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i mark, not those song possible to you. ah, but as his city changes, he's moving with and going on the roads. the stories you don't often hear told by the people who live the master barber of berlin. this is europe anal to 0. lou lou. the bay root battle ground 6 hill been dozens injured as rival factions, open fire in the lebanese capital. the countries president insists those responsible will be caught and held accountable. ah,
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hello barbara sarah, this is al jazeera life from london. also coming up, please say a deadly bow and arrow attack in norway appears to be an act of terror. who kenyatta becomes the 1st african leader to meet joe biden at the white house as the us pledges of 17000000 vaccine doses for the continent and barley is back here. but where are all the tourists? indonesia is most popular island reopened after 18 months. ah, the route is reeling from its worst day of st violence in more than a decade. violence which left 6 people dead and dozens injured. protest her as were targeted by snipers, positioned, and buildings with many of the dead shot through the head. crowds were making their way to a demonstration organized by his bhalla against the lead judge investigating last
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year's port explosion before the chaos broke out, or gunfire echoed through the lebanese capital for several hours. then a hodder begins or coverage from the route sniper fire, gun fight. rockets fired in the city. a battle across the dividing line that dates back to the civil war that ended in 1990. 2 long time enemies current, part of a root into a battle ground. bullets bounce from buildings as people ran for cover. and children evacuated from school. we need the children to low levels and then we waited until the parents came to take their children. the children were going to panic and fear they cried and screamed a large army deployment failed to control the situation. supporters of muslim she political groups and his beloved were hunkered down and she s neighborhood. on the
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other side of the street where the support of the christian lebanese forces party, their work casualties. many of them civilians hit by straight bullets, some while hiding in their homes. the clashes are now in their 3rd hour. it is one of the most serious thoughts of violence. in recent years. the tensions were over a judge leading an investigation until last year. explosion at the report has belong. i'm a say. the confrontations began when the lebanese sniper ambush protestors making their way to the justice palace where they demanded the removal of judge todd at the thought. they blamed the lebanese forces for the attack, a charge the group denied. the real threat lies in the use of weapons and those who have targeted peaceful demonstrators. there were peaceful demonstrations everywhere during the past 2 years. but we have not seen such an attack against them. the dangerous escalation followed political pensions over the investigation which has
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already paralyzed. the government has milan, are threatening to pull their ministers, which means an entire sect would be absent in violation of the country, sectarian power sharing agreement. the opposition is accusing hello and all of stating a coo and using arms to impose their ever since his beloved arms. no longer had any function except fighting wars in syria or assuming agenda. and now imposing on the new state. what the justice is allowed to do and not to do what the judge can decide or can't decide. and they're drawing red lines around ministers who are caught up and accused. and they're saying they are above the law. the guns eventually fell silent, but it's further divided and already polarized society, there appears to be an undeclared truth,
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but the crisis is not over. demands for the judges dismissal. have not gone away. those against him say he has politicized those who support him, and that includes the families of victims. so he is among the rare judges who aren't politically affiliated in a country where there is a culture of impunity. and those in power act about the law. more than 200 people were killed in the last that destroyed neighborhood. what happened today was a show of force by has bella and its allies, essentially giving the lebanese public false choice, either stability, ah, without justice or of justice, but no stability. this is just the latest in a series of attempts by has by law and the ruling elite to undermine obstruct and blocks the domestic investigation into the lap. the balance of power is not in judge the taurus favor, but he did try to take on the powerful,
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which is almost unheard of in lebanon history. it pushed the country to the brink and brought back scenes from a turbulent pass that may have been a warning of what might come santa claire el shahita. lebanon's president michel owen, has condemned the violence and said that those behind the attack will be brought to justice. the army remains deployed on the streets and 9 people have been arrested. well, sir, i learn new york so that the we will never allow anyone to hijack the country of what has happened to day will be followed on both levels of the judiciary and security and investigations will reach the reality and the tooth and the effects among those perpetrators will be taken to the court, the investigation of the boot port blast will continue, because it's a commitment towards the lebanese people and towards the international community law based on the independence of the judiciary. your arm and i does elio, him. d as co founder of the international and transitional justice resource center
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. and he's based in beirut. he says, the situation there remains fragile, and factional powers could be pushing the country towards a civil conflict. this is cathy l. we're really at brink of a civil war again, unfortunately, and this is due to a power play between practically has the law and the liberties judicially. if i may say, for people who are activists level who have been calling for the defendant of judiciary 4 or 4 years for decades. if i may say, it's the 1st time that we see signs of tedious judicial process that is actually asking for high ranking officers and higher ranking politicians to come to be investigated with. and this is something that is really giving some hope for the parents of the victims and the people who are killed in this massacre. now i would
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not allow myself to go into whether the judge is doing that, i think, or no, because none of us knows what's actually in the judicial proceeding and investigation itself. and again, this is the investigative judge. it's still a very long process. if now we're not even accepting to be in the, to be interrogated by the judicially procedures. what are we waiting until we have a trial and a proper fair trial for the people and the proper accountability for those who committed the crime? i think we are, we are very, very far from that. and unfortunately, as well as taking that in the wrong direction and to politicize ation and into accusing the judge off leaving bias process altogether. ah, nor ways intelligence agency says a bow and arrow attack that left high people dead appears to have been an act of terrorism to others were injured in the worst violence of the country. in
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a decade. it happened in the town of comes back, which is southwest of the capital laws. vote a 37 year old danish man has been arrested. lexi o'brien reports an arrow, pierce's a wall in southeastern norway. part of what police say as several crime scenes, after a man armed with a bow and arrow roamed through the small town of cones berg about 80 kilometers from the capital oslo. over 30 minutes, he picked out targets, killing 4 women, and a man age between 50 and 70. 2 others were injured including an off duty police officer . the attack and its aftermath overshadowed noise, new prime ministers 1st day in office. jonas gas dura called it a cruel and brutal act, or a dogwood loom in the 1st doctor did my 1st thoughts ready go to cons bag and those affected their, those who have lost their lives were injured. and was shocked by this horrible incident that has hit this beautiful town. i am
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a messenger police of arrested and charged a 37 year old danish man named and local media as espen. anderson broughton. the muslim convert earlier posted a warning on twitter intelligence agency say the attack appears to have been terrorism of u. haul g. lucky can pop from one earlier had been worries of the man having been radicalized, which the police have followed up. but as previously stated, no reports from 2021. there from 2020 or earlier here. police in the scandinavian country and normally armed, but officers nationwide have been temporarily ordered to carry firearms. no way suffered its worst pace, time their shooting and july 2011. when a far right attacker and as private killed 77 people, many of them teenagers at a summer holiday camp. now flags flying at half mast and cones berg and the
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attack is being felt across all of norway. alex o'brien al jazeera you as president joe biden says, his country will donate millions of vaccines to the african union. he made the announcement while hosting canyon president, who can yeah to the white house can. yes, is the 1st african leader to visit since joe biden took office along with the pandemic. the 2 leaders also discussed climate change and security in the horn of africa. we're continuing our, our shared quite again to cope with united states and donated 2800000 doses of vaccine to kenya as part of a 50000000 doses. we've donated after the union. and i'm proud to announce that today that we're making an additional historic one time donation is $74000000.00 dose of j. j vaccine. the a you and we're going to be standards more the by the end of the year.
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michaela is in washington d. c. and explains what the 2 leaders are hoping to gain for can yet as visit. well, the usaa seeking reassurances that kenya will play a role in sorting out the problem. and if you're up here with this fighting between government and te, grey rebel forces, certainly can, you've got a very important role to play in that. in addition to the u. s. wanting to make clear that it is engaged in affairs on the continent you've heard present invite, and they're referring to yet another tranche of vaccines being denatured to kenya and to the african union as a whole. but there is a very big elephant in the room too. and that is the pandora papers. now, just a few days ago who wrote kenyatta was one of the more than 30 lead as named, who had extensive offshore accounts more than $30000000.00. it is reported,
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had transferred by him and members of his family. now, president biden is certain to have brought up this particular issue with him. a spokesman for the white house saying that among the issues to be discussed is financial transparency. both on an international and on a domestic basis. president kenyata himself is denied any wrong doing in this particular event, but certainly that is going to be part of the conversation, always being part of the conversation between president biden and his canyon counterpart. still to come here and al jazeera, 5 years after an italian student's body was found in a ditch. a murder trial begins, but the judge immediately suspense, and thousands of georgians. the send on the capital to demand the release of their former president imprisoned over allegations of abuse. ah,
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it has been damaging the stormy recently around sydney. this whole circulation is huge when you think of the size of this continent and the storms which are going off should have been out there worse probably in new south wales with the circulation hasn't gone away. there's more rain to come for a good part of new south wales. and victoria, in contrast, in western australia is really quite warm purse up to 32 by friday. that won't last but briefly that. so that was that should be, this is maybe just vicious spring weather the low moves away. melbourne. see the sun come out. i missed a few showers at 16 degrees and sydney's settled down to $23.00 by the end of saturday. now the remains of tropical storm compulsory is already over north vietnam. that is its track. it came from the eastern side of the philippines, never made typhoon strength, but has produced an awful lot of rain from hong kong all the way westwards. and
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this is it disappearing. during friday the rain, he's like to be at his heaviest, briefly in northern viet nam, that i saw at the end of it actually this mass. he has little tropical depression which i think might wind itself up into being something significant. baton to get to saturday. this part, central vietnam will see to 300 millimeters again ah, in the world's most populous nation, one in every fi women's self is domestic wrong. while one east investigates china's battleground at hon. one out 0. did you know you can watch out to see were english streaming live on like youtube channel plus thousands of all programs award winning documentaries and in depth news reports. subscribe to youtube dot com forward slash al jazeera english.
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ah . ah, a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, they root has been rocked by its worst day of street violence in more than a decade, leaving 6 people dead and dozens injured protest her as were targeted by on identify snipers positions in buildings, norway's intelligence agency says a bow and arrow attack that left 5 people bed appears to have been an act of terrorism to others were injured in the worst violence in the country. and a decade and u. s. president joe biden says his country will donate millions of vaccines to the african union. he made the announcement while hosting canyon president to huddle kinyata the 1st african leader to visit the white house since joe biden,
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to office of the trial of 4 members of egypt. security forces for the kidnap and murder of an italian academic, has been halted by a judge in rome. julia to jenny's body was found in a ditch outside cairo in 2016. an autopsy showed that he had been tortured. the for security agents were due to be tried in absentia, but the trial was suspended when the judge found that it was unclear whether they actually knew about the charges against them. adam rainy was outside that court in rural. a judge here in room rule to suspend the trial of for addiction security officers here and there on trial in the torture and murder case of julia for jenny and italian researcher whose body was found in a ditch in cairo in 2016. the judge seem to follow the reasoning, defense attorneys, who said there was no way to continue with these proceedings because these 4
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suspects have not been officially informed of the trial. that despite the fact that prosecutors and attorneys for the virginia family said they've made several attempts to inform these men, they say those attempts have been blocked by the church and government. this case has been followed closely in italy where there's a lot of pressure for authorities and for politicians to show that they're standing up for human rights around the world and human rights of their own citizens. right now the case is effectively on hold. it's not clear what steps there, jenny, family, or prosecutors have at this time because if it cannot inform these men, this court is made clear that the case cannot continue. george's opposition is held the rally in the capital, the police to protest against the imprisonment of former president make our 2nd really, george's government says he entered the country illegally from exile. suckers, really no face is 6 years in prison. robin forest walker report from people
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they came to the capital from the cross, georgia for a jailed president who continued to command their respect. they gathered in the capitals freedom square. mon behalf, 2nd liberty, his team read his letter penned from jail. i want to check bob star, that's what the so i am here, i am certainly determined to stay and thus contribute to the defeat of the regime to my contribution to the fight of the georgia people against poverty, corruption, injustice, destruction always suckers. vitti was swiftly arrested after he secretly returned to georgia last month, found guilty in absentia of abuses of power in office. he faces 6 years in prison. he's been on hunger strike for 2 weeks. to his supporters, he's
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a political prisoner of george's governing party and they remember him for what he achieved in office. i sent us back into the country. misha's time made an unprecedented economic and social leap in 10 years. this is what people remember. the opposition united national movement has been boyd bites, are casualties returned from exile. they hope this rally will give them the medicine in forthcoming marrow elections. oh, they keep asking. what is your plan? how plan is only one and there will be no 2nd plan. it is victory, victory, nothing else. but the party still lags behind the government in poles. there are many georgians who would rather forget sacrifice really. but his supporters wants him to give him, even from prison, he retains a powerful influence over this country. rubbing 1st year,
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luca ouch is here to be turkish. foreign minister says the taliban must ensure that any african government is inclusive of all ethnic and religious groups. a high level taliban delegation is in turkey, as it continues a diplomatic push for support and recognition. after taking over afghanistan in august, a day earlier in talks in cath, out of the group, appealed to us in european officials to end afghanistan's isolation, the groupons, the west, the eas, financial restrictions, which it says are crippling. the country the you and envoy to yemen is warning that fighting in the city of mighty has taken an alarming turn. hundreds of people have been killed and many civilians are trapped as fighting intensified this week, who the rebels renewed and offensive against the saudi led coalition to regain control of the city last month. mighty biz, the internationally recognized governments last the stronghold in northern yemen.
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it as a rich oil, it has rich oil reserves than certain mental. the district and south america has persisted for almost a month, leaving thousands of people in a desperate situation. i repeat that the students in this council are serrato's, military escalation and motor muscle. the secretary general himself is following the developments and i'm a closely and i reiterate the webs cold and all parties to facilitate save time and sustain sherman, a turn access to the affected barriers. the jury, as army says, it is killed, the leader of ice falls, west african affiliate album was up. but now we, he rose to prominence after splitting with book a home in 2016 and fighting a bloody ideological feud with the group. committed. risk has more now from nigeria
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to, for defense of confound categorically that a boom was up, but now we have been killed. but he did not elaborate as to whether it was military as strike or military operations are killed. the ice will bleed out or bookworm lead out with allied to some extent in west africa, province. all it's because of the ongoing functional fighting between the main group, the main book water group and i swap affiliate of book now was up. but now we son of the book, what i've found out how many use of actual name you have the use of. but when his father was killed, he wasn't old enough to take over command. so at that time, the group wanted a radical leader, which they found in will become sick, who as a result of the fractional fighting, was killed by islip members, just some months ago. now, i looked up, operations have been going on in the some diesel for us and in the late charge region of recent and one source, one former bull qualified to confront. i'll just on a recent trip to the north of the country that there was intercoastal differences
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in fact the iceland in nigeria here a sort the help of military organization. so i'm quite just from libby at the hub killed bulwark of chicago. and since then, there's been a fighting going on between the 2 cams. as a result, many fighters have been killed in the process. the belgian government is being sued over the separation of biracial children from their african mothers during its colonial rule. and what is now that democrats republic of congo, 5 women are demanding reparation. they say the policy that separated thousands of children amounted to abduction and abuse, the mixed race children known as mattie swear. born to belgian father's in congo, leaves mothers. they were placed under state guardianship and orphanages, usually run by the catholic church. the belgian prime minister, apologize, 3 years ago for the states will look to in the case of those women, they actually want to show that they are more than hurt start before the problem
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was also that we were considered children of the state. it was not the mother who exercised power, it was the state that was allowed to exercise paula. and in that sense, they were free to do as they pleased. the indonesian island of bali as well coming back tourists after and 18 months. i hate hate us. so long as the tourists are vaccinated and also complete, 5 days of hotel quarantine travellers from 19 different countries are to be permitted. but no international flights are actually scheduled after months of economic hardship. many say that they're eager to welcome back tourists as jessica washington now reports on the island of bali, be scooter beach. one of the denisia, the most popular tourist attraction for months, some families famed beaches were closed due to the panoramic. now many say they are feeling optimistic,
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the worst is over. i hope tourists will come back just like before, i'm getting my surf board ready. shortly after the pandemic began, indonesia shouted forwarded to tourists. the restrictions had a devastating effect on barley's economy. as hotels and restaurants closed thousands of people faced financial hardship before the pandemic. there were around $3.00 to $5.00 people each day who wanted to learn how to search for now, there is no one a few months ago, indonesia was the global epi center of the virus with thousands of people dying every day. but after months of tragedy, infections have declined, and a vaccine drive has been accelerated. on the 1st day of its reopening, no flights arrived at the international terminal. official say it may take weeks or months before the industry properly restarts. november 2nd, i put in november according to our data. there are booking some china,
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south korea and japan. hopefully the bookings will keep going up. some local business owners are hopeful, they will be able to revive their businesses as restrictions are further east. take less heavy, like if the regulations were simpler and more tourists would come, we bowling knees, we walk in tourism, just one body to be normal again as soon as possible. like many in the industry, she fears a compulsory 5 day hotel quarantine may put off visitors. the partial reopening of indonesia borders is just the 1st step in rejuvenating the country's tourism industry. and experts say they are confident, industry will begin to recover incoming sama confident the appeal of barley remains unchanged. this is the emit demetia of bali. i think that's why i am optimistic. that value will rebound. we'll do 5 again. more than 6000000 travelers visited barley in 2019 and those in the tourism industry are hoping day,
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and others will soon return. jessica washington out a sierra jakarta. the world health organization has named 26 experts who will revive the stalled investigation into the pandemic. the group will look into the origins of the virus that emerged in china in late 2019. the diseases sits is since killed nearly 5000000 people dead as a human endeavor to understand a virus that has stopped our whole world. and i would ask every one countries, jernace and everybody else to create a little space for that discussion to happen. because this is probably right now, this is our best chance. and it may be our last chance to understand the origins of this. whereas in a collegiate collective, a mutually responsible way,
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at least 46 people have been killed in a fire in southern taiwan. dozens of others were injured in the blaze which broke out in a 13 story building early on. thursday. authorities are investigating whether the fire in cow shone was started deliberately. japan's new prime minister has dissolved the lower house of parliament to make way for elections at the end of the month. ah me, okie, she does says he is seeking a mandate from the public for his policies and took over from yoshida. so got 10 days ago. the last that lower house selection was held in 2017 and under the then prime minister shins ave. the u. s. government has unveiled plans to develop major wind farms along the country's coasts. the white house hopes to build that 7 huge farms stretching from the atlantic and the mexican gulf to the pacific ocean. the government says the farms would cut $78000000.00 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
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and the painting by the british st artist, bank c, which became famous for shredding itself, has sold for a record amount in london. and silly legacy delivered for new world record the bank. see lovers integrated, salty, a lovers in the been sold for $21900000.00. when it went under the hammer at sotheby's auction house, the piece was previously titled girl with a balloon and it sold for just $1300000.00 in 2018 before immediately self destructing in a paper shredder or as these winning bitter spin vastly over the guide price of about $8000000.00. ah, now reminder of the top stories on al jazeera,
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at least 6 people have been killed and many others injured in the worst street violence seen in the lebanese capital for more than a decade.


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