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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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a new documentary explores the desks for the states of democracy and lebanon. o, through the eyes of those who are losing hope every day o dreams are becoming blue. democracy, maybe. democracy for sale on al jazeera lou . ah, ah boy. some claims responsibility for friday's ballman sucks on a ship most in southern afghanistan at least 41 people i killed. ah. hello, i money inside. this is out there, alive from doha, also coming up. 7 activists in hong kong,
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a sentence to prison for their role in last year's july. first protests that the government says was illegal. protests in puerto rico over powell cots demonstrate to say the outage is posed a threat to health and police known to terrorism investigation. nonsense british politician is starved to death while meeting constituents in a church. ah, an alms group in afghanistan linked to i so says it's behind a bomb attack on the largest shia mosque in the southern city of kandahar. at least 41 people have said to have been killed and dozens more happened wounded. there was an attack last week on another mosque in the northern city of condos. stephanie deca reports from cobble the explosions ripped through friday. prayers. reports suggest several suicide bombers were involved in the attack. and
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there were 3 people. the 1st one entered and killed the gatekeeper, and the remaining 2 entered the must hit. they were armed, the open fire 1st, then all 3 detonate themselves together. many of my family members were killed there, then. wow. ambulance crews rushed to the scene. casual is mounted. this is the largest shia mosque in kandahar. the province is taliban heartland in the south of gaston, the groups birthplace and stronghold. and this significantly, the 1st attack of it's kind here, but it's the 2nd on a she a place of worship in 7 days. last friday, she a mosque was attacked in conduce, in the north east of the country. more than 60 people were killed as they to attended friday prayers. and i so suicide bomber entered and detonated his explosive. among them, there appears to have been an increase in pace and geographical scope and attacks carried out by iceland. afghanistan over the last couple of weeks on the taliban is always said that it is the only group able to maintain security across the country
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. with that premise is now being challenged. and despite the taliban saying it had the idol threat under control, just a few days ago, the interior ministry giving a press conference asking taliban fighters to be cautious among their ranks, hinting at concerns of infiltration. the holiday de la de la bars, so that if someone is found in any of army units linked to iceland, let it be known that the unit commander will be interrogated and the unit will be dissolved assad. but it's 2 months since the taliban took control of the country, having to adapt from insurgency to governance. and despite a diplomatic push abroad, millions of dollars of much needed international donor money are still being withheld. as the international community demands a more inclusive government. and the protection of women's rights and those of minorities agencies awarding of the humanitarian catastrophe as the country is running severely low on cash. salaries haven't been paid and months. millions of people don't have enough to eat. and winter is coming. all this compounded by an
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unpredictable security situation with new dynamics at play, stephanie decker al jazeera cobble. meanwhile, the pentagon says and will pay compensation to the families of victims if a drones strike in kabul. 10 accounts civilians including 7 children, were killed in the august 29 strike during the final days before the u. s. troop, which all depends again, often sincere condolences and says it will work towards relocating devolving family members to the united states. my county has moved from washington dc. this is just the beginning of the discussions. no sons have been discussed. the conversation took place between the ceo of the n g o that employed, zachariah mighty, who was the employer who was killed along with 9 members of his family. it was a virtual consultation. on the other side was the under secretary of defense for policy. now they were basically opening discussions as to how compensation can be
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paid and down the line in discussion with lawyers. it will come up how much compensation is going to be paid. this is not unprecedented. back in 2019 more than 70 such cases were conducted. payments were made ranging from $135.00 to $35000.00. but why this is complicated is that normally these discussions are held by regional commanders on the grounds. they all know us troops in afghanistan anymore, so this is not being dealt with at a distance by the under secretary of state for defense, for the policy department. so he's talking to the c o n g o that employee the killed man. he will be talking to lawyers as well as it goes down the line. but further complicating this is that to the secretary of defense, lloyd austin, has guaranteed that the men surviving family will be repaired created to the united states or brought into the united states as is their wish. now this is
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a method that is dealt with by the state department, so you've got another government organization that is going to need to get involved in this whole event. 7 activists in hong kong have been sentenced to prison for their roles. and last year's pro democracy protests sentences range between 6 and 12 months. and they have been accused of organizing and inciting, others to take part in the unauthorized assembly. rob bride has moved from hong kong. this is a court case that is the prosecution of activists linked to these ongoing st. protests that we've been having here in hong kong for the past couple of years. it's been seen by many pro democracy groups as a further tightening of the screw by the authorities using the legal system. the court basically to try to clamp down generally on the central though the authorities would obviously deny that was the case. these are 7 defendants in total, they were found guilty of the charge of inciting others to take part in the and
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a legal assembly. the states, back to july, the 1st protest of last year, which is normally a day of protest when people traditionally would take to the streets here at the anniversary of hong kong hand over to china. but it came at the height of the kobe 900 pandemic, and there were restrictions in force to stop people gathering in large numbers of these people were found guilty of contravene in that 5 of the defendants actually arrived here at this court. in one shy in prison bands because either they had been denied bail old already serving length the prison terms. for other charges linked to these protests to the defendants arrived in the front of the court. they have been out on bail. they were greeted by the supporters who chanted messages of support as they went in. one of them is a well known activist jenkins saying he is nicknamed at the ball. we spoke to him before he went in. in fact, he is now starting his prison term and he said he was not very optimistic about his court case. i did not very optimistic,
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generally about hong kong. seeing that what he sees that the rolling back of the right of free speech, especially in the last couple of years. at least 3 people are dead after magnitude 4.8 earthquake hit. the indonesian island of bali, the quake target number of land slides, damaging homes at least 2 others have been injured. on just say they're looking at the possibilities level counting activity cause the quake crowds are on the streets in the u. s. territory of puerto rico because the power grant keeps failing, i say the private company which took control of the islands electrical grid back in june, should have control to someone else. i was angry about a lack of maintenance in the past by the power authority. a block, the main highway of the capital sounds you on people say they've had to throw at medicines because that been more power cuts in recent months. kenneth mcclintock, his former secretary of state, and the tenant governor of puerto rico. he says the governor has ordered great to over the power grid, operate,
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and luma. the 1st thing is they're going to drive the generating side of the system . that's still the hands of pro, and they're having generating problems or having, they've had to shut down plants. they're doing preventive maintenance during the summer, which is the time of the year that you have the highest demand for electric power, all the air conditioning water, you know, so they're not, they're not at fault. the lack of energy. they're only in charge of transmitting and distributing what little power is being generated by the viper. but i think now is going to be of greater overview of the governor's order, the energy bureau to have a greater overview and make sure the things get done right. on the other hand, you're not getting the news, for example, that this week, a community in the island level of either the bomb by the navy forever. i had not had power for 20 years. they started having power this week. so law was doing some
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things right and is correcting failings. that prep i'd have for decades. but still it's too little, somewhat too late, but they have to improve thousands of asylum seekers who are trying to reach the us are crowding into a temporary processing center at a stadium in mexico. most of them are from haiti. a center was set up by the mexican commission for refugee aid of the large crowds of migrants and refugees pack the streets outside its main office. activists have question whether the government is just trying to appear helpful. or if it is keeping people from traveling north. british police say the fatal starving of the u. k. politician david amos is a terrorist incident. the 69 year old was meeting members of the public at a church in his constituency when he was attacked. 25 year old has been arrested on suspicion of murder. nadine baba reports to veteran conservative member of
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parliament died of his wounds having been stabbed several times during a meeting with his constituents in southeast england. essex police said a man had been arrested at the scene in a church hole in the sea. so town of leon, see the 25 year old was arrested on suspicion of murder and night was also recovered the investigation. is it? it's very early stages and is being led by officers from the specialist counter terrorism. we made it clear at the time of the incident that we did not believe there was any immediate further threat to anyone else in the area. many in leon c found it hard to believe what had happened yet. never heard anything bad about a my voice heard to try to help people in that yes, crazy. with an open in the political holes of westminster. meanwhile, shock and dismay, david was a man who believe passionate thee in this country and in its
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future. and we've lost to day a fine public servant and a much loved friend and colleague. ling time for debate, david amos had been the m p for south and west since 1997 and a conservative member of parliament since 1983 you have. he was one of the longest serving members of the house of commons to talk about animal welfare generally cruelty to animals. and the lender of animal rights colleagues describes david amos's kind, compassionate and well light. he said to have been keenly dedicated to his regular open door meetings with constituents and enjoyed bringing their concerns to the floor of the house. he's not the 1st m p to have been killed in the course of his duties. most infamous in recent times, was the murder of labor party mp joe cox in her northern england constituency. in 2016, she was stabbed and shot by a far right supporter a week before the breaks at referendum. it can't be beyond the wizard man to
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provide some form of security to members of parliament whilst still respecting that tradition of being able to see your m p. so, you know, when it's coming up, you can roster on a police officer to be in the room if that's what it's going to take. david amos is killing, has clearly created a great amount of shock here in his constituency and around the country. but it's also raised once again, questions of how politicians can maintain contact with the public. they represent. nadine barbara al jazeera leon, see in southeast england still ahead on al jazeera, they tell is not a residence in the black majority city, the u. s. a. warmer tap. water is toxic. oh news. the hells in by yourself west street and it's in 10 years.
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ah. hello there. the heat is easing across the middle east, but there's still plenty of sunshine around and a lot of settled weather, but it's looking a little bit unsettled for areas in the levant. not thanks for weather system that's pushing east across turkey. it's going to bring some of that rain to coastal areas of lebanon, bay root will see the wet weather arrive next week. but further south of it is a lot dryer. temperature, the sitting where we expect them to be around the mid thirty's, a pot from iraq. we're seeing some unusual heat in baghdad. and if we look at the 3 day, we're going to see it ease slightly in that. thanks to a shamal wind that's coming into play, it's going to take up a lot of dust for the region. we are expecting quite a lot of hazy sunshine to come in, but very dry up here. as we hope across to the horn of africa, it's a rather fine and dry picture for the west or whether we have to move further west
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around the gulf of guinea. we're seeing thunderstorms roll across the central african republic and the democratic republic. by the time we get into sunday, we could see some localized flooding from that heavy rain. that was we moved to southern africa. it's a largely dry picture. apart from cape town, we've had a weather system pulling in, bringing some really wet and windy weather with it. but we are expecting the temperature to pick up with plenty of sunshine by monday. ah, stripped of their citizenship, thousands of haitian dominicans of penalized for the heritage estate sanctioned racism, forces them into legal limbo, a young, tiny mouth, the grass roots political campaign, advocating for social justice. but can she shine a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that lakes the
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dominican republic, stateless, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah ha. you watching out as a reminder of our top stories as our an armed group in afghanistan linked to i so says it's behind a bomb attack on the largest shia mosque in the subway says, we have counter hall these 41 people have been killed and dozens more wounded, the parents again has often compensation to the families of victims of drones strike in kabul. 10 afghan civilians including 7 children, were killed during the final days before the u. s. troop withdrawal. the pentagon has called the strike a mistake. 7 activists in hong kong of been sentenced to between 6 and 12 months in
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prison, to their roles. and last year's pro democracy protests happen. the keys of organizing and inciting others to take part in the unauthorized assembly. a form, a taliban commander is appearing before us caught on terrorism charges. hygiene g beula is facing indictments in relation to an attack. enough chemist on in 2008 and led to the depth of 3 us soldiers. and the interpreter is also accused of kidnapping an american journalist and to afghan civilians. natalie ruler was expedited to the u. s. from ukraine last year. christian salumi has been following the trial from new york. well, according to us, prosecutors 45 year old housing knowledgeable la is a taliban commander who had more than a 1000 fighters under his command. they say that he was at times also serving as a spokesperson for the taliban in war. dec that province that borders on cobble. he
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was 1st arrested in ukraine actually about a year ago and charged in relation to the kidnapping of a u. s. and afghan journalists. but these latest charges relate to an attack on us service members that left 3 u. s. service members and their interpreter, dad, they also say he was responsible for commanding forces who downed a u. s. helicopter, in these new charges against him, include terrorism charges, and the murder of us nationals. now his attorney mark can be, you know, in court, argued that it was, quote, preposterous for us, prosecutors to argue that he could be guilty of murder in a u. s. court. given these were us soldiers in afghanistan, in a war that the united states started. prosecutors pushed back against that
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characterization saying that there is precedence in u. s. law to bring charges like this. all of that discussed in court and not beula entered pleas of not guilty against these charges. he's also pleaded not guilty on the kidnapping charges as well. a number of people have been injured off divine and purchase in buying the duchess capital decor. demonstrators are angry at images and social media which they say insults as long security forces use a gas and battle to break up the process. break vaughn as follows, reports, vandalism, targeting hindu temple across pulse the muslim majority country. as a reaction to the small incident that happened in camilla during the festival, a crowd from bay to look at our national mosque lead a procession. after july prayer, we had police positions at nightingale, a new b,
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l crossings in the runa area, and we try to stop and restrain them at nightingale crossing. but when they ignored us and started attacking and throwing bricks and shoes, we bath and charged them in north have been held in lebanon after 7 people were killed. and bay roots were st. violence. and more than 10 years armed men, including on identifying snipers on rooftops, exchanged gum far more than 4 hours on thursday. the political party has vala, uninstall allies and organized protests to demand the removal of a judge over seeing an investigation into the 2020 bay route port explosion. the judges association has rejected cause to dismiss him. bernard smith is in by routes with the latest on the block investigation on the fall out from thursdays fighting that most lebanese politicians don't seem to want this investigation to go on. they don't just want terry retire removing from his pros post as the leading, investigating judge that are interested in the investigation going on. because it's
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on billy unveiling and will unveil some dirty secrets and can corruption. and lebanese politicians judge retired and only want to speak to politicians allied to his bala. he wanted to speak to a christian general, a kristian politician. he wanted to speak to lebanon's former prime minister hassan doubt. so there were a wide range of people he wanted to speak to, and this investigation has the broad support of the lebanese population, because they not only want justice for the people who were killed in last years explosion. but they want this as a demonstration. if you like that there is still some to some sort of rule of law in lebanon and an ability to hold people accountable. a government is called a day of mornings, or most businesses and government offices are closed. as bowler has said that it will not be dragged into a civil war, but a senior leader of the group hash him just as a field in sad at the funerals today that we will not that the blood of our martyrs
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be in vain and has bala has repeated the accusation that snipers from the lebanese forces her from the christine lebanese forces party ambushed. she ate his bola, supporters as they came to a protest in this part of a route i'm in an area that divides a christine neighbourhood behind me from a shiite neighbourhood. over to the other side, there remains a military presence here. pretty lebanese forces have denied very strongly that they did ambush at these has bowler supporters. hundreds have gathered and became a foul says capital to pay tribute to the form of president thomas and kara, 34 years after he was assassinated on car led the country from 983 on hope to create solidarity between all african people. on monday, 14 men including the former president, blaze compound, i went on trial over the kidding nicholas. hank has more from want to do. this is
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an exceptional ceremony given in pomp, an honor to a man that has become an african icon, former president thomas sanker, who 35 years ago was assassinated in the building right behind me. such events under former president bless, compile a. who's accused now of the murder and he, sassy nation of toma san cora would not be possible. in fact, people were not even allowed to be on the road where we're standing right now to day diplomats and dignitaries from africa and from burkina faso have a gather to pay tribute to to my son cara. it's a moment of history. it's a moment to remember a man there was celebrated because he strive for self sufficiency. he gave burkina, faso and the people here an element of pride in their indignity in their country that they can be self sufficient, less dependent on friends, the former colonial power. now, thomas sanker is trial has a,
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has just started on monday with his widow asking for the for president to not be afraid to come and face justice. he's the main accused behind the murder of sancho who was murdered here 35 years ago, a long 12 others. it's an important moment for many people here in this country and for many young people. because with this duty of justice, people want to move on and unite this country that is currently under terminal turmoil dealing with armed conflict to the north end, a humanitarian crisis, nearly 2 and a half 1000000 kenyans may struggle to find food by next month because the country is in the grid of a severe drought for you and says almost $500000.00 children under 5 and tens of thousands of pregnant and breast feeding. women don't have enough food to eat. capital her as a said to be watching the animals die and feed prices have gone up by 16 percent.
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local charities, blaming rising temperatures, which have met the last 2 rainy seasons, have stay dry. yeah. how i, i don't jesus died. she can go to die to only god will help me. 2 if you will, all over this area, you will see my animals right now. oh, there was hunger resulting from severe drought and we are unable to sell our animals. so we came to receive the 8 as we have nothing otherwise. go on, sellable, cause or even worse to sell, and our children are starving. but i said right now as the executive director of the anti poverty and climate justice organization will want, he says, famine and kenya will soon become unmanageable because of the climate crisis. despite all the count with some, it's on the climate agreement, require the will to limit temperatures well below one to one and a half degree. and, and of course, all the countless warnings are scientists of be given as including the latest one in august that were in cold, red for humanity. but without reductions of carbon pollution in this decade,
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the killer fight and family is exactly as they are in kenya. but magic oscar, or reeking habit can just an effect, and millions of lives of livelihoods are going to spin out of control. but governments are coming to the summit, you know, with global emissions rising. we're still on track to head towards just below 3 degrees of warming. i'm with plenty of tough words on climate, but very little in terms of concrete policies. an actual times i'm not real, that's a real disconnect between what loophole will leaders talk about in terms of the climate emergency and that the fact that they continue to be allowed to handle the trillions and finance to fossil fuel companies. they're not financing the transition either. in their own countries, but as just as importantly, globally, so that we can move away from both fossil fuels, but also tackle of course the crisis of under inequality that devastates so many people's lives. residents in
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a city in the us state of michigan have been ordered not to drink that tap water because it's contaminated with lead the water benton. honda is even more toxic than it was in the city of flint, at the height of its water crisis. majority of the population in benton, honda is black, john hendern, spoke to residents who st. racial discrimination is why it's taken for years to begin replacing the pipes in benton harbor, the water is brown and people are seeing red get away with a laugh. listen while. yeah, so i'll know what to do. yeah, i don't know. for the 2nd time in recent memory, the state of michigan is taking years to clean up lead, tainted drinking water in a majority. black city, when a visitor complained about the water. reverend edward pinkney had it tested and found high levels of lead. he says there's a reason it's taking so long to remove it. environmental recess, just what did you,
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if, if o a white woman or count was, oh, will you see he see her on a camel? we don't know baby, she's cry. and telling me that the little destroying her baby. there was a was sent out. the army of pina will be here. all the pentagon would be everybody would be here and they are resolved as being in less than 6 months. but by been a black city is a whole different story. 2 years after the majority, black town of flint resolved a 5 year long crisis with lead in its water bent in harbours, water is even more toxic. my water sounds bad. does it make you mad? yes, they does not take a bath, then a brush. our teeth and not it is, but with us always in the most tainted samples from homes here contained $889.00 parts of lead per $1000000059.00 times the states, 15 parts per 1000000000 limit on thursday with residents lining up for bottled water, 3 years after the city discovered its taps were tainted,
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the state announced it would replace all of the cities underground, lead pipes within 18 months. this directive ensures that state government has taken a truly all hands on deck approach. the mayor is careful not to criticize the state leaders who have committed to replace the city's lead pipes. but he too raises the spectre of racial discrimination. the entire system quite honestly. ah, sits since his inception from the federal and state level has not been kind and friendly to black people. i think that there's been some headway. ah, but quite honestly, there's a long way to go. because of the racial, not just insensitivity, but in justice. the average income here is about $32000.00 a year just above the poverty line for a family of 4. here at lake michigan,
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the water is lead free. it picks up the lead as it course is through the cities aging pipes. so there's water everywhere. it's just not safe to drink. so far, the city has promises of $18000000.00 of the $28000000.00 it will take to replace all of its lead supply pipes. it will have to find the remaining $10000000.00 somewhere to finish the project on time. in 2023. john henderson, al jazeera benton harbor, michigan. ah, this is out there. are these all the top stories and alms group in afghanistan linked iso says it's behind a bomb attack. the largest shia mosque in the sunset were come to ha, he's 48 people have been killed and dozens more wounded. the pentagon has often compensation to the families of victims of a drones strike in kabul. 10 off con civilians including 7 children,
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were killed during the final days before the u. s. troop withdrawal pants and is called the strike a mistake and says it will work to ed's relocating the surviving family members to the u. s. my county has more from washington dc. why this is complicated is that normally these discussions are held by regional.


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