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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm AST

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well, meeting in the oval office with one african leader, he needs to up his game, you know, and his administration is to engage much further. i mean, i know that linda thomas greenfield, the u. s. u when ambassador has done a lot of engagement with african leaders. but i think that, you know, the secretary of state blake in the national security advisor, james sullivan, the president himself and the vice president, obama harris need to engage african leaders. they're extremely important. and then make up a serious part of the un system with so many votes. and you cannot build consensus on ending these competence in africa unless you're engaging african leaders. jenny fraser, thank you very much. thank you very much. exactly. 830 gmc still to come here on the news for your tropical storm. accomplish soup passes over an island province in southern china, leaving a trail of damage. and we'll talk about the northern ireland board to challenge high level talks in london to discuss proposals from the you and the u. k. to
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resolve the protocol is here and in sport will hear from the n v a star who is suspended for refusing to get vaccinated against cubic maintaining. ah ah. above average temperature, it's still hollow. i've had one. let me show you what we're talking about across the middle east. so back that and q wait, you're almost a good 10 degrees above where you should be. so i put the colors on the dark or the color, the higher the temperature. and i also wanted to show this when coming down from iraq, a light shamal on friday, but watch i press play on saturday. we can see it pick up as well. so for northern areas of the gulf, q weights, yes sir. temperatures are above average, but you'll see wind gusts of about 40 kilometers per hour on saturday. but the
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bright sunshine continues in the days to come. temperatures also above average for pakistan, karachi getting up to 38 degrees, but otherwise not much to talk about full on sunshine. here. storms are ploughing into the western portion of turkey through greece hopping over the g and c's of south of mirror. pretty good batch of what weather there. and we do have read weather alerts in play across greece for these severe storms through central africa . look at this, i will call the central african republic as we head toward western areas of the democratic republic of congo. some pretty good storms flaring up here. further towards the south in cape town, temperatures have dropped off in that cooler air will eventually make it toward johannesburg in the days to come, a big drop for your temper. that's it for me. ah, the inequality, corruption, repression and rage. politically,
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it just decided to cut to the piece of cake. i'm sure it won't be a new documentary explorer, but desperate the state of democracy and lebanon ah, through the eyes of those who are losing hope, every day of dreams are becoming blue. democracy maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results. great. are and walk indonesia whose firms for me. we moved full to grow and frank, we balanced for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when denise is growth and progress, invest indonesia. now, lou
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ah, recapping your top stores for you so far here on the news, our cautious com has returned to bay rudolph to hours of violence that left at least 6 people dead and many more injures on identified snipers on top of building shot to kill while gunman fought the army in the streets. it's the worst street violence there in years. troops moved in after gunfire broke out a protest against the judge leading the port glastonbury. this is paula and its allies of accused the judge terry bitter of political bias in his prob, without providing any evidence. president michelle over has just the destination. the last couple of hours condemned the violence. he said the government would never
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let any one hijack the country. and he promised the investigation would continue attentions over that inquiry into the port blast a year passed in august. now i've been mounting for several days on monday. has bowlers, leader hassan us, rolla publicly denounced judge tarik better saying he was biased and was targeting sheer officials but our remained on phase on tuesday. he assumed an arrest warrant for the former minister of finance was a member of the sheer amal party. it was a move that infuriated has bhalla and its main sheer ally. shortly afterwards to amal officials filed another legal challenge, calling for the judge to be removed. the conflict spilled into the council of ministers meeting on wednesday, which had to be suspended after an amal party minister, lost his temper, slammed the table and shouted at president michel own, has bala and our mal called for protests against the judge. the next morning. ramey curry is director of global engagement at the american university of beirut. he
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says, it's good. the lebanese president issued a strong message against the violence, but the country's issues are deeply entrenched and will be extremely difficult to fix. his comments are significant, they armies actions are significant. these are things that love these people like they want to have a decisive but fair government. but they can't unilaterally make decisions. they have to basically negotiate among the different sex area groups. and this is the weakness of the system that it's a perpetual bizarre, of political power and incumbency and influence. but the system has collapsed. it's failed completely. the 7080 percent of the little denise are poor. there's no, virtually no electricity. it's, it's unbelievable the degradation that has happened in lebanon to the governance system, to the society,
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and this interest structure and to the psyche and well being of the average citizen . it's almost unprecedented. there's very few countries in the world that are suffered this while the people responsible say in power. that's why i thought it, because it's such a historic significant figure, the judge for him to pursue this investigation with the vigor that he has as really unusual. and when the president says we're going to catch the people and hold them accountable again, you have to kind of listen to that carefully because you had a special tribunal for lebanon that was set up by the un, hundreds of millions of dollars, years of investigations. they finally convicted 4 people, some of them length has butler and, and these people were never found has below, would never allow their people to be arrested or convicted like this. the un envoy to yemen is wanting, fighting in the city of marie has taken an alarming turn. well, the 100 people have been killed and hundreds of civilians are trapped as fighting
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intensify this week. the rebels expanded and offensive again, saudi bank. government forces last month, or even the internationally recognized governments law stronghold in northern yemen . it does have rich oil reserves, then sacramento, the district and south america, has persisted for almost a month, leaving thousands of people in a desperate situation. i repeat them if they've been in this council military escalation and not, not stop. the secretary general himself is following the development and the closely. and i reiterate to you when it's cold and all parties to facilitate, save timely and sustain humanitarian access to the affected areas. nigeria is army, says kill the leader of isolate west african affiliates. abu massage out by norway, he rose to prominence after splitting from booker room in 2016 address,
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has worn out from a boucher nigeria for the defense of. confound categorically that a boom was up, but now we have been killed. but he did not elaborate as to whether it was military ass, tyco military operations are killed. the ice will bleed out a book of lead out who is allied to these non state in west africa, province. all it's because of the ongoing functional fighting between the main group, the main book, one group, and i swap affiliate of book. now i've almost up, but now we've son of the book found out how many use of the actual name you have use of. but when his father was killed, he wasn't old enough to take over command. so at that time the group wanted a radical leader, which they found in, well, because chicago, who as a result of the fractional fighting, was killed by iceland members just some months ago. now, i looked up, operations have been going on in the some diesel for us and in the late charge region of recent and one false one, formal quote, applied to confront algae 0 in
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a recent trip to the north of the country. that there was a cosign of differences. in fact, the ice was in nigeria here, assault the help of military organizations, or i'm fighters from libya, the hub killed, bulwark, chicago. and since then, there's been a fighting going on between the 2 camps. as a result, many fighters have been killed in the process. now the indonesian island of bali is welcoming tourist back after 18 months, so long as they are vaccinated and they also complete 5 days of hotel quarantine. travelers from 19 different countries are to be permitted entry. after months of economic hardship, many on body are eager to welcome back visitors this jessica washington now reports on the island of sally. this is cooter beach, one of the denisia, the most popular tourist attractions. per month. some families famed beaches were closed due to the pandemic. now many say they are feeling optimistic,
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the worst is over. i hope tourists will come back, just like before. i'm getting my surf boards ready. shortly after the pandemic began, indonesia shouted orders to tourists. the restrictions had a devastating effect on barley's economy. as hotels and restaurants closed thousands of people faced financial hardship. before the pandemic, there were around $3.00 to $5.00 people each day who wanted to learn how to search for now, there's no one. a few months ago, indonesia was the global api center of the virus with thousands of people dying every day. but after months of tragedy, infections have declined, and a vaccine drive has been accelerated. on the 1st day of its reopening, no flights arrived at the international terminal. official say it may take weeks or months before the industry properly restarts. november 2nd, i see. in november,
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according to our data, there are booking some china, south korea and japan. hopefully the bookings will keep going up. some local business owners are hopeful, they will be able to revive their businesses as restrictions are further east lake la have like the regulations where simpler and more tourists would come me bowling these we walk in tourism of just one body to be normal again, as soon as possible. like many in the industry, she fears a compulsory 5 day hotel quarantine may put off visitors. the partial reopening of indonesia borders is just the 1st step in rejuvenating the country's tourism industry. and experts say they are confident. industry will begin to recover incoming sama confident the appeal of bali remains unchanged. this is the emit demetia of bali. i think that's why i am optimistic that by the real rebound will re 5 again. more than 6000000 travelers visited barley in
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2019 and those in the tourism industry are hoping day and others will soon return. jessica washington out a sierra jakarta. tropical storm composite, who has left a trail of destruction on the chinese island province of hay. non heavy rains and strong winds brought down trees and power lines across southern china is robin bright. coming to the end of its long track compasses slammed into the southern chinese island of high 9, the strongest tropical storm this year to make land for the china. it led to canceled flights trains and fairy services with thousands of vessels taking shelter . as elsewhere along china, southern coast government offices and schools were closed and businesses disruptive already. so from another storm, just days earlier, that has been extensive flooding with thousands of people forced to evacuate homes
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in the business hub of hong kong. the stock exchange was forced to close with life only returning to normal on thursday campus who brought the city to a standstill. full well over a day. passing over the open south china sea. it maintain that drink, affecting a long stretch of china. the southern coast stool began its destruction in the philippines, causing extensive flooding and land slides in the northern island of luzon, where authorities are still calculating the final death. toll impacting northern viet nam before finally dissipating. in the highlands of laos compassed, who has brought nearly a week of damage to a large sway, the se, asia now relieved to see it gone. rob mcbride, al jazeera hong kong, george's opposition is holding a rally in the capital to blue. see, to protest against the imprisonment of the former president sat casually the government as he entered the country illegally from exile. he now faces 6 years in
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prison on allegations of abuse of power. while in office he's been on hunger strike for 14 days. robin for se walker reports now from the city of ro, starving. michael successfully considered by many to be george's most maverick and divisive politician is being held at restore the prison. he calls himself a political prisoner and has been on hunger strike since being detained. 2 weeks ago, early his lawyers say his health is deteriorating. he has a problem with a more ment he is more ring. ah, a little before i and this is of the situation is worsening. every day. it will be almost summer with bogus. some of it came back to me the earlier this month. i me seconds really reappeared in georgia after 8 years in exile. i'm calling on a georgians to take to the streets and reject the current government. his alleged
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to have taken a ferry from ukraine, hidden inside a truck carrying dairy products. eventually he was arrested for convictions in absentia of abuses of power in office. the government says sac ashville is hunger. strike is political theatre ahead of 2nd round marrow elections at the end of the month. i so suki that the circus and show that we've seen going on these last few days, of course, serves only one purpose. it's the task a prisoner sarkis philly to raise the temperature in some way. his party knows that in the 2nd round of elections, they'll lose everywhere, so they try to show the public their prisoner. soc. ashville is seriously ill, editor of garbled temper, loudoun seconds. really still enjoys the support of a significant minority of georgians. they remember him as a reformer and they fear those reforms of being undone by the present government
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and its ties to the country's richest oligarch. because sac asheville, he says he's prepared to die for his countrymen, but he's made a gamble that his countrymen want to see him freed rather than remain behind bars in prison. some analysts think circus phillies return was ill timed, so everybody knows these, there ah, out their power hungry. and i think that's also scare some water fluctuating to support him. and so far what we've seen, he doesn't have that much support to either to initiate new or some sort of upright or some of the revolution here. or. and also importantly, he doesn't, i have so much international support like to be used to him. george's western allies worry that suck. asheville his arrest is politically motivated to day, also warned him about returning home and destabilizing an already divided electorate
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. robin for astir walker al jazeera roost, evy i level e u delegations in london to discuss proposals to reform. the northern island protocol, frustration is growing on both sides, about how trade across the board should be controlled on tuesday, the u. k. is breaks it minister talks of tearing up the protocol that created checks on goods moving between the british isles and northern island. jona hall has more on what's been discussed from london. this is a piece of legislation governing trade between great britain and northern ireland. while northern ireland is allowed to remain part of the single market, the single market, that was a way of avoiding a hard border on the island of island in its place. a customs divide between great britain and northern ireland with the e. u levering, levying checks on goods flowing from the mainland to no, not well. the u. k. now says that deal is not working. the checks of being too onerous. the applied is creating havoc in the northern ireland economy and they no
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longer want to abide by will be overseen by the european court of justice in this protocol. well, the e you earlier in the week went further than most people expected putting together a proposal to drop. many of those checks up to 80 percent of the most contentious ones on food and negotiators in london in preliminary talks. now the expectation is there expectation is that the british side will reject the proposal. why will, because it doesn't deal with that much more political question of the european court of justice. ultimately this could go on for weeks. what he's at stake is the possibility that the u. k. side institute article 60 proceedings to suspend the protocol, the e u, then retaliate. ultimately we're talking about the possibility of a trade war between these 2 sides. the sports is next here on the al jazeera and use our including the volcano erupting and la paloma, which almost destroyed
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a local football club, details. when we come back, ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah, plenty of sport is jim. thank you, peter basketball star carry. irving has defended his decision to refuse the cave in 19 vaccine saying it's what's best for him. the brooklyn that's god. won't be allowed to play or train with his team because rules in new york required professional athletes to have had at least one job. he'll lose about half of his $35000000.00 salary by missing the home games. the speaking to more than
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a 100000 pounds on social media. having said that money, it wasn't everything i'm, i'm going was best for me. i know the consequences here, you know, and if it means that i'm just in demonized florida, this does is what it is as the role i play and the financial consequences the i know i do not want to even do that. come on, now i love this game like love the game, but sometimes you really gotta make choices that ultimately can affect that and in his unfortunate. but that's where we're in 2021. the nets, general manager, sean marks assigned it on tuesday to leave irving out of the team and said he's received at least one days of the vaccine with the nets, a season opening game just 6 days away. the decisions got the backing of that coach . steve nash, we discussed all the possibilities in all of the things that are going on in, you know, i support the decision and things change. we'd love to have carry back car. he
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believes in his beliefs when he stands firm shauna. and for us, we respect it, you know, we all love car. but as far as us, we have a job to do the nfl at las vegas, right? as i've been trying to put their own dramas behind them. that's after their head coach john greed and resigned over a series of offensive e mails grid and a step down earlier in the week following the reports of messages which included misogynistic, racist, and homophobic content. the writers, staff, and players say that working through their feelings about his departure have a lot of motions, angry sick, you know, so mad, frustrated all those things. empathy or whatever, you know, no one has a i'll, there is a book on how to handle all this. you know, i or i actually there is, but i don't think i don't think that there's a away for a quarterback to stand up here and answer these type of questions is what i should say. martial arts have flourished enough galveston over the past 20 years with both
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men and women taking part in different disciplines. but under the taliban government, men have little hope that matches will be televised or even be allowed to compete abroad. while for the women, that participation looks like it finished. the stephanie dec reports from cobble zacky wants to keep a low profile these days furring to train at home. he was due to attend to mixed martial arts or emma may match in russia before the taliban took over. now it's no longer possible. i mean this to mourn for i've been through hard thought griffith fro. tough. i mean, i couldn't even sleep. i'm thing, this is not going to happen again like broadcasting from pbc because it's all under the glory control of the, of this group of all the bonham and this is, this needs to be asparsa with useless possibly as no as far as sponsor to abuse. no and vis. he's one of afghanistan's most famous and the may fighters recognize on the street and with matches televised across the nation. but there are no matches
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now. oh wow. and it's a different audience. tooth zacky battles with himself to stay calm. he tells us it's the uncertainty that's hardest on his mind. his coach tells us that he's lost around 80 percent of his students, mostly due to the very few having money to spare these days. and with no latches, the few who can afford to train have little motivation. mens jim's remain open but they are empty. people are wary, were told. ha ha. i mean this 20 years have been like a like a fiction, a story. i can say you like her a photo. like i'm realistic. thing like i woke up to zane yesterday was balaban after 20 years like they came in to the control and all i have been dreaming for but you know, boy on the ground for marcia,
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a member of the national c multi quando team. her dreams of making the 2024 olympics appear to have ended over night. she had a male coach. something to taliban forbids. and womens jims have all been told to close a sofa, but i have the bad feeling. i have no hope that this situation all that spect of wood changed. most movements with stretching were legs and that's why the difficult them to allow girls to do like one to marcia was born after the taliban was forced from power 20 years ago. her generation has grown up more globally connected or educated. more independent of this sudden change in rules is difficult for them to grasp. my token of most of my friends have cut their hair off, that's a psychological impact from the outside. we look fine, but on the inside, that's all sadness. as her answer is being translated to me.
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i ask her if she still has hope. oh me. hope she asks. oh, how many ma normally go through right now? all of us are hopeless. she tells us bank as well, but i believe in one thing, it's own your boy. no cruelty is permanent. her dreams and everything she's worked hard for are on hold for now. and possibly over for good. stephanie decker, al jazeera cobble, and there was a wearing site for a local football team on spain's lap, hama island, red hot lava flyers from the cambrai v. have volcano causing fires, and near that pitch trees. as you can see how a satellite near by and smoke a bidding out everywhere, almost 7000 people have now been forced out of the homes because of the ocean, which has destroyed thousands of buildings. that is all your sport for me and i'll be back with more later. jammah. thank you very much. that's it from this news are
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from me peter toby and the late team here in doha. thanks for watching london is next. we will see you very soon. bye. bye ah ah. a compelling we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the explosion. inspire. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was life unequalled broadcasting. some nelson have been on august night, he was born happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals
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broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running in the country with an abundance of results for the trade bar and walk indonesia whose turns for me, we moved people to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. investment. let be part when denise is growth and progress, invest indonesia. now the world is warming, green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland. the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera in the world's most populous nation, one in every 4 women suffers domestic by one or one east investigates. china's
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battle ground at hon. one out 0 o. the bay route to battle ground 6 killed and dozens injured. as rival factions open fire in the lebanese capital, ah, it is one of the most theory.


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