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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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no, even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera ah award winning documentary from around the world. are now g 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, this is in use our on al jazeera. i'm fully betty ball live from our world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. at least 16 people killed in an explosion inside a sheer mosque in southern afghanistan. is the 2nd such attack this month. a day of
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morning, 11 on after gun battle was erupted in the capital be ruled killing at least 7 people. also the sour poland passes a controversial law, allowing border guards to push back my grants and refugees. and why the largest species of fish in the world is under threats and how mexico is trying to save it and in sport, brazil hit for in their latest world cup qualification. match name are among the scores against uruguay house. brazil close in on a place that next years. ah thank you for joining as we begin this news hour with breaking news out of afghanistan. there's been an explosion inside the largest shia mosque in the southern city of kandahar. the attack was carried out during friday. prayers security saucers say at least 16 people have been killed and another 32 wounded. it
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follows last week's attack on another mosque in the northern city of condos. at least 60 people were killed there. let spring in al jazeera is stephanie deco life for us in cobble. what more you hearing stephanie about this explosion today in kandahar were local media is now reporting that there were 3 explosions back to back who were working on confirming that but certainly from the images that we're seeing coming out of their m. i do think the casualty numbers will rise. we've spoken to a local journalists on the ground and they're not allowed to get close to the area of where the attack took place to the mosque. as you mentioned, the largest shia mosque in kandahar that does dead bodies and also a lot of injuries being brought to the hospital. they are kandahar folly is taliban heartland? it's it's, it's their stronghold that it is the 1st attack of its kind in that area. if you look at the bigger picture, you mentioned there that attack on the she almost introduced last friday during friday prayers. the group has carried out
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a tax again from you have to say there's been no claim of responsibility, but certainly in terms of a pattern, a they've launched, attacks here and cobble they've launch attacks in the east of the country. they seem to be spreading out their attacks and certainly a challenge to the taliban. the taliban always maintaining that they were the only group to maintain security here. and this is now very much a question. right. and there are reports of a major taliban operation against iso. okay. in mos i sharif. what more you hearing about that? yes. the interior ministry spokesperson saying that a significant to hide out of ice ok fighters in missouri has been eradicated. this is part of what we've seen happen over the last couple of weeks, a push by the taliban on what they see as sleeper cells in areas where i. so k is active it's. it's interesting volume. you've been speaking to taliban commanders who overtime i've always maintained that this wasn't a major problem. they were dealing with it now 2 days ago, the same interior ministry, spokes person calling on taliban fighters to look within their ranks in terms of
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infiltration and saying if anyone is found to be an i so k infiltrate or into the taliban ranks, they would be held accountable under study, a law dealt with his treason, it at the entire unit including the commander will be dissolved. so i think the 1st time that the taliban is admitting that there is an issue here particular when it comes, you know, to sleeper cells and issues of life infiltration. that something that they're going to have to take very seriously. right. and it's been 2 months now since the tiny band returned to power in afghanistan, stephan, iso k. clearly trying to undermine them, can, can the taliban keep and laid on them wine also trying to govern a country that's on the verge of economic collapse? absolutely, and you know, that's a good question because as to are very much linked, this is a country that is disintegrating. i already before the taliban took over was in a very precarious situation when it came to the economy. when it came to people being unemployed, i mean, you know, you're ready had a lot of afghans leaving this country as refugees beforehand. what you have now as
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a consequence of in charge of community withholding billions of dollars of much needed aid is that it is to still disintegrating at a far foster pace. people don't have money. salaries haven't been paid and months. that's broke, like civil servant salaries was the salaries of taliban fighters. people tell you that that could be an issue when it comes to recruitment. for example of isis k in the future, humanitarian situation is precarious. i was talking to the united nations yesterday . they are trying to, you know, continue their efforts of handouts and trying to prepare for winter the, the temperature is already dropping to almost 0 degrees celsius overnight here. and that's going to increase incredibly false. you've got almost 3000000 people displaced in this country. but most significantly, people cannot feed themselves the world food program morning, only around 5 percent of households here, a getting enough to eat. so if you look at the entire bigger picture and this is linked to security, now you're seeing a pattern of increased attacks and brazen attacks by ice. okay? trying to undermine the taliban, which is now of course, ironically you know,
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the governing body here and they're having to deal with attacks that they used to carry out themselves. and of course, we know that the in shot community, particularly the night to states, very concerned about groups like i so so this is going to be part of negotiations. and of course, as the taliban keep saying, they need money to be able to deal with this. so again, concerning developments the 2nd time. now in a on a friday, that is, she almost has been targeted. in a brazen attack. we still don't have a claim of responsibility yet and did thank you very much, stephanie. we'll check in with you later when we have more information about that. some masika attacker in kandahar stephanie jacqueline forced air in couple my day of national morning is being held in lebanon after his worst street violence in more than a decades. what began as a protest descended into an hours long gun fight. rocket propelled grenades exploded in the streets of bay. router snipers fired from roof tops, funeral to being held for the 7 killed more than 30 others were injured. the army says 9 people have been arrested. the army earlier blamed to the violin. san
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snipers o opening fire on protesters. now it says it started with a dispute between protesters and another group. crowds allied with sheer political groups were calling for the removal of the judge leading the investigation to last years be able to port blast. has bala accuses him of political bias. many victims families support his investigation live to santa harder was in belgrade for his xena exactly 24 years ago. the sound of gunfire was being heard in beirut. what's the mood like to day? and how worried are people that yesterday seems may not be a one off? well, lebanon is still on the edge, as you can see, behind me, life appears to be normal, at least on the surface. but there is a cautious call. the heavy presence of the army, and in fact they've set up checkpoints leading to both neighborhoods because this highway separates the neighborhood fear. and i know remaining neighborhoods which
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are also strong holds of 2 political parties. long time and amused the sharp political groups dominant has the law and the christian lebanese forces. and what we saw really were nearly 5 hours of gun battles that raged in the streets. they are preparing to bury their dead 7 people were killed. but while the guns may have fallen silence, the crisis is far from over. you mention that judge thought it be, todd has milan. i'm a continue to insist that he'd be removed, but he be dismissed. they consider him politicized. the opposition sees it differently. they believed that baton should be given a chance that they should not judge him until his investigation is complete. in fact, the survivors and the families of the victims. they say that they have faith in bizarre. they call him a rare judge. as you can see, people picking up the pieces, they consider him one of the rare judges who is not politically affiliated. so there is still tension. the crisis is not over and the guns fell silent. it was
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sudden, it suddenly fell silent. there was some sort of undeclared truth, so it's not clear whether or not this is just is over or whether this is just round one. xena. thank you very much for the moment. xena honda live there in bayville. let's discuss this further now with ramey hurry, who's joining us here in til hi is the director of global engagement at the american university of military. good. have you with us, ronnie? you? so of course, as in the said, bear. com right now, but a very fragile. com. it seems what every one is waiting to see now is what happens next and how long this piece will it will hold and whether the investigation will continue. what are your thoughts? what do you think is going to happen over the next 2 days? the history of modern lebanon, at least the most recent 3 or 4 decades, during and after the civil war suggests that you will always get these confrontations. sometimes there are major sometimes are minor than the con, down somebody immediate or,
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and then life was back to normal for oil. and then something comes up again whenever there's a political development that might alter the balance of power over these forces. whether formally in the parliament or in the cabinet ministers are, and formerly on the streets and society, and the economy, then tensions flare. again, the political system and lebanon has not been able to create a peaceful, credible, and conclusive mechanism by which everybody has a share of power, but also response to the will of the people through elections. another means they have the system, the proportions power, and they all want to keep their power. and then sometimes one of them insist that i am going to be president, or i'm gonna be a minister, and they block the political process and they're stalemate and then frustration, and then violence flares. so this is a cycle that says cycle as you say, but what we saw yesterday on the 3 survey which we hadn't seen in a long time. and this is a sectarian dispute,
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of course in history shows that it's always been very difficult to mediate and resolve and resolve the sectarian disputes. how. how then do we move on from, from where we are today, m e. this again, is the investigation into the report last likely to continue and can it yields anything positive for the victim samus. those are all critical questions for which there are no form answers. they have always been sectarian tensions, as you said, but they've always been mediated in the short run. things calm down, but then they flare up again. or if the political balance is threatened, no, we have elections coming up next spring. then presidential elections and the parliament. these sir moments of decisive political relationships and some people are trying to line up the system so that they guarantee their share of power. the investigation is a different matter, but it falls into the same category as the investigation of the, the killing of our let primarily i so hezbollah animal are trying to stop or slow
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down, or, or control the investigation of many other people and lebanon, wanted to, to go on, we have no idea if it's going to go on or not the majority of lebanese wanted to go under. that's for sure. the overwhelming majority of people around the world who deal with lebanon want it to happen. they want to stop these situations where people are killed and explosions happened, whatever, but they've never been able to come up with an agreement on how to do it. so we just have to wait and see where the balance of power is when the dust settles. well, i guess the difference between what's happening now and you know, what history, what was in, in the past in the context of course, is the context lebanon today, experiencing an economic crisis like no other with power caps. people not able to withdraw their money from banks, it's the country really are on the brink of economic laps. and that we've seen the international community in countries like france called carmen. so on,
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is there anything the international community can do? is there any leverage that it has right now to try and put a lead on these political tensions given, given this economic context and that the countries experiencing today, recent, experienced in the last 2030 years? so just that, no, there is no international forces. whether there, so these are lines are from thinking, intervene, calm, things down, provide some money, patch up the disagreements, real ok. some of the seats and parliament are on the cabinet as they did, and several situations in saudi arabia years ago, or but then the tensions arise again. thank. so the likelihood of any international intervention is just about 0, and the likelihood of a domestically organized permanent piece is also pretty low. what, what about the lebanese army? are they able, will they be able to keep the pick the piece? how much power do they have in the midst of all these armed factions, the lebanese army has been one of the positive elements in lebanon and recent years,
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with that, everybody is happy and wants to protect it. they intervene very quickly yesterday, and they've done this before. but they are a fragile a group because many of their soldiers, they're a young soldiers are getting money that doesn't cover like a week's worth of food for their family because of the valuation of the leader. so they've already been losing recruits people who were resigned and ran away. and they are, it's a delicate sectarian balance and the army which could fall apart as it did during the civil war. so people are being very careful to try to not get the army involved as much as possible, but it is a delicate balancing act. this is a structure. this is a country that has structural flaws that have never been resolved. and we're seeing them manifest themselves in this kind of situation. thank you so much for talking to sammy. thank you very good. have young is ironically from the american university of favorites, sent to moorehead on this news. our including australia says yes, china says no,
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we'll look at who is and who isn't going to the un climate conference in glasgow paying tribute to an african icon, people in brooklyn of fossil remember the man who the former president tried to remove from history in sports did he or didn't take the moment of controversy that ended this major league base whole fair playoffs here? ah, in other world news authorities in english speaking west and cameron have called for calm after the killing of a school girl by police prompted angry protests. the incident took place on thursday in b a i city way anglophone, separatists and government forces have been engaged in conflict for the last 4 years. the separatist movement 8th spot to 1961. when the english speaking people began demanding better representation from the french speaking majority government live to our west africa correspondent, comedy drake, who joins us live from
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a buddha in neighboring nigeria. ahmed, 1st of all, what are you hearing about? are the situation in beer? have things calm down? well, to some extent, the situation have come down but could be according to some sources. it's the calm before the storm. a lot of people expect more reactions to the killing of the school girl and bell for just the key to keep the situation the way it is. now. however, there's been so much at stake that the embers on the movement, the purchase movement there i'm calling for more protest and human rights activists are not happy about what happened. many of the protest as insisted that the woman driving the children to school refuse to pay a bribe of less than a dollar. and that's what started the whole thing. and the military fire shot into the air according to an official statement. and one of the bullets hit the school girl who died several other been reportedly injured. so the situation is
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a big come now, but a lot of people expect more protest in the coming day. yeah. tension in this part of camera and is of course not new are made wrangler phones in the west have long complained about received inequality, especially in education in law. exactly. and that conflict has been there for a very long time. the english speaking camera will constitute about 20 percent of the population of come rooms, 22000000 people, and they've been demanding for more freedoms all 3 years ago with a long standing president of cameron and paul called the national conference that resulted in the devolution of power to regional governments, but a lot of people feel that it's not enough. so the company talking about has now become a full scale war between community forces and the separatists. i was only a movement and that resulted in the killing of more than 3000 people. a 1000000 people have been displaced by this conflict. thousands of them have fled to nigeria
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and become refuse in southern parts of different parts of the north east of the country. so it's a conflict that has been developing and a lot of people, it's still believe that the high 100 approach to that regents of english speaker regions of cameras is what igniting this even now they can only enforce, deploy to that region. majority of them are actually french speaking and these people, the people of that region insisted that they, they keep harassing them intimidating them and using high 100 tactics to subdue them. so that's the situation in that part of the country. and it's not clear whether the movement will strike, but last month, especially, more than a dozen security forces have been killed by amazon and movement. and 3 amazon, yes, a practice have been sent just to death following the killing of some school children. i think about 2 years ago. thank you for that. i made the dream live there in a blue cher hundreds of people i expected to gather in volcano fossils capital to
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pay tribute to former president to my son carol on the an anniversary of his assassination. it comes his days after the trial of those accused of his murder was postponed. san car was a revolutionary pan. african is to lead the country in the 1980s. august here is nicholas hot reports from wagon to go for almost 20 years. this documentary on the south nation of former president thomas hunker was bound in burkina. faso. no one dared to play it except for abdullah jalap during the term of former president political bowie. jello organized, a parallel film festival to counter the government run festival known as fis. becca the senior y dba, meaning the right for a free cinema. got in trouble with the government when it attempted to commemorate the memory of to muscle gum. they're all censorship. we were not supposed to touch upon politically sensitive issues. you had to be brave to even pronounce the name of toma sakura. we tried to do a special showed him and within 15 minutes,
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the presidential guard stopped our gathering. despite president compose attempts to censor and remove to myself from booking fossils history, he has become a celebrated faker. described as the chicken laura of africa, captain soccer took power in a cool $983.00 and set out bold reforms. cutting ties with international aid money and striving for self sufficiency. the left when soldiers shun former colonial power france in favor of closer ties with russia and china to muslin car was inside this building, holding a meeting with his collaborators. when he heard jeeps rolled in and gunfire, he came out and stood here, raised his hand up in the air and told his collaborators there after me. he was then gone down. we know this because his body was exuberant, autopsy was performed. the corpse was riddled with bullet up until then the government's official line was that he had died a natural death. this has become now
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a site to remember and pay tribute to what is now an african icon. 35 years after his death, the trial of his murder began on monday, the head of the presidential guard general gen dairy, who censored artwork and films on takara is now on trial for assassinating him. also accused, but outside is for present composure. he lives in exile in neighboring ivory coast, after being ousted from power 2014, in a popular uprising is the want and also to know the truth. to make the justice happen. if you have to punish some people, they have to be punished. but we have to, you know, to, to take care of this matter. if you plan on good mcclare in 2017 french president mike, hold promise to declassify secret documents linked to soccer as death. but only 3rd of them were given to sancho has family lawyers for jello. shedding light into the uncomfortable truth of bracken foster's past is the only way to move forward in order to ensure that history does not repeat itself again. nicholas hawk al jazeera
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walker to go. australia's prime minister says he will attend the un climate summit in glasgow later this month. scott morrison had initially threatened to skip the comp $26.00 event in scotland. it comes as his conservative government face is global pressure to cut carbon emissions. australia is one of the world's largest coal and gas exporters and has long resisted attack, adopting a carbon neutral target. it's not just about hitting that 0. that's an important environmental goal. that what's important to this trial is economy goes from strength to strength and the livelihoods in the lives. the distractions now, particularly in rural and regional areas, are able to go full with hope and with confidence. and that's what my plan will be all about. and i look forward to furthering those discussions in the weeks ahead. now the country that currently mid most greenhouse gases is of course, china. and it seems it's leaders shooting being may not be going to the u. n.
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climate conference in glasgow lives. john hall in london for a small this journal. how significant are these reports that she won't attend? china is actually the pivotal to the world's efforts to tackle climate change. in particular, the effort to keep global warming to within one and off degrees of pre industrial levels. and what china does, absolutely, matt, as it is by a country mile, the biggest carbon emitter 27 percent of global emissions come out of china. now as to how significant this news, the president, she may not be coming. this is about. this is quoting anonymous sources. festival china hasn't confirmed it telling li though, nor have they denied it, but it's worth pointing out the president, she hasn't traveled to a number of big international meetings recently. he wasn't at the general assembly in new york last month. he's not planning to attend the g 20 in rome in a couple of weeks time just ahead of glasgow and private campaigners will tell you that because of that, they weren't really expecting him to turn up anyway,
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what matters? they say he's that in his place, china sends negotiators armed with a proper mandate to be able to reach a deal around the table at cop $26.00 to move on from china's already stated aims and targets to inject some fresh ambition into them as is required of all the countries attending, of course, $100.00 leaders will be their president biden included, and it is upon that hope that a deal can still be done in glasgow. the success of cop $26.00 rest that will be judged on whether by the end of it, that one and a half degree target is still deemed to be alive. and that is really down to china . yeah, and reminders of china is commitment so far, john president, she at the general assembly last year said that china would commit itself to reaching that 0 by 2060 and peak emissions by 2030. more recently,
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he's also said that china won't any longer build coal fired power plants internationally, though he hasn't made similar commitments about coal fired power plants in china itself. none of this has been written down in what's called an n d. c. a declaration recognized by the cop treaties and therefore making it binding. and of course, the worry will be that even with positive news about countries like australia and so the worry will be that all of this means that china isn't preparing to improve on its targets at cop 26 with a without she in attendance. and that will make a lot of people very worried that that one and after gree target could be missed or could slip altogether at this got 26. jonah, thank you very much. john hall live there in london. and still ahead on this al jazeera news, our a questions in taiwan after at least 46 people are killed in a place in an apartment building another royal tale take center stage at the london film festival. but just how far does it story from reality and in sports destination tennis star has just hit our career high in the world,
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rankings detail may change ah. with there are 2 parts of europe to watch the moment because of the weather is pretty nasty down here, particularly in greece, and it's going to be up in scandinavia. is that low, sweet street followed by another. so greece 1st, this is the picture in athens. the rivers came up, the water club, the streets, not just athens. it was true in many places, are great, including the islands, further south and there were paris is quite a nasty storm has been locally named. this balance is there throughout the rest of friday, with red warnings out for more of the same. now there is an improving story about trying to get to saturday. it will be moving eastwards in the mornings would disappear and the wind release and the rain will ease at all this time for italy,
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good part of western europe and spain and most portugal is fine and warm and sunny but it's not true elsewhere. this is windy and wet weather and briefly cold weather which brings rain and snow for time, snow for norway and golden sweeten. and also it looks quite nice for time to get to saturday, the winds east and attempts to start to rise in london. for example. there's more rain on its way for the future, for scandinavian, particularly for sweden. this is a start, i would think on sunday, sunday looking particularly wet denmark and then southern sweden. most of the rest of europe is enjoying a bit of a time off again. ah. in the country with an abundance of results for the red bar and walk indonesia whose turns for me, we moved full to grow and frock. we balanced for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when the lease is broke and programs in indonesia. now, after world war 2, frances great empire began to unravel and vietnam do most of the heavy burden. he was trained themselves into the stream bursting with joy kissing each other. and algeria, he lives and or she knew, asked if the endo chinese that managed to beat the french army. why not back? the decline continues an episode to of blood and tears, french tea colonization. on al jazeera lou ah
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ah, you're watching the news hour on al jazeera with me fully by table. a reminder of our top stories. security source is enough, ganeth stanford. at least 33 people have been killed in another 57 wounded. after the largest shia mosque in the southern city of kandahar came under attack, it happened during friday prayers. they are uncontrolled record, so at least 3 explosions inside the mosque. lebanon is observing a day of national morning after b, whoops. were street violence in more than a decade, funerals are being held for 7 people killed when the city was wrong to buy gunfire, and rocket propelled grenades on thursday and authorities in the english speaking western region of cameroon, have called for calm after the killing of a school girl by police prompted angry protests. the incident took place in b a where anglo foreign separatists have been in conflict with government forces. for the past 4 years. a thousands of people are protesting at
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a border crossing between afghanistan and pakistan. that's been closed for more than a week. well, not. yeah, i don't yet. yeah. they're conflicting claims about who has shot the border and why pakistani back and why pakistani official said the afghan side had been shot without notice. but off gun state media claimed it was the pakistani authorities, the shaman crossing links pakistan southwestern province of. but she stayed with spin, bo dot, in the afghan province of kandahar come on, hider has more from highly hurry, poor in pakistan, hundreds of protest mazda, the deputy commissioner, all face in the border down of german watch tension. now, river de deputy commissioner told them that the glory of the border was not from the buckets on the side. that it was the 1 dollar bond who had closed that border in protest because of the handling of what i'm trying to crunch into,
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but gift on. also important to know that hundreds of trucks buy it up on both sides of the border better.


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