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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2021 12:30am-1:00am AST

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she is permanent, her dreams and everything she's worked hard for on hold for now. and possibly over for good. stephanie decker, al jazeera couple notes more is still to come in this hour. including tropical storm compasses, leaves a trail of destruction along china's southern coast. canceling flights and forcing thousands to flee and valley is back. but where are all the tourists? indonesia is most popular island reopens after 18 including a good the volcano eruption in la paloma, which almost destroyed a local football club. that's all coming up and sort of to the break. ah
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no, for most of the plane, if you're the weather is fairly settled. and finally there's a distinct differences. and the most obvious one is this one here is area of low pressure, which is really the sub navy arctic, had to go towards the gin, but it covers the whole of grease and throat friday and probably half of saturday. the warnings will still be in place for heavy rain, which turns in disturb of a 1000 meters. it's been locally cold, storm ballast. this is the 2nd in about a week to hit crease. the temperature drop is about 7 degrees in some places more because the air tucking in here is cold enough and it's brought snow actually in its formation as far north as southern poland. hailstorm, the locked in the hail showers, but is all confined to greece is moving slowly east during saturday, allowing the balkans to see improvement. and if i walk this way, the improvements already there hasn't really changed doesn't borne sunny for most of spain and portugal. the incoming winter hasn't really made it snows,
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confined to norway, and olden sweden, but this is cold air, briefly dr. the temperatures down in northern europe to about, for example, 11 in stalker. but london at 15 will see things warm up to 161718 by the end of the weekend. before the next system of rain comes in. ah, compelling journalism, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued by the explosion inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about why living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your role in deliverance? i made that al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. when the news break, a 1000 people that about it,
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when people need to be high with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, they're choosing those sites because their civilian target al jazeera, has teens on the ground and say their numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before the 3000 feet vision because of iraq security did when you were award winning documentaries and lives. lou ah, a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, norway's intelligence agency says, a bow and arrow attack that left 5 people that appears to have been an act of
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terrorism to others were injured. and the worse the violence of the country in a decade, he was president joe biden says his country will donate millions of vaccines to the african union who made the announcement while hosting the canyon president, who can yetta at the white house. and they root has been robbed by it's worse, they of street violence in more than a decade, leaving 6 people there and dozens injured protests or is were targeted by and identified snipers position in feeling sick. a closer look now at where it all happened in beirut, while she a protest, hers were headed to the cities, palace of justice, calling for the removal of the judge, leading the port last investigation. the army says crowds came under fire at t unit traffic circle. chaos broke out with rockets and intense gunfire for more than 4 hours. it all happened right on the site of a decades old, sick terry and fault line,
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the so called green line separated muslim and christian factions during lebanon's, 15 years of civil war which ended in 1990. but the visions there are still deeply entrenched on the west is itchy. yeah. predominantly home to shia muslims under his ball law. and the amount of political groups and on the east is the, i know, i'll remind they're a long time stronghold of the christian lebanese forces political movement. and on thursday, the army was once again between them, trying to bring the violence under control. more on that top story, now let's speak 2 feet as mac, sad as senior fellow, the middle east institute. he joins the slides now from washington, d. c. so thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. i mean, we were just looking at that map and there are so many echoes from what happened today to the civil war, which ended in 990. what risk did you think there is that that the violence, willis, barbara,
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thank you for having me in for this excellent question. while there's certainly terry and undertones for what took place today on the streets of bay with their always is when it comes to lebanon. it is a problem, a political impact that lead on is facing his beloved does not want to see the current judicial investigation into the huge barrier black that killed over $200.00 people about a year and a half. but they do not want to see that a judicial process move forward. because some of those who are accused, some of those who are being investigated are as close allies, friend judge and the protest to the streets today when they were unable to unseat the judge. and of course, because the protesters were going for primarily christian neighborhood, they quickly devolved into violent clashes. the problem with lebanon is for his
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bullet. his bala is bumping up against the, the constraints of the area and political system in lebanon. it is today the dominant party in lebanon, but increasingly we're seeing violence are up not only with christians as we thought to day, but also earlier in the year in to new areas. commuted simply do not want to be beholden to his bala and it's around your bumper and we're having some break up with the picture. but let's just persevere. i'd like to speak to you particularly about the visit of the u. s. and the secretary of state victoria newland, who happened to be in a lebanon today in the u. s. is going to give $67000000.00 to lebanon's army. she also spoke about, basically the us working with the world bank and humanitarian relief agencies to try to help the awful economic situation in lebanon. what do you make of any potential any further, or hasn't there been enough,
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or any kind of external influence from countries, perhaps like the us, because i know that they're trying to pull out of the middle east, but, you know, a failed lebanon is in no one's interest yes, i think just by mister newland, president in lebanon today, the us role under the budget administration will not have the appetite to be embroiled in further conflict in the middle east. in fact, if anything, when it comes to lebanon, the administration is prioritizing stability. and this prioritizing stability over any kind of pushback or attempt to push back against his paula and iran. and so yes, the administration will proceed with providing aid to live in the station to sions, even humanitarian and even economic assistance. should there be about the minimal reforms that are requested by the i m s, and the world back to the government succeed in implementing that? what we're seeing today is very interesting because it, at
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a time or 11 is essentially being left to its own devices. in the iranian orbit, the west and the arab golf allies are disengaging from lebanon. his ballinger on are now bumping up against 11, and they're you dominating to outright controlling the lebanese space. we are seeing friction and we are being by on play on the street for us. mike said we're gonna have to leave it there. unfortunately, we are having some technical glitches, but thank you so much for being with us. feed us next ad senior fellow at the middle east institute speaking to us from washington, d. c. thank you. ok the you and voice to yemen is warning that fighting in the city of mighty has taken an alarming turn. hundreds of people have been killed and many civilians are trapped as fighting intensified this week. who the rebels renewed and offensive against the saudi led coalition to
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regain control of the city last month. mighty b then is the internationally recognized governments last stronghold in northern yemen. it has rich oil reserves, then sacramento, the district and south america has persisted for almost a month, leaving thousands of keep it in a desperate situation. the repeated mistake in this council, military escalation and not a muscle. the secretary general himself is following the developments and the closely and i reiterate to you when it's cold and all parties to facilitate, save timely and sustain humanitarian access to the affected areas. japan full prime minister has dissolved the lower house of parliament to make way for elections at the end of the month. ah, me as you see this says he is seeking a mandate from the public for his policy. took over from you she, he,
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the death 10 days ago. last lower how selection was held in 2017, under the then prime minister sheet. so of it at least 46 people have been killed in a fire in solver southern taiwan. dozens of others were injured in the blades which broke out in the 13th story building early on. thursday. authorities are investigating whether the fire in cow sue was started deliberately, the building house, small shops and apartment. a tropical storm compassed, who has left a trail of destruction on the chinese island province of hay. nun, it's the strongest storm to hid southern china this year, causing flooding and damage to buildings. several people were killed when the storm ripped through the philippines. this week, vietnam is now alert public pride reports coming to the end of a long traffic compared to slammed into the southern chinese island of high 9. the
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strongest tropical storm this year to make landfall in china. it led to canceled flights trains and fairies services with thousands of vessels taking shelter. as elsewhere along china, southern coast government offices and schools were closed and businesses disruptive, already. so from another storm, just days earlier, that has been extensive flooding with thousands of people forced to evacuate homes in the business hub of hong kong. the stock exchange was forced to close with life only returning to normal on thursday campus who brought the city to dance sale for well over a day, passing over the open south china sea. it maintains drink, affecting a long stretch of china. the southern coast still began its destruction in the philippines, causing extensive flooding and land slides in the northern island of luzon, where authorities are still calculating the final death toll in passing northern
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viet nam, before finally dissipating in the highlands of laos compassed, who has brought nearly a week of damage to a large sway the se, asia now relieved to see it gone. robert bride al jazeera hong kong. the world health organization has named 26 experts who will revive the stalled investigation into the pandemic. the group will look into the origins of the virus that emerged in china in late 2019. the disease has since killed nearly 5000000 people. that is a human endeavor to understand a virus that has stopped our whole world. and i would ask every one countries, jernace and everybody else to create a little space for that discussion to happen. because this is probably right now, this is our best chance. and it may be our last chance to understand the origins of this wires in a collegiate collective,
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a mutually responsible way. the indian is an island of bali, is welcoming back tourists after an 18 month faith, so long as they are vaccinated, and also complete 5 days of hotel warranty, or travelers from 19 different countries are to be permitted. but no international flights are scheduled. jessica washington reports on the island of bali. this is kuta beach. one of indonesia is most popular tourist attractions. for months, some of families famed beaches were closed due to the pandemic. now many say they are feeling optimistic. the worst is over. i hope tourists will come back just like before, i'm getting my surf boards ready. shortly after the pandemic began, indonesia shouted orders to tourists. the restrictions had a devastating effect on barley's economy. as hotels and restaurants closed
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thousands of people faced financial hardship. before the pandemic, there were around $3.00 to $5.00 people each day who wanted to learn how to search for now, there is no one a few months ago, indonesia was the global epi center of the virus with thousands of people dying every day. but after months of tragedy, infections have declined, and a vaccine drive has been accelerated. on the 1st day of its reopening, no flights arrived at the international terminal. official say it may take weeks or months before the industry properly re starts november 2nd, i see. in november, according to our data, there are booking some china, south korea and japan. hopefully the bookings will keep going up. some local business owners are hopeful, they will be able to revise their businesses as restrictions are further east. please let heavy like if the regulations were simpler and more tourists would come rebel in use, we work in tourism just one body to be normal again as soon as possible. like many
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in the industry, she fears a compulsory 5 day hotel quarantine may put off visitors. the partial reopening of indonesia borders is just the 1st step in rejuvenating the country's tourism industry. and experts say they are confident, industry will begin to recover incoming sama confident the appeal of barley remains unchanged. this is the in the medical valley, at the debt. why i am optimistic that by the real rebound will be 5 again. more than 6000000 travellers visited barley in 2019 and those in the tourism industry are hoping bay and others will soon return. jessica washington out a sierra jakarta girls in nigeria from poorer and more conservative communities are being taught robotics and the hope that they can build careers in software
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engineering. without the skills organizers say, most of them will end up in early marriages. i made research reports that from the ancient city of connell, ah, 15 year old khadija, ripe. you comes here to learn how to build robots. she has big dreams that one day she'll design and build more complex machines that helps save lives and protect the environment. khadija is from a conservative society in northern nigeria and i age many girls. he a condition to think of starting a family. but there's piling in genius as that can wait in a 2nd. i want to be an engineer to build as many different devices as i can, and particularly interested in solar power devices. hello student fatima zachary says she is drawn to renewable energy and wants to excel in the feel. she's already help build some prototypes, has in any way i came,
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you to learn. and i had been taught a lot about how windmills work and how to replace their various components. all the girls here are from poor families who can't afford private tuition. and the skills they learn aren't available in government drug schools. what y'all, why she may enter the conference at the cobra community development initiative and non governmental organization is empowering them with life changing skills. they need to realize their dreams. the objective here is to create an opportunity whereby we're able to meet brought into the future and teach these young women principals that around fires technology months, how they afford in practice with interaction teaching, basic programming skills, learning who fun activities, community leader, humbert nasa. what runs one of the training centers, he says the idea is helping to end all traditions that hold back girls from
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attaining their full potential. the 1st change you see is the psychological change. when they came in, there were drooping, their heads were down. but after a few weeks do also to hold in their heads up high with pride. and that also affects the whole community as well because the ones are, shall be. the ones are robotics are the only skills the students get to learn. in this comp, classroom model 70 goes learned computing with support from the microsoft corporation train is whole, was kim's, these girls get here will help them gain financial independence. in this part of northern nigeria most goes, i expected to get by there trying to update, but many get divorce before the even settlement. that's when organizers believe their training would be useful, but
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a lack of resources are threatening to drain the program. there's always that challenge of funding funding, i'm funding is a major, major challenge because we also have to quit pottery and as an equip our teachers with as much information on as much training as possible with many drying of prost, beautiful idea to help disadvantage teenagers may soon feed into oblivion, along with the hopes of many goals, who dream of changing their society and the world. i'm a decrease al jazeera couple nigeria still ahead in this news. our in sports. we're going to hear from the n b a star, following his suspension for not wanting to get vaccinated against coven 19. ah
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ah ah ah ah
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ah. and now jim is here with the sport from doha. thank you. barbara basket will start, carry irving has defended his decision to refuse the cave in 19 vaccine saying it was best for him. the brooklyn that's god, won't be allowed to play or train with his team because rules in new york require professional athletes have had at least one jap. he'll lose about half of his $35000000.00 salary by missing the home games. the speaking to more than a 100000 fans on social media. having said that money wasn't everything, i'm going was best for me. i know the consequences here, you know, and if it means that i'm jose and demonized for us is what it is. that's the role i play and the financial consequences of i know i do not want to even do that. come
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on. now i love this game like love the game, but sometimes you really gotta make choices that ultimately can affect that. and it's unfortunate, but that's where we're in 2021. the gnats, general manager, shown marks decided on tuesday to leave irving out of the team and said he's received at least one days of the vaccine with the next season opening game. just 6 days away. the decisions got the backing of that coach, steve mash, we discussed all the possibilities and all the things that are going on. you know, i support the decision and things change. we'd love to have carry back car. he believes in his beliefs. he stands firm strong on and for us, we respect it. you know, we all love car. but as far as us, we have a job to do the nfl that i focus, raiders have been trying to put their own dramas behind them. that's after their
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head coach, john graham resigned over a series of offensive e mails grid and stepped down earlier in the week following the reports of messages which included misogynistic, racist, and hybrid, homophobic content, the raider's staff and players, and say that working through their feelings about his departure have a lot of motions, angry sick, you know, so mad, frustrated all those things. empathy or whatever, you know, no one has a on, there is a book on how to handle all this, you know, or, or actually there is, but i don't think, i don't think that there is a, a way for a quarterback to stand up here and answer these type of questions is what i should say. cycling now in the women's at total france next year will offer more prize money than at some of the most prestigious men's events of the same duration. with around $219000.00 up for grabs over the course of the 8 day race. the women's taurus making its return in 2022, having not been how'd since 1989. it stops in paris on july 24th the same day. the
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men's race finishes that everyone was 1st bronson. so everyone was me to fight for the new jersey, but also for every do the same for every day on food gas. and i didn't give them a good i really love to see that cycling these developing and finally the defense for them. and i think when i, when i finish next year, i'm going, i'm taking a camper and follow the there was a warning sight for local football team on spain's lap, hama island, red hot lava flayed from the crazy. have. okay, no clothing fires and that pitch trees,
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as you can see here with lightning by and smoke filtering out as well. almost $7000.00 people have now been forced out of the homes because of the option which is destroyed. a thousands of buildings. international chess federation has received a global praise for creating a world wide torment for prisoners $43.00 themes of men, women, and juveniles from $31.00 countries took part in the online event as part of the chest for freedom program which was launched earlier this year. the initiative uses chess as a tool for education, helping inmates, develop new life skills for people that you know in the lifestyle of illegal activity. i believe that if you learn how to play correctly, you could just play with the play around with much learn the correct way. just like what you learned the correct way. you low down and make the right by the pacing and analyze and know every area. understand if i make this move,
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this is going to have to make this move. this is all happening and understanding what do you think that just help with that and the what is the event where a team from georgia that's always bought gemma, thank you. now finally, a painting by the british st artist, bang c, which became famous for shredding itself has so for a record amount in london. as silly latest set of it for new world. reco debank see loveseat been salty, lovers in the been so for $21900000.00. when it went on to the hammer at sotheby's auction house, the piece was previously titled girl with a balloon and it sold for just $1300000.00 in 2018 before immediately. self destructing in a paper shredder ending up being worth a lot more. that is it for this news, our stay with us left for news for you in just a few minutes. ah
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ah and a inequality corruption, repression and rate, i just decided to cut to the piece of cake. i'm sure i want to be a new documentary explores the desk for the state of democracy in lebanon, lou through the eyes of those who are losing home every day. oh james, i'm becoming blue. democracy maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera to
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know where the fires are and where they are going. greeks look to the skies in a worrying sign. helicopters have been getting closer to major towns and cities. this one is just a rough, didn't become much bigger than if you can see by the train tracks the fires, climbing up the hill just behind us on the ground. this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back, the inevitability of mother nature's fury. is dangerous and exhausting work. i would rather give whatever with the hope is the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment, the fuel is everything in sight. in germany's capital, there is a barber like no other. according to the home phone, i locked those truck routes with as his city changes, he's moving with and going on the roads. the stories we don't
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often hear told by the people who live the master barber of berlin. this is europe on al jazeera. ah, the bay root battle ground 6 cuban dozens injured as rival factions. open fire in the lebanese capital. the countries president insisted that those responsible will be caught and held accountable. ah.


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