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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2021 12:30am-1:01am AST

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people in northern can, you could go hungry in just weeks, as the rains refused to come. and in major league baseball, a controversial finished the playoff game between the dodges, the giants love, those details later. ah hello there. let's have a look at the weather across europe over the next few days and have more wet and windy weather on the way. not just in the north, but also in the southeast. were watching that deep area of low pressure that brought severe storms to parts of italy and greece as well as the balkans. and that when, when the weather is set to continue, we've had some torrential downpours caused flooding in athens and some other greek islands. well, that rain will push for the east as that weather system moves towards turkey. we're going to see some heavy rain as well for possible guerria,
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and by sunday it'll be romania that see. so the heavier falls before that wet and windy weather swirls off across the black sea, but it is going to bring the temperature down in is stumble. by the time it moves away though, we're going to see a lot of warns come back in for athens and for places like bell grade in serbia, now more centrally, it is looking lot finer and dryer. we've got quite a bit of cloud cover at play and course wet and windy weather persists. in scandinavia, we sing a wintry mixed blow into pots, norway, and into finland. albriton, an island. it is going to get wetter this week where the systems are pulling in. by the time we get to sunday, you can see that band of rain working its way further east. but for the iberian peninsula, we are seeing some settled conditions, particularly in south ah, on counting the cost, the battle for influenza in latin america. after seating round to china, the u. s. peak still went over its neighbors with billions of dollars. the new
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investment and online learning took off during the pandemic, but can be had to take thought i'd turn a profit. counting the cost on colleges. here we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world center might have when you call home, we'll put you can use in current affairs that matter to you gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world. ah, the cause of needed to oakland and develop its whole international shipping company to become a middle east and or trade and one, a skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of develop who filling a prominence, connecting the world, connecting the future while the cost cutters gateway to whoa trade, lou
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ah, a man, i'll main stories now. at least 41 people have been killed and dozens wounded and an attack on a ship lost in afghanistan. this happened during friday prayers in the southern city of kandahar. it's believed that will multiple explosions. a member of parliament from you guys governing conservative party has died after being stabbed several times. 69 year olds, david amos was meeting members of the public at a church when a man entered and attacked him. funerals have been held for the 7 people killed in bay roots west street violence for over a decade. city was rocked by near constant gone 5 for several hours on thursday, which began often snipers targeted a protest march. now thousands of people have rallied against the closure of
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a border crossing between afghanistan and pakistan. i, there are conflicting claims about which country shot a border and why buck is donny officials say the afghan side closed last week without notice. but afghan state medias as the crossing has been shot by the pakistani authorities. the chum on crossing is a major trading link. joining pakistan, southwestern province of boucher st on with the afghan province of kandahar algiers . come all high to has worn out from harbor in pakistan. hundreds of protest are marched at the depth commissioner's office in the border down of german watch tension. now wherever the deputy commissioner told him that the closure of the border was not from the buckets on his side, that it was the $1.00 bond who had closed that border in protest because of the handling of well i'm trying to crunch into budget on also important to know that
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hundreds of trucks buy it up on both sides of the border, british or belie, damned on board, on trade of gods looting a lot of money. the deputy commissioner also saying that if the dollar bon opened that border, that focused on re do the same. however, they said the matter was not being discussed between the foreign ministry and the $1.00 bond and carbon also important in order. the dollar bond there. monday, august on any international airlines should reduce its fed, which are not ignoble gently high because of the high insurance rates can died or something which prompted the budget i need to suspend or flight altogether. former taliban commander is pleaded not guilty to murdering us soldiers in afghanistan. hygiene as you buller is facing the charges in relation to an attack and warned doug province in 2008, 3 us soldiers on their interpreter dies,
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or since lou me joins us live now for me or kenny more. what further information do you have about court proceedings? well, according to us, prosecutors 45 year old harvey knowledgeable la is a taliban commander who had more than a 1000 fighters under his command. they say that he was at times also serving as a spokesperson for the taliban in war. dec that province that borders on cobble. he was 1st arrested in ukraine actually about a year ago and charged in relation to the kidnapping of a u. s. and african journalist, but these latest charges relate to an attack on us service members that left 3 u. s. service members and their interpreter. dad, they also say he was responsible for commanding forces, who down a u. s. helicopter, in these new charges against him include terrorism charges,
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and the murder of us nationals. now his attorney mark can be in court, argued that it was, quote, preposterous for us, prosecutors to argue that he could be guilty of murder in a u. s. court. given these were us soldiers in afghanistan, in a war that the united states started. prosecutors pushed back against that characterization saying that there is precedence in u. s. law to bring charges like this. all of that discussed in court and nigi beula. 6 entered pleas of not guilty against these charges. he's also pleaded not guilty on the kidnapping charges as well. his lawyer says they're still waiting for evidence related to these latest charges that will be discussed at their next court hearing, which is november 18th and nausea. beula does face life in prison if convicted of
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these charges. and of course, the timing of all this is very interesting given the u. s. just had its 1st face to face meeting with taliban officials in doha just in the last week. but this court's court case will take some time to work its way through the courts. thank you very much. christians renew that update from new york. now in just 2 weeks time, the u. k. host a major climate conference, but already it's been del to blow the times. newspaper reports that the chinese president will not travel to clause go to take part. now. cop 26 has been built. one of the last chances to cool the planet down aiming factions to limit global temperature rises to one and a half degrees celsius. china is the world's biggest, but new to accounting for around a quarter of the world, greenhouse gas emissions. and whilst most countries are amy to be carbon neutral, somewhere between 20302050 china set to target of 2060 to let its
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economy keep growing. but on friday, the u. s. and the alarm about the economic risk of carrying on as normal. it says, extreme weather cost the country $600000000000.00 in damage in the past 5 years, pledging new insurance plans to deal with the consequences. while the u. s. might be able to adapt on the nations don't have that luxury. any 2 and a half 1000000 people in northern kenya for example, are going to struggle have enough to eat by next month, as a drought takes hold. now the norfolk country is seen to dry rainy seasons in a row. local charities of by morning temperatures for drought happening, formal regularly. this is cause food prices to rocket. now 16 percent higher. the normal yeah. how i own we don't use died. she can go to die to only god will help me if you will cool over this area,
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you will see my animals. right. if i read that there was hunger resulting from severe drought and we are unable to sell our animals. so we came to receive the 8 as we have nothing otherwise goes on sellable cause or even worse to sell. and our children are starving as i ran, minus the executive director of the anti poverty climate justice organization. war on want to joins me now from london. so a really miserable situation for millions of people really in northern can you who are being deprived of food and water as a result of drought you? i think you're attending this upcoming call 26. some it can climate diplomacy do anything to help people who are feeling the devastating consequences from rising temperatures. good evening. well, despite all the count, some it's on the climate agreement. requires the will to limit temperatures well
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below one do one and a half degree. and, and of course, all the countless warnings that scientists have given us, including the latest one in august that we're in called rhetoric. humanity that without reductions of carbon pollution in this decade, the killer 5 in families that exactly is there in kenya. but in madagascar, there are wreaking havoc and just an effect of millions of lives. and livelihoods are going to spin out of control. but governments are coming to the summit, you know, with global emissions rising with a still on track to head towards just below 3 degrees of warming, with plenty of tough words on climate, but very little in terms of concrete policies and action plans. i'm not real, that's a real disconnect between walk pull will leaders talk about in terms of climate emergency and the fact that they continue to be allowed to handle the trillions in finance to fossil fuel companies. they're not finance in the transition either in their own countries,
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but as just as important globally about we can move away from both fossil fuels, but also tackle of course, the crisis of a inequality that devastates so many people's lives. how do you manage that transition? moving away from fossil fuels, while the energy needs and the demand for energy arising, particularly on the part of developing countries and poor countries are now undergoing that process of industrialization. will absolutely look, you know, in a world of absolute wealth and abundance. the fact that half of the world's population is still don't have access to electricity or clean cooking says a lot about the crisis of energy poverty. so transitioning away from fossil fuels isn't simply about allowing some can see more fossil fuels or more energy than others. it's thinking about the world where we can provide energy to meet everybody's needs and there are plans and policies we as war on one campaign for
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global green, new deal. there are many, many different policies and plans that actually would deliver that energy to people . but what it requires is, of course, is political will and suddenly been lacking from well leaders. speaking of political, well, would you be surprised if china decided not to participate and does that make this cop $26.00 meeting in glasgow? few tile. no, well well china is of let's just sorry, just to correct. china is of course participating in the question is about world leaders while the optics of world leaders of the climate. so those of course folks the attention of the world in particular, the media are on a, in reality it's need of their presence well leaders all that speech is because we've heard plenty of speeches. as i said, what matters is what they bring into the table. whether they would bring, we're not really discouraged by in china participation. but what does that say for the president not, not to attend?
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of course the, you know, there will be many people will be disappointed that not all the will leaders of there. as i said, you know, a dose the optics of will lead is being at the summit, but we've had countless summits where we've been countless l leaders attending. we've had the president of china, we bought the president, the united states. i'm still, we're locked into fossil fuels, we're still locked into increasing pollution. so it's not simply that presence that matters. what matters actually is what they're coming to the table and, and you know, particularly rich countries, a fail to do that fashion, then not stepping on their promises, whether it's been a promising coaching emissions, which they're far off from where they should be in that promise. in terms of providing lots of climate finance to some of the poorest, the most wonderful countries that was a promise that was made 10 years ago for a 100000000000 dollars. it's still been met and it's likely to be met in glasgow either. so there's a lot, what's really important is rick, countries to show that they're serious about tackling the climate crisis. really built trust again and globally for all countries to work together to ensure that
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everybody does that fashion. and we can both end the climate crisis. i'm talk a global inequality as i ran on. thank you. pleasure. now, the australian says here sidney will be open to some fully vaccinated travelers from next month. country closed its borders in march last year for thing citizens and permanent residents to undergo hotel quarantine at their own expense. several on the countries in the asia pacific region also study easing restrictions. as the vaccination rates rise, jameel alan doug and has it is the kind of frenzy that many people in this shall you see. they have missed for too long. looking flights for international travel. the country closest borders in march last year, but from november, the 1st citizens and permanent residents and their immediate family members can travel to and from sydney international airport. without having to quarantine,
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they'll need to be fully vaccinated against cobit 19. and this easing of restrictions in new south wales doesn't apply to tourists. the states premier says a major step forward or want to open up new south walls to the wall, or we need to rejoin the vote. we can't leave here in a hermit kingdom, or we've got to open up. and this decision to die is a, is a big want. but it's the roy want to get new south walls connected globally, but in neighboring you zealand officials are implementing some of the toughest covey restrictions in the world. almost all recent cases have been detected in auckland. my message today is clear. we need people in oakland to stick to the alert level 3 rose is the director of public health is just seed. this outbreak is not an a small number of clusters in a small geographical area. it is affecting people in all parts of oakland, which makes it every once job and oakland to help prevent it sprayed. deputy prime
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minister grant. robertson said case numbers in auckland or rising quicker than expected. about 60 percent of its population have been vaccinated, and authorities aim to ramp up, immunization drives this weekend. in india, scientists say they are working with local manufacturers to develop technologies to me, coven 19 tests, more affordable to many oral key production at the high quality. with what we were able to bring it down. note very significantly and right now as you know, the cost. so come down for $4500.00 to all the way to possibly a few 100 rupees countries, including south korea. japan, thailand and the philippines are slowly easing restrictions after a set, a decrease in cobit cases, and many see that for and the signal that asia is well on its way to recovery. to
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melinda, again, al jazeera manila. china is launched at 2nd crude space flight as part of its mission to build a space station by the end of next year. 3 astronauts on board will spend 6 months working on the new platform, the longest. any chinese crew members have spent in orbit 1st section of town gone one launched in april and this machine will focus on testing the living quarters. this is the 2nd of 4 flights to complete a space station. still ahead on this news, our gentle giant, and what mexican scientists are doing to try and save them. i mean sport details on how the chan i super king's one, the indian premier league. ah .
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ah oh ah
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ah. well shocks can go up to 18 meters long, and they fascinate holidaymakers in scientists around the world. they're under threat from commercial fishing and terrorism and numbers and dropping. john holman reports our mexico's efforts to protect the giant sea creatures with small specks appearing in the ocean. you'd never guess what lies beneath the biggest fish in the world until the end of september. well, shots will be gracie mits, cuz caribbean waters, one of their main feeding grounds. but the shots endangered. he just as it is elsewhere in the world over 75 years, it's numbers have half. and that's something met. who's trying to do something about raphael pins. these truck is to the well,
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shall it's been to see where they go when what they do. ah, it's lucky, it's a gentle giant. it's like going to be william local nazi. i'm contributing to the knowledge about these animals to protect them. you need to know about them despite its size, the waves shouts, manage to keep it secrets well. little is known about how it mates or gives birth. raphael and others research could be vital to save it, but it's just one part the conservation effort. emit scope. 2 years ago the government set up fees for visitors to the way shout 3 designate to protection areas they can't swim on the all to with the fish and taurus boats meant to keep the distance from it. only groups with government accredited guides are allowed in, oh, you need a guide because they know what you can and can't do in the water. you can bring
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your boat, but you needed guide. okay, captain olivia belong to morgan young. that's jose one. the mingus head of the caribbean biosphere reserve. he says the rules only work because local tourism companies have brought into this more general. many of the criteria and good conservation habits have been created by them because they understand they have to protect the well shark. so that this resource stays with us. i don't know the words everyone wants the shocks and the tories to keep coming elected when it was an incredible experience. if you get the chance you have to come because they are really incredible. amazing to be able to swim with such an immense and marvelous animal. and then it's gone, submits goes, well, show population will be heading off to maxima. the question, as every year is how many will return?
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john holmes out 0 met scott. r as an out all a sport. thanks so much marian. we start with football in paris, seizure manner, where become a depleted squad to resume their winning ways and france. but they had to navigate a tough road against the team, coming forth in the league on j. p. s. she trailed at half time before killing him . bobby provided a perfect cross for daniella to town. and then in the 82nd minute to hand mall was initially missed by the referee before v. r intervenes p. if she were given a penalty, bobby scored to give the home sight into one victory on the saudi arabian back consortium took over premier lee club new cathlene. i did the initial speculation was that manager steve bruce would be sac soon after. and while the club is confirmed, bruce will be in charge of this weekend against tottenham. many believe he remains on board time, but the veteran manager says he hasn't discussed the future with the new owners and
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will continue to work hard to retain his post. after a brief, 10 minute conversation with the new owners. well, we talked about the team and we talked about injuries. we talked about the training ground and we talked about was very, very informal. as you said, carry on until you know, all carry on until i hear otherwise, i'll try me up most. and if the say fit, then great, that's he wouldn't want this opportunity. you know, any manager would love this opportunity and love to be sitting in my chair. so i'll make a festival or try me up most and as always, try me best, which is best for the quote. liverpool boss, hearing klob, has head out at international federations for worrying about their own interests. started looking after the well being of players. as comments come after midfielder . curtis jones was injured during international duty and won't be available for inside match. walk for it on saturday. clock will also be missing brazilians for
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beano and allison due to quarantine protocols. so these are the situations we have to deal with, and that's why we have this message squats and can just use players like machines. so you another way for them to take you and stuff like this. i said it before, but when, when, when, when the federations don't stop helping us, i mean with them all of them. whoever it is to the probably half a day have to think about the game again and not only about their own interest. and that's how it is in a moment. that john, i super gangs have won the indian premier league for the 4th time. john i batted 1st against the calcutta night riders and scored a 192 wrongs from their 20 overs losing just 3 wickets. property plus see top scored with $86.00 in rely, coke had started strongly only losing their 1st wicked after $91.00 runs. but from their chun, i wrestled back momentum and claiming victory by 27 runs. the super kings are now
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just one title behind them and by indians are most i. p. l crowns the historic playoff series between the san francisco giants and the la dodgers ended in controversy, the dodgers edging through to the nationally championship series. this was the team's 1st ever playoff meeting. and i went down to the 9th inning of game 5, cody bellenger, had an r b. i singled with the dodgers to one ahead. and that came the decisive moment. giants player wilmer floor, as had the task of keeping the team season alive against the reigning world. series champions or as was called out by the i'm tired, even the worry play suggested he didn't swing his bought. but the comment dodgers won the game and now face a series against the atlanta braves. i want to congratulate the giant on, on a tremendous season. oh, thus rocking all baseball and it was just great job. every time we played those
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guys and just bring that rivalry back to life high quality heater at the plate that can climb back into the account. it's no guarantee of success at the end of the about i'm just, it's just a tough way to ended up there. there's no need for especially right now there's no need to, you know, to be angry about that. i just think it's just a disappointing wait and and there was a momentum hockey history for the seattle crackin, and the franchises 1st ever season. the national hockey league, the cracking, have secured their opening when came against the national predators for 3, the final score, the team are on the road for now. their big homecoming will be for a game against vancouver later this month. okay, and that is all your support for now. it's now back to marion in london. fine,
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thanks very much. that route felony is out, but i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news. i'll see you in a bit. ah ah. a manager is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the coff. 26 climate summit al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency. witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at
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the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. fault lines, investigate horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the us. al, just there, a well shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of the natural result. the stream takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front he thought, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera. hitchhiking has never been to this reason, but nothing can stop them in their trucks. chasing the american dream, escaping poverty. but the illegal route is their only option and their hope for
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a better life can lead them into trouble breathing tough conditions. gambling with the law, they'll put their lives in danger, just a very risky. you know, when elders you play an important role protecting you and guide. ringback doctor to face m a blue ah, in afghanistan, sheer worship as a targeted for the 2nd time in just days. explosions, kill dozens of mosque in the taliban. hot land. ah, oh, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program.


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