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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2021 2:30am-3:00am AST

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of next year ah, was we astronaut on board? we'll spend 6 months working on the new platform the longest. any chinese crew members have spent in orbit. the 1st section of chang gone program launched in april than this mission or focus on testing the living quarters. ah, this is are the 0. these are the top stories and i am driven afghans. suddenlink to isolate says it's behind a bomb attack on the largest shia mosque in the southern city kandahar. at least $41.00 people are said to be killed and dozens more. have been wounded. a former taliban commander is appealing before the u. s. court on terrorism charges hygiene . actually, paula is facing indictments in relation to an attack in afghanistan in 20 await. led to the death of 3. you are soldiers on but interpreter is also accused of kidnapping,
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an american journalist and to afghan civilians as you boiler was extradited to the u. s. from ukraine last year. but his police have declared the fatal stabbing of u. k. m p. david, i'm the amos, a terrorist incident. 69 year old was meeting members of the public at a church when he was attacked by 25 year olds been arrested on suspicion of murder . i think all our hearts are full of shock and sadness to day as to the loss of the david. a miss m p who was killed in his constituency. surgery in a church after almost 40 years of continuous service to the people of essex and the whole of the united kingdom. and the reason i think people are so shocked and saddened is above all. he was one of the kindest, nicest, those gentle people in politics. and he also had an outstanding record of passing laws to help the most vulnerable finance have been held for the 7 people
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killed and b routes, worst street violence for more than 10 years. the city was walked by gunfire for several hours on 1st, sailors began after snipers targeted a protest. mine's been put into psychiatric care in norway, after being accused of killing 5 people with a bow and arrows. a court ordered that the 37 year old dane should be held there for at least 4 weeks. his admitted carrying out the attack on wednesday night in the town or kong spoke. please say he's tried to get medical help on several occasions. in the 2 and a half 1000000 canyons may struggle to find food by next month because the countries in the grip of a severe drought, the u. n says almost 500000 children under 5 and tens of thousands of pregnant and breast feeding. women don't have enough to eat those are the headlines coming up next and al jazeera? it's risking it all. good by frank assessment is or kiss likely change making behavior in it's not gonna change their behavior.
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they're going to continue to do what they do. and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, ponce greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah somewhere over columbia high above the amazonian rain forest near the borders with brazil. ah, the d. c 3, an old prop plane is caught in
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a violent tropical storm. ah, captain raoul is trying to get above the clouds with no visibility and no reply on the radio and no question. flight 3037 is in trouble to stabilize the twin engine aircraft. raoul tries to bypass the worst of the storm i had with amidst the turbulence and without radio contact, he seemed unable to get back on the right flight path. his co pilot maria also appears to be lost in the rear. the passengers are growing increasingly uneasy, but colombians, a fatalistic and above old,
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fervent catholics with a fortunately the ancient dc 3 have a guardian angel. tito, the mechanic who checks every suspect noise on these old dc threes. the mechanical problems are frequent and sometimes fatal. with santa and flights like these, the greatest danger is not the storm all mechanical faults. it's the jungle,
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2000 meters below. ah, the amazon jungle? with an impenetrable jungle. twice the size of texas in the pilot's greatest fear. below there is no space for emergency landings. any breakdown will mean the plane will crash. and then it's cut. lou. several dozen planes of disappeared into the jungle. swallowed up by the vegetation. they are rarely, if ever found again. it's one of the most perilous air roots in the world. ah jumping off point is willoughby since you the destination is any one of the
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number of indian villages scattered throughout the jungle and cut off from civilization? ah, ah divine intervention or the skill of captain raoul means the plane has succeeded in steering clear of the storm. the passengers will arrive as scheduled at our car require a small engine village. the runway or what passes for one is in view if there is no control tower, everything is done the old fashioned way as it was back in the 19 twenties and thirties. intuition, judgment, and experience. the landing zone is slippery and petted with holes.
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it's also a way to short pilots need to be able to land virtually right at the start of the runway. as with all of that icon for people with a lease on all with
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ah, about a 100 people live in macau require the planes arrival. it stops only once or twice a month is a major event. ah, without the dc 3, the village would be completely isolated, then getting enough food would become a problem with captain roll never spends more than 15 minutes on the ground just long enough to unload. he wants to stay clear of the crowds of children who get in the way of taking off, but mostly he wants to avoid flying at night. let me come cuz he is a go mo philip, i found that the court b and b is if last year in bob you had
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a little mean that the never moved up, but a, i'll feel important. cumberland mean. yeah. yeah, yeah. with the return flight to love, he sends you the 2 hours the plane will over fly the jungle again. and again, that is saying why mind you thought a as in a with
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after the 2 hour flight we lobby, since your lights below the town is in the foothills of the andean cordelia. ah. with dc 3 is like the one flown by captain raoul. all the stuff of legend are still about 100 but fly regularly. there were 1st build more than 70 years ago and of survive war and old age. more or less
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they're like go to the audio. they're local. are you on boiler base them if can you just put in saudi a la no. cause a year. oh, i still reported that the info and it's just the impulse said comments, i don't have to medical and oh go mm. is that up? is that it said be she'll they got a flash i heroes in now. yes. you and see we control this dentist take every molly he currently says anti dust malloy, synthesis in those. okay. you're not black. in truth, there's no date written anywhere. and as surprising as it may sound captain rolled doesn't know the planes exact age. 30, a still operational here and we love essentials, the world's capital of these ancient d. c. threes,
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one of the few planes capable of dealing with the conditions of flying in the amazon jungle. ah, however, accidents do occur. the monument at the entrance to the airport pays tribute to the high cost in lives of aviation in these parts. in 20 years over 200 pilots and passengers have perished. a very heavy price paid for the result rains dirt, blinding strips, and in particular to mechanical breakdowns. the aircraft are due to permanently retire soon. * because of the aircraft always on the ground undergoing repairs such as flight $1149.00 owned by this a delta airline. it should have taken off this morning, but the port engine wouldn't start off but it's not a serious problem. according to jose, one of the planes to mechanics on this competitor that in he, he yeah,
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yeah. that body has had a willow pro locality. i mean, and you know, let them know know what to say. seems confident yet he was on board the same plane 18 months ago when i had to make an emergency landing and this patty field, a few kilometers from vi levy since y'all, a zillion here is. i'm willis, that my daddy. yeah, almost got a guy. i'm with the enough. what if i'm in hands? yes. i right. the numbers you know what they're like, a lot done with them on some book, which off i went like what it does is copy then the malaysian, they, the mother got a loan in levels. it isn't by the ghastly interim, violet leslie has a lot of a lot. i own it. a lot of it on those are the only let
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me today the same left engine is playing up again before is located off for a short period. it appears to be the pump with a complete and then loma in columbia as american seals, scholars go away, but i don't know that doesn't seem to be much concern in the airlines offices. either a flight 1149 pilots is captain foreshadow but the thing is someone's a vehicle isn't with
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much. hopefully we'll see what he does. but the repairs are taking longer than expected and the passengers appeared distinctly uneasy. no luck isn't gonna last unless i orders that i was, i don't know, but i thought ma'am, in 5 hours later, and after much hesitation, the flight is finally canceled. her husband leo, the impetus, pathetic will seem to say, i will. i think you said yes. click on to look in your own, i only say and this at this point, but i don't actually, i think a dollar a month. okay. let me see. i'm assuming i did get them with you.
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okay. i see down them we this past year, but no, no, no, i'm sorry. let's see. i can is has it done in those? it's been on this plan. yeah. i can be demo kasey. well, this is elena taylor, my and i would love those ideas, you know, the think is an annual dental. the bottom of my yeah, with satoka isn't smiling either. the engine has a serious problem. it needs to be dismounted and taken to the workshop. 200 meters away. with with a coupon in lloyd as well alone. let me get those done. you
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know what i india? mazda weighs a 100 miles with the storm. so we wanted to help matters either. there's a power cut that weren't stop out to geniuses. however, in columbia, the light from a mobile is enough to repair planes, engine by hour, with the stall means raoul, and maria won't be working either. ah ah no, with willie leon with
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another partner. with captain roll is paid far less than a regular airline pilot. yet he still has heavy responsibilities. ah, he has to organize the flights and find the passengers. well, unless they pro esl north stump. road myers. but i know how but i mean out i seen on bind. recall it van dock at lakeland. those a complete, delicate, got it. she hasn't well now and as i was when i came in the order, notice i'm a c. i a to load the plane roll relies on this man.
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pablo is the shipping agent, and he is the one who brokers all the air transport into the amazon jungle a meet. i wrote it. what lucy does have with dealers. as i had for despite the unpredictable weather the captain has decided to fly, the pouring rain may have penetrated the petrol tanks. something that could cause the engine's to shut down in mid flight. so they got me down with their muscle, but i now is the old one, the new. i see, i got it because the petrol is clean though. so it's the green light.
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after that, the plane is loaded. i, i think that, you know, this is when the captain of the shipping agent wrestle over the payload to make more money. pablo tries to lie about the weight, but wrong was keeping an eye on it. the plane can carry no more than one of the half tons of it any more. and the captain will simply refuse to take off a lot of wood in cuz i when i made a hes. yeah. hello. yeah, no, willa, i let you know fuller. it. alba followed basement, but i think as well. mm hm. with the sad lee with that, look at it. okay. and as you did better, but not money started with
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vegetables, beds, dogs, chickens, tv sets in columbia, dc threes look more like rural buses. anything is transported with even cocaine from the police check to make sure there's not on board with fuel cap to a minimum each extra kilo counts through much fuel and the plane will be too heavy to take all, i'm not enough and it could mean a crash in the jungle went into my back. did anybody see info quite into my grave gordon if that no, no, no, no. a finance by the acronym, clinical was due last factor, you know,
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judging the exact amount of fuel is a constant. worry for the captain with a little debugger, the amount up you go. so dignified, the command went on. my friend, i won't be b, e a which i must get. think when they come with a, [000:00:00;00] with with
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with the captain raoul and his crew are carefully preparing the next flight. and the captain is on the easy route that you will have to land on one of the most dangerous landing strips and columbia. and he has never been there before. this alley i will know, by the approach you must jani. my so amanda, he's done a heck. you know the nick isn't that way us. keep it as you. that is our units. he had to work in his ela beast. he sung boxes on day. and if he nodded up,
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he says that wicked randy ah, the ravine at the end of the runway is deep. about 80 meters. ah, the icing on the cake is that on this flight, he'll be transporting 1800 liters of highly combustible fuel. the fuel attendant isn't pleased about us filming, fearing a spark from our equipment might set fire to everything more later than i am always very lucky enough or kids like almost to live in which have been i we as possible. yeah, i thought i, when i think a lot of that plan that only is and you can or not, but i know you boy in the form of our to chat other than author us and i yeah.
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i with today. well, she's there at the area with that value. well with with
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a way that way. i came on with as a precaution, tito we on board mechanic has removed the re a dual one short circuit,
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one spark of violet bump and everything could blow with with i have never been disrespect, but nothing can stop them in their trucks. tracy, the american dream escaping poverty. but the illegal route is their only option and their hope for a better life can lead them into trouble breathing tough conditions. gambling with them, they'll put their lives in danger just to hurt them. risky. you know,
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when l z a manager is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the coff 26 climate summit al jazeera, so cases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green's films documenting the human experience on the front line planet, as the wes report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is, having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so ineffective in fighting climate change. fault lines, investigate horizon. temperatures are fueling
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a water war in the u. s l just they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the stream takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community, and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera. ah, by sol says it's carried out bomb attacks on a sheer mosque in southern afghanistan, at least $41.00 people are killed. ah no by this and this is all to save a life from dill hob, also coming up,


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