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bombs would cut $78000000.00 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. and the painting by the british st artist, bank c, which became famous for shredding itself. 6 has sold for a record amount in london. and silly legacy delivered for new world record the bank. c. loveseat been sold a lovers in the been sold for $21900000.00 when it went under the hammer at sotheby's auction house. the piece was previously titled girl with a balloon and had sold for just $1300000.00 in 2018 before immediately self destructing in a paper shredder or as these winning bitter spin vastly over the guide price of about $8000000.00. ah, now reminder of the top stories on al jazeera,
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at least 6 people have been killed and many others injured in the worst street violence seen in the lebanese capital for more than a decade. oh, preposterous. were targeted by unidentified snipers, positioned in buildings, crowds aligned with sheer political parties, were protesting, accusing a judge of bias in his investigation into the bay route port explosion. last year, gunfire continued for about 4 hours and rocket propelled grenades were fired. evidence president michelle own says the perpetrators will be brought to justice, rasa allah, nor you'll, sally thought the we will never allow anyone to hijack the country of what has happened to day will be followed on both levels of the judiciary and security and investigations were reach the reality and the truth and the facts among those perpetrators will be taken to the court. the investigation of the boot port blast
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will continue, because it's a commitment towards the lebanese people and towards the international community law, based on the independence of the judiciary. your arm law, norway's intelligence agency says a bow and arrow attack that left 5 people that appears to have been an act of terrorism to others were injured in the worst violence in the country. in a decade the attack happened in the town of congo berg, which is southwest of oslo. he was president joe biden says his country will donate millions of vaccines to the african union. he made the announcement while hosting canyon president to huddle kinyata the 1st african leader to visit the white house since biden took over. the 2 liter is also discussed climate change. and the trial of for members of egypt, security forces for the kidnapping and murder of an italian academic has been halted by a judge in rome. julie ridge and his body was found in a ditch outside cairo in 2000. and 16 judge says he can't be sure the for the finance had been notified of the charges on when he says next by,
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by the world is warming. and green lands ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland the melting of the frozen no on al jazeera. in chile, no, it's estimated. there's an incident of domestic violence every 8 seconds from big cities or chillers among dollar to. so what else do they offer to rule really do tell for. well, i know when you get an order for sure when the, when you launch leaden women, not starting to speak out against their attack, but will the voices be heard when or when he investigates the battle being fought in homes at cross china?
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why? oh yeah, gosh, i sent it to mama. okay. and that is my, my sure boss. electrical drago, the bomb regarding this downward brother isn't a doctor of him in general when he will be in heck is wrong. wash all that you don't push it back a year before these photo was taken. young, she was engaged to be married. but she wanted to delay the widow. her fiance wanted to marry immediately, no one in her rural community of hands on the started tongues wagging. and soon the relationship solid and hygiene when manuel and an inch oxygen alamedos. johanna tin dan cannot wait out locking be in the needle and a hodge, a child walk for a pell ashanti young cheese mother agrees, neglect content in k k. i. thanks. he had detention in the us won't hold you
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on that i send the, i guess a bit high tongue soon have high by you who your final quote a for some can. 2 they kathy or part of platinum, good birthday young she and her fiance had a heated argument. enraged he pushed young she to the ground, gouging out her eyes with his bay hands. young cheese mother found her lying in a pool of blood. a young with the machine with him, which he by pembroke silva now. jojo, the machine alarmed. pick or shoot, the canterbury answered. but the lat hartman leant informed them of the pomp. financial was was wrought. yang in no law new york mean shorter le can. i don't know that we appreciate of last anyhow. i shanna again tommy shannon, russia, r parkway, passing bowel had him down and had
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a year have articles. it'll give you the show me you. she remarried twice, but the abuse didn't stop. she says her 2nd husband beat her child and her mother as well. peter will, don't you, he'll dora, we're up for nap. what did? what did you don, how quite, initially the bow said natalie is the sure the bow tie, medulla, or hi ashley her? megan hannah. yeah. the brown will it carlos well well i will when you give me an solo portion with when he was selected by the time young she was 26. she'd been trapped in the abuse of marriage for 6 years and had 2 children. oh, there was how much a no show. ha, ha, ha. friends. doj a. howdy. we're at. we're going to get on her and sure. i had sunny the thought rather dingy. i'm busy and we, i acquiring
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a challenge. sheesh yang. she's ex husband's abuse escalated, and the final straw was when he threatened to kill her family allegations that lie about and that off auto her when you. but it is a when you put in her arm was a sham in the older zagata. and you're sharon young, daniel high balcony. the highs up the chavel shall long dom linelle partial while the ha while on the vienna. those are for those. those are susanna. so georgia national denisha alisha when i'm going in to her new one. yeah. or should i the drill much or the windshield bulk? what pap pap, our map our has all were the shadow to get all fowler that night young. she picked up the axe and killed her husband in his sleep. or the one of the william at her banyan straightened and thoughtless. deonna shake her. oh no no. how can i how kind of whose cheerful linden we are?
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oh yeah, i acted only me on our america, our mom here into our back. i'm in our heads and i just natal granular coaches on young. she was sentenced to 12. he is for the murder but was released after 8 years . she now works as a massuce, a skills she picked up while serving time in prison. young, she discovered many of the female inmates incarcerated for violent crimes, had also experienced domestic violence. and i shot up ala financial around me, that they had oil, and i own chatting bodied ah ah . 0 0 the min le gui abuse runs deep in the family. his father and grandfather both beat their wives, mobile for use yesenia yarger talking to wow. ah, what the younger social buchwald, of which in a while it's a do or does your traditional or longer pass?
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i moved it was, i mean, you know, which is the organiser, would you cause you to learn asia or the fortune or the ada nega nutrition where to where each entre so you were one is rosamille. so they're going into the mccockriel, whitman, brooklyn will. you can reach out to you, i think a social you are who are the in got to order you order funding along with i'm watching the la gibbons on me as a full 21. the future china remains a deeply traditional society which some say promotes female submissiveness. according to social media expert night lay these traces back to the ancient philosophy of confucianism and can be seen in the chinese language itself. those i yelled the little li,
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than in all tallahassee ega, who's the policy? siemens. how's it done? tommy c? for the turns out it's, this is yes sir. dan, bernie, as a guanine, is, is, it holds the last well to increasing the granny on just a waste bn dean. are you seeing says, says that you as a doing are you seeing the you go face on butrend, on boucher it was asked the sound where y'all new sink your footer. just a fans home, luther balboa, some thousands home for a hotel. when you out full full law on the household, i'll still go to higher than my minds will. how are you? good to sit lu, your mouth saying nan sees these confusion,
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attitudes in many cases. so those are do you? what are you said the fall color? janice wins i ga ballot or sheet or natural nashandra foot nashandra john traditional role. so you should nice and go towards young paula. sure. what about what the has a tell me your major boise, you go fetal. oh, adult. oh shoot. yeah. change a lot, but she there sure be. oh no, just for a long time way held that view. he says he used his wife is an outlet for his dress at work. miss ordering. gotcha. well, you lost the whole not use of the you share to go counselor, you share to work on the wrong. why by somebody you shifting to the whole windshield, your porch will, will blanch marta or you can put 100 dr. grouping's or jobs all night where you wouldn't talk to tom because now we're pushing the doctor. would you didn't you
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want to not she go with tuition on top of her power juices. hm. i'm talking about domestic violence is so deeply rooted in traditional values that even family members may not see the need to hope those effect to route go ways. marriage, his parents as well as his in laws, were aware that he was abusing his wife. but they didn't reprimand him, even when he started using potentially deadly force photoshopped where tom, which he had soccer as an as a whole. what you got ga, ga food into hall once on. and you do that have been some will you can hardly honestly you go quieter. daughter will just want to go where to go from minute miserable. would you you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll do them. so she is otarre to the dental title. move which does or would you want to dial tone to her? it is i'm it that she found was i'm intentionally with usual. hm. yeah. my doctor.
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you want to go to watch it, but i wonder if what does pull me up but a little you'd. honda but our number that you know, needs the heart usa usa wish under the own is the saddam for the future room to do showed you step on shall do not resort that they won't get on the mama puzzle everywhere. dollar you pollard, g, r o w will i le, let us know you will not uses or passes may get had enough producing were to wish i would you touch are all dental poor. you said this is latoya cells, not on a hot lenora's way. i hope it's has just a dagger symbol. so can you some for jo, shouting taunton, you salons, i went and i would of june, which in years of gape would i, rental astorga, georgia. arturo city are most and watch other women bottom. we use youtube will dislike the abuse. go away and his wife remained together and had a son lawyer marsey. nun says huge cris sharon, chinese women to stay in relationships with what i sent the little. well,
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what i sent an apology number to whole con dr. tile to the band found from that pay anthony choice in your diet when i get from there. so i had that jim shane shall. cindy shall order shirts on powder orders on wash on the tail, turned out that the yadi higher male bathroom, shall one machinery to. now, what was all what hutchins on the whole lot, no much certainly jolessa your clinical handle, your children. it's an issue was attention definitely. me pamela shinji, but don't honda tonisha soon? you said to you couldn't be any of the quadrant or may off with what her name, which literature, asa johnson via feet. honda lanka, fleet hamish intermediate soon, young lights eeoc, one corner, you know, the corner, our sions are putting away with nothing to hold him back. the beatings go away unleashed on his wife became increasingly violent. oh, darling, using it. that's all one of our we had said be judged it frontal is near to that just one word of our was with another young to to dr. apple
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is also going to work with you. so we're the energy future to young kid until you will. you chang, looking to bring your snuggle nice young portion as us. i read us at that janice or william the or so talk to him about me would you wouldn't kind of you. honda are good on showing that all your own it's off. i don't your to that is not able to work made to the heart. so 3 enrolled in where to go. bush in time for wash and there were 2 near you or usa to go to got to go to a boy. she is are all sitting in the whiten. none much. if i didn't control you yell. no laconia used to be. i don't not. kashana nessa bassett on the new hospital, not in 2016. the chinese government trying to address the problem by introducing an anti domestic violence law, which allowed victims to obtain restraining orders against their abuses. state
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media reported the complaints of domestic violence to the women's federation went down by 8.4 percent in 2019 compared to the previous year. aimed yos. say this doesn't tell the full story we went on without all count him back into your sugar level. white jack, joseph and tampa. that but what she shall try. she did that to seal the hateful call in 2020 thing you and, and her team and a quality and enjoy based in beijing, conducted an online survey on women's living conditions in china. if you had daresha, so turning out to you was, is it entirely his in tampa dish washer down washer and nigger pay it should baja showed you as well as the issues with implementation lawyer, mass i. nan says the laws simply doesn't go far enough. goto sugar vans either. you're not your fault emission. a mail out and bonding machine there. julian,
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her shanghai. madonica yank. olivia ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, call it on. yeah, sure, sure. sure. the sat him old. hi, l disheveled alleging he believed in legal. why didn't you had and he knew that your house a be on either in ashley hock yukon, which was sant arching atrial chit. william basher, one yashira major. catching him in a modern you fingered o'connor that, that, that are become a politician at least a quarter of women in china report having experienced domestic violence at some point in their lives. many feel there's no way out. according to police figures out of the 157000 women in china who took their own lives in 201760 percent, had experienced domestic violence way law, not her real name is a successful entrepreneur in shanghai. in 2019, she made a man, she thought could be her soulmate. raymish english al doesher. are you sure me down
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there? so each teacher to say self, we should, i should be obvious. but soon, red flags emerged talking to you on tongue out cow, or the shots you are counsel uni. so that means you toss will be goosey. i'll tell ya, cut off his controlling behavior escalated to me. but one night while i was a few minutes late arriving at his place, he became suspicious about where she had been and reacted brutally paying nauseous in. i'll only sure it's only a shop or dollars among dollars on her. a home in color you're looking at your shows that i would see the ocean could ting? oh, hold bowler. sure. had you tell him, hey, how are you doing? quite old on she should, i should do your cli off rama literally
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with our dry dollars. and it tell you about toward allah or sh. altura was sure joel yan de 12 on they made johan jo drew to his closet with ours, j. b a would have to be in your route and as a should each of that, that whole. what else does that household banning along that however, 20 talking charge out diebold drop on a lot of legal boards. their whole all we'll put you on hold until fancied the comment you should when will each. so if i'm talking to you didn't you? you 100 o'connor said the out offer as we heard shirley's and i'll had, shirley has low trump homie latasha. now hold what you can handle anywhere you mansion. i to judge whom tournament called yodi a camel. your position. why? la jumped into attack. see that her boyfriend chased her down and pulled her out.
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she only escaped when a couple passing by stepping to help. lisa tolten knew that he knew her. them how you had love hunger when you put down for her to which isn't it of tools was the did hope i took, however, that comment angel, our job bower sold on a long pony been should now bring with her to our generation. this is what told hold our had on will turn would the she and she should sorta cash logical job. job title did a woman lach a vocal. oh shoot, a brown? will she john and door? oh jenny tallman, fennel good on that jesus alicia body huddled co, british body puddled away. she had her era who should had you though? patasha go with age. sheila johnson to st. joseph jensen, communication of who would you the jamal are and you to do him the pin
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a go daniel white hope whittier ha ha ha ichi you the shadowy. she'll bump over there. hark. went down to haut how you fellows had shot you orchard about arab your y shannon out. are you that with ideas advantages should chung weigh total interested all what's with an i vision one hour and down up you will going to sort city asleep on the overhead. vandella power, we see a lot with obviously them isn't. we answered your her power, which we sat down to the she doesn't with only a wish. it all with her dad. you them you are one with danny sherwood, the main men out as well. ah, john, ah, well, what was it in the wire? you johnny cigarette on jerry centered. it's a wish it would empty or point you to go to one you wish somebody had her o mail mail marquee chris schwartz from the law,
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but he had her. sure that he got caught on how young his snail at huntsell will he shouldn't. he slashes on such stories of domestic abuse have had an impact all over china. they've even resonated with perpetrators themselves. after 4 years of abuse grew ways why filed for divorce. it came as a shock to him and he feared he might lose his son too on his or her canada. or was that i was i'm entry too much at him. bonnie: she turned off. we are trying to shadow on her so do jasmine, bullied as a negative logic. be jamika this all to how you got entire hamburger guitar. that's all fine. got you up here. john. gore. fine job. what you so this whole search under and go from border is here to god me. muted jackson touching far, no garcia, you bought a box off of the young. she story was featured in this documentary and seeing her
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plight changed to ways, mind country. and on this year to garnish the johnson as or what your would you from? i saw that interested us audio juggler. we were one year, so dreaded on support under edition with jobs. so when is the her jaw far? far, sharon, you eager questionnaire? what would you put a lot in your why not anymore than it? when i see here, you were to go. she knew to his body. i jotted are you shared to a tray, a patient with that? michelle, she knew nozzler foreseeable were flu law. her, when you want to go bullied psychologist t m been works with a china white ribbon volunteer network. the organization which helped screw way turn over a new leaf by so there you and ala here at settle nursing there, here around lay a cheer. soutware agenda for new party. that sounds good. handle. we are a fortune, bobby turtle. totally don't tell you. and of course
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you wishing that we're we're short one and lung gall duncan gordon machine. sir george hammer short on the gyla. shirley. take the lead out nitrate twitching seem to have kingdom. sure fit for it. i was seal under g r b a c h was a lost shirt. the weather scene newly that on was as you there? yes. yes. off allergic. i've been saint john. now you're only the door why griffin has tried different approaches to educate men on how to respect women, including a men's virtue class at all, unless i have punches on that they'll find that she'll holler. thanks so much. i over thing i said if english and he in okay the machine in so a comma issue there, but i will tell fund ticker funding that shuttle or should i just go massena? hi. sure. chic uh, facing city full way vanishing the sink. it kinda issue to say how many
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days admins, as you use a, how can i say one more chinese rapidly? i now stage name lee grew up in a family plagued by domestic violence as a child. he frequently witnessed his father, brutally beating up his mother in his soul, released in 2019 he recounted his painful childhood memories. how good, how's yours? a sions ard in the water once on. plant india, 100 ohms. you know, ha, always, there's a shy you sort of a changing to long hind rounds. here is young obama, james honda by year this a hotel. i was a thought on the she says about the answering it's all on say on there for writers it seems on by year basis. josh ward senior is who does he know and off
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to the dual mallerson on trans also meetings out. so latino holler, you rollins, giovanni's, you all on time. alma joshua jones was, you know, need on genie do will while i saw how humans arms will dina sanitize an a to i'm for holly. why you some so, so her and i so legal such i like many others who grow up with domestic violence. liang now is insecure when making friends or starting relationship or canal u. s. also whole as all she weighs on from what i age. all yours, your teens. hung was a, with a knit on body belongs all. so it was a way of an untrue how, what humble ways will cost you way seed on guanasha always includes the water, the a single man shine. now liang our hopes to use his skills as an
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entertainer to showing light on the repercussions of domestic violence through his song. good way is now divorced, but he keeps in touch with his ex wife. they live in the same area and take turns carrying for the 9 year old son. pundits little not what you can call her at your time. hello. i was law papasan had a moment from morgan to her pony mama will about who did you know, concerns that he kind of know no one link. i told him a whole new boss law to go and you shot human montalvan, or you can buy much award in what you were were shown to cost us a just when you book a walk out, you had to go just a formal again, that seems hard bulk auto body touching it to hide. so we'll w, show what the body diagram shingler does. she does somewhat off watching with
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a footing. she said on the other, what he is from time you just a you easier to go poly the trenton number, watch him. that said you send us the odds. are you segan? i she even not her in the talk with beware. so i tell her to log on to dental. quit quibble who you should awkward alicia to honda to go validation, which is a was a gina washington that uses washer alone. so she apologized that he tried to knock . so what had been that jessica planetary is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the reality of the climate emergency witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the frontline planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so
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unaffected in fighting climate change full blinds, investigate horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the u. s. l, just they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera stories that need to be toll. find a way these are my babies, my students, witness. showcase is inspiring documentary. change the world on al jazeera, we town the untold stories. ah, we speak when others don't. ah,
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we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. a fear or my i am power impartial. we tell your story. we are your voice. your news, your network al jazeera ah ah, the battleground of bay route, 6 killed and dozens injured. his wible factions open fire in the lebanese capital. the country president says those responsible will be called and held accountable. ah
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matheson, this is all, does it alive from doha also coming up, who do kenyatta becomes the 1st african leader to meet joe biden. at the.


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