we gave out about 18000 liters of bottles of water to our citizens. and, you know, when we were done, mothers with, with babies were, you know, saying, you know, what do i know what my baby and i know others were just, what do i do? and it was heartbreaking. it really was probably the worst day i've had as mayor in the last 2 years. but for sema and her family, it's a clear example of one of canada's fundamental inequalities that despite being one
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of the most water rich countries in the world, $45.00 indigenous communities can't drink what comes out of their tops and for the foreseeable future, kalu it is one of them, alexander buyers, al, jazeera, elise and astrology as i, they've made their biggest ever a seizure of heroin. the drug hold totaled, 450 kilograms authorities. the rest of the men from malaysia who tried to, who's that accused of trying to smuggle the consignment into the country earlier this month. but when police say intercepting the drug could have saved an estimated $225.00 line 11 students have drowned during a school trip to clean up a river in indonesia, west and java province. officials said $150.00 students were cleaning the river bank. when 21 slipped into the water. they were reportedly not wearing life jackets
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. the victims were aged between 12 and 15. after a month delay due to the pandemic african biggest film festival kicks off this weekend, the much anticipated pan african film and television festival of why do will be attended by top african film directors. nicholas hath reports from the king of fathers capital. what could do for phil mover is sick. i wonder, bad blood sounds like an enticing title worth watching on the big screen. the $2.00 ticket he purchased to watch the cameroon in drama is a luxury for brit, cannot be artist, but he says, it's worth it. 6th period. the magic of african cinema de la slim ball. i love going to movies because when the quality is good, it can teach you something and question your believe. it also allows me to observe the world from inside the cinema. here more with the opening of the pan african
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film and television festival of walker do also known as fest backup. quando will have plenty of movies to choose from. 200 selected films are playing across dozens of venues in the capital among them. and then goal in fiction, in which air conditioners stop working and start falling from the sky, leaving the port to find ways to cool the rich. then there spread out you a haitian coming of age movie. roger dark drama from let's toto in, documentaries, from libya to berg enough. also in competition are also science fiction, movies, animations, comedies, as well as movies from the diaspora. and on the red carpet, famous producers, actors and directors will gather to promote their cinema, but also to reach out to their audience right here in the heart of the continent. the festival was delayed for 8 months. due to the covert pandemic,
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it's taking place in a country facing an armed insurgency with over a 1000000 people displaced due to the violence for jury member and reconnect a director. abilene ho, he, the festival must go head as an act of defiance parts is also a weapon. is to tell you the world that we still exist to tell her was that although everything is going like that, it is important for us to continue and not to, to, to organize ourselves pretending night everything is, is so bad and we can do anything. so that necessary for us, i think for every book, you know, a and doing for sparkle is the message that culture can also help war for isa. got one done. going to the cinema is a shared experience and fest backhoe dedication to spark the conversation in which african films bring the continent world view onto the big screen. nicholas hall county 0 walker do.


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