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along with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let the part when denise his growth and progress, invest in indonesia now. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news. i live for my headquarters here at doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes gun battles and explosions in beirut following protests against the judge investigating last year's port last. at least 6 people are killed.
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the worst violence in years then people running for cover with civility, civilians told to stay off the streets. the army is deployed to the streets, helping bring an end to the fighting noise as an attack by a man using a bow and arrow that killed 5 people appears to be in terrorism. and i'm javin ash with the sport, including come on. now i love this game, i love the game, but sometimes you really gotta make choices and be a star. carry adding, defends his decision to refuse the cave at 19 vaccine. ah, a cautious com has returned to lebanon's capital falling the worst bout with violence in more than a decade. for more than 4 hours, beirut was rocked by gunfire and rocket propelled grenades fired at least 6 people
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were killed. crowds aligned with shia muslim parties with demonstrating against the investigation into last year's port glass. when the gunfire began, the interior ministry says vipers began shooting aiming for people's heads. as bala, which called for the protest, is blaming the lebanese forces. the christian party 11 is forces is denying any involvement. the snipers were on top of buildings. other gunman could be seen firing in the street. ducking behind cars, took place on the front line of the 1975. 1990 civil war has fallen and its allies that accused the judge carrick, because of being politically biased in his probe of the b route blast. but they haven't provided any evidence earlier on thursday at court, dismissed a legal complaint against baton, allowing him to resume his investigation. that's go live now to barrett and i correspondent who's been following the day's events for us. they know how to say, you know, what's the atmosphere like there right now?
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well, a few hours ago, this area was a war zone, a battle ground. now, life is fully returning to normal arms clashes that last the for nearly 5 hours. a gun baffled rage and gun battles and neighborhoods. we are in a residential area. this. this road, as you mentioned, was a dividing line during the civil war. and it remains really a fault line because every time there's political pension. so terry and tense has been living on there tends to be about the violence here. but this time it was the most serious about the violence in years it costs tonic people rushed to their homes. they left work. parents rushed the schools to pick up their children. some children were trapped in school. so for many people, what was happening really reminded them of the dark days during the civil war. and it has been a violent de 6 that corps wounded and the tension resulting from the investigation
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into that massive explosion that they look forth last year. you have some political groups and lebanon. the she are parties has fallen among, they don't support the judge. they want to deter removed, they say he's politicized. and then you have the opposition and the victims, families who believe that judge baton is the right man. he's the one of the rare judges who is not politically affiliated and he will pursue the truth. so this, this man really is now at the center of a back thought, really some, we'll say he's becoming here. he is really assembled for those who want to push for accountability and those who do not. so the guns have fallen silent. there seems to be an undeclared truth. oh, we do not know the guns just suddenly fell silence. so it seems that behind the scenes negotiations were taking place between the different political parties who really had nothing to gain if that spread out of control. so the inquiry into the court blast is ongoing. does that mean that there's an expectation there of more trouble still to come xena?
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well, yes, like you mentioned this, the court dismissed a legal challenge against bitter. the judge is now able to resume his investigations, but the question is, he's not getting any cooperation from the authorities from the stars. it's been a troubled investigation. he's been trying to summon officials for questioning. they refused to show up for questioning. they hide behind the immunities, they hide behind the law and the judge even issued to arrest warrants. but the security agency have not made any progress. so even if he stays on in his job, it is facing an uphill battle. he is up against a powerful political class and establishment politicians as well as security agencies who have come together to prevent accountability. best to remember tons of ammonia, where i'm safely stored in a warehouse that they will port with flammable material. what just baton has been trying to do is trying to go after those who are criminally negligent. those who allow this unsafe and dangerous material to remain to remain at the port. so it's
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really not clear whether or not he will stay on. definitely, the balance of power is not in his favor, but like i said, he has stood up against those the powerful, really, who are above the law in this country. a judge in that country doing what this judge is doing. zayna, if they're not politicized, when they take the job, when they get the job. is it possible for them to never become politicized? because one accusation, one claim for one site, surely contained how they want to do their job, even if they want to do it. in the best way possible well for years, really human rights groups, the international community, they have been calling for reforms in lebanon's, judiciary. they say the judiciary is not politically independent. the fact that is the politicians who appoint judges. that's why the victims, families, the more than more than 200 people who were killed, they believe,
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judged the tar is one of those rare judges who is not politically affiliated. and then of course, this whole issue has even created cracks within the ruling alliance. the hezbollah ruling alliance, as well as ally, the president michelle is against removing guitar. in fact, that was one of the reasons why a cabinet the jury the other day because of a heated debate. president bowden is saying, let the man continue his job. let us see where his investigations will lead to and then we can judge him. this is why some are accusing or criticizing has been, i'm other thing that they might be trying to hide something and that they're staging some sort of a co against the stage, a coup against the judiciary. this whole issue, this pensions has really, really divided on already polarized society. and the question is, after the spent dangerous escalation on the streets? is this just rounds one? are we going to see another route or is there a deal? but definitely, there's still a political crisis because hamilton has,
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will are saying we're going to walk out of cabinets if bit tar is not removed, that the judge is not removed. if they walk out of cabinets according to lebanon, sectarian power sharing agreement, an entire sect will not be represented. so the government, the government, the cabin, it cannot govern. and this couldn't happen at the worst time for lebanon, where the economy has all been collapsed and the government is needed to initiate negotiations with the i m f on a be a large package. so the guns have fallen silent, but the crisis is far from over xena many things in how to report and live if the news i'd be route. okay, let's take a closer look at where this all happened. she protested, we're headed to the cities pallets of justice calling for the removal of that judge, leaving the investigation into the port blast. the army says crowds came under fire to going to traffic circle here. kayla then broke out with rockets and intense gun fire for more than 4 hours. almost 5 hours as dana was reporting that it all happened right on the sites of a decades old, sectarian full line,
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the so called green line separated muslim and christian factions during lebanon's, 15 year long civil war, which ended as recently of 990. but divisions, there are still deeply entrenched on the west as she are predominantly home, to sheer muslims. and the has paula and amal, political groups and on the east is i'm, i'll romani a long time stronghold of the christian lebanese forces political movement. and on thursday, the army was once again between them, trying to bring the violence under control. joining us here in the studio, ramey curry, director of global engagement at the american university of bay routes, remy curry, welcome back to thank you. it's nice to be and again, thank you. what really happened today. what happened today was another manifestation of an underlying structural weakness in lebanon as a country which has manifested itself over and over since the 1950s,
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really. and they've never worked out a governance system except one where the sectarian leaders each take a share of power allocated by seats and parliament, or ministry as the seats and parliament are elected. but the election law on the electoral system is gerrymandering by the same groups to come up with predictable outcomes. usually when they share the different ministries and senior positions in the army and the plumb out of core and all that. so this system has functioned more or less ok for many years. but after the syrians ran level and for 30 years and then the syringe left, the system became totally corrupted and mismanaged pretty uncaring. and i'm carrying about the well being of ordinary lebanese, and this has been clearly seen. i've lived through the last 17 years in lebanon. things the tutor rate is slowly, slowly, slowly, the water, the electricity, the school system, various essential, and the energy, the electricity,
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various essentials of life started to deteriorate and people have to pay extra money for all of these things was created huge pressures on peoples of home life and this was all the result of a political system that cared only about maintaining its incumbency for the different groups and, and didn't really care about how the people suffered. and when tensions rise, when this fear that you might lose some of your seats and parliament, then people take to the story of the sector and leaders on their arm booths, take to the streets of the equation and lebanon for many years now, has been people threaten civil strife or their demands are met. so it's a terrible situation. it's a system that doesn't serve the people anymore. the majority of 11 is want to change performance, but the majority are helpless. we know that from poland other evidence that the
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majority of lebanese want to reform the system according to what the street protests for 2 years have been asking, even by the standards of lebanon snipers, allegedly deliberately firing up people's heads. that's a new low when it comes to us on the street. well, who do you think is behind the snipers? well, 1st of all is not totally on your lobe. people have been killing each other, assassinating each other, blowing them up, and with that was the car bombs. and so there's been terrible atrocities people going into churches and killing political leaders in the church. so the, the evidence suggests that it's forces who are, who are against who, who don't want the investigation stopped and has bottle and i'm trying to get the invest and others are trying to get the investigation stop. so they, there's various forces that you can identify the, the lebanese forces have been singled out as one possibility. but we don't actually
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know that we have evidence, but it doesn't, doesn't matter. every incident who it is because there's always 2 or 3 options of people who might do this. and the, the trouble is that some of these people could be instigated by outside forces or people within the country pay somebody off to do this. it's a terrible political situation where violence has become the currency of political transactions in the middle of all. this is what we believe to be clearly a fine upstanding judge who just wants to do his job. he just wants to run the inquire into what happened in the port more than a year ago now. is he safe or i think he's in terrible danger. personally, i mean, somebody like him doing what he's doing and his arrest, his issuing arrest warrants is issuing orders to have senior. people come to be questioned, including former army and police, senior officials, former prime ministers, members of parliament, his challenging the oligarchy,
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leads in the way that it's never been challenged before. external powers, the united states, france, others have tried to do this, they couldn't. but suddenly this guy appears from within the system. a judge for his young is around $47.00. i think he's not very well known. he's not alone, which, because he's never played a political role. and he decides that he really has to do his job as a judge, and i think he is in danger, but hopefully his well protect them. knock forward for me, the point that is in the hall was making during our conversation at the top, the program. what if the 4 and a half 5 hours of gun battles on the street to day was a very short prologue or an opening chapter into the continued slip or slide down the way? because your framing this in terms of a 17 year narrative, wherever thing is going into the negative and to which incidence during those 17
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years, the politicians have clearly either under reacted or not reacted or they've done that thing that lebanese politicians always, it seems to me seem to do, they go quiet for a couple of months and then they come back and they say, oh, we'll sort it will fix it, but then nothing. it feels like nothing ever changes. well, all of those points are essentially correct, but the, the reality in lebanon has, as i've experienced it for many years, i've been living there on and off from the 1970 still today. i just moved the year ago. but the reality is that the evolution of the political system depends a lot on the individual personnel is who's president, who's having each party. and sometimes they will use violence. sometimes they will just use violence as a kind of signal. so some people say that this is just a signal today, a warning shot from both sides from has rutland m, l and from the people against them, presumably some christian forces,
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but it could be somebody else and say, look, if, if this investigation keeps going, we're going to take to the streets with our guns on the other side, the saying we're going to take this race with our guns if you keep preventing the investigation. it's a very difficult situation because the last thing, the lebanese people want, is a resumption of large scale domestic fighting. they went through the civil war. i was there when it happened. it was a terrible thing. nobody wants another. so no country goes through to civil wars, usually are through one civil war, and then something happens because somebody is one, cause somebody's want to where they, they reach an agreement. and, but the lebanese situation is very bizarre because there has never been a clear consensus about the political culture. it worked reasonably well in the fourties and fifties and sixties, and then in the seventy's it. and then the civil war started the syrians to go over 30 years. and then after the series left, the problem was 11 and always have an external kind of not patron,
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but some external power that looks after they could have been the french at some point the. so these are some point americans, at some point the iranians were involved, there's always external forces that help level and get through certain crisis that doesn't really exist now. and after the serious rest, having run the country for 30 years, they were thrown out by popular protest. there, the system was totally open and chaotic and totally and corruption went through the roof. services declined and people could do nothing about it. when they uprising started 2 years ago, over 2 years ago, when i was actually 2 years ago in october, the same thing happened. the lebanon has happened in our area, iraq and sudan, and other countries where major protests went on for years and years. the ruling elite ignored the protest offer symbolic,
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but meaningless. limited reforms like have an early election like they didn't jury and they just did one on iraq lease or not serious reforms or they, as they threatened the, the protesters with gunfire beating them up, putting them in jails, threatening them with indictments to go to court, to intimidate them, and this is what these ruling oligarchic lead to do. this is how they stay in power . they've been in power. some of them 304050 years. they've controlled the money on the guns in the country. they have immense linkages through networks of allies and cronyism, subordinates, and people that live off them. they have thousands and thousands of people who will fight to keep the system in place. and this is actually what, what you're seeing. so in lebanon has bhalla as the strongest single party, and it's allied with them and a few others they, they are position forces,
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christian and others are not as strong as his beloved. but they don't want husband to dictate everything. and so what you're seeing today are small, limited cases of people say look, we're not going to just roll over and die. we'll fight, we'll, if we have to fight, we'll fight. but fighting isn't going to solve anything. so it's really a terrible dilemma for the whole country. they can recreate a new system that everybody agrees on. don't want to go back to the old system. meanwhile, the masters of lebanese are suffering terribly without electricity, gasoline, et cetera. and not knowing, can you kids go to school today. so it's really, the problem is that of a state that doesn't work as a state at did for many years, but it doesn't now. okay, well, we'll have to leave it there. many things from inquiry from the american university of eric. great to have you here until as well. thank you so much. plenty more still to come for you here on the use are including for gyptian officers accused of
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killing the italian student junior regina in 2016. go on trial in rome, but they won't appear in court. the northern island border challenge, high level talks in london, it's discuss proposals from the un, the u. k to resolve it also had broken dreams. the african m. m a fighters to say everything they've been fighting for has been put on home. that's coming up with german in the sport. ah high level taliban delegations in turkey as it continues a diplomatic push for support and recognition. they've met the turkish foreign minister in ankara has come a day after talks in castle where the group appealed to us and european officials to end the country's isolation. the taliban ones, the west. eas, financial restrictions that it says a crippling the country. the group took over afghanistan in august. russell said joyce is live now from istanbul. wrestle, what can turkey give to the taliban?
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well, the taliban delegation has arrived in as somebody in the morning and then at the afternoon they had to ankara just some of the but there go, the press said that the meeting between taliban delegation had it by the act in foreign minister of taliban milan, mcclockey and the turkish afforded minister mary social has just ended. and there were important topics on the agenda of this meeting. however, the did the taliban delegation did not appear in front of the cameras. but the turkish foreign minister of foreign affairs has talked to the media. he says that they, how are at wise taliban, particularly to be more inclusive for the unity off the country and get in all the segments. ok so, so, so the societies the, the ethnic minorities, the religious minorities, into the government to create
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a market coherent society. and another issue was that this, he says that we have at wise taliban delegation to give the right to women to work and also let in the girls to go to school. and they said that taliban told us that they have already a love the woman to work, particularly in the house, anchoring hagler sector. and gradually, maybe they will open up the other jobs also for a full woman's one of other sensitive issue for turkey. as a matter of the immigration, you know, the turkey is receive in houses of the afghani refugees and turkey has already is, is hosting more than 4500000 refugees in the country. and definitely is very much sensitive when it come to another wave of the ravages. he says that we have asked holly bound to be more cooperative in terms of preventing a new of the ravages and also the asked taliban to assure the right of return. for many afghans wants to get back to the countries. couple effort also was at the
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table at the meeting and he says that we have asked taliban to to, to give the assurance of the civilian police to restart. the sneer flies from the cavalier port, which is the last ha gateway or for afghanistan to the rest of the world. but that he has been a specifically asked whether chuck he is going to recognize taliban or not. he says that definitely the international community must, how a certain level of the engagement with taliban that will be for the benefit of afghanistan. but it is not the nickel ignition. so tricky is in an engagement with that about that that, that, but that is not the recognition so far result. thank you very much. big story in europe. the sir norway's intelligence agency says, an attack by a man using a bow and arrow appears to have been terrorism. 5 people were killed, 2 were injured in the town of congress burg southwest of the capital, or slow. a 37 year old danish suspect has been arrested. alexey o'brien reports an
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arrow, pierce's a wall in southeastern norway. part of what police say as several crime scenes, after a man armed with a bow and arrow roamed through the small town of cones berg about 80 kilometers from the capital oslo. over 30 minutes, he picked out targets, killing 4 women, and a man aged between $50.72 others were injured, including an off duty police officer. the attack and its aftermath overshadowed noise, new prime ministers 1st day in office. jonas gas gura called it a cruel and brutal act, or a dog's avoiding bloom in the 1st doctor did my 1st thoughts ready go to cons bag and those affected their, those who have lost their lives, who are injured and was shocked by this horrible incident that has hit this beautiful town. i am a messenger police of arrested and charged a 37 year old danish man named and local media as espen. anderson broughton,
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the muslim convert earlier, posted a warning on twitter intelligence agency, say the attack appears to have been terrorism of your hall university compartment earlier, had been worries of the man having been radicalized, which the police have followed up. but as previously stated, no reports from 2021. there from 2020 or earlier here. police in the scandinavian country and normally armed, but officers nationwide have been temporarily ordered to carry firearms, no way suffered its worst peacetime mer shooting and july 2011. when a far right attacker and as private killed 77 people, many of them teenagers at a summer holiday camp. now flags flying at half mast and cones berg and the attack is being felt across all of norway. alix o'brien al jazeera for members of egypt. security forces are going on file in rome, use of involvement,
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and the kidnapping, and murder of an italian academic julia regina's body was found in a ditch outside cairo. in 2016. a person awesome showed he'd been tortured. the cambridge university student was researching local trades unions. the 4 agents including national security, general tactics appear, deny involvement, and they will not appear in court. the case sparked widespread outrage and strained relations between italy and egypt. i level e u delegations in london to discuss proposals to reform. the northern island protocol. frustration is growing on both sides about how trade across the border should be controlled. on tuesday, the u. k. is breaks it minister talks of tearing up the protocol that's created checks on goods moving between great britain and northern ireland journal has more on what's been discussed in london. this is a piece of legislation governing trade between great britain and northern ireland. while northern ireland is allowed to remain part of the single market, the single market, that was a way of avoiding
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a hard border on the island of island in its place. a customs divide between great britain and northern almond with the e. u levering, levying checks on goods flowing from the mainland to no, not well. the u. k. now says that deal is not working. the checks are being too onerous. the applied it's creating havoc in the northern ireland economy and they no longer want to abide by will be overseen by the european court of justice in this protocol. well, the earlier in the week went further than most people expected putting together a proposal to drop. many of those checks up to 80 percent of the most contentious ones on food and negotiators in london in preliminary talks. now the expectation is their expectation is that the british side will reject the proposal. why will, because it doesn't deal with that much more political question of the european court of justice. ultimately this could go on for weeks. what is at stake is the possibility that the u. k. side institute article 60 proceedings to suspend the
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protocol, the e u, then retaliate. ultimately we're talking about the possibility of a trade war between these 2 sides. still come here on the on $20.00 and use our protest and defense of georgia's imprison. former president is facing a possible 60 a sentence and in sport, the rates to qualify for the world cup and action coming up from central and north america. ah, ah, the above average temperatures, phil hello, i've had one. let me show you what we're talking about across the middle east. so back that weights are almost a good 10 degrees above where you should be. so i put the colors on the darker the color, the higher the temperature. and i also wanted to show this wind coming down from
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iraq, a light shamal on friday, but watch i press play on saturday. we can see it pick up as well. so for northern areas of the golf key wait, yes, your temperatures are above average, but you'll see wind gusts of about 40 kilometers per hour on saturday. but the bright sunshine continues in the days to cup temperature is also above average for pakistan, karachi getting up to 38 degrees, but otherwise not much to talk about full on sunshine. here. storms are ploughing into the western portion of turkey through greece hopping over the aegean seas. a south of is mayor, a pretty good batch of what weather there. and we do have red weather alerts and play across greece for these severe storms through central africa. look at this, i will call it central african republic as we head toward western areas of the democratic republic of congo. some pretty good storms flaring up here. further toward the south, then cape town, temperatures have dropped off in that cooler air will eventually make it to war, johannesburg in the days to come, a big drop for your temperatures. that's it for me.
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ah, the stories that me to be tongue find a way ah, these are my baby's mast is witness showcasing firing documentary clip change the world on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of resolve. la rewan, indonesia, his firms. for me, we moved full to grow and fraud with balance for real economy, blue economy and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let people going to lose his growth and progress invest in here. now in the world's most populous nation, one in every fi women supp is domestic by.


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