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investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. ah ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news. i live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. gone battles and explosions in beirut following, protest against the judge investigating last year's port glossed at least 6 people are killed in an address to the nation. lebanon's president michelle own says those
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responsible for the violence will be held accountable. turkey calls on the taliban to form a more inclusive afghan government. as it's acting foreign minister holds talks in ankara. and protests in defense of georgia is imprisoned form a president who's facing a possible 6 year sentence and are given nasha with the sport, including come on. now i love this game like love the game, but sometimes you really gotta make choices and be a star. carry having defends his decision to refuse at the cave at 19 vaccine. ah, a cautious com has returned to lebanon's capital, beirut, falling the worst boat to violence in more than a decade. for more than 4 hours to day beirut was rocked gunfire and rocket
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propelled grenades. at least 6 people were killed. 0 hodder whose there begins are coverage. sniper fire, gunfights rockets fired in the city. battle across the dividing line. that dates back to the civil war that ended in 1990. 2 long time enemies turned part of a route into a battle ground. bullets bounce from buildings as people ran for cover. and children evacuated from school. we need the children to low levels and then we waited until the parents came to take their children. the children were going to panic and fear they cried and screamed a large army deployment failed to control the situation. supporters of muslim she political groups and his beloved were hunkered down and she asked the neighborhood on the other side of the street where the supporters of the christian lebanese
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forces party, there were casualties. many of them civilians hit by stray bullets, some while hiding in their homes. the clashes are now in their 3rd hour. it is one of the most serious about the violence. in recent years. the tensions were over a judge, leading an investigation into last 2 years. explosion at the report has belong. i'll say the confrontations began when the lebanese sniper ambush protesters making their way to the justice palace where they demanded the removal of judge todd at the thought they blamed 11 his forces for the attack, a charge, the group denied. the real threat lies in the use of weapons and those who have targeted peaceful demonstrators. there were peaceful demonstrations everywhere during the past 2 years. but we have not seen such an attack against them. the dangerous escalation followed political pensions over the investigation which has already paralyzed. the government has fallen,
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are threatening to pull their ministers, which means an entire sect would be absent in violation of the country, sectarian power sharing agreements. the opposition, the choosing has below and of stating a coo and using arms to impose their will. ever since his beloved arms no longer had any function except fighting wars and syria, or assuming agenda, and now imposing on the new state, what the justice is allowed to do and not to do what the judge can decide or can't decide. and they're drawing red lines around ministers who are caught up and accused, and they're saying they are above the law. the guns eventually fell silent, but it further divided and already polarized society, there appears to be an undeclared truth, but the crisis is not over. demands for the judges dismissal,
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have not gone away. those against him say he is politicized those who support him, and that includes the families of victims. so he is among the rare judges who aren't politically affiliated in a country where there is a culture of impunity and those in power act above the law. more than 200 people were killed in that blast that destroyed neighborhood. what happened today was a show, a force by has bella and its allies, essentially giving the lebanese public false choice, either stability, ah, without justice or justice, but no stability. this is just the latest in a series of attempts by has by law and the ruling elite to undermine obstruct and blocked the domestic investigation into the lap. the balance of power is not in judge betters favor, but he did try to take on the powerful, which is almost unheard of 11 on history. it pushed the country to the brink and
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brought back scenes from a turbulent pass that may have been a warning of what might come santa there elisha zita failed. well, the president michel owen, has addressed the nation to like condemning the violence. whereas i know you said that we will never allow anyone to hijack the council of what has happened to day will be followed on both levels of the judiciary and the security and the investigations were reach the reality and the truth. and the fact that those perpetrators will be taken to the court in the investigation of the bill to port blast will continue. because it's a commitment to whether the lebanese people and toys, the international community, to law based on the independence of the judicial euro. let's take a closer look at where this all happened. sheer protestors were heading for the cities. palace of justice, calling for the removal of the judge, leading the port blast investigation. the army said crowds came under fire at 2 unit traffic circle here. chaos broke out with rockets and intense gun fire for
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more than 4 hours. it all happened right on the sides of a decades old sectarian fault life. the so called green line separated muslim and christian factions during lebanon's 15 year civil war which ended in 1990. the divisions there are still deeply entrenched on the west, is chia predominantly home to sheer muslims. and the has bala and amal political groupings and on the east is i in al renee, a long time strong hold of be christian, lebanese forces political movement. and on thursday the army was once again between them, trying to bring the violence under control. well, what happened unfolded as a senior us diplomat, was there in beirut. the under secretary of state was meeting with officials and around $67000000.00 the lebanese military. but she said she was concerned about the worsting security situation in beirut. we stress that a clean,
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impartial, independent judiciary is the guarantor of all the rights and the values that we as democracies hold dear and share again, the lebanese people deserve no less and the victims and families of those lost in the port blast deserve no less. today's unacceptable violence makes clear what the stakes are. johnny's live under tablet, he is full near us official specialized in syria and the middle east of the state department and national security council. he's currently a fellow at the washington institute. he joins us from oil, city, pennsylvania, under tablo. welcome back to the news asa is, is significant here that what we're seeing in part a tiny fraction of what we're seeing is the people of beirut pushing back against has bhalla. yes, i think it is in the sense that the corp last wish devastated beirut.
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little over a year ago, united lebanese in there to test for corruption and also which crosses over with as follows rise. so it's increasing domination over lebanese society. so when hes paula and i'm on, protester demanded the renewal of the judge. it seems lebanese forces opened fire, which lead to a larger problem, and it is symbolic. it's along the green line, but it's something akin to the may, 2008. a conflict where we saw has gone to downtown this time. i think lebanese society is much more polarized and hezbollah have a harder time. is this judge in question now? in effect, i guess a marked man. he was not very well known until his name started circulating on all the front pages around the world to day. well
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a yes he is because he he requested better has bala m p or affiliated m p. it begin to answer questions in this inquiry of why there were so many explosives in the board amongst other questions. it's something that judges normally do. has bala did not want this to go forward clearly and with amal at their backs, i decided to push back the lebanese forces. then amongst others, i would suspect that i don't know it's unfolding decided they were going to push back. they weren't going to put up with that and this, that led to unfortunately, the deaths of some innocence in process. do you think this is a one off? very ugly, very destructive, isolated 4 and a half 5 hour incident. or could it be the introduction to a descent into more violence? that's hard to tell what we, what we do know is that the lebanese economy has been devastated. lebanese people
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are, have been impoverished as a result that the b port explosion was this sort of evil icing on the cake of an already deteriorating situation. and so now it is no surprise that we do have these kind of clashes and that they're in start carrying in nature. now start carrying clashes in love another, not unusual, they happen. no, i wouldn't say frequently, but they do happen. the problem is now that without major reforms in the webinar on, it, there isn't a hope of bringing the lebanese state back to a level where it could counteract groups like has. and that triggers a whole series of discussions, policy discussion in washington and elsewhere about the future and particularly about how to help eliminate people. and the main. busy debate course, in addition to port blast has been simply how to keep the lights on and on the electricity grid has given out. they can generate their own power. and
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a lot of diplomacy is in, in the works to try and move this into this lebanese crisis. for the better or more sustainable solution, we are just a few months away in theory, from an election in lebanon. if all the judiciary, all the judges in beirut, have to be politicized, or they are perceived as being politicized. does that come together with the events of today to change the optics of the run up to that election? i think it does. the judiciary has had some degree of independence. the problem though is, is that everyone in lebanon has an angle for the party or effect. it's the way lebanon it was set up, it was set up originally, not to function very well. so the problem is, is when the tensions rise, whether they're economic or political,
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people or more of each other's throats. the real problem that we have is very simply, the lebanese state is not functioning well. it's not functioning sometimes at all. and that is a turn for the worse, because after that you get into debates about state failure and all sorts of things which trigger, again, other discussions about who can provide assistance to lebanon under what circumstances and so on with, especially when you have a group like hezbollah, which in the united states, amongst other european countries and beyond, is regarded as a terrorist organization. under traveler, the oil city, pennsylvania, always good to get your thoughts on such a complicated story. under top of thank you so much and i found out is a retired lebanese general. he says the regional dynamics are different from those which created the conditions that lebanese civil war as well as the local player. though he is a hybrid,
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it is within the state and outside the state is within the state when it suits him . and he's outside the state when he's really performing a regional goal like additional role like in syria, like in yemen like in iraq. so it is totally different. however, we still have israel, that is really can benefit from the situation. let's say this sniper that everybody is talking about. i don't know, i have no idea so far. so when you have such kind of things, you'd like to call them, they can go inside and really make living on an in this price situation. usually lebanon is in this price to do the way sion that may lead to civil war. and then everybody, every time, everywhere during the summer on all the political use and when employees however, maybe has to assert himself as the main play of as the main the core
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to play it of the politic 11. and because what, what we've seen from has been we have seen, also organize on before. you know what any thoughts it is not. however, everybody is using drugs be thought as $1.00 to $5.00. yes. am going to think is what is the size in life, even in the united states of america and living on the judges are assigned by politicians and they bring their own people to this place. but this guy let him play because i think he followed certain areas. he said everybody that really received a letter in the letter about the, you know, and it throughout the ammonium will be asked for responsibility. you know what i mean. so why we don't like this a play goes on and goes on plenty more still to come for you here on the news r, including norway says an attack by a man using a bow and arrow that killed 5 people does appear to have been terrorism. for
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a year of lockdown and travel benz barley's beat, she's prepared to welcome back some foreign tourists menu stay. however, it is not enough. also had broken dreams. the african m m a fighter should say everything they've been fighting for has not been put on hold. that's coming up with joe in sport. ah. high level delegation from the taliban is in turkey as it continues a diplomatic push for support and recognition. they've met the turkish foreign minister in ankara. came a day after talks in cattle with a group of people to us and e. u. officials, to end afghan, astonish installation, the taliban ones, the west to east financial restrictions that it says a crippling the country. the group took over afghanistan in august. i was hello and we advised the taliban administration once again that they should be inclusive for
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the unity of the country. we told them the importance of including all ethnic and religious groups and the administration of the country. we've underlined one thing and do not see this as a request from the west, but an expectation from the islamic world as well. we told them the importance of allowing girls to go to school and giving women the right to work. russell said ours in istanbul, he has more on the main issues discussed in ankara. one of the other, a sensitive issue for turkey is the matter of the immigration. you know, the turkey is receive in houses of the afghani refugees and turkey has already is, is hosting more than 4500000 refugees in the country. and definitely is very much sassy when it come to another wave of the ravages. he says that we have asked taliban to be more cooperative in terms of preventing a new way of the refugees. and also the asked taliban to assure the right of return, for many afghans wants to get back to their country's company. affordable. so was at the table at the meeting and he says that we have asked taliban to to,
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to give the assurance of the civilian police and to restart the sneer flies from the cobbler airport, which is the last a gateway or for afghan is down to the rest of the world, but that he has been especially asked whether turkey is going to recognize taliban or not. he says that definitely the international community must have a certain level of the engagement with taliban that will be for the benefit of afghanistan. but it is not the recognition so tricky is in an engagement with taliban that had that, but that is not the recognition so far. no way intelligence agency says an attack by a man using a bow and arrow does appear to have been terrorism. 5 people were killed, and 2 were injured in the town of congress burg southwest of the capital all slope . a 37 year old danish suspect has now been arrested. is alexia bryan, an arrow pierce's a wall in southeastern norway. part of what police say as several crime scenes,
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after a man armed with a bow and arrow roamed through the small town of cones berg about 80 kilometers from the capital oslo. over 30 minutes, he picked out targets, killing 4 women, and a man aged between $50.72 others were injured, including an off duty police officer. the attack and its aftermath overshadowed noise, new prime ministers 1st day in office. jonas gas gura called it a cruel and brutal act, or a dogwood loom in the 1st doctor did my 1st thoughts ready go to cons bag and those affected their, those who have lost their lives were injured. and was shocked by this horrible incident that has hit this beautiful town. i am a messenger police of arrested and charged a 37 year old danish man named and local media as espen. anderson broughton. the muslim convert earlier posted a warning on twitter intelligence agency, se the attack appears to have been terrorism with u. haul g. lucky can pop one
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earlier had been worries of the man having been radicalized, which to police have followed up. but as previously stated, no reports from 2021. there from 2020 or earlier here. police in the scandinavian country and normally armed, but officers nationwide have been temporarily ordered to carry firearms. no way suffered its worst pace, time mer shooting and july 2011. when a far right attacker and as private killed 77 people, many of them teenagers at a summer holiday camp. now flags flying at half mast and cones berg and the attack is being felt across all of norway. alix o'brien al jazeera us president, jo biden's meeting the canyon president who kenyatta at the white house. mister kenyatta is the 1st african leader to be invited to the white house since mister
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bite and took office. the kenyon, nita, is among those caught up in the pandora papers scandal covering both sides of the story. in a moment we'll get reaction from nairobi with malcolm web 1st to our white house correspondent, kimberly, how can, who's there for so kimberly, how significant is this meeting 1st african leader since mr. bite and took office significant for a number of reasons. according to the white house, there are going to be a range of issues, discussed climate change, security economics, and also human rights. but really the white house wants to 0 down on a couple of important issues. the 1st one is financial and you touched on this a little bit already, peter, that is the concerns about corruption and the fact that the president did campaign against corruption. but the recent release of the pandora papers has exposed the fact that he and 6 of his family members are connected to potentially hundreds or rather millions of offshore investments. so this is something that the white house
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is acknowledged. there are concerns about still the white house press secretary saying that to, well, there may be differences that will not stop any sort of conversation. and to that end, we should point out that when it comes to aid can years, in fact, one of the 5th largest recipients of usa in the area of health as well as insecurity assistance'd with respect to security assistance. there is also going to be a discussion about security given the proximity of kenya to ethiopia. of course, the united states, very concerned about the warring situation of the tigress region, the u. s. president, signing an executive order recently that paved the way for potential sanctions against some of the parties involved in that conflict. the u. s. concern given the fact that there are humanitarian concerns and looking to discuss what leverage shadow sort of what abilities the can you present it has to lean in and assisting
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to try and resolve this conflict. so those are really the 2 key points that are making this visit significant. as you mentioned, this is the 1st time that the canyon president will be meeting with joe biden. but we should point out, this is his 3rd meeting with a u. s. president. kimberly, thanks very much, that's bringing malcolm web in nairobi, malcolm was kenya hoping to get out of this meeting and will its neighbor. you see you here, i guess be coming up giving the, given the on, on going on going on, rest up in the regional to grow. well kimberly just touched on kenya's, been a us ally for decades, and that includes the security cooperation, particularly in the last 10 years where kenya supported the u. s. in it's in the conflict in tomato, which is a for, for the u. s. and through western countries into defense, piracy, the fight against the group. i'll survive. and kenny is among the countries in
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putting boots on the ground and receiving about $400000000.00 in military for over the last 10 years for it. now in this region to be a u. s. military partner can certainly help to take the pressure of other areas of us diplomacy, whether that questions around corruption or the pandora papers that, kimberly will say, just mentioned or other areas of diplomacy. so it's interesting to note that e, c o p a was for many as a key u. s. military partner in this region and also helped the us achieve military objectives in somalia. that was when if you have the military and government was dominated by the great people liberation fund, but times have changed the t p l f. and now in a conflict with his current leader prime minister abbey, i'm fighting with the federal forces. so it's widely expected america is going to be turning to kenya, one of his other key allies in this area to try and further interest in terms of
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security in neighboring ethiopia. malcolm, thanks so much. let's talk to gender. is fraser formula? us assistant secretary state for african affairs. she's both a visiting fellow at stanford and an adjunct senior fellow with the council on foreign relations. she joins down the line from palo alto in california. gent, a fraser, welcome to the news here on out his ear. who gets waltz out of what might be quite an awkward conversation? well, i don't see it been an awkward conversation at all. i did as has been mentioned, kenya has been a strong ally of the united states in the region. and united states has been a good friend and supporter of kenya. and so i think that these 2 presidents will find it quite easy to discuss the key issues that will be on the agenda. and those issues, of course, as has been said, will include regional security. you know, ethiopia will be part of it somali,
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most certainly i'm sure that president kinyata will bring up strengthening the u. s . a trade relationship with the united states and kenya through a free trade agreement, i don't know the, by the ministration will accept that. but that free trade agreement started being negotiated under the trump administration. and i know the president kinyata sees it as an important part of his legacy. they will also have to talk about his upcoming election, which is in august of 2022 because again, with ethiopia, which was a strong supporter regional stability for decades. having descended into conflict, that least kenya has one of the key stable countries in east africa and the horn of africa. and so we can't afford for 10 years of upcoming election to lead to any type of violence which we've seen in the past. and then president kenyatta most certainly will raise the issue of coven vaccine equity for africa. and for tenure,
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getting more vaccines to the population so that the economies can recover and they can get it, they can continue on a stable path. and so i think that those are going to be afford issues and i don't expect that there to be any awkwardness around those issues. now in terms of the pandora papers, you know, we keep equating it with corruption. i don't think it's an issue of corruption. it may be tax havens, it may be questions of transparency, but no one has brought any evidence to the for or even made the allegation other than by insinuation that president kenyata having $30000000.00 from his family in you know, in an offshore account is an indication of corruption or that the family has a $1500000.00 apartment in london after one point by more than $30000000.00 is nothing like the billions of dollars that are all billionaires, you know, hideaway in roth, iras and other things. and so i think we need to not equate and easily say to
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someone is corrupt because they use legal, offshore accounts. i'm to, to put some of their money. understood. i never, we never as a channel have linked the word kenyatta and corruption together in the same sentence just to be clear. and of course, tax evasion and tax avoidance of 2 completely different things. now as to what's going on in the region of to cry. there is no solution in sight quartz, the bite and message to kenya going to be, or to the why to region going to be about what's going on in there. well, they're certainly going to say that it's, you know, human rights violations. they may go further to say crimes against humanity because of indeed there's a blockade that's leading to a family and the starvation of the people to grade that has to come to a stop and throwing out high level you and officials is also
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a major challenge. and so i suspected president biden, and i hope that he would do this will put more pressure on president kenyatta and all of the african leaders to show courage and standing up to prime minister ave. and you know what, what really president biden in his administration to do as forge and international consensus, a box in the ethiopian government, and a t p. i left battens to push them to the negotiating table. i know that president kenyatta in his speeches in york and here and washing or in washington d. c. has talked about. there is no military solution. there can only be one. do peacefully grow, she ation. but, you know, the africans have a lot, bringing ethiopia up formally in the security council in the past. and so really, you know, if biting, engage more african leaders, it's a shame that, you know, it's, are, are ready, you know, 10 months into his presidency. and he's only now meeting in the oval office with
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one african leader. he needs to up his game, you know, and his administration. ready is to engage much further. i mean, i know that linda thomas greenfield, the u. s. u when ambassador has done a lot of engagement with african leaders. ready but i think that, you know, the secretary of state blake in the national security advisor, jake sullivan, the president himself, and the vice president, obama harris need to engage african leaders. they're extremely important. and they make up a serious part of the un system with so many votes. and you cannot build consensus on in these competence in africa unless you're engaging african leaders to the appraiser. thank you very much. thank you very much. exactly. 1830 gmc still to come here on the user for you. tropical storm composite passes over an island province in southern china, leaving a trail of damage. and we'll talk about the northern ireland border challenge. hi.


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