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this is a shop or no beer is tense, but call what it's so clear. the blue folders will be able to keep it that way. with degrees al jazeera still to come here on the news are for you another predominantly black city in the u. s. state of michigan is told it's not safe to drink the tap water. while over the border in canada, drinking water is flown in to a remote arctic city there after fi is its own. water is contaminated with diesel or gasoline. and in major league baseball news, a controversial finished the playoff games between the duchess and the dog giants. details later with flora in sport, in about 15 minutes. ah.
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now for the most part, the heat is easing the ravine peninsula is actually a thin line of clarity, which many would argue as the autumn front ones that go south. temperatures tend to drop away and stay that way for a few months. but if you look at iraq at 41 in baghdad, you think that still on the high side, and you would be right to think that it is on the high side. but when the wind kicks in, we're back down towards normal. 34 degrees after probably a sandy sand stormy day on sundays at wind kicks up on that frontal system. equally old, in my mind, is what's happening in the north of pakistan. far north west of india and even parts of afghanistan as snow arise on sunday and monday with rain, but it stretches all away for the safe and it should not be doing that this time of the year. but more normally, the autumn storm was effecting grease. so friday and saturday by sunday will just be a few showers, at least for those few shares to turkey. so it's of expands itself and i think they're come across towards the coast of lebanon and further south as well known
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shore breeze. becky fee cooler in the levant, mostly it's dry now in somali and kenya part for a few showers. but there are masses of shadow in place that gab along. cameroon and dia, congo, this looks whit. ah, it's the was most populous democracy, diverse dynamic, and undergoing moment to see context, india dixon in that look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the mission. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me feel that those are for context, india coming soon. and i says either in germany's capital, there is a barber like no other than that of what he did. he hadn't form. i locked or struck
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broth which yet. but as his city changes, he's moving with and going on the road. the story we don't often hear told by the people who lived in the master barbara of berlin. this is europe anal to 0. lou. oh, just a couple of minutes off to how past the hour you're watching. the news are alive from doha. your top stories, security sources and afghanistan say at least 4 to one people had been killed and dozens were wounded. in an attack on the biggest she
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a mosque in the southern city of kandahar. there are unconfirmed reports of 3 exclusions inside the building. funerals have been held for 7 people were killed in bay roofs worth street violence and more than 10 years the city was rocked by the constant gun fire for more than 4 hours on thursday, with unidentified ciphers on rooftops. the british conservative m p. so david amos has died after being star repeatedly. he was meeting members of his constituency in a church, when a man entered the building and attacked him. a 25 year old has now been arrested. well, john hall has been following events on that breaking story is his report in an investigation still unfolding no clear motive has emerged for the attack on m. p. david amos, the veteran, conservative member of parliament, died of his wounds having been stabbed multiple times during a meeting with his constituents in southeast england. essex police said
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a man had been arrested at the scene in a church hall in the seaside town of lee on see where the meeting was taking place . the 25 year old has been arrested on suspicion of murder. a knife was also recovered. the police said no one else was being sought in connection with the attack in the political holes of westminster. meanwhile, shock and dismay. david with a man who believe passionately in this country and in its future. and we've, we've lost to day a fine public servant and a much loved friend and colleague, david amos had been the m p for south and west since 1997 and a conservative member of parliament since 1983. he was one of the longest serving members of the house of commons talk about animal welfare generally cruelty to animals. a defender of animal rights colleagues described david amos as kind, compassionate and well liked. he is said to have been keenly dedicated to his
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regular open door meetings with constituents and enjoyed bringing their concerns to the floor of the house. amos is not the 1st time peter have been killed in the course of his duties. most infamous, in recent times, was the murder of labor party and p. jo cox in her northern england constituency. in 2016. she was stabbed and shocked by a far right supporter a week before the bricks referendum. the death of david a mis will raise questions once again about the threats politicians face in an increasingly divided political climate. it can't be beyond the width of man to provide some form of security to members of parliament whilst still respecting that tradition of being able to see your m p. so, you know, when it's coming up, you can roster on a police officer to be in the room if that's what it's going to take. it is a much cherished tradition. the practice of face to face meetings between citizens and their elected representatives based on openness and trust. now,
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once again called into question by the deliberate killing of a member of parliament jona hall, al jazeera london, that goes to states now because the governor of the us state of michigan is calling from all hands on deck corresponds to deal with a water contamination crisis. people in bent and harbor a majority, black city have been told not to cook, drink or brush their teeth with top water. it comes almost 3 years after lead was found and said he pipes his john henderson. in benton harbor, the water is brown in people are seeing red getaway lat, latham while here thought how and what the day had on for the 2nd time in recent memory, the state of michigan is taking years to clean up lead, tainted drinking water in a majority black city, when a visitor complained about the water, reverend edward pinkney had it test it and found high levels of lead. he says there's a reason it's taking so long to remove it. environmental recess just to what did
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you, if, if oh, a white woman were count was, oh will you see see our own a camel. we don't know baby, she's cry. and telling me that to lay the destroying her baby. there was a was sent out. the army of fema will be here on the pentagon would be everybody would be here in the air resolved disdain in less than 6 months. but by been a black city is a whole different story. 2 years after the majority, black town of flint resolved a 5 year long crisis with lead in its water bent in harbours, water is even more toxic. my water, so sad. does it make you mad? yes, they does not take a bath in a brush, our teeth and not it is, but with us i, we did the most tainted samples from homes here contained 889 parts of lead per $1000000059.00 times the states, 15 parts per 1000000000, limit on thursday with residents lining up for bottled water,
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3 years after the city discovered its taps were tainted, the state announced it would replace all of the cities underground, lead pipes within 18 months. this directive ensures that state government has taken a truly all hands on deck approach. the mayor is careful not to criticize the state leaders who have committed to replace the city's lead pipes. but he too raises the spectre of racial discrimination the entire system. quite honestly. ah, sits since his inception from the federal and state level has not been kind and friendly to black people. i think that there's been some headway. ah, but quite honestly, there's a long way to go because of the racial not us and sensitivity, but in justice. the average income here is about $32000.00
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a year just above the poverty line for a family of 4. here at lake michigan, the water is lead free. it picks up the lead, as it course is through the cities aging pipes. so there's water everywhere. it's just not safe to drink. so far the city has promises of $18000000.00 of the $28000000.00 it will take to replace all of its lead supply pipes. it will have to find the remaining 10000000 somewhere to finish the project on time in 2023. and john is in benson hall, but in michigan. hi there, john. you're there at a water distribution center, but it's not the water going through the lead pipes is bottled water. i guess that's a daily, perhaps even a couple of times per day. regular thing for the people that as right, people are coming here at the moment. we're at god's household of faith church and they're getting a couple of cases, a piece of water to supply them through the next day. some people are doing this
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every day because every day water is being distributed and we've watched here where they've opened about a half hour early and hundreds of cars have gone through thousands of bottles of water have been distributed. and with me now is a man who initially tested that water and discovered that it was tainted. that's the reverend edward pinkney. who is the pastor here at god's household of faith church. let me ask you, how is this gone? got a little rain, but people are still coming through. oh this is, this is true midtown. i'm just glad to see that the people here understand the importance of having a clean, safe war. seed ask the most important thing. a lot of times people don't get it, but this is the most important thing. i'm glad to see the land is like there cuz i do not want don't drink that contaminated water. how matter people that they have to do this because of the water. all they're angry. i me it's, we had a nice mouth day to day. everything was smooth, but unfortunately,
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some day the people won't be wanted to fight. they be angry. they angry calls. what is that way? they can understand why it took 3 years to offer people to understand it, the water will contaminate. and are people satisfied that the state says over the next 18 months? it's going to replace those underground pipes the lead pipe. they have that wait and see attitude, let's wait and see because we know that the governors say a lot of things and sometimes it doesn't come true. so we want to be patient and, and just sit back and wait and see what happens. and this happened in flint, not far away from here, another largely african american city. and now it's happening here. and you talked in the story about how that probably wouldn't have happened. had this been a city that was majority white. what do you think about that? oh, absolutely, dis with a never half. i mean, when you talking about, ah, environmental racism is right here. you know, this is, this is what's going on today. this is why they, we have the may show don't just never happen to another city was black and white,
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but we know david is a black city, is a possibility that might happen again. god will that that is the view. thank you very much. reverend. for talking to us and for all you're doing out here for all the people in benton harbor, that's the view from a city where a little bit of rain isn't stopping them and it's not resolving the water problem that we have. we're continuing to see cars come through here and pick up bottles of water and it looks like they're going to have to do that for at least another 18 months before this crisis is over. john, thank you very much. john henderson there in michigan, the capital of a canadian arctic territory has been told not to use any tap water there because of fears. it is contaminated with fuel. in quality resident started complaining about the smell of petrol in their water at the beginning of the month, but the city insisted it was safe. a state of emergency now has been declared as of tuesday after fumes were detected at a treatment plant. drinking water has now been flown into the territory and many
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people using water from one of the local rivers in colutus. one of canada's most remote cities, supplies are being flown up from ottawa, include is here in and none of votes. the country's largest and northern most territory, the city gets its water from geraldine lake. the water treatment plant is a short distance away, but it's also right next to the power plant, which runs on diesel infrastructure is especially vulnerable to the elements with temperatures dropping as low as minus 40 degrees celsius across winter months. sim s a has a header is a resident of include, she says she 1st noticed an overwhelming smell of diesel when she was bathing her 8 month old baby. it's terrifying to think that you've been feeding your baby water doesn't terminated or you've been bathing your baby and water that's contaminated. we still don't know exactly what and how much the contamination is. and we have no information about what the possible results of that contamination could be.
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we're hearing from friends, the neighbors, and people again have a r r o, or there's been other complaints like 5 arms. we just don't know it's, it's really scary to think that your baby ah, baby's house could be compromised. early i spoke to kenny bell, he's the mare of include, he says multiple rounds of testing came back clean. but that all changed when they opened up a different part of the treatment plant. we found it in the clear, clear, well, which is typically sealed unit that are treated water before it goes into our, our holding tanks that will ultimately do distributed to the community. so the only way to get in there is if it came through our treatment process, which you know, as, as a very highly unlikely, or, you know, there could be, that could be a crack in the pitch from the ground. but you know, that would mean that the whole area would have to be very heavily contaminated in courses worried for us. right now we're trying to isolate the, well,
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it is an issue at that they'll, we will be taking a break from the source into our holding tanks. and ultimately we'll be asking people to boil water, but at least we'll have water at their home as well. you can imagine that our power plant and are largely messengers over 60 years old. and you know, the unknown at that time would have been, you know, ashen, who wouldn't have given really understood what was going on here without knowing exactly what's in the water and how it is getting in the water. we just don't know right now, actually i believe the tests are back right now on our with public health and, and our management team here at the city, you know, being our lives. and then we will kind of know what's going on. but i'll tell you one liter of water at the store last week was costing, you know, almost $9.00 a leader. so, you know, it's obviously you can contain that the government bringing in 80000 meters over the next couple days. we have a bunch of corporate citizens that have also donated water. the other for steam river here is that we're going to the river, which is part of our,
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into our toil park. and we've been taking water from that and delivering it to multiple places throughout the city, but also to elders and people with needs. so we're there, but it's just not easy. yesterday we gave about 18000 meters of bottles of water to our citizens. and you know, when we were done, mothers with, with babies were, you know, saying what do i know? my baby and i know others were just, what do i do? and it was heartbreaking. it really was the bomber the worst day i've had as mayor . in the last 2 years, hundreds of people have gathered in booking the fosters capital to pay tribute to the former president, thomas ankara. on the anniversary of his assassination. it comes as days after the trial of those accused of his murder was postponed. sanker was a revolutionary, a pan africanist, who let the country during the 1980s. nicholas hark has more now from walker to go . this is an exceptional ceremony given in pomp and honor to
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a man that has become an african icon, former president to my son carr, who 35 years ago was assassinated in the building right behind me. such events under former president bless, compile, a who's accused. now of the murder and he sass nation of to my son, kara, would not be possible. in fact, people were not even allowed to be on the road where we're standing right now to day diplomats and dignitaries from africa and from perkins far so have gather to pay tribute to to my son, kara. it's a moment of history. it's a moment to remember a man that was celebrated because he strive for self sufficiency. he gave burkina, faso and the people here an element of pride in their indignity in their country that they can be self sufficient, less dependent on france, the former colonial power. now, thomas sanker as trial has just started on monday with his widow asking
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for the for president to not be afraid and to come and face justice. he's the mean accused behind the murder of sancho who was murdered here 35 years ago, a long 12 others. it's an important moment for many people here in this country and for many young people. because with this duty of justice, people want to move on and unite this country that is currently under terminal turmoil dealing with armed conflict. in the north end, a humanitarian crisis. thousands of protest as of class was to police in bangladesh . his capital deco they're angry at images on social media, which they say in self esla, security forces used to gather some battles against the protesters. the outbreak of violence follows reports of vandalism, targeting in hindi, temples, across other parts of the muslim majority country. this happened as the hindus minority, celebrated their biggest religious festival. china's launch the rocky at carrying 3
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astronauts to his new space station. the schanzer, 13 craft blasted off from the gobi desert in mongolia on saturday. the crew 2 man, one woman, will spend 6 months in space, china's longest mission, yet they'll test these space stations technology and will conduct one or 2 space walks. sport is next with far, including details on how the chenise speaking is one. the indian primarily white. ah
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ah ah ah ah, ah. time to support his power. peter,
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thank you so much. when the saudi arabian back to insert him took over premier lee club newcastle, united. the initial speculation was that manager steve bruce would be sat soon after. and while the club has confirmed, bruce will be in charge this weekend against tottenham. many believe he remains on bore o time that the veteran manager says he hasn't discussed his future with the new owners. and we'll continue to work hard to retain his post. after a brief, 10 minute conversation with the new owners, where we talked about the team and we talked about injuries, we talked about the training ground and we talked about was very, very informal. i just said, carry on until you know i'll carry on until i hear otherwise, i'll try me almost. and if they say fit, then great. that's he wouldn't want this opportunity. you know, any manager would love to suck at unity. um, i'd love to be sitting in my chair, so i'll make a festival. i'll try me almost. and as always, try me best,
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which is best for the club. let her whole lost juergen co op as head out at international federations for worry, worrying about their own interests instead of looking after the well being. and players as comments come after midfielder. curtis jones was injured during international duty and won't be available for his sides match at watford, on saturday, co op. we'll also be missing brazilians for being jo ann alison becker due to quarantine protocols. so these are the situations we have to deal with. and that's why we have this message squats and can just use players like machine. so you are not aware within me take you and stuff like this. i said it before, but men bend, bend federations. don't start helping us. i mean them, all of them, whoever it is to the premier league there for a, the dead dead to have to think about the game again and not only about their own interest. and that's how it is in a moment. but john, i super king said one the indian premier league for the 4th time. shall i batted
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1st again, so cut a knight riders and scored a $192.00 wrongs for 20 overs. losing just 3 wickets. 5 to play. see top scored with $86.00 in reply, curtis started strongly, only losing their 1st wicked after $91.00 runs. but from there john, i wrestled back. women to men, claim victory by 27th. ron, this is what is hebrew kings are now just one title behind them. and by indians, for most i, p. l, crowns the historic playoff series between the san francisco giants and the alley dodgers ended in controversy, the dodgers acting through to the national league championship series. this was the team's 1st ever play on meeting, and it went down to the 9th inning of game 5. goldie ballenger had an r b, i singled with the dodgers to want ahead and then came the decisive moment. giants, player wilmer flores had the task of keeping the teams season alive against rainy world series champions. flores was called out by the empire. even though replace
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suggested, he didn't swing his bad call, met the dodgers, won the game and now face a series against the atlanta. oh hi, quality hitter at the plate that can climb back into that count. it's no guarantee of success at the end of the about i'm sure it's just a tough way to end up there. there's no need for especially right now there's no need to, you know, to be angry about that. i just think it's just a disappointing wait and there was a moment of hockey history for the seattle crackin, and the franchise is 1st ever season and will it's national hockey league kracken have secured their opening when it came again to natural predators for 3. the final score the team are on the road for now their big homecoming will be for a game against vancouver. and later this month, brazilian forward rafino produced
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a stunning performance on his full international debut. he scored twice in a world cup, qualifying when over year. why it was name are who over in the scoring in the mouse . this game coming after brazil drew neil now with columbia. on monday athena had impressed coming off the bench and previous matches. links united player took center stage. this time out. brazil are now 6 point to clear at the top of the south american qualifying group for one to brazil, the final score l minute ski, arcadia jacobson. i wish tonight could last forever. i will always remember it because of the funds and the stadium. the city of my house, the atmosphere on the match itself, i will always remember it. it will be very hard to forget about argentina are also looking good for a place for the finals and kept her 1st half full from the tour martinez designing the game against peru, peru did go on to miss
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a 2nd half panel team team did reach the last roll top, but this result leaves them 2nd from the bottom. in the table. south america is governing body is one of the leading organizations to a spoken out against fif. it's pushed to stage the world cub every 2 years or my arsenal manager. arson, bangor is leading, fif is review into whether or not more regular world cups are feasible. the pay is want to play the games. what they don't want is to place more game to know and to be competitions. this is something that everybody wants to play. know if i tell, you know, you would be workshop and even each for 10 minutes you would say yes and getting more opportunities in today for county doesn't go to work up. they have to wait for 8 years. and if a pay is injured, you doesn't pay for 8 years to work out. okay. and that has all your support for now. back to you, peter. all right, thank you very much. that's it for me piece adobe. and this news, alec team here in the are marion is next from the shot in london. i will see you
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tomorrow from 15 g until then. for the moment. ah. counting the cost the battle for influenza latin america. after seating round to china, the u. s. peaks to win over its neighbors with millions of dollars. the new investment and online learning took off during the pandemic, but can be had to take thought i'd turn a profit. counting the cost on colleges here. question the narrative. you don't have ways to shake weight or disinformation east squeal or not. you don't
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have any way to verify. identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm here to tell you that i think that many people die because of the lifting pace. deconstruct the media. on al jazeera, the world is warming, and green lands ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland. the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, indonesia, the country with an abundance of results rate. lauren walk indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to grow and frock. we balanced for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia now, ah, a british and he dies after being stabbed several times as the tribute flo questions are raised about the safety of politicians. ah, no, i'm marianne mozy and i'm watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. ah, in afghanistan she, i worship as a targeted for the 2nd time in just days. explosions killed dozens at a mosque in the taliban, hot land.


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