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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm AST

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said for me, ah, the stories that me to be toll find away. these are my babies. my student witness. showcase is inspiring documentary pick. change the world. on al jazeera indonesia, the country with an abundance of results, red bar and walk indonesia whose turns forming we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when denise is pros and progress, invest indonesia now in the world's most populous nation. one in every 4 women. suff is domestic by one or one east investigates china's battle
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ground at harm on out 0. lou ah, welcome back 1531 gmc, your top stories here on al jazeera. these 6 people were killed today. many more were injured in be roots on identify snipers on top of building shot kill while gunman fought the army in the streets. the worst street violence there in years. troops moved in after gun fire broke out at protests against the judge leading the port blast investigation has bala and its
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allies of accused the judge tarik, the top of political bias in his prob, without providing any evidence or tensions over the investigation into that port blast of your past in august have been mounting for several days on monday. has bowlers leader hassan us rolla publicly denounced the judge tarik baton, saying he was biased and was targeting sheer officials, but art remained unfazed on tuesday. he issued an arrest warrant for the former minister of finance was a member of the sheer amal party. it was a move that infuriated has bhalla and its main sheer ally. shortly afterwards to amal officials, filed another legal challenge, calling for the judge to be removed. the conflict spilled into the council of ministers meeting on wednesday, which had to be suspended after an ammo party minister lost his temper, slammed the table and shouted at the president, michel own, has bala and amal, called for protest against the judge. the next morning named salam, is
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a professor of international affairs and diplomacy at the not right arm university in lebanon. he says today's events are not in the interests of his bala or their allies. those who are working on the streets. i'm going to the station i don't think they are make and i don't think that interest to ignite a class or should. there are some people who are seeking to monday, monday is a water and they live in on a weight of instability. and it is really dangerous. what's going on today and i'm out of now, suspecting more and more that the special prosecutor is single handedly thought of good things are saying why he doesn't go to the early causes out to the primary quarters of an explosion. i buy a brought them i think it dangerous. i think. why did they
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unload it? publish it, but not a problem with the prime minister. clearly i'm a lot had to plan to go in front of just this ministry. a shooting has taken place in a brief, the situation is very critical, very dangerous, and it is not inside of his or i meant to escalate. georgia's opposition is holding a rally in the capital to please see to perchance against the imprisonment of the former president. because such, billy, the government says he into the country illegally from exiles, actually now face is 6 years in prison on allegations of abuse of power. whilst an office he's been on hunger strike for 14 days. robin feresi walker reports now from the city of ra, starving. michael sack actually considered by many to be george's most
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maverick and divisive politician, is being held at rous debby prison. he calls himself a political prisoner and has been on hunger strike since being detained. 2 weeks ago, it's really been his lawyers say his health is deteriorating. he has problems with a more meant his more ring. ah, a little before were i and this is of the situation is worsening. or every day it will be almost helmet with vulgar. some of its chamber to me that early this month, seconds really reappeared in georgia after 8 years in exile. i'm calling on a georgians to take to the streets and reject the current government. he's alleged to have taken a ferry from ukraine, hidden inside a truck carrying dairy products. eventually he was arrested for convictions in absentia of abuses of power in office. the government says sac ashville hunger
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strike is political theater. ahead of 2nd round marrow elections at the end of the month. i so suki left the circus and show that we've seen going on these last few days, of course serves only one purpose. is the task a prisoner sarkis philly to raise the temperature in some way. his party knows that in the 2nd round of elections, they'll lose everywhere, so they try to show the public their prisoner. soc. ashville is seriously ill, editor of garbled temper, loudoun. second, smelly. still enjoys the support of a significant minority of georgians. oh, they remember him as a reformer, and they fear those reforms of being undone by the present government and its ties to the country's richest oligarch wicker sack ashville. he says he's prepared to die for his countrymen, but he's made a gamble that his countrymen want to see him freed rather than remain behind bars
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in prison. some analysts think sac ashville is returned, was ill timed, so everybody knows these there. ah, it's a power hungry and i think that's also scared. some water fluctuate to support him . and so far what we've seen, he doesn't have that much support to either to initiate new or some sort of upright or, or some of the revolution here. or, and also importantly, he doesn't, i have so much international support like to be used to have george's western allies worry that sucker sh vi's arrest is politically motivated. but they also warned him about returning home and destabilizing and already divided electorate. and robin is now very close to these sites, the protest in the capital tbilisi, he joins us from there. robin, what did the demonstrators want to happen next?
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well, they want to move. that's the main goal. i think the main reason why the opposition, the united national movement party have been able to, to get so many people to come from all over the country today. actually safe to show their support for his immediate, really because they believe that he's a political prisoner. and they also say this is an opportunity to be better than expected in coming meryl election run on the 2nd video return. somehow has shaken up the political scene in georgia and the u and m that he's bought the can, can profit from that. and the, well, at least in his upcoming elections, like i was saying in that report, you know, divisive. so he creates a sense of the, on the,
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on the square behind me. but also he recalled we can create spirit, but many other people who would rather he had stayed back in ukraine rather than attempt to return to his home. that robin, i think we're just about to lose the line to you there in tbilisi. so we'll wrap up our conversation, we'll talk to you a little later. perhaps robin for history was there for us in tbilisi. russia has recorded its highest number of daily corona, virus infections and deaths. more than 980 deaths recorded on thursday. more than $31000.00 new cases with less than a 3rd russians vaccinated, the government says it needs to speed up the rate of inoculations. despite the mounting death toll, the kremlin has ruled out vaccine mandates or a new nationwide lockdown. well, health organization whose name 26 experts will revive the store investigation into the pandemic, and where it came from. the group will look into the origins of the virus, the 1st imagined who had in china in late 2019 the disease since killed nearly 5000000 people. that is a human endeavor to understand
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a virus that has stopped our whole world. and i would ask every one countries, jernace and everybody else to create a little space for that discussion to happen. ah, because this is probably right now, this is our best chance. and it may be our last chance to understand the origins of this. whereas in a collegiate collective, a mutually responsible way in the news he has top holiday destination, has reopened to foreign tourists. for the 1st time since the pandemic began, we'll get more of that for you just a little later. let's take you live. now we're gonna join our colleagues at lebanese television because michelle oh and the president is now talking about the events of today's my pros, killing 6 people. it's not acceptable at all. really. i think it's not acceptable at all. mainly to have the weapons as the base of dialogue between the
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components of this country. we have agreed to turn this page completely of our history of our memories. winnie to what noali bay depend a lot on the low and the institution and freedom of speech, he is guaranteed in this country and my through on the institutions and the freedom of speech should be the base of salting out any trouble or any problem. not the street, the street is not their place. to express your objection. this is not acceptable. every thing could be sorted out through the constitution and through the institutions of the country. no threats, no threats are acceptable. our country doesn't toll the rate
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a lot of differences in the strain. our country needs. com dialogue and com solutions and the, the respect of our institutions on the top of visit the tucson, is the cabinet. i have made contacts with all the concerned parties to sold out the problem and not to be repeated again. we will never allow this to happen again. under any circumstances, the security forces or the army, will do their best to protect the peace in this country. we will never allow. 5 any one to take the country. oh, took it nap the country all to hide jack the country. what has happened to day will be followed on both levels. the judiciary and the security,
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and the investigations will reach their reality and the truth and the facts. and those perpetrators will be taken to the cold term and also the investigations of the blast of beryl porter will continue because it's a commitment towards the lebanese people and toward the international community based on the end dependence of judiciary. finally, i'd like to confirm the lebanese and the black to tell them that we will never go back to the past. we will goal towards finding a solution. i will cooperate with the speaker of the parliament and the prime minister, and we will never accept the en estate as sco in this country, so as not to create a rift rejected by all the lebanese but was michel in the lebanese
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president just taking us through his initial reaction to the events on the streets to day there were gun battles raging on battles that lasted between $44.00 and a half perhaps up to even 5 hours. there were several snipers. they're taking pot shots, literally at people. they were aiming at people's heads. michelle odom saying it is not acceptable at all. freedom of speech is guaranteed in this country. he said the street is not the place to express your feelings in this way. our country now needs he said calm dialogue. he also, interestingly went on to say, i have made contact with all the concerned parties. we will never allow this to happen. never allow anyone to take the country or to kidnap the country. the perpetrators will be taken to the court. finally, he said, we will never go back to the past. he said he would cooperate with the investigation and what was going to be happening going forward and we would never,
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we will never accept a status quo built on violence in harder is our correspondent, following events. for us today, she was also listening in to that the words there of michelle owen at xena your, your reading of what he had to say. well, clearly michelle allen, who is an ally of has bella and ama the to she are political groups that called for the protest today against thought it better the judge leading at the investigation . he doesn't agree with his allies. he's saying that he's going to push for this investigation to continue. and this is what we understand. the tension over the investigation really resulted in the heated debate during the cabinet session on tuesday. in fact, the cabinet session was adjourned on tuesday and postponed until wednesday because of that heated debate. allen's position was we have to allow this investigation to
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continue and thought it better to continue this investigation. and then we will judge him once the outcome is clear. and i think what is also interesting is that he says that he promised to lebanese people that there will be accountability and justice. but he also mentions the international community. the international community has its eyes on lebanon. it's watching every move the political class has been doing since the massive protest movement iraq for 2 years ago, which demanded really a new political leadership, but later filled out in the face of a militarized state. but the international community is demanding the political class to change its ways. and corruption by corruption ensures that the institutions which have been in them and demik with corruption. this all ends that there's a new beginning. so he's promising the international community that he is. he's
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supporting this, so he's saying that this is a priority for me. and he's also saying, like you mentioned that the have, you know, the way to resolve the crisis is not on the street to and it should be discussed in state institutions, including the cabinet. the cabinet has been really paralyzed over the past 2 days. because of this heated debates, amola has been threatening that they're gonna pull out their ministers. and if they do pull out their ministers, the cabinet cannot govern. because according to lebanon's, sectarian power sharing agreement, all sex in this country needs to be represented for the cabinet to be able to continue to continue its work. the president talking about ha, behind the scenes, consultations in order to reduce tension in the street. and these really are dangerous times what we saw in the streets of labor today reminiscent of the days of the civil war. we've seen bouts of violence in the past, but this has been really the most serious felt of violence in recent years. so you know, thank you very much in a hot reporting live there from beirut ramey curry,
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keeping us company here on the news, our director of global engagement at the american university of beirut. so when michelle own ramey curry says he's spoken to all the concerned parties, i guess that conversation must have been something along the lines of you or people aligned to you this time have gone way too far. well, probably, but we have to keep in mind that in our and as earlier days, decades ago, at the end of the civil war, he was fighting against the presidency of lebanon when he was in the army. so this is a man who's done straight fighting, even though he was in the army. and then his son in law, abram bassy, and whose hopes to succeed them. heads the honest party. and they've been sending their folks out into the street for the last 2 years, beating up the protesters. and i'm so you have to take his words, i think with a little bit of a grain of salt. but it is impressive that he came out forcefully speaking like he
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did. he clearly has talked to both sides. my guesses, he probably got an agreement from both sides. we don't know who the other side is, but his balloon and his his self because i love his allies. pretty much settled his allies. they've clearly told them that we did this wants to send a message. we're not, we're not going to start a war. we think this got the message through and on that basis he can probably say also the last thing is says so impressive how the army came out quickly. and this is one of the signs of positive development and lebanon the last 10 years or so. the army quickly goes out whenever there's, you know, people block the streets or they fight, they quickly go out on and separate the 2 sides on restore. com. that's a good sign for, for the 11. is that didn't happen very much before that feels almost country intuitive. therefore, what he says, your logic is what he's just said on national television has been signed off on by
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has ball us so they won't feel the need to or they won't actually react to what the president is saying about them. with anger, they'll just process it and walk. that's why it for 24 hours. yeah, it's a pretty low bar that he said that this will not happen again. then of course everybody 11, it says this should not happen again, including the people who did the shooting and the fighting and the demonstrations and the, the, the marchers who provoke the other side. so these are routine kinds of events. unfortunately, this happens a lot, 11 people fight, they kill and then they make up and then they look at see sunday, sit in the same cabinet. this is, this is one of the reasons that this system has not worked very well in the last 15 years or so. and michelle alone has not shown great ability or desire to revamp the whole system. so i think this is a good sign. him making
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a speech, i think it indicates that this part is involves, have agreed to tone and calm down and tone down. but the fundamental problem remains to be taught as doing his investigation as well. and i'm on some other people don't want to happen. the entire political class is rallying around the government and trying to prevent the not the entire for that class. but the majority of the class is trying to prevent the investigation from going on. and this is a terrible situation because the majority of lebanese, want the investigation to go on and they can't do anything about it. it's the helplessness of a proper i, citizenry against the resin, resolute position of a militarized political ruling oligarchic, sectarian elite who use their military force whenever they need to. and there is no sign of how this stalemate is going to be broken. in the meantime,
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thousands and thousands of the best lebanese are leaving the country. doctors, professors, edrick, technical people, experts. there are still tens of thousands of really proficient lebanese left as a country of tremendous human talent. so even if a quarter or 30, some of the professionals leaves, it'll be fine because it's so good. so country where we're a human talent has been developed to a very high level. um, but you can't have profession citizens with the incompetent, corrupt them. i'm carrying government, or, i mean, we must leave it there. i'm curious, thank you so much. we'll talk to later. i'm sure. we'll pause for the sports news. we've been joined by jabber. thanks peter basketball soccer. irving has defended his decision to refuse the coven 19 vaccine saying it's what's best for him. the brooklyn that's got a won't be allowed to play or train with his team because rules in new york were quiet. professional athletes to have had, at least at one job, he'll lose about half of his 35000000 dollar salary by missing that home games is
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speaking to more than 100000 pounds on social media on wednesday. having said that money wasn't everything i'm, i'm going was best for me. i know the consequences here, you know, and, and if it means that i'm jose and demonized florida does, does is what it is as the role of play and the financial consequences of i know i do not want to even do that. come on out. i love this game like love the game, but sometimes you really gotta make choices that ultimately can affect that. and it's unfortunate, but that's where we're in 2021. and that's general manager. sean marks assigned it on tuesday to leave irving out of the team until he's received at least one dice of the vaccine within. that's the season opening game just 6 days away. the decisions . but the backing of that coach, steve nash, we discussed all the possibilities in all the things that are going on. and now i
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support the decision and things change. we'd love to have carry back. curry believes on his beliefs for him. he stands firm strong on her own for us, or we respect it. you know, we all love car. but as far as us, we have a job to do. martial arts has flourished in afghanistan over the past 20 years with both men and women taking part in different disciplines. but under the taliban government, men have little hope that matches will be televised, or that that will be able to compete abroad while for the women, that participation looks like it's finished. as stephanie dec reports from cobble zacky wants to keep a low profile these days. for him to train at home, he was due to attend a mixed martial arts or emma may match in russia before the taliban took over. now it's no longer possible. i mean these 2 months i've been through hard thought griffith fro tom. i mean, i couldn't even sleep. i'm thing that is not gonna happen again,
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like broadcasting from p b. we got it all on the, the glory control of this group of all the bunch i'm and this is, this needs to be asparsa through the isn't as possibly as no, as far as sponsor to a business and vis. he's one of afghanistan's most famous emma may fighters recognized on the street and with matches televised across the nation. but there are no matches now. oh. and it's a different audience. tooth zacky battles with himself to stay calm. he tells us it's the uncertainty that's hardest on his mind. his coach tells us that he's lost around 80 percent of the students, mostly due to the very few having money to spare these days. and with no latches, the few who can afford to train have little motivation. men's gyms remain open, but they are empty. people are wary, were told, ah, i'm with this 20 years has been like a like fiction,
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a story i can. so you like her a photo like on a realistic thing. like i woke up to say that natalie was balaban after 20 years, like dave came into the console and said, all i've been dreaming for, but you know, bordered on the ground. for marcia, a member of the national female take one to team her dreams of making the 2024 olympics appear to have ended over night. she had a male coach. something to taliban forbids. and womens jims have all been told to close a sofa, but i have the bad feeling. i have no hope that this situation all that spect of wood changed. most movements with stretching were legs and that's why the difficult them to allow girls to do tie quanto. marcia was born after the taliban was forced from power 20 years ago. her generation has grown up more globally connected or educated. more independent of this sudden change in rules is difficult for them to
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grasp. my pocket, as most of my friends have cut their hair off, that's the psychological impact from the outside. we look fine, but on the inside it's all sadness. as her answer is being translated to me. i ask her if she still has hope. oh me. hope she asks. oh, how many one? 0 thing right now one of us are hopeless. she tells us bank as well i, but i believe in one thing, it's own your boy. no cruelty is permanent. her dreams and everything she's worked hard for are on hold for now. and possibly over for good stephanie decker, al jazeera cobble. and that so your spot now i'll have more later. jim, a thanks very much. when we come back on the other side of the break, we'll get you across all the developments coming to us out with the lebanese
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capital b roots on the day that 6 people lost their lives to stay with us here on out to see ah ah, and a planet is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcase is programs dedicated to one veiling the realities, but the climate to my 2 witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the frontline planet. at the west report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so
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ineffective in fighting climate change. phone lines, investigate horizon temperatures, appealing a water war in the us. al, just they were well shows how a community in synagogue is dependent on the preservation of the natural resources . the screen takes the fight, the climate just if you are digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency. a season of special coverage on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results for the trade bar and walk indonesia, his firms bowman. we move pool to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let to be part when denise is growth and progress in indonesia. now all
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be the hero. the world needs right washer to ah, gun battles and explosions in beirut following protests against the judge investigating last year's port blast. at least 6 people are killed. in an address to the nation, lebanon's president michelle alone says those responsible for the violence will be held accountable.


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