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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2021 12:00am-12:31am AST

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we see, take on us politics and society and that's the bottom line. ah, al jazeera with all this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live from london. thanks for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes. the bay ruth battle ground 6 cuban dozens injured as rival fractions. open fire in
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the lebanese capital. ah, it is one of the most serious about so violent in recent years. the country president, he insists that those responsible will be called and held accountable. police say a deadly bow and arrow attack in norway appears to be an act of terror. and 5 years after an italian student body was found in a ditch, a murder trial begins, but the judge immediately suspends it. and i'm javin ash with the sport, including come on now i love this game like love the game boys. sometimes you really got to make choices and be a star carving defense as decision to refuse the coven 19 vaccine. ah!
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the route is reeling from its worse day of street violence in more than a decade. violence which left 6 people dead, and dozens injured. protesters were targeted by snipers, positioned in buildings with many of the dead shot through the head. crowds were making their way to a demonstration organized by his bhalla against the lead judge investigating last year's port explosion. before the chaos broke out, st. battles ensued with gunfire and ambulance sirens echoing through the lebanese capital for several hours as the city tried to come to terms with yet another disaster. then a hodder begins. our coverage from the root sniper fire, gun fight. rockets fired in the city. a battle across the
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dividing line that dates back to the civil war that ended in 1990. 2 long time enemies current, part of a root into a battle ground. bullets bounce from buildings as people ran for cover. and children evacuated from school. we need the children to low levels and then we waited until the parents came to take their children. the children were going to panic and fear they cried and screamed a large army deployment failed to control the situation. supporters of muslim she political groups and has the law were hunkered down and she asked the neighborhood on the other side of the street where the supporters of the christian lebanese forces party, there were casualties. many of them civilians hit by straight bullets. some was hiding in their homes. the clashes are now in their 3rd hour. it is one of the most serious about the violence. in recent years. the tensions were over. a judge
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leading an investigation into last 2 years. explosion at the report has belong. i'll say the confrontations began when the lebanese sniper ambush protestors making their way to the justice palace where they demanded the removal of judge todd. because they blamed the lebanese forces for the attack, a charge. the group denied. the real threat lies in the use of weapons and those who have targeted peaceful demonstrators. there were peaceful demonstrations everywhere during the past 2 years. but we have not seen such an attack against them. the dangerous escalation followed political pensions over the investigation which has already paralyzed. the government has fallen, are threatening to pull their ministers, which means an entire sect would be absent in violation of the countries secretary and power sharing agreement. the opposition, hello and of stating a cool and using arms to impose there were ever since his beloved arms,
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no longer had any function except fighting wars in syria or assuming agenda. and now imposing on the new state. what the justice is allowed to do and not to do what a judge can decide or can decide. and they're drawing red lines around ministers who are caught up and accused. and they're saying they are above the law. the guns eventually fell silent, but it further divided and already polarized society, there appears to be an undeclared truth, but the crisis is not over. demands for the judges dismissal, have not gone away. those against him say he has politicized those who support him, and that includes the families of victims. so he is among the rare judges who aren't politically affiliated in a country where there is a culture of impunity. and those in power act a lot more than $200.00 people were killed in the last that destroyed labor. what
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happened today was a show, a force by has bella and its allies, essentially giving the lebanese public false choice, either stability, ah, without justice or justice, but no stability. this is just the latest in a series of attempts by has by law and the ruling elites to undermine obstruct and blocks the domestic investigation into the bay lap. the balance of power is not in charge the tar favor, but he did try to take on the powerful, which is almost unheard of in lebanon history. it pushed the country to the brink and brought back scenes from a turbulent past. that may have been a warning of what might come santa hood or else rosita lebanon's, president michel owen, has condemned the violence and says those behind the attack will be brought to justice. the army remains deployed on the street and 9 people have been arrested.
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whereas her, i learn new rules so that the we will never allow anyone to hijack the country of what has happened to day will be followed on both levels of the judiciary and security and investigations were reach the reality and the truth and the facts among those perpetrators will be taken to the court, the investigation of the boot port blast will continue because it's a commitment towards the lebanese people and towards the international community law based on the independence of the judiciary. your arm and either let speak now to eliot, hindi, co founder of the international and transitional justice resource center. he joins us live now from bay root via skype. sir, thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera, we've just been listening to the reporter of, of sort of the events of today. and obviously, protests against judge tied a kid be tied, i guess where the spark, but more widely. what would you say the factors are that led to the worst day of
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street violence in 10 years? i think in place for an situation of high tension as we are seeing in level on currently any miscalculation any confrontation could lead to a tragedy like the one we've seen today. indeed, very, very sad day today that reminded so many of us of the civil war with the pictures of children hiding under their school tables. and this is, this is a catastrophe. we are really at the brink of a civil war again, unfortunately, and this is due to power play between practically has the law and the liberties judicially. if i may say and away. and where do you think the events that they leave has ball actually in that power play? unfortunately, again, we're talking about because of all of that in 2006 had its pictures and slogs all
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over the world from, from oracle to the gulf, to everywhere. now was fighting in the streets of a root, this terrifying children and is going into the details of, of having a minister here or the position there. and most importantly is defending the people who are under investigation in the biggest explosion in the history of 11 on that led to the catastrophe over the bedroom. last and more than 200 people and thousands injured. and we saw pictures of that explosion is in a whole does report to me. it's it, you know, it was august 2020 and it still seems it's so incredible that something's a horrific. it happened in beirut 1st, which there still hasn't been accountability. where do you leave that investigation? now, what do you think the future is for the investigation? any hope of justice? and also specifically for judge patrick, bitter well for, for people who are activists in level who have been calling for the independence of judiciary 4 or 4 years for decades. if i may say,
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it's the 1st time that we see signs of tedious judicial process. that is actually asking for high ranking officers and higher ranking well additions to come to be investigated with. and this is something that is really giving some hope for the parents of the victims and the people who are killed in this massacre. now i would not allow myself to go into whether the judge is doing that, i think, or no, because none of us knows what's actually in the judicial proceeding and investigation itself. and again, this is the investigative judge. it's still a very long process. if now we're not even accepting to be in the, to be interrogated by the judicially procedures. what are we waiting until we have a trial and a proper fair trial for the people and the proper accountability for those who committed the crime? i think we are, we are very, very far from that. and unfortunately, as well as taking that in the wrong direction and to politicize ation and into
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accusing the judge off leaving bias process altogether. and you've mentioned that the specter of the civil war, the last 15 years ended in 990. and a lot of commentators, a lot of people from lebanon, have mentioned or shared a similar sentiment. i mean, looking at the development, not just of today, but the terrible economic crisis that lebanon is in right now. could this escalade, what do you predict for the next, the days and weeks? again it's, it's not a prediction. it's unfortunate the very, very fragile situation where any tension in any situation can lead to a big conflict. definitely we can foresee social instability definitely we can see people a higher rate of suicide. the higher rate of people entering into conflict offer metro station over even milk for food, or even basic things as city as. but today, what we saw is
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a much different scale. it's again the groups fighting against each other and it's a thing that actually may lead to a bigger crash. let's hope that it was contain. i do believe as a political scientist, that it's not in anyone's interest to escalate the fighting. but again, in such a very fragile situation, anything can, can go out of hand at any time, even individual conflict could go out of hand, let alone what we saw today. and forgive me just one final question. perhaps a bit more personal. i mean that you were speaking to us from the root. do you feel more scared in the city right now? well, definitely today, the offices of our organization is the incentive field. so it's almost that kilometer away from all what's happening, what was happening. and we definitely had to close down the office and make sure the employees go safely home. we definitely had the feeling of, you know, calling and getting reassured about relatives and friends who live in the area. and
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everybody was in this situation of, of fear in the sense yes, definitely. those of us who lived the war are very well aware of the danger of slipping back into war. and thus we are fighting with all whatever we can. and we are trying as much as we can to avoid a potential military conflict of any kind. so it's, it's a personal matter. it's a personal fight. it's also a national fight. it's a peace building fight. it's something that should be avoided at any price, unfortunately. and hopefully, each one of us is doing whatever he can, but the people who can initiate the conflict, let's hope that they would be aware of the, of the catastrophe that a certain conflict would bring to them to the families of their constituency and to the country in general, elio, him the co founder of the international land transitional justice resource center.
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sir, thank you so much for speaking to us for making a time on what has been obviously a very difficult day. thank you. now coming up on this news now we're from london. who can yeah, 3rd becomes the 1st african leader to meet joe biden. at the white house, the u. s. pledges 17000000 vaccine doses for the confident, challenging the norm in a remote nigerian village teenage girls put marriage aside at the study. robotics and computer science. and then sports will tell you how the game of chess is helping prisoners from around the world. ah. but 1st, and let's go to norway where the intelligence agency says a bow and arrow attack that left 5 people dead, appears to have been an act of terrorism to others were injured in the worst
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violence in the country. and a decade it happened in the town of cons bag, which is southwest of the capitol, oslo. a 37 year old danish man has now been arrested. alexia bryan reports an arrow. pierce's a wall in southeastern norway. part of what police say as several crime scenes, after a man armed with a bow and arrow roamed through the small town of cones berg about 80 kilometers from the capital oslo. over 30 minutes he picked out targets, killing 4 women, and a man aged between $50.72 others were injured, including an off duty police officer. the attack and its aftermath overshadowed, norway's new prime ministers 1st day in office. jonas gas, good. i called it a cruel and brutal act, or a dogwood loom in the 1st doctor did my 1st thoughts ready go to cons bag and those affected their, those who have lost their lives were injured and was shocked by this horrible incident that has hit this beautiful town i am
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a messenger police of arrested and charged a 37 year old danish man named and local media as espen. anderson broughton. the muslim convert earlier, posted a warning on twitter intelligence agency. se the attack appears to have been terrorism with your hall university compartment. that earlier had been worries of the man having been radicalized, which the police have followed up. but as previously stated, no reports from 2021. there from 2020 or earlier. here. police in the scandinavian country and normally armed, but officers nationwide have been temporarily ordered to carry firearms, no way suffered its worst peacetime mer shooting and july 2011. when a far right attacker and as private killed 77 people, many of them teenagers at a summer holiday camp. now flags flying at half mast and cones berg and the
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attack is being felt across all of norway. alix o'brien al jazeera u. s. president joe biden says his country will donate millions vaccines to the african union. he made the announcement while hosting kenyan president, to whom kinyata at the white house is the 1st african leader to visit since joe biden took office along with the pandemic. the 2 leaders also discuss climate change and security in the horn of africa, commissioner, are, are shared for it against coven united states, and donated 2800000 doses of vaccine to kenya as part of a 50000000 doses. we've donated africa union and i'm proud to announce that today that we're making an additional historic one time donation is $74000000.00 doses of j j vaccine. the a you and we're going to be centered some more the by the end of the year. well,
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michaela joins us live now from washington. d. c. after that meeting or tell us a little bit about what is in each leader is interested in this meeting. well, the usaa seeking reassurances that kenya will play a role in sorting out the problem. and if you're up here with this fighting between government and te, grey rebel forces, certainly can, you've got a very important role to play in that. in addition to the u. s. wanting to make clear that it is engaged in affairs on the continent. you heard president bite and they're referring to yet another tranche of vaccines being denied to, to kenya and to the african union as a whole. but there is a very big elephant in the room to and that is the pandora papers. now, just a few days ago, who can you tell was one of the more than 30 lead as named,
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who had extensive offshore accounts more than $30000000.00. it is reported transferred by him and members of his family. now, president biden is certain to have brought up this particular issue with him. a spokesman for the white house saying that among the issues to be discussed is financial transparency. both on an international and on a domestic basis president can yet to himself is denied any wrong doing in this particular event. but certainly that is going to be part of the conversation always being part of the conversation between president biden and his canyon counterpart. my cana with the latest from washington, d. c. my. thank you. the belgian government is being sued over the separation of biracial children from their african mothers during its colonial rule. and what is now the democratic republic of congo? 5 women are demanding reparations. they say that policy that separated thousands of children, amounted to abduction and abuse. the mixed race children known as the met,
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is where born to belgian father is, and convalesce mothers that were placed under state guardianship and orphanages usually run by the catholic church. the belgian prime minister, apologize the 2 years ago for the states role like to in the case of those women, they actually want to show that they are more than hurt stubs whole to the problem was also that we will consider the children of the state. it was not the mother who exercised power, it was the state that was allowed to exercise paula. and in that sense, they were free to do as they pleased. the trial of 4 members of egypt, security forces for the kidnap and murder of an italian academic, has been halted by a judge in rome. julio ridge and his body was found in a ditch outside cairo in 2016 and autopsy showed that he'd been tortured. the for security agents were due to be tried in abstention, but the trial was suspended when rome judge found it wasn't clear whether they
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actually knew about the charges against them. adam rainy was outside that caution room. a judge here in room room to suspend the trial for adoption security officers here. and they are on trial in the torture and murder case of julia for jenny and italian researcher, whose body was found in a ditch in cairo in 2016. the judge seem to follow the reasoning, defense attorneys, who said there was no way to continue with these proceedings because these 4 suspects have not been officially informed of the trial. that's despite the fact that prosecutors and attorneys for the virginia family said they've made several attempts to inform these men. they say those attempts have been blocked by the church and government. this case has been followed closely in italy where there's a lot of pressure for authorities and for politicians to show that they're standing up for human rights around the world and human rights of their own citizens. right now the case is effectively on hold. it's not clear what steps there. jenny,
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family, or prosecutors have at this time because if it cannot inform these men, this court is made clear that the case cannot continue. george's opposition has held the rally and the capital tip leasing to protest against the imprisonment of former president make our 2nd village. georgia government says he entered the country illegally from exile package really now face is 6 years in prison. robin forest here, walker reports from completion. they came to the capital from across georgia for a jailed president who continues to command their respect. they gathered in the capitals freedom square, demand, me house, circus, readings and liberty. his team read his letter penned from jail. ah, well, don't you said bob snuggled worthily i am here. i am firmly determined this day and
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that contribute to the defeat of the regime to my contribution to the fight of the georgian people against poverty, corruption, injustice, destruction of his suckers really was swiftly arrested. after he secretly returned to georgia last month, found guilty in absentia of abuses of power in office. he faces 6 years in prison. he's been on hunger strike for 2 weeks. to his supporters, he's a political prisoner of george's governing party. they remember him for what he achieved in office. i sent us back into the country. misha's time made an unprecedented economic and social leap in 10 years. this is what people remember. the opposition united national movement has been. boyd bite suckers release returned from exile. they hope this rally will give them the medicine in
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forthcoming marrow elections. oh, we keep asking, what is your plan? our plan is only one and there will be no 2nd plan. it is victory, victory, nothing else. but the party still lags behind the government in poles. there are many georgians who would rather forget sacrifice really coffee, but his supporters want him forgiven. even from prison, he retains a powerful influence over this country. robin 1st fear walker al jazeera a high level taliban delegation is in turkey, is it continues a diplomatic push for support. and crucially, recognition after taking over afghanistan in august, they've met the turkish foreign minister in ankara. they earlier and talks in kathy of the group appealed to us and european officials, the end of canisters oscillation, the group on the west,
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to east financial restrictions, which it says are crippling the country. and we advised to tell about administration once again that they should be inclusive for the unity of the country. we told them the importance of including all ethnic and religious groups and the administration of the country. we've underlined one thing and do not see this as a request from the west, but an expectation from the islamic world as well. we told them the importance of allowing girls to go to school and giving women the right to work. wrestle said that has been monitoring those talks from the stumble. one of the other sensitive issue for turkey is the matter of the immigration. you know, the turkey is receiving poles is not african refugees. and turkey has already is, is hosting more than 4500000 refugees in the country and definitely is very much sensitive. when it come to another wave of the ravages, he says that we have asked taliban to be more cooperative in terms of preventing a new way of the refugees. and also they asked taliban to assure the right of
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return for many africans wants to get back to their countries commonly affordable. so was at the table at the meeting and he says that we have asked taliban to to, to give the assurance of the civilian for life and to restart the civilian flights from the cobbler airport, which is the last gateway or for afghan is down to the rest of the world, but that he has been especially asked whether turkey is going to recognize taliban or not. he says that definitely the international community must have a certain level of engagement with taliban that will be for the benefit of afghanistan. but it is not the recognition so tricky is in an engagement with taliban that that, that. but that is not the recognition so far. the taliban takeover is likely to have a major impact on martial arts in afghanistan, men and women take part in different disciplines. but under the new government, natural change, there is little hope that men's matches will be televised or that they'll be able
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to compete broad as for the women sh, their participation looks finished. and stephanie decker reports now from couple zacky wants to keep a low profile. these days, referring to train at home, he was due to attend to mixed martial arts or emma may match in russia before the taliban took over. now it's no longer possible. i mean these 2 months i've been through hard thought griffith fro tom. i mean, i couldn't even sleep. i'm thing this is not going to happen again, like broadcasting from p b because it's all under the glory control of this group of taliban. i'm and this is, this needs to be asparsa thought. isn't as possibly as no, as far as sponsor to abuse no and vis. he's one of afghanistan's most famous emma may fighters recognized on the street and with matches televised across the nation . but there are no matches now. oh. and it's
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a different audience. tooth zacky battles with himself to stay calm. he tells us it's the uncertainty that's hardest on his mind. his coach tells us that he's lost around 80 percent of his students, mostly due to the very few having money to spare these days. and with no latches, the few who can afford to train have little motivation. men's gyms remain open, but they are empty. people are wary, were told. ha ha. i mean this 20 years have been like her. like fixing the story, i can say you like her. a guy like on realistic thing like i woke up to zane yesterday was balaban after 20 years like they came in to the console and all i have been dreaming for but you know, boy on the ground for marcia, a member of the national c multi quando team her dreams of making the 2024 olympics
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appear to have ended over night. she had a male coach. something to taliban forbids. and womens gyms have all been told to close. a thought, but i have a bad feeling. i have no hope that this situation all, that specter would changed. most movements with stretching were legs and that's why the difficult them to allow girls to do ty, quanto. marcia was born after the taliban was forced from power 20 years ago. her generation has grown up more globally connected or educated. more independent of this sudden change in rules is difficult for them to grasp. my token of most of my friends have cut their hair off, that's the psychological impact from the outside. we look fine, but on the inside it's all sadness. as her answer is being translated to me. i ask her if she still has hope. oh me. hope she asks.
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oh hm. im on order thing right now. all of us are hopeless. she tells us bank as well i, but i believe in one thing we had zone, your boy, no cruelty is permanent. her dreams and everything she's worked hard for are on hold for now. and possibly over for good. stephanie decker, al jazeera cobble not was still to come in this war, including tropical storm compasses, leaves a trail of destruction along china as a southern coast canceling flights and forcing thousands and fall. lee is back. but where are all. busy the tourists, indonesia is most popular island reopened after 18 including the volcano eruption in la panama, which almost destroyed a local football club for coming up in order to break.


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