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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2021 4:30pm-5:00pm AST

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al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate, emergency witness screens, films documenting the human experience on the frontline planet at the wet reports from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. phone lines investigate horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the u. s. l, just they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the stream takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community, and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera lou
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. ah ah, you're watching al jazeera live from don't a reminder of our top stories on this news. our some breaking news out of the u. k . the conservative m p. david amos has been stabbed multiple times. he was meeting members of his constituency in a church, when a man reportedly entered and attacked him, demand has been arrested. security source is in afghanistan, say at least 37 people have been killed and dozens wounded. in an attack on the largest shia mosque in the southern city of kandahar, they are unconfirmed reports of 3 explosions inside the mosque. and in lebanon, funerals are being held for 7 people killed in be able to wear street violence in more than 10 years. the city was wrong by mere concent gunfire. more than 4 hours
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on thursday, with an identified snipers on rooftops. well, let's talk about the situation in lebanon now with 9 salon, who's a professor of international affairs and diplomacy at notre dame university in lebanon. he's joining us from beirut. thank you very much for being with us, sir. so we have a free trial. com to day are on the streets of lebanon with a funeral. so if some of these people were killed yesterday taking place, the lebanese army is deployed right now in beirut. are there soldiers on the streets? you think they'll be able to keep the peace given given you know, the power they have or how much power do they have in the midst of all these armed fractions over all that have been, is automated courses, primarily the army, which number that on 5560000 people and so i think that would be
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a whole but or to manage the situation and keep strictly however, we have been seeing it from time to find some outburst like what happened yesterday. betty? definitely fine. as you mentioned, something about certainty injured. similarly, that was last year versus last in a now was also or so about by people where another doesn't injured. the problem has been that the justice system has not been moving effectively to address and to prosecute me whether or not during that period or president. she had to say,
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man, a plan. you have to go on the same for about a dozen before or so. and enjoy it. you know, well well, why not sure? it was just why is that? you think when you look at this, the baby report incident has one lot in mind. it seems trying to control or slow down the investigation into the baby with 40 explosion. but the overwhelming majority of the lebanese people want to continue. so why is it not? i mean, where does the balance of power lie right now really, our justice just being a jumble is not an effective justice system. and that's why we see many instances of violence or non violence are not brought to a happy end date or to read. a prosecution of the constant was regarding
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getting crimes or financial crimes or the kinds of feelings of money deposited in banks, which the bank people off of the series of problems have not been adjusted with in an effective way by the justice system. and this i could do ation and allows and include more violence or more infractions to other countries and just live in just experience just based on a tricky balance between the major political and 6 area actors. and that's what is keeping the justice and the judges as a right. yeah. they are as event to really prosecute to the end
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crime window behind which then some major political, national yeah. as you say, i mean, this is done here. and history has shown that those who have the victorian disputes have always been very difficult to mediate and solve the lebanon, very elections coming up next spring. how do you think this investigation? if it goes ahead, we'll play into that. when investigation goes ahead and finally reaches the concrete to have committed to crying yesterday by shooting the city. definitely it will affect those who have been who is being shown to be a to be behind that killing action. and i cannot speculate,
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and i don't want to stick with a lot of speculation in the course. just bring to people to jump and prosecute things to prove that part of the party was behind the kelly of yesterday's crime. step in and that will affect the election which are supposed to face it. may that are some part did some groups in that i'm seeking to move the election days from my to february and no, i get no agreement on this by the manger because actors in the cabinets get 9000. thank you very much for talking to us about this. thank you for your time.
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i protest have erupted across italy as a tough anti corona virus measure comes into force. the new rule requires all workers to show a green pass to go to work. protesters marching outside the photo trista held plaque cods, insisting no green pass, no discrimination. the pass moves to hold her has been vaccinated or has tested negative for covey. 90 the australian city of sydney will open up to fully vaccinated international travelers. next month, the country close its borders in march last year, allowing entry almost exclusively to citizens and permanent residence. they were required to undergo a mandatory 2 week hotel quarantine at their own expense. jamila, in the gun reports. it is the kind of frenzy that many people in as shall you see. they have missed for too long. booking flights for international travel, the country closest borders in march last year, but from november, the 1st citizens and permanent residents and their immediate family members can
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travel to and from sydney international airport. without having to quarantine, they'll need to be fully vaccinated against kobe 19. and this easing of restrictions in new south wales doesn't apply to tourists. the states premier says a major step forward or want to open up new south walls to the wall, or we need to rejoin the vote. we can't leave here in a hermit kingdom, or we've got to open up. and this decision to die is it is a big want, but it's the wrong one to get new south walls connected globally. but in neighboring you zealand officials are implementing some of the toughest covey restrictions in the world. almost all recent cases have been detected in auckland. my message today is clear. we need people in oakland to stick to the alert. level 3 rose is the director of public health is just seed. this outbreak is not an a small number of clusters in
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a small geographical area. it is affecting people in all parts of oakland, which makes it every once job in oakland to help prevent it sprayed deputy prime minister grant. robertson said case numbers in auckland or rising quicker than expected. about 60 percent of its population have been vaccinated, and authorities aimed to ramp up, immunization drives this weekend. in india, scientists say they are working with local manufacturers to develop technologies to me, coven 19 tests. more affordable to many oral key production. at the high quality. we what we were able to bring it done. not ready significantly and right now as you know, the cost. so come down for $4500.00 to all the way to possibly a few 100 rupees countries, including south korea. japan, thailand and the philippines are slowly easing restrictions after a set, a decrease in cobit cases,
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and many see that for and the signal that asia is well on its way to recovery, jamal alan dog and al jazeera manila. former us president bill clinton has been hospitalized in california with a suspected blood infection. clinton spokesman says he's on the men den in good spirits, doctor se the 75 year old is responding well to antibiotics. and the governor of the u. s. state of michigan is calling for an all hands on deck, responds to deal with a lead water crisis. benton hobbit majority, black city has been told not to cook, drink, or even brush teeth with their tap water. it comes almost 3 years after lead was detected in the cities pipes. john hendrick reports in benton harbor. the water is brown and people are seeing red get away with a laugh. listen while. yeah. so i'll know what to do. i don't know. for the 2nd
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time in recent memory, the state of michigan is taking years to clean up lead, tainted drinking water in a majority. black city, when a visitor complained about the water. reverend edward pinkney had it tested and found high levels of lead. he says there's a reason it's taking so long to remove it. environmental recess just so what if, if, if o a white woman would count was, oh, will you see see or on a camel with a little baby. she's crying and telling me that the little destroying her baby, there was a was sent out. the army of fema will be here. all the pentagon would be everybody would be here. and they are resolved as being in less than 6 months. but by a been a black city is a whole different story. 2 years after the majority, black town of flint resolved a 5 year long crisis with lead in its water bent in harbours. water is even more toxic. my water sounds bad. does it make you mad? yes, they does not. take a bath, then a brush. our teeth and not it is,
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but with us always in the most tainted samples from homes here contained $889.00 parts of lead per $1000000059.00 times the states, 15 parts per 1000000000 limit on thursday with residents lining up for bottled water, 3 years after the city discovered its taps were tainted, the state announced it would replace all of the cities underground, lead pipes within 18 months. this directive ensures that state government has taken a truly all hands on deck approach. the mayor is careful not to criticize the state leaders who have committed to replace the city's lead pipes. but he too raises the spectre of racial discrimination. the entire system quite honestly. ah, sits since his inception from the federal and state level has not been kind and friendly to black people. i think that there's been some headway. ah,
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but quite honestly, there's a long way to go. because of the racial, not just insensitivity, but in justice. the average income here is about $32000.00 a year just above the poverty line for a family of 4. here at lake michigan, the water is lead free. it picks up the lead as it course is through the cities aging pipe. so there's water everywhere. it's just not safe to drink. so far, the city has promises of $18000000.00 of the $28000000.00 it will take to replace all of its lead supply pipes. it will have to find the remaining $10000000.00 somewhere to finish the project on time. in 2023, john 100 al jazeera benton harbor, michigan. when i speak to elan worn, ben cancel about this. she's joining us from detroit and his a founder and owner of safe water engineering, a consulting firm. very good to have you with us. this of course has echoes of the
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kind water crisis a few years ago. what wise want a contamination such a big, big problem in michigan? but we have a lot of leg service lines in michigan, and we're one of the largest states with lead service lines in the united states. we estimate there about $500000.00 lead service lines here. and in baton harbor, we don't have a great inventory, but we think that most of the homes there do have led service lines that deliver water from the water main to their home. but the drinking water has contained high levels of lead for at least 3 years. now, residents have said they've been sounding alarms over the contamination since 2018 . why, why hasn't anything been done about it? yes, so the state has focused on working with corrosion control, treatment at the water treatment plan, and they've been changing some doses and trying to see if that will bring down the low levels. this is, this is an example of what a lead pipe looks like. it's
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a solid lead piece of metal that carries water into a home. and when water is in contact with lead, that lead will dissolve into the waters. corrosion control can help bring it down, but it is not perfect. so the work that they've been doing, they skipped doing a study to see what would be most effective. they just started dosing it for the lab is still here and in contact with the water. so the best way to stop lead from getting into the water is to remove these pipes. what impact has this hot on, on people's health? well, so 3 years, we suspect probably more than 3 years of latin, the water that's drinking lead in your water. every single day that's over a 1000 days of exposure to lead and water led us opponent irreversible neural toxin is the most dangerous to infants and young children with their neurologic development. and it also has many health impacts for adults with kidney disease and
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i pay attention as well. tell us more about what should be done to solve this crisis in michigan. as you say, it's a, it's a problem in this fate was seen in flint. and now, in bent in hobbit, what should the authorities, a government, local governments that be, be doing well, the most effective thing to do is to get the lead types out a luckily and been her that called her a lot of money. i imagine it does, but the, the cost of lead exposure of $2.00 generations of children and adults is even more expensive than the cost of removing those lead pipes. ok, thank you so much. and in for talking to us about this, ellen worn benton, so joining us there from detroit, thank you for your time. thank you. and people in the capital of canada's arctic territory have been told not to drink the city's water because it may be contaminated with petrol. a state of emergency has been declared in e conduit,
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which is home to about 7000 people. drinking water has been flown in to the territory. the alarm was raised after fumes were detected at a water treatment plant. the source is unclear, but resident say the vin problems with aging infrastructure. a u. s. appeals court has allowed a state of texas to move ahead with the nation's most restrictive abortion law. the legislation was passed last month and then challenged by the biden administration. it's viewed as effectively banning all abortions. the legal fight could end up in the supreme court. a judge in rome, i suspended the trial of 4 members of each of security forces, accused of kidnapping and murdering an italian student jewelry. jenny's body was found in a ditch outside cairo. in 2016, an autopsy showed had been tortured. the 4 security agents were due to be tried in absentia, but the judge delayed the trial because it wasn't clear if the suspects knew about the charges against them. adam rainy has more from outside the court in rome. a
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judge here in room rule to suspend the trial of 4 gyptian security officers here and there on trial in the torture and murder case of julia for jenny and italian researcher, whose body was found in a ditch in cairo in 2016. the judge seem to follow the reasoning, defense attorneys, who said there was no way to continue with these proceedings because these 4 suspects have not been officially informed of the trial. that despite the fact that prosecutors and attorneys for the virginia family said they've made several attempts to inform these men, they say those attempts have been blocked by the church and government. this case has been followed closely in italy where there's a lot of pressure for authorities and for politicians to show that they're standing up for human rights around the world and human rights of their own citizens. right now, the case is effectively on hold. it's not clear what steps there, jenny, family, or prosecutors have at this time because if it cannot inform these men,
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this court is made clear that the case cannot continue. i still ahead on al jazeera in sport to historic wind for this hockey team. i'm here with that story next. do stay with us. ah ah
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ah ah oh ah ah ah. and of his forces and thank you so much folly. well, la, brazilian for her failure, produced a stunning performance on his full international debbie. he scored twice in a world cup, qualifying when of a year ago, why it was name, although who opened the scoring in mouse discount coming after priscilla drawn nell
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mill with flung via a monday. oh fina had the impress coming off the bench hewn his previous to match his believes united flight taking center stage. this time out brazil. now 6 points clearly tough of the south american horrifying group full wants of brazil, the fonts, gl elma luke ski, l. kiddy jacob button. i wish tonight could last forever. i will always remember it because of the fans and the stadium, the city of men out the atmosphere and the match itself. i will always remember it . it will be very hard to forget about you. yes, that a more, you know, argentina also look good for a place at the finals in casa a 1st health girl there from at martinez deciding the game against her route uprooted. go on to miss a 2nd high penalty. audio team did reach the last world cup that result leaves them 2nd bottom in the table. top for qualify automatically for cats are the 5th play
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side. we're going to a play off. equity will remain 3rd on 17 points after, at nelnet draw against colombia, who are appoint and a place behind bolivia, one their 2nd strike game that keeps their chances of reaching a 1st well cup since 1994 alive or south americas governing body just there one of the leading organizations to a spoken out against fif is pushed to stage. the woke up every 2 years former asked the manager arson. vanka is leading fif is review into whether or not more regular world cups are feasible. the players want to play the games. what they don't want is to place more game to know and to be competitions. that is something that everybody wants to play. know. if i tell you not, you will be workshopping even for 10 minutes to read, say yes. and the giving more opportunities today for county doesn't go to work up. they have to wait for 8 years. if a player is injured to doesn't play for 8 years, the worker you kathleen knight said have confirmed steve brace will be the clubs
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manager for the upcoming premier league game against its hot none. it seemed getting ready to play. that 1st fixture since being bought by a saudi arabian backs consortium in a statement, the new owner said, if we make any changes going forward, steve will be the 1st to know. but in the meantime, we wish him the best of luck. while liverpool manage it, yoga clock has been talking about that. say kyra, says the league now contains a new superpower. there's plenty of work to do at newcastle. they currently sit 2nd bottom in the table. lucas fans beloved, of course. but for us, which just means those doesn't you superpower in newcastle? i cannot do that. bonnie cannot buy everything but can over the time that will take time. but over time, day day we'll have to have enough money to make a few wrong decisions to make the under i decisions and then they will be where they want to be. while the historic playoff series between the san francisco johnson, the allied soldiers ended in controversy. the duchess edging to
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a 2 on winning this game and going through to the national league championship series. it was the 1st meeting between the teams in the playoffs and it went down to the 9th inning over game 5, cody bellenger, hitting an all b, i singled with dodge's head. then came the decisive moment. c joins plant wilma flores had the task of keeping the teams season alive against the reigning wolves series champions. now flora's was cold out there by the empire, even though replace suggested he didn't even matter when he's bats, but the coal meant the dodges won the game. a now face a series against the yet lancer bryce. oh yes. hi, quality hitter at the plate that can climb back into that count. it's no guarantee of success at the end of the about, ah, just, it's just a tough way to ended up there. there's no fir, especially right now there's no need to you know, to be angry about that. i just think it's just
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a disappointing wait and i want to congratulate the giant on, on a tremendous season. i best reckon all of baseball and it was just great. every time we played those guys and just bring that rivalry back to life, changes in tennis, the on the shipper has hit another career high. she's to become the 1st i replied to break into the world's tops and the 27 year old has reached the indian wells semi finals up, beating, astonished, and at conservation straight fit early this year for became the 2nd one. and so when we see a full title also reached the quarter finals at wimbledon, county rank 14 in the world, and this will guarantee service spots in the top 10. when the rankings are a lot of emotions. unclear, very, very happy with the way i play today. i'm playing the this whole week. it's break
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into soft and also have been always my my goal and i'm very happy with the way i'm handling all the threats with the raise the ranking and hopefully i continue get the delay or archibald will say spain's pull of at osa in the last 4 but i, so he was ranked 21 in the world was making, but of history of her own, she bade form a world number one and 3 time grand slam champion angelic curb in straight sets. and so i became the 1st spanish homeless rates to sammy's at this tournament since 2003 in sacramento. and a moments of hockey history for the seattle kracken in the franchise is 1st ever seen in the national hockey league shop. the kracken have secured the opening when it came against her, the natural predators all 3. the final school. okay, most schools in a couple of hours. that's how we're looking for. andy,
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thank you very much for that. that's it for this news are, but to stay with us, i'll be back in just a few minutes with awe on air or online be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean. when no topic is off the table, it's as children say atmosphere, people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms. jump into the stream and doing our global community of your online on youtube right now, you can be part of those conversations, wealth this stream. oh, now to sierra, to know where the fires are and where they are going. greeks look to the skies in a worrying sign, helicopters have been getting closer to major towns and cities. this one is just a rough, didn't become much bigger than if you can see by the train tracks the fires,
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climbing up the hill just behind us on the ground. this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back, the inevitability of mother nature's fury. is dangerous and exhausting work. woodrand to give whatever with the hope is the fire stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment, the fuel is everything in sight the glamour of bollywood in an unlikely place. mortal cool, you know is up on a boat and in dress with me with a flame wasn't very, she was brilliant britain, was it again, christine does a lot of love and affection and respect of the morocco people a world away from mom, by a nation, has taken indian cinema too, it's hot out as we were well revealed the color and passion of morocco's bollywood dream. the world is warming and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now
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even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah, a british lawmaker is tab several times while meeting his contest. constituents at a church. ah ha, watching al jazeera alive from dough. how with me 3 back to ball. also coming up a bomb attack in afghanistan. target says she, a mosque during friday.


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