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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm AST

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yes, and as a pharmacy library, the jim co convictions on al jazeera. you want to help save the world, sneeze into your elbow. ah, british conservative m p. david amos is killed and a knife, a sack coiled, meeting constituents. a 25 year old man has been arrested. ah, login on peach. adobe. you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. also coming up a bomb attack in afghanistan targets a. she a mosque during friday. prayers killing more than 40 people. lebanon in morning funerals are held in bay roots after the biggest st back than more than a decade and paying tribute to an african icon people in between a fossa. remember,
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thomas? anchor the man, the former president, trying to remove from history? ah ok. let's get more on that still breaking news coming to us out of the u. k. where a member of parliaments from the governing, conservative party, died to day after being stopped several times. david amos was a veteran member of parliament, this meeting members of the public when a man went into the meeting room and stopped him several times to hall joyce his life. now he's falling that story out of london. this is shocking that this can happen in this day and age. jonah, it is shocking. indeed. it's shocking, particularly in westminster. the union flag flying at half mast over downing street colleagues of david a mis in parliament expressing their shock and dismay at what
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has happened, calling him one of them, one of the kindest, most compassionate and well liked colleagues in parliament, david amos, a conservative m p. for nearly 40 years, he 1st entered parliament in 1983. he held this particular constituency in south and west in essex and south east england since 1997. he could regularly be heard on the floor of the house of commons calling for debate on animal welfare issues, a particular subject that he favored. he also enjoyed it. he said immensely bringing issues to the house that he heard from his own constituencies during constituency surgeries and it was during one of these surgeries. these regularly shed your face to face meetings between constituents and their elected representatives. david amos was attacked in leon. c a. c. side town inside the church, whole a man launched him with a knife inflicting multiple stab wounds. the police were very quickly on the scene
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. shortly afterwards released a statement saying that arrested a man. we now know that is a 25 year old man. they also recovered a knife on the scene, and they also said that they are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident and don't believe that there is an ongoing threat to the wider public . now that of course, gives rise to questions about the motive we simply don't know yet what the motive for this attack this incident was. busy we know that counter terrorism police are involved in an ongoing investigation, probably with quite a lot more work still to do will be there is no suggestion that terrorism is involved here. that's quite possibly a precautionary matter. under the circumstances, david aim is not the 1st m p to meet his end in this way, joe cock 2016 in 1990. i think it was very nice. 1979. he was blown up by the i ray and i guess we should put that in the context as well as the grand hotel bombing that the hands of the ira in the city of brighton during the tory party
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conference one year. but this will surely reignite jonah that debate about whether british and peas should have, i guess, armed protection with them when they do these twice a month, constituency meetings. it was a debate that flared up after joe cox's killing in 2016 and will no doubt. as you say, once again, you know, when they're on the parliamentary estate, when they're in parliament, when they're doing that end of their jobs, these empties. they are very heavily protected by police. indeed, one on police officer was killed in an attack on parliament on the parliamentary estate in march, 2017. threats to politicians are nothing new. and yet when they leave the parliamentary estate there afforded no protection whatsoever. and when they go about doing their jobs inside their constituencies that involve these open door meetings, face to face meetings, anybody can walk in, no security is involved at all. indeed,
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that is an absolutely key part of the work that they do of the political system in this country. this openness, this opportunity for people to come and share their problems with their elected representatives, giving them some sense of participation, of recourse and accountability. they will be a lot of defenders as they have been in the past, who will say, take that away by putting on police on the scene and you take away an absolutely key part of democracy in this country. but i'm sure that debate is, is, is yet to come once again. jonah for the moment. thank you very much. well, a little earlier, i spoke to alex dean, a conservative commentator. he also knew david amos, he says, members of parliament need more protection. every one in the conservative party knew him. he was a remarkable land. he worked incredibly hard for his party for his constituents, of the people he wanted to get um, something done in politics, he was a doer. and i simply pete. i cannot believe that this has happened. i can't believe this happened again. i was at a large,
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a formal event in the city of london in june 2016 on the day that jo cox died in the event was got all to a close, early by the lord mayor of london saying in ringing times, this was never happened again that and here we are now a short time later we've got to give more security to our members of parliament. but we also, i think, got to change the way that we speak about them. day to day. we still talk about our politicians as if they are some of the worst people on earth and thing about so david is that he was one of the best. i've really got to know him because it every he was saint saint part of the country as me and every constituency fundraiser he'd be there, he'd be helping people to raise money for a cause or raise money for a party. he'd want to draw the raffle. he'd want to do the auction. he loved doug shouting the lot. he's just an incredibly decent guy. i actually can't leave that this has happened. and he's the antithesis of any sort of a stereotype of the ambitious politician trying to be on the make or make their way
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. he cared so much about his constituents and whoever this person was, why ever they did it. it's utterly unjustifiable. moving on security sauces in afghanistan say at least 41 people have been killed and dozens were wounded. and an attack on the largest shia mosque in the southern city of kandahar. it follows an attack last week on another mosque in the northern city of condos. stephanie decker reports from cobble the explosions ripped through friday. prayers report suggest several suicide bombers were involved in the attack. o solano. there were 3 people. the 1st one entered and killed the gatekeeper. and the remaining to the end of the mosque, they were armed. i opened fire 1st and then all 3 of them detonated themselves together. many of my family members were mounted there than wow. ambulance crews rushed to the scene. casualties mounted. this is the largest shia mosque in kandahar. the province is taliban heartland in the south of gaston,
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the groups birthplace and stronghold. and this significantly, the 1st attack of it's kind here. but it's the 2nd on a she a place of worship in 7 days. last friday, she a mosque was attacked in conduce in the north east of the country. more than 60 people were killed as they to attended friday prayers. and i so suicide bomber entered and detonated his explosive. among them. there appears to have been an increase in pace and geographical scope and attacks carried out by iceland, afghanistan over the last couple of weeks or the taliban is always said that it is the only group able to maintain security across the country. with that premise is now being challenged. and despite the taliban saying it had the idle threat under control just a few days ago, the interior ministry giving a press conference asking taliban fighters to be cautious among their ranks, hinting at concerns of infiltration, the harder dollar delivery barriers so that if someone is found in any of army
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units linked to isolate, let it be known that the unit commander will be interrogated and the unit will be dissolved assault below, it's 2 months since the taliban took control of the country, having to adapt from insurgency to governance. and despite a diplomatic push abroad, millions of dollars of much needed international donor money are still being withheld. as the international community demands a more inclusive government and the protection of women's rights and those of minorities agencies or warning of the humanitarian catastrophe, as the country is running severely low on cash. salaries haven't been paid in months. millions of people don't have enough to eat and winter is coming. all this compounded by an unpredictable security situation with new dynamics at play. stephanie decker al jazeera cobble. the russian president vladimir putin hazards regional leaders not to rush to officially recognize the taliban as the new rulers of afghanistan. speaking during a summary of former soviet nations he want the interim taliban government is not
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a reflection of afghans. society as a whole. russia is set to host the taliban and other african functions for talks on wednesday. news. if i get that i get this. i think we shouldn't hurry yet to officially recognize the taliban. we understand we have to interact with them, but we must not hurry in this regard. we will discuss it and do consultations. we should, however, maintain the process of the african reconciliation and seek the normalization of the situation in this country. not to lebanon, where funerals are being held for 7 people killed in beirut, swear street violence in more than 10 years. the city was rocked by a constant gunfire for more than 4 hours on thursday, with an identified snipers on rooftops who began as a protest organized by his bhalla and its allies, demanding the removal of the judge overseeing the investigation into the bay route port explosion. the judges association has rejected calls to dismiss him. bernard smith is in beirut with the latest on the blast investigation. and the fallout from yesterday's fighting. most lebanese politicians don't seem to want this
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investigation to go on. they don't just want topic. because removing from his pros post as the leading, investigating judge that on interested an investigation going on because it, bailey unveiling on will unveil some dirty secret when corruption and lebanese politicians judge baton didn't only want to speak to politicians allied to his bala . he wanted to speak to christian general christine politician. he wanted to speak to lebanon's former prime minister in doubt. so there were a wide range of people he wanted to speak to. this investigation has the broad support of the lebanese population, because they not only want justice for the people who were killed in last year's explosion. but they won't. they says, a demons, gratian, if you like, that there is still some to some sort of rule of law in lebanon, and an ability to hold people accountable. a government called a day of mourning, so most businesses and government offices are closed. as bowler has said,
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that it will not be dragged into a civil war, but a senior leader of the group. hashem sure is a field in sad or at the funeral to day that we will not that the blood of our martyrs be in vain, and has mala has repeated the accusation. that cypress, from the lebanese forces her from the christine lebanese force, it party ambushed. she either has bola supporters as they came to a protest in this part of a route i'm in an area that divides a christine neighbourhood behind me from a shiite neighbourhood. over to the other side, there remains a military presence here. pretty lebanese forces have denied very strongly that they did ambush at these has bhalla supporters still to come here on al jazeera, the authorities call for carmen cameroon, after the police shot a school girl in the english speaking region there. and one of the biggest fish in
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the world around the threat and her mexico is trying to save them. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. well, the remains the 2nd truck asoft in a week and now somewhere in southeast asia, these orange top forecast, rain belt is really heavy stuff, a vietnam back in mima and also, tyler, probably cambodia as well. is the retreating monsoon to which we've added these to cyclists. that's where most of the action is as most the wet weather in this part of asia. however, as you can see there a big shower folk asked to be all over indonesia, and particularly, i think on the western side of bornea. but the whole system is further sas because it's all coming back again. this is effectively when to try to come into northern
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china. this normally breeze behind the rain belt will mean a wet and cooling weekend for japan and for central and southern china was temperature dropping. significantly care, she hasn't been below 30 since. so something in the middle of august. and our going down to 21 which is near normal near away, you should be in the same. we true shanghai and hong kong. where's this is a bit old? the monsoon trophies officially retreating, but the rains are apparently going further north and north west. this is saturday. here come sunday. the rain spreads all out through new delhi into was door. the pakistan with snow in the hills. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world best air line of 2021. joy africa's launch trade and investment in south africa into african trades. they give the access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and buyers and more than 5000 conference delegates. more than $35.00 countries, participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 as business and
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government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import back at the premium partners the i 80 of 2020 was transforming africa. ah ah, 1615 gmc, you're watching ultra 0. these are your top stories. the british conservative m p. so david amos has died out being stab repeatedly. he was meeting members of his constituency in a church building, when a man reportedly entered and attacked him. a 25 year old man has been arrested. security sources in afghanistan say at least 41. people have been killed and dozens were wounded. in an attack on the largest shia mosque in the southern city of
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kandahar, there are unconfirmed reports of 3 exclusions inside and funerals are being held for 7 people killed in beirut were street violence and more than 10 years the city was rocked by near constant gunfire. for more than 4 hours on thursday, with unidentified snipers on lift chores. the authorities in english speaking western cameroon of cold, for calm after school girl died when the police file on a car at a check point, a crowd of people later killed the officer responsible. they then carried the girl's body to the governor's office. the incident took place in boucher, where anglo food and separatists have been in conflict with government forces for 4 years. augment address has been following developments from a boucher in neighboring nigeria. well, the situation in bia is tess and com. tanza says that a lot of people are expecting that thanks to flap this is a city known for its on to government protestant violence and it's also the capital
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of the southwest region of cameroon. remember these and another region neighborhood region, ah, talking about discrimination against the english speaking cam rule. and also this is why the birthplace of the emperor's only movement is sort of a situation is calm, but a lot of people expect things to flap in the next few days or so. a few years ago, there was a national conference called by long serving president paul viet, ah, or toner, me. some kind of farm latitude has been given to regions, the governors, regional governors and ministers to do more in their regions to bring the government closer to the people. but for many of the separatists, many of the opposition, especially in english speaking, cumberland are not happy about this. they believe that things were not what they wanted larger. also let me larger freedoms as well as recognition as top the discrimination against what they call the people of dr regions. and this has been
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going on for a very long time and negotiations so far seem to have failed on the part of government. and the succession movement of bizarre here that refused to come to the table. those that gave up their arms and have moved to the government side. i still complaining of being marginalized on the sidelines, and they were not happy. hundreds of people have gathered into keen affonso capital to pay tribute to the form of president thomas ankara on the anniversary of his assassination. it comes just days after the trial of those accused of his mother was postponed. sanker was a revolutionary upon africanist who let the country in the 1980s. nicholas hark is in walker to to nick, welcome to the program. how many people are you expecting to turn up there today? well, this quite a down. so people, sometimes number of people have turned out just outside the place where the under president, former president was unable a lot of people are unable to access,
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which is behind me. the place where to my phone was fascinated in moments ago. we saw president hawking callaway enter into this area and the national anthem of and asked that was written by tell my son cra himself, he named the country. that's how important he is for people here in brick. enough i saw in was his, the circumstance of his death is shrouded with mystery. and, and perhaps those that were involved in, in death were trying to silence him in his ideals. why did the exact opposite from regina far so he, he became as celebrated across west africa and french speaking africa, notably among many young people at the time he had promised to meals a day access to clean water. he was an environmentalist, a feminist. before his time, he, he, he called for greater equity between the relationship of ricky, now far so in the form of a french colony that french are part of the form of france. and he,
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he came closer to china and russia and it was in the building where behind me, where he was murdered. now, there is believe amongst though the lawyers in the trial of the assassination of to us on crow that perhaps the former president bless compose. his former close says to ally in friend would be the one that had perpetrated or at least orchestrated his murder. but that will find out through the trial, peter nick. many thanks. nicholas hartley, reported low from wagner to go. the polish parliament today passed a law allowing gods to push back migrants and refugees at the board of the authorities can also refuse asylum claims of those who entered illegally. the legislation also supports the plan to build a $400000000.00 border wall. human rights groups accused poland of wanting to legalize in humane treatment for check. she belsky is the editor in chief of visit
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grad inside. thus a polish political current affairs magazine, he says, polish border guards are dealing with a humanitarian crisis. the law does not change much in, in what was happening already on the border. border guards based on the government directive were already applying push backs and would ignore the asylum applications if they were even petitioned on the po side. but that's not necessarily the case as, as many of the migrants who wanted to get through poland, we're actually traveling, traveling to 2 locations in germany. these, these are daily buses coming to the border and picking them up whenever they actually make it to, to cross through the green border. so in much, actually, in a twist, you would say that this is about giving, giving legal grounds for the operations, stronger legal. so the operations of a, of the border guards who otherwise are facing
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a real humanitarian crisis at mounting up on the border. that people are flown into the bellows and assisted by the border guards and also abuse according to their reports on the crossing. in various unpleasant ways and also they are put into danger, putting the woods into swamps which are otherwise not, you know, polish cards are not able to control. and several that people is that buddies appeared. people of the people who are lost, where think lives were lost because of the low temperatures and, and being lost in the woods, not being picked up by the police guards. a man accused of killing 5 people with a bow and arrow in norway has been placed in psychiatric care. a court ordered the 37 year old dane beheld for these 4 weeks. he's admitted carrying out the attack on wednesday night and the tunnel comes back. but he say he was known to have frequently sought medical help. russia's corona virus surge is showing no signs of slowing down as the country reports, yet another day of record infection rates and deaths. that were more than 901009
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fatalities on friday, and at least 32000 new cases, less than a 3rd of russians have been vaccinated. protests of a ruptured across italy as a tough anti corona virus measure comes into force there. the new rule requires all workers to show a green pass to go to work. protest is marching outside. the port of 3 asked, held placards insisting no green pass. no discrimination pass proves the holder has been vaccinated or has tested negative. the governor of the us state of michigan is calling from all hands on deck response to do with a water contamination crisis. people in benton harbor, a majority, black city have been told not to cook, drink, or even brush their teeth with the tap water. it comes almost 3 years after lead was found in the cities pipes, his john hendrick in bent in harbor. the water is brown in people are seeing red get away at last lesson was here. so i'll
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know what they had on now. for the 2nd time in recent memory, the state of michigan is taking years to clean up lead, tainted drinking water in a majority. black city, when a visitor complained about the water, reverend edward pinkney had it tested and found high levels of lead. he says there's a reason, it's taking so long to remove it. environmental racism, jesse, what did you, if, if o a white woman were count was, oh, will you see he see her on a camel? we don't know baby, she's cry. and telling me that to lay the destroyer in her baby. there was a was sent out the army of fema will be here on the pentagon would be everybody would be here and here resolved as dana, less than 6 months. but by been a black city is a whole different story. 2 years after the majority, black town of flint resolved a 5 year long crisis with lead in its water bent in harbours, water is even more toxic. my water subs mad. does it make you mad?
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yes, they does not take a bath, then it brush our teeth and land it is. but with us always in the most tainted samples from homes here contained $889.00 parts of lead per 1000000000. $59.00 times the states, 15 parts per 1000000000 limit on thursday with residents lining up for bottled water. 3 years after the city discovered its taps were tainted, the state announced it would replace all of the cities underground, lead pipes within 18 months. this directive ensures that state government has taken a truly all hands on deck approach. the mayor is careful not to criticize the state leaders who have committed to replace the city's lead pipes. but he too raises the spectre of racial discrimination. the entire system quite honestly. ah, sits since his inception from the federal and state level has not been kind and
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friendly to black people. i think that there's been some headway. ah, but quite honestly, there's a long way to go. because of the racial, not just insensitivity, but in justice. the average income here is about $32000.00 a year just above the poverty line for a family of 4. here at lake michigan, the water is lead free. it picks up the lead as it course is through the cities aging pipes. so there's water everywhere. it's just not safe to drink. so far, the city has promises of $18000000.00 of the $28000000.00 it will take to replace all of its lead supply pipes. it will have to find the remaining $10000000.00 somewhere to finish the project on time. in 2023. john henderson al jazeera, bent in harbor michigan. the capital of a canadian arctic territory has been told not to use any tap water there because of
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fears. it's contaminated with fuel include resident saw to complaining about the smell of petrol in their water at the beginning of october, but the 60 insisted it was safe. a state of emergency was declared on tuesday after fumes were detected at the treatment plant. drinking water is now being flown into the territory and many people using water from one of the local rivers. quail shocks can grow up to 18 meters in length and fascinate holiday makers in sciences around the world. but they're under threat from commercial fishing and tourism. and numbers are dropping. john holeman reports now on mexico's efforts to protect this giant fish. small specks appearing in the ocean. you'd never guess what lies beneath the biggest fish in the world until the end of september. well, shots will be gracie mits, cuz caribbean walters, one of their main feeding grounds. but the shots endangered. he just as it is
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elsewhere in the world over 75 years. it's numbers have hover, and that's something met. who's trying to do something about raphael pin sees truck is to the waves shouts fins to see where they go. what they do it's lucky. it's a gentle join. it's likely that he will use local nazi. i'm contributing to the knowledge about these animals to protect them. you need to know about them. despite its size the washer, it's managed to keep it secrets well. little is known about how it mates. oh, gives birth. raphael, another's research could be vital to save it, but it's just one part the conservation effort. emit scope. 2 years ago the government set up rules for visitors to the whale shop. 3 designate to protection areas. they can't swim on the wall to with the fish. and taurus boats
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meant keep that distance from it. only groups with government accredited guides are allowed. in this case, you need a guide because they know what you can and can't do in the water. you can bring your boat, but you need a guide. okay, captain for you. yeah. when you go to lunch with him, i got younger. that's jose one, the mingus of the caribbean biosphere reserve. he says the rules only work because local tourism companies have brought into this mortar that all, many of the criteria and good conservation habits have been created by them because they understand they have to protect the well shark so that this resource stays with that in other words everyone wants the shocks and the tories to keep coming in. i say that way in case it was an incredible experience. if you get the chance you have to come because they are really incredible, amazing to be able to swim at such an immense and marvelous animal. and then it's
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gone, submits cuz well, shop population will be heading off to next summer. the question, as every year is, how many will return? john holmes al jazeera metzger. ah, just gone exactly how fast these are your top stories. the british conservative m. p 's the david amos has died out to being stab repeatedly. he was meeting members of his own constituency in a church building, when a man reportedly entered and attacked him, a suspect has been arrested. britons prime minister boris johnson paid tribute to his party colleague. i think all our hearts are full of shock and sadness to day.


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