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with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create all of your jobs. invest park when you lose his growth and progress in indonesia now, ah, a british m. p dies after being stabbed several times as the tribute flo questions are raised about the safety of politicians. ah, no, i'm marianne mozy and you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. ah, in afghanistan, she, our worship as a targeted for the 2nd time and just days. explosions, killed dozens of a mosque in the taliban, hot land,
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anger and suspicion boil over an english speaking cameroon, and demonstrated turn on a police officer. they accuse of killing a schoolgirl in residence in this us city, a toll to turn off the taps 3 years after lead contamination was 1st detected and now water supply ah a british member of parliament from the governing conservative party has died after being stabbed to several times 69 year old david amos was a veteran, politician, was meeting his constituents when he was attacked. a 25 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the incident at a church. in leon see, east of london out there is joan. how has our port now in an investigation still unfolding no clear motive has emerged for the attack on m. p.
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david amos, the veteran, conservative member of parliament, died of his wounds having been stabbed multiple times during a meeting with his constituents in southeast england. essex police said a man had been arrested at the scene in a church hall in the seaside town of lee on see where the meeting was taking place . the 25 year old has been arrested on suspicion of murder. a knife was also recovered. the investigation, is it, it's very early stages and is being led by officers from the specialist counterterrorism command. we made it clear at the time of the incident that we did not believe there was any immediate further threat, any one else in the area. it will be for investigators to determine whether or not this is a terrorist incident in the political holes of westminster. meanwhile, shock and dismay, david was a man who believe passionately in this country and in its
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future. and we've, we've lost to day a fine public servant and a much loved friend and colleague, david, a miss had been the m p for south and west of since 997. the conservative member of parliament in the 1983. he was one of the longest serving members of the house of commons talk about animal welfare generally cruelty to animals, a defender of animal rank colleagues describe david, a kind, compassionate and well liked he is said to have been keenly dedicated to his regular open door meetings with constituents and enjoyed bringing their concern to the floor of the house. amos is not the 1st in peter have been killed in the course of his duties. most infamous, in recent times, was the murder of labor party and p. joe cox in her northern england constituency. in 2016, she was stabbed and shocked by a far right supporter a week before the brakes had referendum. the death of david a mis will raise
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questions once again about the threats politicians face in an increasingly divided political climate. it can't be beyond the wish man to provide some form of security to members of parliament whilst still respecting that tradition of being able to see your m p. so, you know, when it's coming up, you can roster on a police officer to be in the room if that's what it's going to take. it is a much cherished tradition. the practice of face to face meetings between citizens and their elected representatives based on openness and trust. now once again called into question by the deliberate killing of a member of parliament, joan a whole al jazeera london. well, an indian bob, the joins is live now from leon c. and as you, the hearing and joan is report tributes have been pouring in from politicians from both parties across the political divide. tell us how people are coping with what has happened there will marry if you can
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imagine people here are deeply saddened ions, completely shocks that this could happen. there are people here in this area. in leon, see, it's just outside south friend and david amos was the m p for south and west. it's a quiet community here and there are a business owners who know david amos, who have interacted with him over many years and to a person they'll tell you that he was always very friendly. and also people are pointed out or that even if they didn't share his political opinions still found in to be somebody who was a very approachable, the year at the priest at the church here actually presided over a memorial service in the last few hours. and the local presser, quoting him as saying that david amos was always someone who would greet you with a smile. and someone in the priest's words who had the great east london,
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characteristic of being able to talk to any body on their level. that's the sentiment that's being echoed by david a mrs. colleagues in parliament in the house of commons there. all saying that he was somebody that was extremely easy to get on with bro. so that expressed his beliefs without him, without reticence. and i'm freely debated. those ideas, one of his well known passions was animal welfare and he was involved in many different charities. so not surprisingly, tributes as you were hearing, have been flooding in, but not just that promise is that something will be done about the safety of british politicians, pretty patel. the home secretary has now asked all police forces in the country to m e to immediately review a. m p 's a security arrangement. she's already spoken with lindsey hoyle,
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the speaker of the house of commons, the lower house of parliament. ok, so clearly and there is a feeling that there is an urgent need to look at what more can be done. david amos was a firm believer in the importance of those face to face constituency surgeries, meetings with the public that he represented. and he is not, of course, the 1st person to have actually been killed at such an event. joe cox's you were hearing was murdered in 2016, in a her know of an england's constituency by a fall right. support us just to bring you up to date with the investigation. as 6 police is saying that it is now being led by counter terrorism. police, they do not have any idea right now about the motives. they're still holding a 25 year old man in custody, who they arrested earlier on on suspicion of murder. thank you very much. of the
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mother in leon c. ah. we want to turn to afghanistan. now we are at least 41 people have been killed and dozens wounded in an attack in the country. this happened during friday prayers at the largest shia mosque in the southern city of kandahar. it's believe thou a multiple explosions inside the mosque. kandahar is afghanistan, 2nd largest city, and considered the birthplace of the taliban. stephanie decker reports now from the capital cobble. the explosions ripped through friday. prayers, reports suggest. several suicide bombers were involved in the attack. this alamo, there were 3 people. the 1st one entered and killed the gate keeper and the remaining 2 into the mosque. they were armed. i opened fire 1st and then all 3 of
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them detonated themselves together. many of my family members were mounted there. then i wow. ambulance crews rushed to the scene. casualties mounted. this is the largest shia mosque in kandahar. the province is taliban heartland in the south of gaston, the groups birthplace and stronghold. and this significantly, the 1st attack of its kind here. it's the 2nd on a she a place of worship. in 7 days. last friday, she a mosque was attacked in conduce in the north east of the country. more than 60 people were killed as they to attended friday prayers. and i so suicide bomber entered and detonated his explosive. among them there appears to have been an increase in pace and geographical scope. and attacks carried out by iceland, afghanistan over the last couple of weeks or the taliban is always said that it is the only group able to maintain security across the country. but that premise is now being challenged. and despite the taliban saying it had the ice all threat under control, just a few days ago, the interior ministry giving
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a press conference asking taliban fighters to be cautious among their ranks, hinting at concerns of infiltration, the hot de la de la berries. so that if somebody is found in any of army units linked to iceland, let it be known that the unit commander will be interrogated and the unit will be dissolved southfield. it's 2 months since the taliban took control of the country, having to adapt from insurgency to governance. and despite a diplomatic push abroad, millions of dollars of much needed international donor money are still being withheld. as the international community demands a more inclusive government and the protection of women's rights and those of minorities agencies awarding of the humanitarian catastrophe as the country is running severely low on cash. salaries haven't been paid in months. millions of people don't have enough to eat. and winter is coming all this compounded by an unpredictable security situation with new dynamics at play, stephanie decker, al jazeera cobble. when all the development of the russian president has urged
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former soviet states surrounding afghanistan want to rush to officially recognize the taliban as its rulers. now speaking during a leader summit, vladimir putin, juan, the intern taliban government, is not a reflection of afghan society as a whole rush or a set to host the taliban and other afghan factions for talks on wednesday. if what nobody knows, the plug that gives us of we shouldn't hurry yet to officially recognize the taliban. we understand we have to interact with him, but we must not hurry him, disregard lima. we will discuss it and do consultations. we should however, maintain the process of the afghan reconciliation and seek the normalization of the situation in this country locally. meanwhile, the former taliban commander is appearing before us court on terrorism charges hygiene as you boiler is facing indictments in relation to an attack. enough got histone in 2008. it led to the death of 3 us soldiers, and their interpreter is also accused of kidnapping,
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an american journalist and to afghan civilians. as your bill it was expedited to the us from ukraine last year. christian salumi has more now from new york. the defendant has ignacio beula is appearing before a judge in federal court. here in manhattan, prosecutors describe the 45 year old as a taliban commander, who they say is responsible for killing 3 u. s. service members and their interpreter as well as taking down a u. s. helicopter. but he is in court on those charges today he was actually charged. 5 for, for another incident back in 2008, involving the kidnapping of an american journalist and to afghan colleagues at the time that received a lot of attention in the united states. and the timing of this, of course, is interesting since the united states has just in the last week begun face to face negotiations with the taliban, including the demand that
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a us citizen be released from their custody. but it should be pointed out that these latest charges were came after nazi beula was arrested last october in ukraine and brought to the united states. a grand jury proceeding was held here in the united states. prosecutors presented these new charges of the grand jury did find that there was evidence to go forward with the trial. so that's what we're seeing happening here today. the formal presentment of these charges which include material support for terrorism. even if he himself did not commit the acts that took down these soldiers under us terrorism laws, he can be convicted for material support because there was a murder of a u. s. national and deaths of citizens involved in this case, funerals have been hell for the 7 people killed in bay roots were street violence
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in more than 10 years. said he was robbed by near constant gunfire for more than 4 hours on thursday. 19 people have been arrested over the violence which began when on identified snipers on rooftops targeted a protest march. march was organized by his butler and its allies, demanding the removal of the judge overseeing the investigation into last year's port explosion. bernard smith is in beirut and has more on the port bloss investigation and the fallout from 1st day's violence that most lebanese politicians don't seem to want this investigation to go on. they don't just want derek baton removing from his pros post as the leading, investigating judge that are interested in the investigation going on because it's on billy unveiling and will unveil some dirty secrets, linking corruption and lebanese politicians judge retired and only want to speak to politicians allied to his bala, he wanted to speak to a christian general, a kristian politician. he wanted to speak to lebanon's former prime minister hat
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and deb. so there were a wide range of people he wanted to speak to, and this investigation has the broad support of the lebanese population, because they not only want justice for the people who were killed in last year's explosion. but they want this as a demonstration. if you like that there is still some to some sort of rule of law in lebanon and an ability to hold people accountable. a government is called a day of mornings, or most businesses and government offices are closed. as bowler has said that it will not be dragged into a civil war, but a senior leader of the group. hashem. sure as a field in sad at the funerals today that we will not, that the blood of our martyrs be in vain and has bala has repeated the accusation. that cypress, from the lebanese forces her from the christine lebanese forces party, ambushed. she eyed has bola supporters as they came to a protest in this part of
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a route i'm in an area that divides a christine neighborhood behind me from a shiite neighborhood. over to the other side, there remains a military presence here. pretty lebanese forces have denied very strongly that they did ambush at these has bowler supporters with al jazeera ally from london still had for you on the program. remembering and assassinated president and bikini faso, but more than 30 is own justice still has to wait. and the cost of changing climate . whitehouse pledge billions of dollars to repair the damage caused by future designs. ah hello there. let's have a look at the weather across europe over the next few days and have more wet and
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windy weather on the way. not just in the north, but also in the southeast were watching that deep area of low pressure that's brought severe storms to parts of italy and greece as well as the balkans. and that when, when the weather is set to continue, we've had some torrential downpours cause flooding in athens and some other greek islands. well, that rain will push for the east as that weather system moves towards turkey. we're going to see some heavy rain as well for possible guerria, and by sunday it'll be romania that see. so the heavier falls before that wet and windy weather swirls off across the black sea, but it is gonna bring the temperature down in, is stumble. by the time it moves away though, we're going to see a lot of warms. come back in for athens and for places like bell grade in serbia, now more centrally, it is looking a lot finer and dryer. we got quite a bit of cloud cover at play and course wet and windy weather persists in scandinavia. wishing a wintry mix blow into parts of norway and into finland, albriton an island, it is going to get wetter this week where the systems are pulling in. by the time
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we get to sunday, you can see that band of rain working its way further east before the iberian peninsula. we are seeing some settled conditions, particularly in the south. ah, ah, how many nukes there's too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race for parties are much more like the british for he's about to the, there are a few regulations to own a tiger than there are to own a dog. how can this be happening? you'll weakly take on us politics and society, and that's the bottom line. with bold and untold stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera lou.
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ah, welcome back. look at the main stories now. a member of parliament from the u. k. governing conservative party has died off to being stabbed several times. 60 on year old david amos was meeting members of the public, a church when a man entered and attacked him. at least 41 people have been killed and dozens wounded in an attack on a she on last game. afghanistan. it happened during friday. prayers in the southern city of kandahar to believe that will multiple explosions, funerals have been held for the 7 people killed in bay. roots was street violence in more than 10 years. the city was rocked by near constant gone 5 to several hours on thursday, which began off to snipe has targeted i protest much now
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a farseason english speaking western cameroon of cold for com. after a school girl died when police fired on a car at a check point, a crowd of people later killed the person. 8 foot was responsible for the incident took place and anerio at set protests have been in conflict with government forces for 4 years. and interest reports now from neighboring nigeria, in a city known for protest against the government and follows these images, warning officials i protested, took to the streets, accusing a police officer of killing the 5 year old of their mother refused to pay him. a brian vickery got buddy to the governor's office, the letters volumes, and the lines attend situation in english speaking come rule while government forces are fighting separatist wanted independence. this. oh boy, i said what? i'm the mother. if you can get up in the morning. i rachel tag. everything really?
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good. what's the one saying it? no, you're good. i'm fine. i you get to deal with them when i was gonna, when i'm with people in 2017 separately from them was only a movement declare independence from cameroon. why more than 80 percent of the population is francophone that led to a crackdown by security forces? the 4 year rollins has claimed model $3500.00 lies and forced around 700000 people from their homes. desperate to stop the protest in the city of bureau from getting out of control. officials promised to investigate the shooting of the school go. i
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i hello. bureau is terms what call it what it new hold use will be able to keep up with the grease out. hundreds of people have gathered and became a facet capital to pay tribute, the former president thomas and kara, 34 years to the day since his assassination revolutionary pan africanist led the country from 1983. on monday, 14 men, including the former president, compel re, went on trial of the killing case has been adjourned to later this month. so defense lawyers can have more time to consider thousands of documents submitted as evidence. nicholas hack has more from what to do go. this is an exceptional
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ceremony given in pomp, an honor to a man that has become an african icon, former president thomas sanker, who, 35 years ago was assassinated in the building right behind me. such events under former president bless compo, who's accused now of the murder in the south nation of to my son. cora would not be possible. in fact, people were not even allowed to be on the road where we're standing right now to day diplomats and dignitaries from africa and from bertina far so have gather to pay tribute to to my son cara. it's a moment of history. it's a moment to remember a man there was celebrated because he strive for self sufficiency. he gave burkina, faso and the people here an element of pride in their indignity in their country that they can be self sufficient, less dependent on friends, the former colonial power. now,
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thomas sanker as trial has just started on monday with his widow asking for the for president to not be afraid and to come and face justice. he's the mean accused behind the murder of sancho who was murdered here 35 years ago, a long 12 others. it's an important moment for many people here in this country and for many young people. because with this duty of justice, people want to move on and unite this country that is currently under terminal turmoil dealing with arm conflict of the north end, a humanitarian crisis. poland parliament has pos to laura lying, border gods to push migrants and refugees back across the country's border. authorities can also refuse the asylum claims of those who enter illegally legislation supports a plan to build a $400000000.00 border wall with many people crossing from barrison ukraine to enter. the european union. owens accused batteries of ally went across illegally
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and retaliation. in new sanctions, human rights groups say it's a means of legalizing inhumane treatment. now the white house has issued a report on how it hands to protect american families and businesses from the economic risks of climate change. parts of the us have been experiencing extreme weather including wildfires and harkins, fueled by the warming climate. in february, a cold snap in texas that to widespread power outage is causing an estimated $10000000000.00 in property damage. i was corresponding company how it brings us this updates. the biden administration through this plan seeks to show that essentially every aspect of the u. s. economy that touches ordinary lives and also businesses is affected by climate change, whether it be extreme, whether in the form of flooding, drought, even wild fires, that all of this has an economic impact. what the challenge is for the,
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by the administration of it is of course, putting these words into action and that's where the challenge is for this white house, given the fact that they're headed to this un climate summit. and right now, what the biden administration has is a very good plan, but it needs congress to pass this plan into law in order for these commitments to move ahead. and so that is the problem for this white house. it's fearful that not only may this not get passed, but this may not get past it at all and let alone before this international summit . so this is the challenge. still the white house pushing very hard. in fact, 13 cabinet members will be attending in glasgow. scotland to show the priority that this white house is taking when it comes to climate change. residents in a 2nd city in the usa of michigan have been told not to drink that water because of lead contamination. that's an hombres majority black city with high levels of lead than fellow michigan city. flint had at the height of its water crisis that was
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detected in the cities pipes 3 years ago. but the state officials say it will take another 18 months to replace them. john hendern reports in bent in harbor. the water is brown and people are seeing red get to wet a last lesson while here. so i don't know what to do. i don't know for the 2nd time in recent memory, the state of michigan is taking years to clean up lead, tainted drinking water in a majority. black city, when a visitor complained about the water. reverend edward pink, he had it test it and found high levels of lead. he says there's a reason it's taking so long to remove it. environmental recess just to what it if, if oh, a white woman would count was, oh, will you see he see her on a camel? we don't know baby, she's cry. and tell him that the lay, the destroying her baby. there was a was sent out. the army of fema will be here on the pentagon would be everybody
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would be here. and yet unresolved has been in less than 6 months. but by been a black city is a whole different story. 2 years after the majority, black town of flint resolved a 5 year long crisis with lead in its water bent in harbors. water is even more toxic. my water, so sad. does it make you mad? yes, because they does not take a bath in a brush. our teeth and not it is, but with us i, we didn't. the most tainted samples from homes here contained $889.00 parts of lead per 1000000000. $59.00 times the states, 15 parts per 1000000000 limit on thursday with residents lining up for bottled water. 3 years after the city discovered its taps were tainted, the state announced it would replace all of the cities underground, lead pipes within 18 months. this directive ensures that state government is taking a truly all hands on deck approach. the mayor is careful not to criticize the state
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leaders who have committed to replace the city's lead pipes. but he too raises the spectre of racial discrimination. the entire system quite honestly. ah, sits since his inception from the federal and state level has not been kind and friendly to black people. i think that there's been some headway. ah, but quite honestly, there's a long way to go. because of the racial, not just insensitivity, but in justice. the average income here is about $32000.00 a year just above the poverty line for a family of 4. here at lake michigan, the water is lead free. it picks up the lead as it course is through the cities aging pipes. so there's water everywhere. it's just not safe to drink. so far, the city has promises of $18000000.00 of the $28000000.00 it will take to replace
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all of its lead supply pipes. it will have to find the remaining $10000000.00 somewhere to finish the project on time. in 2023. john henderson, al jazeera benton harbor, michigan. ah okay. lane stories, the sound now an under of parliament from the case governing conservative party has died after being stabbed several times. 16 year old david amos was meeting members of the public at a church and leon see when a man entered and attacked him. 25 year old has been arrested on suspicion of madame a 25 year old man was arrested immediately at the scene on suspicion of murder. he remains in custody a noise.


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