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feels the color and passion of morocco's folly would dream. the world is warming and green lands ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland from melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah, a british lawmaker is tagged several times while meeting his contest. constituents at a church. ah ha. watching al jazeera alive from doha with me for the back table, also coming up a bomb attack in afghanistan. talk a, says she, a mosque during friday prayers,
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at least 30 people have been killed lebanon in morning. you know of the underway in beirut after the biggest st battle in more than a decades. and poland pass is a controversial law, allowing border guards to push back migrants and refugees. ah . so breaking news out of the u. k. where a veteran member of parliament has been stabbed multiple times. so david amos is from the governing conservative party and was meeting constituents at a church in southeast england when he was attacked that spring in john a hole in london from on this. joanna, what more do we know about the circumstances of this attack? well, let me tell you, 1st of all that the very latest news we're getting is that at least one news agency is quoting essex police. as saying this man, this m p said david amos has died off to being attacked earlier today,
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an attack that took place it seems just before mid day in the essex town of leon see part of his south and west constituency. he was, as you say, a conservative party and pete had been elected to that seat in 1997. having entered parliament in 1983. so he was one of the longest serving and peas in parliament. police were called to the scene, they arrived shortly after 12 o 5 at 6 police racing a statement that a little earlier saying that been called to reports of a stabbing. witness at the scene suggested that a man had arrived with a knife and stabbed mister amos multiple times. the police arrived arrested a man at the scene along with a knife he's currently in custody. and the police statement from says, we are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident and do not believe that there is an ongoing threat to the wider public what we are not hearing
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from anybody at this point. he's anything further to do with a motive, no suggestion whatsoever. why this attack took place? it happened during his regular constituency surgery. this is when m. p 's turn up. it's given points within the constituency and local constituents are invited to come and see them in their views, complaints, talk about issues and so on. they generally wouldn't be any security on hand. at that point, a man with a knife came in stop mister a miss multiple times. as i said, the latest we're hearing is that he has died. but no further word on what happened or other why? the motive for this attack? okay, are we? i'm not seeing any confirmation of his death yet, but thank you for bringing us up to date with the latest a joiner we'll we'll check in with you again as more information comes through a whole live there in london. moving
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on to avenues. in the meantime, security source is in afghanistan, say at least 37 people have been killed in dozens wounded in an attack on the largest shia mosque in the southern city of kandahar. it happened during friday prays there unconfirmed reports of 3 explosions inside the mosque. it follows an attack last week on another mosque in the northern city of condos. at least 60 people were there. let's get the latest with stephanie decker in cobble. so this explosion today in kandahar targeted another she at mosque bring us up to date with the latest yes will significantly you mentioned it. there were hearing reports from several sources and also i witnesses that several bloss were hard leading. i to believe that more than one suicide bomber were involved in targeting the most. yes, it's the largest she almost in kandahar kandahar is the taliban stronghold. it's heartland. it's where it was born. it said area that they have always said was extremely secure. it's the 1st attack of its kind in this area. so it is
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significant. it's also the 2nd tack in 7 days on a she a mosque. this is in the south of the country, the last one and couldn't do is in the north east. so a message here has still no claim of responsibility fully, but the taliban has already released the statement. they are blaming i so enough janice, dawn for this attack. and certainly it seems like an act of defiance. an uptick in the last couple of weeks of attacks against the taliban, against mosques against the minorities, and also civilians, of course, being killed in this, in what seems to be a concerning development in terms of the security situation. but, you know, i was talking to someone else early who told me that, well, this is nothing new for us. got his don and they asked the town about and now in charge, they used to be an insurgency group. but this is simply what with it. we've enjoyed for ever it's just the faces that change, but they're constant death for civilians remains the same. and the question now being whether the taliban who've been in power for 2 months now can, can keep ice okay under control while at the same time trying to govern the country . yes, it's new for them, isn't it?
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the language that their fighters know is, is one of fighting they've carried out attacks in the past. they're now having to use intelligence and use what we've seen a soup sceptically. also in missouri sharif today, we had a statement from the taliban that they managed to eradicate and i so a stronghold there, there have been raids in cobble as well, but they're not really dealing with a big sense of, let's say, geographical presence of the group volley they're dealing with sleep or cell, so you're gonna have to rely on intelligence. but many people will tell you that it's very difficult to do that because they blended. and also when, when the taliban came to power here, they released a lot of prisoners from jails. hundreds and hundreds of prisoners among them. hardened well trained. i so fighters and they just disappeared. and you know, all of a sudden, so these are the concerns moving forward. and i think the turban is taking it seriously. just recently, a fully node addressing it's fighter saying look within your ranks, look within signs for ill, for infiltration. so that gives you an indication they do realize that this is now
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is serious issue for them to deal with. thank you for that. stephanie decker. ly forced air in couple. meanwhile, thousands of people have been protesting at a border crossing between afghanistan and pakistan. that's been closed for more than a week now. well, not yet. i don't yet. they are conflicting claims about who has shot the border and why i kasanya official. see the afghan side had been close without notice. but afghan state media claim aid, twist shot by pakistani authorities. the shaman, crossing links pakistan. southwestern province of baluchistan with spin bogart in the afghan province of kandahar, come on hider as more from harry pour in pakistan. hundreds of protest are marched, are the deputy commissioner, all face in the border down of german watch tension. however, the deputy commissioner told them that the glory of the board was not from the buckets on the side, that it was the $1.00 bond who had closed that border in protest because of the
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handling of, of what i'm trying to crunch into budget on. also important to know that hundreds of trucks buy it up on both sides of the border. british rebel items on board of trade of gods looting a lot of money. the deputy commissioner also saying that if the dollar bon opened that border, that focused on re do the same. however, they said the matter was not being discussed between the foreign ministry and the $1.00 bond. and carbon also important in order d dollar bond there. monday, august on the international airlines should reduce its fed, which are not ignoble, gently high because of the high insurance rates can died or something which prompted the budget. i need to suspend or flight altogether to lebanon. now waste, you know, also being held for 7 people killed in bayville, it's west street violence in more than 10 years. a city was rocked by near constant gunfire for more than 4 hours on thursday,
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with an identified snipers on rooftops. it began as a protest, organized by his by lion, had some eyes demanding the removal of the judge overseeing the investigation into the be able to port explosion. the judge's association has rejected calls to dismiss him. earlier spoke to remy, coils director of global engagement at the american university of bay road. he says, lebanon suffers from repeated cycles of violence. whenever there is a political development that might alter the balance of power over these forces, whether formerly in the parliament or in the cabinet of ministers, or in formerly on the streets and society in the economy, the intentions flare again, the political system and lebanon has not been able to create a peaceful, credible, and conclusive mechanism by which everybody has a share of power, but also response to the will of the people through elections. and other means they have the system, the proportions power. and they all want to keep their power. and then sometimes
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one of them insist that i'm going to be president, or i'm gonna be a minister and they block the political process and they're stalemate and then frustration, and then violence flares. so this is a cycle that's a cycle as you say, but what we saw yesterday on the streets of bay, which we hadn't seen in a long time. and this is a sectarian dispute, of course. and history shows that it's always been very difficult to mediate. and resolve and resolve the sectarian disputes. how. how then do we move on from, from where we are today? and is this again, is the investigation into the report last likely to continue and can it yields anything positive for the victim, sammy's, those are all critical questions of for which there are no form answers. are there have always been sectarian tensions, as you said, but they've always been mediated on the short run things down, but then they flare up again. if the political balance is threatened, now we have elections coming up next spring, then presidential elections in the parliament. these are moments of decisive
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political relationships. authorities in english speaking west and camera and have called for com after school girl died when police slide on a car at a checkpoint, a crowd of people later killed the officer responsible and then carried the girl's body to the governor's office. incident took place in b, where anglo for separatists have been in conflict with government forces for 4 years. i might have been following developments from a boot in neighboring nigeria. well, the situation in b is tess and come 10, some of the says that a lot of people, i expecting things to flap this is a city known for its anti government protests and violence. and it's also the capital of the south western region of cameroon. remember, these and other region neighboring region are talking about discrimination against the english speaking can room. and also this is why the birthplace of the amazon movement is so the situation is calm, but
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a lot of people expect things to flap in the next few days or so. i think we as ago there was a national conference code by long serving precedent for viet autonomy. some kind of latitude has been given to regions, the governors, regional governors and ministers to do more in their regions to bring government closer to the people. but for many of the separatists, many of the opposition, especially in english speaking, cumberland are not happy about this. they believe that things will that work. they want to larger also let me larger freedoms as well as recognition as top the discrimination against what they call the people of dr regions. and this has been going on for a very long time and negotiations so far. it's been failed on the part of government, and the suspicion is movement of bizarre in here that refused to come to the table . those that give up their arms and have moved to the government side. i still complaining of being marginalized on the sidelines. and they were not happy to head
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on al jazeera travel, frenzy get found the way in australia international fights booking. very jazz restrictions are relax and it's all hands on deck. in michigan, there's another predominantly black city in the u. s. is told it's not safe to drink the tap water. ah ah. but the remains the 2nd day, of course, after the week and now somewhere in southeast asia, the orange top forecast rain. that old is, is really heavy stuff. a vietnam back in muma and also tyler, probably cambodia as well. is the retreating monsoon to which we've added these 2 cyclists. that's where most of the action is. that's most the wet weather in this part of asia. however, as you can see, there are big showers,
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focus to be all over indonesia, and particularly i think on the western side of bonia. but the whole system is further sad because it's all coming back again. this is effectively when to try to come into northern china. this normally breeze behind the rain belt will mean a wet and cooling weekend for japan and for central and southern china was temperature dropping significantly. care. she hasn't been below 30 since something the middle of august, that we're going down to 21, which is near normal near away, you should be in the same. we true shanghai and hong kong. whereas this is a bit old. the monsoon trough is officially retreating, but the rains are apparently going for the north and north west. this is saturday. he comes sunday. the rain spreads all out through new delhi into the pakistan with snow in the hills. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results for the road or and walk
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indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to growth and fraud with balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's be part when the lease is growth and progress invest in the new year now. ah ah, welcome back. a recap of our top stories on al jazeera security source is in afghanistan, say at least 37 people have been killed and dozens wounded. in an attack on the
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largest shia mosque in the southern city of kandahar, they are unconfirmed reports of 3 explosions inside the mosque. funerals are being held for 7 people killed in beirut, square street violence in more than 10 years. lebanese capital was rocked by near constant gunfire for more than 4 hours on thursday, with an identified snipers convoluted tops and the british conservative m p. david amos has died after being stabbed repeatedly. he was meeting members of his constituency in a church when a man reportedly entered and attacked him, that springing during a whole fort the latest on this journey confirmation that the conservative m. p has died from his wounds. while essex police have not named him as the victim, but have confirmed that a man has died as a result of his wounds in a stabbing attack. in leon, see the truly that must be the m p. so david amos,
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69 years old, he was elected a member of parliament for south and west in 1970 been part of it for 9831 of the longest serving bees in parliament. and of course he belong to the conservative party and this attack took place shortly before mid day on friday during a constituency surgery. this is a moment when m. p 's, hold meetings in their constituencies and invite constituents to turn up ordinary people to air their grievances. complaints, make suggestions. have chit chat. it's a very informal casual gathering. it's not generally accompanied by any sort of security will. that piece of course, are guarded when they're on the parliamentary estate, when they're out in their constituencies. they are not at a certain point some time before mid day. a man he said to have walked into the belfast methodist church in leon. see with a knife stabbing mister amos multiple times. police were swiftly cold. of course they released a statement not long afterwards. essex police saying that arrived at the scene at
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12 o 5. following reports of a stabbing, they had arrested a man at the scene along with a knife. that man, we believe is a 25 year old, young man who has now, according to 6 police, been arrested and charged on suspicions of murder. what we do not know any more about this point. he's the motive we do understand that counter terrorism police are assisting in the investigation that would be a fairly standard turn of events under these circumstances. not necessarily pointing in any particular direction. as far as motive is concerned, we haven't heard any more on that. all right, jonah, thank you for bringing a slate to say on this news that conservative british and peace are david amos has died after being stamped multiple times or up to date with the very latest or with jonah who's covering the story for us out of the u k. a man accused of killing 5 people with a bow and arrows in norway has been placed in psychiatric care. a court ordered the
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37 year old day be held for at least 4 hours, his admitted carrying out the attack on wednesday night in the town of cones berg. but he say he was known to frequently haunt medical help poland. sponsor meant as amended legislation to allow border guards to expel immediately, migrants across the border without papers. if the president signs the bill into law guys will also be given the power to refuse asylum claims without examining them. the parliament also bought to plan to build a $400000000.00 board, a wall, but human rights group say the measures violate his national law and accused poland of wanting to legalize migrant push backs and inhumane treatment. a number of refugees and migrants crossing into poland from bella rose has risen rapidly in recent months. where let's speak to rory o'keefe about this is joining us from greece, and he runs the humanitarian analysis service called cracky, and specializes on the legal and political movement of people. thank you very much
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for being with us. roy, what does this law? i mean, the migrants and refugees who are going into poland were early, ready facing quite a lot of hardship. what does this law pass in parliament in poland means for them now, especially those coming from bella rules. well that what poland hopes to law will mean is that nobody will be allowed to leave valery, so nobody will be allowed to come to poland on it's by far the easiest and quickest route into the european union. and if these people need to travel on this law would prevent them from doing so, which is in direct reach of international and indeed european asylum of migration law and under international law. indeed, anyone seeking international protection has to be given access to the asylum process. even if they cross the border illegally, do the migrants and refugees have any effective recourse in poland. well, it's very difficult on to, to be clear about whether or not under this law they would have been effective
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recalls. i think it's worth mentioning at this point. however, that these people on not people who are traveling illegally the army un declaration on the front, on fundamental human rights are also the refugee convention. and refugee protocols are very clear that people can travel, provided they apply for asylum on arrival in poland. well, in any country in their destination countries, the difficulty that we have here is that poll the polish government position, he said these people must not be allowed to travel that in breach of international and the law. and in terms of recalls, it's very difficult to see how any refugee or any person seeking asylum can then be forced back into barry's and can then attend to launch a legal challenge against poland. really, the people who have control here on the people who have the ability to do anything about this, or the european union itself. and perhaps the why their international community. right. but tell us a bit more about these people or whether they're refugees or migrants who are trying to make it into the european union. what have conditions are,
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had they been facing on this journey? well, depending of course, on where they set out on the journey has been incredibly difficult for virtually all of these people are people traveling from as far waves as afghanistan have made extraordinary difficult lansing crossings. they have crossed seas in which we know over the past 56 years, hundreds and indeed thousands of people have drowned arm once they arrive in countries. i cannot speak directly about the conditions specifically in belarus, but they are in a new country where they know very few people where it's very difficult for them to find work. it's very difficult for them to find money. the accommodation in which they live. we know from turkey, we know from other countries is in a terrible state. these people have very few rights in these countries. and what we now see is a situation in which, whatever the reasons are, these people feel that they lighten berries are impossible to continue. which they
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have no source of income, it's very difficult for them to our food water. winter is coming, shelter is extraordinarily difficult to come by. and these are people who have begun from countries in which their lives are in immediate danger and to be ice. the destinations that they've reached so far, the lights are still in danger. thank you so much for talking to us about this roja keith joining us here from. great, thank you for your time. thank you very much. and protests have erupted across italy as a tough anti corrosive ice measure comes into force. the new rule requires old workers to show a green pass to go to work. protests is marching outside. the port of trista held package insisting no green pass, no discrimination. the passport to holder has been vaccinated or as i said, negative again scope with 19 the australian city of sydney will open up to fully vaccinated international travelers. next month, the country closed its borders in march last year, allowing entry, almost exclusively to citizens and permanent residence. they were required to undergo a mandatory 2 week hotel quarantine at their own expense,
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jemila ended and recourse. it is the kind of frenzy that many people in this trial you see they had missed for too long. booking flights for international travel, the country closest borders in march last year, but from november, the 1st citizens and permanent residents and their immediate family members can travel to and from sydney international airport. without having to quarantine, they'll need to be fully vaccinated against cobit 19. and this easing of restrictions in new south wales doesn't apply to tourists. the states prim years says a major step forward or will open up new south walls to the wall, or we need to rejoin the road. we taught leave here in a hermit kingdom, or we've got to open up. and this decision to die a is, it is a big want, but it's the wrong want to get you south walls connected globally. but in neighboring you zealand officials are implementing some of the toughest coven
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restrictions in the world. almost all recent cases have been detected in auckland. my message today is clear. we need people in oakland to stick to the alert level 3 rules. as the director of public health was just seed, this outbreak is not an a small number of clusters in a small geographical area. it is affecting people in all parts of oakland, which makes it every once job in oakland to help prevent its spirit, deputy prime minister grant roberts and said case numbers in auckland or rising quicker than expected. about 60 percent of its population have been vaccinated, and authorities aim to ramp up. immunization drives this weekend. in india, scientists say they're working with local manufacturers to develop technologies to me, coven 19 tests. more affordable to many oral care production at the high quality.
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with what we were able to bring it done. note very significantly and right now as you know, the cost. so come down for $4500.00 to all the way to possibly a few 100 rupees countries, including south korea. japan, thailand and the philippines are slowly easing restrictions after a set a decrease in cobit cases, and many see that fall as a signal that asia is well on its way to recovery. jamal alan dogon, al jazeera manila, people in the capital of canada, as arctic territory, have been told not to drink the city's water because it may be contaminated with petrol. a state of emergency has been declared in e kalu it, which is home to about 7000 people. drinking water has been thrown into the territory. the alarm was raised off to fumes where detected a water treatment plant. the source is unclear, but resident say they've been problems with aging infrastructure in the us. the governor of the state of michigan is calling for an all hands on deck,
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responds to deal with a lead water crisis. benton harbor majority, black city has been told not to cook, drink, or even brush teeth with their top water. it comes almost 3 years after lead was detected in the cities pipes. john hendern has a story in benton harbor, the water is brown and people are seeing red get away with a laugh. listen while here. so i'll know what to do. i don't know for the 2nd time in recent memory, the state of michigan is taking years to clean up lead, tainted drinking water in a majority. black city, when a visitor complained about the water. reverend edward pinkney had it test it and found high levels of lead. he says there's a reason it's taking so long to remove it. environmental racism just to what it if if oh a white woman would count was oh will you see see her on a camel with a little baby. she's crying and telling me that the little destroying her baby.
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there was a was sent out, the army of fema will be here. all the pentagon would be everybody would be here and they are resolved as being in less than 6 months. but by been a black city is a whole different story. 2 years after the majority, black town of flint resolved a 5 year long crisis with lead in its water bent in harbours, water is even more toxic. my water sounds bad. does it make you mad? yes, they does not take a bath, then a brush. our teeth and land it is, but with us i, we did the most tainted samples from homes here contained $889.00 parts of lead per 1000000000. 59 times the states. 15 parts per 1000000000 limit on thursday with residents lining up for bottled water. 3 years after the city discovered its taps were tainted, the state announced it would replace all of the cities underground, lead pipes within 18 months. this directive ensures that state government has taken
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a truly all hands on deck approach. the mayor is careful not to criticize the state leaders who have committed to replace the city's lead pipes. but he too raises the spectre of racial discrimination. the entire system quite honestly. ah, sits since his inception from the federal and state level has not been kind and friendly to black people. i think that there's been some headway. ah, but quite honestly, there's a long way to go. because of the racial, not just insensitivity, but in justice. the average income here is about $32000.00 a year just above the poverty line for a family of 4. here at lake michigan, the water is lead free. it picks up the lead as it course is through the cities aging pipes. so there's water everywhere. it's just not safe to drink. so far,
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the city has promises of $18000000.00 of the $28000000.00 it will take to replace all of its lead supply pipes. it will have to find the remaining $10000000.00 somewhere to finish the project on time. in 2023. john henderson, al jazeera, bent in harbor michigan. ah, again, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera, the british conservative m p. david amos has died after being stabbed repeatedly. he was meeting members of his constituency in a church, when a man reportedly entered and attacked him. i suspect has been arrested. john hall has moved from london at a certain point some time before mid day. a man is said to have walked into the belford methodist church in leon, see with a knife. so.


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